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Paul Felix Lazarsfeld papers, 1930-1976

Series III: Additional Files, 1960-1974

(Arranged Alphabetically. Correspondence, manuscripts activities and subject files (in one A-Z file) Includes files for many of the topics found in SERIES I. Among the major files are those of the Bureau of Applied Social Research, Columbia University Sociology Department, the Office of Naval Research "Uses Project," UNESCO Seminars and typescripts for Lazarsfeld's articles and papers.)

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Box 1 ABT Association

Box 1 Accounting Schemes

Box 1 Admissions Study for College Entrance Examinations Board

Box 1 Aldine-Atherton Incorporated

Box 1 George Allen & Unvin, Ltd., London

Box 1 American Association of Advertising Agencies

Box 1 American Council of Learned Societies (Frederick Burckhardt)

Box 1 American Council on Education

Box 1 American Institute of Certified Public Accounts

Box 1 American Political Science Convention, 1971 Chicago, 1971

Box 1 American Psychologists for Social Action

American Sociological Association

Box 1 1963-1969

Box 1 Social Studies Committee

Box 1 File 3

Box 1 American Telephone and Telegraph Company, File I

Box 1 American Telephone and Telegraph Company, File 2

Box 1 American University, Washington, April 27, 1970

Box 1 The Analyst-Honomichl

Box 1 Atherton Press-Lieber

Box 1 Bellagio-1973

Box 1 Broadcast Music, Inc. (BMI)-File 1

Box 1 Broadcast Music, Inc. (BMI)-File 2

Box 2 Bureau of Applied Social Research-Executive Meetings

Box 2 Bureau of Applied Social Research-President Kirk, Truman, etc

Box 2 Bureau of Applied Social Research-Miscellaneous

Bureau of Applied Social Research

Box 2 Library News &Miscellaneous

Box 2 Meetings/Seminars

Box 2 Program Directors' Committee

Box 2 Shapiro

Box 2 Sheridan

Box 2 Bureau of Social Science Research-Miscellaneous

Box 2 Bureau of State Services, HEW

Box 2 Carnegie Commission

Box 2 Center for Advanced Stud," in the Behavioral Sciences

Box 2 Centre Internationale du Canisy BREUIL. "& BLQCH-MORHANGE

Box 2 Important historical materials on the Cheatham Committee and the Future of the Bureau of Social Research

Box 2 Chicago Workshop 1965 Bogue, 1965

Box 2 College Entrance Examination-Board

Box 2 Cologne Conference, December, 1975

Box 2 Cologne Institute

Columbia University

Box 3 1965-1971

Box 3 By-laws (Draft)

Box 3 Course Bibliographies

Box 3 Faculty Members

Box 3 Graduate Sociology

Box 3 Lectures

Box 3 Plans, reading lists

Box 3 Columbia University Forum Article

Box 3 Columbia University Press

Box 3 Columbia University Seminar 447-8-Math Methods/Social Sciences

Box 3 Columbia University Seminars Paper (PFL for Tannenbaum)

Box 3 University of Connecticut-Storrs

Box 3 Continuities in The Language of Social Research

Box 3 Cowan-American Broadcasting Institute Daytime Serials 1972/3

Box 3 Danforth-Colorado Springs

Box 3 Davis Manuscript

Box 3 Department of State

Box 4 Drug Study (2 Files)

Box 4 DYNAMAR (France)

Box 4 Education Office of HEW

Box 4 Educational Testing Service

Box 4 Elmo Roper and Associates

Box 4 Elsevier Series (never published)

Box 4 Encyclopedia Universalis

Box 4 Evian International Sociological Association, I967

Box 4 Federal Trade Commission/Consumer Protection-Busker, Banta, Best, etc.

Box 4 French Cultural Counselor Federation of Jewish Philanthropies of New York~

Box 4 Ford Foundation

Box 4 Gauss Lectures, Princeton

Box 4 General Foods, November lU

Box 4 Georgetown University Speech, 1973

Box 4 Goldsen/National Broadcasting Company

Box 4 Goodman, Leo

Box 4 Group Theory

Box 4 Harvard University Business School

Box 4 Harvard University Business School-Seminar 1959-60

Box 4 Health Research Council, 1972

Box 4 Honors and Honorary Degrees, Memorabilia

Box 4 Houghton Mifflin Company

Box 4 Housing Study (never completed)

Box 4 Howard, John A.-AAAA Consumer Research Institute

Box 4 University of Illinois, Urbana

Box 4 Indian Publisher/Krishna-Varma Free Press (Language of Social Research)

Box 4 Indian Trip, 1969 Bombay, New Delhi (Ford Foundation), 1969

Box 4 Institute of International Education (including "Meet the USA")

Box 4 Institute on Man and Science

Box 4 International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences

International Social Science Council

Box 4 1970-1973

Box 4 7th World Congress, 1970

Box 4 Inter-University Consortium for Political Research

Box 5 Interpublic Group/Institute of Marketing Communications

Box 5 Italy: Rome Congress (Sturzo Institute), 1967

Box 5 RAI. Italy-Venice, 1971

Box 5 L. Jenkins' Translation of PFL's German Elementary Statistics Monograph, unpublished, written in Vienna

Box 5 K Miscellaneous, 1963

Box 5 University of Kansas Visit, April 1969

Box 5 Latent Structure Analysis

Box 5 Latent Structure (Located Class Model) Draft, November 1965

Box 5 The Language of Social Research (Book)

Lazarsfeld, Paul

Box 5 Bibliography

Box 5 Manuscripts by PFL

Box 5 Robert Lynd-Memorial Service, PFL Remarks

Box 5 M Miscellaneous

Box 5 Machine Tool Show Proposal (Dr. Rudolph Modley)

Box 5 Macrosociology

Box 5 Marienthal-Introduction to New Edition

Box 5 Market Research Council

Box 5 Markov Chain

Box 5 Mathematic Social Psychology

Box 5 McKinney, J.: Constructive Typology and Social Theory, Lazarsfeld's Foreword

Box 5 Paper for Merton Festschrift, edited by Lewis Coser

Box 6 Methods Committee ideas, Memo to A. Barton, Department of Sociology, Columbia University

Box 6 Mexico Conference, March1970

Box 6 University of Minnesota: 1967 Trip Business Advertising, 1971 Trip Journalism, 1967, 1971

Box 6 Society of Multivariate Experimental Psychology

Box 6 National Academy of Education

Box 6 National Conference of Professors of Education Administration-Bloomington (Montfor Barr, Williard R. Lane-University of Iowa)

Box 6 National Institute of Education, DC

Box 6 National Opinion Research Center, Chicago

Box 6 National Research Council, Assembly of Behavioral and Social Sciences

Box 6 National Science Foundation

Box 6 New Century

Box 6 New School, 1971

Box 6 New School-12/7/71 PFL Exam Paper

Box 6 Noelle-Neumann-Demoskopie

Box 6 "Notes on Sociology and Business" (No Date)

Box 6 Nuffield College/Oxford

Box 6 University of Oakland

Office of Naval Research (ONR)--"Uses Project"

Box 6 Conference, 1973

Box 6 Correspondence, 1967-1973

Box 6 Memos

Box 6 Staff Meetings and AKP Notes

Box 6 Ontario Institute of Studies in Education (Jackson)

Box 6 Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development

Box 6 Oxenfeidt Memo

Box 6 Panel Analysis (Several papers, some published later)

Box 6 University of Pittsburgh-teaching

Box 6 Pitzer College, California

Box 6 Pocono Mountain Meeting, 1964

Box 6 Prentice-Hall Paper (2 Files)

Box 8 Presidential Commissions (for Professor Komarovsky)

Box 8 Program for a Division on Applied Sociology (Pittsburgh, April 1971)

Box 8 Prudential

Box 8 Psychology Today

Box 8 Purdue Speech (1970)

Box 8 Purdue University (Breen), 1970

Box 8 Qualitative Analysis (Book)

Box 8 Random House

Box 8 Reidel Publishing (introduction to Mathematical Models)

Box 8 Roper Public Opinion Research Center

Box 8 Rothschild Prizes Organization-Israel-S.N. Eisenstadt

Box 8 Philosophy of Science Rumanian Congress

Box 8 Russell Sage

Box 8 San Francisco: Draft Speech Delivered at American Sociological Associaton, 1970

Box 8 Sanfeander/Spain Seminar, 1967

Box 8 Science Research Association

Box 8 Sherak (Bud) Market Facts, NY, American Marketing Association

Box 8 Simon Method

Box 8 Smoking Study

Box 8 Smoking Study-Philip Morris-Dunn

Box 8 Social Science Research Council

Box 8 Sociological Resources for Secondary Schools

Box 8 Solomon: George Washington U. Consultant's Appointment

Box 9 Appointment to teach at Sorbonne, 1967-1968

Box 9 Carbondale-Southern Illinois University

Box 9 SPISSI-Handbook/Evaluation Research

Box 9 1970 Summer Visiting Scholars, 1970

Box 9 Survey Analysis (Encyclopedia)

Box 9 Survey Analysis (Journal Article)

Box 9 "Theory & Decision"-Leinfeller

UNESCO Correspondence

Box 9 1963-1967

Box 9 1968-1972

Box 9 Drafts, December 1969

Box 9 "Main Trends of Research in the Social Sciences & Humanities"

Box 9 "The Place of Empirical Social Research in the Map of Contemporary

Box 9 Sociology"

Box 9 Report (Preliminary)


Box 9 Czechoslovakia, July, 1966

Box 9 Israel, 1970, (2 Folders)

Box 9 Oslo, 1964

Box 10 Social Psychology

Box 10 Trends Papers, August 1966

US Dept. of HEW

Office of Education

Box 10 Handicapped Children

Box 10 Meetings and Site Visits

Box 10 Research Proposal

Box 10 NIE Proposal Review/Mail

Box 10 Urban Center, 1969

Box 10 The Uses of Sociology, 1964-1967

Box 10 USOE Proposal, July 1970-Preparation of Course Content

Box 10 USOE Proposal, August, 1962 The Organization of Social Research, August, 1962

Box 10 University of Pittsburgh, 1964-1974

Box 10 University Seminars (Math, Public Communications)

Box 10 Utilization Project, 1975-76

Box 10 Utilization Project, 1973-74

Box 10 Utilization Project, 1971-73

Box 10 Utilization Project, 1967-70 (& one relevant letter, 1967)

Box 10 Utilization Project: Greyston Conference on Utilization of Social Research, 11/73

Box 11 Vera Institute of Justice ~

Box 11 Vienna Institute for Advanced Studies, 1970-1976

Box 11 Vienna 1964-69

Box 11 Voice of America, United States Information Agency

Box 11 Wayne State, Detroit, May 1967

Box 11 Williamstown Summer Seminar, 1973

Box 11 Yeshiva University

Box 11 Zeisel

Box 11 Zubin Festschrift Paper

Box Oversize (Box 12) Interview with Paul Felix Lazarsfeld, June 8, 1976, 2 videotapes