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Peter G. Stafford papers, 1960-1971

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Creator(s) Stafford, Peter G
Title Peter G. Stafford papers, 1960-1971
Physical Description 49 boxes (49 boxes)
Language(s) English .
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Papers of Stafford, reflecting a wide interest in psychedelic drugs, other drugs, and all aspects of the youth culture of the 1960s. Among the manuscript materials are drafts for chapters in his books, case histories, some correspondence, and materials showing the workings of the underground press. There are clippings, pamphlets, and books of both technical and popular interest.

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History / Biographical Note

Biographical / Historical

Stafford was author of PSYCHEDELIC BABY REACHES PUBERTY (Praeger, 1971), LSD - THE PROBLEM SOLVING PSYCHEDELIC (Award Book, 1967) and other books, and editor of CRAWDADDY magazine.

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Series I: Topical Files

Box 1 Aaronson, Bernard S.

Box 1 Abolafia, Louis

Box 1 Abortion

Box 1 Addict program in New York State

Box 1 Addict treatment

Box 1 Addiction problem

Box 1 Alcohol

Box 1 Alpert, Richard

Box 1 Alternate University

Box 1 ACLU

Box 1 ADA

Box 1 Amphetamines and Barbituates

Box 1 Anarchy, Resurgent Youth

Box 1 Anderson, Chester

Box 1 Anthos Center

Box 1 Anti-drug interests

Box 1 Anti-imperialism

Box 2 Arab-Israeli War

Box 2 Architecture

Box 2 Army busts

Box 2 Art

Box 2 Ashby, Thad & Rita

Box 2 Asia

Box 2 Astrology

Box 2 Aureon Institute

Box 2 Autistic children

Box 2 Automobiles, traffic

Box 2 Backlash

Box 2 Bad trips

Box 2 Banana high, peppers, etc

Box 2 Beatnicks

Box 2 Becker, Howard S.

Box 2 Be-ins

Box 2 Beresford

Box 2 Berkeley

Box 2 Bibliographies

Box 2 Birth control

Box 2 Bleibtreu, John N.

Box 2 Blewett, Duncan B.

Box 2 Book clubs

Box 2 Book reviews

Box 2 Brain

Box 2 Breakthroughs in new controversial areas

Box 2 Bruce, Lenny

Box 3 Bucks County Seminar House

Box 3 Bugging

Box 3 Bulkley, Dwight H.

Box 3 Busts

Box 3 Buttons

Box 3 California

Box 3 Cancer

Box 3 Cartoons

Box 3 Castalia Foundation

Box 3 Censorship

Box 3 CIA

Box 3 Channel One

Box 3 Childbirth

Box 3 China

Box 3 Chromosomes

Box 3 Cigarette racketeers

Box 3 Civil liberties

Box 3 Civil rights movement

Box 3 Cohen, Sidney

Box 3 Cold war

Box 3 College drug scandals

Box 3 College groups

Box 3 College students

Box 3 Communes

Box 3 The Communications Company

Box 3 Concentration camps

Box 3 Conscientious objectors

Box 3 Conspiracy theories

Box 3 Cosmic consciousness

Box 3 Cosmology

Box 3 Creativity

Box 3 Crime

Box 4 Cuba Box

Box 4 Cybernation

Box 4 Czechoslovakia

Box 4 DSMO

Box 4 DMT, DET

Box 4 BNA

Box 4 Dealing

Box 4 Death

Box 4 Diggers

Box 4 Draft

Box 4 Drug abuse Research and Education Services


Box 4 General

Box 4 Crackdown

Box 5 Crackdown

Box 5 Dangers

Box 5 New psychedelics

Box 5 Dying patient-pain control

Box 5 Eastern thought

Box 5 Ecology

Box 5 Economics

Box 5 Education

Box 6 Election in, 1968

Box 6 Elkin, Edwin H.

Box 6 England

Box 6 Esalen Institute

Box 6 Estrogen

Box 6 Ethics

Box 6 Expo 67

Box 6 Farber, Leslie H.

Box 6 Fashion

Box 6 Fiedler, Leslie A.

Box 6 First International Psychedelic Exposition

Box 6 Flower power

Box 6 Fort, Joel

Box 6 France

Box 6 Future

Box 6 Gambling

Box 6 Generation gap

Box 6 Germany

Box 6 Ginsberg, Allen

Box 6 Ginzburg, Ralph

Box 6 Glue, cough medicine, etc.

Box 6 Goodman, Paul

Box 6 Gorlitsky, Stan

Box 6 Graboi, Nicole

Box 6 Graffiti

Box 6 Greenwich Village

Box 6 Guns

Box 6 Haight-Ashbury

Box 6 Hanley, F.W.

Box 6 Hayes, Jim

Box 6 Health food

Box 6 Hedonism

Box 6 Hell's Angels

Box 6 Hermon, Harry C.

Box 7 High schools & drugs

Box 7 Hippies & Tippies

Box 7 Hoffer, Epic

Box 7 Hollander, Charles

Box 7 Hollywood

Box 7 Homosexuality

Box 7 Hospitals

Box 7 Hughes, Bart

Box 7 Humphrey, Hubert H.

Box 7 Huxley, Aldous

Box 7 Hypnotism

Box 7 Ignorance

Box 7 Income tax

Box 7 India

Box 7 Information explosion

Box 7 Intellectuals

Box 7 I.Q.

Box 7 Interface, Inc.

Box 7 Itkin, Michael Francis

Box 7 Jade Companions

Box 7 Japan

Box 7 Johnson, Lynda Bird

Box 7 Johnson, Lyndon Baines

Box 7 Johnson, Lyndon Baines-press conferences

Box 7 Joyce, James

Box 7 Jungian types

Box 7 Juvenile delinquency

Box 7 Karen, Robert

Box 7 Kennedy, Edward K.

Box 7 Kennedy, Robert F.

Box 7 Kesey, Ken

Box 7 Kogan, I.M.

Box 7 Koota, A.E.

Box 7 Krippner, Stanley

Box 7 Kupferberg, Tuli

Box 8 LSD

Box 8 General

Box 8 Art

Box 8 Berkeley LSD Conference

Box 8 Berkeley LSD Conference, reports

Box 8 Book reviews

Box 8 Busts

Box 8 Controversy

Box 8 Controls

Box 8 Engineers

Box 8 Experiences

Box 8 5 year-old girl

Box 8 Hoffman, Albert

Box 8 Hospitals

Box 8 Legislation

Box 8 Mafia

Box 8 Medical accounts

Box 8 Memories

Box 8 Mother-in-law murder

Box 8 New York Post

Box 8 Research

Box 8 Sandoz Corporation

Box 8 Users

Box 8 War

Box 8 Warnings

Box 9 Language study

Box 9 Laser

Box 9 Latin America

Box 9 League for Spiritual Discovery

Box 9 Loake, Jonathan

Box 9 Leary, Timothy

Box 9 Lebel, Jean-Jacques

Box 9 Legal advice

Box 9 Leisure

Box 9 LeMar

Box 9 Light

Box 9 Lindsay, John V.

Box 9 Lorettei, Lugman

Box 9 Lower east side

Box 9 Ludwin, Arnold M.

Box 9 MacAdams, Lewis

Box 9 McCarthy, Eugene J.

Box 9 McCarthy, Joe

Box 9 McClure, John

Box 9 McLuhan, Marshall

Box 9 Me Reynolds, David

Box 9 Macrobiotics

Box 9 Malcolm X

Box 9 Malamud, Judith

Box 9 Manchester, William

Box 9 Marijuana

Box 9 Marijuana busts

Box 9 Marijuana laws

Box 9 Marriage, divorce, family life

Box 9 Mars

Box 9 Testers & Houston

Box 10 Meditation

Box 10 Meher Baba

Box 10 Memory pills

Box 10 Mensa Society

Box 10 Mental health

Box 10 Metropolitan Museum of Art

Box 10 Mexico

Box 10 Miles, Barry

Box 10 Military

Box 10 Missile race

Box 10 Mogar, Robert E.

Box 10 Moon

Box 10 Morning glory

Box 10 Movement Speakers Bureau

Box 10 Movies

Box 10 Movies on drugs

Box 10 Mushrooms, psilocybin

Box 10 Music

Box 10 Muste, A.J.

Box 10 NAD

Box 10 National Institute of Mental Health

Box 10 Negroes

Box 10 Neo-American Church

Box 10 Nevada

Box 10 New Left

Box 10 Nightmare drugs

Box 10 Nixon, Richard M.

Box 11 Nuclear warfare

Box 11 Nudes

Box 11 Obstacles to change

Box 11 Olay, Lionel

Box 11 Optical illusions

Box 11 Osmond, Humphrey

Box 11 Other America

Box 11 Paleo-American Church

Box 11 Panshin, Alexei

Box 11 Paperbacks

Box 11 Parapsychology

Box 11 Parks

Box 11 Peace

Box 11 Peace and Freedom Party

Box 11 Peck, Sidney K.

Box 11 Perception 67

Box 11 Personality

Box 11 Peters, George

Box 11 Peyote

Box 11 Photography

Box 11 Pleasure cruise

Box 11 Police

Box 11 Politics

Box 11 Politics and drugs

Box 11 Pollution

Box 11 Poor People's Campaign

Box 11 Population explosion

Box 11 Posters

Box 11 Poverty

Box 12 Press

Box 12 Presidency potential

Box 12 Princeton University

Box 12 Prisons

Box 12 Provos

Box 12 Psychedelic culture

Box 12 Psychedelic Peace Fellowship

Box 12 Psychedelic shops

Box 12 Psychedelic Showcase

Box 12 Psychic phenomena

Box 12 Psychology

Box 12 Psychotherapy

Box 12 Psychotherapy & LSD

Box 12 Pueblo

Box 12 Radio Free America

Box 12 Recipes

Box 12 Records

Box 12 Reed College (Portland, Ore.)

Box 12 Religion

Box 12 Religion & LSD

Box 12 Right wing

Box 12 Riots

Box 12 The Rolling Stones

Box 12 Rosicrucians

Box 13 Runaways

Box 13 Rusk, Dean

Box 13 Russell, Bertrand

Box 13 Russia

Box 13 STP

Box 13 San Francisco State College-The Institute for Psychedelic Research

Box 13 Sartre, Jean-Paul

Box 13 Sauna

Box 13 Schizophrenia

Box 13 Schwartzberg, Benedict

Box 13 Science

Box 13 Scientology-

Box 13 Sex

Box 13 Sex and drugs

Box 13 Sex change

Box 13 Sexual deviation

Box 13 Sexual freedom

Box 13 Shakers

Box 13 Shankar, Ravi

Box 13 Shaw, George Bernard

Box 13 Sleep and dreams

Box 13 Slum living

Box 13 Smith, Howard

Box 13 Smoking

Box 13 Soma Research Association, Ltd.

Box 13 Space program

Box 13 Sports

Box 14 Stafford, Peter-

Box 14 General

Box 14 Correspondence, notes, etc.

Box 14 Manuscripts, (2 folders)

Box 14 Printed articles, etc.

Box 14 Stafford family

Box 14 Starvation

Box 14 Student unrest

Box 14 Suicide

Box 14 Sweden

Box 14 Synanon

Box 14 Tape recording

Box 14 Tea

Box 14 Teeth

Box 14 Teitelbaum, Daniel Thau

Box 14 TV & radio

Box 14 Theater

Box 14 Think tanks

Box 14 Tompkins Square riots

Box 14 Topless-

Box 14 Transistors

Box 14 Trans Love Energies

Box 14 Triple revolution

Box 14 Underdeveloped world

Box 14 Underground Press

Box 14 Unger, Sanford H.

Box 14 Ungerleider, J. Thomas

Box 26 UFO

Box 26 United Nations

Box 26 U.S. Constitution

Box 26 U.S. FDA

Box 26 U.S. HUAC

Box 26 U.S. Senate hearings

Box 26 Universities and research

Box 26 Urban decay

Box 26 Utopias

Box 26 Venereal disease

Box 26 Vietnam Vietnam atrocities

Box 26 Vietnam Day Committee

Box 26 Violence

Box 26 Vivisection

Box 26 WBAI

Box 26 Wallace, George

Box 26 War Resistors League

Box 26 Warmth Committee (Columbia University)

Box 26 Warren Commission

Box 26 Waskow, Arthur I

Box 26 Welfare

Box 26 White collar pill party

Box 26 Woodstock Festival

Box 26 Yoga

Box 26 Youth

Box 26 Zen Center (San Francisco)

Box 26 Misc. broadsides

Box 26 Misc. printed materials

Flat Box 653 Stafford-The Hasty Papers: A One-shot Review, 1960

Series II: Periodicals

Box 16 Adam

Box 16 AAAS Bulletin

Box 16 American Dialogue

Box 16 American Opinion

Box 16 AUM (Americans Underthirty Magazine)

Box 16 Amnesty Action

Box 16 The Anemic Traveler (Woodside, N.Y.)

Box 16 Ankh

Box 16 Antioch College Record

Box 16 The Antiochian

Box 16 April Action (Philadelphia)

Box 16 Argosy

Box 16 The Argus (Ann Arbor, Mich.)

Box 16 The Atlantic

Box 16 Avant Garde

Box 16 Avatar (American Avatar; New York Avatar)

Box 16 Back to Godhead

Box 16 Bang

Box 16 Bauls

Box 16 The Beat

Box 16 Berkeley Barb

Box 16 Black Mask

Box 16 The Bond

Box 16 The Bread Is Rising

Box 16 The Buddhist Third Class Junkmail Oracle (The Barking Rabbit)

Box 16 Bulletin; bi-weekly organ of the workers league

Box 17 Campaign (London)

Box 17 Canadian Free Press

Box 17 Candid Press (Chicago)

Box 17 Cavalier

Box 17 Century Schoolbook (San Francisco)

Box 17 Changes

Box 17 Cheetah

Box 17 Chicago Seed

Box 17 Circus

Box 17 Climax

Box 17 Clinical Pharmacology and Theraputics

Box 17 Clyde

Box 17 Combat

Box 17 Come Out

Box 17 Commentary

Box 17 Companion

Box 17 Confidential

Box 17 Crawdaddy (Peter Stafford, ed.)

Box 17 Creem Magazine

Box 17 Current

Box 17 Decision

Box 17 Degler! (San Francisco Weekly)

Box 17 Downtown

Box 17 Drug Law Bulletin (Washington)

Box 18 Earth Times (San Francisco)

Box 18 The East Village Other

Box 18 Element

Box 18 Encounter

Box 18 Enrage

Box 18 Environment

Box 18 Escapade

Box 18 Esquire

Box 18 Etc.

Box 19 Evergreen

Box 19 Exit

Box 19 Extra! (Providence, R.I.)

Box 19 Eye

Box 19 The Fifth Estate (Detroit)

Box 19 Fillmore East

Box 19 First Issue (Ithaca, N.Y.)

Box 19 For Adults 0nly

Box 19 Freakout

Box 19 The Free You (Menlo Park, Ca.)

Box 19 Fun

Box 19 Fusion

Box 20 GQ Scene

Box 20 Gargoyle (New Paltz, N.Y.)

Box 20 Gay

Box 20 Gay Power

Box 20 Georgia Straight--Vancouver Free Press

Box 20 Go Magazine

Box 20 Good Morning Teaspoon (San Diego, CA.)

Box 20 Good News

Box 20 Good Times

Box 20 Gothic Blimp Works

Box 20 The Grinding Stone (Terre Haute, Ind.)

Box 20 Guardian (National Guardian)

Box 21 Hard Times (Washington)

Box 21 Harper's Magazine

Box 21 Hitweek (Amsterdam)

Box 21 Homosexuals Intransigent

Box 21 I

Box 21 The Illustrated Paper (Mendocino, Ca.)

Box 21 Incense Mantra (Buffalo, N.Y.)

Box 21 Innerspace

Box 21 The International Journal of the Addictions

Box 21 International Times (London)

Box 21 It's Happening (Cleveland)

Box 21 Jazz & Pop

Box 21 Journal of Psychedelic Drugs

Box 21 Journal of the American Pharmaceutical Association

Box 21 Kaleidoscope (Milwaukee)

Box 21 Kaleidoscope Times (Minneapolis)

Box 21 Kauri (Washington)

Box 21 Kerista

Box 21 Kiss

Box 21 Knight (Los Angeles)

Box 21 The Kudzu (Jackson, Miss.)

Box 22 Leviathan

Box 22 Liberation

Box 22 Liberation News Service

Box 22 Liberation USA

Box 22 The Little Newspaper

Box 22 Logos (Montreal)

Box 22 Look Magazine

Box 23 Life Magazine

Box 24 Los Angeles Advocate

Box 24 Los Angeles Free Press

Box 25 Los Angeles Free Press

Box 26 The McCarthy Advance

Box 26 MacLean's

Box 26 Manas

Box 26 Mankind

Box 26 Man's Exploits

Box 26 Man's Magazine

Box 26 Man's Story

Box 26 The Marijuana Review

Box 26 The Medium

Box 26 Meridian

Box 26 The Metropolitan Swinger

Box 26 Mile High Underground (Denver)

Box 26 The Militant

Box 26 The Modern Utopian

Box 26 Mojo-Navigator Hock & Roll News (San Francisco)

Box 26 Monday Store Magazine (Washington)

Box 26 Monthly Review

Box 26 Moonchild Comics

Box 26 The Mother Earth-News (Madison, Ohio)

Box 26 The Mountain Free Press (Denver)

Box 26 The Movement (San Francisco)

Box 26 The Nation

Box 26 National Lampoon

Box 26 National Review

Box 26 National Underground Review

Box 26 New Musical Express (London)

Box 26 The New Prairie Primer (Cedar Falls, Iowa)

Box 26 The New Republic

Box 26 New York

Box 27 New York Free Press

Box 27 New York Provo

Box 27 The New York Review of Sex

Box 27 The New Yorker

Box 27 Newsman's Gadfly (Mount Varnon, Iowa)

Box 27 Newsweek

Box 27 Nickel Review (Syracuse, N.Y.)

Box 27 The North Carolina Anvil

Box 27 Octopus (Ottawa)

Box 27 Open City (Los Angeles)

Box 27 Orpheus (Phoenix)

Box 27 Other Scenes

Box 28 Pace

Box 28 Pageant

Box 28 Pangolin

Box 28 The Paper (East Lansing, Mich.)

Box 28 Peace; the Drop City Newsletter (Trinidad, Colo.)

Box 28 Peace News (London)

Box 28 The Peacemaker

Box 28 Paninsula Observer

Box 28 The Pig (Sausalito, Ca.)

Box 28 Planet (San Francisco)

Box 28 Playboy

Box 28 Pleasure

Box 29 Pot Pourri

Box 29 The Progressive (Madison, Wis.)

Box 29 Provo of Seattle

Box 29 Psychedelic Hippie

Box 29 Psychedelic Information Center Bulletin (Cambridge, Mass.)

Box 29 Psychedelic Information Center of Washington, D.C.

Box 29 Psychedelic Review

Box 29 Psychology Today

Box 29 Pterodactyl (Grinnell, Iowa)

Box 29 The Quicksilver Times (Washington)

Box 29 The Radical Therapist (Minot, S.D.)

Box 29 Ramparts

Box 29 Rat; subterranean news

Box 30 Rat; subterranean news

Box 30 Reader's Digest

Box 30 The Realist

Box 30 Realities

Box 30 Reed College Bulletin

Box 30 Resist (Cambridge, Mass)

Box 30 Ric Sloane Comics

Box 30 Rock

Box 30 Rolling Stone (San Francisco)

Box 31 St. Louis Free Press

Box 31 The San Diego Door

Box 31 San Francisco's Dock of the Bay

Box 31 San Francisco Express Times

Box 31 The San Francisco Oracle

Box 31 Sanity (Montreal)

Box 31 The Saturday Evening Post

Box 31 Saturday Night

Box 31 Saturday Review

Box 31 Satyrday (Toronto)

Box 31 Scene II

Box 31 Scenes

Box 31 Science

Box 31 Science Digest

Box 31 Science News

Box 31 Scientific American

Box 31 Screw

Box 32 Screw

Box 32 Seventeen

Box 32 Shadows

Box 32 Shock

Box 32 Show

Box 32 Sick

Box 32 Smoke signs fire flames

Box 32 Socialist Leader (London)

Box 32 Soviet Life

Box 32 The Spectrum

Box 32 Spectrum (Washington)

Box 32 Spero (Chicago)

Box 32 Spokane Natural

Box 32 Sports Illustrated

Box 32 The Star One

Box 32 I.F. Stone's Weekly

Box 32 Strobe

Box 32 Subud

Box 32 The Sun Flower (Richmond, Va.)

Box 32 Superman Comics

Box 32 Tangents

Box 32 Teaspoon Door (San Diego, Ca.)

Box 32 The Thunderbolt (Savannah, Ga.)

Box 32 El Tianpo (New York)

Box 32 Time Magazine

Box 32 Triumph

Box 32 True Secrets

Box 32 Uncensored

Box 32 U.S. News & World Report

Box 32 Vibrations (Boston)

Box 32 Vibrations (Los Angeles)

Box 32 Vietnam Courier (Hanoi)

Box 33 The Village Voice

Box 34 War/Peace Report

Box 34 War Resisters League News

Box 34 Warren-Forest Sun (Detroit)

Box 34 Washington Free Press

Box 34 Washington Monthly

Box 34 Weakly Reader (Stuyvesant High School, N.Y.C.)

Box 34 The Western Activist (Kalamazoo, Mich.)

Box 34 Westside News and Free Press

Box 34 Willamette Bridge (Portland, Ore.)

Box 34 Win Magazine

Box 34 Witsend

Box 34 The Worcester Punch

Box 34 Word (New Orleans)

Box 34 The Worker

Box 34 Workers World

Box 34 World Countdown (Los Angeles)

Box 34 Yarrowstalks (Philadelphia)

Box 34 Yippie Adventures

Box 34 Yoni

Box 34 Young Socialist

Box 34 Zigzag

Box 34 Misc.

Box 35 General newspaper clippings

Box 36 General newspaper clippings

Box 37 General newspaper clippings

Box 38 General newspaper clippings

Box 39 General newspaper clippings

Box 40 General newspaper clippings

Series III: Books

Box 35-40 Abramson, Harold A. The use of LSD in psychotherapy. New York, Josiah Macy, Jr. Foundation, circa, 1960

Box 35-40 Aikon, John W. Explorations in awareness. Sorocco, N.M., The Church of the Awakening, circa, 1966

Box 35-40 Alpert, Richard & Sidney Cohen. LSD. New York, The New American Library,, 1966

Box 35-40 Alexander, Marsha. The Sexual paradise of LSD, North Hollywood, Ca, Brandon House,, 1967

Box 35-40 Anderson, Chester. The Butterfly Kid. New York, Piramid Books, circa, 1967

Box 35-40 Barron, Frank. Creativity and psychological health. New York, D. Van Nostrand Company, circa, 1963

Box 35-40 Bernard, Pierre (ed.). Dossier LSD. Paris, Le Soleil Noir, circa l967 (Les Cahiers Noirs du Soleil 1)

Box 35-40 Bestic, Alan. Turn me on, man. New York, Award Books, circa, 1966

Box 35-40 Bieberrnan, Lisa Phaneroihyme; a western approach to the religious use of psychochemicals. Cambridge, Mass., Psychedelic Information Center, circa, 1968

Box 35-40 Birmingham, John (ed.) Our time is now; notes from the high school underground. New York, Praeger, circa, 1970

Box 35-40 Bischoff, William H. The ecstasy drugs. Delray Beach, Fla. University Circle Press, circa, 1966

Box 35-40 Bishop, Maiden Orange. The discovery of love; a psychedelic experience with LSD-25. New York, Dodd, Mea, circa, 1963

Box 35-40 Bowles, Paul. Tip above the worlds New York, Simon and Schuster, circa, 1966

Box 35-40 Bloomquist, Edward R. Marijuana. Beverly Hills, Ca., Glencoe Press, circa, 1968

Box 35-40 Blum, Richard and others. Utoplates; the use and users of LSD-25. New York, Atherton Press, 1965.

Box 35-40 Braden, William. The private sea; LSD and the search for God. Chicago, Quadrangle Books l967

Box 35-40 Bronsteen, Ruth. The hippy's handbook. New York Canyon Books, l967

Box 35-40 Brotman, Richard & Alfred Freedman. A community mental health approach to drug addiction. Washington US Dept. of HEW, circa, 1966

Box 35-40 Burroughs, William S. Naked lunch. New York, Grove Press, l959, 19663

Box 35-40 Burroughs, William S. The ticket that exploded. New York, Grove Press,, 1968

Box 35-40 Burroughs, William S. & Allen Ginsberg. The yage letters. San Francisco City Lights Books, circa 1963 1965, 1963, 1965

Box 35-40 Caldwell, W. V. LSD psychotherapy: an exploration of psychedelic and psycholytic therapy New York, Grove Press,, 1968

Box 35-40 Calvano, Tony. Acid orgy. San Diego, Ca. Companion Books, 1967

Box 35-40 Carey, James T. The coinage drug scene. Englewood Cliffs, N.J., Prentice-Hall, l968

Box 35-40 Cashman, John. The LSD story. Greenwich, Conn., Fawcett, 1966

Box 35-40 Chandler, Nancy R. (ed.) Sex, youth and drugs. Malibu, Ca., World, 1968 1969, 1968, 1969

Box 35-40 Charbonneau, Louis. Psychedelic-4O. New York, Bantam Books, 1965

Box 35-40 Cholden, Lewis (ed). Lysergic acid and diethylamide and mescaline in experimental psychiatry. New York, Grune and Stratton,, 1965

Box 35-40 Cohen, Daniel. Myths of the space age. New York, Dodd, Mead, 1967

Box 35-40 Cohen, John (ed.) The essential Lenny Bruce. New York, Ballantine Books,, 1967

Box 35-40 Cohen, Sidney. The beyond within; the LSD story. New York, Atheneum, 1964.

Box 35-40 Condit, D. M., Bert H. Cooper, Jr. and others. Challenge and response in internal conflict. Washington, Social Science Research Institute, 1968.3 vols. (vol. 2 is an incomplete xerox copy)

Box 35-40 Davis, James P. The love generation; a study of sex among the hippies. San Diego, Ca., Publishers Export Co.,, 1967

Box 35-40 De Ropp, Robert S. Drugs and the mind. New York, Grove Press, l957, 1960s (2 copies), 1960s

Box 35-40 The Drug takers. New York, Time Life Books, 1965

Box 35-40 Dunlap, Jane. Exploring inner space; personal experiences under LSD-25. New York, Harcourt, Brace & World,, 1961

Box 35-40 Efron, Daniel H., Bo Holmstedt & Nathan S. Kline. Ethnopharmacologic search for psychoactive drugs. Washington US Dept. of HEW, 1967.

Box 35-40 Ellson, R. N. Sex-happy hippie. San Diego, Ca., Corinth,1968

Box 35-40 Finn, Elizabeth & Larry Littlejohn. Drugs in the Tenderloin. San Francisco, Central City Target Area,, 1967

Box 35-40 Flattery, David S. & J. M. Pierce. Peyote. Berkeley, Ca. The Berkeley Press,, 1965

Box 35-40 Flip's groovy guide to the groops! New York Signet Books, 1968

Box 35-40 Fort, Joel. The pleasure seekers; the drug crisis, youth and society. New York, Grove Press l969,, 1970

Box 35-40 Free city. N.p., undated

Box 35-40 Fuller, R. Buckminster. I seem to be a verb. New York, Bantam Books, 1970

Box 35-40 Galbraith, John Kenneth. The affluent society. New York Mentor Books 1958 1968, 1958, 1968

Box 35-40 How to get out of Vietnam; a workable solution to the worst problem of our time. New York Signet Books,, 1967

Box 35-40 Gamage, James R. & Edmund L. Zerkin. A comprehensive guide to the English language literature on cannabis (marijuana), Beloit, Wis., Stash Press,, 1969

Box 35-40 Ghiselin, Brewster (ed.) The creative process; a symposium. New York Mentor Books, 1952

Box 35-40 Goldstein, Richard. 1 in 7: drugs on campus. New York, Walker and Co., 1966

Box 35-40 Golightly, Bonnie. On the fringe of the para-normal. New York, Award Books, l969

Box 35-40 The great hippie hoax. New York, Award Books, 1968

Box 35-40 Green, Gerald. The lotus eaters. New York, Pocket Books ccl959, 1960

Box 35-40 Gross, Henry. The flower people. New York, Ballantine Books, 1968

Box 35-40 Harman, Willis W. and others. Psychedelic agents in creative problem-solving: a pilot study. (Reprint from: Psychological reports, 19, 1966 211-27), 1966

Box 35-40 The hasty papers; a one-shot review. New York, The Hasty Papers, 1960.

Box 35-40 Hatterer, Lawrence J. The artist in society; problems and treatment of the creative personality. New York, Grove Press l965,, 1966

Box 35-40 Kersey, John. Too far to walk. New York, Bantam Books l966, 1967

Box 35-40 Hoffer, A. & Humphrey Osmond. The hallucinogens. New York, Academic Press, 1967.

Box 35-40 Hollander, Charles (ed.) Background papers on student drug involvement.

Box 35-40 Washington, United States National Student Association, l967. (Two copies in variant bindings)

Box 35-40 Hopkins, Jerry (ed.) The hippie papers; notes from the underground press. New York, Signet Books 1968 (Two copies), 1968

Box 35-40 Hunt, Morton M. The natural history of love. New York, Grove Press, 1959

Box 35-40 Huxley, Aldous. Island. New York, Bantam Books 1962 1963, 1962, 1963

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Series IV: Additions

Accession number: 2015.2016.M117

Box 39 Folder 1 Typed letter, signed, to Michael & Cindy Horowitz, August 28, 1980.

Sending along the manuscript or outline of a new book (probably his interviews from the 1979 Santa Cruz Colloquium on psychedelic drugs) and asking for advice on finding a publisher. Also, "the latest views about another Colloquium" (which was held in 1981). One page, single=spaced, photo of author imprinted at top.

Box 39 Folder 1 Typed letter signed to Cindy & Mike Horowitz, May 24, 1984.

Is finishing up his new book, The Magic Gram. Discusses the style and look, collages, etc. Any ideas for a publisher? (This book was never published. ) Invites them to Santa Cruz. One page, single spaced. Together with: A typed letter from Horowitz (photocopy of original mailed to Peter in regard to his letter (no. 2). Petaluma, CA, June 13, 1984. Responds to The Magic Gram which he has received and enjoyed but doesn't know about a publisher. Talks about his Leary bibliography in progress and which of Stafford's works will be cited. 2pp, singlespaced.

Box 39 Folder 1 Stafford, "SO Candles for LSD's Jubilee." 1993. 9pp, photo-offset from type.

With photos of Albert Hofmann (discover of LSD), bottle of Sandoz LSD, chemical formula on first page. A history of the discovery and subsequent events through the 1960s. With mailing envelope.

Box 39 Folder 1 Stafford, letter to speakers at the 50th Anniversary of the discovery of LSD symposium held at Santa Cruz, April 1993. One page.

About his intention to publish the proceedings. photocopied from typescript, marked "First Draft" in Stafford's hand.

Box 39 Folder 1 Stafford, review of Mavericks of the Mind: Conversations for the New Millenium, ed. David J. Brown, 1993. 3pp, single-spaced, photocopied from typescript.

Much re: psychedelic drugs.

Box 39 Folder 1 Stafford, "In Appreciation of the Garden." 3pp, photocopy from original typescript, undated

About the community garden in Santa Cruz that he was involved in.

Box 39 Folder 1 Stafford, "The Most Important Book of this Century." 2pp., 1992

Photocopy of his review of Shulgin's Pihkal, published in High Times.

Box 39 Folder 1 Stafford, "Unanswered Questions from Huxley's Experiments" 2pp.

(6 columns) photocopied form Island Views, c. 1991, first published in Blotter, 1978. Review of Huxley's Moksha, ed. by Michael &Cindy Horowitz.

Box 39 Folder 1 Thomas Lyttle, "Peter, Peter, Acid Eater." One page interview in Boing Boing, c. 1992. Photocopy.

Lyttle was editor of Psychedelic Monographs & Essays.

Box 39 Folder 1 Stafford, "The Man Who Turned On the World," an interview with Michael Hollingshead, centerfold of the Berkeley Barb, 2/28-3/5 1975.

8 columns of type on 2 tabloid-size pp. Hollingshead recounts his central role in the LSD story (he was co-owner with Beresford of the "Magic Gram" and turned on Tim Leary to LSD).

Box 39 Folder 1 Blotter, no. 3. Santa Cruz, 1979. Edited by Stafford & Eisner

Somewhat darkened, particularly along original horizontal fold. Signed by contributor Michael Horowitz.

Box 39 Folder 1 Flyer, "An Evening with Peter Stafford, Psychedelic Investigator, Chronicler, Historian & Storyteller." Jan. 18, 1985, Santa Cruz. Measures 8-/12x14 inches.

With photo of Stafford and his books.