A. Arthur Schiller papers, 1897-1977

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Series XVI: Roman Law

Box 40 Abels, works and workmen in Rome

Box 40 American Council Learned Socities-Roman Law Crum

Box 40 American Council Learned Socities Roman Law Teaching

Box 40 American Experience in Roman Law

Box 40 American Experience -Sale

Box 40 Anglo-American Bibliography of Roman Law

Box 40 ANRW Study

Box 40 Apokrimata 1-4

Box 40 Apokrimata-Letter

Box 40 Apokrimata-Revision with Youtie

Box 40 Arbitration and Adjudication

Box 40 Architectural terms in Digest

Box 40 Association of American Law Schools

Box 41 Basilica materials

Box 41 Bibliography and Classification of Ancient Roman Lae

Box 41 Bibliography Publication

Box 41 Budge. Papyrus. for Jarce

Box 41 Bureaucracy Bibliography

Box 41 Bureaucracy in the Roman Principate

Box 41 Byzantine Papyri

Box 41 Cases of Resolution of Controversies Discovered in Julian

Box 41 Civil Law Institutions

Box 41 Civil Law Institutions 1-2

Box 42 Civil Procedure with class notes

Box 42 Chapter XII-XIII

Box 42 Collected Digest Materials

Box 42 Collected Works Publication

Box 42 Collected Works Reviews

Box 42 Comparative Law Congress 1-2

Box 42 Computer Projects

Box 42 Correspondence Courts are No More

Box 42 Crum, W.E.

Box 42 Crum materia1s re Introduction

Box 42 Current

Box 42 Custom in Roman Classical Law

Box 42 Digest XIX.2-translation

Box 42 Encyclopedia of Social Science

Box 42 Family Archive from Jeme

Box 43 Festschrift Oertel

Box 43 Festschrift David

Box 43 Festschrift Seidl

Box 43 Festschrift Von L├╝btow

Box 43 Imperial Legislation

Box 43 Interpreatatio Iuris

Box 43 Jurists and the Praefects of the City

Box 43 Jurists and the Praefects of !1:o!lle 1-2

Box 43 Levtures

Box 43 Levy, Ernst

Box 43 Lex Aquilia-C1ass Spring, 1937

Box 43 Medieval Law

Box 43 New York Univ. Lecture on Roman Law

Box 43 Notebooks

Box 43 Notes on Roman Law

Box 43 Notes on Roman Law and Classical Law

Box 44 Permission for Republication

Box 44 Perugia Talk

Box 44 Proposal re Undergraduate Gourde in Roman Law

Box 44 Publish Roman Law Book

Box 44 Riccobono Lecture

Box 44 Reviews of Articles on Roman Law

Box 44 Roman Bureaucracy

Box 44 Roman Law Syllabus

Box 44 Sale of Roman Law Books

Box 44 Schecter, Martha

Box 44 Studi in Onore di Giuseppe Grosso

Box 44 Studies in Caplan

Box 44 Survey of the Roman Law

Box 44 Tabula Banasitana

Box 44 Tabula Banasitana Oriental Club

Box 44 Tabula Banasitana Washington Oriental Club

Box 44 Texts and Commentary Book III Classical Law

Box 44 Thirteen Reponsa of Septimius Severus

Box 44 Vindication of repudiated text-Venice Speech

Box 44 Vulgar Law-Labeo