Rare Book & Manuscript Library

Jack Beeson papers, 1933-2010

Series V: Scrapbooks, 1929-2010

This series contains scrapbooks created by Beeson, where he collected materials pertaining to his life and his works. The scrapbooks include news clippings, correspondence, programs and pamphlets, research materials, notes, and photographs. The series is divided into three subseries: scrapbooks pertaining to Beeson's musical works, to Beeson's autobiography ("The Book"), and to Beeson's life and hobbies (the "JB" scrapbooks).

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Subseries V.1: Musical Works Scrapbooks, 1954-2009

Beeson created one or more scrapbooks for several of his major works:Hello Out There,The Sweet Bye and Bye,Lizzie Borden,My Heart's in the Highlands,Captain Jinks of the Horse Marines,Dr. Heidegger's Fountain of Youth,Cyrano,Sorry, Wrong Number, andFour Forbidden Songs. There is also a scrapbook for an abandoned opera concept,Burr vs. Burr. The majority of the materials in these scrapbooks is comprised of research materials, correspondence, programs, publicity materials, and reviews pertaining to each of the works. Materials pertaining toLizzie Borden, Beeson's most frequently performed work, occupy seven scrapbooks.

Box 38 Hello Out There scrapbook, 1954-2000

Box 38 The Sweet Bye and Bye scrapbook, 1957-1999

Box 38 Lizzie Borden I scrapbook, 1965-1967

Box 38 Lizzie Borden II scrapbook, 1967-1976

Box 39 Lizzie Borden III scrapbook, 1976-1992

Box 39 Lizzie Borden IV scrapbook, 1992-1996

Box 39 Lizzie Borden V scrapbook, 1996-1999

Box 39 Lizzie Borden VI scrapbook, 1999-2000

Box 39 Lizzie Borden VII scrapbook, 2000-2008

Box 40 My Heart's in the Highlands I scrapbook,, 1969-1970

Box 40 My Heart's in the Highlands II scrapbook,, 1970-2008

Box 40 My Heart's in the Highlands III scrapbook,, 1988

Box 40 Captain Jinks of the Horse Marines I scrapbook,, 1975

Box 40 Captain Jinks of the Horse Marines II scrapbook,, 1976-2009

Box 41 Burr vs. Burr scrapbook, circa 1976-1986 (compiled 2009), 1976-1986

Box 41 Dr. Heidegger's Fountain of Youth scrapbook,, 1977-2004

Box 41 Cyrano de Bergerac (play) scrapbook, 1980-2008

Box 41 Cyrano scrapbook, 1993-2007

Box 41 Sorry, Wrong Number scrapbook, 1996-2008

Box 41 Four Forbidden Songs scrapbook, 1998-2008

Subseries V.2: "The Book" Scrapbook, 2008-2010

Beeson kept one scrapbook with materials pertaining to the publication and distribution of his autobiography. This scrapbook includes reviews and publicity, as well as materials related to the book's publisher, Edwin Mellon Press.

Box 42 The Book scrapbook, circa, 2008-2010

Subseries V.3: Personal ("JB") Scrapbooks, 1929-2010

Beeson created the "JB" scrapbooks to collect materials related to his life, activities, general interests, and his friends and colleagues. These scrapbooks contain correspondence, programs, photos, news clippings, and published articles about Beeson and about other topics. The "JB" scrapbooks also document performances and reviews of works by Beeson that do not have an individual work scrapbook in Series V.1.

The first "JB" scrapbook, which contains materials from 1929-1965, was compiled by Beeson in 1995.

Box 42 JB to '65 scrapbook, 1929-1965 (Compiled in 1995), 1929-1965

Box 42 JB I scrapbook, 1965-1976

Box 42 JB II scrapbook, 1976-1984

Box 43 JB III scrapbook, 1984-1991

Box 43 JB IV scrapbook, 1991-1996

Box 43 JB V scrapbook, 1996-2000

Box 43 JB VI scrapbook, 2000-2002

Box 44 JB VII scrapbook, 2002-2006

Box 44 JB VIII scrapbook, 2007-2008

Box 44 JB IX scrapbook, 2009-2010