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George D. Woods papers, 1935-1982

Seris V: Photographs

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Honorary degrees:, 1963

Box 23 Notre Dame, 1963

Box 23 Allegheny College, 1966

Box 23 Columbia University, 28 February and 14 March 1968; 1966

Box 23 White House, President Johnson & two others, 1963-1967

Box 23 World Bank

Framed or loose:

Box 23 First Boston Corporation, 8 May 1952

Box 23 World Bank - four presidents, December 1962

Box 23 New York Times Board, 20 December 1962

Box 23 Rio de Janiero, September 1967

Box 23 Marc Wallenberg, Jr., Stockholm, October 1967

Box 23 Ayub Khan and Woods, n.d.

Box 23 Portraits of George D. Woods and miscellaneous photos

Box 24 Biographical photos of Woods, 1953

Box 24 Trip to India, 1953

Box 25 Annual Meeting of World Bank, Washington, 1963

Box 25 Trips to Pakistan, Nigeria, Germany, Yugoslavia, 1963-1965

Box 25 NASA tour, 1966

Box 25 Washington, 1968

Box 26 Trips to Tokyo, Taiwan, Luxor, Cairo, India. Pakistan, Rome; New York, Washington (Autograph book), 1957-1967

Box 27 World Bank meeting, Washington, 1963

Box 27 Luncheons in Washington, 1964

Box 27 Trips to India, Pakistan, 1964-1964

Box 28 Woods, Pres. of International Bank of Reconstruction and Development

Box 28 Greek Islands, Ghana, 1964

Box 29 Trips to Brazil, Argentina, Nigeria, the Ivory Coast, East Africa, 1965-1966

Box 30 Trips to Pakistan, Portugal, Italy, Iran, Indonesia, Philippines, Japan, Guinea, Poland, 1967-1973

(Autograph book)

Box 31 Louise Woods. Photographs, 1965-1966

Flat Box 276 Annual meetings of World Bank, [v.p.], 1963-1967, 1 album

Flat Box 276 Visit to Yugoslavia, May 1967, 1 album

Mapcase 14-M-1 Portraits (George D. Woods, Bachrach, Gittings, et al.)

Mapcase 14-M-1 World Bank Board of Governors, September 1964

Mapcase 14-M-1 World Bank Executive Directors (2), January 1963

Mapcase 14-M-2 World Bank Executive Directors (2), January 1965

Mapcase 14-M-2 World Bank Board of Governors, September 1966