Rare Book & Manuscript Library

Committee for the Education of Russian Youth in Exile Records, 1914-1939

Series III: General Office Files

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Subseries III.1: Organizational Files, 1916-1929

(Consitsts of Committee's memos, meeting minutes, reference materials about the Committee, statements, printed materials, etc)

Materials about the Committee: Memorandum, Statements, History

Box 23 Folder 1 Memoranda, statements, history overlook

Box 23 Folder 2-3 Printed materials about the Committee, (brochures, pamphlets, leaflets, clippings)

Box 23 Folder 4 List of the Committee members

Box 23 Folder 5 Statements

Box 23 Folder 6 Committee's Appeals

Box 23 Folder 7 Memos for T. Whittemore

Box 23 Folder 8 Calls for meetings

Box 23 Folder 9-10 Meeting minutes

Box 23 Folder 11 Blank letterheads

Box 23 Folder 12 Invitations

Box 23 Folder 13 Varia: scrapnotes, business cards

Subseries III.2: Lists, undated, 1917-1931

(Various lists could also be found in the Committee members and representantives correspondence)

Box 23 Folder 14 American Adopters, undated, 1922-1926

Box 23 Folder 15-19 Contributors, 1917-1931

(organized chronologicaly)

Students: organized by years

Box 23 Folder 20-22 1922-1927

Box 24 Folder 1-6 1924-1932

Students: organized by countries

Box 24 Folder 7-9 Bulgaria, 1925-1932

(includes some unidentified photographs)

Box 24 Folder 10-11 France and Belgium, undated, 1923-1932

Box 24 Folder 12 Germany, 1922-1924

Box 24 Folder 13 Turkey, undated, 1921-1925

Box 24 Folder 14-19 Yugoslavia, 1923-1930