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Nicholas Murray Butler papers, 1891-1947

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Call No.: MS#0177
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Creator(s) Butler, Nicholas Murray, 1862-1947
Title Nicholas Murray Butler papers, 1891-1947
Physical Description 326 linear feet (600 boxes, 315 volumes)
Language(s) English .
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Correspondence; manuscripts of books, chapters, addresses, lectures, articles, and other writings; clippings and other printed materials relating to Butler's life and career, and memorabilia, ca. 1900-1947. Also, correspondence, 1891-1946, between Butler and presidents of the United States including William McKinley, Theodore Roosevelt, William Howard Taft, Woodrow Wilson, Warren G. Harding, Calvin Coolidge, Herbert Hoover, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and Harry S. Truman.

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Ownership and Custodial History

Gift of Nicholas Murray Butler, 1946; his bequest, 1947.

Transferred from Journalism, 1996.

Immediate Source of Acquisition

Source of acquisition--Butler, Nicholas Murray. Method of acquisition--Gift; Date of acquisition--1946. Accession number--M-46.

NMB letter to Henry James II: Source of acquisition--2293B (Rare Book). Method of acquisition--Purchase; Date of acquisition--05/19/1995. Accession number--M-95-05-19.

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History / Biographical Note

Biographical / Historical

Nicholas Murray Butler was an educator and Columbia University President from 1902 to 1945; recipient of the 1931 Nobel Peace Prize; an adviser to seven presidents and friend of statesmen in foreign nations; recipient of decorations from fifteen foreign governments and of honorary degrees from thirty-seven colleges and universities; a member of more than fifty learned societies and twenty clubs; the author of a small library of books, pamphlets, reports, and speeches; an international traveler who crossed the Atlantic at least a hundred times; a national leader of the Republican Party; an advocate of peace and the embodiment of the international mind» that he frequently spoke about. He was called Nicholas Miraculous Butler by his good friend Theodore Roosevelt.

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Series I: Cataloged Correspondence

Box 1 Cataloged Correspondence

Series II: Arranged Correspondence

Box 2 A-AB

Aall, Anathon

Abad, Placido

Abar, Edward James

Abashidzy, David P.

Abbe, Catherine A.B. (Mrs. Robert)

Abbe, Robert and Catherine A. B.

Abbett, R.W.

Abbey, Sidney

Abbott, Allan

Abbott, Arthur P.

Abbott, C.R.

Abbott, Charles C.

Abbott, Charles F.

Abbott, Cornelius S.

Abbott, Edgar C.

Abbott, Ernest H.

Abbott, F.E.

Abbott, Gladys

Abbott, Helen Page

Abbott, John E.

Abbott, John J

Abbott, L.J.

Abbott, Lawrence F.

Abbott, Lyman

Abbott, Nathan

Abbott, Ruth E.

Abbott, Mrs. W.A.

Abbott, Wilbur C.

Abbott, William M.

AEC News Service

Abdain, Gregory N.

Abeel, Neilson

Abeles, Charles J.

Abelman, Max

Abelow, Samuel P.

Aben, Harold L.

Abendanon, J.H.

Abercrombie & Fitch

Abercrombie, D.W.

Abercrombie, John W.

Aberdeen & Orkney, Bishop of

Aberdeen, Marquis of and Lady Ishbel

Abernathy, Alfred H.

Abernathy, Kenneth H.

Abert, Hamilton

Abkarian, Albert L.

Abnizam, E.

Abrahamsen, David

Abrams, Allen

Abrams, Michael J.

Abramson, Harold A

Abramson, Martin J.

Box 3 AC - ADAMS, J.

Academia Dominicana de la Historica

Academie Diplomatinue Internationale

Academie de Droit International...

Academie Francaise

Academy of Advanced Social Science

Academy of American Poets

Academy of Foreign Relations

Academy of Medicine

Academy of Political Science

Academy of Sciences & Letters (Naples)

Acevedo, Eduardo B.

Achelis, Elizabeth

Acheson, Edward Campion

Acheson, W.W.

Ackart, Raymond K.

Ackerly, Orville B.

Ackerman, Carl W.

Ackerman, Ernest R.

Ackerman, Joseph N.

Ackerman, Mabel V.

Ackerman, P.

Ackerman, Phyllis

Ackerman, Robert V.

Ackermann, Alfred J.

Ackermann, Arthur

Ackley, W.N.

Acme News Pictures

Acosta, Eusebio

Acosta, Nela A.

Actor's Fund of America

Adair, Cornelia S.

Adair, Dorothy P. (Mrs. Duncan L.)

Adair, Fred L.

Adair, Montague

Adam, Charles

Adami, George

Adams, A.

Adams, Albert J.

Adams, Alva B.

Adams, Angela

Adams, Arthur J.

Adams, B.P.

Adams, Bessie L.

Adams, C.F.

Adams, Caswell

Adams, Charles E.

Adams, Charles Francis

Adams, Charles Marshall

Adams, Charles R.

Adams, Charles Siedler

Adams, E.

Adams, Edward D.

Adams, Edward F.

Adams, Elmer B

Adams, Frank D.

Adams, Fred Wins low

Adams, Frederic L.

Adams, Frederick W.

Adams, Frieda

Adams, George Mack

Adams, Gladys A.

Adams, Henry S.

Adams, Herbert

Adams, Herbert B.

Adams, J.D.

Adams, J. Howard

Adams, James B.

Adams, James Truslow

Adams, Jane E.

Adams, John

Adams, John G.

Adams, John T

Adams, John T.

Adams, John Q.

Adams, Joseph H.

Box 4 ADAMS, K. - AG

Adams, M.B.

Adams, Maxwell

Adams, Owen S.

Adams, Paul L.

Adams, Paul Louison

Adams, Randolph G.

Adams, Robert E.

Adams, Samuel Hopkins

Adams, Thaddeus A.

Adams, Thomas

Adams, W.G.S.

Adams, Walter Wood

Adams, William A.

Adams, Gillian H.

Adams, William M.

Adams, William P.

Adams Express Company

Adamson, C.M.

Adamson, Ethel M. (Mrs. Robert)

Adamson, J.M.

Adamson, Mary M.

Adamson, Robert

Addams, Jane

Addison, W.M.

Addams, Lewis P. (Mr. & Mrs.)

Ade, George

Ade, Lesterk

Adell, James C.

Adelman, Adrien

Adelphi College

Adeva, Manuel

Adie, Leslie

Adler, Cyrus

Adler, E.P.

Adler, Eleanor

Adler, Felix

Adler, Isaac

Adler, John G.

Adler, Mrs. R.S.

Adler, S.

Adler, Sigmund

Adlman, Harry

Adlon, Louis

Ador, G.

Advanced Arts Guild

Advertising Club of Baltimore

Advertising Club of New York

Aedivilis, Peter G.

Aeronautical Association

Afferica, Young & Rubicam

Affiliated News Photo Service

Affleck, Benjamin H.

African Academy of Arts and Research


Agar, Herbert

Agar, John G.

Agar, William

Agassiz, George R.

Agdamag, C.V.

Agee, Forrest J.

Agee, W.C.

Agence Litteraire Internationale

Agency Publishing Company

Agger, E.E.

Aggzelow, Leonard

Aginius, V.L.

Agnew, Mary N. (Mrs.Cornelius)

Agnew, George B.

Agnew, Jessie W.

Agnew, P.G.

Agor, Carol G.


Aguas, Abilio de Oliveira

Aguirre, Jose Antonio

Box 5 AH - AI

Aharon, Gregor

Ahearn, John F.

Ahlstrom, Carl F.

Ahlund, Therese

Ahrend, Herbert G.

Ahrend, Muriel G.

Ahrens, William E.

Aidline-Trommel, Elbert

Aiken, Alfred L.

Aiken, George D.

Aiken, William Appleton

Aikens, G, Holton

Aikin, E.P.

Aiken, J.A.

Ailand, Richard

Ailes, Milton E.

Ailesbury, Marquess of

Ainley, Catherine W.H. (Mrs. Joseph)

Ainley, Charles

Ainley, Frances M.

Ainley, John Shaw

Ainley, Joseph H. (Mr. & Mrs.)

Ainslie, George H

Ainsworth, D.E.

Ainsworth, F.C.

Ainsworth, F.K.

Aird, Grace M.

Aiso, John

Aitken, Beekman W.

Box 6 AJ-ALD

Alain de Pierrefew, Comtesse

Alba, Duke of

Alba, Pedro de

Albano, Celedonio G.


Albany Evening Journal

Albareda, Anselmo M.

Albee, Edward F.

Alber, Louis J.

Alberini, Coriolano

Albers, W.W.

Albert, Heinrich F.

Alberti, H.E.

Albertson, Charles C.

Albertson, Robert

Albertson, Roy L.

Albrecht, J.H.

Albrecht, Ralph G.

Albro, H.W.

Alean, Felix

Aleorn, John

Alcoholic Beverage Laws

Aldana, F. Lopez

Aldebot, J. Gabriel

Aldehoff, John S.

Alden, A.H.

Alden, Burton H.

Alden, Frederick A.

Alden, George I.

Alden, John

Alden, Lois May

Alden, Perry

Alden, R.M.

Alden, W.T.

Alderman, Bessie (Mrs. Edwin A.)

Alderman, Edwin A.

Alderman, Victor C.

Aldinger, A.K.

Aldrich, Chester

Aldrich, Donald B.

Aldrich, H.R.

Aldrich, Harriette H. (Mrs. Spencer)

Aldrich, Margaret

Aldrich, Nelson W.

Aldrich, Richard

Aldrich, Talbot

Aldrich, Winthrop

Aldrich, Winthrop W.

Aldridge, George W.

Aldridge, Walter H.

Box 7 ALE - ALLEN, E.

Alec-Tweedie, Mrs. (Ethel Brilliana Tweedie)

Alessio, Giulio


Alexande, Archbishop

Alexander, Archduke of Russia

Alexander, Adelaide

Alexander, Archibald

Alexander, Arthur D.

Alexander, C.H.

Alexander, Charles B.

Alexander, Harriet Crocker (Mrs. Charles Alexander)

Alexander, DeAlva S.

Alexander, Douglas

Alexander, Edward A.

Alexander, Fernet

Alexander, Florence O.

Alexander, Frank Webb

Alexander, George

Alexander, George M.

Alexander, Harry W.

Alexander, Hartley B.

Alexander, Helen M. (Mrs. Henry Martyn)

Alexander, Mrs. J. Selman

Alexander, James S.

Alexander, John L.

Alexander, John S.

Alexander, John W.

Alexander, L.C.

Alexander, L. Herbert

Alexander, Lillian M.

Alexander, M.R.

Alexander, Magnus W.

Alexander, Margaret C.

Alexander, Matt

Alexander, Melinda

Alexander, Norman

Alexander, Thomas

Alexander, Violet G.

Alexander, W.A.

Alexander, William

Alexanian, Diran

Aley, Maxwell

Aley, Robert J.

Alfange, Dean

Alfonseca, J.

Alfonso, Jose A.

Alfredson, Robert D.

Algen, Sonia Taylor

Alger, Frederick M.

Alger, Joseph

Alington, C.A.

Alken, A.L.

Alker, Eugene A.

All-American Editions Friendship League

All-American Light Opera Company

Allan, John J.

Allbaugh, Byron D.

Alleghany, Corporation

Allen, A.C.

Allen, Nellie Wright (Mrs. Alvoni R. Allen)

Allen, Anna M.

Allen, Arthur S.

Allen, Catherine

Allen, Charles B.

Allen, Charles K.

Allen, Mrs. Clarence

Allen, Cleveland G.

Allen, Darley

Allen, David J.

Allen, E.F.

Allen, E.H.

Allen, Edith H. (Mrs. John Stevenson)

Allen, Edward J.

Allen, Edwin B.

Box 8 ALLEN, F. - ALLEN, W.

Allen, Frank E.

Allen, Frank H.

Allen, Frank Theodore

Allen, Frederick Hobbes

Allen, Frederick L.

Allen, Frederick W.

Allen, George M.

Allen, Gerrard F.

Allen, Harland

Allen, Helen S. (Mrs. Frank)

Allen, Henry

Allen, Henry Butler

Allen, Henry J.

Allen, Henry T.

Allen, J. Weston

Allen, James Edward

Allen, James Egert

Allen, James F.

Allen, John H.

Allen, John J.

Allen, Joseph D.

Allen, L.H.

Allen, Lafon

Allen, Leroy

Allen, Lloyd

Allen, Mary W.

Allen, Mrs. Paul

Allen, Paul H.

Allen, R.M.

Allen, Robert B.

Allen, Robert E.

Allen, Thomas J.

Allen and Unwin

Allen, W.B.

Allen, W.H.

Allen, W.R.

Allen, W.S.

Allen, William

Allen, William H.


Allen, Yorke and Mary Van Lear Findlay

Allenby, Lady

Allerton, Walter S.

Allery, Jacob G.

Alley, R.

Alliance Book Corporation

Alliance Francaise

Allied Exhibitors

Allied News Photo Service


Allin, Arthur

Alling, Joseph T.

Allington, Cyril

Alliot, Peter E.

Allis-Chalmers Company

Allis, Frederick S.

Allis, W.P.

Allison, Clement

Allison, H.V.

Allison, James W.

Allison, Leon H.

Allison, William B.

Allnutt, Benjamin White

Alloway, H.

Allyn, Emily

Alman & Company

Almand, Bond

Almassy, Helen

Almedia, Armando D.

Almirall, Leon O.


Alogdelis, Joanna

Aloysi, Sister Mary S.N.D.

Alpaugh, Edgar R.

Alpers, William C.

Alpert, Carl

Alpert, Ida

Alston, D. Lacy

Alston, Robert C.

Altamira, Rafael

Alte, Viscount d'

Alter, D.

Alter, F.N.

Altheimer, Ben

Althoff, V.S.

Althouse, Alfred K.

Altland, Edgar A.

Altman, I.

Altman, Moses

Altschuler, Benjamon L.

Altschuler, Michael

Alumni Association

Alumni Federation

Alumni News

Alvarez, Alejandro

Alvord, B.H.

Alvord, Ellsworth C.

Alvord, H.C.

Alwin, Carl O.

Aly, Bauer

Amadeo, Tomas

Amador, Manuel E.

Amann, William

Amarasekara, Margaret

Amaya, Anthony

Ambassades et Consulates

Amberson, W.S.

Ambler, W.E.

Ambrose, H.T.

Ambrose, Sister Mary

Ambrose, Thomas S.

Amdur, William G.


Amelot, J.


America Actual

America-Britani Defenders

America First Committee

American, An

American Academy in Rome

American Academy of Arts and Letters

American Alliance

American Ambassador


American Arbitration Association

American Asiatic Association

American Association favoring reconsideration of war debts

American Association for the Advancement of science

American Association for China Famine and food relief

American Association for International Conciliation

American Association for International Co-operation

American Association of Teachers of French

American Association of University Professors

American Association of University Women

American Bank Note Company

American Bankers Association

American Bankers League

American Bar Association Journal

American Bible Society

American Birth Control League

American Book Company

American Booksellers Association

American-British Art Center

American-British Commonwealth Association

American Broadcasting Company

American Brotherhood for the Blind

American Buddhist Association

American Bureau for medical aid to China

American Catholic

American Cavalcade

American Chamber of Commerce

American Chapter Religious Emergency Council

American Chemical Society

American Child

American Christian Alliance

American Christian Palestine Committee

American Church in Berlin

American Citizenship Foundation

American Civic Alliance

American Civil Liberties Union

American Classical League

American Club of Paris

American College of Dentists

American College Publicity Association

American College of Surgeons

American Committee for Christian German Refugees

American Committee for Democracy and Educational Freedom

American Committed for International Studies

American Committee for nonparticipation in Japanese aggression

American Committee for Protection of the foreign-born

American Committee for religious freedom

American Committee on Religious rights

American Communist Party

American Concert Association

American Council for Democracy

American Council for Judaism, Inc.

American Council-Institute of Pacific Relations

American Council on Education

American Council on Public Affairs

American Consulate

American Consulate-Paris

American Czechoslovak Committee

American Defenders of Freedom, Inc.

American Defense Society

American Design Awards

American Designers Gallery

American Economist

American Economic Foundation

American Economic Association

American Educational Press

American Eugenics Society

American Express Company

American Farm Bureau

American Farm School

American Federation for Polish Jews

American Federation of Investors

American Federation of Labor

American Fellowship

American Field Service

American Flying Services Foundation

American Forum

American Forum of Democracy

American Foundation

American Foundation for Mental Hygiene

American Foundation for Tropical Medicine

American Friends of Czechoslovakia

American Friends Service Committee

American Geographical Society

American Government Society

American Guild for German Cultural Freedom

American Hebrew

American Hellenic Committee

American Hellenic Society

American Historical Association

American Historical Genealogical Society

American Home

American Hungarian Foundation

American Industries

American Institute of Architects

American Institute of Chemists

American Institute of Banking

American Institute of Cinematography

American Institute of Public Opinion

American Iona Society

American Jewish Art, Inc.

American Jewish Committee

American Jewish Congress

American Journal of Economics and Sociology

American Journal of Nursing


American Law Institute

American League to Abolish Capital Punishment

American League for Tolerance, Inc.

American Legion

American Library in Paris

American Library Service

American Lumberman

American Magazine, The

American Marketing Association

American Merchant Marine Library Association

American Mercury

American Mission to Lepers

American Museum of Health

American Musicological Society

American Museum of Natural History

American Mutoscope and Biograph Co.

American National Committee of Engraving

American National Pan-Epirotic League

American (New York)

American Nobel Center

American Organization Committee

American Outpost in Great Britain

American Palestine Committee

American Patriotic Society

American Philosophical Society

American Plays Association, Inc.

American Polish Chamber of Commerce

American Polish Memorial Committee

American Resettlement Committee

American Press

American Red Cross

American Relief Committee

American Right of Way Association

American-Russian Chamber of Commerce

American, Sadie

American-Scandinavian Foundation

American Scenic & Historic Preservation Society

American Scholar

American School

American Sketch

American Shakespeare Foundation

American Social Hygiene Association

American Society in London

American Society for Race Tolerance

American Society of the French Legion of Honor

American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

American Society for Public Administration

American Society for Russian Relief

American Society of International Law

American Society of Mechanical Engineers

American Sociological Society

American Speech

American Student Union

American Swedish Monthly

American Taxpayers League

American Theatre Council

American Television Society

American Tobacco Company

American Trading Company

American Unitarian Association

American University

American Veterans Association

American War History Memorial Committee

American War Heroes Foundation

American Weekly

American Whig-Cliosophic Society

American White Star Brotherhood

American Woman's Association

American Woman's Club

American Wool and Cotton Reporter

American Writers Association

American Youth Congress

Americana Institute

Americanization Expo

America's Good-will Union

America's Town Meeting of the Air

America's Young Men

America's Foundation


Amerikai Magyar Nepszava


Amerman, Ella. (Mrs. L.M.)

Amero Travel Service

Amery, L.S.

Ames, Allan P.

Ames, Azel

Ames, C.H.

Ames, Charles F.

Ames, Charles H.

Ames, Edward Carder

Ames, Edward R.

Ames, Herbert B.

Ames, Herman V.

Ames, John G.

Ames, Joseph S.

Ames, Ronald R.

Ames, Winthrop

Amick, Gladys

Amidon, Charles F.

Amiot, Eugene

Amis, William T.

Amici Club

Amkino Corporation

Ammu, Snma

Amonson, Louis S.

Amoroso, Peter

Amoruso, Carmelo

Amoruso, Luigi

Amory, August inett

Amory, John L.

Amos, Society

Amos, William C.

Amoss, Ulius L.

Amsden, Grace P. (Mrs. H.H.)

Amsterdam News

Amy, Henry J.

Box 12 ANA-ANG

Analyst Magazine

Ander, Gustaf H.

Andersen, Hendrik Christian

Andersen, J.H.

Anderson, A.A.

Anderson, A. Fitzroy

Anderson, A.T.

Anderson, A.W.

Anderson, Alan G.

Anderson, Albin J.

Anderson, Alexander E.

Anderson, Arthur E.

Anderson, Ben F.

Anderson, Benjamin M.

Anderson, C.H.

Anderson, Chandler P.

Anderson, Charles A.

Anderson, Charles H.

Anderson, Charles W.

Anderson, Clinton

Anderson, Cora S.

Anderson, Donald G.

Anderson, Dwight

Anderson, E.M.

Anderson, Edwin H.

Anderson, Elam J.

Anderson, Ellery O.

Anderson, Elsie H.

Anderson, Ewen C.

Anderson, Frank B.

Anderson, Frank O.

Anderson, G.W.

Anderson, George W.

Anderson, Gordon B.

Anderson, H.B.

Anderson, Henry W.

Anderson, I.R.

Anderson, Jessica

Anderson, John B.

Anderson, Lee

Anderson, Leila

Anderson, Mrs. Lewis

Anderson, Lloyd C.

Anderson, Mona (Mrs.)

Anderson, Myrtle B.

Anderson, N.L.

Anderson, Oscar, Jr.

Anderson, P. Arnold

Anderson, Paul

Anderson, S.S.

Anderson, Sylvia F.

Anderson, Thomas

Anderson, W.J.

Anderson, Walden Pell

Anderson, William C. Jr.

Anderson, William E.

Anderson, William H.

Anderson, William Harvey

Anderson, Hugh V.

Anderton, Stephen P.

Andrade, C. Jr.

Andrade, Cypriano 3rd

Andrade, Eduardo

Andrade, Jose C.

Andre, Marie-Ninon

Andreades, A.

Andreae, Percy

Andre-Lamb Expedition to Tibet 1931

Andres, J. Frank

Andress, Mary Vail

Andrew, A. Piatt

Andrew, George L.

Andrews, Adolphus

Andrews, Avery D.

Andrews, Barrett

Andrews, Benjamin R.

Andrews, Charles

Andrews, Fannie Fern

Andrews, Mrs. Chase

Andrews, Clement W.

Andrews, D.H.

Andrews, E. Benjamin

Andrews, Edwin C.

Andrews, Emma D. (Mrs. George C.)

Andrews, Frances

Andrews, G.

Andrews, Hannah S.

Andrews, Harry G.

Andrews, Julia F.

Andrews, Leonora deLima

Andrews, Mark

Andrews, Matthew Page

Andrews, Paul Shipman

Andrews, Roy Chapman

Andrews, W.G.

Andrews, William S.

Andrews, William Whiting

Andrika, Theodore

Andromedas, Nicholas

Andronescu, D.

Andrus, Robert G.

Aneslitt, K.

Angas, LLB

Angel, Mr. & Mrs. John and Elizabeth Day Seymour

Angel, Jose Manuel

Angell, Charles R.

Angell, Florence F.

Angell, Homer D.

Angell, James B.

Angell, J.R.

Angell, James R.

Angell, James W.

Angell, Norman

Angelopoulos, G.Y.

Angier, Edgar A.

Anglais, Robert

Angulo, Efrain Garcia

Anglo-American Exposition

Anglo-American Hellenic Bureau of Education

Anglo-French Luncheon Club

Box 13 ANH-APZ

Anhalt, Lawrence J.

Ankeny, A.T.

Annable, Herbert

Annegers, Vida

Annett, Charles E.

Annin, Joseph P.

Annin, Emma P. (Mrs. W.E.)

Annin, Robert E.

Annin, William S.

Anonymous Letters

Ansaldi de Serracapriola, Marescay

Anshen, Ruth N.

Ansley, Annie C. (Mrs. Clarke F.)

Anson, Christine

Ansorge, Martin C.

Anshce, Henry

Anstruther, Agnes

Anstruther, J. Bruce

Ant, Auswaertiges

Anthony, Alfred Williams

Anthony, Beatrice B.

Anthony, Cornelia N. (Mrs. F.D.)

Anthony, Jean

Anthony, John

Anthony, Norman

Anthony, Richard A.

Anthony, Susan B.

Anthony, Theodore V.W.

Antiga, Juan

Antignac, Golda G.

Antioch College

Antrim, Doron K.

Anti-Monroe Doctrine Society

Anti-Nazi League

Anti-Third Term League Inc.

Antlers (Colorado Springs)

Antonius, George

Antor, Hans

Anzac War Relief Fund

Apatow, J.J.

Apawanis-Golf Club

Apgar, Ada C.

Apgar, H.C.

Aplington, H.T.


Appel, Hannah J.

Appel, Joseph

Appel, Nancy Edith

Appel, Richard E.

Appell, Paul

Appell, Mme. Paul

Appell, Pierre

Appleby, Robert R.

Appleby, Theodore F.

Applegate, C. Theodore

Appleget, Thomas B.

Appleman, Earl

Appleton, Allen L.

Appleton, Cecile B. (Mrs. H. Sargent)


Appleton, & Company

Appleton, Daniel

Appleton, Floyd

Appleton, Francis R.

Appleton, L. Estelle

Appleton, R. Ross

Appleton, Robert

Appleton, William Sumner

Appleton's Cyclopedia

Apponyi, Albert

Box 14 AR-ARZ

Araya, Rafael

Araya, Raul Rodriguez

Arbib-Costa, A.

Arbitration Society of America

Arbitrator Press

Arce, Jose

Archbishop of York

Archdall, H.K

Archer, Alice M.

Archer, Charles H.

Archer, William

Architectural Forum

Architectural League

Archives Diplomatiques

Arciero, George S.

Arcis, Clara Guthrie Df

Arctowska, Jane

Ardemagni, Mirko

Arden Press

Arden, Harriette

Arden, Juliette

Ardis, W.F. Scot

Ardsley Club

Arenberg, F. A. von

Arendt, Morton

Arents, H.D.

Arentz, Hermann F.

Argentine Embassy

Argentine High School Broadcasting Club

Argonaut, The (San Francisco)

Argosy, The


Argus Book Shop

Arias, Harmodio

Arista, A.T. Lopez

Arizona Biltmore

Arkansas City Daily Traveler

Arkell, Bartlett

Arliss, George

Armbruster, Emile

Armbruster, Eugene L.

Armbruster, Frederic

Armfield, Constance

Arminjon, P.

Armitage, Paul

Amitstead, H.A.

Armor, Grant

Armore, Anthony J.

Armour, Dorothy (Mrs. William)

Armour, George A.

Armsby, George Barr

Arrasby, James K.

Armsby, Raymond

Armstrong, A.C.

Armstrong, A.F.

Armstrong, C.

Armstrong, Collin

Armstrong, Dale

Armstrong, E.

Armstrong, E.D.

Armstrong, Edwin H.

Armstrong, Frank C.

Armstrong, Frank L.

Armstrong, Frederick J.

Armstrong, George

Armstrong, George S.

Armstrong, Hamilton Fish

Armstrong, Harry Gloster

Armstrong, Henry E.

Armstrong, Irene

Armstrong, J.E.

Armstrong, James N. Jr.

Armstrong, Lloyd C.

Armstrong, O.K.

Armstrong, Richard H.

Armstrong, Robert

Armstrong, J.P.

Armstrong, Spencer

Armstrong, William Campbell

Armstrong-Jones, Robert

Armenian Press Bureau

Army and Navy Journal

Army (U.S.)

Arnaud, Leopold

Arndt, Charles Henry

Arndt, Walter T.

Arnett, Eugene

Arnhold, Erna

Arnold, Alfred C.

Arnold, B.F.

Arnold, Cora

Arnold, Dora D. (Mrs. Edwin)

Arnold, E.W.

Arnold, Eudora (Mrs. Frank A.)

Arnold, Frame J.

Arnold, Frazer

Arnold, Hugh E.

Arnold, Jessie B.

Arnold, John A.

Arnold, John S.

Arnold, M.C.

Arnold, Malcolm H.

Arnold, Mary

Arnold, Ralph

Arnold, Reuben R.

Arnold Constable & Company

Arnoldi, Gibson

Arnos, William T.

Arnot, Raymond H.

Arnott, E.L.

Arnstein, Max B.

Arny, H.V.

Aron, Harold G.

Arons, Joseph

Aronson, Moses J.

Arp, R.

Arps, George F.

Arrere, l'Abbe Borde D'

Arrili, B. Gonzalez

Arrivee, Harry

Arrowsmith, Robert

Arsenal Varnish Company

Arter, Charles K.

Artero, E.

Arthur, Julia

Artinian, Artine


Artivari, L, Criscuolo d'

Artrman, Joseph M.

Arts & Decoration

Artucio, Hugo Fernandez

Arvold, Alfred G.

Box 15 AS-AT

Ascension (Church)

Ash, Charles F.

Ash, Frank H.

Ash, Theodore E.

Ashburn, A.

Ashe, Lloyd E.

Asher, Percy

Ashford, Bailey K.

Ashjian, Levan A.

Ashley, Moses M.

Ashley, Stuart B.

Ashman, Richard

Ashton-Gwatkin, F.

Ashurst, Henry F.

Ashworth, Robert A.

Asheville School

Ascoli, Georges

Askwith, Herbert

Aspirrwall, Robert

Asquith, Cyril

Asquith, Herbert Henry (1st Earl of Oxford) & Asquith

Asquith, Margot

Assarsson, P.V.G.

Asociacion de Escritoresy Artistas Americanos

Associated Boards for Christian Colleges

Associated Cinema Stars

Associated Features

Associated Pennsylvania Clubs

Associated Hospital Service of New York

Associated Press

Associated Refugee Artists' Guild

Association Better Citizenship

Association Franco-Danoise

Association of American Colleges

Association of American Universities


Associazione Int…Studi Mediterranei

Associazione Nazionaie Combattenti Italiani

Associated Industries of Massachusetts

Associates, Robert Everett

Association Against Prohibition Amendments

Association Against...20th Amendment

Association for improving the condition of the poor

Association for...Industrial Grievances

Association of International Patentees

Astill, William

Astor, Helen (Mrs. Vincent)

Astor, John

Astor, Vincent

Astrab, Michael E.

Astruc, Yvonne

Aswell, Edward C.

Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe

Atchley, Dana W.

Atha, Mrs. Benjamin

Athayde, Austregesilo de

Athearn, Evelyn B. (Mrs. Frederick G. Athearn)


Athenagoras (Archbishop)

Athenson, A.A.

Atherton, George W.

Atherton, Gertrude

Athey, Robert

Athill, Charles H.

Athlone, Earl of

Atholi, Katharine, Duchess of

Atiyabegum, F.R.

Atkin, Percy

Atkin, Richard

Atkins, Charles D.

Atkins, David

Atkins, George C.

Atkins, J.B.

Atkins, James Jr.

Atkinson, Alfred

Atkinson, C.R.

Atkinson, D.

Atkinson, Francis

Atkinson, Fred W.

Atkinson, George H.

Atkinson, Helen M.

Atkinson, Henry A.

Atkinson, Henry R.

Atkinson, John

Atkinson, Will



Atlantic City Review

Atlantic Coast Line

Atlantic Foto Service

Atlantic Yacht Club

Atterbury, Anna D.

Atterbury, Mr. & Mrs. Grosvenor and Dorothy Johnstone

Atterbury, W.W.

Attlee, Clement R.

Attorney General (New Jersey)

Attwood, Frederic

Atwater, Albert W.

Atwater, Charles W.

Atwell, Ben H.

Atwell, William Hawley

Atwood, Frank G.

Atwood, Harold R.

Atwood, Harry F.

Atwood, J.W.

Atwood, Martha

Box 16 AU-AZ

Aubelle, L.

Aubourg, Jean

Auchincloss, Gordon

Aucoin, Lionel


Auerbach, Joseph S.


Aughinbaugh, W.E.

August a Herald

August a National Golf Club

August a, Chamber of

August ine, W.F.

Aungst, J.T.

Austen, Campbell

Austin, George C.

Austin, George William

Austin, H.

Austin, John T.

Austin, Warren R.

Austin, William L.

Auston, J.R.T.



Austrian Consulate General

Austrian Konsularakademie

Austrian Minister

Australia, Commissioner for

Authors Club

Authors' Clipping Bureau

Automobile Blue Book

Automobile Bureau

Automobile Club of America

Automobile Safety Association

Automotive Council

Aux Ecoutes


Avalion, Thomas

Avary, Myrta Lockett

Avebury, Lord

Avellanus, Ardadius

Avent, John M.

Averardi, Mr. and Mrs. Carla Bruno

Averhoff, Octavio

Avery, Edward S.

Avery, George T.

Avery Library

Avery, Louis B.

Avery, Russ

Avery, Samuel P.

Axman, Clarence

Axtell, Silas Blake

Axton, John T.

Ayars, Erling E.

Ayars, William Stewart

Ayer, Jean T.

Aycrigg, Charlotte C.

Aydelotte, Frank

Aylesworth, M.H.


Ayres, Brown

Ayres, Harry Morgan

Ayres, Leonard P.

Ayres, Philip

Ayvazian, A.

Azan, Paul

Box 17 B-BAC


B.M.T. Workers Defense Committee

Babb, James T.

Babbage, Richard Gordon

Babbitt, Irving

Babbitt, Carrie (Mrs. Searles)

Babbott, Frank L.

Babcock, Carlston D.

Babcock, Caroline L.

Babcock, E. Claude

Babcock, Earl

Babcock, Earle B. and Marie-Therese Peylada

Babcock, Edward H. Jr.

Babcock, Edwin S.

Babcock, Frederick R.

Babcock, L.R.

Babcock, Madison

Babcock, Philip S.

Babcock, T.R.

Baberadt, K.

Babies Hospital

Babies Ward, Post Graduate Hospital

Babin, Paul Peter

Baton, Mrs. A.

Baboff, Velko M.

Babson, Roger W.

Babst, Earl D.

Bach, Barbara C.

Bach, Louis

Bach, Richard F.

Bache, Jules S.

Bacheller, Irving

Bachelor, The

Bachke, H.H.

Bachman, Frank P.

Bachman, George W.

Bachrach, Louis Fabian

Bachrach, Portrait Library

Back, Elizabeth M.

Backland, Celine

Backeland, L.H.

Backus, Electus T.

Backus, Eugene S.

Backus, George

Backus, Grosvenor

Backus, H.P.

Backus, Truman J.

Bacon, A.M.

Bacon, Anne M.

Bacon, C. Everett

Bacon, C. Graham

Bacon, Edward R.

Bacon, Elizabeth (Mrs. William)

Bacon, Franklin M. Jr.

Bacon, George A.

Bacon, Laura Florence Calvert (wife of Henry Bacon)

Bacon, Leonard

Bacon, R.W.

Bacon, Robert

Bacon, Robert E., Jr.

Bacon, Robert L.

Bacon, Rogers Hammond and Mabel Dean

Bacon, Selden

Bacon, W.C.

Bacone, Robert E.

Box 18 BAD- BAKER, G.


Badasz, H.

Badeaux, Charle3

Baden-Powell, Sir Robert

Bader, Arno L.

Bader, Henry

Bader, Jesse M.

Badger, Philip O.

Badger, Richard G.

Badger and Browning and Hersey, Inc.

Badley, Brenton T.

Badulescu, Victor V.

Baekeland, George

Baekland, Leo H.

Baehr, William

Baer, Charles E.

Baer, Fred E.

Baer, Gertrud

Baer, John Willis

Baer, S.W.

Bafundo, R.D.

Bagarozy, Armand

Baggs, Thomas A.

Bagley, Edward George

Bagley, William C.

Bagnell, Robert

Bagoe, F.

Bahlson, Dr.

Bailey, Charles Olin

Bailey, David Algar

Bailey, E. Prentiss

Bailey, Edward P.

Bailey, Foster

Bailey, Frank

Bailey, Frank S.

Bailey, Guy W.

Bailey, Henry Turner

Bailey, J.W. A.

Bailey, Josiah W.

Bailey, Louis J.

Bailey, Nora M. (Mrs.)

Bailey, Oliver J.

Bailey, Pearce

Bailey, Theodore L.

Bailey, Vernon Howe

Bailie, Edith B.

Baillie, David G.

Baillie, J.B.

Bailly, Edward C.

Baily, Harold J.

Baily, Joshua L

Bailey, Joshua L., Jr . (Mrs.)

Bain, A.

Bain, Donald

Bain, H.

Bain News Service

Bainbridge, Oliver

Bainbridge, William Seaman

Bainton, Henry W.

Baird, A. Craig

Baird, Edward K.

Baird, J.W.

Baird, William J.

Baird, Wyllys

Bajer, Fredrik

Bajpai, Girga Shanwar

Baker, A.G.

Baker, Alice May

Baker, Anson C.

Baker, Bryant

Baker, Charles A.

Baker, Charles Whiting

Baker, Charlotte S.

Baker, Elbert H.

Baker, Elizabeth F.

Baker, Elizabeth S.

Baker, Ellis B. Jr.

Baker, Estelle M.

Baker, F.T.

Baker, Frances

Baker, Franklin T.

Baker, Franklin Jr.

Baker, Frederick A.

Baker, George Barr

Baker, George F.

Baker, George P.

Baker, George T.

Baker, Gordon H.


Baker, H.H.

Baker, Hamilton W.

Baker, Harry T.

Baker, Herbert

Baker, J. Allen

Baker, J.B.

Baker, J.S.

Baker, J. Stewart

Baker, J.W.

Baker, James H.

Baker, Louis C.W.

Baker, Manford

Baker, Newton Dieh -- FILE MISSING AS OF 7/1/1992;;; 3/26/92

Baker, O.E.

Baker, O.N.

Noel-Baker, Philip

Baker, R.E.

Baker, Ray Stannard

Baker, Richard

Baker, Robert

Baker, Robert L.

Baker, S. Josephine

Baker, Stephen

Baker, Thomas S.

Baker, Walter C.

Baker, Zelma

Bakhmeteff, Boris A.

Bakovz, Samuel

Bakst, David A.

Balaguer, Joaquin

Balch, Albert Sidney

Balch, Allan C.

Balch, Earle H.

Balch, Edwin Swift

Balch, H.H.

Balch, John

Balch, Katharine T. (Mrs. John)

Balch, Thomas Willing

Balcom, W.D.

Baldazzi, Giovanni

Baldensperger, Fernand

Baldin, Siluan F.

Baldo, Guillermo Garcia

Baldus, S.A.

Baldwin, Alfred F.

Baldwin, A.S.

Baldwin, A.W.

Baldwin, Anson

Baldwin, Burton

Baldwin, Charles G.

Baldwin, Charles Sears

Baldwin, D. deF.

Baldwin, Dewitt C.

Baldwin, Elbert F.

Baldwin, Frank C.

Baldwin, George B.

Baldwin, Henry de Forest

Baldwin, Howard J.

Baldwin, J. Mark

Baldwin, James H.

Baldwin, Jared G.

Baldwin, John B.

Baldwin, John Harmon

Baldwin, Joseph dark

Baldwin, Philip L.

Baldwin, R.H.

Baldwin, Raymond E.

Baldwin, Robert M.

Baldwin, Robert T.

Baldwin, Roger N.

Baldwin, Simeon E.

Baldwin, William M.

Baldwin, Windham

Box 20 BALE - BANG

Baleria, J. Wesley

Balfour, Arthur James, Earl of

Balfour, J.E.

Balfour, Lord of Burleigh

Balkin, Harry H.

Ball, Ancell H.

Ball, G. Wilson

Ball, Henry W.

Ball, John H.

Ball, Joseph

Ball, Joseph H.

Ball, Katharine M.

Ball, Louise C.

Ball, Margaret E.

Ball, Stella Hereford (Mrs. Robert Edward)

Ball, Robert S.

Ball, Samuel S.

Ball, T.R.

Ballantine, Arthur A.

Ballantine, Gertrude D.

Ballantyne, Edith

Ballard, Ernest S.

Ballard, Harlan H.

Ballard, R.H.

Ballard, Seymour M.

Ballard, Sumner

Ballinger, R.A.

Balliol College

Ballon, Ellen

Ballou, Frank W.

Balmer, Edwin

Balogh, Elemer

Balogh, Eugen


Baltic Committee for Studies and Cooperation

Baltimore and Ohio Railroad

Baltimore Bar Association

Baltimore Catholic Review

Baltimore Council of Peace Agencies

Baltimore League of Nations

Baltimore Press Club

Baltimore Sun

Balzar, F.B.

Baltz, Harry R.

Bamberg, Maurice

Bamberger Broadcasting Service

Bamberger, Clarence G.

Bamberger, John T.

Bamberger, Leon J.

Bamley, Herbert W

Banal, Beatrix


Bancker, William F.

Bancroft, Edgar A.

Bancroft, Frederick

Bancroft, Jennie H

Bancroft, Margaret

Bandell, Harry S.

Bandler, David

Bandler, Mrs. William A.

Bandy, P.M., Jr.

Bane, William L. & Company

Baneras, Antonio

Banerji, Sir Albion

Banff Spring Hotel

Bangor, Daily Commercial

Bangs, Francis H.

Bangs, Francis N.

Bangs, Mr. & Mrs. Francis Sedgwick and Helen Whitney

Bangs, Grace Allen

Bangs, Henry McC.

Bangs, Miss J.F.

Bangs, John Kendrick

Bangs, L. Bolton

Bangs, Lois A.


Banham, Walter J.L.

Banister, Edward S.

Bank of the Manhattan Company

Bankers Safe Deposit Company

Bank of New York

Banker, Edith Stiles (Mrs. Pierre Banker)

Bankers Life Company

Bankhead, H.M.

Bankoff, Iran

Banks, A.F.

Banks, Henry W. III

Banks, James J., Jr.

Banks, James Lenox

Banks, Louis Albert

Banks, W.S.

Banlig of Strasbourg

Bannard, Otto T.

Banner, Julius H.

Bannerjea, D.N.

Banning, Kendall

Bannister, L. Ward

Bannon, Arthur C.

Banshees, The

Baptist Leader

Baptist Ministers of New York

Bar Association (New York)

Bar Association, Secretary of the

Bar Association of Nassau County

Barabas, Alfred J.

Barachel, Leon Paul

Barbanzolo, Leonardo

Barbeau, Ernest Allan

Barbee, David Rankin

Barbee, Willoughby Lipscomb

Barber, Arlie

Barber, Arthur

Barber, Donn

Barber, Cyrus L.

Barber, Frank, Jr.

Barber, George G.

Barber, Harold C.

Barber, Sara M.

Barber, T.P.

Barber, William A. and Eula T.

Barbes, D.

Barbey, Henry G.

Barbieri, Cesare

Barbour, Clarence A.

Barbour, Philip L.

Barbour, Thomas H.

Barbour, Thomas J.

Barbour, Warren

Barbour, William

Barbusse, Lewis

Barcalo, E.J.

Barcelo, Antonio R.

Barcelo, Simon

Barclay, Colville

Barclay, Edwin

Barclay, G.C.

Barclay, Hartley W.

Barclay, John C.

Barclay, Sir Thomas

Barclay, Wright

Bard, Albert S.

Bard College

Bard, Eleanor

Bard Hall (P&S Club)

Bard, Harry E.

Bard, Phil

Bard, Samuel

Bard, Sylvanus M.

Barde, F.S.

Bardeen, C.W.

Bardeen, Ethel

Barden, Edward T.

Barden, Samuel

Box 22 BARD - BARNES, J.

Bardian, The

Bardin, Shlomo

Bardoux, J.

Bardwell, D.L.

Bareham, Harry J.

Barends, Frederick J.

Barford, William

Barger, Harold

Bargy, Henry

Barit, Mark J.

Barjanski, Madame

Barker, Alexander C.

Barker, Arthur

Barker, Blanche

Barker, C.H.

Barker, Charles (Mrs.)

Barker, Charles S.

Barker, E.

Barker, E.A.

Barker, E.S.

Barker, Ernest

Barker, Franklin W.

Barker, George F.

Barker, Granville

Barker, Henry Ames

Barker, J.M.

Barker, John H.

Barker, Joseph W. and Mary Metcalf Perin

Barker, L.C.

Barker, Lewellyn F.

Barker, Samuel H.

Barker, Thomas

Barker, Wharton

Barkley, Albin W.

Barkley, James R.

Barlow, C.H.

Barlow, Ellen (Mrs. F.C.)

Barlow, Ernesta

Barlow, Lester P.

Barlow, Montague

Barlow, Peter T.

Barlow, Samuel L.M.

Barlow, W. Jarvis and Marian Brooks

Barm, William S.

Barmine, Alexandre

Barnaby, James C.

Barnard Anniversary Speech

Barnard Bulletin

Barnard Club

Barnard College

Barnard College Alumni Association

Barnard College Club

Barnard College, History of

Barnard College, Mortarboard

Barnard, E.C.

Barnard, Eunice F. (Mrs. Seymour)

Barnard, Fuller

Barnard, George Grey

Barnard, J. August us

Barnard, Job

Barnard Library

Barnard Quarterly

Barnard President

Barnard, Ralph B.

Barnard School

Barnard, William L.

Barnard, Yvette

Barner, Vincent E.

Barnert, Boas

Barnert, Nathan

Barnes, Mrs. A.L.

Barnes, Arthur S.

Barnes, Charles J.

Barnes, Charles M.

Barnes, Charles R.

Barnes, Charles Wheeler

Barnes, Clarence A.

Barnes, Clifford W.

Barnes, E.R.

Barnes, Earl

Barnes, F.C.

Barnes, Frederick

Barnes, George E.

Barnes, George H.

Barnes, H.E.

Barnes, Henry B.

Barnes, J. Mahlon

Barnes, James

Barnes, Jasper C.

Barnes, John

Barnes, Julius H.

Box 23 BARNES, N. - BARO

Barnes, N.W.

Barnes, Nathaniel Waring

Barnes, Nelson L.

Barnes, Oren J.

Barnes, T.R.

Barnes, Vincent E.

Barnes, W.R.

Barnes, Wilfred III

Barnes, William (1904-1930)

Barnes, Willis

Barnes & Noble, Inc.

Barnesby, Norman

Barnett, Ada M

Barnett, Claude A.

Barnett, Dame Henrietta

Barnett, Nancy

Barnett, P.A.

Barnett, S.A.

Barnett, W.W.

Barney, Charles T.

Barney, Edgar S.

Barney, Malcolm

Barnitz, Wirt W.

Barnouw, Adrian J.

Barnum, Jerome D.

Barnum, William H.

Barnwell Course

Barnwell Foundation

Barnwell, Madge B.

Baroda, The Maharaja of

Barolin, Johannes C.


Baron, Cyril

Baron d'Estournelles de Constant

Baron, F.M.

Baron, Morris

Baron, Salo W.

Barondess, Joseph

Box 24 BARR - BARS

Barr, Francis X.

Barr, George A.

Barr, J. Thomas

Barr, James A.

Barr, Jean B.

Barr, Lockwood

Barr, Mark

Barr, Norman Burton

Barr, Stringfellow

Barr, William F.

Barra, F.L. dela

Barracks, A.R.

Barradas, Gerald

Barradas League

Barratt, J. Arthur

Barreto, Alberto

Barrett, D.C.

Barrett, Eva

Barrett, G. Hinman

Barrett, George B.

Barrett, H.M.

Barrett, Halsey M.

Barrett, Halsey V.

Barrett, Henry R.

Barrett, James W.

Barrett, John

Barrett, Dr. John

Barrett, Mary X. Ferguson (Mrs. John Walton Barrett)

Barrett, M.F.

Barrett, Nicholas J.

Barrett, Sidney H.

Barrett, William H.

Barrett, Wilton A.

Barrick, Minnie M.

Barricklo, William R.

Barrie, Erwin S.

Barrie, Sir James Matthew

Barrie Memorial Service

Barrie, Robert Jr.

Barril, Maria de

Barringer, Daniel Moreau

Barrister's Ball

Barrons, W. Cooper

Barrons National Weekly

Barrow, David C.

Barrow, Lionel C.

Barrows, Bernice

Barrows, David Prescott

Barrows, John Henry

Barrows, Thomas Nichols

Barry, A.J. (Mrs.)

Barry, David S.

Barry, Frederick

Barry, J. Neilson

Barry, Robert

Barry, Rose V.S.

Barrymore, Blanche (Mrs. John)

Barstow, Robbins Wolcott

Barstow, William S.

Box 25 BART - BAT

Barthelemy, Joseph

Bartholdt, Richard

Bartholdy, A. Mendelssohn

Bartholf, William J.

Bartholomew, James L.

Bartholomew, William H.

Barthou, Louis

Bartlett, Alice Hunt (Mrs.)

Bartlett, Elwood S.

Bartlett, George

Bartlett, Maud Willard

Bartlett, Murray

Bartlett, Paul W. and Emily Montgomery Skinner

Bartlett, R.W.

Bartlett, Willard

Bartlett, Willard W.

Bartlett, Alice Hunt (Mrs. William Allen Bartlett)

Bartolini, Domenico

Barton, Betsey A.

Barton, Charles Randolph

Barton, Daniel W.

Barton, F.M.

Barton, Henry A.

Barton, McKinney

Barton, Oliver G.

Barton, Randolph Jr.

Barton, William E.

Barton, William H.

Bartow, Charles J.

Bartow, Charles S.J.

Baruch, Bernard M.

Baruch, Rnmanuel DeM.

Baruch, Francis M.

Barzelay, Benar

Barzun, Jacques

Bas Y Socias, D.N.

Basch, Charles J.

Basdevant, Jules

Basedow, Frederic

Basek, Alexander

Bases, Harry

Bashford, J.C.

Baskerville, Charles

Baskin, H.H.

Baslee, Edward H.

Basler, Roy P.

Basom, E.C.

Bass, Alfred

Bass, John F.

Bass, William Louis

Bassano, Limited

Bassett, Margaret

Bassette, Alfred S.

Bastedo, W.A.

Bastian, Henry J.

Basuto, Alfredo

Batchelder, Mabel (Mrs. F.R.)

Batchelor, Anne Elizabeth

Batchelor, Bronson

Batchelor, James C.

Batdorff, Edith M.

Bate, Frederick B.

Bateman, George F.

Baten, Anderson M.

Bates, Arthur D.

Bates, Charles Austin

Bates, Mrs, George C.

Bates, H.O.

Bates, Henry

Bates, John L.

Bates, Lindell T.

Bates, Adelaide Gilley (Mrs. William C. Bates)

Bates, William G.

Bates-Batcheller, Tryphosa (Mrs.)

Bath Bay Institute

Bath Club

Bathrick, E.R.

Battaglia, Joseph

Batten, Barton, Durstine & Osborn, Inc

Batten, G.L.

Batten, Jeanne

Batten, L.W.

Battenberg, J.P.

Battershall, W.W.

Batterson, Walter E.

Batley, Louis L.

Battey, W. Whatley, Jr.

Battle, Eva Ferguson

Battle, George Gordon

Battles, H.P.

Battles, Winthrop H.

Batty, W.W., Jr.

Baty, Th.


Bauer, Charles C.

Bauer, George F.

Bauer, H.C.

Baum, Arthur W.

Baum, Edgar A.

Baura, Herbert

Baum, Marcelle

Baum, Max C.

Baum, Molly

Bauman, Louis

Baumann, L. William

Baumann, Samuel

Baumeister, Theodore, Jr.

Bauraer, Frank

Baumer, Peter

Baumgras, C. Marcellus

Bausch, Edward

Bawden, William H

Bax, Emily

Baxendale, Arthur S.

Baxendale, John

Baxter, Bruce R.

Baxter, Charles S.

Baxter, Harold

Baxter, Othel

Baxter, W. James

Baxter, Lewis L.

Bay, James C.

Bayder, Frank L

Bayer, Charles M.

Bayern, Herman A.

Bayes, William R.

Bayetoff, Eugenia

Bayley, C. Clive

Bayley, W.W.

Baylies, Edmund L. and Louisa Van Rensselaer

Baylis, Charles T.

Baylis, Lady

Bayliss, Alfred

Bayliss, Donald

Bayliss, Lois H.

Bayly, J.W.

Bayly, W.R.

Bayne, Hugh A.

Bayonne Historical Society

Bayonne Old and New

Bays, George

Beach, Charles C.

Beach, Charles F.

Beach, George Rogers

Beach, Rex

Beach, Robert B.

Beachler, J.R.

Beacon Journal

Beadle, Robert Cameron

Beahan, C.C.

Beal, Arthur R.

Beal, Charles A.

Beal, Fred E.

Beal, Fred Townsend

Beal, Joseph

Beale, Charles W.

Beale, Harriet Blaine (Mrs.)

Beale, Phelan

Beale, Truxton

Bealey, Prank William

Beals, Clyde

Beals, Walter B.

Beam, Speight

Beam, William B.

Beaman, A.G.

Beamish, William J.


Beane, F.A.

Beans, Hal Trueman

Bear Creek Orchards

Beard, Arlena

Beard, Charles Austin

Beard, Gerald H

Beard, John S.

Beard, Lucie C.

Beard, Mary S.

Beard, W.K.

Beard, W.N.

Beardshear, W.M.

Beardsley, Mabel R.

Beason, George

Beasley, David S.

Beatovich, T.M.

Beatson, J.W.

Beattie, Lee W.

Beatty, A.

Beatty, Albert R.

Beatty, Sir Edward W.

Beatty, Robert J.

Beattys, Frank D.

Beattys, H,H.

Beaty, John O.

Beaty, Richard A.D

Beau, Caroline van H.

Beauchamp, Earl

Beauchamp, J.C.

Beauclerk, Diane

Beaufort, William de

Beaulac, Willard L.

Beaumont, Comte de

Beaumont, J.C.H.

Beaumont, Louis D.

Beaverbrook, Lord

Beazell, W.P.

Bebb, Herbert

Bechtel, Philip S.

Beck, Carl

Beck, Horace P.

Beck, James M.

Beck, Maximilian

Beck, Paul V.

Beck, Thomas H.

Beck, Walter

Becker, Carl

Becker, Elsa G.

Becker, Frank

Becker, Hedwig

Becker, Henry J.

Becker, Neal Dow

Becker, Niles R.

Beckett, Charles H.

Beckett, George M.

Beckhardt, Belle

Beckhart, Benjamin H.

Beckhart, Moses

Beckley, Zoe

Beckwith, Walter P.

Beckworth, Lindley

Bedard, Pierre A.

Beddington-Behrens, E.

Beddington, Claude

Bedell, Arthur P.

Bedell, Robert E.

Bedford, A.C.

Bedford, Frank A.

Bedford Modern School

Bedford, Scott E.W.

Bedle, Althea F.R. (Mrs. J.D.)

Bedle, Randolph

Box 28 BEE - BELL, D.

Beebe, A.

Beebe, Alice E.

Beebe, Katharine

Beebe, William H.H.

Beecher, Beatrice B.

Beecher, William C.

Beeckman, R.

Beedy, Carroll L.

Beek, J.H.

Beekman, Charles K

Beekman, Frederick W.

Beekman, Gerard

Beekman, Henry R.

Beel, Philip S.

Beeper, John A.

Beem, Merrill A.

Beeman, M.A.

Beeman, Elbert

Beene, D.B.

Beer, George Lewis

Beerbohm-Tree, Sir Herbert

Beers, Clifford

Beers, Clifford W.

Beers, George E.

Beers, Lucius H.

Beers, Robert W.

Beesley, Thomas Quinn

Begg, John M.

Begg, W.R.

Beggs, Frederi c

Begin, Z.L.

Begole, George D.

Behn, Hernand

Behning, Albert

Behnke, Arno

Behr, Herman

Behr, Karl H.

Behre, Charles H.

Behrens, E. Beddington

Behrend, Hugo W.


Beichman, Arnold Milton

Beidelman, Edgar

Beier, Samuel K.

Bein, Alex

Beiring, Louis Jr.

Beiser, Louis E.

Beiter, Alfred F.

Beiter, Alfred F.

Beitwell, Charles W.

Bek-Andreae, Frederick

Bekker, Paul

Belasco, David

Belcher, Leon Kerr

Belcourt, N.A.

Belden, Charles F.D.

Belden, Clark

Belden, William Van Dyke

Belford, John L.

Belgian Commissioner General

Belgian Embassy

Belgian Friendship Building

Belgian League of Honor

Belgian Musicians

Belgian Relief Fund

Belgian War Relief Society, Inc.

Belgium, King of

Belinski, V.D.

Belk, Craig

Belknap, R.R

Belknap, William H.

Bell, A.T.

Bell, Bernard Iddings

Bell, C. Jasper

Bell, C.N.

Bell, Charles

Bell, Charles R.

Bell, Clark

Bell, Clive Morrison

Bell, D. Walter

Box 29 BELL, E. - BENED

Bell, Edward Price

Bell, Edward

Bell, Frank Ross

Bell, G.D.

Bell, Gordon Knox and Marian Mason Craft

Bell, Henry

Bell, Hill M.

Bell, Sir Hugh

Bell, J. Franklin

Bell, James L.

Bell, Kedrick

Bell, L.K.

Bell, Miss Leslie

Bell, Millard D.

Bell, Ned C.

Bell, Phillip

Bell, Ralcy Husted

Bell, Robert N.

Bell, Stephen

Bell, Ulric

Bell, William J.

Bellairs, Carlson

Bellairs, Carlyon

Bellamy, F.P.

Bellevue-Stratford (Philadelphia)

Bellinger, Frederic C.

Bellion, John

Bellis, Berton

Belleville, Norman Wallis

Belmont, August

Belmont, Eleanor Robson (Mrs. August )

Belmont, Perry

Belloc, Hilaire

Bellot, Hugh H.L.

Bellows, Russell N.

Bellows-Reeve Company

Belohoubek, Viktor

Belsley, G. Lyle

Beltette, M.A.

Beman, Hazel Leiter

Beman, Lamar T.

Beman, Thomas R.

Bement, Alon

Bemis, Albert Farewell

Bemis, Katharine I

Bemis, Samuel Flagg

Ben Hill County Training School

Benanti, S.

Benario, Frederick

Benbrooks, W.T.

Benchaff, Howard J.

Bendell, Robert S.

Bender, H.H.

Bender, Otto E.

Bender, Walter H.

Bender, William

Bendix, Charles B.

Bendix, E.S

Bendix, Ernest O.

Bendix, Louis

Bendix, Ludwig

Benedetti, Jose R.

Benedict College

Benedict, Edwin Carter

Benedict, H.A.

Benedict, Harry H.

Benedict, Henry Harper

Benedict, James D.

Benedict, Jay L.

Benedict, John

Benedict, Roswell A.

Benedict, Ruth

Benedict, William DeL.

Benedikt, Ernst


Benenfield, P.C.

Benerji, Sir Albion

Benes, Eduard

Benes, Samuel K.

Benesch, Alfred A.

Benet, Stephen Vincent

Benevolent Circle

Benezet, Louis P.

Bengert, Edgar

Bengis, Mrs, A

Benjamin, Marcus

Benjamin, Raymond

Benjamin, Robert M.

Benjamin, Henry Rogers

Benkert, Ambrose W.

Benkert, G.

Benn, Arthur Shirley

Benn, Sir Ernest

Benn, John A.

Bennell, A.H

Banner, Thomas E.

Bennet, Alma

Bennet, William S.

Bennett, Andrew

Bennett, Bessie E.

Bennett, Betty D.

Bennett, C. Cyril

Bennett, Catherine

Bennett, Charles E.

Bennett, Charles J.

Bennett, Ernest H.

Bennett, Cora (Mrs. Floyd Bennett)

Bennett, Frank P. & Company

Bennett, Frederic

Bennett, Hirman R

Bennett, Ira E.

Bennett, J.I.

Bennett, James E.

Bennett, Jean W.

Bennett, Martha C.

Bennett, Mary Angela

Bennett, Mary Frances

Bennett, Milo O.

Bennett, Philip

Bennett, S.G.

Bennett, Sidney K.

Bennett, W.

Bennett, W. and Son

Bennett, William H

Bennett, William M.

Bennett, William W.

Bennick, Marshall B.

Bennington, Arthur

Bennington College

Bennink, Leonard E.

Bennion, Adam S.

Benny, James

Bens, Glendolen T.

Bensinger, George C.

Benson, Anthony Frederick

Benson, Arthur C.

Benson, Arthur D.

Benson, C.H.

Benson, Clausimir M.

Benson, Hevlyn Dirck

Benson Hotel

Benson, John

Benson, Monroe R.

Benson, Reynolds

Benson, Ruby E.

Benson, Samuel C.

Benson, W.S.

Bentham, Effie

Bentham, Josephine

Bentley, Clara

Bentley, Frank E.

Bentley, John H.

Benton, Elma H.

Benton, George W.

Benton, Guy Potter

Benton, J.K.

Benton, P.R

Benton, Ralph W.

Benz, Herman

Benziger, A.

Box 31 BER - BERN

Beranger, M. Pier

Berangy, Pierre

Berard, Leon

Berchmans, Mother M.

Berchmans, Sister St.

Bercovici, H.L.

Bercovici, Konrad

Berdan, William

Berea College

Berenson, Bernard

Berets, Carl H.

Berg, Bert M.

Berg, Joseph Frederic

Berg, L.

Berg, L. Rodney

Berg, Matilda L.

Berg, William

Bergen, Frank

Bergen, Leigh B.

Bergen, Robert G.

Berger, Alexander

Berger, Charles K.

Berger, Charlotte

Berger, Jean

Berger, Samuel A.

Berger, Sophie

Bergez, Georgia B.

Bergh, Albert Ellery

Berglund, John V.

Bergman, Alfred

Bergman, G. Merle

Bergman, K.A.

Bergmann, Hugo

Bergsman, G.E.

Bergman, L.P.

Bergson, Henri

Bergstrom, John A.

Berkebile, Thomas A.

Berkeley, C.H.

Berkeley, Frances C.

Berkeley Hotel (London)

Berkey, Charles P.

Berkey, Dinner

Berkey, L. Helen

Berkley, John O.

Berkman, C.E.

Berko, G.D.

Berkowitz, Walter J.

Berla, Sol

Berle, A.A., Jr.

Berle, Adolph A.

Berlin, I.

Berliner, Emilo

Berliner, Jacob S.

Berliner, Tageblatt

Berlingske Tidende (Copenhagen)

Berman, Frank

Berman, Isador

Berman, Morris

Bernan, Rita (Mrs.)

Berman, S.

Bermany-Fischer Verlag

Bermingham, Edward J.

Berraundez, Domingo T.

Bermudian Hotel

Bern, Henry

Bernadotte, Sister Mary

Bernhard, Adam

Bernard, Francois M.

Bernhardt, Martin

Bernays, Edward L.

Bernelot-Moens, Herman M.

Bernen Kc, Ethel G.

Berner, H. Iwan

Box 32 BERN - BETT

Bernhard, Eric F.

Bernhardt, Bertram L.

Bernhardt, Martin

Bernheim, Ernst

Bernheimer, Charles L.

Bernhey, Henri

Bernier, Douglas E.

Berno, Lee Edward

Bernstein, Abraham

Bernstein, Eduard

Bernstein, Herman

Bernstein, John L.

Bernstein, Ludwig B.

Bernstein, Philip L.

Bernstein, Philip B.

von Bernstorff, Johann Heinrich, Count

Berrurier, Henri

Berrutti, D. Jose J.

Berry, Andrew C.

Berry, CM.

Berry, Charles W.

Berry, Fred L.

Berry, Martha

Berry, R.W.

Berry, Ray

Berry, Riley M. Fletcher

Berry, W.M.

Berryman, John McAlpin

Bertkan, Annie

Bertron, Samuel R.

Berwick, Edward

Berthelemy, M.H.


Bertling, K.O.

Bertolino, A.C.

Bertoni, Giulio

Bertram, James

Bertron, S.R.

Bertsch, Mrs. M.

Bertusi, Alexis B.

Berwick, Edward

Berwin, Albert J.

Berwind, Edward J.

Berzeviczy, Albert de

Besenfelder, Mathilde

Besce, A.

Bessemans, Dr. A.

Bessie, Alvah C.

Best and Company

Best, Marjorie A. (Mrs. A. Starr)

Best, Grafton C.

Best, Harry

Best, Jay H.

Best, Marshal A.

Best, William Jr.

Bestor, Arthur E. Jr.

Beta Gamma Sigma Alumni of N.Y.C.

Beth, Carl

Beth David Hospital

Beth Israel Hospital

Beth Zion Hospital

Bethel Anniversary Fund

Bethel Presbyterian Church

Bethel Young Peoples' Lyceum

Bethlen, Stephen de (Count and Countess)

Better Citizenship Association

Better English

Better Homes in America

Better Times

Better Understanding Foundation

Betterton, Sir Henry

Bettis Academy

Bettman, Gilbert

Box 33 BETTS - BIK

Betts, Charles E.

Betts, Charles H.

Betts, George H.

Betts, J.B.

Betts, Mrs. L.W.

Betz, F.S.

Betz, Isabelle M.

Beuick, Marshall D.

Bevan, Arthur Dean

Bevan, Thomas H.

Bevans, Colette A.

Beveridge, Minerva B. (Mrs. James W.)

Beveridge, John H.

Beveridge, Lowell P.

Beveridge, Sir William

Bevier, Katherine

Bevier, Louis Jr.

Bevin, Ernest

Bewer, Julius A.

Bewes, Wyndham A.

Beyer, Herman W.

Beyer, Theodore

Beyer, William

Bhabha, H.J.

Bhutia, Tishi

Bianchi, Raffaello

Biasi, Agostino de

Biben, JosephOB.

Bibesco, The Princess

Bible, Howard W.

Bible Normal College

Biblioteca HispanoAmericana

Bitliothek der Awerikanischen Culturgeschichte

Bibliotheque Nationale

Bibliotheque de l'Universite

Bicher, Leo B.


Bickel, Karl A.

Bickel, Paul J.

Bickers, D.G.

Bickerton, Joseph P.

Bickerton, Spencer

Bickford, Alfred

Bicknell, Thomas W.

Biddle, A.J. Drexel

Biddle, C.P.

Biddle, E.W.

Biddle, Francis

Biddle, Jane

Biddle, T.R.

Bidle, Randolph

Bieber, M.J.

Bieber, Margarete

Biechel, Earl L.

Biedekapp, Mrs. F.C.

Biegen, A.V.

Bieler, Blanche

Bielski, B.

Bienenfeld, Rubbi

Bienenstok, Edgar A.

Biennal Institute (Third)

Biarman, William

Biermann, Fred

Biermann, Marie Martin

Big Brother & Big Sister Federation

Big Brother Movement, Inc.

Bigelow, Dana Williams

Bigelow, Donald N.

Bigelow, Edward F.

Bigelow, Grace

Bigelow, Henry H.

Bigelow, John

Bigelow, Maurice A.

Bigelow, Poultney

Bigelow, T.C.

Bigelow, W.F.

Bigger, Matthew

Biggs, J.G.

Bigler, S.H.

Bigongiari, Dino

Bihlmans, A.

Bijur, Nathan I. (Mr. & Mrs.)

Bikle, Charles E.

Box 34 BIL - BIR

Bilbao, L.A. Ortiz

Bilbo, Theodore G.

Bilby, Kenneth W.

Bildersee, Isaac

Bilgram, Hugo

Bill, Annie C.

Bill, C.A.

Bill of Rights

Billikopf, Jacob

Billings, John S.

Billinsley, Logan

Billo, N.

Bills, Clifford D.

Billy, Edward de

Biltmore Hotel

Biltmore Industries

Bing, Alexander M.

Bing & Bing Inc.

Bing, Mr. & Mrs. Bernhard Hugo

Bing Family

Bing, Richard J.

Bingel, Olga Victoria

Bingham, Alfred M.

Bingham, Charlotte

Bingham, Henry H.

Bingham, Hiram

Bingham, Millicent

Bingham, Theodore A.

Bingham, W. Van Dyke

Binghamton Central High School

Binghamton Press

Binkerd, Robert S.

Binsse, Harry L.

Binzer, Harry

Biographical Encyclopedia of America

Biographical Encyclopedia of American Jews

Biographical Encyclopedia of the World

Biological Research Institute

Biondi, Angelo

Biosophical Institute

Biosophical Review

Biography Press

Biot, Maurice A

Bi-Partisan Strong Mayor Committee

Birch, Robert S.

Birch, Stephen

Birch, Thomas H.

Birchall, Frederick T.

Birckhead, Hugh

Bird, C. Wesley

Bird, Catherine

Bird, Charles Sumner

Bird, Charles W.

Bird, Harrison K.

Bird, Hugh S.

Bird, P. Douglas

Birdsall, James E.

Birdsall, Katharine N.

Birdsall, William W.

Birdwell, Russell

Birge, E.A.

Birinyi, Louis K.

Birkenhead, Lord

Birknead, L.M.

Birks, William M.

Birmingham, Bishop of

Birnberg, Frederick

Birnie, Douglas P.

Birnie, Mary

Birrell, August ine

Birrell, Henry

Birthday Ball for the President

Birtwell, Charles W.

Birtwell, Lorna R.F.

Box 35 BIS - BLACK, J.

Bisbee, F.A.

Biscay, Charles M.

Bisgood, J.J.

Bishop, Alys B.

Bishop, B.C.

Bishop Brent Fund

Bishop, C.W.

Bishop, Charles Frederick

Bishop, Cortlandt F.

Bishop, D.W.

Bishop, F. Warner

Bishop, Fanny A.

Bishop, Farnham

Bishop, George R.

Bishop, Howard S.

Bishop, J, Remsen

Bishop, John M.

Bishop, Joseph Bucklin

Bishop, Mary E.

Bishop, Roy N.

Bishop, Samuel H.

Bishop, W.W.

Bishop, William Warner

Bismarck Tribune

Bismarck Speech on Workmen's Insurance

Bispham, David

Bisphara, William

Bisschop, W.R.

Bissell, Richard M.

Bissell, Stanford

Bissing, Harry

Bitsanis, Frank

Bitter, Bruno

Bitting, W.C.

Bittner, L.

Bixby letter

Bixby, W.K.

Bizar, Edward I.

Black, A. & C. Ltd.

Black, Benjamin N.

Black, Douglas M.

Black, Forrest R.

Black, Frank R.

Black, Frank S.

Black, Franklin

Black, Harry

Black, Henry Campbell

Black, J.C.C. (1909-1929)

Black, John

Box 36 BLACK, K. - BLAN

Black, Katharine

Black, Morris A.

Black, N. Henry

Black, Robert

Black, S. Bruce

Black, Samuel T.

Black, W.J.

Black, William A.

Black, William Harman

Black, William H.

Black & White Hat Shop

Black, Winifred

Black Starr & Frost Gorham Inc.

Blackburn, Alan R., Jr.

Blackburn, Charles S.

Blackburn, J.T.D.

Blackeby, Henry P.

Blacklidge, W.E.

Blackmar, Beatrice

Blackmar, Margaret

Blackmore, Charles H.

Blackmore, R.B.

Blackshear, M.S.

Blackstone, The

Blackwell, H. Conrad

Blackwell, Hoyt

Blackwell, Hugh B.

Blackwell, James Madison

Blackwell, Lane

Blackwell, R.E.

Blackwell, Mrs. W.S.

Blackwood, I.C.

Blagden, Dorothea

Blagden, Ralph M.

Blain, W.W.

Blaine, Emmons

Blaine, James G.

Blaine, John J.

Blaine, W.T.

Blair, A.L.

Blair, Alec H.

Blair, C. Ledyard

Blair, Edward G.

Blair, Floyd G.

Blair, Francis G.

Blair, J.P.

Blair, James A.

Blair, John C.

Blair, Ledyard

Blair, Robert

Blair, W. Dyer

Blair, W. Richardson, Jr.

Blaisdell, James A.

Blaisdell, Charles O.

Blaisdell, James A.

Blake, Albert W.

Blake, Bettina

Blake, Edgar

Blake, Harry

Blake, John M.

Blake, Katherine (Mrs. Joseph A.)

Blake, Katherine Devereux

Blake, Michael H.

Blakeslee, Albert F.

Blakeslee, Alton L.

Blakeslee, H.W.

Blakey, Abram Post

Blan, Louis B.

Blanc, R.G.

Blanchard, Arthur H.

Blanchard, Claude

Blanchard, Clyde

Blanchard, Ralph H.

Blanchard of Grenoble

Blanchetai, Pierre Henry de la

Blanchfield, J.T.

Blanck, Alexander P.

Blanck, Guillermo de

Blanco, Agustin

Blanco, Juan P.

Bland, R. Henderson

Blandin, C.K.

Blandy, I.C.


Blank & Stoller, Inc.

Blank, Herman

Blankner, Frederika

Blanshard, Brand

Blanton, Sankey Lee

Blashfield, Edwin H. (Mr. & Mrs.)

Blatt, William

Blau, William

Blaudy, F. C.

Blauvelt, James H.

Blauvelt, James Gillmor

Blauvelt, Warren S.

Bleakley, James T.M.

Bleakley, William Fr.

Bleekman, John E.

Blessin, G.C.

Blessing, Charles W.

Blewett, Ben

Bey, C.F.

Blimke, E.

Bliss, A. Richard Jr.

Bliss, C.T.

Bliss, Cornelius N.

Bliss, Cornelius N., Jr. and Evelyn Byrd Dows

Bliss, D.C.

Bliss, Ethel House

Bliss, F.

Bliss, Francis W.

Bliss, Frederick Leroy

Bliss, Howard S.

Bliss, Robert Woods and Mildred Barnes

Bliss, Tasker H.

Bliss, William

Bliss, William H.

Bliven, Bruce

Bliven, William W.

BIizzard Men of 1838 Luncheon

Block, E. Maurice

Block, Fred

Block, Harry

Block, Herbert L.

Block, Louis

Block, Paul

Block, Paul and Associates

Block, Priscilla

Block, Rudolph

Block, S. John

Block, Siegfried

Block, V.

Block Aid

Block Community Organization

Blockshear, W. C.

Blodgett, A.B.

Blodgett, Frank D.

Blodgett, George W.

Blodgett, John W.

Blodgett, Roswell L.

Blodgett, Tilden

Blodgett, William H.

Bloem, Walter

Blomfield, Jane Seymour

Blamgren, John A.

Blondelle, C.A.

Blood, Charles F.

Blood, K. E. B.

Blood, Virginia L.


Bloom, Edwin B.

Bloom, J.E.

Bloom, J.N. (Mrs.)

Bloom, Sol (1924-1947)

Bloomer, Millard J.

Bloomfield, Daniel

Bloomfield, Meyer

Bloomingdale, E.W.

Blossom, Francis and Madeline Buck

Blossom, Frederick M.

Blossom, Sumner W.

Box 39 BLOU - BOD

Blough, John W.

Blount, George W.

Blow, Susan E.

Blue, Arthur L.

Blue Book, Columbia

Blue Book of the Hamptons

Blue, C.F.

Blue Cockade

Blue Network

Bluhm, Emil

Blum, Edward

Blum, F. Melville

Blum, R.D.

Blume, H.A.

Blumenberg, M.W.

Blumenfeld, Ralph D.

Blumenstein, Max

Blumenthal, Mrs.

Blumenthal, Benjamin

Blumenthal, Charles

Blumenthal, Eugene

Blumenthal, George and Mary Ann

Blumenthal, Myron S.

Blumenthal, Walter Hart

Blumerstein, Max

Blumer, J. Alder

Blunden, Godfrey

Blunt, Katharine

Blymyer, William H.

Board, George W.

Board of Aldermen

Board of Christian Education

Board of Economic Warfare's Mission

Board of Education

Board of Education of the City of Atlanta

Board of Higher Education

Board of Trade for German American Commerce

Boardman, Albert B.

Boardman, Francis

Boardman, Fen W.

Boardman, George Gerry

Boardman, Lester W.

Boardman, Mabel T.

Boardman, Mrs. W.W.

Boardman, William

Boardwalk Illustrated News

Boar's Head Society of Columbia University

Boas, Emil L.

Boas, Franz

Boas, Frederick S.

Boase, Aimee

Boase, Alan M.

Boase, G.H. Lindsay

Boase, W. Norman (Mr. & Mrs.)

Boase, William L. and Eliza Russell

Boatner, Victor V.

Boatwright, A.M. (Mrs.)

Boatwright, Eleanor M.

Boatwright, F.W.

Bob, Charles V.

Bobbe, Dorothie

Bobbs Merrill Company

Bobe, Edward A.

Bobsene, F.J.

Boca Grande Hotel

Boca Raton Club

Boddy, James M.

Boden, Charles R.

Boden, Paul D.

Bodey, G.E.

Bodin, Harry S.

Bodine, Cornelius

Bodington, Oliver E.

Bodisco, Arvid de

Bodke, F.D.

Bodleian Library (Oxford)

Bodley, Temple

Bodor, J.N.

Bodrero, Emilio

Box 40 BOE - BOL

Boechat, M.F.

Boeck, Ch, de

Boeckel, Richard

Boeder, Mrs. B. J.

Boehm, Louis

Boeue, Kees

Boepple, Herbert E.

Boese, William H.

Boesel, Frank T.

Boesgaard, H.

Boetcker, William J. H.

Boethling, William

Boettger, W.

Bogart, Elizabeth L.

Bogart, Elmer E.

Bogdanovitch, V. L.

Bogert, Beverly

Bogert, Edward O.

Bogert, Henry L.

Bogert, John L.

Bogert, M. T.

Bogert, Walter L.

Boggess, Charles S.

Boggess, F. A.

Boggs, A. Maris

Boggs, Thomas B.

Bogle, Sarah C. N.

Bogne, Christopher

Bogory, N. D.

Bogue, Morton G.

Bogue, Perry D.

Bogy, Bernard P.

Bohan, G. T.

Bohannon, E. W.

Bohannon, Ernest F.

Bohemian Club

Bohigas, Angel

Bohn, Alida C.

Bonn, Frank

Bonn, William E.

Boileau, Emily

Boire, Victor F.

Bois, H. A. J.

Bois, Jules


Boissard, George A.

Boisseau, Edna

Boissier, Leopold

Boktor, Amir

Boland, F. A. K.

Boland, John P.

Bolander, K. G.

Bolchi, Anna M.

Bolden, R. M.

Boldsen, F. B. T.

Bolen, H. J.

Boles, Edgar H.

Bolivar, Josephus

Bolivarian Society

Bolivariana, Universidad Catolica

Bolivian Society of the U. S. A.

Boll, Helene M.

Bolles, C. H.

Bolles, John A.

Boiling, J. L.

Bollinger, Dorothy

Bollinger, James W.

Boltinoff, Murray

Bolton, Charles K.

Bolton, Hugo N.

Bolton, J. B.

Bolton, Reginald P.

Bolton, Theodore

Bolyan, Helen (Mrs.)

Box 41 BON - BOOK

Bon Air, Hazen Memorial Library

Bon Air--Vanderbilt Hotel

Bonaschi, Alberto C.

Bonbright, James C.

Boncel, H.

Bond, F. Fraser

Bond, George H.

Bond, Harry S.

Bond, Jesse H.

Bond, Lester

Bond, Merritt

Bond, Samuel C.

Bond Club of New York

Bondy, A.

Bondy, Bertha

Bondy, Joseph

Bondy, William

Bone, Arthur H.

Bone, F.D.

Bone, Homer T.

Bone, Scott

Bone, Sidney W.

Bonette, C.E.

Bonfort's Wine and Spirit Journal

Bonham, Milledge L., Jr.

Bonllitt, William Marshall

Bonn, M.J.

Bonn, Moritz J.

Bonnafon, Leon Robert

Bonne 11, Winifred H.

Bonner, Christine M.

Bonner, H.R.


Bonneville Club

Bonney, M. Therese

Bonnington, John H.

Bonsally Edward H.

Bontz, Mabel E.

Bonuin, H.E.

Bonynge, Robert W.

Bonzoni, L.

Book Acknowledgments

Box 42 BOOK - BOOT

Book Campaign


Book, Sheldon

Book Survey

Book Week


Books Abroad

Books-List of Reference

Booktab, Inc.

Boone, J.A.

Boone, Perley

Boone, Richard G.

Boone, William

Booraem, J. Francis

Booras, Demetrios A.

Boorman, Charlotte Sayre

Boorman, H.R. Pratt

Boos, J.E.

Booth, Camilla G.

Booth, Charles R.

Booth, Evangeline

Booth, F.W.

Booth, Ferris

Booth, J. Arthur

Booth, Joseph John

Booth, Trevar

Booth, W.S.

Booth, W. Washington

Booth, Willis

Boothby, Frederic E.

Boothroyd, George

Box 43 BOR-BOT

Borah, William E.

Borch, Mary M.

Borehard, Edward M.

Borchard, Edwin

Borchardt, Bernard F.

Borden, Harold

Borden, L.H.

Borden, Raymond

Borden, Robert

Borden, W.W.

Bordwell, Walter

Borel, Emile

Borel, Eugene

Borel, Helene

Borer, H.P.

Borg, Sidney C.

Borges, Gil

Borglum, Gutzon

Borgzinner, Herbert L.

Bori, Lucrezia

Boring, William A.

Boris, M.I.

Borland, Bruce

Bornemann, Rudolf

Borrero de Lujan, D. Maria

Borsode, William

Borst, George H.

Borsuk, Charles

Borth, J.C.

Bortle, Rollin C.

Borum, Wylie G

Borzo, Henry

Bosanquet, Theodora


Bosco, Paul J.

Bosi, Ferdinando

Bosler, William D.

Bosley, L.D.

Boss, J.C.

Bossange, E.R.

Bosshard, Otto

Bossie, Peter T.

Bossier, Leopold

Bossini de Vail, Guido

Bossom, Alfred C.

Bost, James H.

Boster, Robert D.

Bostick, Ben S.

Boston, Charles A.


Boston Bar Association

Boston City Council

Boston Conference on Distribution

Boston Evening Transcript

Boston News Bureau

Boston School Teachers

Boston Sunday Advertiser

Boston Teachers Education Council

Boston University News

Bostrom, W.

Bostwick, Arthur E.

Bostwick, Delcie D.

Bostwick, L.C.

Boswell, Helen Varick

Bos worth, Fred W.

Bosworth, Welles

Bosworth, Halliam

Botanical Garden

Botelho, Francis M.

Botelho, Martin de

Bothwell, D.H.

Botkiss, Benjamin E.

Botsford, Samuel B.

Bottoff, J. Frank

Bottomley, S. & S.E.

Box 44 BOU - BOWEN

Boucek, Vaclav

Bouchardy, A.

Boudinot Mansion, Restoration of the

Boughner, L.J.

Bougie, Celestin

Bouillerie, Baronne de la

Boulet, May M. (Mme. Armand)

Boullanger, Maison

Boulnois, Lucy (Mrs.)

Boulnois, Philip

Bourgeois, Smile

Bourgeois, Leon

Bourland, A.P.

Bourn, Clarence Winthrop

Bourne, B.F.

Bourne, H.E.

Bours, W.A.

Bousios, Basil Nicholas H.

Boussarie, Francois Justin

Boussarie, V.

Boutelle, Mortimer H.

Boutellier, G.Le

Bouterse, W.W.

Bouton, Gladwin

Bouton, S.Miles

Boutroux, Emile

Bouuaert, Ignace Claeys

Bouvier, John Vernou

Bouy, Jules

Bouygue, R.

Bovet, Eric D.

Bovet, Ernest

Bovey, Wilfrid

Bovie, Verne M

Bow, Warren E.

Bowden, Muriel

Bowdish, B.S.

Bowditch, Henry Pickering

Bowdoin College

Bowe, John E.

Bowe, John

Bowe, William

Bowell, Charles

Bowen, Albert E.

Bowen, Clarence W.

Bowen, E. W.

Bowen, Ezra

Bowen, Francis J.

Bowen, G.

Bowen, H. Courthope

Bowen, Harold

Bowen, Louise de Koven

Bowen, Neely

Bowen, R.D.

Bowen, Robert A.

Bowen, William M.P.

Bowen, William Spencer


Bower, C.C.

Bower, William J.

Bowerman, George F.

Bowerman, Walter G.

Bowers, Claude G.

Bowers, Florence W.

Bowers, Frank K.

Bowers, G.A.

Bowers, John H.

Bowers, John M.

Bowers, Liliah

Bowers, Spotswood D.

Bowes, Arthur

Bowes, Edward

Bowie, Nathaniel M.

Bowie, Thomas C.

Bowie, W. Russell

Bowker, John C.

Bowker, R.R.

Bowles, Chester

Bowles, Frank H.

Bowles, W.A.

Bowling Green Celebration Committee

Bowman, A.

Bowman, Archibald

Bowman, Clyde A.

Bowman, E.

Bowman, E.L.

Bowman, Frederick W.

Bowman, Henry N.

Bowman, Isiah

Bowman, James A.

Bowman, John G.

Bowman, John McE.

Bowman, Joseph C.

Bowman, W.W.

Bowra, C.W.

Bowring, Charles W.

Bowsher, C.A.

Bowton, R.C.

Boy Rangers of America

Boy Scout Movement

Boy Scouts Nationaux d' Haiti

Boy Scouts of America

Boy Scouts of Greater New York

Boy-Ed, K.

Boyce, Frank

Boyce, P. Judson

Boyce, W. Richard

Boyce-Smith, John

Boyd, A. Culver

Boyd, A.K.H.

Boyd, Carlile

Boyd, Charlotte M.

Boyd, E.B.

Boyd, Mrs. Evelyn Read

Boyd, Frank

Boyd, Gardner

Boyd, George H.

Boyd, George N.

Boyd, John C.

Boyd, John Covert

Boyd, Julian P.

Boyd, Myron N.

Boyd, Oliver T.

Boyd, R.E.

Boyd, Rufus K.

Boyd, Thomas D.

Boyd, V.R.

Boyd-Carpenter, Bishop

Boyd-Carpenter, William B.

Boyden, Frank L.

Boyden, W.A.


Boyer, Gaeta Wold

Boyer, Henry L.

Boyer, Paul

Boyesen, Hjahuar Hjoitts the Third

Boykin, Edward C.

Boyle, Bates

Boyle, Sir Edward

Boyle, Elve J.J.

Boyle, H.J.

Boyle, James

Boyle, John, Jr.

Boyle, John N.

Boyle, Mary A.

Boyle, Raymond L.

Boyle, T. Stannage

Boyle, W.G.

Boyle, William

Boynton, A.B.

Boynton, C.H.

Boyll, Lawrence R.

Boynton, F.D.

Boynton, George R.

Boynton, H.V.

Boynton, R.M.

Boys, George

Boys Brotherhood Program

Boys' Clubs of America

Boys Exposition

Boys' Life

Boys Town

Bozjak, Nikola

Bozzuffi, John

Brabson, Fay W.

Braeco, Louis

Brace, Donald C.

Bracher, Ethel de Cordy

Brackenridge, Gavin

Brackett, Basil D.

Bracket, Edgar T.

Bracq, Jean Charlemagne

Bradbury, Charles R.

Braddon, H.Y.

Bradford, Bishop of

Bradford, Gamaliel

Bradin, J.P.

Bradin, John P.

Bradley, A.B.A.

Bradley, Alva

Bradley, Anna E.

Bradley, Charles

Bradley, E.C.

Bradley, Fred A.

Bradley, F.W.

Bradley, Gertrude M.

Bradley, Henry Stiles

Bradley, James P.

Bradley, John C.

Bradley, John G.

Bradley, Judson

Bradley, Katherine

Bradley, Mrs. L.M.

Bradley, Ralph

Bradley, Seth B.

Bradley, Wilda

Bradley McKeefe Corporation

Bradner, Lester, Jr.

Bradner, R. Maxwell

Bradshaw, John Hammond

Bradshaw, William R.

Brady, Adhemar

Brady, F.B.

Brady, J. Brendan

Brady, J.L.

Brady, James C.

Brady, John C.

Brady, John E.

Brady, John H.

Brady, Mary Beattie

Brady, Peter J.

Brady, Thomas

Brady, William A.

Brady, William M.

Braeckel, Peter

Braegger, W.

Bragdon, Henry V.

Brailey, Harold Edwin, Jr.

Brailsford, H.N.

Brainard, H.B.

Brainard, John M.

Brainerd, C.

Brainerd, Frances J.

Brainin, Joseph

Braithwaite, J.S.

Braley, W.E.

Bralliar, Floyd

Box 47 BRAM - BREG

Bram, Israel

Braman, Dwight

Braman, Lawrence T.

Bramolitt, E.C.

Bramell, Gertrude E.

Bramley, C.

Bramley, Herbert W.

Bramner, J.M.

Branch, Anna Hempstead

Branch, Blythe Walker

Branch, Francis Burke

Branch, H.C.

Branch, Hallee

Branch, Louise

Brand, Katharine E.

Brande, Herbert

Brandegee, Frank B.

Brandell, William

Branden, Paul Maerker

Brander, W.B.

Brandes, George

Brandes, Gorah F.

Brandes, Walter C.

Brandhorst, O.W.

Brandl, A.

Brandt, E.L.

Brandt, F.W.

Brandt, Francis Burke

Brandt, Francis J.

Brandt, Harry J.

Branham, L. Gwynne

Branner, John K.

Brannon, Melvin A.

Bransford, John F.

Branson, E.C.

Brant, Errol

Brant, Melburn

Brant, Phoenix

Brant-Sero, J.O.

Brantley, G.D.

Braschi, Victor M.

Brasenose College

Brashear, John A.

Brashear, Peter C.

Brasier, George M.

Brasser, Isaac

Bratt, Major

Bratter, Edward M.

Bratton, Fred G.

Bratton, W.A.

Braucher, Howard S.

Brauer, William Wallace

Braun, Marcus

Braun, Wilhelm A.

Braun, Willard P.

Braunschvig, Marcel

Braunstein, Baruch

Brawley, Boyce A.

Bray, Frank Chapin

Bray, Mary C.

Bray ton, Louis F.

Brayton, M. Jesse

Brazil, Ambassador of

Brazil, Consul General of

Brazil, Information Service

Brazilian Center & A Journal

Brazilian Court Hotel

Bready, J. Wesley


Breakfast Club

Brearley, Harry Chase

Brearley School

Brebner, J. Bartlet

Brebner, James

Brecht, Arnold

Breckenridge, John C.

Breckenridge, Desha

Breed, Francis W.

Breed, William C.

Breeding, Howard B.

Breen, Joseph I.

Breen, Margaret D.

Bregman, Jacob Morris

Bregstein, S.J.

Box 48 BREH - BRIC

Brehmer, W.

Breidenstein, P., Jr.

Breitenstein, A.J.

Breithut, Frederick E.

Breitner, Hugo

Breitwieser, J.V.

Brekhus, Peter J.

Breland, R.G.

Bremen, S.S.

Bremner, Robert G.

Bremond d'Ars, Francois de

Brenckman, Fred

Brendel, Frank C.

Brengle, Henry G.

Brenier, H.

Brenna, Paulo G.

Brennan, E.M.

Brennan, Edward L.

Brennan, Joseph J.

Brennan, Joseph R.

Brennan, Vincent Ho

Brennecke, Ernest

Brennen, W.H.

Brent Memorial

Brentano, Arthur, Jr.

Brentano, Lowell


Brenton, Claudsby

Bredr, Alfred L.

Brerton, Cloudesley

Brereton, C.S. Malcolm

Breshkovskaya, Catherine

Breslay, University of (Library)

Bresler, Harvey J.

Bressler, David M.

Bret, Theodore

Breth, George P.

Brett, George M.

Brett, George P.

Brett, George Platt and Marie Louise Tostevin

Brett, Lewis E.

Brett, Philip M.

Brett, R.W.

Brett & Wyckoff, Inc.

Brewer, Basil

Brewer, D. Chauncey

Brewer, David J.

Brewer, George S.

Brewer, Horace L.

Brewer, John M.

Brewer, L.A.

Brewer, Mary Grey (Mrs.)

Brewer, R.E.

Brewer, Seabury Doane

Brewers Technical Review

Brewster, C.O.

Brewster, Chauncey B.

Brewster, Dorothy

Brewster, Owen

Brewster, William

Brewster, William Tenney and Anna Richards

Brezigar, Milko

Briand, Aristide

Brice, Arthur T.

Brice, Wilson B.

Brick Presbyterian Church

Bricker, Earl F.

Bricker, Herschel L.

Bricker, John W.

Brickman, William W.

Box 49 BRID - BRIT

Bride, William W.

Bridge, A. Alice

Bridge, Norman

Bridge, William F.

Bridgeport Herald

Bridgers, John L. & Son

Bridges, H.C.

Bridges, Leonard Hal

Bridges, Robert

Bridges, Styles

Bridges, T.

Bridges, W.M.

Bridgman, Herbert L.

Bridgman, Oliver B.

Bridgman, Walter R.

Briegel, Jess

Brienza, Paul J.

Brierly, Myrtle

Briesen, Arthur V.

Briet-Daubigny, A.M. Gaston


Brigance, W.N.

Briggs, Asa G.

Briggs, Charles A.

Briggs, D.H.

Briggs, Ernest

Briggs, Frank P.

Briggs, George C.

Briggs, George F.

Briggs, L.B.R.

Briggs, Mrs. Lois Slayton Woodworth

Briggs, Loutrel W.

Briggs, Lucia R.

Briggs, Thomas H.

Briggs, Walter A.

Briggs, William Harlowe

Brigham, Albert P.

Brigham, J.H

Brigham, William I.

Bright, Charles (Sir)

Bright, Orville T.

Bright, Philip

Bright, Sara C.

Brightman, Elizabeth A.

Bril, I.L.

Brilhart, William W.

Brill, Mary Campbell

Brin, Alexander

Brinckerhoff, James E.

Brindes, Paul

Briney, M.R.

Brings, L.M.

Brink, H.A.

Brinkerhoff, Edgar Dayton

Brinkley, James

Brinkmann, Mary Louise

Brinser, D.G.

Brinton, Christian

Brinton, Henry

Brisbane, Archbishop of

Brisbane, Arthur

Brisco, Norris A.

Brisk, Barnett

Briskman, J.

Brissenden, Paul F.

Bristol, Fern

Bristol, George P.

Bristol, John I.D.

Bristol, University of

Bristol, W.E.

Bristol, Warren E.

Britain by Reciprocal Trade

British Academy

Box 50 BRIT - BRO

British Advertising Association

British Air Forces

British Ambulance

British-American Ambulance Corps

British-American Engineering Congress

British Apprentice Club

British Boy Scouts Association

British Broadcasting Corporation

British Chamber of Commerce

British Colonial Hotel

British Consulate General

British Embassy

British Empire Chamber of Commerce

British Empire Club

British Great War Veterans of America

British Harvest Festival Association

British Information Services

British Institute of Philosophy

British Library of Information

British Medical Societies

British Museum

British Schools and Universities Club

British Science Guild

British War Relief Society, Inc.

British West Indies & Allied

Britt, George

Britt, James J.

Brittain, Ernest

Brittain, John B.

Brittain, Sir Henry

Brittain, M.L.

Britton, George Alfred

Britton, John A.

Britton, N.L.

Broach, Claude U.

Broad, Bertha

Broadhurst, Jean

Broadman, Joseph

Broadway Temple

Brobeck, W.I.

Brock, C.J.L.

Brockhaus, F.A.

Brockhausen, Karl

Brockway, H.

Brockman, Phil H.

Brockway, George A.

Brodart, C.

Brodek, Charles A. and Hortense

Broderick, Henry

Broderick, John J.

Broderick, Joseph A.

Broderick, Joseph H.

Brodhead, Frank M.

Brodie, Agnes

Brodie, F.W.

Brodie, H.W.

Brodie, P.J.

Brodix, John W.

Brodney, Spencer

Brodsky, Samuel

Brodstein, Ed-ward

Brodt, Philip E.

Broening, William F.


Brogan, James J.

Brogdon, M.H.

Brogger, W.

Broglie, Due de

Broh, Adolph D.

Broido, Louis

Brokaw, C.L.

Brokaw, W.E.

Brokmeyer, Eugene C.

Bromberg, P.R.

Bromhall, Allan

Bromley, Dorothy Dunbar

Bromley, Henry W.

Bromson, Sol S.

Brone, Bert E.

Bronisch, Gotthilf P.

Bronner, Edwin Jr.

Bronson, Sarah Gracie King (Mrs. Bronson)

Bronson, E.C.

Bronson, Minnie

Bronx Association of Teachers

Bronx County Bar Association

Bronx Hospital

Bronx Theatre League



Brooke, Bissell

Brooker, Charles F.

Brookes, Herbert

Brookings, Robert S.

Brookings Correspondence

Brookings Institution

Brooklyn Academy of Music

Brooklyn Alumni Sodality

Brooklyn Central Magazine

Brooklyn Civic Forum

Brooklyn College

Brooklyn College Vangard

Brooklyn Daily Eagle

Brooklyn Federation of Churches

Brooklyn Federation of Jewish Charities

Brooklyn Forum

Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Sciences

Brooklyn Jewish Center

Brooklyn Jewish Forum

Brooklyn Museum

Brooklyn Public Library

Brooklyn Real Estate Board

Brooklyn Tablet

Brooklyn Woman's Club

Brooklyn Woman's Court Alliance

Brooklyn Young Republican Club

Brookman, D.M.

Brookman, Murray

Brookmire Corporation

Brookmire Economic Service

Brooks, Arthur J.H.

Brooks, C. Wayland

Brooks, Emerson

Brooks, Erica May

Brooks, Frank H.

Brooks, Franklin

Brooks, Harlow

Brooks, Henry S.

Brooks, Mrs. James

Brooks, James Emery

Brooks, John Graham

Brooks, John Lee

Brooks, Joseph


Brooks, Leslie E.

Brooks, Louise

Brooks, M.A.

Brooks, Mary L.H.

Brooks, Mary M.

Brooks, Percival and Mary

Brooks, Robert P.

Brooks, Roelif H.

Brooks, Sara

Brooks, Van Wyck

Brooks, W.F.

Brooks, W.H.

Brooks, William E.

Brooks, William F.

Brooks, William T.

Brooks, Z.O.

Brooks Brothers

Brook's Club

Brookstone, Simon M.

Broom, Robert

Broome, Charles L

Broome, Edwin C.

Broomhall, Allen

Brophy, Thomas D'A.

Brosnan, D.A.

Bross, Ernest

Brothertown, Wilbur

Brotherhood of St. Andrew

Brough, Alexander

Brough, Frank T.

Brougham, Herbert B.

Broughton, C.E.

Broun, Annette

Broun, Heywood

Broussard, Edwin S.

Broussous, R. Puech

Browder, Earl

Brower, George E.

Brower, J.F.

Brower, Lorraine Catlin

Brower, William L.

Brown, Charlotte D. (Mrs. A.A. Brown)

Brown, A.O.

Brown, A.V.V.

Brown, Albert

Brown, Alexander A.

Brown, Alexander C.

Brown, Alexander H.

Brown, Alice

Brown, Alice Scudden

Brown, Anthony-

Brown, Armstead

Brown, Arthur C.

Brown, Arthur J.

Brown, Arthur R.

Brown, B.W.

Brown, B.W.B.

Brown, Barnum

Brown, Bob

Brown, Burdette B.

Brown, C.D.

Brown, Carleton

Brown, Caroline C.

Brown, Carrol N.

Brown, Charles D.

Brown, Charles S.

Brown, Charles S., Jr.

Brown, Clifford

Brown, Courtney C.

Brown, Crosby & Company, Inc.

Brown, Donaldson

Brown, Douglas A.

Brown, E.

Box 53 BROWN

Brown, E.C.

Brown, E.J.

Brown, E. Percival

Brown, E.S.

Brown, Earle J.

Brown, Edgar R.

Brown, Edmond Warren

Brown, Edward F.

Brown, Edward Sargent

Brown, Edward W.

Brown, Edwin J.

Brown, Elise H.B.

Brown, Elizabeth V.

Brown, Elmer Ellsworth

Brown, Elon R.

Brown, Ehu

Brown, Ernest C.

Brown, Ethelred

Brown, Evans D.

Brown, F.C.

Brown, F.M.

Brown, F.V.

Brown, Dr. Francis

Brown, Louise Reis (Mrs. Francis Brown)

Brown, Frank L.

Brown, Franklin Q.

Brown, Frederic

Brown, Frederick L.

Brown, Gene

Brown, Geo

Brown, George

Brown, George Lippincott

Brown, George P.

Brown, George Stewart

Brown, George Stuart

Brown, George William

Brown, Gerald H.

Brown, Glenn

Brown, Gould L.

Brown, H.A.

Brown, H.B.

Brown, H. Tatnall, Jr.

Brown, Harold P.

Brown, Helen

Brown, Henry Collins

Brown, Henry K.

Brown, Henry T.

Brown, Mrs. Herbert

Brown, Herman

Brown, Hubert R.

Brown, Hugh A.

Brown, I.M.

Brown, Irving

Brown, Irving H.

Brown, J. Calvin

Brown, J.F.

Brown, J. Stanley

Brown, J.T.S., Jr.

Brown, J.Y.

Brown, James

Brown, James Monroe

Brown, James W.

Brown, John Briscoe

Brown, John Crosby

Brown, John F.

Brown, John Mason

Brown, John N.

Brown, Jonathan H.

Brown, Kenneth D.

Brown, L. Ames

Brown, Lawson H.

Brown, Llewellyn


Brown, M.

Brown, M.C.

Brown, Marion

Brown, Marion R.

Brown, Mary Jane

Brown, Mary Sullivan

Brown, Nancy D.

Brown, Nancy H. (Mrs. J.F.)

Brown, Norman

Brown, Norris

Brown, Oscar C.

Brown, Philip E.

Brown, Philip Marshall

Brown, R.

Brown, R. Gilman

Brown, Robert Elliot

Brown, Robert T.

Brown, Roscoe C.E.

Brown, S.A.

Brown, S. Hadley

Brown, S.L.

Brown, Samuel A.

Brown, Sarah L

Brown, Sonia Gordon

Brown, Thatcher M.

Brown, Thomas H.

Brown, Thomas K.

Brown, Thomas R.

Brown, Vernon C.

Brown, Vincent G.

Brown, W.H.

Brown, W. Sterry

Brown, W.W.

Brown, Walter S.

Brown, Wheelock

Brown, William Adams and Helen Gilman Noyes

Brown, William C.

Brown, William G.

Brown, William Grant

Brown, William H.

Brown, William Henry

Brown, William Moseley

Brown, William M.

Brown, Wolston Crocker

Brown Daily Herald

Brown, & Bigelow

Brown Brothers & Company

Brown Palace Hotel

Brown Shipley & Company

Brown University

Browne, Anita

Browne, D. Robertson

Browne, Duncan

Browne, Duncan H.

Browne, Duncan Hodge

Browne, Herbert J.

Browne, J.H. Balfour

Browne, John F.A.

Browne, Joseph

Browne, Kermit D.

Browne, Porter Emerson

Browne, Stewart

Browne, Thomas P.

Browne, Waldo R.


Brownell, Atherton

Brownell, F.H.

Brownell, Gertrude Hall

Brownell, Herbert, Jr.

Brownell, Jane

Brownell, S.B.

Brownell, William C.

Brownell, Gertrude Hall (Mrs. William Crary Brownell)

Browning, William H.

Browning School

Brownworth, F. Stanley

Browy, Rose

Broz, Ales

Bru, Federico, Laredo

Brubacher, A.R.

Brubacher, Beulah

Bruce, Albert Edgar

Bruce, Edward B.

Bruce, Georgia

Bruce, H. Addington

Bruce, Harold Anson

Bruce, James M.

Bruce, M.E.

Bruce, O.F.R.

Bruce, Raymond G.

Bruce, Roscoe Conkling

Bruce, Stanley M.

Bruce, W.W.

Bruce, William Cabell

Brucker, Herbert

Brucker, Wilbur M.

Bruegguhoff, Anna Marie

Bruen, Leonard

Bruere, Henry

Bruff, J. Goldsborough

Bruggemann, L.C.

Brugmans, Henri L.

Brumback, Frank Fullerton

Brumbaugh, M.G.

Brumby, Anne

Brumby, William H.

Brummer, Bertram F.

Brundage, W.D.

Bruner, Carl G.

Bruner, Herbert B.

Bruning, Heinrich

Brunini, John G.

Brunner, Arnold W

Brunner, John

Bruno-Averardi, Franco

Brunot, P.

Bruns, Kathryn

Brunschvicg, Leon

Brunskog, Carl J.

Brunstetter, Max R.

Brunswig, L.N.

Brunton, Stopford

Bruntz, L.

Brush, Edward Hale

Brush, Elizabeth Grier

Brush, George de Forest

Brush, Louis

Brush, Mary C.

Brush, Matthew C.

Brush, William D.

Brusie, Charles Frederick

Bruton, H.

Bruton, L.D.

Brutton, H.S.

Brutton, Harry S.

Bruwaert, Edmond

Bruyere, Louis Underwood

Bryan, Mrs. Charles A.

Bryan, Mary Shaw (Mrs. Charles W. Bryan)

Bryan, E.A.

Bryan, George

Bryan, John Stewart

Bryan, Noah R.

Bryan, S.S.

Bryan, W.J.

Bryan, William A.

Bryan, William J.S.

Bryan, William Lowe

Bryant, E.A.

Bryant, H.A.

Bryant, Joseph D.

Bryant, Margaret M.

Bryant, Maude B.

Bryant, Norman Keyes

Box 56 BRYC - BUD

Bryce, E. Marion

Bryce, James

Bryce, James Fellowship

Bryce, Jay G.

Bryden, C.L.

Bryden, John R.

Bryoges, Ralph L.

Bryn Mawr College

Bryson, Ella F.

Bryson, Lyman

Brzezicki, Casimir A.

Buchan, Edward J.

Buchan, John

Buchan, Margaret

Buchanan, S.S.

Buchanan, E.V.

Buchanan, Fanny Julia

Buchanan, Mrs. Gordon

Buchanan, G.H.L.

Buchanan, J.D.

Buchanan, J.N.

Buchanan, John T.

Buchanan, W.I.

Buchanan-Wollaston, Edith

Buchband, Martin

Bucher, Andrew

Buchman, R. Livingston

Buchner, Edward F.

Buchtel, Henry A.

Buck, Ellsworth B.

Buck, F.H.

Buck, Fred W.

Buck, Oscar

Buck, P.M.

Buck, Pearl S.

Buck, Richard S.

Buck, Solon J.

Buck, W.B.

Buck Jones Rangers Club of America

Buckell, Henry W.

Buckewoldt, W.L.

Buckholz, Paul H.

Buckle, E.

Buckle, George E.

Buckler, W.H.

Buckley, C.M.

Buckley, Charles F.

Buckley, E.V.

Buckmaster, Richard Price

Bucknam, A.S.

Bucknell University

Buckner, Emory R.

Buckner, Herman A.

Buckner, Thomas A.

Buckner, Walker

Buckner, Mrs. Walker

Buckton, Alice May

Buckwood Inn

Bucky, Gustav

Bucky, Philip B.

Budapest, University Library

Budd, Edward G.

Budd, Frederick F.

Budd, Ruth

Budde, C.F.E.

Buddecke, G.D.

Buding, Ernest

Budington, Ethel H.

Budlong, Frederick G.

Budwin, Raphael G.

Box 57 BUE - BURD

Buecking, George H.

Buell, Raymond Leslie

Buemming, H.W.

Buenos Aires, University of

Buettner, Carl

Buffalo Advertising Club

Buffalo Club

Buffalo Evening News

Buffalo Rotary Club

Buffalo Schoolmasters Association

Buffington, Joseph

Buford, Edward P.

Bugbee, Frederick F.

Bugbee, Newton A.K.

Bugbee, Percy

Buick Motor Company

Builders of America

Buisson, Ferdinand

Bulgarian Boy

Bulgarian Consulate General

Bulkley, Barry

Bulkley, E.A.

Bulkley, E.W.

Bulkley, Edwin M.

Bull, Henry W.

Bull, Wellington E.

Bull, William

Bull Memorial Fund

Bullard, Arthur

Bullard, F. Lauriston

Bullard, Harry B.

Bullard, Julia W.

Bullard, Robert Lee

Bullen, Henry L.

Bullen, Percy S.

Bulletin, B.C.

Bulls, Sylvia Kathryn

Bullitt, William C.

Bullitt, William Marshal

Bullock, Calvin

Bullock, D.P.

Bullock, Hugh

Bullock, W.S.

Bullwinkle, H.G.

Bulmer, Benjamin

Bulteau, A. (Mme)

Bumps, H.C.


Bundles for America

Bundles for Britain

Bundy, James F.

Bundy, Lucille K.

Bunker, Ellsworth

Bunker, Frank F.

Bunnell, Charles E.

Buntlin, Robert F.

Buntz, Karl

Bunyan, George H.A.

Bunyan, M.C.

Burbage. H.P.

Burch, Arthur J.

Burch, Charles S.

Burchard, R.W.

Burchell, Henry

Burchenal, Elizabeth

Burchenal, John J.

Burchinal, John W.

Burd, Mary W.

Burdell, Edwin S.

Burden, James A.

Burdette, Franklin L.

Burdick, Charles K.

Burdick, Clark

Burdick, Francis M. and Sarah Kellogg

Burdick, Reginald H.

Burdick, Winfield N.

Box 58 BURE - BURL

Bureau for Constructive Research

Bureau for Registration of Motor Vehicles

Bureau of the Budget

Bureau of Elections

Bureau of Information of the Eastern Railways

Bureau of Publications

Bureau of Research

Buresch, Chancellor

Burford, A.L.

Burger, Alfred

Burgers, Carry

Burgess, Annette C.

Burgess, Forbes H.

Burgess, Jewett

Burgess, John W. & Ruth P.

Burgess, Marion E.

Burgess, Perry

Burgess, R.L.

Burgess, Ruth Payne

Burgess, W. Randolph

Burghclere, Lady

Burgher, Kenneth

Burgin, K. Leslie

Burgos, Ernesto

Burgun, Joseph A.

Burgundy, John Joseph

Burian, Jan

Buriton, C.

Burk, Jesse Y.


Burke, B.J.

Burke, Edmund

Burke, Edmund J.

Burke, Edward R.

Burke, Eugene S.

Burke, Father

Burke, George S.

Burke, J. Bernard

Burke, J.E.

Burke, J. Frank

Burke, James Francis

Burke, John

Burke, John J.

Burke, Martin

Burke, Maurice A.

Burke, Mike

Burke, Stephen P.

Burke, Raymond H.

Burke, Thomas

Burke, Tom

Burke's Landed Gentry

Burkett, Charles William (Mrs.)

Burkett, Elmer J.

Burket, "Fannie" Rhees

Burkhard, Russell

Burkholder, Daniel C.

Burkholder, Paul E.

Burko, John

Burks, Jesse D.

Burleigh, George W.

Burleigh, H.T.

Burleson, David S.

Burleson, Hugh Latimer

Burling, Frank A.

Burlingame, C. Charles

Burlingame, W.B.

Burlingham, Charles C.

Box 59 BURL - BURR

Burlington County Teachers Association

Burnam, Ruth

Burnham, J.H.

Burnham, Susan P.

Burnet, J.R.

Burnet, John

Burnet, Margaret M.

Burnet, W. Everit

Burnett, Edward F.

Burnett, J.H.

Burnett, Philip M.

Burnette, Wells D.

Burney, H. Robert

Burnham, Arthur

Burnham, E. Lewis

Burnham, J.H.

Burnham, Susan Putnam

Burnham, Viscount

Burnquist, J..A.A.

Burns, A.H.

Burns, Allen T.

Burns, Cornelius F.

Burns, Eveline M.

Burns, G.P.

Burns, H.R.

Burns, J.T.

Burns, James Greenville

Burns, John Morgan

Burns, Robert E.

Burns, Roscoe C.

Burns, Sabina

Burns, Walter F.

Burns, William J.

Burnside, Charles H.

Burnside, R.H.

Burnside, Robert C.

Burquest, William H.

Burr, C.W.

Burr, Charles W.

Burr, Frederick M.

Burr, G.L.

Burr, John

Burr Printing House

Burrage, Albert C.

Burrell, David J.

Burrell, M.H.

Burrill, Edgar White

Burris, W.P.

Burritt, Bailey B.

Burroughs, E.A.

Burroughs, John

Burroughs, Morris Russell

Burrow, J.R.

Burrows, Charles

Burrows, E.M.

Burrows, Elliott C.

Burrows, Eva

Burrows, F.R.

Burrows, F.W.

Burrows, Frederick W.

Burrows, G.C.

Burrows, Mark

Burrows, Martin William

Burrows, Waters F.

Box 60 BURS - BUTC

Bursley, J.A.

Burstall, Sara A.

Burstein, May A.

Burt, Claire Louise

Burt, Frank H.

Burt, Harry R.

Burt, Roy E.

Burtner, Otto W.

Burton, Annie C.

Burton, Emily

Burton, Ernest D.

Burton, H.P.

Burton, Harold H.

Burton, J.R.

Burton, James E.

Burton, John E.

Burton, Anderson

Burton, M.L.

Burton, Sir Montague

Burton, Percy

Burton, Richard

Burton, Mrs. Richard

Burton, Robert

Burton, Ruth Guthrie (Mrs. Richard)

Burton, Theodore E.

Burton, Thomas C.

Burton, Violet

Burton, Walter C.

Burton-Opitz, R.

Burton Publishing Company

Burtt, Robert M.

Burwell, Margie Logan

Burwell, W.H.

Busch, Adolphus

Busch, August A.

Busch, Henry M.

Busch, Marie B.

Busch, Richard Christian

Bush, Donald F.

Bush, Irving T.

Bush, John F.

Bush, Lester C.

Bush, Mary F.

Bush, Russell F.

Bush, S.P.

Bush, Vannevar

Bush, Wendell T.

Bush, William M

Bushnell, Edward

Bushnell Studio

Business Education World

Business and Professional Women

Business Machines

Business Men's Association (Russellville)

Business Women's Club

Busk, Sir Edward H.

Bussard, Paul

Busse, A.

Bussenius, Luellen T.

Bussey, James R.

Bussing, C.L.

Bustamente, Antonio Sanchez de

Butcher, David F.

Butcher, Harold

Butcher, Jesse S.

Butcher, S.H.

Box 61 BUTLER, A. - S.

Butler, Alford A.

Butler, Anna May nard

Butler, Basil J.J.

Butler, Bryant O.

Butler, C.W.

Butler, Charles

Butler, Charles A.

Butler, Charles Henry

Butler, Charles R.

Butler, David

Butler, Douglas M.

Butler, Dudley

Butler, E. Seymour

Butler, Edward H.

Butler, Eva Clark

Butler, Frank E.

Butler, Frank P.

Butler, Fred J.

Butler, Fred G.

Butler, G.H.

Butler, G, Paul

Butler, Geoffrey

Butler, George L.

Butler, Glentworth

Butler, Gertrude

Butler, Harcourt

Butler, Harold B.

Butler, Harold T.

Butler, Henry L.

Butler, Henry M.

Butler, Howard Russell

Butler, Hugh

Butler, J.G.

Butler, J.H.

Butler, James McDermid

Butler, J.P.

Butler, John F.

Butler, John R.

Butler, Joseph G.

Butler, Lemuel C.

Butler, Lister Mary Bertha (Sister?)

Butler, Louis Caldwell

Butler, Madge L.

Butler, Mamie E.

Butler, Marian

Butler, Sr. Mary

Butler, Maurice

Butler, Nathaniel

Butler, Mrs. Nicholas Murray

Butler, Oliver G.

Butler, P.R.

Butler, Mrs. Ralph

Butler, Rush C.

Butler, Sarah Schuyler

Butler, Count Stephen Alexander

Box 62 BUTLER, W. - BYZ

Butler, W.J.

Butler, Warren

Butler, William A.

Butler, William Allen

Butler, William C.

Butler, William E.

Butler, Mrs. William Ernest

Butler, William,.

Butler, William J.

Butler, William M.

Butler, William Tobias

Butler-Thwing, Francis

Butlin, Sir Henry T.

Butte Chamber of Commerce

Buttenwieser, Benjamin J.

Buttenweiser, Joseph L.

Butterfield, Lady Hilda

Butterfield, Kenyon L.

Butterworth, G. Forrest, Jr.

Butterworth, George F.

Buttler, Paul

Buttolph, James D.

Button, John C.

Button, W.J.

Buttrick, Wallace

Butts, J. Baptist

Buttz, Henry A.

Butz, Harry W.

Butzer, William J.

Bux, Carlo

Buxton, Charles R.

Buxton, Countess

Buxton, Harold

Buxton, Lord Noel

Byers, E.G.

Byers, Mortimer W.

Byers, Ruth

Byers, R.P.

Byers, Russell T.

Byers, Vincent G.

Byhaug, Thorvin

Byllesby, H.M. & Company

Byng, Edward J.

Byng of Vimy, Baron

Bynum, William P.

Byrd, Harry Flood

Byrd, Percy

Byrd, Richard Evelyn

Byrd, William A.

Byrd Antarctic Broadcast

Byrd Associates

Byrne, Eugene H.

Byrne, George W.

Byrne, J.F.

Byrne, James

Byrne, James M.

Byrne, Joseph

Byrne, Lee

Byrne, William J.

Byrne, William T.

Byrnes, James C.

Byrnes, James W.

Byrnes, Thomas W.

Byrnes, William

Byrom, W.H.

Byron, B.G.

Byron, Joseph W.

Byron, Lord

Byron, Mark, Jr.

Byzantine Institute

Box 63 C - CAI



Caballero, L.E. Nieto

Cabanel, B.

Cabaniss, C.B.

Cabell, Mrs. Carrington

Cabijos, M.

Cable, John L.

Cabot, Arthur T.

Cabot, Godfrey Lowell

Cabot, John M.

Cabot, John W.

Cabot, Stephen P.

Cadbury, Pratt & Company, Ltd.

Caddy, Edmund H.H.

Cadden, Joseph


Cadillac Motor Car Company

Cadman Dedicatory Program Committee

Cadman Memorial Committee

Cadman, S. Parkes

Cadorin, Ettore

Cadwalader, J. Augustus

Cadwalader, John L.

Cadwalftder, Thomas F.

Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft

Cady, Burt D.

Cady, Daniel L.


Caesar, Irving

Caetani, Gelasio

Cafes, George

Caffey, Francis G.

Caffrey, Edmund J.

Caffrey, James

Caggiano, Felix

Cahen, Simone

Cahien, Dorothea

Cahill, George F.

Cahill, John W.

Cahill, M.H.

Caillet, Louis

Cahn, Lester Richard

Caillaux, Joseph

Cain, William M.

Caire, Cesar

Cairns, C.A.

Cairns, Mary L.

Caise, Charles

Box 64 CAL - CAMPA

Calder, A. Stirling

Calder, William M.

Calderon, J .Ignacio

Calderwood, A.J.

Calderwood, Elizabeth

Caldwell, Charles W.

Caldwell, Harmon

Caldwell, John B.

Caldwell, Otis D.

Caldwell, R.J.

Caldwell, Robert J.

Caldwell, Robert N.

Caldwell, W.T.

Caldwell, Rush M.

Caldwell, W.

Calenda, Vincent D.

Caley, Donald

Calhoun, Earle C.

Calhoun, Herbert C.

Calhoun, J.V.

Calhoun, Anna G. Lindenkohn (Mrs. Roland F. Calhoun)

Calhoun, Virginia

Calkins, Gary N.

Calkins, Helen Williston (Mrs. Gary N. Calkins)

Calkins, Robert

Calkins, R.D.

Calkins, R.M.

California Council on Oriental Relations

California Crusaders, The

California Daily Bruin

California Grape Grower

California Teachers Association

California, University of

Call, Arthur D.

Call, George C.

Call, I. Slater

Call, J. Vincent

The Call (Paterson, N.J.)

Callahan, James P.

Callahan, Robert J.

Callaghan, John

Callahan, Bertha M.

Callahan, C.W.

Callahan, George W.

Callahan, Henry W.

Callahan, John

Callahan, P.H.

Callaway, E.E.

Callaway, E.H.

Callbreath, J.F.

Callender, James H.

Callender, James P.

Callimachos, D.

Callis, S. Bramhall

Callisen, Adolph W.

Callorda, Pedro Erasmo

Caiman, Henry L.

Calmerton, Gail

Calvary Church

Calvert, Louis

Calvert, W. J.

Calvert Associates

Calvet, Pablo & Company

Calvo, Francisco B. Del

Calvocoressi, L.J.

Cambers, Leslie V.

Cambriare, C.P.

Cambridge University

Cambridge University Library

Camen, Mrs. Charles M.

Cameron, Alexander

Cameron, Elizabeth Sherman (Mrs. J. Donald Cameron)

Cameron, Mrs. Marie R.

Cameron, Ralph H.

Cameron, Viola Root

Camilieri, L.

Camman, H.H.

Camman, Mrs. Margaret

Cammerer, Arno B.

Camp, Eugene M.

Camp, John M.

Camp, Walter

Campa, Miguel Angel

Campagna, Anthony

Campagna, H.J.

Box 65 CAMP - CANFIELD, JAMES H. (-1904)

Campbell, Alfred S.

Campbell, Arthur C.

Campbell, Benjamin H.

Campbell, C. Herald

Campbell, Charles Gordon

Campbell, D.M.

Campbell, David A.

Campbell, David Newton E.

Campbell, Donald Y.

Campbell, Ella I.

Campbell, G.W.

Campbell, G. Walter

Campbell, Sir George

Campbell, Mrs. H.D.

Campbell, Harold G.

Campbell, Henry C.

Campbell, Horace E.

Campbell, J.B.

Campbell, J.L.

Campbell, James E.

Campbell, James W.S.

Campbell, Jasper Adams

Campbell, John A.L.

Campbell, John V

Campbell, John V.

Campbell, Joseph

Campbell, M.F.

Campbell, Maurice

Campbell, Milo D.

Campbell, Milton

Campbell, Oliver

Campbell, P.L

Campbell, P.P.

Campbell, R.F.

Campbell, Richard

Campbell, Robert E.

Campbell, S. Lews

Campbell, W.H.

Campbell, W.J.

Campbell, W.K.

Campbell, W.R.

Campbell, W.W.

Campbell, Wallace B.

Campbell, Will A.

Campbell, William

Campbell, William J.

Campbell, William Wallace

Campbell, Willson

Campbell-Bannerman, Sir Henry

Campbell-Dover, Edina

Campbell-Riis Company

Campion, John

Campo, Cupertino del

Campora, Vincengo

Campreti, Jose

Campus, The (C.C.N.Y.)

Camrose, Lord

Canadian Club

Canadian Club of New York

Canadian Congress for Peace and Democracy

Canadian Consul General (Scully)

Canadian Consulate

Canadian Director of Public Information

Canadian Folk Arts, Loan Exhibition of

Canadian National Institute for the Blind

Canadian Pacific Railway

Canadian Press

Canadian School System

Canby, Henry S.

Cancellieri, Carmelo P.

Cancer Committee, N.Y.C.

Candela, Rosario

Candler, Dilla

Candler, Warren A.

Cane, Melville

Canfield, Cass

Canfield, Dorothy

Canfield, George F.

Canfield, James A.

Canfield, James H., 1897-1910 -- 2 folders

Box 66 CANFIELD, JAMES H. (1905-1910) - CANT

Canfield, James H., 1897-1910 -- 2 folders

Canfield, Flavia A. Camp (Mrs. James H. Canfield)

Cann, George T.

Cann, William H.

Canning, Andrew P.

Cannistraci, John P.

Cannon, Charles A.

Cannon, Charles Albert

Cannon, Charles M.

Cannon, Clarence

Cannon, H.C.

Cannon, Joseph G.

Cannon, William C.

Canoutas, Seraphim G.

Cantamont, Edward

Cant, Gilbert B.

Cantacuzene, Princess

Canter, Marvin

Canterbury, Archbishop of (Thomas Randall Davidson)

Canterbury, Archbishop of (Cosmo Gordon Lang)

Canterbury, Lewis B.

Cantin, Eugene J.

Cantlen, James S.

Canton, F.J. Sanchez


Cantor, Eddie

Cantrail, C.M.

Cantrell, Charles Camp

Canty, J.

Box 67 CAP - CARNA

Capano, Frank

Caparn, Harold A.

Cape, Mrs. Emily Palmer

Capehart, Charles

Capen, Louise I.

Capen, Samuel P.

Capital, Le

Capitol Daily

Caplan, Samuel


Caponegro, Frank

Caponigri, Joseph

Caporn, Harold A.

Cappa, Alberto

Capper, Arthur

Cappon, James

Capps, Edward

Capps, Claudius Meade

Capshaw, Carlotta B.

Caracristi, Charles F.Z.

Caragol-Clarke Company, Inc.

Caraway, Glenrose Bell (Mrs. Henry R. Caraway)

Carbonara, Teresa

Carbonite Metal Company, Ltd.

Card, Edson B.

Cardahl, Alejandro

Cardashian, Vahan

Carde, Freeland, Jr.

Carden, George A.

Cardenas, Juan Fco. De

Cardiff, City of

Cardiff, Ira D.

Cardinal, The Daily (University of Wisconsin)

Cardoza, J.B.N.

Cardozo, Benjamin

Cardozo, Ernest A.

Cardozo, Francis L.

Carelli, Cara

Carew, John F.

Carey, Charles W.

Carey, Dennis Edward

Carey, Littleton

Career, Richard S.

Carey, Robert

Carey, S.

Carey, W. Gibson, Jr.

Carey, William F.

Carl, Ferdinand

Carle, F.A.

Carle, Robert W.

Carleton, Bessie G.

Carleton, Robert A.W.

Carleton, William

Carlin, Christie

Carlin, Phillips

Carlin, Ross

Carling, John

Carling, Martha Verity

Carlisle, Bishop of

Carlisle, C.H.

Carlisle, Ella E.

Carlisle, George L.

Carlisle, Henry W.

Carlisle, J.M.

Carlisle, John F.

Carlomagno, Adelaui

Carlos Manuel de Cespedes Award

Carlson, E.V.

Carlson, Helen M.

Carlson, Samuel A.

Carlstedt, Wilhemina

Carlton, Doyle E.

Carlton, J.

Carlton, Newcomb

Carlton, Josephine Winslow (Mrs. Newcomb Carlton)

Carlton, Thomas

Carlyle House

Carmalt, Geraldine

Carman, Harry J.

Carman, Nelson G.

Carman, Lady Ruth

Carmichael, Leonard

Carmichael, M. Christopher

Carmins, Francoise

Carnagey, Dale

Carnagey, J.A.

Carnavon, Lady

Box 68 CARNEGIE (1)

Carnegie, Amos H.

Carnegie, Andrew

Carnegie, Dale

Carnegie, Louise (Mrs. Andrew)

Carnegie, Mary E. (Mrs. V.H.)

Carnegie, Thomas M.

Carnegie, W.H.

Carnegie Corporation 1932-1947

Carnegie Corporation Presidency 1944-1945


Carnegie Endowment 1919-1923

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace (1935)

Carnegie Endowment 1939-1947

Carnegie Foundation 1936-1947

Carnegie Endowment in England

Carnegie Hero Fund Commission

Carnegie Institute of Technology

Carnegie Institution

Carnegie Institution of Washington

Carnegie Library (Pittsburgh)

Carnegie Magazine

Carnegie Trust Office

Carnegie United Kingdom Trust

Carnegie Visiting Professor in Europe

Box 70 CARN - CARR

Carney, Frank E.

Carney, Jospen P.

Carney, M.L.

Carney, Mabel

Carns, William L.

Carolan, Anna B.

Carpenter, Alice B.

Carpenter, Anna E.

Carpenter, Boyd

Carpenter, Edithe M.

Carpenter, Edward Childs

Carpenter, Ellsworth

Carpenter, F.H.

Carpenter, Ford Ashman

Carpenter, Fred E.

Carpenter, George R.

Carpenter, H. Beach

Carpenter, Harriet K.

Carpenter, Henry C.

Carpenter, Herbert L.

Carpenter, J.C.

Carpenter, James O.

Carpenter, Jessie Childs (Mrs. C.W.)

Carpenter, Marcus A.

Carpenter, Mary Seymour

Carpenter, Rhys

Carpenter, W.B.

Carpenter, W.F.

Carpenter, W.H.

Carpenter, W.J.

Carpenter, W.L.

Carpenter, William Boyd

Carpenter, Anna Morgan Douglass (Mrs. William H. Carpenter)

Carpenter, William Henry

Carpenter, William Morgan

Carpentier, Horace Walpole

Carr, C.C.

Carr, Cecil Thomas

Carr, Clyde Mitchell

Carr, Elmendorf L.

Carr, George Wentworth

Carr, Gilbert H.

Carr, Harry

Carr, Harvey F.

Garr, John

Carr, John C.

Carr, John Foster

Carr, John W.

Carr, Leon M.

Carr, Robert F.

Carr, Sam Houston

Carr, Sterling Douglas

Carr, Gilbert L.

Carr, Wilbur J.

Carr, Mrs. Willard Z.

Carr, William J.

Carr, Mrs. William S.

Carrano, Arthur R.

Carrel, Alexis

Carrick, Lynn

Carrick, Virginia B.

Carrier, John M.

Carriere, Marguerite

Carrigan, J.O.

Carrington, Charles S.

Carrington, Edward C.

Carrington, Hereward

Carrington, Ulrich Steindorff

Carrington, W.T.

Carroll, Breckinridge

Carroll, C.C.

Carroll, C.F.

Carroll, Charles

Carroll, Charles B.

Carroll, Charles R.

Carroll, Courtney

Carroll, Crozier

Carroll, Eleanor

Carroll, Francis

Carroll, Frank E.

Carroll, Gladys Hasty

Carroll, H.K.

Carroll, H.R., Jr.

Carroll, James T.

Carroll, James W.

Carroll, P.J.

Carroll, Robert P.

Carroll, Marion Langdon (Mrs. Royal Phelps Carroll)

Carroll, Walter N.

Carroll Club

Carruthers, Charles B.

Carruthers, John F.B.

Carruthers, Roy


Carse, Elizabeth

Carsen Associates

Carson, Charles

Carson, Charles B.

Carson, Frank L.

Carson, Grace E.

Carson, Hampton L.

Carson, J.M.

Carson, Mrs. Robert

Carson, Robert N.

Carson, William M.

Carstens, C.C.

Carstensen, G.A.

Carter, Amon G.

Carter, Asa L.

Carter, C.G.

Carter, Mary Spingler King (Mrs. C. Shelby Carter)

Carter, Dagny

Carter, Edward C.

Carter, George William

Carter, Henry

Carter, J. Ridgely

Carter, James

Carter, Jane Grey

Carter, Jarvis P.

Carter, John

Carter, John A.

Carter, John Eidgely

Carter, Mary D.

Carter, Neil

Carter, R.L.P.

Carter, Robert C.

Carter, W.E.

Carter, W. Frank

Carter, W. Horsfall

Carter, W.S.

Carter, William

Carter, William Wesley

Cartier, Helene

Cartier, Pierre C.

Cartier de Marchienne, Baron E. de

Cartlidge, John A.

Cartoux, M.

Cartwright, Morse A.

Carty, John J.

Caruso, Enrico

Carvajal, Federado Henriquez Y

Carver, D.J.

Carver, Lenabelle S.

Carver, T.N.

Carver Memorial Institute

Cary, Alice D.

Cary, C.P.

Gary, Edward

Cary, Joel R.

Gary, Melbert B.

Cary, Melbert B., Jr.

Casad, Roland C.

Casagrande di Villaviera E.

Casas, Rogelio

Casavis, George N.

Casavis, J.N.

Case, C.E.

Case, Eugene R.

Case, Frederic W.

Case, Henry Phelps

Case, J. Herbert

Case, J.L.

Case, John R.

Case, Leland D.

Case, Mason

Case, Norman S.

Case, Walter S.

Casanave, Maurice

Casey, Dahlgren

Casey, Lawrence O.

Casey, R.G.

Casey, Richard G.

Cash, Jacob

Cashel, J.A.

Cashman, Joseph T.

Casper, J.C.

Casper, Mrs. R. Insley

Cass, Edward R.

Cass, John J.

Cassell, James C.

Casserly, John B.

Cassirer, Ernst A.

Cassmore, Melvin W.

Castaneda, D. Enrique

Casteel, Marie A.

Castell, George Oliver

Catstellani, Aldo


Castellon, Roberto

Castellucci, Fred

Castillego, Jose

Castillo, Antonio J.

Castillo, Domingo B.

Castle, C. Austin

Castle, Carleton Curtis

Castle, D.N.

Castle, Ernest B.

Castle, Harbor Hotel

Castro, H. Baldemiro

Castro, Raimundo de

Castle, K.B.

Castle, W.R.

Castle, W.R.

Caswell, E.A.

Box 72 CAT - CATH

Cat Key Club

Catchings, Waddell

Cate, Sheridan R.

Cate, Wirt Armisteade

Cates, E.M.

Cates, J. Elmer

Cates, Lorwin N.

Catharine, Joseph W.

Cathcart, Tom

Cathedral of St. John the Divine

Cather, T. Russell

Catherwood, B.F.

Catholic Boys' Brigade

Catholic Boys' Club

Catholic Central Verein of America

Catholic Council for International Relation

Catholic Digest

Catholic Mind

Catholic Poetry Society

Catholic Student Peace Federation

Catholic Telephone Directory

Catholic Truth Society

Catholic University, Santiago, Chile

Catholic University of America

Catholic World

Catholic Writers Guild of America

Catholic Youth Association

Box 73 CATL - CE

Catlin, Daniel

Catlin, G. deG.

Catlin, George

Catlin, George E.G.

Caton, Louis

Cator, R.B.P.

Catt, Carrie Chapman

Cattapani, Carlo

Cattell, Edward James

Cattell, Henry S.

Cattell, James McKeen

Cattier, Jean

Cauchie, A.

Cauchois, Frederic A.

Caudel, Maurice

Cauldwell, John B.

Cauldwell, Robert J.

Caulfield, C. Harold

Caulfield, Henry S.

Caulfield, James H.

Caulkette, Arthur A.

Causey, James H.

Cauthen, M.

Cauthen, Mrs. W.

Cauthorn, F.

Cavagnaro, James F.

Cavalier, Mrs. William

Cavanaugh, John C.

Cavanaugh, Mary Elizabeth

Cavell, Violet Dale

Cavert, Samuel McCrea

Cavill, Albert M.

Cavour, Hotel (Milan)

Cawein, John

Cawley, Anne

Cawse, Samuel J.

Cawson, G.

Caygill, Harry W.

Caygill, Ranson

Cazalet, Victor

Cazamian, Louis (M. & Mme.)

Cecil, Alicia M.

Cecil, Evelyn

Cecil, Lady Florence

Cecil, Hugh

Cecil, J.M.

Cecil, Lord Robert

Cecil of Chelwood, Viscount

Celebrated Artists Bureau, Inc.

Celery, Aurelio J. Siritto

Celler, Emanuel

Cellere, J.Marchidi

Celtic Society

Celtic Society of Columbia

Censor, The

Census Bureau

Centennial State University (Denver)

Center, L.R.

Center, Stella S.

Center Theatre

Central Hanover Bank and Trust Company

Central Institute for the Deaf

Central Presbyterian Church

Central Press Association

Central Synagogue Brotherhood

Centre Association for Catholics

Century Association

Century Club

Century Company

Century Press

Cepicka, Ida

Cerda, Don Pedro Aquirre

Cerf, Bennett A.

Cerf, L.A.

Ceroni, Vittorio

Certified Public Acc'ts., Amer. Soc. of

Cervin, Olof Z.

Cesteros, Jose N.

Cestre, Charles

Box 74 CH - CHAMB

Chabaut, J.

Chace, Arthur F.

Chace and Chace, Inc.

Chacko, C. Joseph

Chadbourne, Ellis

Chadbourne, Thomas L.

Chadbourne, William M.

Chaddock, Robert E.

Chaddock, Rose A.

Chadnick, Dorothy L.

Chadsey, Charles E.

Chadwick, F.E.

Chadwick, John W.

Chadwick, R. Charles K.

Chaeney, Mary

Chaffurin, Louis

Chaiken, Barnett

Chaillaux, H.L.

Chaille, Dr.

Chaires, Anna E.

Challen, J.R.


Chalmers, Alan R.

Chalmers, Floyd S.

Chalmers, James V.

Chaloner, John Armstrong

Chamard, Henritte

Chamber of Commerce--Mount Vernon, N.Y.

Chamber of Commerce of the State of New York

Chamber of Commerce-Ohio

Chamber of Commerce of the United States

Chamber of Commerce, The United States, Jr.

Chamber of Commerce of Milwaukee

Chamberlain, Arthur H.

Chamberlain, Austen

Chamberlain, Clark W.

Chamberlain, Essie

Chamberlain, G.D.

Chamberlain, James E.

Chamberlain, James F.

Chamberlain, Joseph B.

Chamberlain, Joseph P.

Chamberlain, Lawrence

Chamberlain, Leander T.

Chamberlain, Lewis B.

Chamberlain, T.C.

Chamberlain, William I.

Chamberlain, Winifred

Chamberlaine, Robert L.

Chamberlin, Jo Hubbard

Chamberlin, William I.

Chambers, Alice M.

Chambers, D.L.

Chambers, Edmund K.

Chambers, Frank R.

Chambers, Frank W.

Chambers, Frederick D.

Chambers, H.M.

Chambers, Julius

Chambers, Marion M.

Chambers, Robert

Chambers, W.H.

Chambers, Walter B.

Chambliss, Edgar

Chambre de Commerce de Paris

Chambre de Commerce Francaise de New York

Chambrun, Clara Longworth, Comtesse de


Champion, Edoward

Champion, Marie

Champion Recording Corporation

Champlain Studios

Champlin, Madeline F.

Champlin, Ralph C.

Champlin, Rhea

Chanalis, Michael N.

Chance, M.O.

Chance, Wade

Chancellor, William E.

Chancey, R.E.L.

Chandler, Charles F.

Chandler, Edward H.

Chandler, Frank W.

Chandler, Frederic N.

Chandler, George B.

Chandler, Harry

Chandler, Henry A.E.

Chandler, J.A.C.

Chandler, Jermain

Chandler, Lloyd H.

Chandler, R.B.

Chandler, Walter M.

Chandler Brothers & Company

Chandor, Valentine L.

Chaney, George A.

Chaney, Mary

Chang, Yi-Ting

Chankin, Victor

Chanler, Mrs. Lewis Stuyvesant

Chanler, Margaret

Chanler, William C.

Chanler Historical Prize

Channell Bookshop

Channing, J. Parke

Charming, Walter

Chapin, Ben E.

Chapin, Cynthia

Chapin, F. Stuart

Chapin, George

Chapin, Henry E..

Chapin, L.H. Paul

Chapin, Nathaniel D.

Chapin, Spalding

Chapin, William Wallace

Chapitis, William J.

Chaplin, E.D.W.

Chaplin, W.S.

Chapman, Bruce

Chapman, C.C.

Chapman, Calvin

Chapman, Charles

Chapman, Charles L.

Chapman, Edward N.

Chapman, Emmanuel

Chapman, Helen

Chapman, Helen

Chapman, J. Emmet

Chapman, James W. Jr.

Chapman, John Jay

Chapman, Elizabeth Astor Winthrop Chanler (Mrs. John Jay Chapman)

Chapman, John M.

Chapman, John W.

Chapman, L.A.

Chapman, May nard B.

Chapman, William McK.

Chapman, William Young

Chappell, Charles C.

Chappell, Deaconess

Chappell, George S.

Chappie, Joe Mitchell

Box 76 CHAR - CHEP

Charabot, Senator

Chard, Standish

Chardon, Carlos E.

Charities and the Commons

Charity Organization Society

Charles, A.

Charles, Heinrich

Charles, James T. W.

Charles, W.B.

Charles, Mrs. W.B. Jr.

Charles, William H.

Charlety, Sebastien

Charlotte, N.C.

Charman, A.R.

Charnace, B.

Charnwood, Lord

Charp, L.

Charter- N.Y. State

Charteris, John

Chartier, J.

Chartock, Samuel M.

Charton, Paul W.

Charuet, Ed.

Chase, Albert

Chase, B.F.

Chase, Bella M. Baptor

Chase, Charles A.

Chase, Maria Melvina Sawyer (Mrs. Charles Curry Chase)

Chase, Edward M.

Chase, Emory A.

Chase, Ernest Dudley

Chase, H. Gibbs

Chase, Harry Woodburn

Chase, Harriet M.

Chase, Helen D.

Chase, Howard A.

Chase, J.F.

Chase, John Carroll

Chase, L.T.

Chase, Peter

Chase, Sally E.

Chase, W.L.

Chase, V. Parker

Chase, William Sheafe

Chase Hotel-St. Louis

Chase National Bank

Chassee, Leo J.

Chastenet, Jacques

Chastain, Eudora

Chater, Harry D.

Chatfield, Alice A.

Chatfield, George H.

Chatfield-Taylor, Hobart C.

Chatham House

Chatham House Conference

Chattanooga, Term

Chatterji, J.C.

Chatters, A.A.B.

Chauber, Alice

Chauncey, Henry

Chautauqua County

Chavaque, Rene de

Chavez, Dennis

Chavez, E.A.

Chayes, Nat

Cheatham, Elliott E.

Cheatham, Kitty

Cheatham, Owen R.

Chebithes, V.I.

Chedsey, William R.

Cheehanover, B.

Cheek, Frank L.

Cheese Club

Cheesman, Dr. T. M. and Mrs. Clara Livingston

Cheley, Frank H.

Chelsea Association for Planning and Action

Chemical Bank & Trust Company

Chemists' Club

Chen, Shih Hsiang

Chen, Yu Gwan

Chenery, C.T.

Chenery, William L.

Cheney, A.J.

Cheney, Charles

Cheney, Clarence O.

Cheney, J. Francis

Cheney, Howell

Cheney, John R.

Cheney, Julia A.

Cheney, Louis R.

Cheney, Mrs. Louis R.

Cheney, O.H.

Cheney, William H.

Cheng, Yao Chun

Box 77 CHER - CHILD, K.

Cheradame, Andre

Cherdron, O.P.

Cherep-Spiridovich, V.

Cherkasoff, Baroness Mabelle

Cherne, Leo M.

Cherrington, Ben M.

Cherry, H.H.

Cherry River Navy

Chesapeake and Ohio Railway Company

Chester, A.

Chesley, William S.

Chester, Alden

Chester, CM.

Chesterton, Gilbert Keith

Chestley, A.S.

Chestnut, Albert R.

Chevalier, Albert

Chevalier, Frank J.

Chevalier, John B.

Chevrillon, Andre

Chevrolet Motor Company

Chew, John Marshal

Chew, Oswald

Chiang, Madame

Chicago, Illinois

Chicago Daily News

Chicago, Milwaukee & St.Paul R.R.

Chicago Morning Newspaper

Chicago & North-Western Railway Company

Chicago Sunday Evening Club

Chicago Tribune Correspondent

Chicago Wholesale Market Council

Chicks, Dean W.

Chidester, F.E.

Chidnoff, Irving

Chief Justice, Title of the

Chieftain, H.M.

Child, Irving C.


Child Labor (2 boxes)


Child Labor (2 boxes)

Child Labor Amendment

Child Research Clinic

Child Study Association

Child Welfare League

Childe, Mrs. Alberta Gallatin

Children's Aid Society

Children's Health Service

Children's Home School

Children's Magazine

Children's Village

Children's Welfare Federation of N.Y.C.

Childress, O.R.

Childs, Edward H.

Childs, Eversley

Childs, F.W.

Childs, Eleanor Stuart (Mrs. H.R.)

Childs, Mary E.

Childs, Richard S.

Childs, Walter C.

Childs, William Hamlin


Chile, Consul General of

Chile-American Association

Chilean Embassy, Councelor of

Chilton, Sir Henry

Chilvers, William

Chin Tsay Honorary Society


China, Inc.-American Bureau

China, Board of Economic Warfare's Mission to

China, Questions on

China Aid Council

China Famine Relief

China Information Service

China Institute of America

China Monthly

China Relief United

China Society of America

China Today

Chinese Ambassador

Chinese Association of International Law

Chinese Broadcast

Chinese-Columbia Alumni Association

Chinese Consul General

Chinese Government

Chinese Industrial Cooperatives

Chinese Minister

Chinese Nationalist Party

Chinese Sec. Office of War Information

Chinese Student League

Chinese Students' Christian Association

Chinese Student's Patriotic Association

Chinese Universities

Chiomente, Pasquale

Chipkin, I.S.

Chipman, Warwick F.

Chipman, Mrs. William

Chisholm, Anna

Chisholm, B. Ogden

Chisholm, Eva F.

Chisholm, Hugh

Chisholm, Jessie

Chisholm, Leslie L.

Chisholm, Rosepha P.

Chisolm, B. Ogdan

Chittenden, A. P. (Mrs.)

Chittenden, Alice Hill

Chittenden, Herbert S.

Chittenden, Jacqueline

Chittenden, Jacqueline Dawson (Mrs. Keith Marlowe Chittenden)

Chittick, James

Box 80 CHL - CHURCH, E.

Chlapowska, Countess

Choate, Joseph H., Jr.

Choate, Mabel

Cholmeley-Jones, Roynon

Chomette, Charles

Chopourian, Theodore

Chorley, E. Clowes

Chorley, Kenneth

Chouteau, Henri

Choy, Elsie W.I.

Chrisman, Francis Leon

Christ Church, Guilford

Christ Church, Rector of

Christ Church Library

Christensen, A.G.

Christensen, Arthur O.

Christensen, C.L.

Christensen, J.C.

Christian, Bertram

Christian, Henry A.

Christian, L.C.

Christian, R.L. & Co., Inc.

Christian, W.H.

Christian Advance

Christian Colleges in China

Christian Leader

Christian Endeavor Banquet

Christian Foreign Service Convocation

Christian Refugees-American Committee

Christian Register

Christian Science Monitor

Christian Union

Christians, George W.

Christie, Harriet Bishop Waters

Christie, Margaret

Christie, Robert

Christie, W. Donald

Christy, Arthur E.

Christy, F.T.

Christy, Samuel B.

Chrysostom, Brother

"Christmas Thoughts"

Christopher, A.D.

Christopher, Brother

Chronicle, San Francisco

Chronicle, The

Chrysler, Walter P.

Chryssikos, George J

Chrystie, T. Ludlow

Chrystie, Thomas Witter

Chubb, Percival

Chugerman, Samuel

Church, A.W.

Church, Arthur L.

Church, Campbell

Church, Douglas

Church, Elihu


Church, F.P.

Church, Franklin H.

Church, Robert R., Jr.

Church, S.P.

Church, Samuel Harden

Church and Welfare Recovery

Church Athletic League of Wilmington

Church Club of New York

Church Congress in the United States

Church Congress of the P.E. Church

Church Life Insurance Corporation

Church of Peace Union

Church of the Pilgrims

Church Pension Fund

Church Publicity Movement

Church Society for College Work

Church University Board of Regents

Churchill, W.H.

Churchill, Winston S.

Churchman, The

Churchman Award for 1940

Churchward, James

Chute, Arthur Hunt

Chute, H.O.

Chwatczynski, Edward G.

C.I.T. Safety Foundation

Ciampi, Luke M.

Ciampolini, Helen A.

Ciancio, Pedro N.

Ciarlantini, Franco

Ciliberti, Charles

Cillie, Francois S.

Cillis, Hubert

Ciluzzi, Ralph

Ciinmino, Peter

Cincinnati, Society of

Cincinnati Enquirer

Cincinnati Foreign Policy Association

Cincinnati Peace League

Cincotti, Fred

Cinema Appreciation League

Cinema Research Bureau

Cipmand, Juan

Cisco, Mary A. Hall (Mrs. George H. Cisco)

Cities Census Committee

Citizens Budget Commission, Inc.

Box 82 CI - CLARK, D.

Citizens Charter Campaign Committee

Citizens Committee

Citizens Committee for election of LaGuardia

Citizens Committee for the Army and Navy, Inc.

Citizens Committee for Planned Parenthood

Citizens Committee on Reorganization

Citizens Congress

Citizens Defense Committee

Citizens Dinner for Presidents of the Four City Colleges

Citizens Family Welfare Committee

Citizens Housing Council of New York

Citizens National Committee

Citizens Public Expenditure Survey

Citizens Republican Association

Citizens Tribute Committee

Citizens Union of the City of New York

Citizens for Victory

Citizenship Educational Service

Citroen, Andre

City Club (Chicago)

City Club of New York

City College

City College, President

City Committee on Plan & Survey

City Company of New York

City Life

City Mission Society

City News Publishing Company

City Planning, The Committee for the Medal of Honor for

City Planning Commission

Civics Vocational Movement

Civil Justice League

Civil Service Assembly

Civil Service Commission, City of New York

Civil Service Reform

Civil Service Reform League

Civil Service Repeal Association

Civilian Air Reserve

Civilian Defense Volunteer Office

Claflin, Minnietta Anderson (Mrs. Arthur B. Claflin)

Claflin, Avery

Claflin, C.I.

Claflin, Edith Francis

Claflin, John

Clancy, Albert W.

Clancy, Daniel Francis

Clancy, Leslie

Clap, Mrs. H.E.

Clapp, Mrs. Alexander

Clapp, C.H.

Clapp, Margaret

Clapp, Moses E.

Clapperton, George

Clare College

Clarendon, Victor F.

Claridge's Hotel

Clark, A.E.

Clark, A. Mortimer

Clark, Agnes E.

Clark, Albert

Clark, Elizabeth Scriven (Mrs. Alfred Corning Clark)

Clark, Alice M.

Clark, Ambrose R.

Clark, Avery B.

Clark, Bainbridge Percy

Clark, Bennett Champ

Clark, Blake

Clark, Charles Hopkins

Clark, Charles P.

Clark, Charles Upson

Clark, Clarence D.

Clark, Donald H.

Clark, Conald L.

Clark, Donald T.

Box 83 CLARK, E. - CLARK, J.

Clark, E. Kitson

Clark, E.M.

Clark, E. Mabel

Clark, Edward J.

Clark, Edward T.

Clark, Elizabeth

Clerk, Evans

Clark, Everett H.

Clark, F.G.

Clark, G.H.

Clark, Genevra J.

Clark, George C.

Clark, George Hallett

Clark, George Kitson

Clark, Grenville

Clark, H.N.

Clark, Harold F.

Clark, Harold J.

Clark, Harold T.

Clark, Harry

Clark, Henry A.

Clark, Marguerite Dixon (Mrs. Henry Austin Clark)

Clark, J.S.

Clark, James M.

Clark, James R.

Clark, Jane Perry

Clark, John Bates

Clark, Myra A. Smith (Mrs. John Bates Clark)

Clark, John C.

Clark, John Holley

Clark, Joseph S.

Clark, John Kirkland

Clark, John Maurice

Clark, Winifred (Mrs. John Maurice Clark)

Clark, John Murray

Clark, Joseph S., Jr.

Box 84 CLARK, K. - CLEG

Clark, Kate Upson

Clark, M.H.

Clark, M.W.

Clark, Marcella

Clark, Marian K.

Clark, Mary Vida

Clark, Minnie C.

Clark, O.D.

Clark, Regina

Clark, Robert L., Jr.

Clark, Florence Curtis (Mrs. Robert Y. Clark)

Clark, Roland E.

Clark, Gertrude Jerome Alexandre (Mrs. Samuel Adams Clark)

Clark, Susan Vanderpoel Hun (Mrs. Stephen C. Clark)

Clark, Theron

Clark, Thomas A.

Clark, Thomas F.

Clark, Victor Ila

Clark, Victor S.

Clark, W.T.

Clark, Walter E.

Clark, Falter L.

Clark, Ward C.

Clark, William Andrews 3rd

Clark, William H.

Clark, William N.

Clark, William Ross

Clarke, Albert

Clarke, Arthur L.

Clarke, C.K.

Clarke, Sir Caspar Purdon

Clarke, Charles J.B.

Clarke, Crichton

Clarke, E.A.S.

Clarke, Edward J.

Clarke, F.

Clarke, Fred

Clarke, George Herbert

Clarke, H.A.

Clarke, Harley L.

Clarke, John

Clarke, John H.

Clarke, John Proctor

Clarke, Joseph A.

Clarke, L.E.

Clarke, Lewis L.

Clarke, Merrill F.

Clarke, Overton E.

Clarke, Robert D.

Clarke, S.R.

Clarke, Sophia N.

Clarke, Sydney J.

Clarke, T. Wood

Clarke, Thomas B.

Clarke, Van Antwerp

Clarke, Walter I.

Clarke, Mrs. William

Clarke, William A.

Clarke, William H.

Clarke, William R.

Clarke, Sinsabaugh and Co.

Clarkin, Franklin

Clarkson, Coker F.

Clarkson, David A.

Clarkson, Grosvenor

Clarkson, James S.

Clarkson, Ross

Clary, Martin

Clary, F.T.

Class of 1878 Annual Dinner

Class of 1880 to 1889 Dinner

Class of 1882 Dinner

Class of 1892 (50th Anniversary Dinner)

Class of 1893

Class of 1900

Class of 1909

Class of 1915Ann. Fund

Class of 1917

Class of 1919

Class of 1941

Classen, E.

Classic Repertory Theatre

Classical Association

Classical Association of the Atlantic States

Classical Society of the American Academy in Rome

Classical Weekly

Claudel, Judith

Claudel, Paul

Claughton, H.

Clauley, Harry P.

Clause, William L.

Clausen, Bernard C.

Claxton, Brooke

Claxton, P.P.

Clay, Mary Harris (Mrs. Cassius M. Clay, Jr.)

Clay, Frederick G.

Clay, Lucretia H.

Clay, Richard Powell

Clayton, Benjamin

Clayton, Joseph Culbertson

Clayton, W.M.

Clear, Pierre M.

Clearwater, Alphonso T.

Cleaton, Allen

Cleaves, Helen E.

Cleeve, Margaret E.

Clegy, Nellie

Box 85 CLEH - COB

Clemens, Cyril

Clemens, J. George

Clemens, Moses H.

Clemens, Samuel L.

Clement, C.Y.

Clement, John B.

Clement, Margaret

Clement, Percival W.

Clement, W.E.

Clemente, Anthony J.

Clements, Caroline

Clements, Traverse

Clements Library

Clendening, E.M.

Clephane, Walter C.

Clergue, F.H.

Clergy League for America, Inc.

Cless, George H., Jr.

Cleveland, Clarence M.

Cleveland, E.C.

Cleveland, Frederick A.

Cleveland, Grover

Cleveland, Henry D.

Cleveland, Treadwell

Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland Classic

Cleveland News

Clevenger, Earl

Clevenot, Elizabeth

Clews, Elsie

Clews, Henry

Cliff, George H.

Clifford, Cornelius

Clifford, Rachel

Clifton, Leon S.

Clinchy, Everett R.

Clinchy, Russell J.

Cline, Genevieve R.

Cline, Louis Jay

Clinger, Avery G.

Clinton, George

Clinton, John H.

Clippinger, John H.

Clippinger, W.G.

Clode, Walter

Clopper, Edward N.

Cloquett, Ludovic

Close, Mrs. George Hand

Close, Gilbert F.

Close, Harry

Clothier, Isaac H.

Clothier, Robert C.

Cloud, James H.

Cloud, Theresa

Clough, A.E.

Clough, Clayton C.

Clough, Owen

Clough, Shepard B.

Clough, Mrs. Susan Pew

Cloutier, F.A.

Clover, George F.

Cloyd, David E.

Clubdes, Cent

Club de Leones de Ponce


Cluett, Margaret F.

Clum, K. Maud

Clum, Woodworth

Clune, Genevieve R.

Clutton, Maria

Clyde, John P.

Clyde, Walt


Clymer, Paul K.

Clymer, Virgil H.

Cnossen, T.

Coal and Ice Defence Fund

Coale, Elizabeth Alice van Antwerp Manning (Mrs. Griffith B. Coale)

Coan, Titus Munson

Coar, John F.

Coast & Geodetic Survey

Coates, Albert

Coates, H.T.

Coates, P.H.

Coates, W.H.

Coats, R.H.

Cobb, Albert W.

Cobb, Calvin

Cobb, Frank I.

Cobb, Frederic L.

Cobb, G.L.

Cobb, George H.

Cobb, Henry E.

Cobb, Humphrey M.

Cobb, Irvins

Cobb, J.M.

Cobden, Richard Lectures

Cobden, Club of London

Cobden-Sanderson, R.

Cobi Photographers

Cobley, Alfred

Coburn, A.R.

Coburn, Clyde G.

Coburn, F.W.

Box 86 COC - COK

Cocheron, John B.

Cochran, Alexander Smith

Cochran, Alfred W.

Cochran, George I.

Cochran, Joseph W.

Cochran, Thomas Henry

Cochrane, A.H.

Cochrane, Allister

Cochrane, William H., Jr.

Cock, Alfredo

Cockburn, Claud

Cockburn, J. Hutchison

Cocke, Arthur A.

Cocke, Mrs. A.A.

Cocke, Margaret Ritchie Harrison (Mrs. Edmund Randolph Cocke)

Cockerell, Professor

Cockerell, T.D.A.

Cockerill, George

Cockrell, Ewing

Cocks, Gerard H.

Coddington, Clifford

Coddington, F.H.

Codling, Frank B.

Codman, J.S.

Cody, Elizabeth

Cody, H.J.

Coe, Charles

Coe, Charles Francis

Coe, Edward B. and Mary Storrs

Coe, Ernest F.

Coe, Franklin

Coe, George A.

Coe, Harold S.

Coe, Richard Livingston

Coe, Sidney W.

Coes, Mary

Coetz, E.W.

Cofer, Leland E.

Cofer, Luisita Leland (Mrs. Leland E. Cofer)

Coffee, Joseph D.

Coffee, Rudolph I.

Coffee House Club

Coffey, Alexander B.

Coffin, C.A.

Coffin, Foster M.

Coffin, George M.

Coffin, Harry R.

Coffin, Henry Sloane

Coffin, Howard E.

Coffin, Philip L., Jr.

Coffman, Lotus D.

Coggeshell, John

Coghill, Newton B.

Coglin, Frances M.

Cogswell, William F.

Cohan, George M.

Cohe, W.N.

Cohen, A. Broderick

Cohen, Armond E.

Cohen, B.

Cohen, E.

Cohen, E.S. Ali

Cohen, Edward F.

Cohen, Frances

Cohen, H.Z.

Cohen, I. David

Cohen, Joseph

Cohen, Julius Henry

Cohen, Leon

Cohen, Louis

Cohen, Morris

Cohen, Murray

Cohen, S. Solis

Cohen, William N.

Cohen, William W.

Cohn, Adolphe (Professor and Mme.)

Cohn, Albert

Cohn, Herbert S.

Connstaedt, Wilhelm

Coil, E.J.

Coile, Claude C.

Coit, Arthur C.

Coker, A.M.

Coker College

Box 87 COL - COLEY

Colgate, Gilbert

Colgate, James B.

Colgate, Russell

Colgate, S. Bayard

Colgate University

Colin, Ralph F.

Colladay, Edward F.

Collector of Customs

Collector of Internal Revenue

College Art Association

College Dean and Advisers of Men, Eastern Association of

College Entrance Book Co.

College Entrance Examination Board

College Humor

College of Charleston

College of Idaho

College of Few Rochelle

College of Pharmacy

College of Physicians and Surgeons

College of Preachers (Washington D.C.)

College of the City of New York

College of William and Mary

College Years

Collegiate Church of St. Nicholas

Collegiate Digest

Collett, John P.

Collette, Alfred

Colley, Llewellyn

Colley, Penelope E.

Collica, Jeffrey