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Algernon D. Black papers, 1932-1979

Series V: Pamphlets, circa 1935-1967

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Subseries V.1: Published under auspices of N.Y. Society for Ethical Culture and/or American Ethical Union, circa 1935-1964 April

Box 6 A. Ethical Culture Movement/Ethical Culture Society

Box 6 Ethical Faith (Ca. 1950)

Box 6 The Meaning of Ethical Culture (1960)

Box 6 Ethical Culture: A Living Faith for Modern Man (1963)

Box 6 Are We Religious? (ca. 1946)

B. Religious and Moral Issues

Box 6 What Men Live By (ca. 1935)

Box 6 Our Godless Age (3/14/43)

Box 6 The Church and Religious Freedom (December 1949)

Box 6 Can Humanism Meet Man's Spiritual Need? (1959)

Box 6 Our Moral Heritage in a World Without God (Annual Felix Adler Memorial Lecture, April 1964)

C. Discrimination and Civil Rights

Box 6 Anti-Semitism: Is There an Answer? (1938)

Box 6 The City's Children and the Challenge of Racial Discrimination (1958)

D. Politics and Democracy

Box 6 Democracy and Ethical Culture (late 1930s)

Box 6 War and the Individual -- Is Pacifism the Answer? (ca. 1937)

Box 6 War and the Democratic Spirit ( September 13, 1932 - A.D. Black and J. Nathanson), September 13, 1932

Box 6 The Road Ahead (October 30, 1938)

Box 6 Can We Save America's Freedom? (March 29, 1953)

E. Family, Children

Box 6 The Religious Education of the Child (2 editions: 1930s and revised edition ca. 1950), 1930s

Box 6 Ethics of Birth Control (1936)


Box 6 Memorial for Benjamin Cohen (A.D.B. and other speakers -March 1960)

Subseries V.2: Non-Ethical Society pamphlets, 1936, 1954, 1958, 1967

A. Public Affairs Committee, 1954, 1958, 1967

Box 6 If I Marry Outside My Religion (2 editions: 1954 -#204; and revised version 1967 -#204A), 1954, 1967

Box 6 Who's My Neighbor? (October 1958 -#273) and edition: Fair Play in Housing --Who's My Neighbor? (1966 -#396), 1958

B. Discrimination, 1936

Box 6 Ethical Issues of the Armenian Question (1936 reprinted from The Standard)