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Alice Hanson Jones papers, 1700-1982

Series III: Subject Files

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Box 9 America Colonial Wealth Documents and Methods Related Files

Box 10 America Colonial Wealth Documents and Methods Related Files

Box 11 America Colonial Wealth Documents and Methods Related Files

Box 12 Bibliographies--Colonial

Box 13 Coding--Indentification, Coding and Editing

Box 13A Coding--Indentification, Coding and Editing

Box 14 Comparisons with Wealth and Income Estimates

Box 14A Comparisons with Wealth and Income Estimates

Box 15 Conferences, 1967-1980

Box 16 Consumption

Box 16A Cost of Living Reports

Box 17 Data from L.A. Harper, Data Notebooks

Economic History Association

Box 18 Agenda and Arrangements

Box 18 American Council Learned Society Annual Business Meeting

Box 18 Atlantic City

Box 18 Audit Committee

Box 18 Baltimore 1982 Program, 1982

Box 18 Board Trustees , 1976-1977

Box 18 Board Trustees, 1981

Box 18 Board Trustees, 1982

Box 18 Boston-Program Handouts

Box 18 Business

Box 18 By-laws

Box 18 Ceremonial Duties-Baltimore

Box 18 Committee Appointments

Box 18 Committee Research

Box 18 COSSA, National Human Alliance

Box 18 Cumulative Index Proposal

Box 18 Dissertation Session in Baltimore

Box 18 Distribution Workshop

Box 19 Economic--Correspondence, 2 folders

Box 19 Economic--Recruitment, 1981

Box 19 Editor Search Committee

Box 19 Gerschenkron Prize

Box 19 Gerschenkron Fund

Box 19 Handouts-Talks-Various EHA Meeting

Box 19 History of EHA

Box 19 Hotel Selection

Box 19 International EHA

Box 19 Late Colonial Wealth Survey

Box 19 Investment Committee

Box 19 Local Arrangement

Box 19 Meeting at Toronto

Box 19 Members of EHA Nominating Committees

Box 19 Membership Applications, Reservation Forms

Box 19 Membership Committee

Box 20 Newsletters, Reports of Pres.

Box 20 Nomination Committee, 1978

Box 20 Nomination Committee, 1984

Box 20 Official Correspondence and Business

Box 20 Officers List Prev. Years

Box 20 Other Organizations--How They Operate

Box 20 Parker, Bill

Box 20 President Address--Master Copy

Box 20 President Address, 1983

Box 20 President Address--Final copy and conversation

Box 20 Program, 1963-1981

Box 20 Programs, 1982

Box 20 Programs Planning, 1982

Box 21 Program Saturday September 22

Box 21 Program Committee, 1982

Box 21 Program Committee, 1982-1983

Box 21 Reception, Lunch, Banquet

Box 21 Related and General Outside Business

Box 21 Resturant

Box 21 Search Committee

Box 21 South Carolina

Box 21 Typed Documents

Box 21 Trustees Meeting

Box 21 University of Missouri

Box 21 Williams, R.D.

Box 21 Xerox of Women Property

Box 22 Printed and Unarranged Materials

Inventory of Deceased

Box 23 Connecticut (13092-13117) Delaware, Kent Co.

Box 24 Delaware (13118-13135, 31001-31029)

Box 25 Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey

Box 26 New Jersey, New York, North Carolina

Box 27 Pennsylvania

Box 28 Pennsylvania (13001-13073)

Box 29 Pennsylvania (13074-13168)

Box 30 South Carolina, Virginia

Box 31 Korea--Income

Box 31 Lectures and Workshops

Manuscripts, Papers, and Notes by Others

Box 32 Book Announcements

Box 32 Book Review

Box 32 Computer Programming

Box 32 Conf. on Education and Income, 1968

Box 32 Computer Listings

Box 32 Computer Listings Northampton Co,

Box 32 Congress

Box 32 Davies, David

Box 32 DecedentList--Names and Numbers New England, New York, South

Box 32 DecedentList--Names and Numbers (carbon copy)

Box 32 Decedent Name Index

Box 32 Decdents Names

Box 32 Dexter, Franklin B., M.A.

Box 32 Dowd

Box 32 Extra copies of Miscellaneous

Box 33 Final Table Tabulations

Box 33 Finding-Mid. Col.--Gini Coefficients R. Glenn Worksheets

Box 33 Finding-Mid. Col.--Larntz-Tax Lists, Phil. Livings

Box 33 Finding-Mid. Col.--Lorenz Curves--Values for Graphs

Box 33 Finding-Mid. Col.--Printouts

Box 33 Finding-Mid. Col.--Tables in Pounds Sterling

Box 33 Finding-Mid. Col.--Wealth Distribution of Living

Box 33 Firestone, O. J.

Box 33 Fogel and Engerman

Box 34 Forms and Early Table Drafts

Index summary schedule code sheet

Box 34 Forms and Early Table Drafts

Item check list for inventories

Box 34 Forms and Early Table Drafts

Forms for inventory

Box 34 Forms and Early Table Drafts

Items in notebook in Noel office

Box 34 Greensheet--Age in Years

Box 34 Greensheet--Middle Colonies--Guide to Disk

Box 34 Greensheet--New England

Box 34 Greensheet--New York

Box 34 Greensheet--South

Box 34 Gunderson, G.

Box 34 Institute for Research on Poverty

Box 34 Klingaman, David--Food Surpluses and Deficits in the American Colonies

Box 34 Kuznets

Box 34 Lindert, 3 folders

Box 35 Main, J.T.--Estimate servants slaves, Estimate without property

Box 35 Main, J.T.--Social Structure in Amer.

Box 35 Main, G.--Inequality in Early in America

Box 35 Martin, E.W.--1860 Notes on Book

Box 35 Mattoso, Katia M. de Queiros

Box 35 Menard--Social Stratification in Maryland

Box 35 Menard, Russell--Tobacco prices

Box 35 Menard, Harris, Carr--Opportunity and Inequality Lower Western Shore Maryland

Box 35 Michigan ICPR Users Manual, 6 folders

Box 35 Minister's Budget-Boston 1728

Box 35 Modell, J.--Studies from Tax Lists of Wealth and Household Size

Box 35 Modigliano, Tobin, Ackley--Consumption Sav ing, Wealth, Etc.

Box 35 Morris, Richard B.--Govt. and Labor in Early America

Box 35 Moss, Milt--Major Aspects of Capital in Amer.Sta.

Box 35 Mulhall, Michael G.--Dictionay Statistics on Capital and Income of Britain

Box 35 Nash, Gary--Radicalization of Urban Politics

Box 35 National Bureau of Economic Research--Income and Wealth Conf. papers

Box 35 National Bureau of Economic Research--International Comparison of Prices

Box 35 Nelson, Richard, Winter, Sidney--Neoclasical vs. Evolutinary Theories of Economic Growth

Box 36 New England Papers, Drafts and Ribbon Copy, 6 folders

Box 36 New England Averages and I.D. Tables, 3 folders

Box 37 New England Size Distribution, 2 folders

Box 37 Perkins, Edwin J.--Book on Colonial Economy

Box 37 Pessen, Edward--Centuries of Social Mobility

Box 37 Pessen Edward--Egalitorion

Box 37 Poverty--Measuring-Notes at meeting on subject, Chicago

Box 37 Quitt, M. H., Ph.D--Virginia House of Burgesses

Box 37 Realwealth--Nat'l Income

Box 37 Rothenberg, W.--Mass Farmers

Box 37 Saguier, E.--Argentina Archives

Box 37 Saguier, E.--1977 Proposal to compare Boston and Buenes Aires Merchants

Box 37 Saville, Lloyd--Economic Development in Tuscany

Box 37 Scheiber, Harry

Box 37 Schlesinger, A.--Colonial Merchants

Box 37 Scitovsky, Tibor--The Wealth Effect

Box 37 Shepard & Walton--Shipping, Maritime, Trade, Etc.

Box 37 Sheridan, Richard--Sugar & Slavery

Box 37 Sheridan, Richard--"Men of the Slave Trade"

Box 37 Siralgeldin--U. Mich. Based on surveys

Box 37 Smith, Billy--Living Standards Phila.

Box 37 Smith, James--Atlanta

Box 37 Smith, J.D.--"The Concentration of Personal Wealth in America, 1969"

Box 37 Smith, J.D.--"White Wealth and Black People in Washington, D.C.

Box 37 Smith, J.D. & Calvert, S.K.--Estimating Wealth of Top Wealth Holders

Box 37 Smith, J.D.--Modeling the Distribution and Intergenerational Transmission of Wealth

Box 38 Sokoloff, Kenneth L., Villaflor, Georgia C.--Some New Evidence on Nutrition Migration, and Military Participation in Colonial and Revolutionary Amer.

Box 38 Soltow, Lee--Econ. Inequality in U.S.

Box 38 Soltow, Lee--Patterns of Wealth Holdings in Wisconsin

Box 38 Soltow, Lee- Wealth and Income

Box 38 Southern Liabilities--Data Decks and Program to obtain deck

Box 38 Southern Liabilities--Final Report

Box 38 Southern Liabilities--Intermediate Equations by Regression

Box 38 Southern Liabilities--Research to find Ratio

Box 38 Southern Liabilities--Zero Cases

Box 38 Southern Liabilities--Sample Characteristics

Box 38 Sturm, J.--Probated Estate

Box 38 Sturm, J.--Spending and Saving in Antebellum America

Box 38 Tench Coxe--Export

Box 38 Taylor, G.--Amer. Urban Growth

Box 38 Thomas, Robert

Box 38 Tucker--Measuring Nat'l Income, Ec. Welfare

Box 38 United Nations--Indicators of Levels of Living United States-Direct Tax 1798

Box 38 Vinouskis--Demography Articles

Box 39 Walsh, Lorena--Report on Charles County

Box 39 Walton and Ball Productivity

Box 39 Walton, Gary--Papers on Colonial Economy

Box 39 Walton, Shepherd--Trade

Box 39 Warden Inequality

Box 39 Waterhouse-Some Cultural Consequences of Wealth Distribution

Box 39 Webster, Noah--Effects of Slavery on Morals and Industry

Box 39 Wenzlick, Roy--Reas Estate Values

Box 39 Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania

Box 39 Williamson, Jeffrey G.--Structure of pay in Britain

Box 39 Williamson, Jeffrey G.--Two Centuries of British Income

Box 39 Wimmer, Larry & Pope, C.L.

Box 39 World Bank Atlas

Box 39 Yawitz, Jess Dissertation

Box 40 Maps--Colonial

Box 41 Maps--Colonial

Microfilms--Public Archives Commission State of Delaware Hal of Records

Box 42 Kent County Delaware--Tax List, Final Acct's, Library of Congress

Box 42 N.Y. County Will Libers

Box 42 Wills-Phila. County Penna.

Box 42 Ernst, Joseph-Ph.D Thesis

Box 43 Microfilms--Mass., Chesterfield County, Maryland, Granville County, McCurdy Account Book, Conn., Northampton, New York and Calif.

Box 44 Microfilms--Tax List

Box 45 Microfilms--Virginia, Indexes to Microfilms


Box 46 Bloodset-Price Index, Labour, Wheat 1774-1804

Box 46 Consumer Price Indexes

Box 46 Egnol, Marc--Criticizing Warren & Pearson Price Index

Box 46 English Fractional Money

Box 46 Engerman-Fogel Money exchange rates

Box 46 Ernst Joseph--Correspondence and Graphs re Money

Box 46 Extension AJ Price Index, 2 folders

Box 46 Money--local-sterling

Box 46 Money on Prices in 1776

Box 46 Money Table

Box 46 David Landers-Labor Pay

Box 46 Maryland--Money

Box 46 Mitchell, Brian & Phyllis Deane--Abstract of British Price

Box 46 Mudgett, B.D.--Indexes Numbers

Box 47 New England--Money Equivalents

Box 47 New Jersey--Money-Colonial

Box 47 New York--Money

Box 47 North Carolina Money--Sterling Exchange rate

Box 47 North Carolina & Maryland--Kinds of Money

Box 47 Price of Commodities

Box 47 Prices Indexes

Box 47 Prices--Maryland & Virginia

Box 47 Price Movements

Box 47 Research re: Money

Box 47 Table to Annapolis

Box 47 Table Decimal Equivalents

Box 47 Table of Commodity Values

Box 47 Virginia--Money

Box 47 Weiss, Roger--Amer. Colonial Money

Box 48 National Economic History Conference (No. 3)

Box 49 National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) Wealth Estimater for the American Colonies 1774

Box 50 National Science Fondation (NSF) Ecomomic Science Program, 1963-1971

Box 51 National Science Fondation (NSF) Ecomomic Science Program, 1971-1974, undated

Papers, Articles, and Essays by Others

Box 52 Bibliog. From NSF Proposal

Box 52 Book Review by A. Jones

Box 52 Claremont Mens College

Box 52 Commodity Dictionary-Complied by WPA

Box 52 Glenn's, R.--Proof (rewritten AJ)

Box 52 Hoover, Ethel--Princes in 19th Century

Box 52 International Ec. Historical Assoc.

Box 52 International Assoc. for Res. in Income and Wealth

Box 52 JIH Paper--Earlier drafts

Box 52 JIH Paper--2nd Edition

Box 52 Jones: Wealth Estimated

Box 52 Jones, D.L.--Village and Seaport

Box 52 Notes for Talk Seminar

Box 52 Parks

Box 53 Ph.D Thesis--Appendix on Sample

Box 53 Ph.D Thesis--Oral Proposal

Box 53 Radio Interview UMSL, 1980 December 21

Box 53 Relative Prices

Box 53 Savage, Cheryl R.

Box 53 S.E.A. Atlanta--Papers with Comment-Cornfield-Isbell, Legler H. Jones

Box 53 Shammus--Colonial Demand The Legacy to New Republic

Box 53 Sheridan, Richard--International Economy

Box 53 Supple. Material re New Orleans

Box 53 3X5 Cards for a Talk on Cap. Wealth

Box 53 Wells, Robert--1976 OAH Paper on Population and the American Revolution

Box 53 What to Look for in the Library

Box 53 Wholesale Prices 1720-1958--BLS Retail Prices

Box 53 Work Assignments Plans

Box 54 People Not in Sample--Connecticut (1773)

Box 54A People Not in Sample--Connecticut (1773, 1774)

Box 55 People Not in Sample--Massachusetts, New York

Box 56 Population--Colonial--Census, Monograph Mortgage/Growth Triangle, etc.

Box 56A Population--Colonial--Census, Monograph Mortgage/Growth Triangle, etc.

Box 56B Population--Colonial--Census, Monograph Mortgage/Growth Triangle, etc.

Box 56B Prices, Budgets, Accounts, etc.

Box 56B Primary Data

Probate Records

Box 57 Connecticut--Litchfield (Ab-T, Wa-Wi-41007-41031)

Box 57A Connecticut--New Haven (Al-Pr-42002-42026)

Box 58 Connecticut--New Haven (Sa-Wo-42027-42037)

Box 58 Maryland--Anne Arunel Co. (Ba-He 72001-72012)

Box 59 Maryland--Anne Arunel Co. (J-Wh 72013-72027)

Box 59 Maryland--Queen Anne Co. (A-Ha 71001-71019)

Box 60 Maryland--Queen Anne Co. (Ho-Y plus Postcards) (71019-71038)

Box 61 Massachusetts--Essex Co. (Al-Br 51001-51011)

Box 62 Massachusetts--Essex Co. (Bu-Hi 51012-51050)

Box 63 Massachusetts--Essex Co. (Ho-Per 51051-51086)

Box 64 Massachusetts--Essex Co. (Per-Pu 51087-51102)

Box 64 Massachusetts--Hampshire Co. (A-W 52001-52026)

Box 65 Massachusetts--Suffolk Co. (Ac-I 54001-54046)

Box 66 Massachusetts--Suffolk Co. (J-Ne 54047-54061)

Box 66 Massachusetts--Plymouth Co. (B-Wr 53001-53035)

Box 67 Massachusetts--Worcester Co. (Bi-Pa 55001-55035)

Box 68 Massachusetts--Worcester Co. (Pe-W)

Box 69 New York--Various Co.

Box 70 North Carolina--Halifax (Ba-R 91001-91034)

Box 71 North Carolina--Halifax (S-W 91035-91039)

Box 71 North Carolina--Various Co.

Box 72 North Carolina--Orange Co. (Ba-Wr 92001-92032)

Box 72 Pennsylvania--North-hampton (Ca-Fr 11001-11005)

Box 73 Pennsylvania--North-hampton (11006-11021)

Box 73 Pennsylvania--Philadelphia

Box 74 South Carolina (Ai-Ho 01001-01030)

Box 75 South Carolina (Hu-Ri 01031-01057)

Box 75 Virginia--Brunswick (An-Un 82012-82020)

Box 76 Virginia--Charlotte (A-R-81001-81010)

Box 76 Virginia--Chesterfiled (B-W 83001-83016)

Box 76 Virginia--Fairfax (A-R 83017-83027)

Box 76 Virginia--Halifax (C-M 81011-81019)

Box 77 Virginia--Halifax (Ni-Wa 81020-81025)

Box 77 Virginia--Mecklenburg (82021-82023)

Box 77 Virginia--Spotsylvania (B-S 83023-83030)

Box 77 Virginia--South-hampton (B-W 82001-82011)

Box 78 Records of Inventory--Various States

Purdue and Quantitative Related Papers

Box 79 Abramovitz, Moses

Box 79 Bourman

Box 79 Brady's, D.

Box 79 David--Mechanical Reaper Post Civil War Midwest

Box 79 Fleisig--Southern Slavery

Box 79 Fogel--New EC. Hist. Findings, Methods

Box 79 Fogel & Engerman--Iron Industry

Box 79 Kelley--Migration & Growth

Box 79 Legler--Regional Distribution of Federal Receipts & Expenditures in 19th Cent.

Box 79 Lindstrom, Diane--Southern Dependence on Inter. Regional Grain Supplies

Box 79 Mclnnis, Marvin--Income Differentials in Canada

Box 79 Olson--Medieval Money Shortages

Box 79 Orsagh, Thomas, J.--Demand as a Location-Determining Force in Iron Smelting

Box 79 Purdue Conference, 1965

Box 79 Purdue Conference, 1967

Box 79 Purdue Speeches 1969 Conference, 1969

Box 79 Wilkinson-Ec. Growth & the Long Swing Mechanism

Box 80 Slavery--Charleston Slave Value

Southern Real Estate Records

Box 81 Data Cards

Box 82 Maryland

Box 82 North Carolina

Box 83 South Carolina

Box 83 Virginia

Teaching Materials

Box 84 Ames, Edward-The Sterling Crisis of 1337-39

Box 84 Balance of Payments--Govt. Account 1959 Table

Box 84 Bibliographies: Eng. Tudor, 1860, 1932

Box 84 Bus. Cycles; Price Charts; Capital Flows

Box 84 Colonial-Physical Background & Indian Economy

Box 84 Course Outlines from Other Schools

Box 84 Course Outlines Reading Lists

Box 84 Dowd. Garfield. Kuznets

Box 84 Economics 304

Box 84 Economics Consumption--Kyrk

Box 84 Economics 210--1964 Course Outline Assignments, 1964

Box 84 Economics 210--1970 Student Comment, 1970

Box 84 Economics 210--Exams 1963 Growth Amer. Econ., 1963

Box 84 Economics 304--Gates, James

Box 84 Economics 210--Growth Amer. Economy Reading List, 1963

Box 84 Economics 321--NEF U. Chicago

Box 84 Economics 210--Reading List 1964 Growth Amer. Economy

Box 84 Economics 210--Reading List Spring 1969 Course Statement, 1969

Box 84 Economics 210--Reading Notes, Alphabet, by Auth.

Box 84 Economics 216--Reading Notes

Box 84 Economics 216--Reading Notes--Hoover, Ed

Box 85 Economics 210 Spring 1969, 1969

Box 85 Economics 210 Spring 1972, 1972

Box 85 Economics 210 Students

Box 85 Economics 210 Thompson, Wilbur--Reading Notes

Box 85 Economics 210 Topics and Reading Assignment

Box 85 Economics 210 Topics and Reading Assignment

Box 85 Economics 210 Questions and Examinations

Box 85 Felix, David--Take offs into Unsustained Growths

Box 85 Garfield--Major Economic Changes

Box 85 GNP Flow Diagram 1964, 1964


Box 85 Handouts, 7 folders

Box 86 Graph Triangular Trade

Box 86 Graph of Population Growth

Box 86 Jones, Alice

Box 86 Lists of What Insets

Box 86 Monetary Trends Release

Box 86 Population Growth of US-Triangles

Box 86 Price Movements in Perspective

Box 86 Review Federal Reserve Bank

Box 86 Set Collected for Alice Jones

Box 86 Table (2 folders), 2 folders

Box 86 Hochwald--Hist. of Economic Thought, Topics in Economic Hist.

Box 86 Money Supply and Time Deposits

Box 86 Notes Taken on American Family "Budget"

Box 86 Others Reading List, Book Suggestions

Box 86 Paper Topics

Box 86 Paper on St. Louis--J. Harmon

Box 86 Productivity--Man Hour in Agency, in Meeting

Box 86 Research in Family Law

Box 87 Quizzes--Various types of Exams, Midterm and Quizes, 9 folders

Box 87 Reference Reserve List

Box 87 Reserve List--Fall, 2 folders

Box 87 Reserve List--Reading Outline, 2 folders

Box 88 Review Questions

Box 88 Social Science History Association--Bloomington

Box 88 Social Science History Association--Nashville

Box 88 Social Science History Association--JR. of Amer. History

Box 88 Selective Bibliography

Box 88 Suggested Paper Topics

Box 88 Topics for Papers--Colonial

Box 88 Topics for Papers--1790-1860

Box 88 Topics for Student Papers

Box 88 UN--Statistics

Wealth and Related Topics

Box 89 Abramovitz, Moses--Ec Growth in US

Box 89 Anderson, Terry--Ec Growth in Col N. Eng.

Box 89 Anderson, Terry--Wealth Estimates for the New England Colonies, 1650-1709

Box 89 Anderson, Terry--Thesis

Box 89 Articles

Box 89 Ball, Duane--Wealth Chapter

Box 89 Basemann

Box 89 Boyle

Box 89 Bressler, Barry--Income Distribution

Box 89 Brown, Phelps & Hopkins Sheila--Wage-Rates and Prices

Box 89 Clements, Paul G.E.

Box 89 Coelho, Philip R. P.& Shepherd, James F.--Regional Ec History Research

Box 89 Colonial Trade, 3 folders

Box 89 Columbia University Seminars in Ec History

Box 90 Correspondence--Lois G. & Lorena S. Walsh

Box 90 Daniels, Bruce

Box 90 Daniels, Bruce--Articles

Box 90 Dauer, Lindstrom, Goldin & Blumin--Economy and Society

Box 90 Davis & Gallman

Box 90 Davisson, William--Essex County Research

Box 90 Deane Phyllis--Implication of Early National Income Estimates for Long-term Growth U.K.

Box 90 Definitions of Economic Classes in Colonial Conn.

Box 90 Demographic Studies, 3 folders

Box 90 Economic Growth--General, 6 folders

Box 90 Engerman--Reconsid. of South EC Growth

Box 90 Engerman--servant to slave to servants

Box 90 Engerman--Patterns EC. Growth British N. Amer. Colonies

Box 90 Engerman, Gallman--NSF Proposal

Box 90 Engerman, Gallman--Economic Growth, 1783-1860

Box 90 Feinstein, C.H.--Capital Formation in Britain

Box 90 Feinstein, Kuznets--Captial Output Ratios

Box 90 Field, Alexander J.--American Railroads and the Relative Stability of German Industrial Growth 1880-1913

Box 90 Fogel, Floud, Poper & Wimmer--Uses of Intergenerational Data Sets in Economic History

Box 90 Fogel, Engerman, Trussell, Floud, Pope, Wimmer--The Economics of Mortality in North America

Box 90 Fogel & Engerman--Reviews of Time on the Cross

Box 91 Gallman & Howie--Fixed Reproducible Capital in U.S.

Box 91 Gallman--Social Distr of Wealth in USA, 2 folders

Box 91 Goldsmith, Kendrick, Jorgenson--Price deflators, Structure per capita, 14 folders

Box 92 Goldsmith, Kendrick, Jorgenson--Price deflators, Structure per capita

Box 93 Gordon

Box 93 Grant--Land Speculation and the Settlement of Kent, Conn.

Box 93 Greene, Jack--Social Origins of American Revolution

Box 93 Hammarberg, Melvyn--A Sampling Design for Mormon Utah, 1880

Box 93 Handouts--E.H.A. Wilmington, 1979 September

Box 93 Handouts--Social Science Hist. Bloomington

Box 93 Harper--Herbert Cederberg

Box 93 Harper--Lockridge, Stone, Davisson

Box 93 Harper--Cooperman Free Worker in Colonial Mass.

Box 93 Harper--Ostrander Molasses Trade

Box 93 Harper--Elizabeth Schumpeter English Overseas Trade

Box 93 Harper--Stone Colo. Food Consumption

Box 93 Henretta, J.A.--Economic Development and Social Structure in Colonial Boston

Box 93 Higgins, Rober OAH, 1973 April

Box 93 Historians--General Interpretation, 10 folders

Box 93 Jones, Alice--Infromation Regarding Keytotape

Box 93 Kulikoff Papers, 14 folders

Box 94 Kuznets, Simon--Modern Economic Growth

Box 94 Kuznets, Simon--National Income Est before 1870

Box 94 Lampman, Robert, J.--Recent Changes in Income Inequality

Box 94 Land, Aubrey

Box 94 Legler

Box 94 Lindert, Peter, 4 folders

Box 94 Lockridge in Past and Present

Box 94 Main, Gloria--Mass, and Maryland before 1720

Box 94 New England Paper

Box 94 New England and South--Probate Cases

Box 94 New England Article referred to request for OAH Paper

Box 94 Scarcity and Growth

Box 95 Selected Items from Teaching Notes of Amer. Growth

Box 95 Size Distribution, 14 folders

Box 95 Slavery--Hum. Capitol

Box 95 Smith, Daniel Scott

Box 95 Social Structure Studies, 8 folders

Box 96 Wealth Related Topics, U.S. Tax Assement List & Wageriingen

Box 97 Weighting Factor

Box 98 Women & Writing of Alice Jones on Exhibit

Card Files

Box 99 Essex County Taxes-A-P

Box 100 Essex County Taxes-Q-Z