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Austin Strong papers, 1890-1961

Series I: Correspondence

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Subseries I.1: Cataloged Correspondence

Cataloged correspondence. Also includes manuscripts and a photograph, as noted in the container list.

Box A Adams, Samuel Hopkins

Box A Barrymore, John

Box A Beebe, William

Box A Beerbohm-Tree, Sir Herbert

Box A Burt, Struthers

Box A Butler, Nicholas Murray

Box A Cleland, Thomas M.

Box A Cortissoz, Royal

Box A Damrosch, Walter

Box A Eaton, Walter Pritchard

Box A Fresnay, Pierre

Box A Galsworthy, John

Box A George, Grace

Box A Gillette, William

Box A Goss, Edmund

Box A Hagedorn, Hermann

Box A Hampden, Walter

Box A Howard, Sidney

Box A Jones, Robert Edmund

Box A Leslie, Sir Shane

Box A Lockhart, Gene

Box A MacKaye, Percy


Box A Marquis, Don

Box A Morgan, John Pierpont, Jr.

Box A Morley, Christopher

Box A Phelps, William Lyon

Box A Pickford, Mary

Box A Pinero, Arthur Wing

Box A Sherwood, Robert E.

Box A Sinner, Cornelia Otis

Box A Stern, Gladys Bronwyn

Box A Stevenson, Fanny Van de Grift


Box A Strong, Austin

Letter and manuscript

Box A Struther, Jan

Box A Tarkington, Booth

Box A Thomas, A.E.

Box A Van Loon, Hendrik Willem

Box A Walpole, Hugh

Box A Wilder, Thornton

Box A Willkie, Wendell L.

Subseries I.2: Selected Correspondence

Selected correspondence of Austin Strong. Letters received and copies of letters sent, with related material and pertinent clippings. This group is in addition to the correspondence that is mounted in the Journals and Commonplace Books.

Box 1 Adams (Samuel Hopkins)

Box 1 Aherne (Brian)

Box 1 Alger (George W.)

Box 1 Ames (Charles Lesley)

Box 1 Anglesey (Marchioness of)

Box 1 Bacon (Leonard)

Box 1 Balfour (Gilbert)

Box 1 Balfour (Sir Graham and Lady)

Box 1 Balfour (MIchael)

Box 1 Barker (H. Granville)

Box 1 Bedard (Pierre)

Box 1 Beebe (Elswyth Thame)

Box 1 Beebe (William)

Box 1 Beer (Richard C.)

Box 1 Beerbohm-Tree (Sir Herbert)

Box 1 Bingham (Hiram)

Box 1 Bisphan (David)

Box 1 Bosworth (William)

Box 1 Brett-Young (Mr. and Mrs. Francis)

Box 1 Brown (John Mason)

Box 1 Burlingame (Roger)

Box 1 Butler (Nicholas Murray)

Box 1 Canby (Henry Seidel)

Box 1 Cleland (Thomas M.)

Box 1 Colvin (Thomas M.)

Box 1 Cortissoz (Royal)

Box 1 Cousins (Norman)

Box 1 Croom-Johnson (Hon. Sir Reginald P.)

Box 1 Crosby (Everett U.)

Box 1 Crothers (Rachel)

Box 1 Davis (Elmer)

Box 1 Davis (Robert)

Box 1 De Brooke (Lady Willoughby)

Box 1 De Croisset (François)

Box 1 De Groot (Roy)

Box 1 Dunn (Gano)

Box 1 Ervine (St. John)

Box 1 Evans (Sir. Francis)

Box 1 Fackenthal (Frank D.)

Box 1 Frith (J.P.)

Box 1 Farrar (John)

Box 1 Finley (David E.)

Box 1 Fontaine (Joan)

Box 1 Franks (Sir Oliver)

Box 1 Franks (Lady)

Box 1 Franks (Caroline L.)

Box 1 Freyberg (Sir Bernard)

Box 1 Furnas (J.C.)

Box 1 Galsworthy (John)

Box 1 Gerster (John C.A.)

Box 1 Gibson (Charles Dean)

Box 1 Giles (Howard)

Box 1 Gish (Lillian)

Box 1 Glasgow (Earl of)

Box 1 Golden (John)

Box 1 Gosse (Edmund)

Box 1 Green (Martyn)

Box 1 Haggard (Sir Godfrey)

Box 1 Hampden (Walter)

Box 1 Hesse (Grand Duke of)

Box 1 Hokinson (Helen E.)

Box 1 Hoskyn (Donald T.)

Box 1 James (Henry)

Box 1 Jersey (Countess of)

Box 1 Jones (Robert Edmund)

Box 1 Krutch (Joseph Wood)

Box 1 Lamont (Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W.)

Box 1 Leslie (Sir Shane)

Box 1 Leslie (Lady)

Box 1 Lindgergh (Anne Morrow)

Box 1 Low (Will H.)

Box 1 Lyons (Eugene)

Box 1 McBride (Mary Margaret)

Box 1 MacKaye (Percy)

Box 1 Maude (Cyril)

Box 1 Maude (John)

Box 1 Medina (Harold R.)

Box 1 Millet (J.B.)

Box 1 Milner (E.V.)

Box 1 Moe (Henry Allen)

Box 1 Morton (Charles)

Box 1 Norris (Frank)

Box 1 Noyes (C. Reinold)

Box 1 Palmer (Frederick)

Box 1 Parsons (Geoffrey)

Box 1 Pemberton (Brock)

Box 1 Perry (Marsden J.)

Box 1 Roberts (Cecil)

Box 1 Robinson (Boardman)

Box 1 Rogers (John William)

Box 1 Roosevelt (Archibald B.)

Box 1 Roosevelt (Edith K.)

Box 1 Rushmore (Arthur W.)

Box 1 Russell (John)

Box 1 Russell (Thomas Wright)

Box 1 St. Johns (Adela Rogers)

Box 1 Seddon (T.E.Y.)

Box 1 Selden (Charles)

Box 1 Sewall (Horace)

Box 1 Shaw (Ray Herbert)

Box 1 Sheldon (Edward)

Box 1 Stern (G.B.)

Box 1 Stevenson (D. Alan)

Box 1 (Stevenson (Robert Louis)

Photographs re: "Vailima"; Stevenson's home in Samoa

Box 2 Stoddard (Charles Warren)

Box 2 Stoddard (Charles Warren)

Isabel Strong's letters to Stoddard Re: Samoa, Robert Louis Stevenson and Austin Strong. Typed copies. 35 pp. 1891-1893.

Box 2 Stowe (Lyman Beecher)

Box 2 Strong (Austin)

Correspondence with Theatrical and Literary Agents re: his writings, their production, publication, etc.

Box 2 Strong (Austin)

Letters to and from his mother, Isobel Osborne Strong Field, known, in Samoa as "Teuila."

Box 2 Strong (Austin)

Miscellaneous correspondence

Box 2 Strong (Joseph D.)

Box 2 Strong (Mary Wilson) (Mrs. Austin Strong)

Box 2 Struther (Jan)

Box 2 Stuart (Sir Campbell)

Box 2 Sulzburger (Arthur Kays)

Box 2 Sutton (Frederick J.H.)

Box 2 Tarkington (Booth)

Box 2 Tuttle (Emerson)

Box 2 Tyler (Ernest F.)

Box 2 Vandegrift (A.A.)

Box 2 Walpole (Hugh)

Box 2 Wardell (Dwight L.)

Box 2 Weeks (Edward)

Box 2 West (Edward N.)

Box 2 White (Stewart Edward)

Box 2 Wilder (Isabel)

Box 2 Wilder (Thornton)

Box 2 Willkie (Wendell L .)

Box 2 Wilson (Francis)

Box 2A Parsons and Pentecost, Letters from Strong Re: The Estate of A.D. Russell, 1899 October 3-December 24

Box 2A Miscellaneous Letters and Documents, 1922-1929

Box 2A Radio Fan Mail, 1933

Box 2A Stage Relief Fund, 1950-1951

Box 2A The Toymaker--Congratulatory Telegrams, 1907 November