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Stephen William Rousseas papers, 1966-1979

Series IV: Printed Materials

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Clippings and documents on Greece

Box 3 Clippings and documents on Greece, 1963-1966

Box 3 Clippings and documents on Greece, 1967

Box 4 Clippings and documents on Greece, 1968

Box 4 Clippings and documents on Greece, 1969

Box 4 Clippings and documents on Greece, 1970-1971

Box 4 ASPIDA case

Box 4 Official Junta releases, 1967

Box 4 Maria Becket: Compilation of Political Prisoners and Torture in Greece

Box 5 Council of Europe, European Commission on Human Rights: The Greek Case, Report of the Commission

Box 6 Pan-Hellenic Liberation Movement (P.A.K.): Statements, Releases and Documents of Andreas Papandreou

Box 7 Ellinikos Tahidromos (Greek Courier)

Box 7 U.S. Foreign Area Studies Center for Research in Social Systems

Box 7 Greek Report

Box 8 Athènes-Press Libre (Paris, France), 1969-1971

Box 8 Eleutheria (Freedom), 1969-1971

Box 8 The Greek Observer , 1969-1970

Box 8 Neoi Dromoi (New Roads)

Box 8 L'Autre Grèce (French Monthly), 1971-1972

Box 8 Ethniki Enotis (National Unity), 1971

Box 8 Free Greece

Box 9 Journal of the Greek Diaspora , 1975-1976

Box 10 Oikonomia & Koinoinia (Economy & Society)

Box 10 Demokratia (Democracy), 1965-1969

Box 11 Collection of 28 articles on Greece and the Greek coup by Stephen Rousseas

Box 11 Collection of articles on Greece and the Greek coup by Stavrianos, Wittner, etc. and U.S. Congressional Reports

Box 11 Collection of 23 articles on Greece and the Greek coup by Clogg, Colombis, Frank Church, etc.

Box 12 Documents on Greek Higher Education and the Third University at Patras

Box 13 Hellenic Review , 1968

Box 13 Publications on Greece by Stephen Rousseas

Fugitive Materials

Box 13 Amnesty International

Box 13 G. Anastaplo

Box 13 Book Reviews/Bibliographies

Box 13 Center Union Party

Box 13 Clipping file

Box 14 Congressional Record

Box 14 Council of Europe

Box 14 Demokratia

Box 14 Democratic Defense

Box 14 Documents in Greek

Box 14 Ethnos

In Greek.

Box 14 The Greek Patriotic Front

Box 14 Hellenic American

Box 14 Magazines/other publications

Box 15 Magazine articles

Box 15 Minnesotans for Freedom and Democracy in Greece

Box 15 Reports/Newsletters

Box 15 Misc. newspapers

Box 15 Pamphlets

Box 16 Printed Materials