Rare Book & Manuscript Library

Samson Raphaelson papers, 1916-1982

Series VIII: Manuscripts and Documents

Mostly contracts

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Box 35 Accent on Youth [Play]

Box 35 Angel [film]

Box 35 Bunny Lake is Missing [Play]

Box 35 The Burning Secret [film]

Box 35 Cinderella Was a Vamp [Short Story]

Box 35 Cow (Photograph)

Box 35 Counterfeit Heaven [film]

Box 35 Domestic Episode [Short Story]

Box 35 Eyes for No Other Woman [Short Story]

Box 35 The Greatest Idea in the World. [Short Story]

Box 35 He Wanted to Marry a Rich Girl. [Short Story] See: Marry for Money [film]

Box 35 Her First Affair. [Short Story] See: After the Ball. [Short Story]

Box 35 Here We Are, Alone Together. [Play]

Box 35 Hilda Crane. [Play]

Box 35 A Hollywood Fable. [Short Story]

Box 35 I'm Mavis, the Irish Girl. [Short Story]

Box 35 It Was a Pleasure. [Short Story] See: Rough Treatment. [Short Story]

Box 35 Jason. [Play]

Box 35 The Jazz Singer. [Play]

Box 35 Kollek, Teddy: Autobiography

Box 35 Last Day in Paris. [Short Story]

Box 35 Letter to the Editor [Short Story]

Box 35 Lizette. [Short Story]

Box 35 Madness of Man. [Two part story]

Box 35 Main Street to Broadway. [film]

Box 35 Marry for Money. [film]

Box 35 Malinda Knew It Was Wrong. [Short story]

Box 35 Malinda Went Through With It. [Short Story]

Box 35 The Middle-Aged Freshman. [Short Story]

Box 35 My Boy. [film]

Box 35 Old Love. [film] See: Accent on Youth [Play]

Box 35 The Perfect Marriage. [Play]

Box 35 Portrait of Jenny. [Play]

Box 36 A Rose Is Not a Rose. [Short Story] See: Letter to the Editor. [Short Story]

Box 36 Rough Treatment [Short Story]

Box 36 Sheba musical. [Play]

Box 36 Skylark. [Play]

Box 36 Stopover in Chicago. [Short Story]

Box 36 Suspicion. [Film]

Box 36 Three Screen Comedies. [Book]

Box 36 What Is Glamour. [Article]

Box 36 White Man. [Play]

Box 36 Who Am I. [Short Story]

Box 36 The Wooden Slipper. [Play]

Box 36 Young Love. [Play]