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Irwin Edman papers, 1930-1954

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Call No.: MS#0383
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Creator(s) Edman, Irwin, 1896-1954
Title Irwin Edman papers, 1930-1954
Physical Description 8 boxes
Language(s) English .

The following boxes are located off-site: Boxes 3-8. You will need to request this material at least three business days in advance to use the collection in the Rare Book and Manuscript Library reading room.

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Selected materials cataloged. Remainder is. arranged: Cataloged correspondence & manuscripts, 2 boxes; Uncataloged correspondence, 5 boxes; Edman's manuscripts, 1 box. The material is arranged into three series: Series I: Cataloged Correspondence and Manuscripts; Series II: Uncataloged Correspondence; Series III: Edman's Manuscripts.



The personal and professional papers of Irwin Edman, including correspondence and manuscripts.

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The following boxes are located off-site: Boxes 3-8. You will need to request this material at least three business days in advance to use the collection in the Rare Book and Manuscript Library reading room.

This collection has no restrictions.

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W.H. Auden letters are on: microfilm.

Sean O'Faolain letters are on: microfilm.

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Professor of philosophy at Columbia University.

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Series I: Cataloged Correspondence and Manuscripts

Box 1 Adler, Mortimer J.

Box 1 Allen, Frederick L.

Box 1 Armour, Richard

Box 1 Auden, Wystan Hugh

(Also available on microfilm)

Box 1 Barton, Bruce

Box 1 Beard, Charles A.

Box 1 Bishop, John Peale

Box 1 Brooks, Van Wyck

Box 1 Brown, John Mason

Box 1 Burgess, Gelett

Box 1 Burlingham, C.C.

Box 1 Bush, Wendell T.

Box 1 Canfield, Cass

Box 1 Capote, Truman

Box 1 Carr, Sir Cecil T.

Box 1 Colum, Mary Gunning Maguire

Box 1 Colum, Padraic

Box 1 Coss, John Jacob

Box 1 Coudert, Frederic R.

Box 1 Cousins, Norman

Box 1 Davis, Elmer

Box 1 Deutsch, Babette

Box 1 Dewey, John

Box 1 Douglas, William Orville

Box 1 Edman, Irwin

Box 1 Epstean, Edward

Box 1 Farrell, James T.

Box 1 Feeney, Leonard

Box 1 Finley, John H.

Box 1 Fisher, Dorothy Canfield

Box 1 Frankenberg, Lloyd

Box 1 Freeman, Joseph

Box 1 Gallico, Paul

Box 1 Guérard, Albert

Box 1 Hand, Learned

Box 1 Huebsch, Ben

Box 1 Hughes, Langston

Box 1 Isherwood, Christopher

Box 1 Janeway, Eliot

Box 1 Joad, C.E.M.

Box 1 Johnson, Alvin S.

Box 2 Kent, Rockwell

Box 2 Lamprecht, Sterling P.

Box 2 Lang, Paul Henry

Box 2 Land, Edwin H.

Box 2 Lasky, Melvin J.

Box 2 Leinsdorf, Erich

Box 2 Lilienthal, David E.

Box 2 Longwell, Daniel

Box 2 Loveman, Amy

Box 2 McCord, David

Box 2 MacLeish, Archibald

Box 2 Maugham, William Somerset

Box 2 Meiklejohn, Alexander

Box 2 Meyer, Agnes S«

Box 2 Moore, Douglas

Box 2 Neff, Emery

Box 2 Nevins, Allan

Box 2 O'Brien, Justin

Box 2 O'Faolain, Sean

(Also available on microfilm MN# 11939-1)

Box 2 Oppenheimer, Robert

Box 2 Perry, Ralph Barton

Box 2 Plath, Sylvia

Box 2 Pope, Arthur Upham

Box 2 Prezzolini, Giuseppe

Box 2 Rogers, Lindsay

Box 2 Ruml, Beardsley

Box 2 Schuster, Max Lincoln

Box 2 Seldes, Gilbert

Box 2 Sheean, Vincent

Box 2 Shotwell, James T.

Box 2 Singer, Isador

Box 2 Smith, David Eugene

Box 2 Speyer, Leonora

Box 2 Stout, Rex

Box 2 Sulzberger, Arthur Hays

Box 2 Swope, Herbert Bayard

Box 2 Thomas, Norman

Box 2 Thurber, James

Box 2 Tudsbery, M.T

Box 2 Van Doren, Irita

Box 2 Van Doren, Mark

Box 2 Van Loon, Hendrik Willem

Box 2 Viereck, Peter

Box 2 Wheelock, John Hall

Box 2 Whitridge, Arnold

Box 2 Wise, Stephen S.

Box 2 Wolfe, Paul A.

Box 2 Wolff, Kurt

Box 2 Woodbridge, Frederick J.E.

Box 2 Wouk, Herman

Box 2 Zweig, Stefan

Series II: Uncataloged Correspondence

Box 3 A-B

Box 4 C-F

Box 5 G-L

Box 6 M-R

Box 7 S-Z

Series III: Edman's Manuscripts

Box 8 "After many New York a summer dies the swan" (Commentary on Aldous Huxley)

Box 8 Answer to a literary critic age nine

Box 8 "Anybody who says he ain't never been lost ain't never been far" (This Week), Jan. 1951

Box 8 Architecture and the spirit of man. By Hudnut [Book review] (New Republic), Nov. 1950

Box 8 Art as education (Museum of Modern Art), April 1950

Box 8 Art as freedom and education

Box 8 As the twig is bent

Box 8 A breath of air. By Rumer Godden [Book review] (New York Herald Tribune), Jan. 1951

Box 8 [Brotherhood Week], Nov. 1949

Box 8 A child's garden of literary criticism (New York Times), Sept. 1949

Box 8 Contribution of the Humanities and the Professional Schools

Box 8 [Dewey]

Box 8 [Dewey Meeting at CU] Suggestions for D.D. Eisenhower's speech, Oct. 1949

Box 8 Education of a humanist

Box 8 Nietzsche; philosopher, psychologist, Antichrist. By Obeter A. Kaufmann [Book review] (New York Times), Jan. 1951

Box 8 Emerson as unrequired reading (Crowell Co.), May 1951

Box 8 The emperor hasn't any clothes on [Book review of "Order of the day] by Thomas Mann (New Republic), Nov. 1950

Box 8 Freedom and the Liberal Arts (Skidmore College), May 1951

Box 8 [Fackenthal, F. D.]

Box 8 Family reunion. By Ogdon Nash [Book review]

Box 8 George Santayana (New Leader), Oct. 1952

Box 8 Great expressions of human rights. By R.M. McIver [Book review] (New York Times, April 1950

Box 8 Great visions of philosophy. By William P. Montague [Book review] (New York Herald Tribune), Mar. 1951

Box 8 Havelock Ellis philosopher of love. By Houston Peterson [Book review]

Box 8 "Herbert, half wise half century ago…"

Box 8 "I like these verses, every one…" [Book review in verse] (New York Times), June 1950

Box 8 If I could free My Heart [poem]

Box 8 In Noah's Ark. By Rumer Godden [Book review]

Box 8 Independent Member. By A.P. Herbert [Book review] (New York Times), May 1951

Box 8 Introduction to Don Quixote (Limited Editions Club), Oct. 1949

Box 8 John Dewey at ninety (New York Times), Oct 1949

Box 8 The Last aristocrat [Book review of "Dominations and powers" by Santayana] (New Yorker), May 1951

Box 8 Lyrics. By Oscar Hammerstein [Book review]

Box 8 Many a watchful night, by John Mason Brown [Book review] (PM), Dec. 1944

Box 8 [Meditation]

Box 8 Memorandum: On the need for a fresh English translation of Dostoyevsky's The Brothers Karamazov

Box 8 Morris Raphael Cohen

Box 8 Herbert Edwin Hawkes

Box 8 Norman Thomas and the democratic home

Box 8 Of fear and freedom. By Carlo Levi [Book review] (The New Republic), Feb. 1950

Box 8 On Talking to Strangers (This Week), June 1949

Box 8 The philosopher as man of letters

Box 8 The philosophy of civilization. By Albert Schwertzer [Book review] (New York Times), Sept. 1949

Box 8 Prayer for all poets at this time.

Box 8 Rueful reflection

Box 8 [Russell, Bertrand]

Box 8 Santayana's profound commentary on man's spirit [Book review]

Box 8 Science and the dream of happiness, May 1946

Box 8 "Ten years of Hitler" (Opinion), Jan. 1943

Box 8 This winter of our discontent

Box 8 To a fellow passenger, six months old (New Yorker), Oct. 1950

Box 8 To John Dewey

Box 8 Under whatever sky (Column in The American Scholar)

Box 8 Under whatever sky (Viking Press)

Box 8 Unpopular essays. By Bertrand Russell [Book review] (New York Times), Jan. 1951

Box 8 The uses of philosophy

Box 8 "With lots of love, with little malice…"

Box 8 Words to live by (This Week), June 1949

Box 8 The World of Fiction. By Bernard DeVato [Book review] (New York Times), March 1950

Box 8 World within world. By Stephen Spender [Book review]

Box 8 Miscellaneous manuscripts