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Anton Ivanovich and Kseniia Vasil'evna Denikin Papers, 1905-1970

Series VII: Subject Files

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Civil War

Box 20 General (folders 1-6)

Box 21 General (folders 7-12)

Box 22 General (folders 13-17)

Box 23 Diary of Col. Nezhentsev

Box 23 General Wrangel (folders 1-2)

Box 23 List of Commanding Officers, 10, April 1917

Box 23 Maps of Czech Legion Movements

Box 23 Maps of Military Battles

Box 23 Minutes of Meetings of the Kadet Central Committee, 1919

Box 24 Osobaia Komissiia po rassledovaniiu zlodeianii Bel'shevikov

Box 24 Phone Conversations, August -September 1917 (Alekseev, Kerensky,, August -September 1917

Box 24 KorniLov, et al)

Box 24 Police and Counter Intelligence

Box 24 Ranking Officers of White Armies (ca. 1921)

Box 24 Relations between the White Southern Government and England and France

Box 24 Reports by N.I. Astrov

Box 24 Reports by White Military Agent in Denmark

Box 24 Report, "Russkii bol'shevizm i Germanskii General!nyi Shtab"

Box 24 S.R. Trials, 1922

Box 24 West Ukrainian Government

Box 24 Women's Defense Brigade of Petrograd

Box 25 Emigration

Box 25 General, (7 folders)

Box 26 General, (3 folders)

Box 27 Delo o Brussel'skom khrame

Box 27 Deportees from Prague to the USSR 19^5

Box 27 General Bronch-Bruevich

Box 27 General A. Denikiris Travels Abroad-related materials

Box 27 Maklakov, V.A.

Box 27 Miliukov, P.N.

Box 27 Miscellaneous

Box 27 Mladorossy

Box 27 Natsionalfnyi Soiuz Novogo Pokoleniia

Box 28 Open Letters, Fliers, etc., (7 folders)

Box 29 Orthodox Church

Box 29 Otchety israskhodovanii summ pomoshchi (folders 1-2)

Box 29 Pervopokhodniki

Box 30 Rossiiskii Porevoliutsionno-patrioticheskii Front

Box 30 Russian Institutes Alumni Association (folders 1-2)

Box 30 Russkii Kul'turno-Istoricheskii Muzei, Prague

Box 30 Russkii Natsional'nyi Komitet

Box 30 Russkii Zagranichnyi Istoricheskii Arkhiv

Box 30 Soiuz Tsarskikh Partizan

Box 30 Turkestanskii Povstanicheskii Komitet

Box 30 World War II-Zheleznaia Diviziia