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Austin Strong papers, 1890-1961

Series II: Manuscripts and Related Materials

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Subseries II.1: Manuscripts, Typescripts, Notes, and Related Material by the Author

Box 3 "Blind Man's Buff"

Box 3 "Cabbages and Kings", 2 Volumes

Box 4 "The Comic Spirit"

Box 4 "G.H.Q."

Box 4 "'The North Star", 3 Volumes

Box 5 "The Seeing Eye"

Box 5 "Talk About Hamlet"

Box 5 "Notes for Memoirs", 2 Volumes

Manuscript and typescript sample chapters - all with corrections and annotations.

Subseries II.2: Manuscripts and Typescripts of Plays

Box 5A A Good Little Devil

Box 5A A Play Without A Name

Box 5A All by the Light of the Moon

Box 5A And What Happened Then?

Box 5A Besieged!

Box 5A Blindman's Buff

Box 5A Bunny

Box 5A The Bridal Veil

Box 5B The Damn Fool

Box 5B The Dragon's Claw

Box 5B The Drums of Oude

Box 5B The Eye of Night

Box 5B The House on Soho

Box 5B Lights Out

Box 5B The Little Father of the Wilderness

Box 5C Liberty! The Biography of La Fayette

Box 5D Liberty! The Biography of La Fayette

Box 5D Melodrama

Box 5D Moonshine

Box 5D My Lord of the Road

Box 5D The Mysterious Murder in the Mill

Box 5D Pan

Box 5D Le Petit Missionaire

Box 5D Pierrot Finds Himself

Box 5D Popo

Box 5E Rip Van Winkle

Box 5E Room 33

Box 5E Se Détour

Box 5E The Spider's Web

Box 5E The Sire de Maletroit's Door

Box 5E The Toymaker

Box 5E The Unforgettable

Box 5E The Woman of Forty Two Romances

Subseries II.3: Manuscripts , Typescripts, Designs, Notes, and Other Related Material

This subseries includes manuscripts, typescripts, costume and scenic designs, research notes and other related material to the author's writings. The material in this section is not bound but is in separate file folders.

Box 16 Folder 1 "All on a Winter's Night", 1947

In The Atlantic of January 1947

Box 16 Folder 2 "And So They Were Married"

Original typescript and 3 copies

Box 16 Folder 3 "Assisi, a Fragment From a Diary"

Tear sheet from The Churchman, 2 pages.

Box 16 Folder 4 "Beware of Saints"

Manuscript, 7 pages. Mainly draft notes and sample material.

Box 16 Folder 5 "Black"

Childhood composition. 1 page manuscript.

Box 16 Folder 6 "Blind Man's Buff", 1934

A romantic comedy in 3 acts, typescript - 6th draft, October 9, 1934, with numerous additions and corrections in the author's hand.

Box 16 Folder 7 "The Bonker", 1891

Manuscript, childhood composition - 9 pages, 1891.

Box 16 Folder 8 "Cabbages and Kings", 2 folders

Typescript, 4 pages

Box 16 Folder 9 "Clouds of Glory"

Box 16 Cornwall Park, Auckland, New Zealand, 1901-1946

Landscape design by Austin Strong. Contains correspondence and photographs.

Box 16 Folder 10 "The Comic Spirit"

Typescript corrected, and foreword.

Box 16 Folder 11 "Deep Water Notes"

Research notes, letters, manuscripts, etc. for writings about Nantucket, whaling, sailing and the sea. Printed, typed and in manuscript.

Box 16 Folder 12 "Diary and Notes of the Trip from New York to Santa Barbara, April, 1933", 1933

Typed and manuscript notes on looseleaf sheets with drawings, post cards, photographs and maps - 60 pages.

Box 16 Folder 13 "Domestic Court Notes"

Manuscript notes for research, 19 pages

Box 16 Folder 14 "The Drums of Oude", 1918

A play in one act - printed copy, Washington, 1918, War Department Service Edition No. 1. Inscibed by the author together with copyright renewal noted, and clipping of review of play.

Box 16 Folder 15 "An Emperor's Friend"

Typescript, 6 pages

Box 16 Folder 16 "Foreword to Maginel Wright Barney Art Exhibition"

Box 16A Folder 1 "Foreword to Three Bricks and Three Brothers" by William E. Gardiner

1 page typescript, 1944, also a.l.s. from Gardiner

Box 16A Folder 2 "Frank Craven"

Typescript - 1 page memorial tribute

Box 16A Folder 3 "Freedom's Forgotten Friend", 1948

In CORONET for August 1948

Box 16A Folder 4 "From a New Yorker's Diary"

2 1/2 pages

Box 16A Folder 5 "From My Window", 1942 October 11

Original typescript, 21 pages

Box 16A Folder 6 "G.H.Q." A Play in Two Acts", 1928

Carbon typescript (12th.draft) June 25, 1928

Box 16A Folder 7 "Half the World Away"

Original typescript and 2 copies

Box 16A Folder 8 "Harry Bennet"

A memorial statement, typescript - 1 page

Box 16A Folder 9 "He Never Knew"

1st draft of typescript - 11pages

Box 16A Folder 10 "His Given Word"


Box 16A Folder 11 "How Does Anyone Know?"

Typescript, 2 pages

Box 16A Folder 12 "I Learned What It Means To Be Blind", 1944

Tear sheet from The Saturday Evening Post - April 29, 1944 - 7 pages

Box 16A Folder 13 "Insect Play"

Over 40 drawings and water colors for costumes and stage settings

Box 16A Folder 14 "The Last Harpooner", 1942

In The Atlantic for May 1942

Box 17 Folder 31 "The Last of a Peacemaker as Seen by an American"

Original manuscript - 17 pages re: King Edward VII

Box 17 Folder 32 "A Leaf From a Journal - A Real Conversation", 1926

Mounted reat sheet July 17, 1926

Box 17 Folder 33 "Letter About Colinton", 1930 December 20

Typescript - 2 pages, December 20, 1930, re: visit to his step great grand aunt (Mrs. Thomas Balfour).

Box 17 Folder 34 "Letter About Yorktown", 1931 October 8

Clipping of a letter to The Times re: Battle of Yorktown

Box 17 Folder 35 "Letter on Manners to the Editor of The New York Times", 1939 March 15

Newspaper clipping

Box 17 Folder 36 "The Little Father of the Wilderness", undated

A play in one act (written with Lloyd Osborne), Actors' edition, New York, undated

Box 23 Maharajah Model Stage Set

Box 17 Folder 37 "Memoirs"

Notes, drafts, sample chapters, short stories for, and related material - all in manuscript and typescript

Box 17 Folder 38 "Memoirs"

Projected illustrations and sketches for memoirs in pen and ink and pencil

Box 17 Folder 39 "Memory of a Great American"

(Theodore N. Vail) Carbon of typescript - 20 pages

Box 17 Folder 40 Miscellaneous manuscript and typescript material

Box 17 Folder 41 "Mr. Brown of Nantucket"

Original annotated typescript - 6 pages , with t.l.s. from author' s agent, also clipping of revised version and extra copy of typescript

Box 17 Folder 42 "Nantucket Island - A Study"

Mounted clipping of a review of the story

Box 17 Folder 43 "A New Zealand Archangel"

(Sir Robert Stout, Chief Justice of New Zealand) Carbon typescript, September 19, 1946 - 12 pages

Box 17 Folder 44 "The North Star"

A play in two acts. Typed agent's.copy of completed version, stage directions in red

Box 17 Folder 45 "Observations on Playwriting" and the Theatre"

Typescript in red and black with corrections

Box 17 Folder 46 "On Receiving the Platt Young 'Twelfth Night' Medal", 1934 June 7

Typescript of an address - 2 1/4 pages, June 7, 1934

Box 17 Folder 47 "Regarding a Manuscript on François Villon"

Typescript, 1 page

Box 17 Folder 48 Review of "Through the Hawse-Hole" by Florence B. Anderson, 1932 September 3

Tear sheets from The Saturday Review of Literature, September 3, 1932

Box 17 Folder 49 "Royal Cortissoz"

Typescript - 1 page tribute with newspaper clipping of same

Box 17 Folder 50 "Royalty and the Fish"

Carbon of typescript

Box 17 Folder 51 "Say, Could This Lad Be I?", 1939, undated

Typescript - 7 pages. Also tear sheets as story appeared in "The Wellingtonian" of Wellington College, New Zealand, December 1939.

Box 17 Folder 52 "Seventh Heaven" a Play in Three Acts", undated

Printed Acting copy, New York, undated

Box 17 Folder 53 She Shall Have Music", a Story", 1942

In The Atlantic for 1942

Box 17 Folder 54 "She Shall Have Music in the Pocket Atlantic", 1946

Pocket book 397, New York (1946)

Box 17 Folder 55 "Speech for Churchman Award to Madame Chiang-Kai-Shek", 1943 June 2

Typescript. 4 pages. June 2, 1943.

Box 17 Folder 56 "Speech for Fifth War Loan Drive", 1944 July 4

Typescript, 1 page. July 4, 1944.

Box 17 Folder 57 "Speech Introducing Dr. Henry Crampton", 1946 March 7

Original typescript with manuscript corrections. 6 pages. March 7, 1946.

Box 17 Folder 58 "Speech to the Century Association"

Re: Bar installation. Typescript, 5 pages. With copy of same.

Box 18 Folder 59 "Speech to the Century Association", 1941

Re: Robert Louis Stevenson and Vailima Days. March 1, 1941. Original manuscript and working notes

Box 18 Folder 60 "Studio"

Typescript, 1 1/4 pages

Box 18 Folder 61 "Testimonial Eulogy to Arthur Train", 1946 May 17

Carbon of typescript, 1 page. May 17, 1946.

Box 18 Folder 62 "Testimonial on the Presenting of a Goose Feather to Wendell L. Willkie"

Typescript, 2 pages. 3 copies.

Box 18 Folder 63 "Three Wise Fools - A Comedy In Three Acts"

Printed copyright certificate and photostats of agreements

Box 18 Folder 64 "To Anne", 1945 January 9

Memorial address for Anne Ide Cockran. Typescript. One page. January 9, 1945.

Box 18 Folder 65 "The Toymaker of Nuremberg"

Contract and related correspondence

Box 18 Folder 66 "The Train", 1891

Childhood compositions, 1891. Manuscript, 4 pages.

Box 18 Folder 67 "Tribute to Otis Skinner"

Typescript, 4 pages.

Box 18 Folder 68 "U.S.S. Adams", 1950 April 15

Typescript with manuscript corrections. April 15, 1950.

Box 18 Folder 69 "U.S.S. Adams"

Research notes, correspondence and photographs

Box 18 Folder 70 "Two Queen Mab Songs - 'Night-time Day-time' and 'Open, Open' ", 1916 or later

Words by .Austin Strong. Music by Dwight Fiske. Original printed score. Wrappers, New York, 1916. Inscribed to Strong by Fiske.

Box 18 Folder 71 (Strong, Austin) "Austin Strong, an Unforgettable Character"

By Richard C. Beer. Typesript, 8 pages.

Box 18 Folder 72 (Strong, Austin) "The Unpredictable Austin Strong", 1956

By Richard C. Beer. In "The Yankee" for March 1956. 2 copies.

Box 18 Folder 73 (Strong, Austin) The Man from Nantucket", 1943 March 5

By Patricia Gardiner. Manuscript of a biographical school composition about Strong. March 5, 1943. 4 pages.

Box 18 Folder 74 (Strong, Austin) "Austin Strong"

By Edward N. West. Typescript. 6 pages. With 2 copies.

Box 18 Folder 75 (Strong, Austin) "Memorial Service for Austin Strong", 1952 October 24


Box 18 Folder 76 Drawings by Austin Strong

Sketches and portraits in pen and ink, pencil, crayon and watercolor. Assorted sizes and types.

Box 18 Folder 77 (Strong, Austin) Ancestral History of

Two typescripts. One is a copy of a manuscript by his great grandfather, Samuel Osbome, the other is about "Squire Boone" the father of Daniel Boone and of Hannah Boone Stewart, Strong's ancestor. Also photocopy of pictures of the Hand family and a Masonic certificate of Strong's.

Box 18 Folder 78 (Strong, Austin)

Photographs and pictures of Austin and Mary Strong. Various types, including newspaper clippings.

Box 18 Belasco, David. "The Good Little Devil"


Box 18 Dane, Clemence. "A Bill of Divorcement:


Box 18 Jones, Bassett. "The Laboratory"


Subseries II.4: Manuscripts by Strong: Speeches, Radio Talk Shows, Articles and Essays

Box 18A A Chemical Kind of Friendship

Box 18A A New Zealand Archangel

Box 18A Address on Receiving the Platt-Young "Twelfth-Night" Medal

Box 18A America's Forgotten Friend

Box 18A The Art of Pantomime as it Relates Itself to Drama

Box 18A Biographical Notes

Box 18A Cabbages and Kings Radio Talk Show

Box 18A He Never Knew

Box 18A Japanese Language Study Notebook

Box 18A My Ride in a "Fifty-two Hundred"

Box 18A Notes on a Real Dialogue

Box 18A Speech at the Luncheon at the National Republican Club

Box 18A Speech to the Graduating Class 1942