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Justine Wise Polier papers, 1970-1976

Series I: Justine Wise Polier papers

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Box 1 Abortion

Box 1 Adoption

Box 2 Aid to Families with Dependent Children

Box 2 Banishment

Box 2 Contempt Powers

Box 2 Counsel, Right to

Box 2 Cruel and Unusual Punishment

Box 3 Cruel and Unusual Treatment


Box 3 Wilder vs Sugarman

Box 4 Player vs Alabama

Box 4 Education

Box 4 Public Welfare (Roe vs Norton)


Box 4 General

Box 4 Corporal Punishment

Box 5 Handicapped

Box 5 School Suspensions arid Exclusions

Foster Care

Box 5 General

Box 5 Payments to Non-Financially Liable Relatives

Box 5 Rights of Relations

Box 6 Rights of Parents

Box 6 Funding

Box 6 Indian Children

Juvenile Justice

Box 6 Detention

Box 7 Due Process

Box 7 Indefinite or Extended Sentence

Box 7 Jails and Lock-ups

Box 7 Treatment, Right to

Mental Health

Box 7 Mental Retardation

Box 8 Right of Patients to Commit Voluntarily

Box 8 Miscellaneous

Box 8 Parental Rights

Box 9 Parental Rights

Box 9 Persons in Need of Supervision

Box 9 Placement, Out of State

Box 10 Treatment, Right to

Box 10 Waiver