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Algernon D. Black papers, 1932-1979

Series VI: Miscellaneous Publications

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Subseries VI: 1. Ethical Culture, 1934 October-1962 April

Box 6 Ethical News: "War and Human Conscience II (April 1, 1962)

Box 6 Ethical Religion Speaks: "Soviet Achievement: Implications for America" (December 15, 1957)

Box 6 The Humanist: "Civil Rights and Ethical Responsibilities" (April 1951)

Box 6 Ideals at Work: "United Nations Greeted by Ethical Leaders" (December 1955) Morality and American Freedom (Book, with selections by leaders of Ethical Culture Society) (1972)

Box 6 News Letter, New York Society for Ethical Culture: "An Easter Message" (April 1957)

Box 6 The Standard: "The Rights of Children" (October 1934)

Box 6 "An Approach to Moral Education" (November 1937)

Box 6 "Ethical Religion and Youth" (May or June, 1939')

Box 6 "The Ethical Movement and Human Experience" (February 1940)

Box 6 "Ethical Societies Must Face the Future" (March 1944)

Box 6 "The Armenian People" (March 1946)

Box 6 "Divorce By Mutual Consent" (January 1949)

Box 6 "The Case of Cardinal Mindszenty" (March 1949)

Box 6 "You and World Religion" (Lyman Bryson & A.D.B. –November-December 1953)

Subseries VI: 2. Miscellaneous periodicals, 1932 February-1971 July

Church and Society

Box 6 Issue titled "Voluntary Parenthood" , with articles by A.D. Black and Margaret Sanger and Hannah Stone, 1932 February

The Churchman

Box 6 "Is Humanism Enough?", 1971 June-July

The Journal of Intergroup Relations:

Box 6 "The Quest for Community", 1959-1960 Winter

Child Study:

Box 6 "Religious Education in the Ethical Movement" (February 1936)

Box 6 "Youth and Citizenship Responsibility" (Summer 1942)

National Parent-Teacher:

Box 6 "How Children Acquire Morale" (September 1951)

School Parent:

Box 6 "What Are Youth Is Questions?" (October 1936)

School Volunteer News (Public Education Association):

Box 6 "Helping the Child to Live and Learn: Challenge to the Citizens" (November 1963)