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Nicholas Murray Butler papers, 1891-1947

Series III: Addition 2017

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Box 474 Folder 1 Butler, Nicholas Murray to Emanuel Hertz, 7 May 1923-21 March 1940 (19 t.l.s.), 7 May 1923-21 March 1940

U.S. lawyer and Lincoln historian. Hertz (1870-1940) assembled the largest private collection of material relating to Lincoln, and was said to have gathered 4,000 items previously unknown.. Re complimentary resolution passed at the County Committee and Senator Wadsworth, celebrating Lincoln's legacy, testimonial of the Washington Heights Congregation, his text delivered at the Lincoln dinner in 1920, Commencement duties and sailing for Europe, Hertz's address at Galesburg, Hertz's collection of Lincoln speeches, Lincoln's Doctor's degree at Columbia, statement by Butler on Lincoln, Hertz's Lincoln Talks: A Biography in Anecdote, and declining an invitation

Box 474 Folder 2 Butler, Nicholas Murray to E.J. Edwards, 15 May 1913 (1 t.l.s.), 15 May 1913

re Robert P. Field and principles of a democratic government

Box 474 Folder 3 Butler, Nicholas Murray to Ruford Franklin, 11 October 1938 (1 t.l.s.), 11 October 1938

re life and public service of Chancellor Kent

Box 474 Folder 4 Butler, Nicholas Murray to Arthur F. Cole, 3 April 1947 (1 t.l.s.), 3 April 1947

re exercises of the Alumni Club of Union County

Box 474 Folder 5 George W. Albee of The Brotherhood of the Community Chapel of Tarnley to Arthur F. Cole, NJ, 1940 (1 a.l.s.), 1940

re Cole's talk, "Outbreak of the European War"

Box 474 Folder 6 Various individuals associated with Columbia University and New Jersey historical societies, responding to Arthur F. Cole's request for them to attend the dedication of a plaque at Butler's birthplace in Elizabeth, New Jersey, March 1937 (23 t.l.s.), March 1937

Many of them are ministers, university presidents, prominent lawyers, etc. The first letter in this sheaf is an additional TLS from Butler, 23 March 1937.

Photographs of Butler:

Box 474 Folder 7 Butler with his daughter, Sarah Schuyler as they sailed the S.S. Mjestoc, 4 June 1927

Box 474 Folder 7 Butler and Lindsay Rogers, 27 September 1930 and 4 March 1931, International News Photos Inc., New York City

Box 474 Folder 7 Butler and Robert Gordon Sproul, wearing academic gowns, 30 March 1931, 30 March 1931, International News Photos Inc., San Francisco, CA

Box 474 Folder 7 Butler and F. Scott McBride, 17 June 1932, International News Photos Inc.; "President Butler Announces Pulitzer Prize", 8 May 1936, Hotel Commodore, New York City, International News Photos

Box 474 Folder 7 "Retiring as Columbia University President", 10 September 1945, AP Newsfeatures

Box 474 Folder 7 Robert Lyndh, Professor of Sociology, delivering speech "The Place of the University in 1940", Columbia University opening exercises of the 186th academic year, Butler seated, 3 October 1939, Acme Newspicture Inc.

Box 474 Folder 7 "Dedication to Peace Through Trade", Butler, Thomas J. Watson, and Eleanor Robson Belmont (Mrs. August Belmont), 18 January 1938, Acme

Box 474 Folder 7 "Cuban Receives Award", Butler presents Cabot prize to Dr. Pedro Cue, director and proprietor of El Mundo, Havana, 14 December 1943, Acme. Several news /clippings, 1940s


Box 474 Folder 8 Flyer announcement for the Institute of Arts and Science, Columbia University Extension, 23rd season, [1935?]

Box 474 Folder 8 Five trimmed newspaper clippings and a 9) Butler, printed page (ND) as junior member of the Faculty of Columbia College in 1889