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George D. Woods papers, 1935-1982

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Creator(s) Woods, George D.
Title George D. Woods papers, 1935-1982
Physical Description 50 Linear Feet (95 document boxes; 7 flat boxes; 3 mapcase drawers)
Language(s) English .

Some materials located off-site (Boxes 4-47; 52-95). You will need to request this material at least three business days in advance to use the collection in the Rare Book and Manuscript Library reading room.

Country Economic Briefs, April 1968: may not be used without written permission of the World Bank.



Arranged in 11 Series


Scope and Content

Correspondence, speeches, articles, economic data, photographs, scrapbooks, appointment books, telephone logs, memorabilia, and printed materials dealing almost exclusively with Woods' presidency of the World Bank. The papers consist largely of volumes of speeches and articles by Woods, world economic briefs and scrapbooks of clippings and photographs. The collection includes a number of signed and inscribed photographs including Mohammad Ayub Khan, Hassan II of Morocco, Ferdinand E. and Imelda Marcos, John F. Kennedy, Lyndon B. Johnson and Gamal Abdul Nasser. Also in the collection are books from Woods' library, some of them inscribed; printed materials by and about Woods; and silver and other memorabilia.

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Some materials located off-site (Boxes 4-47; 52-95). You will need to request this material at least three business days in advance to use the collection in the Rare Book and Manuscript Library reading room.

Country Economic Briefs, April 1968: may not be used without written permission of the World Bank.

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History / Biographical Note

Biographical sketch

Investment banker who served as president of the World Bank from 1963 to 1968. Prior to which he had been chairman of the board of the First Boston Corporation, of which he was also a founder.

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Series I: Cataloged Material

Subseries I.1: Letters

Box 1 Aga Khan

Box 1 Aiken, George D.

Box 1 Annenberg, Walter

Box 1 Bernhard, Prince of the Netherlands

Box 1 Bingham, Jonathan B.

Box 1 Bowles, Chester

Box 1 Bush, Prescott

Box 1 Dreyfuss, Henry

Box 1 Forrestal, James

Box 1 Geddes, Norman Bel

Box 1 Jackson, Barbara Ward, Lady

Box 1 Javits, Jacob K.

Box 1 Johnson, Lyndon Baines

Box 1 Kaunda, H.E.

Box 1 Kenneth, Pres. of Zambia

Box 1 Kennedy, John Fitzgerald

Box 1 Lilienthal, David E.

Box 1 Marcos, Ferdinand E.

Box 1 Mullaney, Thomas E.

Box 1 Park Chung Hee

Box 1 Schuman, William

Box 1 Senghor, Leopold Sedar

Box 1 Sulzberger, Arthur Bays

Box 1 Swope, Herbert Bayard

Box 1 Thant, U

Box 1 Watson, Thomas J., Jr,

Subseries I.2: Documents

Box 1 Rockefeller, Nelson A.

Subseries I.3: Photographs

Box 2 Ayub Khan, Mohammed, 1907-

Box 2 Hassan II, King of Morocco

Box 2 Johnson, Lyndon Baines

Box 2 Kennedy, John Fitzgerald

Box 2 MacAvoy, Edouard

Box 2 Marcos, Ferdinand and Imelda

Box 2 Nasser, Gamal Abdul

Box 2 Sulzberger

Subseries I.4: Manuscripts

Box 3 Rizal, Jose. Noli Me Tangere II Filibusterismo (bound facsimiles signed and inscribed by Ferdinand E. Marcos)

Series II: Correspondence

Box 4 Condolence letters on death of George D. Woods

Miscellaneous arranged correspondence:

Box 5 G.D.Woods return from Army, to First Boston Corp, 10/4/1945

Box 5 Congratulations to GDW, Exec.V.P. of First Boston Corp., 8/1/1946

Box 5 Congratulations to GDW, Chamn, Exec.Com., First Boston Corp., 1/1/1948

Box 5 Southeastern Electric Exchange, Fla., Woods address, 4/9/1948

Box 5 Westinghouse Electric Corp., Woods address, 2/17/1949

Box 5 Kaiser Steel Corp. deal (misc. letters), 1950

Box 5 New York Times article, letters of congratulation, 10/30/1950

Box 5 First Boston Corp., Chairman of Board; congratulations, 5/1/1951

Box 5 Edison Electric Institute convention, 6/4/1951

Box 6 Coronary letters, 1954

Box 6 National Business Conference at Harvard, 6/12/1954

Box 6 40 years in Wall Street (miscellaneous), 1958

Box 6 Congratulations on becoming a Director of New York Times, 5/13/1959

Box 6 Fortune article, correspondence concerning, June 1959

Box 6 Congratulations on retirement, 1968

Box 6 Conference on International Development, 1970

Box 6 Correspondence and documents re: donation of Chines screen to Kansas City Museum, 1977

Box 7 Carbon copies of Woods outgoing letters, 1959-1962

Box 8 Carbon copies of Woods outgoing letters, 1968-1972

Box 9 Carbon copies of Woods outgoing letters, 1972-1979

Series III: World Bank and Other Banks

Box 10 Country Economic Briefs, April 1968. Vol. 1 (copy 3) Africa and Asia


Box 11 Country Economic Briefs, April 1968. Volume 2 (copy 3) Europe, Middle East, North Africa, Western Hemisphere


Box 12 First Boston Corp. Country file, A - Israel

Box 13 First Boston Corp. Country file, Italy - Philippines

Box 14 First Boston Corp. Country file, Poland - Z

Box 15 Foreign Bondholders Protective Council

Box 16 Foreign Bondholders Protective Council.

Box 17 International Bank for Reconstruction and Development. IMF, 1963-1968

Box 18 International Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

Box 19 International Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

Box 20 International Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

Series IV: Speeches and Articles

Box 22 3 volumes, 1963-1967

Seris V: Photographs

Honorary degrees:, 1963

Box 23 Notre Dame, 1963

Box 23 Allegheny College, 1966

Box 23 Columbia University, 28 February and 14 March 1968; 1966

Box 23 White House, President Johnson & two others, 1963-1967

Box 23 World Bank

Framed or loose:

Box 23 First Boston Corporation, 8 May 1952

Box 23 World Bank - four presidents, December 1962

Box 23 New York Times Board, 20 December 1962

Box 23 Rio de Janiero, September 1967

Box 23 Marc Wallenberg, Jr., Stockholm, October 1967

Box 23 Ayub Khan and Woods, n.d.

Box 23 Portraits of George D. Woods and miscellaneous photos

Box 24 Biographical photos of Woods, 1953

Box 24 Trip to India, 1953

Box 25 Annual Meeting of World Bank, Washington, 1963

Box 25 Trips to Pakistan, Nigeria, Germany, Yugoslavia, 1963-1965

Box 25 NASA tour, 1966

Box 25 Washington, 1968

Box 26 Trips to Tokyo, Taiwan, Luxor, Cairo, India. Pakistan, Rome; New York, Washington (Autograph book), 1957-1967

Box 27 World Bank meeting, Washington, 1963

Box 27 Luncheons in Washington, 1964

Box 27 Trips to India, Pakistan, 1964-1964

Box 28 Woods, Pres. of International Bank of Reconstruction and Development

Box 28 Greek Islands, Ghana, 1964

Box 29 Trips to Brazil, Argentina, Nigeria, the Ivory Coast, East Africa, 1965-1966

Box 30 Trips to Pakistan, Portugal, Italy, Iran, Indonesia, Philippines, Japan, Guinea, Poland, 1967-1973

(Autograph book)

Box 31 Louise Woods. Photographs, 1965-1966

Flat Box 276 Annual meetings of World Bank, [v.p.], 1963-1967, 1 album

Flat Box 276 Visit to Yugoslavia, May 1967, 1 album

Mapcase 14-M-1 Portraits (George D. Woods, Bachrach, Gittings, et al.)

Mapcase 14-M-1 World Bank Board of Governors, September 1964

Mapcase 14-M-1 World Bank Executive Directors (2), January 1963

Mapcase 14-M-2 World Bank Executive Directors (2), January 1965

Mapcase 14-M-2 World Bank Board of Governors, September 1966

Series VI: Diaries, Calendars, Lists, and Card Files

Itinerary for MSA tour

Box 34 Louise Woods:, 1937-1964

Diaries, date-books and account-books, Louise Woods

Box 35 Appointment Books of George D. Woods:, 1945-1953

Box 36 Appointment books, 1954-1961

Box 37 Appointment books, 1962-1968

Appointment books

Box 38 Appointment Books of Louise T. Woods:, 1957-1960

Box 39 Appointment books, 1963-1970

Box 40 Appointment books, 1971-1972

Box 40 Appointment books, 1963-1968

Social records

Box 41 Phone Lists:

Box 42 Phone lists, 1963-1966

Box 43 Phone lists, 1967-1971

Box 44 Phone lists, 1972-1977

Box 45 Phone lists, 1978-1982

Lists of dinner guests, 1965-1968

Series : Card Files

Note: All 4 Card File Boxes (#95, #96, #97, #98) are stored in 1 Record Carton, numbered Box 95

Names and addresses of people in different countries; often giving datails about their rank and position.

Box 95 Abu Dhabi - Great Britain (P)

Box 95 Great Britain (Q) - Jamaica

Box 95 Japan - Sweden

Box 95 Switzerland - Zambia

Series VII: Albums, Programs, and Scrapbooks

Box 46 4O Years on Wall Street. Collage album honoring George D. Woods, Ca. 1958

Box 46 Rockefeller Foundation Board of Trustees, 3 April 1963

Box 46 Specially bound volumes:

Box 46 Signatures of World Bank staff, March 1968

(With phone directory which serves as a printed index)

Box 46 International Bank Notes, April 1968

Box 46 Honorary Dinner program, 29 March 1968

Box 46 Dinner Program ("Life" cover), 12 June 1958


Flat Box 275 Scrapbooks - Philippines, 1 volume

Flat Box 274 Scrapbooks #1 & #2, [v.p.], 1962-1968, 2 volumes

Flat Box 277 Scrapbooks #3 & #4, [v.p.], 1962-1968, 2 volumes

Flat Box 276 Scrapbook - Trip to Africa, 1966, 1 volume

Flat Box 279 Scrapbook - Life of George D. Woods, 1 volume

Flat Box 279 Scrapbook - Condolence letters re. death of George D. Woods, 1 volume

Series VIII: Documents & Honorary Degrees

Box 47 New York Times - bound statement on Woods' retirement, 29 March 1972

Box 47 World Bank Resolution 439 honoring Woods' work on the Suez Canal, 30 April 1958

Honorary degrees:

Box 47 Allegheny College, 1963

Box 47 Lafayette College, 1964


Mapcase 14-M-2 Appointment as Colonel, U.S. Army, 1947

Mapcase 14-M-2 First Boston Corporation Resolution honoring George D. Woods, 1962

Mapcase 14-M-2 World Bank Advertisement, 1965

Mapcase 14-M-2 World Bank Appreciation, April 1968

Mapcase 14-M-2 Order of Merit, Mauritania, 1969

Mapcase 14-M-2 Order of Merit, Italy, 1971

Mapcase 14-M-2 Bowdoin Honorary degree, 1964

Mapcase 14-M-2 Notre Dame Honorary degree, 1964

Mapcase 14-M-2 Harvard Honorary degree, 1965

Mapcase 14-M-3 Columbia Ubiversity Honorary degree, 1966

Mapcase 14-M-3 Kenyon College Honorary degree, 1968

Mapcase 14-M-3 Academic hoods, 6 hoods

Series IX:Printed Materials:

Box 47 "Reporting to Remember". Washington Post, 1945

Box 47 International Development, June 1968

Box 47 Rockefeller Foundation Reports (3 volumes), 1966

Box 47 Bernal Rafael. Prologue to Philippine History. Manila, 1967

Box 47 Honorary degree commencement programs, 1964-1965

Box 52 Fortune, Oct. 1935, July 1951 (reprint), August 1954 Sept. 1951, Dec. 1951, July 1956, June 1959, July 1959

Box 52 Life, 30 Jan. 1956

Box 52 Diario de Noticias. Lisbon, 27 Sept. 1982

(excerpt vith translation)

Box 58-59 Books, Inscribed and miscellaneous (1983 Gift)

Box 60-61 Books (1984 Gift)

Box 62 Books, inscribed and signed (1987 Gift)

Box 63-65 Printed materials. About George D. Woods and the World Bank

Series X: Memorabilia

Box 48 Military insignia

(In case)

Box 48 Cross gold-filled desk pen and pencil set, walnut base, with George D. Woods' name engraved on plate

(in case)

Box 48 Cartier gavel with silver band

Box 48 World Bank gavel, 1963-1968

(14 carat gold band, engraved. In case)

Box 49 Legion of Merit medal, 1945

(In case)

Box 49 Order of Merit of the Italian Republic, 1971

(2 medals in cases)

Box 49 Award from Japanese government

(2 medals in cases)

Box 49 Tiffany desk set, engraved with George D. Woods's initials

(7 pieces)

Box 50 Silver cigar box, November 23, 1967

(Commemorating the innauguration of the Indus Basin Project. West Pakistan Water and Power Development Authority)

Box 50 Silver cigarette box, January 1963-March 1968

(Commemorating George D. Woods's presidency of the Inter-American Development Bank)

Box 50 Silver pencil tray from Lloyd's Bank

Box 50 Silver cigar box, 24315

(Presented to George D. Woods on the occasion of his 65th birthday by the World Bank)

Box 51 Silver cigar box, 1943

(Commemorating George D. Woods's membership in the Quarter Century Club of First Boxton Corporation)

Box 51 Sterling silver tray (12")

(Commemorating George D. Woods's service as chairman of the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, 1968-1980. With letter from Edgar F. Kaiser)

Box 51 Glass ash tray. Athletic and Convocation Center, Univ. of Notre Dame

Box 51 Medal on green ribbon. Pakistan, 1967

Box 51 First Cast of Iron from No.3 Blast Furnace. Burnpur, 21529

1987 gift

Box 52 T-shirt with photo of Woods, Nelson and David Rockefeller, Robert S. McNamara and others

Box 52 Louise Woods memorabilia

Series XI: Slides and Films

Box 53 Slides: India, Pakistan, Bangkok, Kashmir

Box 54 Slides: Rhine, Dubrovnik, Europe, U.S.S.R,

Box 55 Slides: Marrakesh, Fez, Switzerland, Brazil, Cairo, China, Tokyo, Rangoon, Honolulu, Murray Bay; People.

Box 56 Slides: Pakistan, Greece, Cyprus, Spain, Disneyland, Miscellaneous

Box 57 Films; memorabilia

Flat Box 278 Two (2) motion picture films, Japan & Egypt, 1957 & 1958