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David Eugene Smith Professional papers, 1860-1945

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Call No.: MS#1167
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Creator(s) Smith, David Eugene, 1860-1944
Title David Eugene Smith Professional papers, 1860-1945
Physical Description 139 boxes (139 boxes 4 flat boxes 1 tube box)
Language(s) English .

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The collection is arranged in 6 series.



Professional and personal papers of Smith, including correspondence and manuscripts from his students, family, contemporary mathematicians and teaching colleagues about the history and teaching of mathematics, his many committees, administrative matters at Teachers College, and his travels and collecting. Also, the manuscripts of his writings and his notes.

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Gift of David Eugene Smith. 1931.

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History / Biographical Note

Biographical note

Mathematician. Professor of mathematics at the State Normal School, Cortland, N.Y., 1884-1891; at Michigan State Normal College, 1891-1898; at New York State Normal School, Brockport, N.Y., 1898-1901; and at Teachers College, Columbia University, 1901-1944. He was the editor of the Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society, the American Mathematical Monthly, and Scripta Mathematica, a member of the International Commission on the Teaching of Mathematics, 1908-1944; and librarian of Teachers College, 1902-1920. He was the author of Rara Mathematica (1907), The History of Mathematics (1924), and many other works on the history of mathematics as well as over forty mathematical textbooks and numerous journal articles. He also collected manuscript materials relating to the history of mathematics.

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Series I: Cataloged Correspondence:

Box 1 Abbe, Cleveland

Box 1 Abbott, Allan & Mary Allen Rand Abbott

Box 1 Abbott, Don Q

Box 1 Abbott, J.

Box 1 Abbott, Mary Allen Rand

Box 1 Abdulmajid, H.

Box 1 Adams, Clarence R.

Box 1 Abetti, Giorgi

Box 1 Adams, Edwin Plimpton

Box 1 Abrahams, Joseph B.

Box 1 Adams, Harriet Dyer

Box 1 Adams, Charlotte

Box 1 Adams, J.

Box 1 Addams, Jane

Box 1 Adler, Cyrus

Box 1 Agnew, Hugh Elmer

Box 1 Ahrens, Wilhelm Ernst Martin Georg

Box 1 Aiyar, P.V. Seshu

Box 1 Aiyar, S. Lakshman

Box 1 Aiyar, S. Radhakrishna

Box 1 Akagi, Yoshi

Box 1 Akers, Oscar Perry

Box 1 Akrawi, Matta

Box 1 Albert, Orin Wilson

Box 1 Alderson, Victor C.

Box 1 Alea, José M.

Box 1 Alexander, Carter

Box 1 Alexander, Grace

Box 1 Alexander, James Waddell

Box 1 Aley, Robert Judson

Box 1 All Kuli Khan

Box 1 Allardice, Robert Edgar

Box 1 Allen, Edward F.

Box 1 Allen. Gertrude E.

Box 1 Allen, Grace Amelia

Box 1 Allen, Joseph

Box 1 Allieras, Albert

Box 1 Allison, Clara Janet

Box 1 Amelotti, Emil

Box 1 Amend, Blanchette

Box 1 Amerant, Bruno

Box 1 Ames, Lewis Darwin

Box 1 Ammerman, Charles

Box 1 Amodeo, Federico

Box 1 Amoers, A.

Box 1 Anderson, Beatrice E. (Mrs Roy)

Box 1 Anderson, Florence (Mrs B.G.)

Box 1 André, Carl

Box 1 Andrews, W.H.

Box 1 Anglin, Arthur H.

Box 1 Anning, Norman

Box 1 Appell, Paul Emile

Box 1 Aragon, Manuel

Box 1 Arakawa, Shigehira

Box 2 Arche, Marguerite D. Saxton (Mrs A.V.)

Box 2 Archenhold, F.G.

Box 2 Archibald, Ralph G.

Box 2 Archibald, Raymond Clare

Box 3 Argenguee, Naggash

Box 3 Armacost, George Henry

Box 3 Armstrong, G.N.

Box 3 Arndt, W.

Box 3 Arnold, Leon Vance

Box 3 Arnstein, H.

Box 3 Arthur, Daniel

Box 3 Arthur, James

Box 3 Asfar, Georges

Box 3 Ashcraft, Thomas Bryce

Box 3 Ashley, Frederick William

Box 3 Ashton, Charles Hamilton

Box 3 Assis Velloso, José de

Box 3 Atkinson, Fred Washington

Box 3 Atwell, Robert King

Box 3 Austin, Charles M.

Box 3 Autonne, Leon

Box 3 Averill, Porter W.

Box 3 Ayer, Flora H.

Box 3 Azodi, Y.

Box 3 Bachmann, Paul

Box 3 Babb, Maurice Jefferies

Box 3 Babcock, S.S.

Box 3 Bagley, William Chandler

Box 3 Bahadur Shah, S.

Box 3 Bahoric, Francis

Box 3 Baidaff, Bernardo

Box 3 Bailey, Middlesex Alfred

Box 3 Baker, Arthur Latham

Box 3 Bakst, Aaron

Box 3 Balch, Flora E.

Box 3 Balch, Samuel W.

Box 3 Baldwin, Charles Sears

Box 3 Baldwin, Elizabeth G.

Box 3 Baldwin, William Alpheus

Box 3 Ball, Allan P.

Box 3 Ball, T.R.

Box 3 Ball, Walter William Rouse

Box 3 Ballard, Cora P.

Box 4 Barber, Harry Clark

Box 4 Barbour, F. A.

Box 4 Barbour, James Murray

Box 4 Bardin, Valérie

Box 4 Bardwell, Darwin L.

Box 4 Barker, Eugene Henry

Box 4 Barnard, Francis Pierrepont

Box 4 Barnett, Israel Albert

Box 4 Barnouw, Adriaan Jacob

Box 4 Barnwell, Walter

Box 4 Barr, James Adam

Box 4 Barrett, F.H.

Box 4 Barritt, Leon .

Box 4 Barron, Richard

Box 4 Barrows, David Prescott

Box 4 Barrus, Emily Ann

Box 4 Barry, Ada (Mrs Frederick)

Box 4 Barry, Frederick

Box 4 Barry, Ruth Harriet

Box 4 Bass, Edgar W.

Box 4 Bartolatti, Ettore

Box 4 Barton, Samuel Marx

Box 4 Batchelder, Lulu

Box 4 Bateman, Harry

Box 4 Batt, A. Laura

Box 4 Bauer, George Neander

Box 4 Baxandall, David

Box 4 Bazinet, Angeline

Box 4 Beach, Edward Matimer

Box 4 Beach, John Blair

Box 4 Beam, Jacob Newton

Box 4 Beardsley, William Waite

Box 4 Beatley, Ralph

Box 4 Bebb, Herbert

Box 4 Beck, Hans

Box 4 Beck, Lily Moresby Adams

Box 4 Becker, Harold W.

Box 4 Bedell, Frederick

Box 4 Behr, M. H.

Box 4 Beijan, Asadollah

Box 4 Beke, Emanuel

Box 4 Bell, Dorothy

Box 4 Bell, Eric Temple

Box 4 Bell, Kate

Box 4 Bell, Mary Sweet

Box 4 Bellows, Charles Fitzroy

Box 4 Beltrami, Eugène

Box 4 Beman, Wooster Woodruff

Box 4 Bemis, Clifford

Box 4 Benade, J.M.

Box 4 Benedict, Susan P.

Box 4 Benitz, William Logan

Box 4 Benner, Henry

Box 4 Bennett, Albert Arnold

Box 4 Bennett, Charles Alpheus

Box 4 Bennett, Edward

Box 4 Bennett, Velma McAfee Ely (Mrs Albert A.)

Box 5 Berg, P.S.

Box 5 Bergstresser, Clinton A.

Box 5 Berkeley, Lancelot Minor

Box 5 Berland, P.

Box 5 Berry, Arthur

Box 5 Berry, Betty Trier

Box 5 Bertini, Eugenio

Box 5 Betz, H.

Box 5 Betz, William

Box 5 Bevis, J.R.

Box 5 Bews, John William

Box 5 Bieberbach, Ludwig

Box 5 Biermann, Otto

Box 5 Bigelow, Maurice Alpheus

Box 5 Bigelow, Robert Payne

Box 5 Bigourdan, Guillaume

Box 5 Billis, William

Box 5 Bioche, Charles

Box 5 Birck, O.

Box 5 Birdseye, John C.

Box 5 Birkhoff, George David

Box 5 Bjerknes, Carl.Anton

Box 5 Bjőrling, C.F.E.

Box 5 Blackburn, Philip C.

Box 5 Blackie, James

Box 5 Blair, Vevia

Box 5 Blake, Edwin Mortimer

Box 5 Blakeley, Bertha E.

Box 5 Blakslee, T.M.

Box 5 Blank, Laura

Box 5 Blanshard, Kathleen

Box 5 Bledsoe, J.M.

Box 5 Blegen, Carl William

Box 5 Bliss, Gilbert. Ames

Box 5 Block, Pauline P.

Box 5 Blodgett, Frank Dickinson

Box 5 Blodgett, May Adel

Box 5 Blondheim, David Simon

Box 5 Blount, Mildred W.

Box 5 Blumberg, Henry

Box 5 Boal, Arnold S.

Box 5 Boas, Frederick Samuel

Box 5 Bobet, D. Karl

Box 5 Bȏcher, Maxime

Box 5 Bodenhamer, D.S.

Box 5 Bogarte, H.E.

Box 5 Boggs, John J.

Box 5 Bohn, F.

Box 5 Bohn, William Frederick

Box 5 Bokhorst, S.C.

Box 5 Bolton, Ralph W.

Box 5 Bolza, Oskar

Box 5 Bond, Helen Judy

Box 5 Bond, John David

Box 5 Bonsall, Mabel

Box 5 Bonser, Frederick Gordon

Box 5 Boom, Ernest S.

Box 5 Boon, Frederick Charles

Box 5 Boone, Richard Gause

Box 5 Booth, Grace Estella

Box 5 Borel, Emil Felix Edouard Justin

Box 5 Borgatti, Filippo

Box 5 Bortolotti, Ettore

Box 6 Bose, Abinash Ch.

Box 6 Bosnians, Henri

Box 6 Boss, William

Box 6 Bouges, R.L.

Box 6 Boulad, Farid

Box 6 Bourlet, Carlo

Box 6 Bousios, Basil Nicholas Hellenagoras

Box 6 Bouton, Archibald Lewis

Box 6 Bouton, Charles Leonrad

Box 6 Boutroux, Etienne Smile Marie

Box 6 Bowbyes, Avice Maud

Box 6 Bowden, Joseph

Box 6 Bowes, Julian

Box 6 Bowman, Isaiah

Box 6 Bowman, John Gabbert

Box 6 Boyd, Paul Prentice

Box 6 Boyd, William

Box 6 Boyer, Jacques

Box 6 Boykin, James Chambers

Box 6 Boynton, Frank David

Box 6 Bragg, Sir William Henry

Box 6 Bralliar, Floyd Burton

Box 6 Brant, Carlotta M.

Box 6 Brant, Cornelia C.

Box 6 Brasch, Frederick Edward

Box 6 Braunstein, Gladys Belinky

Box 6 Breasted, James Henry

Box 6 Breckenridge, William

Box 6 Brenke, William Charles

Box 6 Breslich, Ernst Rudolph

Box 6 Brett, George Sidney

Box 6 Brewer, Charles Russell

Box 6 Brewster, Mary B.

Box 7 Brigham, Adeline Cole

Box 7 Bridgwood, Elsie M.

Box 7 Brijdlova, Bozena

Box 7 Brill, Alexander von

Box 7 Brinkley, Addie L.(Mrs, Paul W.)

Box 7 Broadbent, T.A.A.

Box 7 Brocard, Henri Pierre Jean Baptiste

Box 7 Brockett, Paul

Box 7 Brockwell, Charles Alexander Brodie

Box 7 Brockwell, P. W.

Box 7 Brodetsky, Selig

Box 7 Brodie, Donald M.

Box 7 Brodie, William May o

Box 7 Brookman, Thirmuthis Amy

Box 7 Brooks, Edward

Box 7 Brooks, Philip

Box 7 Brewer, George Griswold

Box 7 Brown, Bancroft Huntington

Box 7 Brown, Edward L.

Box 7 Brown, Elmer Ellsworth

Box 7 Brown, Ernest William

Box 7 Brown, F.C.

Box 7 Brown, J. S.

Box 7 Brown, Jean F.

Box 7 Brown, Joseph Clifton

Box 7 Brown, Maurice R.

Box 7 Brown, West S.

Box 7 Brown, William Montgomery

Box 7 Brown, Winnifred

Box 7 Brownman, David E.

Box 7 Bruce, Charles Morelle

Box 7 Bruce, Robert Ernest

Box 7 Bruner, Herbert Bascom

Box 7 Bryan, Mary De Garmo

Box 7 Bryan, Noah Rosenberger

Box 7 Bryant, Charles E.

Box 7 Bryant, Sophie

Box 8 Buchholz, Frederick W.

Box 8 Budd, Ruth

Box 8 Buffum, Vryling Wilder

Box 8 Bull, Ludlow Seguine

Box 8 Bull, Marion L.

Box 8 Bumpus, Hermon Carey

Box 8 Burgess, Ruth Payne (Mrs John W.)

Box 8 Burnaby, Sherrand Beaumont

Box 8 Burnam, John Miller

Box 8 Burnham, William Henry

Box 8 Burns, Findley

Box 8 Burns, John D.

Box 8 Burns, Thelma N.

Box 8 Burnside, William Snow

Box 8 Burr, George Lincoln

Box 8 Burrell, Ellen L.

Box 8 Bush. Vannevar

Box 8 Bushey, Hobart

Box 8 Bussey, William Henry

Box 8 Butler, Elza Rhees

Box 8 Butler, Kate La Montague (Mrs Nicholas M.)

Box 8 Butler, Nicholas Murray

Box 8 Byerly, William Elwood

Box 8 Byrne, Eugene Hugh

Box 9 Cahill, Bernard J.S.

Box 9 Cain, William

Box 9 Cairns, William DeWeese

Box 9 Cajori, Elisabeth G. Edwards (Mrs Florian)

Box 9 Cajori, Florian

Box 9 Calder, William Musgrave

Box 9 Calderwood, H.F.

Box 9 Caldwell, Otis William

Box 9 Calkins, Helen

Box 9 Callaway, Theodosia Tucker

Box 9 Calvert, H.R.

Box 9 Camp, Burton Howard

Box 9 Campbell, Donald Francis

Box 9 Campbell, William Taylor

Box 9 Candy, Albert Luther

Box 9 Cantor, Georg

Box 9 Cantor, Moritz Benedikt

Box 9 Capen, Frank S.

Box 10 Carder, Eugene Clayton

Box 10 Cardinaal, J.

Box 10 Carey, Frank Stanton

Box 10 Carley, Verna Adeline

Box 10 Carman, Harry James

Box 10 Carmen, C.

Box 10 Carmichael, Robert Daniel

Box 10 Carnoy, Joseph Antoine

Box 10 Caro-Delvaille, Henry

Box 10 Carpenter, William B.

Box 10 Carpenter., William Henry

Box 10 Carroll, Mary H.M. (Sr. Rose Marie)

Box 10 Carslaw, Horatio Scott

Box 10 Carson, George Edward St. Lawrence

Box 10 Carter, W.H.

Box 10 Carua, Edward Hegeler

Box 10 Carua, M. Elizabeth

Box 10 Carus, Paul

Box 10 Carver, Walter B.

Box 11 Case, Adelaide Teague

Box 11 Cassety, James M.

Box 11 Castelnuove, Ouido

Box 11 Castle, E.H.

Box 11 Catalan, Eugene

Box 11 Cattell, James McKeen

Box 11 Cattell, Ware

Box 11 Cawthon, William S.

Box 11 Cayley, Arthur

Box 11 Cazzola, G.

Box 11 Cephas, Sr. M.

Box 11 Cesaro, Ernesto

Box 11 Chace, Arnold Buffum

Box 11 Chadbourne, Ellis

Box 11 Challen, Clarence

Box 11 Chambers, Frank R.

Box 11 Chambers, George Gailey

Box 11 Champlin, George R.

Box 11 Chandor, Valentine L.

Box 11 Chant, Clarence August us

Box 11 Chao, Yuen R.

Box 11 Chapin, Helen Burwell

Box 11 Chapman, Meriel W.

Box 11 Charbo, Y. B.

Box 11 Charlwood, H.J.

Box 11 Chase, D.D.

Box 11 Chase, Joseph Cummings

Box 11 Chase, Louis R.

Box 11 Chateauneuf, Amy Olive

Box 11 Chatelet, Albert Jean Baptiste

Box 11 Cheney, Francis J.

Box 11 Cheng, David Chin Te

Box 11 Chessin, Alexander S.

Box 11 Chevalier, Jacques

Box 11 Childs, Grace Fowler

Box 11 Chinda,,(Count) Sutemi

Box 11 Chistoni, Ciro

Box 11 Christensen, Christian V.

Box 11 Christofferson, Halbert Carl

Box 11 Churchill, Alfred Vance

Box 11 Cikot, C.A.

Box 11 Cipolla, Michele

Box 11 Clark, John E.

Box 11 Clark, John Roscoe

Box 11 Clark, Lynn R.

Box 11 Clark, Randolph. F.

Box 11 Clark, Walter Eugene

Box 11 Clarke, Frances Marguerite

Box 11 Clarke, J. Alexander

Box 11 Clark, M. J.

Box 11 Claudinp, Agnes

Box 11 Clawson, J.W.

Box 11 Claxton, Philander Priestley

Box 11 Clem, John G.

Box 11 Clement, Ernest Wilson

Box 11 Clements, Rex Stowers

Box 11 Clerke, Agnes Mary

Box 11 Clifford, Paul Clement

Box 11 Cobb, Herbert Edgar

Box 11 Coble, Arthur Byron

Box 11 Coburn, Mildred Leann

Box 11 Cochran, Mable Eva

Box 11 Coddington, Elizabeth Cadmus

Box 11 Coe, Carlotta T. (Mrs Walter E.)

Box 12 Colaw, John Marvin

Box 12 Colburn, Arthur R.

Box 12 Colby, Gardner

Box 12 Cole, Arthur B.

Box 12 Cole, Frank Nelson

Box 12 Cole, Percival Richard

Box 12 Coleman, Christopher Bush

Box 12 Collet, Jean

Box 12 Collier, Myrtie

Box 12 Collins, Joseph Victor

Box 12 Comstock, Clarence Elmer

Box 12 Comstock, Elting Houghtaling

Box 12 Conant, Levi Leonard

Box 12 Conant, Osmyn P.

Box 12 Condit, Ira S.

Box 12 Connolly, Frances Voorhees (Mrs Allen)

Box 12 Cook, Mary Haughwout

Box 12 Cook, Thomas A.

Box 12 Coolidge, Julian Lowell

Box 12 Cooper, Hermann

Box 12 Cope, Thomas Freeman

Box 12 Copeland, Lennie Phoebe

Box 12 Cornish, W.A.

Box 12 Coss, John Jacob

Box 12 Costikyan, Berthe Muller

Box 12 Costikyan, Mihran Nazar

Box 12 Coultrap, McKendree Whitefield

Box 12 Courant, Nerina Runge (Mrs Richard)

Box 12 Courant, Richard

Box 12 Court, Nathan Altshiller

Box 12 Courtis, Stuart Appleton

Box 12 Coverley-Price, A.V.

Box 12 Cowen, J.L.

Box 12 Cowles, Alfred, 3rd

Box 12 Cowles, Emma Milton

Box 12 Cowley, Elizabeth Buchanan

Box 12 Cox, George James

Box 12 Cox, Richard Garfield

Box 13 Craig, Thomas

Box 13 Crane, Charles Richard

Box 13 Crane, Ellen Douglas Bruce (Mrs Richard)

Box 13 Crane, Richard

Box 13 Crane, Thomas Frederick

Box 13 Crawford, James Luddvic Lindsay, 26 Earl of

Box 13 Crawley, Edwin Schofield

Box 13 Crawthorne, Arthur Robert

Box 13 Cresse, George Hoffman

Box 13 Crew, Henry

Box 13 Crider, Grace

Box 13 Cropsey, Nebraska C.

Box 13 Crow, Charles L.

Box 13 Crowell, John Franklin

Box 13 Crozier, Helen G.

Box 13 Cubberley, Ellwood Patterson

Box 13 Cunningham, Hewitt F.

Box 13 Currier, Clinton Harvey

Box 13 Curtis, Arthur M.

Box 13 Curtis, Mary F.

Box 13 Curtiss, David Raymond

Box 13 Curtiss, Dorothy W.

Box 13 Cushing, Harvey

Box 13 Cussons, George W.

Box 13 Cutler, Louise Northwood (Mrs Irwin)

Box 13 Czuber, Emanuel

Box 13 Dale, Samuel Sherman

Box 13 Dange, Felix

Box 13 Daniell, Lucetta

Box 13 Dantzig, Tobias

Box 13 Darbonnier, Louise

Box 13 Daringer, Helen Fern

Box 13 Darkow, Marguerite D.

Box 13 Datta, Bibhutibhusan

Box 13 David, Isaiah

Box 13 Davidsohn, Michel

Box 13 Davies, Ernest Salter

Box 13 Davies, Milton J.

Box 13 Davis, Alfred

Box 13 Davis, Bergen

Box 13 Davis, Edwin Wallace

Box 13 Davis, Ellery Williams

Box 13 Davis, Fred M.

Box 13 Davis, Harvey Nathaniel

Box 13 Davis, Nathaniel F.

Box 13 Davis, Sherwood

Box 13 Davison, Donald B.

Box 13 Davivedi, Sudhakara

Box 13 Day, Mary Sarildsu

Box 13 Dean, Arthur Davis

Box 13 Dean, Bashford

Box 13 De Boer, Joseph Arend

Box 13 Decker, Floyd Fiske

Box 13 De Cou, Edgar Ezekiel

Box 13 Dedekind, Richard

Box 13 De Garmo, Charles

Box 13 De Grafff, Forrest Allison

Box 13 De Ibairs, E.

Box 13 De Lima, Agnes

Box 13 Del Manzo, Milton Carl Edward

Box 13 De Lury, Alfred T.

Box 13 DeMay, Amy Janette

Box 13 Derby, George

Box 13 Des Buttes, Charles

Box 13 Detmer, Wilhelm

Box 13 Dev, Saradarayan

Box 13 Devendorf, R.E.

Box 13 Dewees, Ruth F.C.

Box 13 Deweym Charles O.

Box 13 Dewey, John

Box 13 Dey, L.M.

Box 13 DeZeller, Babel Corinne

Box 14 Dickerson, Roy Ernest

Box 14 Dickey, John Weller

Box 14 Dickler, Nathan

Box 14 Dickson, Leonard Eugene

Box 14 Dickson, T.C.

Box 14 Dickstein, S.

Box 14 Diepgen, Paul

Box 14 Dieudonne

Box 14 Dijksterhuis, E.J.

Box 14 Dilley, Mary

Box 14 Dimand, M.S.

Box 14 Dimick, C.E.

Box 14 Dimitroff, George

Box 14 Dintzl, Erwin

Box 14 Djalal, Gafar Khan

Box 14 Djalaleddine, Teherany

Box 14 Dobert, W.

Box 14 Dodd, Edward Lewis

Box 14 Dodge, Carroll W.

Box 14 Dodge, Grace Hoadley

Box 14 Dodge, Marcellus Hartley

Box 14 Dodge, Richard Elwood

Box 14 Dole, Nathan Haskell

Box 14 Donath, August

Box 14 D'Ooge, Benjamin Leonard

Box 14 D'Ooge, Martin Either

Box 14 Dooley, William Henry

Box 14 Dotterer, John E.

Box 14 Douthat, Robert William

Box 14 Dowling, Linnaeus Wayland

Box 14 Downey, James E.

Box 14 Downey, Walter F.

Box 14 Downs, Martha

Box 14 Doyle, J.A.

Box 14 Draffin, Jasper Owen

Box 14 Dragonette, Jessica

Box 14 Draoer, Glen H.

Box 14 Drenckhahn, Friedrich

Box 14 Dresch, Joseph Emile

Box 14 Dresden, Arnold

Box 14 Dronke, Adolf

Box 14 Droz, Eugenie

Box 14 Du Chaillu. Paul Belloni

Box 14 Dudley, Lavinia Pratt

Box 14 Duggan, Stephen Pierce Hayden

Box 14 Duncan, Mabel Harrison

Box 14 Dundas, R.I.

Box 14 Dunkel, Otto

Box 14 Dunning, Esther B.

Box 14 Dunnington, Guy Waldo

Box 14 Du Pasquier, L. Gustave

Box 14 Durkee, Edith M.

Box 14 Durst, Ethel Helena

Box 14 Dye, Eleanor M.

Box 14 Dyson, Frank Watson

Box 14 Dyson, Loreen

Box 15 Earle, Violet

Box 15 Eaton, Anne Thaxter

Box 15 Eaton, Charles C.

Box 15 Ebaugh, Harriet Elizabeth

Box 15 Echols, Charles Patton

Box 15 Edmondson, Thomas William

Box 15 Edmunds, Charles Keyser

Box 15 Edwards, Clarence Ransom

Box 15 Edwards, Florence (Mrs Harry)

Box 15 Eells, Walter Crosby

Box 15 Egorov, Dmitrii Fedeoevich

Box 15 Eisenhart, Luther Pfahler

Box 15 Eislaud, John

Box 15 Ela, Alfred

Box 15 Eldridge, Marie

Box 15 Elias, Rebecca

Box 15 Elkina, Bthel C.

Box 15 Elliot, Isaac W.

Box 15 Elliott, Edwin Bailey

Box 15 Ellis, Don Carlos

Box 15 Ellis, Frederick W.

Box 15 Elsee, Charles

Box 15 Elson, William Harris

Box 15 Ely, Achsah M.

Box 15 Emch, Arnold

Box 15 Emerton, Albert

Box 15 Emery, Stephen

Box 15 Emmons, Lloyd Clement

Box 15 Endo, T.S.

Box 15 Enestrtom, Gustaf

Box 15 English, Harry

Box 15 Enriques, Federigo

Box 15 Epstean, Edward

Box 15 Epsteen, Saul

Box 15 Erb, Frederick W.

Box 15 Erickson, Anna

Box 15 Escott, Edward B.

Box 15 Ettinghausen, Richard & Basilia Gruling

Box 15 Evans, Austin Patterson

Box 15 Evans, George William

Box 15 Evans, Griffeth Conrad

Box 15 Evans, Herbert McLean

Box 15 Evans, Herbert Pulse

Box 15 Evenden, Edward Samuel

Box 15 Everett, Harry Scheidy

Box 16 Fabry, Eugene

Box 16 Fackenthal, Frank Diehl

Box 16 Fadrus, Victor

Box 16 Felk, M.

Box 16 Faught, John B.

Box 16 Faunce, William Herbert Perry

Box 16 Fawcett, Harold Pascoe

Box 16 Fay, Antonio

Box 16 Fazzary, Gaetano

Box 16 Feagley, Ethel M.

Box 16 Febr, Kenri

Box 16 Fehr, Jean-Jacques

Box 16 Feldman, Daniel D.

Box 16 Feldman, Emanuel

Box 16 Feleky, Charles

Box 16 Felix John, Bro.

Box 16 Fell, Florence Emily

Box 16 Felinley, David

Box 16 Fersrd, J.

Box 16 Ferguson, Milton James

Box 16 Ferrier, William J.

Box 16 Ferris, Woodbridge Nathan

Box 16 Ferris, Pinaldo

Box 16 Ferry, Frederick Carlos

Box 16 Field, Floyd

Box 16 Field, Peter

Box 16 Fields, John Charles

Box 16 Fife, Robert Herndon

Box 16 Figueiredo, Laertes S. de

Box 16 Finch, James Kip

Box 16 Finch, Lolita M.

Box 16 Fine, Henry Burchard

Box 16 Finegan, Thomas Edward

Box 16 Finkel, Benjamin Franklin

Box 16 Finkelstein, Elizabeth Bernstein

Box 16 Finley, John Huston

Box 16 Finley, Martha Ford Boyden (Mrs John H.)

Box 17 Fisher, Claire B.

Box 17 Fisher, Clyde

Box 17 Fisher, George Egbert

Box 17 Fisher, Irving

Box 17 Fisher, Katharine

Box 17 Fisher, Villard J.

Box 17 Fisk, Nevin C.

Box 17 Fiske, Thomas Scott

Box 17 Fite, William Benjamin

Box 17 Fitterer, John Conrad

Box 17 Fitzgerald, John Joseph

Box 17 Flather, John J.

Box 17 Fleming, Horace T.

Box 17 Fleming, M.

Box 17 Fleming, Sir Sandford

Box 17 Fleming, W.F.

Box 17 Flexner, Abraham

Box 17 Flint, Charles Wesley

Box 17 Flint, Lois Henrietta

Box 17 Foberg, John Albert

Box 17 Folsom, Avaline

Box 17 Fontaine, J.R

Box 17 Fontsere y Riba, Eduard

Box 17 Foote, L.P.

Box 17 Forsker, Forest Almos

Box 17 Ford, Jeremiah Denis Matthias

Box 17 Ford, Lester R.

Box 17 Ford, Walter Burton

Box 17 Ford, Worthington Chauncey

Box 17 Forrest, Louise A.

Box 17 Forsyth, Andrew Pussell

Box 17 Fort, Madeliae Kean Scott (Mrs Tomlinson)

Box 17 Fort, Tomlinson

Box 17 Foster, J, Murray

Box 17 Foussereau, G.

Box 17 Fowler, Charles S.

Box 17 Fowlkes, John Guy

Box 17 Fox, Emily

Box 17 Fox, Joseph L.

Box 17 Fox, Philip

Box 17 Fox, William

Box 18 Frampton, Merle Elbert

Box 18 Francis, William A.

Box 18 Francolini, Marguerite Mackellar

Box 18 Franklin, Fabian

Box 18 Franklin, Villiam Suddards

Box 18 Franz, J.

Box 18 Frauendorfer, Alfred

Box 18 Frazer,, Marc

Box 18 Frazier, Benjamin William

Box 18 Frechet, Maurice

Box 18 Freeman, Edward August us

Box 18 Frege, Gottlob

Box 18 French, John R.

Box 18 French, John Shaw

Box 18 Frick, Bertha Margaret

Box 18 Friedman, Adele

Box 18 Frikoff, John

Box 18 Frischauf, Johannes

Box 18 Fritz, R.L.

Box 18 Frosh, Percival

Box 18 Fry, Thornton Carle

Box 18 Fubini, Guido

Box 18 Fuhrmann, Arwed

Box 18 Fujisawa, Rikitaro

Box 18 Fujiwara, Matsusaburo

Box 18 Fuller, William

Box 18 Funk, John Calvin

Box 18 Funkhouser, Howard Gray

Box 18 Furst, Clyde Bowman

Box 18 Furst, Lowry B.

Box 18 Furughi, Muhammad 'Ali

Box 18 Gadd, Cyril John

Box 18 Gafafer, William McKinley

Box 18 Gagnebin, M, (Mme Samuel)

Box 18 Gagnebin, Samuel

Box 18 Gale, Arthur Sullivan

Box 18 Galton, Marlon C.

Box 18 Gambioli, Dionistio

Box 18 Gamble, Martha L.

Box 18 Gamble, W.E.

Box 18 Gandz, Solomon

Box 18 Ganguli, Sarada Kanta

Box 18 Gaposchkin, Sergei

Box 18 Garcia de Galdeano y Yanguas, Zoel

Box 18 Garcia Henriquez, P.O.

Box 18 Gardan, William

Box 18 Gardner, Henry

Box 18 Garnett, P.A.

Box 18 Garrett, Garet

Box 18 Garrett, Willard H.

Box 18 Garrigos, Antonio M.

Box 18 Garstang, Thomas James

Box 18 Garvin, James Louis

Box 18 Gasco, Luis G.

Box 18 Gates, Arthur Irving

Box 18 Gatherum, Robert S.

Box 18 Gauss, Christian

Box 18 Gay, Harry S.

Box 18 Gaylord, Harry D.

Box 18 Gebhardt, Martin

Box 18 Geiger, Karl

Box 18 Geis, Mr & Mrs J.J.

Box 18 Gelburgh, William

Box 18 Genese, Robert William

Box 18 George, Austin

Box 18 George, Juliet Abbie

Box 18 Gerardin, A.

Box 18 Garland, Ernst

Box 18 Gertrude, Sr. Mary

Box 19 Gibbon

Box 19 Gibson, George Alexander

Box 19 Giffin, William Milford

Box 19 Gifford, Anna S.

Box 19 Gifford, Emma Rossiter

Box 19 Gifford, James William

Box 19 Gil Albacete, Alvaro

Box 19 Gilbertson, J.G.

Box 19 Gildemeister, Theda

Box 19 Gill, Sir David

Box 19 Gillespie, D.C.

Box 19 Gilman, R.E.

Box 19 Gingrich, Curvin H.

Box 19 Ginmacaes, Rodolphe

Box 19 Ginn, Frederick B.

Box 19 Ginn & Company, Publishers

Box 19 Ginsburg, Anna (Mrs Jekuthiel J.)

Box 19 Ginsburg, David

Box 19 Ginzburg, Simon

Box 19 Glanville, Stephen Ranulph Kingdon

Box 19 Glazebrook, Sir Richard Tetley

Box 19 Gliozzi, Mario

Box 19 Glover, James Waterman

Box 19 Gminder, Albert J.

Box 19 Gnecchi, Francesco

Box 20 Godfrey, Charles

Box 20 Goldmann, Sidney

Box 20 Goldschmidt, Ernest Philip

Box 20 Goldwasser, Marjorie A.

Box 20 Goldziher, Karl

Box 20 Good, H.G.

Box 20 Good, James Isaac

Box 20 Goodrich, John Ellsworth

Box 20 Goodsell, Willystine

Box 20 Goodyear, Bertha D.

Box 20 Goddon, Elizabeth L.

Box 20 Gordon, Genevieve

Box 20 Gordon, Lydia E.

Box 20 Gore, John Kihsey

Box 20 Gore, Willard C.

Box 20 Gorgens, Florence Bird Dillard

Box 20 Gorgodian, Armenag

Box 20 Gorrell, George W.

Box 20 Gottheil, Richard James Horatio

Box 20 Gottschalk, Paul

Box 20 Gould, James Edward

Box 20 Gow, James

Box 20 Graber. Edward Darwin

Box 20 Graf, Johann Heinrich

Box 20 Graham, Abbie

Box 20 Graham, Effie

Box 20 Graham, Maria Daniel

Box 20 Graham, William Pratt

Box 20 Granniss, Ruth Shepard

Box 20 Grant, Alice Ann

Box 20 Granville, William Anthony

Box 20 Graustein, William Caspar

Box 20 Gravel, Claire K.

Box 20 Graves, James Martin

Box 20 Graves, Lawrence M.

Box 20 Gray, Charlotte Montgomery

Box 20 Gray, Florence Lillian Ridley

Box 20 Gray, Louis Herbert

Box 20 Green, Charles A.

Box 20 Greene, Robert H.

Box 20 Greenhill, Sir George

Box 20 Greenhill, Henry H.

Box 20 Greenstreet, William John

Box 20 Greenwald, Dorothy

Box 20 Greenwood, James Mlckleborough

Box 20 Greeson, W.A.

Box 20 Greiff, Lotti June

Box 21 Griffin, Anthony Jerome

Box 21 Grisenis, C.H.C.

Box 21 Groat, Benjamin Faland

Box 21 Gronwall, Thomas Hakon

Box 21 Grove, Charles Clayton

Box 21 Guccia, Giovan Battista

Box 21 Gudger, Eugene Willis

Box 21 Guelbaum, D.

Box 21 Guggenbuhl, Laura

Box 21 Gugle, Marie

Box 21 Guild, Cliff

Box 21 Guinet, Leon

Box 21 Guldberg, AIf

Box 21 Gunther, Emma H.

Box 21 Gunther, Robert Theodore

Box 21 Gunther, Siegmund

Box 21 Gurney, Theodore L.

Box 21 Gutzmer, August

Box 21 Gwinner, Harry

Box 21 Gys, J.

Box 21 Haas, Joseph A.

Box 21 Haas, Karl

Box 21 Hackett, Frederick W.

Box 21 Hadamard, Jacqus Salomom

Box 21 Hadzsits, George Depue

Box 21 Haefner, Joyce Yeagerline

Box 21 Haertter, Leonard Daum

Box 21 Haeussler, Florence

Box 21 Hagen, G.

Box 21 Hagstrom, Karl Gustav

Box 21 Hahn, Francis

Box 21 Haldane, Elizabeth. Sanderson Haldane, Richard Burdon, 1st Viscount

Box 21 Hale, George Ellery

Box 21 Halil, Edhem Rey

Box 21 Hall, Edward J.

Box 21 Hall, Harry Reginald Holland

Box 21 Hall, Henry Sinclair

Box 21 Hall, Irene W.

Box 21 Hall, Justus Otho

Box 21 Hall, Margaret P.

Box 21 Hall, Perclval

Box 21 Hall, Peter J. Jr.

Box 21 Hall-Quest, Alfred Lawrence

Box 21 Haller, Alfred

Box 21 Hallerstaat, Alexander

Box 21 Hallock, William

Box 21 Halstead, F.M.

Box 21 Halsted, George Bruce

Box 21 Hamilton, Edith

Box 21 Hamilton, Margaret E.

Box 21 Hamilton, Portia Goulder

Box 21 Hamilton, Walter Irving

Box 21 Hamley, Herbert Russell

Box 21 Hammond, Jason E.

Box 22 Hanawalt, Francis W.

Box 22 Hancock, Harris

Box 22 Hands, Harold C.

Box 22 Hannah, H.

Box 22 Hannelly, Robert J.

Box 22 Hannush, Victoria

Box 22 Hanus, Paul Henry

Box 22 Hapgood, Ernest G.

Box 22 Haq, M. Mahfuz-ul

Box 22 Harding, Percy I.

Box 22 Harada, Tasuku

Box 22 Hardie, Grace W.

Box 22 Harding, C.W.

Box 22 Harding, Marjorie

Box 22 Harding, Percy I.

Box 22 Hargrove, Prickney S.

Box 22 Harkin, Duncan Claire

Box 22 Harper, Mrs H.D.

Box 22 Harper, Rachel R.

Box 22 Harper, Robert Aimer

Box 22 Harris, Ada Van Stone

Box 22 Harris, J.F.

Box 22 Harris, M.C.

Box 22 Harris, Mary E.

Box 22 Harris, N.W., & Company

Box 22 Harris, William Torrey

Box 22 Harrison, Alberta

Box 22 Harrison, Mrs Calhoun

Box 22 Harrison, Eloise A.

Box 22 Harrison, Henry

Box 22 Harrold, Quenelle.

Box 22 Hart, Howard F.

Box 22 Hart, James Norris

Box 22 Hart, Mabel

Box 22 Hart, Walter Wilson

Box 22 Harvey, H. Clay

Box 22 Harvey, Louise E.

Box 22 Harvill, G.H.

Box 22 Harwell, J.T.

Box 22 Harwood, Samuel Ernest

Box 22 Haskell, Henry S.

Box 22 Haskell, Juliana Catherine Shields

Box 22 Haskell, Mellen Woodman

Box 22 Haskins, Charles Homer

Box 22 Haskins, Charles Nelson

Box 22 Haspoda, Blaise

Box 22 Hassanovic, Mustafa H.

Box 22 Hasselberg, Bernhard

Box 22 Hassler, Jasper Ole

Box 22 Hastings, Margreta S.

Box 22 Hatch, Roy Winthrop

Box 22 Hathorwhwaits, J.T.

Box 22 Hatton, Mary McLaughlin

Box 22 Hatzidakis, Nicolas

Box 22 Haussonville, Gabriel Paul Otenin Bernard

Box 22 Hauxley, Edaward See: Claxton, J.

Box 22 Haves, A.C.

Box 22 Hawkes, Herbert Edwin

Box 22 Hawkes, Marjorie

Box 22 Hawkesworth, Alan Spencer

Box 22 Hawkins, Elizabeth Ringwood Garrity

Box 22 Hawkins, George K.

Box 22 Hawkins, Richmond Laurin

Box 23 Hayashi, Tsuruichi

Box 23 Haydock, Mary L.

Box 23 Hayes, Harriet

Box 23 Hayes, Helen M.

Box 23 Hayes, Watson McMillan

Box 23 Hayward, Robert Baldwin

Box 23 Haywood, Harry Leroy

Box 23 Hazlett, Olive Clio

Box 23 Heath, Ada Mary Thomas (Lady)

Box 23 Heath, Lilian H. (Mrs Royal V.)

Box 23 Heath, Robert Samuel

Box 23 Heath, Royal Vale

Box 23 Heath, Sir Thomas Little

Box 23 Heathcote, Charles William

Box 24 Hedges, Blanche Blossom

Box 24 Hedges, Job Elmer

Box 24 Hedrick, Earle Raymond

Box 24 Heegaard, Paul

Box 24 Heffelfinger, John Byers

Box 24 Heiberg, Johan Ludvig

Box 24 Heinz, A.A.

Box 24 Hekmat, Ali Asghar

Box 25 Helmholtz, Anna

Box 25 Helmkamp, Albert B.

Box 25 Hemke, Paul Emil

Box 25 Hempl, George

Box 25 Henderson, Archibald

Box 25 Henderson, Joseph Lindsey

Box 25 Henderson, Robert

Box 25 Henning, Irving Pennell

Box 25 Henrici, J.

Box 25 Henrici, O.

Box 25 Henry, Anna Stella

Box 25 Henry, G.W.

Box 25 Hensel, Kurt Wilhelm Sebastian

Box 25 Hepburn, William Murray

Box 25 Hering, Daniel Webster

Box 25 Hermite, Charles

Box 25 Hertenstein, Charles Rudolph

Box 25 Herter, Christine

Box 25 Hervey, Walter Lowrie

Box 25 Hesee, Ernest

Box 25 Heurs, L.I.

Box 25 Hewitt, Eleanor G.

Box 25 Hewitt, Theodore Brown

Box 25 Hibben, John Grier

Box 25 Hibbins, John

Box 25 Hightower, Ruby Usher

Box 25 Hilbert, David

Box 25 Hill, A.

Box 25 Hill, Antoimette Dyett

Box 25 Hill, Arthur L.

Box 25 Hill, Aubry Lee

Box 25 Hill, Bert Hodge

Box 25 Hill, Clyde Milton

Box 25 Hill, Elizabeth

Box 25 Hill, F.W.

Box 25 Hill, George Francis

Box 25 Hill, George U.

Box 25 Hill, George William

Box 25 Hill, Henry Wayland

Box 25 Hill, John R.

Box 25 Hill, Lester Sanders

Box 25 Hill, Mabel

Box 25 Hill, Micaiah John Muller

Box 25 Hill, Mildred

Box 25 Hill, Patty Smith

Box 25 Hillard, Chester R.

Box 25 Hillegar, Milo Burdette

Box 25 Hiller, Helen A.

Box 25 Hilprecht, Herman Vollrat

Box 25 Hilton, Henry Hoyt

Box 25 Hime, Henry William Lovett

Box 25 Hindeman, L.J.

Box 25 Hinkle, E.C.

Box 25 Hitchcock, Frank Lauren

Box 25 Hixson, Arthur Warren

Box 25 Hiyama, Shige

Box 26 Ho, T. Irene

Box 26 Hobbs, Charles Austin

Box 26 Hobbs, Mollie R.

Box 26 Hobspn, Ernest. William

Box 26 Hocevar

Box 26 Hodgdon. Frederick C. & Jane

Box 26 Hodges, J.V.

Box 26 Hodgman, Thomas Morey

Box 26 Hodgson, C.R.

Box 26 Hoeber, Paul B.

Box 26 Hoel, Kenneth

Box 26 Hoffman, Samuel V.

Box 26 Hofmann, Lulu

Box 26 Hoh, Yam Tong & Daisy Law Hoh

Box 26 Holbrook, Weare

Box 26 Holder, F.J.

Box 26 Holgate, Thomas Franklin

Box 26 Holland, M. Veronica

Box 26 Hollcroft, Temple Rice

Box 26 Hollingsworth, Harold Louis

Box 26 Holmes, William Henry

Box 26 Holt, Hamilton

Box 26 Holt, Luther Emmett

Box 26 Holtwick:, Adele

Box 26 Hood, Ross N.

Box 26 Hook, Edward Q.

Box 26 Hooper, Frank-F.

Box 26 Hooper, Franklin H.

Box 26 Hooper, Franklin William

Box 26 Hopkins, Albert Allis

Box 26 Hopkins, Emma B.

Box 26 Hornbrook, Adelia Roberts

Box 26 Hosterman, H.M.

Box 26 Houstoun, Emanuel W.

Box 26 Hovey, Horace M.

Box 26 Howard, Edith M.

Box 26 Howe, Anna May me

Box 26 Howe, Charles Sumner

Box 26 Howe, George H.

Box 26 Howe, Grace Gates

Box 26 Howe, H.H.

Box 26 Howe, S.L.

Box 26 Howell, Henry Budd

Box 26 Howes, Horace Leonard

Box 26 Howie, John M.

Box 26 Howlett, Royall Sheffler

Box 26 Howson, Julie Benjamin

Box 26 Howson, Roger

Box 26 Hoyt, Franklin Sherman

Box 26 Hubbard, Elbert

Box 26 Hubert, Warren G.

Box 26 Hubner, Max

Box 26 Hudgens, Lavada

Box 26 Hudson, William Henry Hudson

Box 26 Huff, Mattie Lee

Box 26 Huff, Slaughter William

Box 26 Hughan, Evelyn W.

Box 26 Hughes, Andrew J.

Box 26 Hughes, Raymond Mollyneaux

Box 26 Hultsch, Friedrich Otto

Box 26 Humason, Thomas Arthur

Box 26 Hume, Edward Hicks

Box 26 Hume, Robert Ernest & Laura Caswell Hume

Box 26 Hummel, Arthur William

Box 26 Humphrey, Clara Stevens

Box 26 Humphrey, H.W.

Box 26 Humphreys-Johnstone, A.

Box 26 Hunt, Charles Wesley

Box 26 Hunt, Erling Messer

Box 26 Hunt, Reginald

Box 26 Huntington, Archer Milton

Box 26 Huntington, Edward Vermilye

Box 26 Huntington, Frances

Box 26 Huntington, Henry Edwards

Box 26 Huntington, Susan Dickinson

Box 26 Hussein, Hashim

Box 26 Hussien, Abdul

Box 26 Hutchinson, John Irwin

Box 26 Hutchinson, Rosa E.

Box 26 Hyatt, Edward

Box 26 Hyde, Edward Wyllys

Box 26 Hyde, Emma

Box 26 Hyman, William M.

Box 26 lies, George

Box 26 Imami, H.

Box 26 Ingalls, Beatrice

Box 26 Ingels, Nelle L.

Box 26 Inglis, Alexander James

Box 26 Ingraham, Andrew

Box 26 Ingraham, Mark Hoyt

Box 26 Inzer, Alice Stone Weatherly

Box 26 Ionides, Margaret Louise

Box 26 Isaacs, Charles A.

Box 26 Isely-Delisle, Louis

Box 26 Ishichawa, S.

Box 26 Iyes, Doris Louise

Box 27 Jackson, Abraham Valentine William

Box 27 Jackson, Charles Samuel

Box 27 Jackson, Dunham

Box 27 Jackson, Evelyn

Box 27 Jackson, George

Box 27 Jackson, Kate Brigham

Box 27 Jackson, Lambert Lincoln

Box 27 Jackson, W.C.

Box 27 Jacobi, Hermann

Box 27 Jacobowitz, Jacob I.

Box 27 Jacobs, Emil

Box 27 Jacoby, Harold

Box 27 Jacoli, Ferdinando & Rosen, P.

Box 27 Jaffe, Arthur

Box 27 James, A. Ethel

Box 27 James, Charles H.

Box 27 James, Gertrude A.

Box 27 James, Mildred Irene

Box 27 Jamison, G.H.

Box 27 Jayasinka, F. D.

Box 27 Jayne, Horace Howard Furness

Box 27 Jenkins, Elizabeth C.

Box 27 Jenkins, L.W.

Box 27 Jenkins, Mary Sicard

Box 27 Jessup, Walter Albert

Box 27 Jewett, Clara L. Smith

Box 27 Joergen, E.T.

Box 27 Johnson, A.J.

Box 27 Johnson, Allen

Box 27 Johnson, Anna

Box 27 Johnson, David Bancroft

Box 27 Johnson, Dorothy Biddle

Box 27 Johnson, Edward

Box 27 Jahnson, Elisabeth, Forrest

Box 27 Jonnson, Emory Richard.

Box 27 Johnson, Franklin Winslow

Box 27 Johnson, George

Box 27 Johnson, Helen Bennett

Box 27 Johnson, Henry

Box 27 Johnson, Pauline B. Blake

Box 27 Johnson, Roger Arthur

Box 27 Johnson, William W.

Box 27 Johnson, William Woolsey

Box 27 Johnsson, J.W.S.

Box 27 Johnston, Mary C. (Mrs Rufus Perry)

Box 27 Johnston, Noe

Box 27 Johnston, William Dawson

Box 27 Jones, Emmett Milton

Box 27 Jones, George William

Box 27 Jones, M.W.

Box 27 Jones, Olivia Mary

Box 27 Jones, Samuel Isaac

Box 27 Jones, Theodore

Box 27 Jones, Thomas Lloyd

Box 27 Jones, Winifred G.

Box 27 Jordan, C.

Box 27 Josephson, Aksel Gustav Salomon

Box 27 Joslin, Jane Elizabeth

Box 27 Judas, Elizabeth

Box 27 Judge, Max

Box 27 Judson, Harry Pratt

Box 27 Jurdak, Mansur H.

Box 27 Justice, Queen

Box 28 Kaba, M.

Box 28 Kaempffert, Waldemar Bernhard

Box 28 Kafer, K.

Box 28 Kaighn, Raymond P.

Box 28 Kalbach, Lewis Alvin

Box 28 Kallander, Florence

Box 28 Kaller, Robert & Irwin Weiner

Box 28 Kallman, Kaskel

Box 28 Kandel, Isaac Leon

Box 28 Kapadia, D.D.

Box 28 Karlmski, Michal Franciszek Ignacy

Box 28 Karpinski, Louis Charles

Box 28 Kasir, Daoud

Box 28 Kasner, Edward

Box 28 Kasuya, Yoshi

Box 28 Kaufman, Benjamin

Box 28 Kavanagh, Maude Adella

Box 28 Kawai, J.

Box 28 Kayaba, K.

Box 28 Kaye, George Busby

Box 28 Kaye, N. (Mrs George R.)

Box 28 Keeler, Frances

Box 28 Keene, Harris G.

Box 28 Kelley, Truman L.

Box 28 Kellogg, Gertrude Elbertine

Box 28 Kellogg, Oliver Dimon

Box 28 Kelly, Henry A.

Box 28 Kelly, Hugh J.

Box 28 Kelly, Laurence, Jr.

Box 28 Kelly, Mary

Box 28 Kelsey, Francis Willey

Box 28 Kelso, Oscar Lynn

Box 28 Kemp, James Furman

Box 28 Kemp, William Webb

Box 28 Kempner, Aubrey John

Box 28 Kendall, Calvin Noyes

Box 28 Kennedy, A.

Box 28 Kennedy, E.S.

Box 28 Kennedy, George H.

Box 28 Kennedy, Howard Angus

Box 28 Kennedy, Salem F.

Box 28 Kent, Anson Earl

Box 28 Kent, Ernest Beckwith

Box 28 Kent, Henry Watson

Box 28 Kenyon, Alfred Monroe

Box 29 Keppel, Frederick Paul

Box 29 Keppel, H.G.

Box 29 Kerekjarto, Bela von

Box 29 Kettering, L.W.

Box 29 Kevorkian, H.

Box 29 Keyser, C.W.

Box 29 Keyser, Cassius Jackson

Box 29 Khuri, Najib & Wadad

Box 29 Kiachif, Ali Akber & Fatma S.

Box 29 Kieffer, Nora Amelia

Box 29 Kiehl, Samuel J.

Box 29 Kiehle, D.L.

Box 29 Kiepert, Ludwig

Box 29 Kikuchi, Dairoku (Baron)

Box 29 Killing, Wilhelm Karl Josep

Box 29 Killpatrick, William Heard

Box 29 Kimbrough, Ruth

Box 29 Kimmel, Margaret

Box 29 Kimaura, S.

Box 29 King, Harry Edwin

Box 29 King, Oma

Box 29 King, R.R.

Box 29 King, Willard Vinton

Box 29 King, William Joseph

Box 29 Kingsborough, Hazel

Box 29 Kinkelin, Hermann

Box 29 Kinmonth, J. Lyle

Box 29 Kirby, Richard Shelton

Box 29 Klapper, Paul

Box 29 Klebs, Arnold Carl

Box 29 Klein, Felix

Box 29 Kleinheksel, John H.

Box 29 Kliem, Frit

Box 29 Kline, Henry James

Box 29 Kline, Irvin E.

Box 29 Klotz, Anna Saunders

Box 30 Knapp, Charles

Box 30 Knepper, Myrtle

Box 30 Kneser, Adolph

Box 30 Knilling, Rudolf

Box 30 Knott, Cargill

Box 30 Knowles, Frank T

Box 30 Knox, Marguerite

Box 30 Koch, Charles Dison

Box 30 Koch, Charles J.

Box 30 Koch, Ernest Herman

Box 30 Kpenigs, Gabriel Xavier Paul

Box 30 Koenigsberger, Leo

Box 30 Kokomoor, Franklin Wesley

Box 30 Konants, Emma L.

Box 30 Koontz, James B.

Box 30 Kopf, Edwin Williams

Box 30 Kormes, Jennie Pasternak

Box 30 Kormes, Mark

Box 30 Korteweg, Diederik Johannes

Box 30 Korzybski, Alfred Habdank

Box 30 Kothandaraman, A.

Box 30 Kozima, Hirosi

Box 30 Kramer, Miriam Zales (Mrs Sidney)

Box 30 Kramer, Sidney

Box 30 Krapp, George Philip

Box 30 Krazer, Adolf

Box 30 Kriebel, Oscar Schultz

Box 30 Kronenberg, Maria Elizabeth

Box 30 Krumbhaar, Edward B.

Box 30 Kubota, T.

Box 30 Kugler, Anna A.

Box 30 Kullman, Charles Julius

Box 30 Kuniyeda, M.

Box 30 Kuna, George Frederick.

Box 30 Kurtz, Ella

Box 30 Labastille, Ferdinand Meyer

Box 30 Lafon, Eugene

Box 30 Lahovary, Ioan

Box 30 Laird, Sinclair

Box 30 Laise, J. Fred

Box 30 Lamar, Mary Alice

Box 30 Lamb, Horace

Box 30 Lamb, Mark. R.

Box 30 Lambert, Samuel Waldron

Box 30 Lamont, Charlotte

Box 30 Lane, Henry Alfred

Box 30 Lane, William Coolidge

Box 30 Lange-Nielsen, Fr.

Box 30 Langer, Rudolph Ernest

Box 30 Langley, Edward Mann

Box 30 La Paz, Lincoln

Box 30 La Piana, George

Box 30 Larkin, R.R.

Box 30 Larmor, Sir George

Box 30 Lasell, Harold Smith

Box 30 LaTaste, Lucien V.

Box 30 Latham, Marcia L.

Box 30 Laughlm, Harry Hamilton

Box 30 Laves. Kurt

Box 30 Law, Annie

Box 30 Lawlor, Katharine

Box 30 Lawlor, Thomas Bonaventure

Box 30 Lawrence, Lewis M.

Box 30 Lawther, Harry Preston

Box 30 Laylander, Orange Judd

Box 30 Layman, J.D.

Box 30 Leake, Chauncey Depew

Box 30 Leal, Malcolm

Box 30 Learned, William Setchel

Box 30 Leavens, Dickson Hammond

Box 30 Lebeuf, August e Victor

Box 30 Leckrone, Charles

Box 30 Le Clerc, Finances Marguerite

Box 30 Lee, Edna Canfield

Box 30 Lefavour-Henry

Box 30 Lefebvre, B.

Box 30 Lefschetz, Solomon

Box 30 Legrand, Albert L.

Box 30 Legras, Gustave

Box 30 Lehman, D.A.

Box 30 Lehman, J.E.

Box 30 Lehmann-Haupt, Ferdinand Friedrich Carl

Box 30 Lehmann-Haupt, Hellmut

Box 30 Lehmer, Derrick Norman

Box 30 Leland, Abby Porter

Box 30 Leland, Leslie

Box 30 Leland, Waldo Gifford

Box 31 Lemcke, E.G.

Box 31 Lemoine, Emile Michel Hyacmthe

Box 31 Lennes, Nels Johann

Box 31 Lennon, Alice L.

Box 31 Lennon, W.H.

Box 31 Lenzi, Francesco

Box 31 Leonard, Albert

Box 31 Leonard, C.F.

Box 31 Leuba, James Henry

Box 31 Leupp, Harold Lewis

Box 31 Leuschner, Armin Otto

Box 31 Leventhal, Murray Jerome

Box 31 Levermore, Charles Herbert

Box 31 Levi-Civita, Tullio

Box 31 Levine, Samuel

Box 31 Levy, Irving

Box 31 Lewin, Sarah M.

Box 31 Lewis, Charlton Thomas

Box 31 Lewis, Evelyn

Box 31 Lewis, Franklin Crocker

Box 31 Lewis, Leicester Crosby

Box 31 Lewis, Mary Hammett

Box 31 Lewis, William Dodge

Box 31 Li, Yen

Box 31 Liang, C.T.

Box 31 Lieb, John William

Box 31 Lieber, Lillian Rosarioff & Hugh Gray L.

Box 31 Liebert

Box 31 Lietzmann, Walther

Box 31 Lilley, George

Box 31 Limbacher, B.F.

Box 31 Lindelof, Lorenz

Box 31 Linden, A.V.

Box 31 Lindsay, Robert Bruce

Box 31 Ling, George

Box 31 Lipschita, Rudolf Otto Sigismund

Box 31 Lister, W.S.

Box 31 Little, Andrew George

Box 31 Little, C.

Box 31 Littlefield, Barbara

Box 31 Livingston, Alfred

Box 31 Llano, Antonio

Box 31 Llewellyn, W.E.

Box 31 Lloyd, Henry

Box 31 Lochner, Richard P.

Box 31 Locke, Leslie Leland

Box 31 Lockwood, Dean Putnam

Box 31 Lodge, Alfred

Box 31 Lodge, Gonzalez

Box 31 Loftus, Nadea Dragonette

Box 31 Loggins, T.B.

Box 31 Longchamps, G de

Box 31 Longley, William Raymond

Box 31 Lonin, N.

Box 31 Loorais, Elisha Scott

Box 31 Loomis, Roger Sherman

Box 32 Lord, Lurana S.

Box 32 Lord, Milton Edward

Box 32 Lord, Phillips Haynes

Box 32 Lorenzo, Sr. M.

Box 32 Lorey, Wilhelm

Box 32 Loria, Gino

Box 32 Loughren, Amanda

Box 32 Louw, Ellamine Roos

Box 32 Love,August us Edward Hough

Box 32 Love, James Lee

Box 32 Loveman, Amy

Box 32 Lovebt, Edgar Odell

Box 32 Low, Flora Frances

Box 32 Low, Seth

Box 32 Lowell, Abbott Lawrence

Box 32 Lowenthal, Marvin

Box 32 Lutyr, William Alfred

Box 32 Lumbard, John W.

Box 32 Lunn, L.E.

Box 32 Luroth, J.

Box 32 Lustig, Eilie

Box 32 Lutz, Edna Wells

Box 32 Lutz, Eugene

Box 32 Luxford, Lucy Albrin

Box 32 Lydenberg, Harry Midler

Box 32 Lyman, Edith O.

Box 32 Lyman, Elmer Alelbert

Box 32 Lytle, Ernest B.

Box 32 Ma, C.C.

Box 32 McAleer, Alonzo.

Box 32 McAleer, Helen E. Jewett (Mrs Alonzo)

Box 32 McAndrew, William

Box 32 McAuliffe, Mary Agnes

Box 32 McCabe, Margaret E.

Box 32 McCampbell, Eugene Franklin

Box 32 McCarty, A.L.

Box 32 McCastline, Janet Rowland Seibert

Box 32 McCastline, William Henry

Box 32 McClenon, Raymond Benedict

Box 32 McClintock, Emory

Box 32 McCollum, J.R.

Box 32 McCollum, Levi

Box 32 McCormack, Thomas Joseph

Box 32 McCormick, Catherine Elinor

Box 32 McCracken, Janet Wylie

Box 32 McCracken, Thomas Cooke

Box 32 McCrea, Nelson Glenn

Box 32 McCready, Charles F.W.

Box 32 McCulloch, J.F.

Box 32 Macdonald, C.

Box 32 Macdonald, Duncan Black

Box 32 McDonald, Philip B.

Box 32 Macdonald, Stewart L.

Box 32 Macdonald, W. R.

Box 32 McDowell, Boyd

Box 32 Mace, William Harrison

Box 32 McElroy, Robert.McNutt

Box 32 McEvoy, Thomas J.

Box 32 Macfarlane, Alexander

Box 32 McFarlane, Charles T.

Box 32 McFetridge, Mildred

Box 32 McGinn, Donald J.

Box 32 McGinnis, E.F.

Box 32 McGowan, Ellen Beers

Box 32 McGowan, J.R.

Box 32 McGuire, Margeret

Box 32 McGuire, Walter P.

Box 32 McIrityre, H.M.

Box 32 Mackall, Leonard Leopold

Box 32 Mackey, C.L.

Box 32 McKinnev, Thomas Emery

Box 32 Mackintosh, William D.

Box 32 McKone, W.J.

Box 33 McLane, James W

Box 33 McLaughlin, Isabel Cecilia

Box 33 Maclay, James

Box 33 MacLean, D.C.

Box 33 McLennan, John Cunningham

Box 33 McLeod, C.H.

Box 33 McMackin, Frank J.

Box 33 McMahon, James

Box 33 McMahon, Robert C.

Box 33 McMurry, C.D.

Box 33 McMurry, Elizabeth Lindley

Box 33 McMuriy, Frank Morton

Box 33 McMurry, Ruth Emily

Box 33 McMurtrie, Douglas Crawford

Box 33 McNamara, Margaret

Box 33 McNeel, Mabel Lucinda

Box 33 MacNicholas, F.

Box 33 McNutt, Randolph

Box 33 MacPherson, Harriet Dorothea

Box 33 MacPike, Eugene F.

Box 33 MacVannel, Adeline

Box 33 McWilliams, W.T.

Box 33 Macy, Valentine Everit

Box 33 Madan, Falconer

Box 33 Maddox, William Arthur

Box 33 Maggs Bros.

Box 33 Magoun, Francis Peabody, Jr.

Box 33 Mahadeya Aiyar, S.

Box 33 Maher, E.A., Jr.

Box 33 Maher, Margaret

Box 33 Mahnke, Dietrich

Box 33 Mahoney, J.O.

Box 33 Maier, George William Marque

Box 33 Majcen, Georges

Box 33 Majcen, Iuraj

Box 33 Majumder, N.K.

Box 33 Mallory, Virgil Sampson

Box 33 Malone, Dumas

Box 33 Maltbie, William Henry

Box 33 Maltby, George R.

Box 33 Maltby, Margaret E.

Box 33 Mandel, Samuel

Box 33 Mangan, H.A.

Box 33 Manly, John Matthews

Box 33 Mann, Charles Riborg

Box 33 Mann, Hubert

Box 33 Manning, Henry Parker

Box 33 Mansion, Paul

Box 33 Mao, Thomson

Box 33 March, Cora

Box 33 Marco, Ellen de (Mrs Celestino)

Box 33 Marder, Clarence C.

Box 33 Margan, E.

Box 33 Marin, Charles H.

Box 33 Marion, Sr.

Box 33 Markley, Joseph Lybrand

Box 33 Markley, Mary Elizabeth Butler

Box 33 Marsh, Harry B.;

Box 33 Marsh, Horace Wilmer

Box 33 Marshall, F.L.

Box 33 Marshall, G.L.

Box 33 Marshall, William

Box 33 Marston, Denis

Box 33 Martin, Artemas

Box 33 Martin, Julia

Box 33 Martin, Ludwig

Box 33 Martin, W.R.

Box 33 Martin, William Alexander Parsons

Box 33 Marx, Alexander

Box 33 Marzal y Bertomen, Miguel

Box 33 Masujima, R.

Box 33 Mather, Dora R.

Box 33 Matheson, Kenneth Gordon

Box 33 Mathews, Jane H.

Box 33 Mathews, R.M.

Box 33 Matthews, Brander

Box 33 Matthiessen, Ludwig

Box 33 Mattison, George C.

Box 33 Max Muller, Friedrich

Box 33 Maxey, Charles Lincoln, Jr

Box 33 Maxwell, William Henry

Box 33 May all, R. Newton

Box 34 Mead, Cyrus De Witt

Box 34 Meadowcroft, Mabel M.

Box 34 Meares, Carrie E.

Box 34 Meder, Albert Eugene, Jr.

Box 34 Mehler, Ferdinand Gustav

Box 34 Meixell, Granville

Box 34 Melcher, George

Box 34 Mellen, Helen J.

Box 34 Mendelsohn, Isaac

Box 34 Mendelson, Walter

Box 34 Mendenhall, Charles Elwood

Box 34 Mendenhall, Eugene L.

Box 34 Mendenhall, Gertrude W.

Box 34 Mendenhall, Marion N.

Box 34 Mendizibal y Tamborrel, Joaquin de

Box 34 Menger, Karl

Box 34 Meras, Albert Amedee

Box 34 Merat, E.

Box 34 Meray, Charles

Box 34 Mercante, Victor

Box 34 Meredith, Verona

Box 34 Meriam, Junius Lathrop

Box 34 Merrell, Leslie C.

Box 34 Merriam, John Campbell

Box 34 Merrick, L.E.

Box 34 Merrill, Helen Abbot

Box 34 Merrill, William

Box 34 Merrill, William Pierson

Box 34 Merriman, Edward D.

Box 34 Merriman, Mansfield

Box 34 Meserve, Charles D.

Box 34 Messinger, Hiram John

Box 34 Messiek, John Frederick

Box 34 Meston, Iva Eleanor & Donna Irene Hill

Box 34 Metcalf,Keyes DeWitt

Box 34 Metzler, William Henry

Box 34 MeVergnies, Joseph NeVe de

Box 34 Meyer, Fanny

Box 34 Meyers, Brayton L.

Box 34 Middlemast, E.W.

Box 34 Mieli, Aldo

Box 34 Mikami, Yoshio

Box 34 Mikelberg, Lewis

Box 34 Milbank, Dunlevy

Box 34 Miles, Egbert J.

Box 34 Miles, J. Walter

Box 34 Miles, Josie S.

Box 34 Miller, A.S.

Box 34 Miller, Aaron

Box 34 Miller, Annie

Box 34 Miller, Carlotta Sheldon

Box 34 Miller, Dayton Clarence

Box 34 Miller, Donald Herbert

Box 34 Miller, Eleanora Tibbets

Box 34 Miller, Elizabeth Merrow Washburn (Mrs F.I.)

Box 34 Miller, George Abram

Box 34 Miller, George B.

Box 34 Miller, Henry P.

Box 34 Miller, James G.

Box 34 Miller, John Anthony

Box 34 Miller, John Goodrum

Box 34 Miller, Persis K.

Box 34 Miller, Ralph

Box 34 Miller, William John Clarke

Box 34 Miller, Wharton

Box 34 Millett, Gladys

Box 34 Millis, James F.

Box 34 Mills, Clifford Newton

Box 34 Milne, James M.

Box 34 Milne, James Robert

Box 34 Milne, John J.

Box 34 Milne, John M

Box 34 Milne, William James

Box 34 Milnor, John

Box 35 Minard, C. Clyde

Box 35 Minassian, Kirkor

Box 35 Minkowski, Hermann

Box 35 Minnick, John Harrison

Box 35 Minter, Elmer H.

Box 35 Mirick, Gordon Richmond

Box 35 Mitchell, Eleanor A.

Box 35 Mitchell, Eleanor Hoyt

Box 35 Mitchell, Henry Bed5:nger

Box 35 Mitchell, Ulysses Grant

Box 35 Mitchell, Walter A.

Box 35 Mittag-Leffler, Magnus Gustaf

Box 35 Mix, Robert J.

Box 35 Mobbs, Reginald H.

Box 35 Mode, Elmer Beneken

Box 35 Modesitt, R.L.

Box 35 Moe, Henry Allen

Box 35 Moncrieff, Lucile P. (Mrs E.V.)

Box 35 Monroe, Walter Scott

Box 35 Monroe, Will Seymour

Box 35 Montgomery, Walter Alexander

Box 35 Montgomery, William J.

Box 35 Moody, William A.

Box 35 Moon, Eleanor (Mrs Alpheus W.)

Box 35 Mooney, Edward Samuel

Box 35 Moore, A. Judson

Box 35 Moore, Ada Small (Mrs William H.)

Box 35 Moore, Aimee Osborne

Box 35 Moore, Charles Napoleon

Box 35 Moore, Clarence Lemuel Elisha

Box 35 Moore, Eliakim Hastings

Box 35 Moore, Frances

Box 35 Moore, Frank C.

Box 35 Moore, Frank Gardner

Box 35 Moore, George Foot

Box 35 Moore, George H.

Box 35 Moore, Janet Garford

Box 35 Moore, Myrtle R.

Box 35 Moore, William C.

Box 35 Moorefield, Nancy Linn

Box 35 Moorman, Richard Herbert

Box 35 Moots, Elmer Earl

Box 35 Mordell, Phineas

Box 35 Mordorf, Oliver C.

Box 35 More, Blanche Rebecca

Box 35 More, Louis Trenchard

Box 35 Moreno, Halcott Cadwalader

Box 35 Morenus, Eugenie Maria

Box 35 Morgan, K.P.

Box 35 Morgan, Margaret

Box 35 Morgan, Robert

Box 35 Morgan, Sallie Payne

Box 35 Morgenstern, George

Box 35 Moriarty, M.M.S.

Box 35 Morison, Samuel Eliot

Box 35 Morison, Stanley

Box 35 Moritz, Robert Edouard

Box 35 Morley, Frank Vigor

Box 35 Morris, Richard

Box 35 Morrison, Gilbert Burnet

Box 35 Morse, Marguerite

Box 35 Morss, Edward L

Box 35 Morss, M. Almeda

Box 35 Morss, R.D.

Box 35 Mort, Paul R. & Mildred

Box 35 Morton, Robert Lee

Box 35 Moskowitz, David H.

Box 35 Motley, Louise Tod

Box 35 Mottahadeh, Mildred R. (Mrs R.Y.)

Box 35 Mottelay, Paul Fleury

Box 35 Mougin, Emile

Box 35 Moulton, Elton James

Box 35 Moulton, Forest Ray

Box 35 Moulton, John Fletcher, 1st Baron

Box 35 Mourad, Salih

Box 35 Monroe, Paul

Box 36 Muir, James N.

Box 36 Muir, Thomas

Box 36 Mukerjee, S.B.

Box 36 Mulholland, John

Box 36 Mullan, Elder

Box 36 Muller, Felix

Box 36 Muller, Hubert

Box 36 Muller, Werner

Box 36 Mulligan, Edward T.

Box 36 Mullins, George Walker

Box 36 Mulry, Edward J.

Box 36 Muncaster, Josslyn Francis Pennington

Box 36 Mundy, Nelly James

Box 36 Munshi, R. Ramaswami A.V.

Box 36 Munsterberg, Hugo

Box 36 Murnaghan, Francis Dominic

Box 36 Murphy, Mary Ethel

Box 36 Murray, Daniei Alexander

Box 36 Mussey, Henry Raymond

Box 36 Myers, George William

Box 36 Nadler, Charles

Box 36 Naik, K. G.

Box 36 Nanson, E. J.

Box 36 Naruse, Jinzo

Box 36 Natachan, V.

Box 36 Navas, Juan Gualberto

Box 36 Neff, I. F.

Box 36 Neff, Theodore Lee

Box 36 Neifeld, Morris R.

Box 36 Neilson, Sarah Mitchell

Box 36 Nelligan, Helena K.

Box 36 Neovius, Edvard Rudolf

Box 36 Nesic, Demeter

Box 36 Netto, Eutgen

Box 36 Neuberg, Joseph

Box 36 Neugebauer, Otto

Box 36 Nevbold, William

Box 36 Newcomb, Simon.

Box 36 Newell, Edward Theodore

Box 36 Newell, Lyman Churchill

Box 36 Newell, Marquis Joseph

Box 36 Newell, Roberta

Box 36 Newhall, Charles Watson

Box 36 Newman, Louis Isreal

Box 36 Newmark, David

Box 36 Newson, Henry Byran

Box 36 Newson, Mary W.

Box 36 Newton, Arthur E.

Box 36 Newton, Wallace S.S

Box 36 Newton-Russell, Sarian

Box 36 Nicely, Katharine T

Box 36 Nichols, Edgar Hamilton

Box 36 Nichols, Luther Allen

Box 36 Nichols, Robert Hastings

Box 36 Nies, James Buchanan

Box 36 Nilsen, Lorna

Box 36 Nishihara, K.

Box 36 Nishihara, M.

Box 36 Nishimura, Seichiro

Box 36 Nixon, Arthur

Box 36 Nixon, Randal Charles John

Box 36 Noble, Charles A*

Box 36 Noe, William V.

Box 36 Neville, Eric Harold

Box 36 Nordgaard, Martin Andrew

Box 36 Norlie, Olaf Morgan

Box 36 Normandeau, H.M.

Box 36 Northey, J. E.

Box 36 Norton, Arthur Henry

Box 36 Norton, John Kelley

Box 36 Norton, Mary Burr

Box 36 Nowlan, Frederick Stanley

Box 36 Noxon, Frank Wright

Box 36 Noyes, William

Box 36 Nunn, Sir Thomas Percy

Box 36 Nutting, Mary Adelaide

Box 37 Oakes, H. J. Lionel

Box 37 Obermeyer, Charles

Box 37 O'Brien, Albert

Box 37 O'Brien, Charlotte Elizabeth

Box 37 O'Brien, Katharine Elizabeth

Box 37 Ocayne, Philbert-Maurice d*

Box 37 Oday, Harry A.

Box 37 Odell, Letitia R.

Box 37 O'Donnell, George A.

Box 37 Ogura, Kisajiro

Box 37 Okamoto, N.

Box 37 Olds, George Daniel

Box 37 Oliver, James Edward

Box 37 Oliver, James Henry

Box 37 Oliver, Louise M. (Mrs James H.)

Box 37 Olmsted, Anna Wetherell

Box 37 Olney, Albert C.

Box 37 Olssqn, Anne M.

Box 37 O'Neal', Elsie

Box 37 Oppenheimer, Enid T. (Mrs Bernard S,)

Box 37 Ore, Oystein

Box 37 O'Reilly, Michael Francis (Br. Potamian}

Box 37 Orlady, Edward

Box 37 Ormsby, Charles A.

Box 37 Osborn, Albert Sherman

Box 37 Osborne, Harold Smith

Box 37 Osgood, William Fogg

Box 37 Osgood, William Ruprecht

Box 37 O'Shaughnessy, May

Box 38 Ottramare, G

Box 38 Outland, Ruth E.

Box 38 Outhwaite, Leonard

Box 38 Overman, James Robert

Box 38 Ovidio, Enrico d'

Box 38 Owen, Kathleen

Box 38 Owens, Robert Elliott

Box 38 Oxley, Philip

Box 38 Pach Brothers

Box 38 Packard, Francis Randolph

Box 38 Padro, Luis

Box 38 Paige, Charles D.

Box 38 Paige, E. R.

Box 38 Paine, L. M.

Box 38 Painleve, Paul

Box 38 Paley, George L.

Box 38 Palmer, Alberta Gallatin

Box 38 Palmer, Joseph B.

Box 38 Palmer, Thomas Waverly

Box 38 Pancoast, J. Wilmer

Box 38 Pape, Nina Anderson

Box 38 Parabruhmam, K. S.

Box 38 Parker, Alvin P.

Box 38 Parker, F. R.

Box 38 Parker, Jane Dawson

Box 38 Parker, Jessie

Box 38 Parker, John

Box 38 Parker, Wendell P.

Box 38 Parkhurst, Lewis

Box 38 Parks, J. M.

Box 38 Parma, V. Valta

Box 38 Parsons, S. F.

Box 38 Partridge, Edward A.

Box 38 Pascal, 'Ernesto

Box 38 Patey, H. P.

Box 38 Patrick, Mary Mills

Box 38 Patterson, James Lawson

Box 38 Patterson, Karl Bachman

Box 38 Patteson, Sarah Gay

Box 38 Patton, A. V.

Box 38 Pauly, Irene

Box 38 Pavri, F. M.

Box 38 Payton, James Y.

Box 38 Peabody, Elizabeth G.

Box 38 Peacocke, Julia.M.

Box 38 Peake, Cyrus Henderson

Box 38 Peaks, Archibald Garfield

Box 38 Peano, Giuseppe

Box 38 Pearson, Egon Sharpe

Box 38 Pearson, Henry Carr

Box 38 Peck, Henry Allen

Box 38 Peck, J. N.

Box 38 Peek, Ben S.

Box 38 Peet, Harriet B.

Box 38 Pegram, George Braxton

Box 38 Peirce, James Mills

Box 38 Pellet, August e

Box 38 Pelseneer, Jean

Box 38 Pendletoury, Charles

Box 38 Pendleton, Inez Matthews

Box 38 Penland, Virgil L.

Box 38 Penny, Lee

Box 38 Perkins, Alta B.

Box 38 Perkins, Frank E.

Box 38 Perry, Arthur Cecil

Box 38 Perry, Charles Frederick

Box 38 Perry, Edward Delavan

Box 38 Perry, John

Box 38 Perry, Newel

Box 38 Peruessin,. Germanie

Box 38 Peters, Alice Kent

Box 38 Peters, Grace Malvina

Box 38 Peters, O. W.

Box 38 Petersen, Julius

Box 38 Peterson, Charles A.

Box 38 Pettersen, C. A.

Box 38 Pfahl, Howard Frederick

Box 38 Pfeiffer, Edmund

Box 38 Pfeiffer, George Adam

Box 38 Pfeiffer, Gertrude S. (Mrs Raymond)

Box 38 Phelps, William Lyon

Box 38 Phenix, George Parsons

Box 38 Phiagmen, E.

Box 38 Philip, Maximilian

Box 38 Philippser, L. E.

Box 38 Phillippi, J. F.

Box 38 Phillips, F. B, Willmer

Box 38 Phillips, Harold M.

Box 38 Phillips, Harry

Box 38 Phillips, Margaret

Box 39 Picard, Emile

Box 39 Picavet, Francois Joseph

Box 39 Pick, Georg

Box 39 Pickett, William Jackson

Box 39 Pickles, C. E.

Box 39 Pierce, Eunice M.

Box 39 Pierce, Harriet R.

Box 39 Pike, Florence C.

Box 39 Pilliod, Mary Alice Phillips (Mrs James J.)

Box 39 Pina Vidal, Adriano. August o de

Box 39 Pincherle, Salvatore

Box 39 Pinckney, K. A.

Box 39 Pinet, F. L.

Box 39 Pinger, Lulu M.

Box 39 Pirenian, Z. M.

Box 39 Pitkin, Walter Boughton

Box 39 Place, Frank, Jr.

Box 39 Place, Perley Oakland

Box 39 Plimpton, Anne Hastings (Mrs George A.)

Box 39 Plimpton, Francis Taylor Pearsons

Box 39 Plimpton, George Arthur

Box 39 Poge, Alexander

Box 39 Poincare, Jules Henri

Box 39 Poindexter, O. Q.

Box 39 Poleman, Horace Irvin

Box 39 Polk, Brown

Box 39 Pollitzer, Sigmund

Box 39 Polowetski, C. Ezekiel

Box 39 Ponzer, Ernest W.

Box 39 Poor, Charles Lane

Box 39 Pope, Arthur Upham

Box 39 Porszasz, T.

Box 39 Porter, Caroline Johnson

Box 39 Porter, Elizabeth

Box 39 Porter, Jermain Gildersleeve

Box 39 Porter, Lillie B.

Box 39 Porter, Milton Brockett

Box 39 Porter, Wifred W.

Box 39 Post, Stanley B.

Box 39 Postlethwaite, Edna

Box 39 Potter, Charles W.

Box 39 Potter, Henry Codman

Box 39 Potter, Lydia V.H. (Mrs Albert J.)

Box 39 Potwine, Elizabeth Bartlett

Box 39 Powers, Loulie K.

Box 39 Powers, Perry F.

Box 39 Prasad, Ganesh

Box 39 Pratt, Isabelle L.

Box 39 Pratt, William H. B.

Box 39 Prentice, Sartell

Box 39 Prentice Robert W.

Box 39 Preston, Amy Frances

Box 39 Preston, Gertrude Elaine

Box 39 Preston, Louise K.

Box 39 Prettyman, Virgil

Box 39 Price, William G.

Box 39 Pritchett, Henry Smith

Box 39 Prbcknow, Charlotte S.

Box 39 Puchta, Anton

Box 39 Pummill, Lawrence Edgar

Box 39 Pund, Otto Friedrich Martin

Box 39 Punnett, Margaret

Box 39 Pupin, Michael Idvorsky

Box 39 Putnam, Edmund W.

Box 39 Putnam, Herbert

Box 39 Pye, George W.

Box 39 Quaglia-Roblin, Victor

Box 39 Quick, Theodore Ranney

Box 39 Quigley, Leon V.

Box 39 Quijano, José

Box 39 Quinn, John James

Box 40 Rader, Helen Waters

Box 40 Radford, Cosby

Box 40 Raff, Gertrude Madeline

Box 40 Raguse, Mabel R.

Box 40 Rainich, George Y.

Box 40 Rainoff, T.J.

Box 40 Ramakrishnaiah, G.

Box 40 Ramaswami, R.

Box 40 Rammelkamp, Charles Henry

Box 40 Ramos, Dora

Box 40 Ramsey, Dorothy

Box 40 Ramsey, L.W.

Box 40 Rand, Edward Kennard

Box 40 Rand, Harriet C.

Box 40 Randle, Herbert Niel

Box 40 Randolph, Harriet E. Estlow

Box 40 Rangacharya, Malur

Box 40 Rankin, W.W., Jr.

Box 40 Ransom, William Richard

Box 40 Rapeer, Louis Win

Box 40 Raschi, Leonida

Box 40 Rasor, Samuel Eugene

Box 40 Rauscher, Anna Marion

Box 40 Rausenberger, Otto

Box 40 Raynor, A.G.S.

Box 40 Reaves, Samuel Watson

Box 40 Rebière, Alphonse Michel

Box 40 Reddick, Harry Wilfred

Box 40 Reed, Albert Alison

Box 40 Reed, Cass Arthur

Box 40 Reed, John Oren

Box 40 Rees, E.L.

Box 40 Rees, John Krom

Box 40 Rees, Mina Spiegel

Box 40 Rees, William D.

Box 40 Reeve, Frances

Box 40 Reeve, Isahelle Jaensch (Mrs William D.)

Box 40 Reeve, Katherine Ellen

Box 40 Reeve, William David

Box 40 Refior, Sophia Rosetta

Box 40 Reichner, Herbert

Box 40 Reid, Elizabeth

Box 40 Reid, L.B

Box 40 Reidt, Friedrich

Box 40 Rein, Wilhelm

Box 40 Reisner, Edward Hartman

Box 40 Rendel, Hattie

Box 40 Requa, Emma M.

Box 40 Resnik, Joseph

Box 40 Revel, Bernard

Box 40 Rexford, Frank Adison

Box 40 Reye, Theodor

Box 40 Reynolds, Francis Joseph

Box 40 Reynolds, Jessie M.

Box 40 Reynolds, Rollo George & Alice Hine McCarthy

Box 40 Rhaney, Vernon L.

Box 40 Rhees, Rush

Box 40 Rhoades, Phyllis

Box 40 Rhodes, Mabel Viola

Box 40 Ricci, Seymour de

Box 40 Rice, Calvin Winsor

Box 40 Rice, Lepine Hall

Box 40 Rich, H.G.

Box 40 Rich, J.F.

Box 40 Richards, Charles Russell

Box 40 Richards, Erwin H.

Box 40 Richards, Howard, Jr.

Box 40 Richards, Mildred Batchelder

Box 40 Richardson, A.V.

Box 40 Richardson, Leon Josiah

Box 40 Richardson, Moses

Box 40 Richardson, Robert Porterfield

Box 40 Richardson, Roland George Dwight

Box 40 Richeson, Allie Wilson

Box 40 Richter, Emil Heinrich

Box 41 Riddell, William Renwick

Box 41 Riesman, David

Box 41 Rietz, Henry Lewis

Box 41 Rigg, Caroline E .

Box 41 Riggs, Norman Colman

Box 41 Rigler, Frank

Box 41 Rignano, Eugenio

Box 41 Riley, Edgar F.

Box 41 Riley, J.L.

Box 41 Ripperger, Walter Faucheur

Box 41 Riquier, Charles

Box 41 Risley, Walter J.

Box 41 Ritt, Joseph Fels

Box 41 Ritter, Hellmut

Box 41 Rivenburg, Romeyn Henry

Box 41 Roberts, D.H.

Box 41 Roberts, Frank Hurd Hunt

Box 41 Roberts, George Evan

Box 41 Roberts, John Stacey

Box 41 Roberts, Louise E.

Box 41 Roberts, Maria M.

Box 41 Roberts, R.H.

Box 41 Robertson, David Allan

Box 41 Robertson, J.E.

Box 41 Robertson, Margaret L.

Box 41 Robins, Lilian B.

Box 41 Robinson, Edward K.

Box 41 Robinson, James Harvey

Box 41 Robinson, Janet

Box 41 Robinson, Leland Rex

Box 41 Robinson, Lydia Gillingham

Box 41 Robinson, Thomas Harvey

Box 41 Robson, Barbara Reid

Box 41 Rocheleau, William Francis

Box 41 Rockwell, William Walker

Box 41 Rockwood, C. G., Jr.

Box 41 Roddy, Frances Ayres

Box 41 Rodrigues, Joas Jose d'Antas Santo

Box 41 Roe, Edward Drake, Jr.

Box 41 Roe, Harry Burgess

Box 41 Roever, William H.

Box 41 Rogalin, Maurice E.

Box 41 Rogers, Christian E.

Box 41 Rogers, Claude B.

Box 41 Rogers, Marguerite H.

Box 41 Roll, Rose

Box 41 Rollins, Carl P.

Box 41 Roos, Jacob de Villiers

Box 41 Root, Catherine Clifford

Box 41 Root, Elihu

Box 41 Rorer, Jonathan T.

Box 41 Rosary, E.

Box 41 Rosmarin, Ernest S.

Box 41 Ross, A. E.

Box 41 Ross, Wilbert Davidson

Box 41 Roth, Minnie May

Box 41 Rothermel, Florence

Box 41 Rothrock, David Andrew

Box 41 Rouse, Edward P.

Box 41 Rouvrey, Charles de

Box 41 Rowe, Joseph Eugene

Box 41 Rowlands, Agnes Grant

Box 41 Royston, B. W.

Box 41 Ruby, Sarah

Box 41 Radio, Ferdinand

Box 41 Ruffini, Elsie Edna

Box 41 Ruge, Arnold

Box 41 Rugg, Earle Underwood

Box 41 Ragg, Harold Ordway

Box 41 Ruggles, Reba A

Box 41 Ruh, Clara C

Box 41 Ruiz de Salazar, Emilie

Box 41 Range, Carl David Tolme

Box 41 Rankle, John Daniel

Box 41 Runnals, Ninetta May

Box 41 Running, Theodore Rudolph

Box 41 Russell, Agnes Fletcher (Mrs James E.)

Box 41 Russell, Celia A.

Box 41 Russell, Charles

Box 41 Russell, Helen Gertrude

Box 41 Russell, Hortense (Mrs John M.)

Box 41 Russell, James Earl

Box 41 Russell, Kathleen Brinley Lawson (Mrs C.)

Box 41 Russell, Walter Bowman

Box 41 Russell, William Fletcher

Box 41 Rustum, A. S.

Box 41 Ryan, W. J.

Box 41 Ryder, Virgil

Box 42 Sabin, Florence Rena

Box 42 Sachs, Ernest

Box 42 Sachs, Julius

Box 42 Sachs, Rosa Goldman (Mrs Julius)

Box 42 Sackett, Leroy Walter

Box 42 Sadiq, Issa

Box 42 Sadler, Sir Michael Ernest

Box 42 Safford, Truman Henry

Box 42 St. John, Charles Edward

Box 42 St. John, John

Box 42 Saklatvala, Mae B. (Mrs Phiroz D.)

Box 42 Saklatvala. Phiroz D.

Box 42 Saklatwalla, B. D.

Box 42 Salinas R., Arnulfo

Box 42 Salkeld, John

Box 42 Salomon, J. J.

Box 42 Salzano, Francis

Box 42 Samuels, Sophie Robbins (Mrs H.)

Box 42 Sanborn, Ashton

Box 42 Sanders, Samuel Thomas

Box 42 Sanderson, Ruth L.

Box 42 Sandford, M. Everett

Box 42 Sanford, Henry R.

Box 42 Sanford, Vera

Box 42 Sankey, Sara

Box 42 Sard, Frederick N.

Box 43 Sarton, Eleanor Mabel Elwes

Box 43 Sarton, George

Box 44 Sasuly, Max

Box 44 Saunders, Sara A.

Box 44 Savage, Howard James

Box 44 Savage, R.L.

Box 44 §ayers, Jessie Alison.

Box 44 Sayle, Charles Edward

Box 44 Saylor, Georgia M.

Box 44 Scattergood, Joseph Henry

Box 44 Schaefer, Charles

Box 44 Scherling, Erik von

Box 44 Schiek, J.

Box 44 Schiller, Herman

Box 44 Schiller, Irma Helen (Mrs A. Arthur)

Box 44 Schimmack, Rudolf

Box 44 Schlauch, William Storb

Box 44 Schlegel, Victor

Box 44 Schlesinger, Frank

Box 44 Schlesinger, Ludwig

Box 44 Schlierholz, Tillie

Box 44 Schomilch, Oskar Xaver

Box 44 Schmidt, Friedrich Carl

Box 44 Schneider, Carol Catherine Smith

Box 44 Schneider, Friedrich

Box 44 Schneider, Sr. Rose Marie

Box 44 Schnitzer, William Morange

Box 44 Schoenflies, Arthur Moritz

Box 44 Schon, Matthew

Box 44 Schorling, Raleigh

Box 44 Schotten, Heinrich

Box 44 Schottenfels, Ida M.

Box 44 Schoute, Pieter Hendrik

Box 44 Schoy, Carl

Box 44 Schoy, Frida

Box 44 Schreiber, Edwin W.

Box 44 Schrek, D.J.E.

Box 44 Schroder, J.

Box 44 Schroeder, R.

Box 44 Schub, Pincus

Box 44 Schüller, Werner Joseph

Box 44 Schultze, Arthur

Box 44 Schumacher, Estella M.

Box 44 Schumaker, J.G.

Box 44 Schuster, Max Lincoln

Box 44 Schuyler, Elmer

Box 44 Schuyler, Nathan H.

Box 44 Schuyler, Robert Livingston

Box 44 Schwatt, Isaac Joachim

Box 44 Scott, Charlotte Angas

Box 44 Scott, H.D.

Box 44 Scott, Irving O.

Box 44 Scott, Marguerite C.

Box 44 Scott, Nora Elizabeth

Box 44 Scribner, Edward H.

Box 44 Scudder, Frank S.

Box 44 Scudder, Mary Theresa

Box 44 Scudder, Myron Tracy

Box 44 Seals, Laura Seldon

Box 44 Seals, Mary Morris

Box 44 Searles, Helen McGaffey

Box 44 Sears, Harriet Reed

Box 44 Searson, James William

Box 44 Sebring, Emma G.

Box 44 Sec, Fong Foo

Box 44 Sechler, Anna May

Box 44 Sedgwick, William Thompson

Box 44 See, Thomas Jefferson Jackson

Box 44 Seely, Caroline Eustis

Box 44 Seely, Pauline

Box 44 Seerley, Homer Horatio

Box 44 Segre, Corrado

Box 44 Seidlin,.Joseph

Box 44 Sen, N.

Box 44 Sen, N.N.

Box 44 Sengupta, Prabodh Chandra

Box 44 Setzler, Anna M.

Box 44 Severance, Henry Ormal

Box 44 Seymour, F. Grace

Box 44 Seymour, Francis Eugene

Box 45 Shadko, Ben

Box 45 Shadko, George

Box 45 Shah, S. Bahadur

Box 45 Shamasastry, Rudrapatna

Box 45 Shanholt, Henry Harris

Box 45 Shank, Burgess

Box 45 Shanklin, A.G.

Box 45 Shanks, Robert Herbert

Box 45 Shapley, Harlow

Box 45 Sharp. Lucile D.

Box 45 Shaw, Allen A.

Box 45 Shaw, James Byrnie

Box 45 Shea, Mary V.

Box 45 Sheerin, E.M.

Box 45 Sheldon, Miriam

Box 45 Shellenbarger, R. C.

Box 45 Shepard, Irwin

Box 45 Shepherd, Fred S.

Box 45 Sheppard, William Fleetwood

Box 45 Sherer, Charles R.

Box 45 Sheridan, Joseph A.

Box 45 Sherman, Elmer C.

Box 45 Sherman, Frank Asbury

Box 45 Sherwood, George Herbert

Box 45 Shibli, Jabir

Box 45 Shiels, Albert

Box 45 Shimer, Hervey Woodburn

Box 45 Shoen, Harriet Hetta

Box 45 Shoesmith, Beulah I.

Box 45 Shore, Ben & Margaret

Box 45 Shorey, Paul

Box 45 Short, Charles Henry

Box 45 Short, Luther

Box 45 Short, W. T.

Box 45 Short, William Harrison

Box 45 Shotwell, James Thomson

Box 45 Shulman, David

Box 45 Shurcliff, Arthur Asabel

Box 45 Shuster, Carl Nathaniel

Box 45 Shutts, Forrest T.

Box 45 Shutts, George Clinton

Box 45 Siceloff, Lewis Parker

Box 45 Siders, Walter Raleigh

Box 45 Siegel, Frances

Box 45 Sigerist, Henry Ernest

Box 45 Sijima, K.

Box 45 Silberstein, Ludwik

Box 45 Silberstein, Nathan

Box 45 Simcox, William B.

Box 45 Simkhovitch, Vladimir Grigorievitch

Box 45 Simmons, Harvey Alexander

Box 45 Simmons, James W.

Box 45 Simon, David

Box 45 Simon, Maximilian

Box 45 Simon, Webster Godman

Box 45 Simonds, Eugene Francis

Box 45 Simonet, Nelly

Box 45 Simonet, Th.

Box 45 Simons, Lao Genevra

Box 45 Simpson, Elsie

Box 45 Simpson, Thomas McNider

Box 45 Sinclair, Pattie Lucile

Box 45 Singenfelter, Rebecca Mary

Box 45 Singer, Charles Joseph

Box 45 Singer, Dorothea Waley Cohen (Mrs Charles)

Box 45 Singer, James

Box 45 Singh, Avadhesh Narayan

Box 45 Sinopoli, Emilia Frances

Box 45 Sintsof, D.F.

Box 45 Sisam, Charles Herschel

Box 45 Sisson, E.P.

Box 45 Sisson, Edward Octavius

Box 46 Skinner, A.B.

Box 46 Skinner, Charles Rufus

Box 46 Skinner, Ernest Brown

Box 46 Slatey, L. B.

Box 46 Slattery, Harry

Box 46 Slaught, Herbert Ellsworth

Box 46 Slaught, Katharine May

Box 46 Slaughter, J.W.

Box 46 Slawson, Samuel J.

Box 46 Slocum, Frederick

Box 46 Slocum, Stephen Elmer

Box 46 Slotnick, Morris Miller

Box 46 Small, Max

Box 46 Small, Walter Herbert

Box 46 Smalley, Frank

Box 46 Smetana, Juliane

Box 46 Smith, A. G. C.

Box 46 Smith, Abram P.

Box 46 Smith, Adelaide

Box 46 Smith, Anna Tolman

Box 46 Smith, Anne O.

Box 46 Smith, Carl G.

Box 46 Smith, Sir Charles G.

Box 46 Smith, Charles H.

Box 46 Smith, Clara E.

Box 47 Smith, David Eugene (1872-1928 n.d.)

Box 48 Smith, David Eugene (1930-1942)

Box 49 Smith, Edgar Fahs

Box 49 Smith, Edward Robinson

Box 49 Smith, Edward Staples

Box 49 Smith, Edwin Raymond

Box 49 Smith, Elizabeth M.

Box 49 Smith, Emma Louise

Box 49 Smith, Eugene Randolph

Box 49 Smith, Eva May Luse (Mrs David E.).

Box 49 Smith, Fanny Taylor (Mrs David E.)

Box 49 Smith, Francis Hopkinson

Box 49 Smith, Geraldine D.

Box 49 Smith, Gilda Langfitt

Box 49 Smith, H. Ross

Box 49 Smith, Ina V.

Box 49 Smith, Lillian Eugenia

Box 49 Smith, Mahlon Ellwood

Box 49 Smith, Marjorie C.

Box 49 Smith, Martha E. (Mrs T.Q.)

Box 49 Smith, Muriel

Box 49 Smith, Myron Bement

Box 49 Smith, Paul Althaus

Box 49 Smith, Percey Franklyn

Box 49 Smith, R. W.

Box 49 Smith, Roy M.

Box 49 Smith, Ruth M.

Box 49 Smith, S. Stephenson

Box 49 Smith, Sarah E.

Box 49 Smith, Seiden C.

Box 49 Smith, Shirley W.

Box 49 Smith, Walter McMynn

Box 49 Smith, William M.

Box 49 Smith, Wilsie

Box 49 Snedden, David S.

Box 49 Snedden, Genevra Sisson (Mrs David S.)

Box 49 Snook, George Alvin

Box 49 Snyder, Arrietta

Box 49 Snyder, Virgil

Box 49 Snyder, Zachariah Xenophon

Box 49 Sochveki, J.

Box 49 Soerens, Sue

Box 49 Soldan, F. Louis

Box 49 Sollertinsky, B.

Box 49 Soloway, Saul

Box 49 Sormners, Dora Sachs (Mrs Benjamin)

Box 49 Southall, James Powel Cocke

Box 49 Southgate, Helen A.

Box 49 Spaulding, Frank Ellsworth

Box 49 Spearman, Charles E.

Box 49 Speirs, E. Elizabeth

Box 49 Spence, Frank

Box 49 Sperry, Elmer Ambrose

Box 49 Spicer, C. E.

Box 49 Spies, O.

Box 49 Spingarn, Amy Einstein (Mrs Joel E.)

Box 49 Spink, Leland

Box 49 Spohnholz, Ruth

Box 49 Sproull, Alta

Box 49 Spunar, V. M.

Box 49 Spurgeon, John J.

Box 49 Stackel, Elisabeth (Mrs Paul).

Box 49 Stackel, Paul

Box 49 Stager, Henry W.

Box 49 Stamper, Alva W.

Box 49 Stanley, H. K.

Box 49 Staples, Charles J.

Box 49 Stargardt, J. A.

Box 49 Stark, William Everett

Box 49 Starke, J. M.

Box 49 Starr, Harris Elwood

Box 50 Stead, F. B.

Box 50 Steadman, F. Morris

Box 50 Stechert, Gustaf E.

Box 50 Steck, C. C.

Box 50 Steele, Robert

Box 50 Steggall, John Edward Aloysius

Box 50 Steinmetz, Mary E.

Box 50 Stengel, Frederick William

Box 50 Stephanos, Cyparissos

Box 50 Stephenson, D. T.

Box 50 Stevens, Ernest N.

Box 50 Stevens, Romiett

Box 50 Stevens, W. A.

Box 50 Stevenson, Edward Luther

Box 50 Stevenson, Thomas A.

Box 50 Stewart, Ethelbert

Box 50 Stewart, I. F.

Box 50 Stewart, John Burgoyne

Box 50 Stewart, Sara

Box 50 Steyn, Cecil Henry

Box 50 Stieltjes, T. J.

Box 50 Stilwell, Lana

Box 50 Stilwell, R. E.

Box 50 Stimson, Dorothy ;

Box 50 Stimson, Henry Lewis

Box 50 Stine, Ruth

Box 50 Stirling, Francis P. H.

Box 50 Stitt, A. C.

Box 50 Stock, George W. M.

Box 50 Stockbridge, Frank Parker

Box 50 Stohler, H.

Box 50 Stokes, Rosemary

Box 50 Stokley, James

Box 50 Stolz, Otto

Box 50 Stone, Cliff Winfield

Box 50 Stone, Harlan Fiske

Box 50 Stone, Ormond

Box 50 Stone, R. G.

Box 50 Stϕrmer, Fredrik Carl Mulertz

Box 50 Stoughton, Charles William

Box 50 Stoughton, Leila R.

Box 50 Stowell, Thomas Blanchard

Box 50 Strader, William Weller

Box 50 Stratton, John

Box 50 Stratton, Samuel Wesley

Box 50 Strausbaugh, P. D.

Box 50 Strayer, George Drayton

Box 50 Stringham, Irving

Box 50 Strohmeier, Adella E.

Box 50 Strong, Cornelia

Box 50 Strong, Wendell Melville

Box 50 Struik, Dirk J.

Box 50 Stuart, H. C.

Box 50 Stubbs, Charles William

Box 50 Stubbs, J.G.

Box 50 Sturhan, Amanda E.

Box 50 Studnicka, F.J.

Box 50 Sturtevant, Sarah Martha

Box 50 Styche, J. W.

Box 50 Suchy, R. J.

Box 50 Sueltz, Ben A.

Box 50 Sufi, G. M. D.

Box 50 Suggett, Laura Steffens (Mrs Allen H.)

Box 50 Sullivan, James

Box 50 Sundara Rao, Tandalam

Box 50 Suter, Eugene

Box 50 Sutherland, Anna Lucile Reed (Mrs W. J.)

Box 50 Sutter, Charles C.

Box 50 Sutton, Mrs. H. B.

Box 50 Suzzallo, Henry

Box 50 Swain, Joseph

Box 50 Swann, Nancy Lee

Box 50 Swartz, J. W.

Box 50 Sweet, Edwin Forrest

Box 50 Swenson, John A.

Box 50 Swick, W. L.

Box 50 Swift, Polemus Hamilton

Box 50 Swinney, Newton

Box 50 Swope, A. G.

Box 50 Sykes, Frederick Henry

Box 50 Sykes, John Charles Gabriel

Box 50 Sykes, Louise Lavell Ryckman (Mrs F. H)

Box 50 Sylvester, James Joseph

Box 50 Syminton, Louise

Box 50 Symonds, Percival Mallon

Box 50 Synge, John L

Box 50 Szczyrba, E.

Box 51 Taft, German

Box 51 Taggart, Leon DeWitt

Box 51 Takahashi, K. 0.

Box 51 Taliaferro, Carrie Brown

Box 51 Tamarkin, Jacob David

Box 51 Tannahill, Sallie Belle

Box 51 Tanner, John Henry

Box 51 Tanner, Lawrence E.

Box 51 Tannery, Jules

Box 51 Tannery, Paul

Box 51 Tannery, Mme. Paul

Box 51 Tanoue, Joe Ichino

Box 51 Tanzola, Joseph John

Box 51 Tapley, Emily W.

Box 51 Tatlock, John

Box 51 Taylor, Edson Homer

Box 51 Taylor, Henry Osborn

Box 51 Taylor, James Morford

Box 51 Taylor, James Sturdevant

Box 51 Taylor, Mary M.

Box 51 Taylor, R. L., Jr.

Box 51 Teeter, Charles H.

Box 51 Teggart, Frederick John

Box 51 Terazawa, K.

Box 51 Terrell, Alice

Box 51 Terrill, Ethel M. Warrington

Box 51 Tester, H. E.

Box 51 Thaer, Albrecht

Box 51 Thalberg, Irving

Box 51 Thayer, Louise F.

Box 51 Thayer, William Greenough

Box 51 Thayer, William Mortimer

Box 51 Thibaut, Georg Frederick William

Box 51 Thiele, G.

Box 51 Thomas, D.C.

Box 51 Thomas, E.S.

Box 51 Thomas, Evan

Box 51 Thomas, F.

Box 51 Thomas, H.A.

Box 51 Thomas, Richard S.

Box 51 Thomas, Wilsie J.

Box 51 Thomé, L. Wilhelm

Box 51 Thompson, Alfred Clark

Box 51 Thompson, D'Arcy Wentworth

Box 51 Thompson, Henry Dallas

Box 51 Thompson, James S.

Box 51 Thorndike, Edward Lee

Box 51 Thorndike, Lynn

Box 51 Thornton, Wilson

Box 51 Thumin, Eugene

Box 51 Thurber, Charles Herbert

Box 51 Thurston, Ada

Box 51 Thurston, Ernest Lawton

Box 51 Thwing, Charles Franklin

Box 51 Tibbutt, John

Box 51 Tiedemann, Karl

Box 51 Tidsley, John Lee

Box 51 Tingley, E. M.

Box 51 Tirrell, Henry Archelaus

Box 51 Tisdale, Frank S.

Box 51 Tisdale, W. E.

Box 51 Titsworth, Susan S.

Box 51 Todd, Mary E.

Box 51 Toledo, Luis Octavio de

Box 51 Tomlinson, John C.

Box 51 Tomkins, Amelia

Box 51 Tomkins, Miriam Downing

Box 51 Topping, Charle S. H.

Box 51 Tor, Vedat Nedim

Box 51 Touchet, Emile

Box 51 Towne, Jackson Edmund

Box 51 Townes, Mary Ella

Box 51 Townsend, Edgar Jerome

Box 51 Trabue, Marion Rex

Box 51 Tracey, J. I.

Box 51 Traynor, John James Harrington

Box 51 Trebing, Hope M.

Box 51 Trent, William Peterfield

Box 51 Treutlein, Peter

Box 51 Trevor, Joseph Ellis

Box 51 Trezise, Fred W.

Box 51 Tripp, Myron Owen

Box 51 Tropfke, Johannes

Box 51 Trueblood, Mary E.

Box 52 Tsunoda, Kimi

Box 52 Tsuyama, Saburo

Box 52 Tucker, Robert

Box 52 Tuckey, C. O.

Box 52 Turbyfill, D. T.

Box 52 Turk, Bernard

Box 52 Turner, Ivan Stewart

Box 52 Turner, John Sidney

Box 52 Tweedie, Charles

Box 52 Twentyman, A. E.

Box 52 Tyler, E. W.

Box 52 Tyler, Harry Walter

Box 52 Tyng, Elizabeth McJimsey

Box 52 Tyson, Levering

Box 52 Ulmer, T. H.

Box 52 Underhill, James

Box 52 Underwood, P. H.

Box 52 Updegraff, Harlan

Box 52 Updike, Daniel Berkeley

Box 52 Upton, Clifford Brewster

Box 52 Upton, Siegried Maia Hansen (Mrs C. B.)

Box 52 Vacea, Giovanni

Box 52 Vailati, Giovanni

Box 52 Valentin, G.

Box 52 Valiron, Georges

Box 52 Vallandingham, J. I.

Box 52 Van Alstyne, David

Box 52 Van Alstyne, Horace G.

Box 52 Van Amringe, John Howard

Box 52 Van Anda, Carr V.

Box 52 Van Antwerp, William Clarkson

Box 52 Van Arsdale, May Belle

Box 52 Vandegrift, Albert F.

Box 52 VanDenburg, Joseph K.

Box 52 Van der Vries, John N.

Box 52 Van De Vyver, A.

Box 52 Vandiver, Harry Shultz

Box 52 Van Doren, Carl

Box 52 Van Doren, Mark

Box 52 Van Dusen, Luella D.

Box 52 Van Groos, J.A.

Box 52 Vanhée, Louis

Box 52 Van Hook, La Rue

Box 52 Van Hyning, T

Box 52 Van Name, Ralph G.

Box 52 Van Niekerk, A

Box 52 Van Oppenraay, R

Box 52 Van Velzer, C. A.

Box 52 Van Vleck, Edward Burr

Box 52 Van Vleck, Jenny

Box 52 Van Wagenen, Beulah B.

Box 52 Van Wagner, David Frick

Box 52 Varadaehon, P.

Box 52 Vasconcellos, Fernando de

Box 52 Vassiliev, Alexander V.

Box 52 Vassiliev, S. A.

Box 52 Vaughan, Nettie

Box 52 Vavra, Minnie A.

Box 53 Veblen, Oswals

Box 53 Vedder, H.K.

Box 53 Velt, Benjamin

Box 53 Velke, Wilhelm

Box 53 Venner

Box 53 Ver Eecke, Paul

Box 53 Vetter, Quido

Box 53 Viguero, Ruth H. (Mrs Richard T.)

Box 53 Villalou, Jose R.

Box 53 Villat, Henri

Box 53 Vinner, Nicholas Vladimir

Box 53 Virian, Roxana Hayward

Box 53 Volkovsky, D. L.

Box 53 Vollgraff, J. A.

Box 53 Volz, Arthur J.

Box 53 Von Stein, Josef W.

Box 53 Voorhees, Mary K.

Box 53 Voorhis, Thelma Francis Grady

Box 53 Vosburgh, William Ledley

Box 53 Vose, Charles Redfield

Box 53 Voss, Edna Renard

Box 53 Vuibert, Henry

Box 53 Waddell, W. A.

Box 53 Wade, Herbert Treadwell

Box 53 Wade, Homer

Box 53 Wagar, Gardiner Lincoln

Box 53 Wagner, Charles A.

Box 53 Wait, Lucien August us

Box 53 Waite, Mary L.

Box 53 Walcott, Charles Doolittle

Box 53 Walcott, Elizabeth Tyler (Mrs W. H.)

Box 53 Walcott, Gregory Dexter

Box 53 Waldo, Clarence Abiathar

Box 53 Waldo, Frank

Box 53 Wales, George Russell

Box 53 Walker, Evelyn

Box 53 Walker, H. B.

Box 53 Walker, Helen Mary

Box 53 Walker, Mary R.

Box 53 Wall, Alexander James

Box 53 Wallace, Frank C.

Box 53 Walls, Callie King

Box 53 Walrath, Otto J.

Box 53 Walsemann, Mary

Box 53 Walsh, Charles Burton

Box 53 Walsh, Correa Moylan

Box 53 Walsh, James Joseph

Box 53 Walsh, W, T.

Box 53 Walter, Sarah J.

Box 53 Walters, Henry

Box 53 Ward, J.A.

Box 53 Warde, Frederic

Box 53 Wardlaw, George A.

Box 53 Warner, Glen W.

Box 53 Warner, M. E.

Box 53 Washburn, Henry Bradford

Box 53 Waterman, Paul W.

Box 53 Waterman, W. A.

Box 53 Waters, Henry Jackson

Box 53 Watkins, Emily Holmes

Box 53 Watson, Earnest Charles

Box 53 Watson, F. C.

Box 53 Watson, Gladys Mae Hippie (Mrs Goodwin B.)

Box 53 Weaks, Mabel Clare

Box 53 Weaver, James H.

Box 53 Webb, Benjamin L.

Box 53 Webber, W. Paul

Box 53 Weber, H.

Box 53 Weber, Mary Amalia

Box 53 Webster, Arthur Gordon

Box 53 Webster, Fannie

Box 53 Weed, LeRoy J.

Box 53 Weeks, Florence Louise

Box 53 Weeks, Raymons

Box 53 Weeks, Zoraida

Box 53 Weeter, John W.

Box 54 Weglein, David Emrich

Box 54 Weinberg, Josef

Box 54 Weiner, Meyer & Margaret Cecilia Byrne Bryant

Box 54 Weir, Robert

Box 54 Weisner, Louis

Box 54 Weissbrann, Antoinette

Box 54 Weitzenbőck, Roland

Box 54 Weld, Laenas Gifford

Box 54 Wellemeyer, J. F.

Box 54 Wells, Agnes E.

Box 54 Wentworth, Ellen L.

Box 54 Wentworth, George

Box 54 Wentworth, George Albert

Box 54 Werckmann, Bessie

Box 54 Werner, Miriam

Box 54 Wernicke, Paul

Box 54 Wessel, M.

Box 54 West, Lois Alicia

Box 54 West, Miriam Esther

Box 54 West, William H.

Box 54 Westfall, Wilhelmus David Allen

Box 54 Westlund, J.

Box 54 Westphal, Grenafore

Box 54 Wetzel, William A.

Box 54 Weyer, G. D. E.

Box 54 Whalen, John W.

Box 54 Wheat, Joseph Henry

Box 54 Wheeler, A. Harry

Box 54 Wheeler, Edith Flower

Box 54 Wheelock, Charles F.

Box 54 Whicher, George Meason

Box 54 Whipple, Eunice F.

Box 54 Whipple, F. J. W.

Box 54 Whitaker, Herbert Coleman

Box 54 White, Arthur V.

Box 54 White, Charles Edgar

Box 54 White, Edmund Valentine

Box 54 White, F. P.

Box 54 White, Henry Seely

Box 54 White, Holman

Box 54 White, L. B.

Box 54 White, Lucy

Box 54 White, William F.

Box 54 Whitford, Edward Everett

Box 54 Whiting, Gertrude

Box 54 Whitley, George T.

Box 54 Whitney, Albert W.

Box 54 Whitney, William

Box 54 Whittaker, Edmund Taylor

Box 54 Wieleitner, Heinrich

Box 54 Wightman, Homer J.

Box 54 Wigmore, John Henry

Box 54 Wilbur, E. R.

Box 54 Wilcox, Felix Eugene

Box 54 Wilczynski, Ernest Julius

Box 54 Wilder, Walter Beebe

Box 54 Wildick, Charles David

Box 54 Wiley, William Ogden

Box 54 Wilhelm, Franz

Box 54 Wilkin, Josephine D.

Box 54 Wilkins, Ernest Hatch

Box 54 Wilkins, Bush

Box 54 Wilkinson, Blanche Elizabeth Baker

Box 54 Wilkinson, J. W. F.

Box 54 Willard, J. M.

Box 54 Willcox, William Russell

Box 54 Williams, Annie Joe

Box 54 Williams, C.B.

Box 54 Williams, Edward Irwin Franklin

Box 54 Williams, Ella C.

Box 54 Williams, Frank B.

Box 54 Williams, Homer B.

Box 54 Williams, Horatio Burt

Box 54 Williams, Ida M.

Box 54 Williams, Joyce

Box 54 Williams, Roland Hugh

Box 54 Williams, William Taylor Burwell

Box 54 Williamson, Charles Clarence

Box 54 Williamson, Cornelia

Box 54 Willis, Carla

Box 54 Williston, Arthur Lyman

Box 54 Wills, Albert Potter

Box 54 Wills, Gertrude Pardee Carter (Mrs A.P.)

Box 54 Willyard, Q. A.

Box 54 Wilson, A. Gaylord

Box 54 Wilson, A. H.

Box 54 Wilson, C. W.

Box 54 Wilson, Cora E.

Box 54 Wilson, Edward F.

Box 54 Wilson, Edwin Bidwell

Box 54 Wilson, Eugene A.

Box 54 Wilson, Frank H.

Box 54 Wilson, Guy Mitchell

Box 54 Wilson, Halsey William

Box 54 Wilson, K. P. H.

Box 54 Wilson, Louise

Box 54 Wilson, Marvin E.

Box 54 Wilson, Nancy R.

Box 54 Wilson, Sinclair J.

Box 54 Wilson, W. J.

Box 54 Wilt, May Landstreet

Box 55 Wimpfheimer, Annie C. (Mrs Charles A.).

Box 55 Winecoff, Thomas E.

Box 55 Wines, L. D.

Box 55 Winger, R. M.

Box 55 Winlock, Herbert Eustis

Box 55 Winser, Beatrice

Box 55 Winship, Albert Edward

Box 55 Winship, George Parker

Box 55 Winslow, Charles S.

Box 55 Wirtinger, W.

Box 55 Wise, Marjorie

Box 55 Wishart, Marion

Box 55 Wisner, Carl V.

Box 55 Witcomb, J. Hazel (Mrs Douglas A.)

Box 55 Withers, John William

Box 55 Witmer, Eleanor Montgomery

Box 55 Wolfe, Clyde

Box 55 Wolff, Georg

Box 55 Wolfson, Harry Austryn

Box 55 Womack, Frederick

Box 55 Wong, Kai Ming

Box 55 Wood, Abbie W. Alden (Mrs Thomas D.)

Box 55 Wood, Bertha G.

Box 55 Wood, De Volson

Box 55 Wood, John B.

Box 55 Wood, Meta

Box 55 Wood, P. W.

Box 55 Wood, Thomas Denison

Box 55 Woodbridge, Frederick James Eugene

Box 55 Woodbridge, Helena Belle Adams (Mrs F.J.E.)

Box 55 Woodbridge, Homer Edwards

Box 55 Woodhull, John Francis

Box 55 Woodring, Maxie Nave

Box 55 Woodruff, Charles Edward

Box 55 Woods, Henry

Box 55 Woods, W. W.

Box 55 Woodward, Robert Simpson

Box 55 Woolman, Mary Schenck (Mrs Franklin C.)

Box 55 Worden, Eugene C.

Box 55 Worden, Orpha Evelyn

Box 55 Worthen, W. D.

Box 55 Wren, Frank George

Box 55 Wright, Henry M.

Box 55 Wright, Homer

Box 55 Wright, John Newton

Box 55 Wright, Marjorie Wilson

Box 55 Wyant, Kathryn

Box 55 Wykes, Adeline G.

Box 55 Wylie, Charles Clayton

Box 55 Wynkoop, Bryan

Box 55 Yalden, J. Ernest G.

Box 55 Yanagisawa, Taiji

Box 55 Yanney, Benjamin Franklin

Box 55 Yates, Edith

Box 55 Yeaton, C. H.

Box 55 Yerkes, Helen H.

Box 55 Yocum, A. Duncan

Box 55 York, W. C.

Box 55 Yoshioka, Stephen M.

Box 55 Youker, H. S.

Box 55 Young, A. E.

Box 55 Young, Anne Sewell

Box 55 Young, Herrick B.

Box 56 Young, Jacob William Albert

Box 57 Young, John Wesley

Box 58 Young, Karl

Box 58 Young, Mary Louise Aston (Mrs John W.)

Box 58 Young, Paul T.

Box 58 Young, William Henry

Box 58 Yukselen, Mehmet Ali

Box 58 Yust, Walter

Box 58 Yusupof, Nury

Box 58 Zabudskii, N.

Box 58 Zametkin, M.

Box 58 Zanetti, Joaquin, Enrique

Box 58 Zeeman, Pieter

Box 58 Zeigel, William H.

Box 58 Zeis, H. C.

Box 58 Zeper, C. M. Waller

Box 58 Zernitz, Emilie Rose

Box 58 Zerr, G. B. M.

Box 58 Zeuthen, Hieronymus Georg

Box 58 Zimmer, A. R.

Box 58 Zimmern, Heinrich

Box 58 Zinner, Ernst

Box 58 Ziwet, Alexander

Box 58 Zook, George Frederick

Box 58 Zunia, Giuseppe

Box 58 Zurayk, Jalal Amin

Series II: Miscellaneous Correspondence

Box 59 Unidentified: A-Z

Box 60 Letters received on his 75th "birthday, Jan 1935 ("bound vol.), 1935

Series III: Manuscripts (not by D.E. Smith) & documents; cataloged:

Box 61 Abbott, Mary Allen Rand

Box 61 Archibald, Raymond Clare

Box 61 Bakst, Aaron

Box 61 Bass, Edgar Wales

Box 61 Betz, William

Box 61 Borel, Emile Felix Edouard Justin

Box 61 Brownson, Horace (Bronson)

Box 61 Carson, George Edward St Lawrence

Box 61 Chace, Arnold Buffum

Box 61 Cole, Frank Nelson

Box 61 Datta, Bibhutibhusan

Box 61 De May, Amy Janette

Box 61 Fromholz, J.M.

Box 61 Gill, Sir David

Box 61 Goodwin, Ethel L.

Box 61 Greenhill, Sir George

Box 61 Halsted, George Bruce

Box 61 Heath, Sir Thomas Little

Box 61 Hill, Micaiah John Muller

Box 61 Klein, Felix

Box 61 Koch, Ernest Herman

Box 61 Lemome, Emile Michel Hyacinthe

Box 61 Lodge, Gonzalez

Box 61 Loria, Ginq

Box 61 Manning, Henry Parker

Box 61 Mourad, Salih

Box 61 Neuberg, Joseph

Box 61 Pilliod Mary Alice Phillips (Mrs James J.)

Box 61 Safford, Truman Henry

Box 61 Sandt, John Elmer

Box 61 Sarton, George

Box 61 Sarton, May

Box 61 Schoute, Pieter Hendrik

Box 61 Schoy, Carl

Box 61 Simons, Lao Genevra

Box 61 Stark, William Everett

Box 61 Strong, Theodore

Box 61 Struik, Dirk J.

Box 61 Treutlein, Peter

Box 61 Upton, Siegried Maia Hansen (Mrs Clifford B.)

Box 61 Valentin, G.

Box 61 Vanhee, Louis

Box 61 Wood, John B.

Box 61 Wood, Thomas Denison

Box 61 Ziwet, Alexander

Series IV: Manuscripts Not by D.E. Smith & documents; not cataloged

Boxes 63-68 A-Z Concluding material about the Smith collections and two boxes of J. Ernest G. Yalden's notes on dialling, sundials, and related topics

Series V: Manuscripts by D.E. Smith:

Box 69 Adam

Box 69 Adrain, Robert-DAB

Box 69 Al-Biruni's computation of the value of . By Carl Schoy ...

Box 69 Algebra of four thousand years ago

Box 69 Among my autographs

Box 69 The angelus

Box 69 The arithmetic of our day

Box 69 Baeda Venerabilis, 672-735

Box 69 Bibliography on math.

Box 69 Bibliotheca Columbiana

Box 69 Biographical notes relating to Gaspard Monge

Box 70 Book reviews, 1892-1939 & undated, 1892-1939, undated

Box 71 Budget of paradoxes. By August us de Morgan

Box 71 Cajori, Florian-obituary

Box 71 The call of mathematics. & The poetry of mathematics

Box 71 Carus, Mary Hegeler-obituary

Box 71 Catalogue of letters & documents purchased in, June -August 1924

Box 71 Cathedra gastronomica

Box 72 Certain topics for investigation in the history of mathematics

Box 72 Challanging problems in American schools of education

Box 72 Changes in elementary mathematical terms in the last 3 centuries

Box 72 Chaucer

Box 72 Chinese mathematics

Box 72 Christmas carol ..., 1932

Box 72 Class roll books-7 vols.

Box 72 Cole, Frank Nelson-DAB

Box 72 Commonplace book., ca. 1880

Box 72 Le comput manuel de Magister Anianus

Box 72 Connecting arithmetic with the children's everyday experiences

Box 72 The contribution of mathematics to civilization

Box 72 Countries visited

Box 72 Craig, Thomas-DAB

Box 72 Credo mathematici

Box 72 Curious values of ff.

Box 73 David Dunham stories

Box 74 The David Eugene Smith gift of historical-mathematical instruments to Columbia University

Box 74 DeForest, Erastus Lyman-DAB

Box 74 De Morte (.1882).

Box 74 Descarte's La geometrie, trans.by D.E.Smith & Marcia L. Latham

Box 74 The development of the geometry textbook

Box 74 Diaries-1871-1933

Box 74 Discours sur la philosophie prononce par D'Alembert le 3 decembre, 1768

Box 74 Does the teacher's knowledge of a subject differ from that of a scholar?

Box 74 The dust numerals among the eastern Arabs

Box 74 Early American mathematics

Box 74 Early American mathematical periodicals

Box 74 The early contributions of Carl Schoy

Box 74 D M the Arabs invent the decimal fraction?

Box 74 A dream of Thanksgiving

Encyclopedia Britannica articles:

Box 75 A-G

Box 76 H-W

Box 77 3x5 cards

Box 78 Esthetics and mathematics

Box 78 Euclid, Omar Khayyam, and Saccheri

Box 78 Experience and impressions

Box 78 Farrar, John-DAB

Box 78 FirdausI celebration

Box 78 The first great commercial arithmetic

Box 78 The fisherman sees ...

Box 78 The Ganita-Sara-Sangraha of Mahaviracarya

Box 78 Gaspard Monge, politician

Box 78 A general survey of the progress of mathematics in our high schools ...

Box 78 Genesis

Box 78 A geometric "bedlam

Box 78 Geometry. By D.E.Smith & Wentworth

Box 78 The geometry of the Hindus

Box 78 A glimpse at early Colonial algebra

Box 78 The Gobi Desert

Box 78 Going to Persia?

Box 78 The great problem

Box 78 The great treasurehouse of Chinese and European mathematics. By Louis Vanhee.

Box 78 Greece, the birthplace of mathematical thought

Box 78 A Greek multiplication table

Box 78 Greenwood, Isaac-DAB

Box 78 Halsted, George Bruce-DAB

Box 78 Harkness, James-DAB (?)

Box 78 Harrangguel; an awful tale

Box 78 Heath's Euclid

Box 78 Hendricks, Joel E.-DAB (?)

Box 78 Historical-Mathematical Paris

Box 78 The Hindu-Arabic numerals

Box 79 A history of Japanese mathematics

Box 80 History of mathematical recreations

Box 80 History of mathematics (l)

Box 81 History of mathematics (2)

Box 82 A history of mathematics in America before 1900 (l), 1900

Box 83 A history of mathematics in America before 1900 (2), 1900

Box 83 History of modern mathematics

Box 83 History of science society-memoranda, minutes, etc.

Box 83 Hobby riding in Paris

Box 83 How mathematics is needed or used by the average citizen who. consults an encyclopedia

Box 83 How May the teaching of mathematics be made more efficient

Box 83 How the native Japanese mathematics is considered in the West

Box 83 In His own image

Box 83 In the surnamed chosen chest

Box 83 Influence of Persia on American culture

Box 83 Influence of Renaissance

Box 83 The influence of the mathematical works of the 15th cent, upon those of the l6th cent.

Box 83 Institute for the study of the history of science

Box 84 International Commission on the Teaching of Mathematics-memoranda, notes, etc.

Box 84 The International Congress of Mathematicians ..., 1932

Box 84 International understanding through mathematics

Box 84 An interesting piece of Americana mathematica

Box 84 Intuition and experiment in mathematical teaching in the secondary schools

Box 84 Jackson, Abraham V.W.-obituary

Box 84 Jewish contributions to mathematics in the Middle Ages

Box 84 John Wallis as a cryptographer

Box 84 Johnson, William Woolsey-DAB

Box 84 Joint report on Mr. Sukumar Ranjan Dasgupta's thesis,.. the Univ. of Calcutta.

Box 85 Kaye, George Rusky ­ obituary for Science

Box 85 Laplace

Box 85 The larger questions in the teaching of fractions

Box 85 The law of exponents in the works of the l6th century

Box 85 Lazare Nicholas Marguerite Carnot

Box 85 Lectures & addresses: 1924-1938 & undated, 1924-1938, undated

Box 85 Lecture notes: 1887 & undated, 1887, undated

Box 85 Loomis, Elias ­ DAB Lemoine, Emile Michel Hyacnthe

Box 85 List of books, essays, and reviews written by David Eugene Smith

Box 86 McClintock, Emory ­ DAB

Box 86 Mansions of mud

Box 86 Manuscripts of the Bible and of documents relating to it

Box 86 Manuscript translations of Euclid's Geometry

Box 86 Maschke, Heinrich ­ DAB

Box 86 Mathematica Gothica

Box 86 The Mathematical Association of America

Box 86 Mathematical contemporaries of Rene Descartes, 1596-1650

Box 86 A mathematical exhibit of interest to teachers

Box 86 Mathematical giants and non-giants

Box 86 Mathematical ideals of the J-H-S

Box 86 Mathematical portraits and pages

Box 86 The mark, master masons of Ispahan. By Helen Jewett

Box 86 Mathematical recreations

Box 87 Mathematical tables. Smith & Carson

Box 87 The mathematical tablets of Nippur

Box 87 Mathematical terms of olden times

Box 87 Mathematics and religion

Box 87 The mathematics of Bacon's time

Box 87 Me family tree

Box 87 Medicine and mathematics in the l6th century

Box 87 Memoria in aeterna

Box 87 Memories of Hot Wassah

Box 87 Methods of teaching the history of mathematics

Box 87 Mimari, Mamoru-obituary

Box 87 Mirabilia mathematica

Box 88 Moore, Eliakin Hastings -- obituary

Box 88 Moritz Cantor

Box 88 Motives for study

Box 88 Mystery of numbers

Box 88 The National Committee on Mathematical Requirements-memoranda, etc.

Box 88 Newton, Hubert Anson -- DAB

Box 88 Note on a Greek papyrus

Box 88 A note on Johannes Schonerus

Box 88 A note on Thomas Jefferson

Notes on:

Box 89 abacus-finger reckoning

Box 89 addition and subtraction

Box 89 algebra

Box 89 algebra from 1500 to 1650-the cubic and quartic, 1500

Box 89 algebra-algebraic symbols

Box 89 algebra-Hundu algebra

Box 89 algebra-Medieval European algebra

Box 89 algebra-rule of false position

Box 89 algebra-rule of three

Box 89 algebra -- series

Box 89 arithmetic-prehistoric arithmetic

Box 89 arithmetic-13th & l4th centuries

Box 90 arithmetic-l6th century

Box 90 arithmetic-1700-1850

Box 90 arithmetic-Babylon

Box 90 arithmetic-China-Japan

Box 90 arithmetic-England, 1500-1700

Box 90 arithmetic-Egypt

Box 90 arithmetic-German arithmetic, 15th & l6th centuries

Box 90 arithmetic-Greece

Box 90 arithmetic-Hindu-Arab

Box 90 arithmetic-Medieval

Box 90 arithmetic-Minor countries, 1500-1700

Box 90 arithmetic-Netherlands, 1500-1700

Box 90 arithmetic-Rome

Box 90 arithmetics from 1478 to 1602, 1478, 1602

Box 91 bibliography of history of mathematics

Box 91 biographies

Box 91 business applications

Box 91 calculus

Box 91 checks on computations

Box 91 China

Box 91 classification of numbers

Box 91 common fractions

Box 91 commercial life as revealed by arithmetic

Box 91 the computus

Box 91 dice

Box 91 division

Box 91 the dollar sign

Box 91 fundamental operations-numeration of large nos.

Box 92 history of geometry

Box 92 history of trigonometry

Box 92 logarithms

Box 92 math, letters

Box 92 measures

Box 92 metric system

Box 92 multiplication

Box 92 Napier Celebration-24 July 19l4

Box 92 Oriental numerals

Box 92 Pacidi

Box 92 practice

Box 92 the seven liberal arts-the names given to arith.

Box 92 sexagesimal fractions

Box 92 square roots

Box 92 Misc.

Box 93 A noteworthy Chaucerian manuscript

Box 93 Number stories

Box 93 Numbers and numerals; a story book for young and old

Box 94 Ode to Madame l'Abbess

Box 94 Qkamoto, N.-obituary

Box 94 On a remarkable contribution to the history of mathematics

Box 94 On mu facsimile of the D'Alembert Address

Box 94 On teaching mathematics

Box 94 On the course of the history of mathematics in the Michigan State Normal College

Box 94 On the genealogy of modern numerals

Box 94 On the origin of certain typical problems

Box 94 On the origin of the term "root"

Box 94 An opportunity for textual criticism in the history of Chinese mathematics

Box 94 The origin of the term "root" in Chinese mathematics

Box 94 Our debt to Greece and Rome

Box 94 Outline of a proposed history of the Sacrobosco Products Co.

Box 95 The palace walls of Tus

Box 95 Pelseneer on mathematical thought

Box 95 Pictorial material relating to Euclid

Box 95 The place of Roger Bacon in the history of mathematics

Box 95 Plane trigonometry

Box 95 The play of imagination in geometry

Box 95 The poetry of mathematics and other essays

Box 95 Portfolio of mathematicians

Box 95 The portrait medals of Newton

Box 95 The portraits of Sir Isaac Newton

Box 95 Possible boundaries in the early history of mathematics

Box 96 Primer for Grade II

Box 96 The problem of the book

Box 96 Problem solving in algebra

Box 96 Protective geometry

Box 96 Quo vadis, o scientia

Box 96 Professor Smith's literary activities. By Jekuthiel Ginsburg

Box 97 Rara arithmetica (& addenda)

Box 97 The reasons

Box 97 The recent progress of standard time

Box 97 The relation of music to mathematics

Box 97 Religio mathematici

Box 97 A report on applied problems in arithmetic

Box 97 The resting places of certain mathematicians

Box 98 Retrospect

Box 98 Retrospect, introspect, prospect

Box 98 Roman numerals

Box 98 The Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám-mss.

Box 99 The Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám-proofs & printed

Box 100 Runkle, John Daniel-DAB

Box 100 The sciences are an integral part of general historical study

Box 100 The Second International Congress of the History of Science and Technology

Box 100 A simple cross-word puzzle ...

Box 100 Sir Thomas Little Heath

Box 100 Solid geometry

Box 100 The soul of mathematics

Box 100 A source book in mathematics-mss. (l)

Box 101 A source book in mathematics-mss. (2)

Box 102 A source book in mathematics-proofs (3)

Box 103 The spelling of certain mathematical names

Box 103 The story of mathematics

Box 103 Stringham, Washington Irving-DAB

Box 103 The stuff that dreams are made of

Box 103 The stupor of measurement

Box 103 The Sumario compendioso of Juan Diez

Box 103 The surnamed chosen chest

Box 103 Sylvester, James Joseph-DAB

Box 103 System lampades mathematicae

Box 104 The teaching of arithmetic

Box 104 The teaching of elementary mathematics

Box 104 Teaching of geometry

Box 104 The teaching of mathematics in the secondary schools of the United States

Box 104 The teaching of the history of science

Box 104 Texts and tests in elementary algebra

Box 105 Thomas Jefferson and mathematics

Box 105 To Fanny Morton

Box 105 To some good friends of mine, with the season's greeting

Box 105 Topics in the tropics letters to the Cortland Democrat etc.

Box 105 The Treviso Arithmetic, 1478 Arte d'ell'abbaco; Goff A1141, 1478

Box 105 The two orphans of Marrakech

Box 105 Two unpublished documents of Sir Isaac Newton

Box 105 Unsettled questions concerning the mathematics of China

Box 105 Vignettes of travel

Box 105 Vita Juventus, Fervor, Mors

Box 106 Weights & measures. Notes for a proposed "Bibliotheca metrological" (on the plan of his "Rara arithmetica"), 1926-1927. Nor published

Box 107 Weights & measures. Notes for a proposed "Bibliotheca metrological" (on the plan of his "Rara arithmetica"), 1926-1927. Nor published

Box 108 Weights & measures. Notes for a proposed "Bibliotheca metrological" (on the plan of his "Rara arithmetica"), 1926-1927. Nor published

Box 109 Weights & measures. Notes for a proposed "Bibliotheca metrological" (on the plan of his "Rara arithmetica"), 1926-1927. Nor published

Box 110 Weights & measures. Notes for a proposed "Bibliotheca metrological" (on the plan of his "Rara arithmetica"), 1926-1927. Nor published

Box 111 Weights & measures. Notes for a proposed "Bibliotheca metrological" (on the plan of his "Rara arithmetica"), 1926-1927. Nor published

Box 112 Weights & measures. Notes for a proposed "Bibliotheca metrological" (on the plan of his "Rara arithmetica"), 1926-1927. Nor published

Box 113 Weights & measures. Notes for a proposed "Bibliotheca metrological" (on the plan of his "Rara arithmetica"), 1926-1927. Nor published

Box 114 Williams, Roland H. -- obituary

Box 114 Wisdom of …

Box 114 The wonderful eyes of math

Box 114 The wonderful wonders of A-B-C

Box 114 The wonderful wonders of dreams that are wonderful

Box 114 The wonderful wonders of inches and ounces, and liters and acres …

Box 114 The wonderful wonders of one-two-three

Box 114 The wonderful wonders of pounds-feet-quarts-pints …

Boxes 115 Miscellaneous manuscripts

Boxes 116 Miscellaneous manuscripts

Boxes 117 Miscellaneous manuscripts

Box 118 Index of names for a 4 volume work (3x5 cards)

Series VI:Memorabilia, Photographs, Books, Ephemera

Box 119 Memorabilia

Box 120 Engraving plates

Box 121 Photographs

Box 122 Books (most are inscribed to D.E. Smith or have his notes)

Box 123 Books (most are inscribed to D.E. Smith or have his notes)

Box 124 Books (most are inscribed to D.E. Smith or have his notes)

Box 125 Books (most are inscribed to D.E. Smith or have his notes)

Box 126 Books (most are inscribed to D.E. Smith or have his notes)

Box 127 Books (most are inscribed to D.E. Smith or have his notes)

Box 128 Books (most are inscribed to D.E. Smith or have his notes)

Box 129 Books (most are inscribed to D.E. Smith or have his notes)

Box 130 Books (most are inscribed to D.E. Smith or have his notes)

Box 131 Books (most are inscribed to D.E. Smith or have his notes)

Box 132 Books (most are inscribed to D.E. Smith or have his notes)

Box 133 Books (most are inscribed to D.E. Smith or have his notes)

Box 134 Books (most are inscribed to D.E. Smith or have his notes)

Box 135 Books (most are inscribed to D.E. Smith or have his notes)

Box 136 Books (most are inscribed to D.E. Smith or have his notes)

Box 137 Printed miscellany

Box 138 Printed miscellany

Box 139 Contains roughly 120 examples of paper currency, stamps, and bonds, including money from the American and French Revolutions, 19th century Japan, and Bolshevik Russia.


Mapcase 14-13-10 Diplomas

Mapcase 14-13-10 The Hobby Club, New York, Dinner menus

Mapcase 14-13-10 Cataloged manuscripts of Arthur Hayley

Mapcase 14-13-10 Inscribed books

Mapcase 14-13-10 Miscellaneous: his cane & map of Chapultepec

Uncataloged manuscripts of J.E.G. Yalden