A. Arthur Schiller papers, 1897-1977

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Series XII: Byzantine Egyptian Law; Coptic Law

Box 32 Egyptian Law

Box 32 Imperial Legislation

Box 32 Imperial Legislation in late Byzantine Egypt 1-2

Box 32 Materials for Imperial Legislation

Box 32 Volterra

Box 32 Coptic Law Arbitration 1-3

Box 32 Ausstellung Kiptisch Kunst

Box 33 British Museum

Box 33 Budge Papyrus 1-2

Box 33 Columbia Coptica

Box 33 Columbia Copica and Michigan Coptica

Box 33 Columbia Coptica Publishing

Box 33 Coptic Bibliography

Box 33 Coptic Charm

Box 33 Coptic Dictionary

Box 33 Coptic Law English Version 1-3

Box 34 Coptic Law German Version 1-2

Box 34 Coptic Legal Papyrus

Box 34 Coptic Names -Budge

Box 34 Coptic Ostraca Brooklyn Museum

Box 34 Coptic Ostraca Columbia University

Box 34 Coptic Ostraca New York Historical Society

Box 34 Coptic• Text

Box 34 Coptic Texts

Box 34 Coptic Words

Box 34 Correspondence about Research Material

Box 34 English Translation Coptic Law

Box 34 English Translation Speculum reviews

Box 34 F.C.D and Coptic Texts

Box 34 Hephaistos

Box 34 Introduction of Walter Ewing Crum

Box 34 Legal Nature of the Narratio texts

Box 34 Legal Rules and Economic Factors of Property in the Coptic Monasteries

Box 34 Liber

Box 34 Library Committee

Box 34 List of Scholars

Box 35 Methods of Investigation

Box 35 Michigan Coptic Papyri

Box 35 Miscellaneous Coptic Notes

Box 35 Narratio Notes

Box 35 Narratio Texts

Box 35 No Court No Council

Box 35 Plates Coptic Houses

Box 35 Reflection on P. Yale

Box 35 Shaort Articles

Box 35 Studies Daube

Box 35 Studies Hoebel

Box 35 Studies Honor Khaddur

Box 35 Till

Box 35 Wisconsin Law review article and press

Box 35 Youtie Fest Schrift