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John H. Backer papers, 1945-1985

Series I: Winds of History

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Box 1 Catalogued Correspondence:

Box 1 Couve de Murville, M.

Box 1 Dulles, Eleanor

Box 1 Eisenhower, Milton S.

Box 1 Galbraith, John Kenneth

Box 1 Harriman, W. Averell

Box 1 Hayakava, Samuel I

Box 1 Javits, Jacob K.

Box 1 Kennan, George

Box 1 McCloy, John Jay

Box 1 Correspondence, arranged

Box 1 Research Material

Box 1 Bibliography

Box 2 Research Files:

Box 2 Correspondence


Box 2 Bennett, Jack

Box 2 Dr. Bowie

Box 2 Boyd, Col. James

Box 2 General Casey

Box 2 Clay, Lucius D. III

Box 2 Donnan, Edloe

Box 2 Feeny & Lemley

Box 2 Graeber, Bill

Box 3 Interviews:

Box 3 Allen, Margaret

Box 3 Ambassador Riddleberger

Box 3 Bierman, Franz

Box 3 Boyle, Lt. Gen. A.J.

Box 3 Donnan, Edloe

Box 3 Hallock, Richard

Box 3 Hill, Russ

Box 3 Howley, Gen. Frank

Box 3 Humphrey, Don

Box 3 Jacobs, George R.

Box 3 Keenan, Joseph

Box 3 Kennan, George

Box 3 McCloy, John J.

Box 3 McLean, Donald, Jr.

Box 3 O'Donnell, James P.

Box 3 Rubin, Seymour

Box 4 Interviews:

Box 4 Saltzman, Charles

Box 4 Trudeau, Gen. Arthur

Box 4 Smith, Jean

Box 4 Werts, Leo

Box 4 Stratton, Gen. James

Box 4 Wiesner, Louis

Box 4 Sundquist, James

Box 4 Wilkinson & Wedemeyer, Albert C.

Box 4 Other interviews and memoirs

Box 5 Photographs used in the book (one oversized Folder shelved on top of Box 5)

Box 6 Coal, Bizonia

Box 6 Papers of Dr. Charles Kindleberger

Box 6 Denazification

Box 6 Decartelization

Box 6 War Crimes

Box 6 Laenderrat

Box 7 Photocopies of official documents from National Archives and other source

Box 8 Photocopies of official documents from National Archives and other sources

Box 9 Book Excerpts (photocopies)

Box 10 Clippings from New York Times

Box 10 Excerpts from periodicals and books