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Paul Felix Lazarsfeld papers, 1930-1976

Series V: 2001 Addition, 2001

(This material includes personal and professional files related to Paul F. Lazarsfeld, additional subject files, and files related to specific research projects.)

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Subseries V.1: Files on Research Projects

Box 8, 10-13 Problems and Problem Areas in Medical School, 1950s-1960s

(Related to research on problem areas in Medical School Studies. There is a master file, index cards with overall results from each survey question, research files, and what appear to be some drafts.)

Box 9 Coming of Age in Essex County New Jersey

(The material includes a preliminary sheet and index cards with the results of the survey questions.)

Subseries V.2: Subject Files, 1940s-1950s

(These are research subject files related to Communication, Public Opinion, Radio, Television, and Voting Studies from the 1940s and 1950s. Most of this is secondary material, and not annotated but a few include cover letters and other correspondence. Some of the research was done by persons affiliated with Columbia University's Bureau of Applied Social Research (BASR). There are also several files relating to Lazarsfeld's involvement in committees and conferences.)

Box 1 Advertising and Marketing

Box 1 Audience Research

Box 1 Books and Readings

Box 1 Communication

Box 1 Columbia University Seminar on Communication

Box 1 Communist Army Scientists

Box 1 Communication Research--Arts

Box 2 Communication Research--General

Box 2 Films

Box 2 Public Opinion Research--General

Box 3 Public Opinion Research--General

Box 3 Public Opinion Research and the Social Sciences

Box 4 Radio

Box 4 Television

Box 5 Television

(Includes conference materials)

Box 6 Television

Box 6 Voice of America

Box 6 Voting Studies--American

Box 7 Voting Studies--Foreign

Subseries V.3: Manuscripts by Others

Box 14 Manuscripts by others

Subseries V.4: Personal and Professional Files

Box 14 Publicity File

Box 14 Copies of Lazarsfeld's research papers

Box 14 Teaching File