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Irwin Edman papers, 1930-1954

Series III: Edman's Manuscripts

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Box 8 "After many New York a summer dies the swan" (Commentary on Aldous Huxley)

Box 8 Answer to a literary critic age nine

Box 8 "Anybody who says he ain't never been lost ain't never been far" (This Week), Jan. 1951

Box 8 Architecture and the spirit of man. By Hudnut [Book review] (New Republic), Nov. 1950

Box 8 Art as education (Museum of Modern Art), April 1950

Box 8 Art as freedom and education

Box 8 As the twig is bent

Box 8 A breath of air. By Rumer Godden [Book review] (New York Herald Tribune), Jan. 1951

Box 8 [Brotherhood Week], Nov. 1949

Box 8 A child's garden of literary criticism (New York Times), Sept. 1949

Box 8 Contribution of the Humanities and the Professional Schools

Box 8 [Dewey]

Box 8 [Dewey Meeting at CU] Suggestions for D.D. Eisenhower's speech, Oct. 1949

Box 8 Education of a humanist

Box 8 Nietzsche; philosopher, psychologist, Antichrist. By Obeter A. Kaufmann [Book review] (New York Times), Jan. 1951

Box 8 Emerson as unrequired reading (Crowell Co.), May 1951

Box 8 The emperor hasn't any clothes on [Book review of "Order of the day] by Thomas Mann (New Republic), Nov. 1950

Box 8 Freedom and the Liberal Arts (Skidmore College), May 1951

Box 8 [Fackenthal, F. D.]

Box 8 Family reunion. By Ogdon Nash [Book review]

Box 8 George Santayana (New Leader), Oct. 1952

Box 8 Great expressions of human rights. By R.M. McIver [Book review] (New York Times, April 1950

Box 8 Great visions of philosophy. By William P. Montague [Book review] (New York Herald Tribune), Mar. 1951

Box 8 Havelock Ellis philosopher of love. By Houston Peterson [Book review]

Box 8 "Herbert, half wise half century ago…"

Box 8 "I like these verses, every one…" [Book review in verse] (New York Times), June 1950

Box 8 If I could free My Heart [poem]

Box 8 In Noah's Ark. By Rumer Godden [Book review]

Box 8 Independent Member. By A.P. Herbert [Book review] (New York Times), May 1951

Box 8 Introduction to Don Quixote (Limited Editions Club), Oct. 1949

Box 8 John Dewey at ninety (New York Times), Oct 1949

Box 8 The Last aristocrat [Book review of "Dominations and powers" by Santayana] (New Yorker), May 1951

Box 8 Lyrics. By Oscar Hammerstein [Book review]

Box 8 Many a watchful night, by John Mason Brown [Book review] (PM), Dec. 1944

Box 8 [Meditation]

Box 8 Memorandum: On the need for a fresh English translation of Dostoyevsky's The Brothers Karamazov

Box 8 Morris Raphael Cohen

Box 8 Herbert Edwin Hawkes

Box 8 Norman Thomas and the democratic home

Box 8 Of fear and freedom. By Carlo Levi [Book review] (The New Republic), Feb. 1950

Box 8 On Talking to Strangers (This Week), June 1949

Box 8 The philosopher as man of letters

Box 8 The philosophy of civilization. By Albert Schwertzer [Book review] (New York Times), Sept. 1949

Box 8 Prayer for all poets at this time.

Box 8 Rueful reflection

Box 8 [Russell, Bertrand]

Box 8 Santayana's profound commentary on man's spirit [Book review]

Box 8 Science and the dream of happiness, May 1946

Box 8 "Ten years of Hitler" (Opinion), Jan. 1943

Box 8 This winter of our discontent

Box 8 To a fellow passenger, six months old (New Yorker), Oct. 1950

Box 8 To John Dewey

Box 8 Under whatever sky (Column in The American Scholar)

Box 8 Under whatever sky (Viking Press)

Box 8 Unpopular essays. By Bertrand Russell [Book review] (New York Times), Jan. 1951

Box 8 The uses of philosophy

Box 8 "With lots of love, with little malice…"

Box 8 Words to live by (This Week), June 1949

Box 8 The World of Fiction. By Bernard DeVato [Book review] (New York Times), March 1950

Box 8 World within world. By Stephen Spender [Book review]

Box 8 Miscellaneous manuscripts