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Stephen William Rousseas papers, 1966-1979

Series VI: Books

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Volume 1 James Becket, Barbarism in Greece

2 copies

Volume 2 Mogens Camre, Graekenland Kongeligt Diktatur Eller Folkestyre

Volume 3 Richard Clogg and George Yannopoulos, eds., Greece Under Military Rule

Volume 4 George Coutsoumaris, The Morphology of Greek Industry

Number Six in Research Monograph Series

Volume 5 Philip Beane, I Should Have Died

Volume 6 Howard S. Ellis, Industrial Capital in Greek Development

Number Eight in Research Monograph Series

Volume 7 Amalia Fleming, A Piece of Truth

Volume 8 E.S. Forster, A Short History of Modern Greece

Volume 9 Greece Under the Junta

Volume 10 Keith R. Legg, Politics in Modern Greece

Volume 11 Le Livre Noir de la Dictature en Grece

2 copies

Volume 12 William Hardy McNeill, Greece: American Aid in Action

Volume 13 Melina Mercouri, I Was Born Greek

Volume 14 Andreas Papandreou, Democracy at Gunpoint: The Greek Front

Volume 15 Andreas Papandreou, Man's Freedom

Volume 16 Margaret Papandreou, Nightmare in Athens

Volume 17 Diomedes D. Psilos, Capital Market in Greece

Number Nine in Research Monograph Series. 2 copies.

Volume 18 Roy Radner, Notes on the Theory of Economic Planning

Number Two in Training Seminar Series

Volume 19 Stephen Rousseas, The Death of a Democracy, Greece and the American Conscience

Volume 20 Stephen Rousseas, Grecia Contemporanea

Volume 21 Stephen Rousseas, Militarputsch in Griechenland

Volume 22 Frank Smothers, William H. McNeill, and Elizabeth D. McNeill, Report on the Greeks

Volume 23 L.S. Stavrianos, The Balkans since 1453

Volume 24 L.S. Stavrianos, Greece; American Dilemma and Opportunity

Volume 25 Laurence Stern, The Wrong Horse

Volume 26 Bickham Sveet-Escott, Greece: A Political and Economic Survey, 1939-1953

Volume 27 Kenneth Thompson, Farm Fragmentation in Greece

Number Five in Research Monograph Series.

Volume 28 Torture in Greece, The First Torturer's Trial, 1975

An Amnesty International publication.

Volume 29 Constantine Tsouclas, The Greek Tragedy

Volume 30 Varios, Grecia "67"

Volume 31 Helen Vlachos, House Arrest

Volume 32 Lawrence S. Wittner, American Intervention in Greece, 1943-1949

Volume 33 Xenophon Zolotas, Monetary Equilibrium and Economic Development

Volume 34 Andreas Georgiou Papandreou

2 copies

Volume 35 Helia P. Demetrakopoulou, He Apelia Diktatorias hai E.P.A. Enanti tou Hellenikou Problematos

Volume 36 Diati Egine he Epanastasis tes 21 Apriliou 1967

2 copies

Volume 37 Zan Meuno, Hoi Politikes Dynameis Sten Hellada

Volume 38 Hoi Programmatikes Deloseis tes Kyverneses kai he Syzetese Ste Voul

Volume 39 Staurou Roussea, Ho Thanatos Mias Demokratias: he Hellada kai he Amerikanike Syneidese