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Herbert L. Osgood papers, 1900-1924

The American Colonies in the 18th Century Files

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Box 1 "Maryland"

Box 1 "Louisiana population, 1745-1766" 1 p. ms.

Box 1 Maryland, 1716-1740. p. 10 pnly ms.

Box 1 "1701-1717" 1 p. ms notes

Box 1 "Maryland, 1716-1742" 24 p. ms.

"Notes-Conn., RI., Va."

Box 1 ca 100 4 x 6 cards with historical data on Pa., Conn., and Ga. in ms.

Box 1 Connecticut-War" 40 p. (incomplete) in ms.

Box 1 "Connecticut-1716-1740" 45 p. plus 5 p. notes. in ms.

Box 1 Boundary disputes of Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island. 26 p. notes in ms.

Box 1 "Internal development ofRhode Island from 1690 to 1715" 21 p. in ms., 1690

Box 1 "Minutes of the Council ofVirginia" Jan 12, 1693-Dec 20, 1699. 41 p. typed.

Box 1 Minutes of the House of Burgesses of Virginia" March2, 1693-Oct 24, 1699.4p. typed.

Box 1 "Minutes of the General Assembly of Maryland" Sept 20, 1693-July 20, 1699. p. typed

Box 1 "Minutes of Council of Maryland" Sept 25, 1693-July 22, 1699.78

Box 1 p.typed

Box 1 Misc, ms. notes 2 p.

Box 1 "Spotswood Coerepondence" ms. notes. 2 p.

Box 1 "Early life of CoL Alexander Spottswood" 214 p. in ms.

Box 1 "Drysdal's administration" 2 p. in ms.

Box 1 "Questions ofland and quit rents. Drysdale's administration" 15p. in ms.

Box 1 "Session of 1730" (Burgesses) 4 p. in ms.

Box 1 Ms notes re Acts, Virginia, 1722-1729 1 p. in ms., 1722-1729

Box 1 "Misc. references" Virginia, 1720 5 p. in ms., 1720

Box 1 "Relations with Spanish Virginia" 2 p. in ms.

Box 1 "Finance-Virginia, 1726" 8 p. in ms.

Box 1 "Trade and Customs, Virginia" 15 p. in ms.

Box 1 "Indians" l0p. in ms.

Box 2 "Policy toward chartered colonies". 2, 11,33 p. in ms.

Box 2 "Trade" 1693-1700.94 p. in ms.

Indian Records

Box 2 "Indian affairs in New York, Fletcher". 32 p. in ms

(ms. d. re Indian affairs, Aug 23, 1718-Sept 2, 1721 p. 225-250)

Box 2 "New York. Minutes of Executive Council of Indian Affairs" Sept 9,1721-June 16, 1743. 35 p. in ms.

Box 2 "Notes on Indian relatives" 27, 3 p. in ms.

Box 2 "Indian records-Wraxall" 4 p. in ms.

Box 2 "Indian records" 50 p. in ms.

Box 2 "Indian records" 9, 16,9, 11, 13, 14, 7, 18, 15 p. in ms

Box 2 "New York. Minutes ofCouncil" 3,36-150 p. in ms.

Box 3 "Acts of Parliament and of Irish Parliament;

Box 3 Calendar of Treasury Papers;

Notes on English Church and Dissenters"

Box 3 "Notes from Treasury Calendar." 145 p. typed with ms notes.

Box 3 Notes on English Church 384.233 p. in ms

Box 3 "New York Colden Papers" Colden Papers (New York Historical Society) 12,39, 16,34 p. in ms.

Box 4 American Colonies in the Eighteenth Century Manuscript

Box 4 "General Introduction"-Part I Chapter I

Box 4 "Indian relations during the second quarter of the eighteenth century"--Part II Chapter XVII

Box 4 "Pennsylvania during the administration of Keith and Gordon, 1717-1736"-Part II Chapter VII-Part II Chapter VII

Box 4 "The outlying colonies of New England. Connecticut."--Part II Chapter XV

Box 4 "The outlying colonies ofNew England. Rhode Island."--Part II Chapter XII

Box 4 "War, faction and finance in New York under Slaughter and Fletcher, 1691-1697--Part I Chapter VII

Box 4 "Commercial relations before and after the Act of Trade of 1696"--Part I Chapter V

Box 4 "Massachusetts and New England during the administration of Joseph Dudley, 1702-1715"--Part I Chapter XX

Box 4 "Transition to Royal government in North Carolina"--Part II Chapter III

Box 4 "The English Church and the dissenters under the early Hanoverians. I."--Part II Chapter X

Box 4 "Clinton's administration."--Part II Chapter X

(re. Clinton; remainder re Robert Johnston & South Carolina)

Box 4 "Close of the war. Triumph of the British. Treaty of Peace, 1763."--Part III Chapter XVII

Box 4 "Massachusetts under Shirley. Mid-Century problems of colonial administration, 1740-1754"--Part III Chapter IV

Box 4 "Virginia from the retirement of Spotswood to the close of the third Intercolonial war."--Part III Chapter VII

Box 4 "Culmination of the Leisleritan conflict. Misgovernment and Lord Combury in New York and New Jersey."--Part I Chapter XXI

Box 4 "Piracy during the early Colonial Wars."--Part I Chapter XVI

Box 5 "Virginia during the second Intercolonial War."--Part I Chapter XXI

Box 5 "The attitude of the Cabinet, Parliament and the Board of Trade toward questions of commerce and colonization under the early Hanoverians."--Part II Chapter I

Box 5 "Piracy during the early Colonial wars."--Part I Chapter XVI

Box 5 "Westward expansion and the Albany Congress of 1754."--Part III Chapter XIV

Box 5 "Maryland as a Royal Province. The administration of Copley and Nicholson, 1691-1698."--Part I Chapter XI

Box 5 "The fourth Intercolonial War. The opening of the struggle. Years of French success, 1754-1756."--Part III Chapter XV

Box 5 "Maryland during the last two Intercolonial wars."

Box 5 "Ecclesiastical relations at the middle of the century."--Part III Chapter II

Box 5 "North Carolina during the administration of Gabriel Johnston, 1734-1752."--Part III Chapter IX

Box 5 "Georgia as a Propiretary Province, 1732-1752."--Part II Chapter IX

Box 5 "The English Church and the dissenters under the early Hanoverians, II"--Part II Chapter XI

Box 5 "The great awakening."--Part III Chapter I

Box 5 "Pennsylvania during the third Intercolonial war. Administration of Thomas and Hamilton."--Part III Chapter VI

Box 5 "The outlying colonies ofNew England-New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Connecticut."--Part II Chapter XIII

(note appended, written in another hand: "This seems to be a different version from the one typewritten)

Box 5 "The first Intercolonial war, 1689-1697."--Part I Chapter III

Box 5 "The early extension of the Church of England in the colonies."--Part I Chapter XVII

Box 5 "New Jersey under separate government. Morris, Belcher and the land riots, 1738-1755."--Part III Chapter V

Box 5 "Massachusetts at the beginning of the Colonial Wars"--Part I Chapter IX

Box 5 "Indian relations during the early eighteenth century. Development of the Western frontier."--Part I Chapter XIV

Box 5 "Colonial Union: The a of the Earl of Bellomont in New York and New England, 1697-1701"--Part I Chapter VIII

Box 6 "The wars of the eighteenth century in general."--Part I Chapter II

Box 6 "Massachusetts and New Hampshire under Belcher, 1730-1740. End of the conflict ofGovernor's salary. Rise of the struggle over the Land Bank."--Part II Chapter XVI

Box 6 "Immigration into the American Colonies during the first half of the eighteenth century."--Part II Chapter XVI

Box 6 "South Carolina from the full establishment of Royal Government to the close of the 3rd Intercolonial war."--Part III Chapter VIII

Box 6 "Reopening of the struggle with the Bourbon Alliance. The Third Intercolonial war."--Part II, Chapter XVI

Box 6 "The policy of the British Government toward the production of Naval stores in the American colonies."--Part I Chapter XV

Box 6 "The second Intercolonial war, 1702-1713."--Part I Chapter XIII

Box 6 "Colonial administration during the early years of the war. Origin of the Board Of Trade."--Part I Chapter IV

Box 6 "Internal conflicts in Massachusetts under Shute and Burnet. Question of the Governor's salary."--Part II Chapter X

Box 6 "Maryland under restored proprietary government, 1715-1742."--Part II Chapter VIII

Box 6 "Pennsylvania from the issue of the Charter of Liberties to the governorship the governorship of William Keith, 1701-1717."--Part I Chapter XXIV

Box 6 "North Carolina"

Box 6 "South Carolina and Georgia during the fourth Intercolonial war. Indian relations and the development of the Up country."--Part III Chapter XIII

Box 6 "The fourth Intercolonial war. Success o fthe French during the years 1756 to 1758--Part III Chapter XVI, 1756

Box 6 "The overthrow of proprietary government in South Carolina, 1719."--Part II Chapter II

Box 6 "Virginia during the administration of Alexander Spotswood."--Part I Chapter XXIII

Box 6 "The surrender of proprietary government in New Jersey, 1702."--Part I Chapter XII

Box 6 "Virginia during the first Intercolonial war."--Part I Chapter X

Box 6 "Maryland during the second Intercolonial war. Close of the period of Royal government."--Part I Chapter XXII

Box 7 Typescript of Manucript

Box 8 Osgood, Herbert L.-American Colonies in the 18th Century 4 volumes, Columbia University Press,, 1924

Research Notes for American Colonies in the 18th Century

Box 8 Board of Trade-Journals, 1700-1764

Box 8 Virginia--Original Papers, 1737-1763

Box 8 Boston Newspapers, 1714-1773

((News Letter; Courant; Gazette, Advertiser; Weekly Rehearsal)

Box 8 New Jersey Original Papers, 1738-1775

Box 9 Board of Trade-New York and New Jersey, 1702-1763

Box 9 New York Newspapers, 1735-1756

Box 9 New Jersey- Notes from the Journals of the House of Representatives,, 1721-1763

Box 9 Board of Trade America and the West Indies I 1704--1745

Box 9 Board of Trade-New England I, 1677-1764

Box 9 Miscellaneous newspaper, etc.

(Rhode Island and Mercury; Philadelphia Journal; General Magazine; American Magazine; index)

Box 9 Board of Trade South Carolina, 1696-1763

Box 9 Admiralty-In-letters, 1700-1735

Box 9 Board of Trade-Plantations. General 1690-1763 (?), 1690-1763

Box 9 Proprieties IV; South Carolina-Journal of Executive Com. 1732-1744 N. H. Journal 1744, 1732-1744, 1744

Box 9 South Carolina-Journal of the Executive Council Apri1 1751 & January 25, 1752-1761

Box 9 South Carolina-N.H. Journal 1744 British Museum-Egerton and Hardwick Papers; Hargrove ms., 1744

Box 9 Board of Trade-Proprieties and Commercial Series, 1695-1756

Box 9 New York. Board of Trade Papers (not printed in New York Colonial Documents) Properties I

Box 9 Proprieties II, 1696-1763

Box 10 Proprieties III, 1705-1755

Box 10 War Office-Papers (v.1-5) relating to fourth Intercolonial War (chiefly William Shirley)

Box 10 War Office-Papers. Out-letters (secretary) 1702-1760 Miscellaneous 1735-1760 Newcastle Papers (British Museum), 1702-1760, 1735-1760

Box 10 State, Secretary of. Military 1756-1763 In-letters (administrative secretary) 1697-1758, 1756-1763, 1697-1758

Box 10 A. U. I. Virginia 1695-1753 Colonial appeals before Piracy Commission; Plantations General 1711-1732 Miscellaneous, 1733-1763, 1695-1753, 1711-1732, 1733-1763

Box 10 Royal Instructions to Governors 1702 ; Secretary of State's Letter Book 1703-1757 Revised Instructions to Governors, 1702, 1703-1757

Box 10 Custom Cases-Opinions of Counsel 1708-1724 (British Museum); Society for the Propagation of the Gospel-Correspondence 1702-1708, 1708-1724, 1702-1708

Box 10 Privy Council-Papers, 1699-1763

Box 10 Great Britain-Secretary of State-Letters from Governors in America 1746-1761 Chatham Papers 1758-1763, 1746-1761, 1758-1763

Box 10 Society for the Propagation of the Gospel Journal, 1701-1713

Box 10 Newcastle Papers (British Nuscuin)

Box 10 Royal Instructions to Governors 1702-1759 Board of Trade to Secretary of State 1702-1731ca., 1702-1759, 1702-1731

Box 10 Colonial trade, etc.-Hills Journal of Canada Expedition 1711 material on the Sugar Islands; New Hampshire, etc.; mass. Indian relations, 1711, 1711, 1711

Box 10 Colonial trade, etc.-Mass. Indian relations (cont'd); Vet Correspondence; miscellaneous notes on the Colonies

Box 10 Newcastle Papers; Newman Papers (British Museum)

Box 11 New York Supplementary material (enclosures, etc.)

Box 11 Proprieties (supplementary); Canada-Miscellaneous; Massachusetts-Phips and later.

Box 11 State Papers. Dominions-Secretary of State-Letter books; miscellaneous. Privy Council. Register; New York-Supplementary material.

Box 11 Treasury Papers Calendared material 1690-1745 Board of Trade-Miscellaneous (Plantations General); Commercial (Slave trade), 1690-1745

Box 11 Treasury Papers In-letters 1746-1763 minute books on reimbursement, 1746-1763

Box 11 Memoranda for work in the Public Record Office