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David Eugene Smith Professional papers, 1860-1945

Series V: Manuscripts by D.E. Smith:

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Box 69 Adam

Box 69 Adrain, Robert-DAB

Box 69 Al-Biruni's computation of the value of . By Carl Schoy ...

Box 69 Algebra of four thousand years ago

Box 69 Among my autographs

Box 69 The angelus

Box 69 The arithmetic of our day

Box 69 Baeda Venerabilis, 672-735

Box 69 Bibliography on math.

Box 69 Bibliotheca Columbiana

Box 69 Biographical notes relating to Gaspard Monge

Box 70 Book reviews, 1892-1939 & undated, 1892-1939, undated

Box 71 Budget of paradoxes. By August us de Morgan

Box 71 Cajori, Florian-obituary

Box 71 The call of mathematics. & The poetry of mathematics

Box 71 Carus, Mary Hegeler-obituary

Box 71 Catalogue of letters & documents purchased in, June -August 1924

Box 71 Cathedra gastronomica

Box 72 Certain topics for investigation in the history of mathematics

Box 72 Challanging problems in American schools of education

Box 72 Changes in elementary mathematical terms in the last 3 centuries

Box 72 Chaucer

Box 72 Chinese mathematics

Box 72 Christmas carol ..., 1932

Box 72 Class roll books-7 vols.

Box 72 Cole, Frank Nelson-DAB

Box 72 Commonplace book., ca. 1880

Box 72 Le comput manuel de Magister Anianus

Box 72 Connecting arithmetic with the children's everyday experiences

Box 72 The contribution of mathematics to civilization

Box 72 Countries visited

Box 72 Craig, Thomas-DAB

Box 72 Credo mathematici

Box 72 Curious values of ff.

Box 73 David Dunham stories

Box 74 The David Eugene Smith gift of historical-mathematical instruments to Columbia University

Box 74 DeForest, Erastus Lyman-DAB

Box 74 De Morte (.1882).

Box 74 Descarte's La geometrie, trans.by D.E.Smith & Marcia L. Latham

Box 74 The development of the geometry textbook

Box 74 Diaries-1871-1933

Box 74 Discours sur la philosophie prononce par D'Alembert le 3 decembre, 1768

Box 74 Does the teacher's knowledge of a subject differ from that of a scholar?

Box 74 The dust numerals among the eastern Arabs

Box 74 Early American mathematics

Box 74 Early American mathematical periodicals

Box 74 The early contributions of Carl Schoy

Box 74 D M the Arabs invent the decimal fraction?

Box 74 A dream of Thanksgiving

Encyclopedia Britannica articles:

Box 75 A-G

Box 76 H-W

Box 77 3x5 cards

Box 78 Esthetics and mathematics

Box 78 Euclid, Omar Khayyam, and Saccheri

Box 78 Experience and impressions

Box 78 Farrar, John-DAB

Box 78 FirdausI celebration

Box 78 The first great commercial arithmetic

Box 78 The fisherman sees ...

Box 78 The Ganita-Sara-Sangraha of Mahaviracarya

Box 78 Gaspard Monge, politician

Box 78 A general survey of the progress of mathematics in our high schools ...

Box 78 Genesis

Box 78 A geometric "bedlam

Box 78 Geometry. By D.E.Smith & Wentworth

Box 78 The geometry of the Hindus

Box 78 A glimpse at early Colonial algebra

Box 78 The Gobi Desert

Box 78 Going to Persia?

Box 78 The great problem

Box 78 The great treasurehouse of Chinese and European mathematics. By Louis Vanhee.

Box 78 Greece, the birthplace of mathematical thought

Box 78 A Greek multiplication table

Box 78 Greenwood, Isaac-DAB

Box 78 Halsted, George Bruce-DAB

Box 78 Harkness, James-DAB (?)

Box 78 Harrangguel; an awful tale

Box 78 Heath's Euclid

Box 78 Hendricks, Joel E.-DAB (?)

Box 78 Historical-Mathematical Paris

Box 78 The Hindu-Arabic numerals

Box 79 A history of Japanese mathematics

Box 80 History of mathematical recreations

Box 80 History of mathematics (l)

Box 81 History of mathematics (2)

Box 82 A history of mathematics in America before 1900 (l), 1900

Box 83 A history of mathematics in America before 1900 (2), 1900

Box 83 History of modern mathematics

Box 83 History of science society-memoranda, minutes, etc.

Box 83 Hobby riding in Paris

Box 83 How mathematics is needed or used by the average citizen who. consults an encyclopedia

Box 83 How May the teaching of mathematics be made more efficient

Box 83 How the native Japanese mathematics is considered in the West

Box 83 In His own image

Box 83 In the surnamed chosen chest

Box 83 Influence of Persia on American culture

Box 83 Influence of Renaissance

Box 83 The influence of the mathematical works of the 15th cent, upon those of the l6th cent.

Box 83 Institute for the study of the history of science

Box 84 International Commission on the Teaching of Mathematics-memoranda, notes, etc.

Box 84 The International Congress of Mathematicians ..., 1932

Box 84 International understanding through mathematics

Box 84 An interesting piece of Americana mathematica

Box 84 Intuition and experiment in mathematical teaching in the secondary schools

Box 84 Jackson, Abraham V.W.-obituary

Box 84 Jewish contributions to mathematics in the Middle Ages

Box 84 John Wallis as a cryptographer

Box 84 Johnson, William Woolsey-DAB

Box 84 Joint report on Mr. Sukumar Ranjan Dasgupta's thesis,.. the Univ. of Calcutta.

Box 85 Kaye, George Rusky ­ obituary for Science

Box 85 Laplace

Box 85 The larger questions in the teaching of fractions

Box 85 The law of exponents in the works of the l6th century

Box 85 Lazare Nicholas Marguerite Carnot

Box 85 Lectures & addresses: 1924-1938 & undated, 1924-1938, undated

Box 85 Lecture notes: 1887 & undated, 1887, undated

Box 85 Loomis, Elias ­ DAB Lemoine, Emile Michel Hyacnthe

Box 85 List of books, essays, and reviews written by David Eugene Smith

Box 86 McClintock, Emory ­ DAB

Box 86 Mansions of mud

Box 86 Manuscripts of the Bible and of documents relating to it

Box 86 Manuscript translations of Euclid's Geometry

Box 86 Maschke, Heinrich ­ DAB

Box 86 Mathematica Gothica

Box 86 The Mathematical Association of America

Box 86 Mathematical contemporaries of Rene Descartes, 1596-1650

Box 86 A mathematical exhibit of interest to teachers

Box 86 Mathematical giants and non-giants

Box 86 Mathematical ideals of the J-H-S

Box 86 Mathematical portraits and pages

Box 86 The mark, master masons of Ispahan. By Helen Jewett

Box 86 Mathematical recreations

Box 87 Mathematical tables. Smith & Carson

Box 87 The mathematical tablets of Nippur

Box 87 Mathematical terms of olden times

Box 87 Mathematics and religion

Box 87 The mathematics of Bacon's time

Box 87 Me family tree

Box 87 Medicine and mathematics in the l6th century

Box 87 Memoria in aeterna

Box 87 Memories of Hot Wassah

Box 87 Methods of teaching the history of mathematics

Box 87 Mimari, Mamoru-obituary

Box 87 Mirabilia mathematica

Box 88 Moore, Eliakin Hastings -- obituary

Box 88 Moritz Cantor

Box 88 Motives for study

Box 88 Mystery of numbers

Box 88 The National Committee on Mathematical Requirements-memoranda, etc.

Box 88 Newton, Hubert Anson -- DAB

Box 88 Note on a Greek papyrus

Box 88 A note on Johannes Schonerus

Box 88 A note on Thomas Jefferson

Notes on:

Box 89 abacus-finger reckoning

Box 89 addition and subtraction

Box 89 algebra

Box 89 algebra from 1500 to 1650-the cubic and quartic, 1500

Box 89 algebra-algebraic symbols

Box 89 algebra-Hundu algebra

Box 89 algebra-Medieval European algebra

Box 89 algebra-rule of false position

Box 89 algebra-rule of three

Box 89 algebra -- series

Box 89 arithmetic-prehistoric arithmetic

Box 89 arithmetic-13th & l4th centuries

Box 90 arithmetic-l6th century

Box 90 arithmetic-1700-1850

Box 90 arithmetic-Babylon

Box 90 arithmetic-China-Japan

Box 90 arithmetic-England, 1500-1700

Box 90 arithmetic-Egypt

Box 90 arithmetic-German arithmetic, 15th & l6th centuries

Box 90 arithmetic-Greece

Box 90 arithmetic-Hindu-Arab

Box 90 arithmetic-Medieval

Box 90 arithmetic-Minor countries, 1500-1700

Box 90 arithmetic-Netherlands, 1500-1700

Box 90 arithmetic-Rome

Box 90 arithmetics from 1478 to 1602, 1478, 1602

Box 91 bibliography of history of mathematics

Box 91 biographies

Box 91 business applications

Box 91 calculus

Box 91 checks on computations

Box 91 China

Box 91 classification of numbers

Box 91 common fractions

Box 91 commercial life as revealed by arithmetic

Box 91 the computus

Box 91 dice

Box 91 division

Box 91 the dollar sign

Box 91 fundamental operations-numeration of large nos.

Box 92 history of geometry

Box 92 history of trigonometry

Box 92 logarithms

Box 92 math, letters

Box 92 measures

Box 92 metric system

Box 92 multiplication

Box 92 Napier Celebration-24 July 19l4

Box 92 Oriental numerals

Box 92 Pacidi

Box 92 practice

Box 92 the seven liberal arts-the names given to arith.

Box 92 sexagesimal fractions

Box 92 square roots

Box 92 Misc.

Box 93 A noteworthy Chaucerian manuscript

Box 93 Number stories

Box 93 Numbers and numerals; a story book for young and old

Box 94 Ode to Madame l'Abbess

Box 94 Qkamoto, N.-obituary

Box 94 On a remarkable contribution to the history of mathematics

Box 94 On mu facsimile of the D'Alembert Address

Box 94 On teaching mathematics

Box 94 On the course of the history of mathematics in the Michigan State Normal College

Box 94 On the genealogy of modern numerals

Box 94 On the origin of certain typical problems

Box 94 On the origin of the term "root"

Box 94 An opportunity for textual criticism in the history of Chinese mathematics

Box 94 The origin of the term "root" in Chinese mathematics

Box 94 Our debt to Greece and Rome

Box 94 Outline of a proposed history of the Sacrobosco Products Co.

Box 95 The palace walls of Tus

Box 95 Pelseneer on mathematical thought

Box 95 Pictorial material relating to Euclid

Box 95 The place of Roger Bacon in the history of mathematics

Box 95 Plane trigonometry

Box 95 The play of imagination in geometry

Box 95 The poetry of mathematics and other essays

Box 95 Portfolio of mathematicians

Box 95 The portrait medals of Newton

Box 95 The portraits of Sir Isaac Newton

Box 95 Possible boundaries in the early history of mathematics

Box 96 Primer for Grade II

Box 96 The problem of the book

Box 96 Problem solving in algebra

Box 96 Protective geometry

Box 96 Quo vadis, o scientia

Box 96 Professor Smith's literary activities. By Jekuthiel Ginsburg

Box 97 Rara arithmetica (& addenda)

Box 97 The reasons

Box 97 The recent progress of standard time

Box 97 The relation of music to mathematics

Box 97 Religio mathematici

Box 97 A report on applied problems in arithmetic

Box 97 The resting places of certain mathematicians

Box 98 Retrospect

Box 98 Retrospect, introspect, prospect

Box 98 Roman numerals

Box 98 The Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám-mss.

Box 99 The Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám-proofs & printed

Box 100 Runkle, John Daniel-DAB

Box 100 The sciences are an integral part of general historical study

Box 100 The Second International Congress of the History of Science and Technology

Box 100 A simple cross-word puzzle ...

Box 100 Sir Thomas Little Heath

Box 100 Solid geometry

Box 100 The soul of mathematics

Box 100 A source book in mathematics-mss. (l)

Box 101 A source book in mathematics-mss. (2)

Box 102 A source book in mathematics-proofs (3)

Box 103 The spelling of certain mathematical names

Box 103 The story of mathematics

Box 103 Stringham, Washington Irving-DAB

Box 103 The stuff that dreams are made of

Box 103 The stupor of measurement

Box 103 The Sumario compendioso of Juan Diez

Box 103 The surnamed chosen chest

Box 103 Sylvester, James Joseph-DAB

Box 103 System lampades mathematicae

Box 104 The teaching of arithmetic

Box 104 The teaching of elementary mathematics

Box 104 Teaching of geometry

Box 104 The teaching of mathematics in the secondary schools of the United States

Box 104 The teaching of the history of science

Box 104 Texts and tests in elementary algebra

Box 105 Thomas Jefferson and mathematics

Box 105 To Fanny Morton

Box 105 To some good friends of mine, with the season's greeting

Box 105 Topics in the tropics letters to the Cortland Democrat etc.

Box 105 The Treviso Arithmetic, 1478 Arte d'ell'abbaco; Goff A1141, 1478

Box 105 The two orphans of Marrakech

Box 105 Two unpublished documents of Sir Isaac Newton

Box 105 Unsettled questions concerning the mathematics of China

Box 105 Vignettes of travel

Box 105 Vita Juventus, Fervor, Mors

Box 106 Weights & measures. Notes for a proposed "Bibliotheca metrological" (on the plan of his "Rara arithmetica"), 1926-1927. Nor published

Box 107 Weights & measures. Notes for a proposed "Bibliotheca metrological" (on the plan of his "Rara arithmetica"), 1926-1927. Nor published

Box 108 Weights & measures. Notes for a proposed "Bibliotheca metrological" (on the plan of his "Rara arithmetica"), 1926-1927. Nor published

Box 109 Weights & measures. Notes for a proposed "Bibliotheca metrological" (on the plan of his "Rara arithmetica"), 1926-1927. Nor published

Box 110 Weights & measures. Notes for a proposed "Bibliotheca metrological" (on the plan of his "Rara arithmetica"), 1926-1927. Nor published

Box 111 Weights & measures. Notes for a proposed "Bibliotheca metrological" (on the plan of his "Rara arithmetica"), 1926-1927. Nor published

Box 112 Weights & measures. Notes for a proposed "Bibliotheca metrological" (on the plan of his "Rara arithmetica"), 1926-1927. Nor published

Box 113 Weights & measures. Notes for a proposed "Bibliotheca metrological" (on the plan of his "Rara arithmetica"), 1926-1927. Nor published

Box 114 Williams, Roland H. -- obituary

Box 114 Wisdom of …

Box 114 The wonderful eyes of math

Box 114 The wonderful wonders of A-B-C

Box 114 The wonderful wonders of dreams that are wonderful

Box 114 The wonderful wonders of inches and ounces, and liters and acres …

Box 114 The wonderful wonders of one-two-three

Box 114 The wonderful wonders of pounds-feet-quarts-pints …

Boxes 115 Miscellaneous manuscripts

Boxes 116 Miscellaneous manuscripts

Boxes 117 Miscellaneous manuscripts

Box 118 Index of names for a 4 volume work (3x5 cards)