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Herbert L. Osgood papers, 1900-1924

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Creator(s) Osgood, Herbert L (Herbert Levi), 1855-1918 ; Fox, Dixon Ryan, 1887-1945
Title Herbert L. Osgood papers, 1900-1924
Physical Description 14 boxes (14 boxes)
Language(s) English .

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The collection consists of the manuscript materials relating to The American Colonies in the 18 Century 4 v. Columbia University Press, 1924, by Herbert L. Osgood Professor of History in Columbia University.

Six chapters are missing from the manuscript -Part I, chapter 6 and 19; Part II, chapter 4 and 5; Part III, chapter 11 and 12. However, chapters 6 and 19 of Part I are present in typescript. Other typescript copies are: Part I, chapters 12, 14, 16, 17; Part II, chapters 2 and 8; some miscellaneous pieces. There are 57 notebooks ofnotes and transcripts, copied by various hands from the Pub 1 ic Record Office, Privy Council Papers, War Office Papers, Board of Trade Journals, etc. These notebooks are numbered from 1 to 77 with missing numbers. All these appear to form part of the basic research for this book. There are also six correspondence boxes of miscellaneous notes relating to various subjects covered by this work.

In 1928 The American Colonies in the 18 Century won one ofthe Loubat Prizes or Columbia University for "the best work printed in the English language on the history, geography, archeology, anthropology, etc. of North America". These prizes are awarded every fifth year.

This manuscript was incomplete at the time of Professor Osgood's death in 1918 and was completed and published in 1924 by his son-in-law, Dixon Ryan Fox (1889-1945). Prof. Dixon Ryan Fox carried the manuscript through the final stages and saw the four-volume study through the press.

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This collection is located off-site. You will need to request this material at least three business days in advance to use the collection in the Rare Book and Manuscript Library reading room.

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History / Biographical Note


Herbert Osgood was an professor of Americal history, with a specialty in colonial history, at Columbia University.

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The American Colonies in the 18th Century Files

Box 1 "Maryland"

Box 1 "Louisiana population, 1745-1766" 1 p. ms.

Box 1 Maryland, 1716-1740. p. 10 pnly ms.

Box 1 "1701-1717" 1 p. ms notes

Box 1 "Maryland, 1716-1742" 24 p. ms.

"Notes-Conn., RI., Va."

Box 1 ca 100 4 x 6 cards with historical data on Pa., Conn., and Ga. in ms.

Box 1 Connecticut-War" 40 p. (incomplete) in ms.

Box 1 "Connecticut-1716-1740" 45 p. plus 5 p. notes. in ms.

Box 1 Boundary disputes of Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island. 26 p. notes in ms.

Box 1 "Internal development ofRhode Island from 1690 to 1715" 21 p. in ms., 1690

Box 1 "Minutes of the Council ofVirginia" Jan 12, 1693-Dec 20, 1699. 41 p. typed.

Box 1 Minutes of the House of Burgesses of Virginia" March2, 1693-Oct 24, 1699.4p. typed.

Box 1 "Minutes of the General Assembly of Maryland" Sept 20, 1693-July 20, 1699. p. typed

Box 1 "Minutes of Council of Maryland" Sept 25, 1693-July 22, 1699.78

Box 1 p.typed

Box 1 Misc, ms. notes 2 p.

Box 1 "Spotswood Coerepondence" ms. notes. 2 p.

Box 1 "Early life of CoL Alexander Spottswood" 214 p. in ms.

Box 1 "Drysdal's administration" 2 p. in ms.

Box 1 "Questions ofland and quit rents. Drysdale's administration" 15p. in ms.

Box 1 "Session of 1730" (Burgesses) 4 p. in ms.

Box 1 Ms notes re Acts, Virginia, 1722-1729 1 p. in ms., 1722-1729

Box 1 "Misc. references" Virginia, 1720 5 p. in ms., 1720

Box 1 "Relations with Spanish Virginia" 2 p. in ms.

Box 1 "Finance-Virginia, 1726" 8 p. in ms.

Box 1 "Trade and Customs, Virginia" 15 p. in ms.

Box 1 "Indians" l0p. in ms.

Box 2 "Policy toward chartered colonies". 2, 11,33 p. in ms.

Box 2 "Trade" 1693-1700.94 p. in ms.

Indian Records

Box 2 "Indian affairs in New York, Fletcher". 32 p. in ms

(ms. d. re Indian affairs, Aug 23, 1718-Sept 2, 1721 p. 225-250)

Box 2 "New York. Minutes of Executive Council of Indian Affairs" Sept 9,1721-June 16, 1743. 35 p. in ms.

Box 2 "Notes on Indian relatives" 27, 3 p. in ms.

Box 2 "Indian records-Wraxall" 4 p. in ms.

Box 2 "Indian records" 50 p. in ms.

Box 2 "Indian records" 9, 16,9, 11, 13, 14, 7, 18, 15 p. in ms

Box 2 "New York. Minutes ofCouncil" 3,36-150 p. in ms.

Box 3 "Acts of Parliament and of Irish Parliament;

Box 3 Calendar of Treasury Papers;

Notes on English Church and Dissenters"

Box 3 "Notes from Treasury Calendar." 145 p. typed with ms notes.

Box 3 Notes on English Church 384.233 p. in ms

Box 3 "New York Colden Papers" Colden Papers (New York Historical Society) 12,39, 16,34 p. in ms.

Box 4 American Colonies in the Eighteenth Century Manuscript

Box 4 "General Introduction"-Part I Chapter I

Box 4 "Indian relations during the second quarter of the eighteenth century"--Part II Chapter XVII

Box 4 "Pennsylvania during the administration of Keith and Gordon, 1717-1736"-Part II Chapter VII-Part II Chapter VII

Box 4 "The outlying colonies of New England. Connecticut."--Part II Chapter XV

Box 4 "The outlying colonies ofNew England. Rhode Island."--Part II Chapter XII

Box 4 "War, faction and finance in New York under Slaughter and Fletcher, 1691-1697--Part I Chapter VII

Box 4 "Commercial relations before and after the Act of Trade of 1696"--Part I Chapter V

Box 4 "Massachusetts and New England during the administration of Joseph Dudley, 1702-1715"--Part I Chapter XX

Box 4 "Transition to Royal government in North Carolina"--Part II Chapter III

Box 4 "The English Church and the dissenters under the early Hanoverians. I."--Part II Chapter X

Box 4 "Clinton's administration."--Part II Chapter X

(re. Clinton; remainder re Robert Johnston & South Carolina)

Box 4 "Close of the war. Triumph of the British. Treaty of Peace, 1763."--Part III Chapter XVII

Box 4 "Massachusetts under Shirley. Mid-Century problems of colonial administration, 1740-1754"--Part III Chapter IV

Box 4 "Virginia from the retirement of Spotswood to the close of the third Intercolonial war."--Part III Chapter VII

Box 4 "Culmination of the Leisleritan conflict. Misgovernment and Lord Combury in New York and New Jersey."--Part I Chapter XXI

Box 4 "Piracy during the early Colonial Wars."--Part I Chapter XVI

Box 5 "Virginia during the second Intercolonial War."--Part I Chapter XXI

Box 5 "The attitude of the Cabinet, Parliament and the Board of Trade toward questions of commerce and colonization under the early Hanoverians."--Part II Chapter I

Box 5 "Piracy during the early Colonial wars."--Part I Chapter XVI

Box 5 "Westward expansion and the Albany Congress of 1754."--Part III Chapter XIV

Box 5 "Maryland as a Royal Province. The administration of Copley and Nicholson, 1691-1698."--Part I Chapter XI

Box 5 "The fourth Intercolonial War. The opening of the struggle. Years of French success, 1754-1756."--Part III Chapter XV

Box 5 "Maryland during the last two Intercolonial wars."

Box 5 "Ecclesiastical relations at the middle of the century."--Part III Chapter II

Box 5 "North Carolina during the administration of Gabriel Johnston, 1734-1752."--Part III Chapter IX

Box 5 "Georgia as a Propiretary Province, 1732-1752."--Part II Chapter IX

Box 5 "The English Church and the dissenters under the early Hanoverians, II"--Part II Chapter XI

Box 5 "The great awakening."--Part III Chapter I

Box 5 "Pennsylvania during the third Intercolonial war. Administration of Thomas and Hamilton."--Part III Chapter VI

Box 5 "The outlying colonies ofNew England-New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Connecticut."--Part II Chapter XIII

(note appended, written in another hand: "This seems to be a different version from the one typewritten)

Box 5 "The first Intercolonial war, 1689-1697."--Part I Chapter III

Box 5 "The early extension of the Church of England in the colonies."--Part I Chapter XVII

Box 5 "New Jersey under separate government. Morris, Belcher and the land riots, 1738-1755."--Part III Chapter V

Box 5 "Massachusetts at the beginning of the Colonial Wars"--Part I Chapter IX

Box 5 "Indian relations during the early eighteenth century. Development of the Western frontier."--Part I Chapter XIV

Box 5 "Colonial Union: The a of the Earl of Bellomont in New York and New England, 1697-1701"--Part I Chapter VIII

Box 6 "The wars of the eighteenth century in general."--Part I Chapter II

Box 6 "Massachusetts and New Hampshire under Belcher, 1730-1740. End of the conflict ofGovernor's salary. Rise of the struggle over the Land Bank."--Part II Chapter XVI

Box 6 "Immigration into the American Colonies during the first half of the eighteenth century."--Part II Chapter XVI

Box 6 "South Carolina from the full establishment of Royal Government to the close of the 3rd Intercolonial war."--Part III Chapter VIII

Box 6 "Reopening of the struggle with the Bourbon Alliance. The Third Intercolonial war."--Part II, Chapter XVI

Box 6 "The policy of the British Government toward the production of Naval stores in the American colonies."--Part I Chapter XV

Box 6 "The second Intercolonial war, 1702-1713."--Part I Chapter XIII

Box 6 "Colonial administration during the early years of the war. Origin of the Board Of Trade."--Part I Chapter IV

Box 6 "Internal conflicts in Massachusetts under Shute and Burnet. Question of the Governor's salary."--Part II Chapter X

Box 6 "Maryland under restored proprietary government, 1715-1742."--Part II Chapter VIII

Box 6 "Pennsylvania from the issue of the Charter of Liberties to the governorship the governorship of William Keith, 1701-1717."--Part I Chapter XXIV

Box 6 "North Carolina"

Box 6 "South Carolina and Georgia during the fourth Intercolonial war. Indian relations and the development of the Up country."--Part III Chapter XIII

Box 6 "The fourth Intercolonial war. Success o fthe French during the years 1756 to 1758--Part III Chapter XVI, 1756

Box 6 "The overthrow of proprietary government in South Carolina, 1719."--Part II Chapter II

Box 6 "Virginia during the administration of Alexander Spotswood."--Part I Chapter XXIII

Box 6 "The surrender of proprietary government in New Jersey, 1702."--Part I Chapter XII

Box 6 "Virginia during the first Intercolonial war."--Part I Chapter X

Box 6 "Maryland during the second Intercolonial war. Close of the period of Royal government."--Part I Chapter XXII

Box 7 Typescript of Manucript

Box 8 Osgood, Herbert L.-American Colonies in the 18th Century 4 volumes, Columbia University Press,, 1924

Research Notes for American Colonies in the 18th Century

Box 8 Board of Trade-Journals, 1700-1764

Box 8 Virginia--Original Papers, 1737-1763

Box 8 Boston Newspapers, 1714-1773

((News Letter; Courant; Gazette, Advertiser; Weekly Rehearsal)

Box 8 New Jersey Original Papers, 1738-1775

Box 9 Board of Trade-New York and New Jersey, 1702-1763

Box 9 New York Newspapers, 1735-1756

Box 9 New Jersey- Notes from the Journals of the House of Representatives,, 1721-1763

Box 9 Board of Trade America and the West Indies I 1704--1745

Box 9 Board of Trade-New England I, 1677-1764

Box 9 Miscellaneous newspaper, etc.

(Rhode Island and Mercury; Philadelphia Journal; General Magazine; American Magazine; index)

Box 9 Board of Trade South Carolina, 1696-1763

Box 9 Admiralty-In-letters, 1700-1735

Box 9 Board of Trade-Plantations. General 1690-1763 (?), 1690-1763

Box 9 Proprieties IV; South Carolina-Journal of Executive Com. 1732-1744 N. H. Journal 1744, 1732-1744, 1744

Box 9 South Carolina-Journal of the Executive Council Apri1 1751 & January 25, 1752-1761

Box 9 South Carolina-N.H. Journal 1744 British Museum-Egerton and Hardwick Papers; Hargrove ms., 1744

Box 9 Board of Trade-Proprieties and Commercial Series, 1695-1756

Box 9 New York. Board of Trade Papers (not printed in New York Colonial Documents) Properties I

Box 9 Proprieties II, 1696-1763

Box 10 Proprieties III, 1705-1755

Box 10 War Office-Papers (v.1-5) relating to fourth Intercolonial War (chiefly William Shirley)

Box 10 War Office-Papers. Out-letters (secretary) 1702-1760 Miscellaneous 1735-1760 Newcastle Papers (British Museum), 1702-1760, 1735-1760

Box 10 State, Secretary of. Military 1756-1763 In-letters (administrative secretary) 1697-1758, 1756-1763, 1697-1758

Box 10 A. U. I. Virginia 1695-1753 Colonial appeals before Piracy Commission; Plantations General 1711-1732 Miscellaneous, 1733-1763, 1695-1753, 1711-1732, 1733-1763

Box 10 Royal Instructions to Governors 1702 ; Secretary of State's Letter Book 1703-1757 Revised Instructions to Governors, 1702, 1703-1757

Box 10 Custom Cases-Opinions of Counsel 1708-1724 (British Museum); Society for the Propagation of the Gospel-Correspondence 1702-1708, 1708-1724, 1702-1708

Box 10 Privy Council-Papers, 1699-1763

Box 10 Great Britain-Secretary of State-Letters from Governors in America 1746-1761 Chatham Papers 1758-1763, 1746-1761, 1758-1763

Box 10 Society for the Propagation of the Gospel Journal, 1701-1713

Box 10 Newcastle Papers (British Nuscuin)

Box 10 Royal Instructions to Governors 1702-1759 Board of Trade to Secretary of State 1702-1731ca., 1702-1759, 1702-1731

Box 10 Colonial trade, etc.-Hills Journal of Canada Expedition 1711 material on the Sugar Islands; New Hampshire, etc.; mass. Indian relations, 1711, 1711, 1711

Box 10 Colonial trade, etc.-Mass. Indian relations (cont'd); Vet Correspondence; miscellaneous notes on the Colonies

Box 10 Newcastle Papers; Newman Papers (British Museum)

Box 11 New York Supplementary material (enclosures, etc.)

Box 11 Proprieties (supplementary); Canada-Miscellaneous; Massachusetts-Phips and later.

Box 11 State Papers. Dominions-Secretary of State-Letter books; miscellaneous. Privy Council. Register; New York-Supplementary material.

Box 11 Treasury Papers Calendared material 1690-1745 Board of Trade-Miscellaneous (Plantations General); Commercial (Slave trade), 1690-1745

Box 11 Treasury Papers In-letters 1746-1763 minute books on reimbursement, 1746-1763

Box 11 Memoranda for work in the Public Record Office