Rare Book & Manuscript Library

Jack Beeson papers, 1933-2010

Series X: Multimedia, 1965-2013, undated

This series includes audio, audiovisual, and assorted other materials relating to performances of Beeson's compositions.

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Subseries X.1: Audio Recordings, 1976-2010 undated, 1976-2010, undated

This subseries contains commercially produced CDs and LPs of Beeson's works.

Box 74 Captain Jinks of the Horse Marines LP (RCA: ARL2-1727),, 1976

Box 74 Dr. Heidegger's Fountain of Youth LP (CRI 406),, 1979

Box 73 Hello, Out There CD (Bay Cities: BCD1034),, 1991

Box 73 The Sweet Bye and Bye CD (Citadel: CT-DOS-2000),, 1995

Box 73 Autumn Rhythms CD (CRI: CD712), 1996

(includes "Fantasy, Ditty and Fughettas for Two Baroque Flutes")

Box 73 Symphony No. 1 in A CD (Citadel: CTD88124),, 1997

Box 73 Carolyn Heafner Sings American Songs CD (CRI: CD854),, 2000

(includes "Death by Owl-Eyes," "The You Should Of Done It Blues," and "Eldorado")

Box 73 Fire, Fire, Quench Desire CD (Albany: TROY382),, 2000

(also includes "Six Lyrics," "Two Millay Sonnets," "Five Songs," "CAT!," "Death by Owl-Eyes," "The You Should Of Done It Blues," "Eldorado," "From a Watchtower," "Three Blake Songs," "Margret's Garden Aria," and "The Widow's Waltz")

Box 73 "4/15/03 Soundcheck" burned CD, 2003

Box 73 In Praise of Singing: Choral Music by Jack Beeson CD (Albany: TROY1036), 2008

(includes "Three Settings from the Bay Psalm Book," "Tides of Miranda," "Three Rounds," "Knots," "In Praise of Singing," "Summer Rounds and Canons," and "Epitaphs"; 2 copies)

Box 73 Sorry, Wrong Number and Practice in the Art of Elocution CD (Albany: TROY1036),, 2008

Box 73 Captain Jinks of the Horse Marines CD (Albany: TROY1149/50),, 2010

Box 73 Dr. Heidegger's Fountain of Youth and Hello Out There CD (Albany: TROY1312), 2012

Box 74 Symphony No. 1 in A LP (CRI 196), undated

Box 74 Captain Jinks of the Horse Marines LP (Desto: DC7222/3L),, undated

Box 73 Lizzie Borden CD (CRI: CD694), undated

Box 73 Cyrano burned CD, undated

Subseries X.2: Audiovisual Recordings, 1994-2013

This subseries contains a commercially released DVD ofLizzie Borden, and a VHS dub of a commercially released video ofCyranoperformed in Hagen.

Box 75 Cyrano VHS (dub of Boosey & Hawkes compilation of Hagen performances),, 1994

Box 75 Lizzie Borden DVD (Video Artists International/Boosey & Hawkes: DVD 4563),, 2013

Subseries X.3: Other Multimedia, 1965-2010 undated, 1965-2010, undated

This subseries includes promotional posters (from the Theater Hagen productions ofLizzie BordenandCyrano), photographs from the 1965 rehearsal and premiere ofLizzie Borden, and framed original sketches of costumes, characters, sets, and scenes fromLizzie Borden(1965),The Sweet Bye and Bye(1973),Hello Out There(undated), andMy Heart's in the Highlands(undated). The photographer and artists are mostly unidentified. The subseries also includes three CDs with digital photographs from Beeson's later life and his memorial concert.

Box 80 Promotional poster for Lizzie Borden at Theater Hagen,, 1992

Box 80 Promotional posters (2) for Cyrano at Theater Hagen,, 1994

Box 74 Assorted photos, 1965 and undated (31 items in 2 folders), 1965, undated

Box 73 "Jack Beeson Tribute Concert Photos," photo CD, 2010

Box 73 "CCO Jack Beeson Book Party," photo CD, undated

Box 73 "Jack Beeson Lo-Res Photos," photo CD, undated

Box Framed Items Three sketches of costumes from Lizzie Borden, 1965

(Abbie, Lizzie, and Margaret)

Box Framed Items Sketch of Billy Wilcox from The Sweet Bye and Bye, 1973

Box Framed Items Two sketches of set from Hello Out There, circa, 1954

Box Framed Items Two sketches of scenes from My Heart's in the Highlands, undated

(Mr. Kosak's Store)

Box Framed Items Sketch of a scene from an unknown work, undated