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Alice Hanson Jones papers, 1700-1982

Series I: Correspondence--Alphabetical

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Box 1 Book Reviews of Interest to Alice Jones

Box 5 Bruchey, Stuart

Box 5A Bruchey, Stuart

Box 1 Catalyst

Box 1 Census Bureau Table

Box 1 Columbia University Press--Mitchell K. Granert

Box 1 Capital Output Ratios of 3.5 in 1850

Box 1 Comments Received on So. Paper

Box 1 Comparisons

Box 1 Criticisms

Box 1 Dabisky-Gehrung Associates

Box 1 Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR)

Box 1 Depository for Documents

Box 1 Documents Typing from February 1972

Box 2 Early Copy to and from Granert

Box 2 Engerman on Chap. 3-9

Box 2 Feinberg-Larntz-Correspondence re: New Sample Statistical Consultation

Box 2 Felix-Greenberg

Box 2 Fogel--Correspondence, Conversations

Box 2 Friends Historical Library

Box 2 Galenso, David

Genealogical Society--Salt Lake City--Correspondence

Box 2 Ben Bloxham

Box 2 Jimmy B. Parker

Box 2 Miller

Box 2 Glenn, R.

Box 2 Goldsmith--Comment Chap. 4-6

Box 2 Greenwood Publishing Corp.

Box 3 Institute of Early American History and Culture

International Biblio

Box 3 Probate Studies

Box 3 Of Studies Using Probate Inventories

Box 3 Blank Forms, Mailing Lists, Circular Letters

Larntz, Kinley

Box 3 Consultations

Box 3 Correspondence


Box 3 Correspondence

Box 3 Correspondence, Size Distribution, Overtime

Box 3 Main, Gloria--Comments on Arno Vol.

Box 3 Main, J.T.--Early Correspondence

Box 3 Mircrofiche, Central Microfilm and Cost Estimates for Microfiche, Copy Flow Etc.

Box 3 National Historical Publications Commission

Box 3 Pasting Final Copy

Box 3 Proposal with Comments

Box 4 Publication and Uses of Alice Jones Middle Colonies Wealth Estimates

Box 4 Publication of 13 Colonies Wealth Estimates and of Original Documents

Box 4 Southern Historical Association

Box 4 Southern Age Searches

Box 4 Sutherland, Stella

Box 4 Theory of What Wanted in a Wealth Study, 1966

Box 4 University of Chicago Press

Box 4 Washington University Copy Center

Box 4 Washington University Print Shop

Box 4 Wintermantel, Deborah

Box 4 Winterthur Museum

Box 4 Yentsch, Anne