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Anton Ivanovich and Kseniia Vasil'evna Denikin Papers, 1905-1970

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Creator(s) Denikin, Anton Ivanovich, 1872-1947; Mili︠u︡kov, P. N. (Pavel Nikolaevich), 1859-1943; Shmelev, I. S. (Ivan Sergeevich), 1873-1950; Vrangel', Petr Nikolaevich, Baron, 1878-1928; Denikina, Ksenii︠a︡ Vasilʹevna, 1892-1973; Bakhmetev, B. A. (Boris Aleksandrovich)
Title Anton Ivanovich and Kseniia Vasil'evna Denikin Papers, 1905-1970
Physical Description 20000 items (90 boxes)
Language(s) Russian .
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Materil is arranged into eight series.


Scope and Content

The papers include correspondence, manuscripts, documents, photographs, and printed materials. Among the correspondents are Boris Bakhmeteff, Pavel Mili︠u︡kov, Ivan Shmelev, and Petr Wrangel. There is a manuscript of General Denikin's entitled, "Ocherki russkoĭ smuty," and of some of his other writings. Subject files deal with the Civil War and the emigration. Extensive printed materials include General Denikin's library and a collection of chiefly Russian emigre periodicals. Boxes 51, 52, 56, 61 have been integrated in the SEEC periodical collection.

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Papers: Source of acquisition--K. V. Denikina. Method of acquisition--Gift, purchase; Date of acquisition--1967.

Papers: Method of acquisition--Purchase; Date of acquisition--1967.

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History / Biographical Note

Biographical sketch

One of the most important commanders of the White armies during the Civil War.

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Series I: Cataloged Materials

Series I.1: Cataloged Correspondence

Box 1 Aldanov, Mark Aleksandrovich(pseudonym of M.A. Landau)

Box 1 Alekseev, Mikhail Vasil'evich

Box 1 Aleksinskii, Grigorii Alekseevich

Box 1 Astrov, Nikolai Ivanovich

Box 1 Avksent'ev, Nikolai Dmitrievich

Box 1 Bakhmeteff, Boris

Box 1 Bal'mont, Konstantin Dmitrievich

Box 1 Bennett, Ira Elbert

Box 1 Bogaevskii, Afrikan Petrovich

Box 1 Bulgakov, Sergei Nikolaevich

Box 1 Bunin, Ivan Alekseevich

Box 1 Burtsev, Vladimir L'vovich

Box 1 Buryshkin, Pavel Afanas'evich

Box 1 Denikin, Anton Ivanovich

Box 1 Bolgorukov, P.D.

Box 1 Fedorov, Mikhail Mikhailovich

Box 1 Fisher, Harold H.

Box 1 Gessen, Iosif Vladimirovich

Box 1 Gessen, Vladimir Iosifovich

Box 1 Golovin, Nikolai Nikolaevich

Box 1 Guchkov, Aleksandr Ivanovich

Box 1 Gurko, V.I.

Box 1 Iudenich, Nikolai Nikolaevich

Box 1 Iurenev, Petr Petrovich

Box 1 Karpovich, Mikhail Mikhailovich

Box 1 Kartashev, Anton Vladimirovich

Box 1 Kokovtsev, Vladimir Nikolaevich

Box 1 Kolchak, Aleksandr Vasil'evich

Box 1 Kornilov, Aleksandr Aleksandrovich

Box 1 Kovalevskii, Evgraf Petrovich

Box 1 Krasnov, Petr Nikolaevich

Box 1 Krym, Solomon Solomonovich

Box 2 Kutepov, Aleksandr Pavlovich

Box 2 Maklakov, Vasilii Alekseevich

Box 2 Miliukov, Pavel Nikolaevich

Box 2 Miller, Evgenii Karlovich

Box 2 Mogilianskii, N.M.

Box 2 Nazhivin, Ivan Fedorovich

Box 2 Neigardt, Dmitrii Borisovich

Box 2 Nikolaevskii, Boris Ivanovich

Box 2 Odintsov, Boris

Box 2 Panina, Sofiia Vladimirovna

Box 2 Pares, Bernard

Box 2 Rodichev, Fedor Izmailovich

Box 2 Ryss, Petr Iakovlevich

Box 2 Sablin, Evgenii Vasil'evich

Box 2 Savinkov, Boris Viktorovich

Box 2 Semenov, Iulii Fedorovich

Box 2 Shmelev, Ivan Sergeevich

Box 2 Shtern, Sergei F.

Box 2 Struve, Petr Berngardovich

Box 2 Stupnitskii, Arsenii Fedorovich

Box 2 Svatikov, Sergei Grigor'evich

Box 2 Titov, Aleksandr Andreevich

Box 2 Tolstaia, Aleksandra L'vovna

Box 2 Trubetskoi, Grigorii Nikolaevich

Box 2 Tsvibak, Iakov Moiseevich

Box 2 Tyrkova-Williams, Ariadna Vladimirovna

Box 2 Vandervelde, Emile

Box 2 Vernadsky, George

Box 2 Wrangel, Petr Nikolaevich

Box 2 Zaitsev, Boris Konstantinovich

Box 2 Zeeler, Vladimir Feofilovich

Box 2 Zenzinov, Vladimir Mikhailovich

Subseries I.2: Cataloged Manuscripts

Box 2 Astrov, Nikolai Ivanovich, Memoir about political groups in Moscow,, 1917-1918

Box 2 Astrov, N.I., "Neskol'ko spravok v sviazi s voprosom o tak nazyvaemom 'novom politicheskom kurse1"

Box 2 Mel'gunov, Sergei ' Petrovich, "Prizyv k Kanossu"

Box 2 Panina, S.V., 'California Impressions"

Box 2 Panina, S.V., "Proshchaite nasha dorogaia babushka!"

Box 2 Panina, S.V., "Such Is Life"

Box 2 Trubetskoi, Grigorii Nikolaevich, "Otryvki is dnevnika, 1918-nach. 1919 v luge Rossii", 1919

Box 2 Tsvibak, Iakov Moiseevich, On Bulgaro-Serbian War and Denikin

Box 2 Wrangel, Petr Nikolaevich, "Slushaite russkie liudi! Za chto my boremsia?"

Subseries I.3: Cataloged Documents

Box 2 Nicholas II, Tsar' of Russia

Subseries I.4: Cataloged Photographs

Box 2 Chelishchev, Viktor Nikolaevich

Box 2 Denikin, Anton Ivanovich

Box 2 Iurenev, Petr Petrovich

Box 2 Kolchak, Aleksandr Vasil'evich

Box 2 Kutepov, Aleksandr Pavlovich

Box 2 Meingard, Georgii Aleksandrovich

Box 2 Mendeleev, Pavel Pavlovich

Box 2 Obolenskii, Vladimir Andreevich

Box 2 Struve, Petr Berngardovich

Series II: Anton Denikin Correspondence

Box 3 From unidentified persons

Box 3 Outgoing drafts (undated)

Box 3 Outgoing drafts (1920-1930)

Box 3 Outgoing Drafts (1931-1935)

Box 3 Outgoing Drafts (l936-19I+7)

Box 3 From unidentified persons concerning Orthodox Church

Box 3 Adlerstraale, Edmund

Box 3 Aron, V.A.

Box 3 Baratov, N., Gen.

Box 3 Bek-Sofiev, B.A.

Box 3 Betling, V.

Box 3 Bogdanovich, Vladislav L.

Box 3 Briggs, C.S., Gen.

Box 3 Chaperon du Liaret, A.G., Gen.

Box 3 Curtis, Brown, Ltd.

Box 3 Dragomirov, Abram M. Gen.

Box 3 Dzhakson, P.

Box 4 Adlerstraale, Edmund

Box 4 Aron, V.A.

Box 4 Baratov, N., Gen.

Box 4 Bek-Sofiev, B.A.

Box 4 Betling, V.

Box 4 Bogdanovich, Vladislav L.

Box 4 Briggs, C.S., Gen.

Box 4 Chaperon du Liaret, A.G., Gen.

Box 4 Curtis, Brown, Ltd.

Box 4 Dragomirov, Abram M. Gen.

Box 4 Dzhakson, P.

Box 5 Kolzakov, Petr N., Gen.

Box 5 Koniaev, Aleksandr S.

Box 5 Kovarskii, II'ia

Box 5 Kusonskii, P.

Box 5 Von Lampe, Aleksei A., Gen.

Box 5 Leliavskii, A.M.

Box 5 Levin, Samuil I.

Box 5 Lukomskii, Aleksandr S., Gen.

Box 5 Makhrov, Petr S.,Gen.

Box 5 Mednyi Vsadnik(publishing firm)

Box 5 Mikhailov, I.

Box 5 Navrotskii, Iurii A.

Box 5 Nevodovskii, N., Gen.

Box 5 Payot(publishing firm)

Box 5 Petropolis(publishing firm)

Box 5 Pisarev, P.D., Gen.

Box 5 Pliushchevskii-Pliushchik, Ivan, Gen.

Box 5 Povolotskii, Ia.(publishing firm)

Box 5 Prilevskii, Anton G.

Box 5 Publishers(miscellaneous)

Box 5 Rumanian Delegation-Military Attache

Box 5 Rus' (publishing firm)

Box 6 Samarin, Sergei N., Gen.

Box 6 Segodnia

Box 6 Sergeevskii, B.N.

Box 6 Shablinskii, Vladimir A.

Box 6 Shcherbitskii, N.L.

Box 6 Shilling, Nikolai N., Gen.

Box 6 Slovo & Logos(publishing firm)

Box 6 Soldiers' Collective Letters

Box 6 Samarin, Sergei N., Gen.

Box 6 Segodnia

Box 6 Sergeevskii, B.N.

Box 6 Shablinskii, Vladimir A.

Box 6 Shcherbitskii, N.L.

Box 6 Shilling, Nikolai N., Gen.

Box 6 Slovo & Logos (publishing firm)

Box 6 Soldiers' Collective Letters

Box 7 K-Z

Box 7 Miscellaneous correspondence

Series III: Kseniia Denikina Correspondence

Box 8 From unidentified persons

Box 8 Bezbakh, V.

Box 8 Chebotariov, Grigorii P.

Box 8 Chelishchev, Viktor N.

Box 8 Efimov, Avenir G.

Box 8 Gat, John D.

Box 8 Guins, Georgii K.

Box 8 Spektorskii, Evgenii V.

Box 8 Ter-Asaturov, D.

Box 8 Titov, Mstislav S.

Box 8 Ukraintsev, N.P.

Box 8 A-Z

Box 8 Drafts of outgoing letters

Series IV: Manuscripts

Subseries IV.1: Manuscripts by Anton Denikin

Box 9 "America, Russia and Japan"

Box 9 "Belaia bor'ba"

Box 9 "Derzhavy i Rossiia"

Box 9 "General Vlasov i Vlasovtsy"

Box 9 "La Genese de la Guerre Mondiale et le Role de la Russie, 191^-1959"

Box 9 "Istoriia"

Box 9 Memoirs, (3 folders)

Box 9 "Mezhdunarodnoe polozhenie, Rossiia i emigratsiia" (with related items)

Box 9 "Mirovyia sbbytiia'i.-russkii vopros"

Box 10 "Mirovaia voina, Rossiia i zarubezh'e"

Box 10 "Mirovaia voina, Rossiia i zarubezh'e"(fragment)

Box 10 "Natsional'nyi vopros v armii"

Box 10 "Navet na beloe dvizhenie" (2 copies)

Box 10 "1917-1927"

Box 10 Notebook of historical notes, outlines, etc. for unidentified work

Box 11 Ocherki russkoi smuty (Parts 1-3)

Box 12 Ocherki russkoi smuty (Parts 4-5)

Box 12 Ocherki russkoi smuty (Materials, maps and plans, zametki, dopolnenie i raz"iasneniia k Ocherkam russkoi smuty, in 3 folders)

Box 13 Opis' Arkhiva Gen.-kvartirmeisterskoi chasti vooruzhennykh sil Iuga Rossii

Box 13 Opis' materialam lichnogo arkhiva Gen.-a A.I. Denikina po istorii russkoi revoliutsii i grazhdanskoi voiny and related correspondence

Box 13 Opis' delam arkhiva osobago soveshchaniia voorunzhennykh sil Iuga

Box 13 Opisi, related correspondence

Box 13 Original text of a telegram to General Wrangel

Box 13 "Otvet na 'Vospominanii' Gen.-a Vrangelia"

Box 13 "Puti protivobol'shevitskago dvizheniia v proshlom"

Box 13 "Puti protivobol'shevitskago dvizheniia v proshlom i v nasotiashchem"

Box 13 Report at meeting of Chiefs-of-Staff with members of the Provisional

Box 13 Government, 16, July 1917

Box 13 "Rossiia v troistvennyi soiuz"

Box 13 "Rossiia pod nemetskoi okkupatsii"

Box 13 "The Russian Problem"(with related correspondence)

Box 13 "Russko-polfskaia rana"

Box 14 Speeches, 1911-1935

Box 14 Speeches 10 November 1935 (Patriotizm v prelomlenii sovetskoi, November 1935

Box 14 deistvitel'nosti)

Box 14 Speeches 21 January 1946

Box 14 Speeches 5 February1946 (Puti russkoi emigratsii), February1946

Box 14 Speeches, 1936-1937

Box 14 "Stal'nye sapozhki"

Box 14 Stories (under pseudonym I. Nochin)

Box 14 "Tragediia russkogo zarubezh'ia"

Box 14 "Trudy ieroikhonskiia"

Box 14 "Vragi"

Box 14 "V sovetskom raiu"(draft and typed copy)

Box 14 Miscellaneous Manuscript Fragments

Box 14 Miscellaneous Short Manuscripts

Subseries IV.2: Manuscripts by Other Authors

Box 15 Denikina, Ks. V., World War II Diary (excerpts)

Box 15 Savin, P.O. "Maski Doloi"

Box 15 Spektorskii, E.V., "Gosudarstvennoe delo Denikina"

Box 15 Ugriumov, M. Roza and V "buran (two pieces of fiction)

Box 15 Eulogies in memory of General A,I. Denikin

Box 15 Miscellaneous manuscript fragment

Box 15 Poetry

Series V: Notes

Box 15 Notes by Astrov, N.I., (1 folder)

Notes by Anton Denikin

Box 15 (On Brest-Litovsk)

Box 15 (On his memoirs)

Box 15 (On military affairs after 1905)

Box 15 (On 1905 Revolution), 1905

Box 15 (On 1917 Revolution), 1917

Box 15 (On 1917 Revolution and WWI), 1917

Box 15 (On Russo-Japanese War)

Box 15 (On....armies)

Box 15 Miscellaneous (folders 1-6)

Box 17 Notes by Kseniia V. Denikina

Box 18 Notes by Kseniia V. Denikina

Series VI: Documents and Photographs

Box 19 Attestations

Box 19 Awards and Honors

Box 19 Diplomatic Passports (1920-25)

Box 19 Medical Statement on Denikin

Box 19 Military Promotion of Denikin to Zamverkhglav, 1919

Box 19 Miscellaneous

Box 19 Photographs

Box 19 Travel Passport of Ks. Denikina

Box 19 The Wills of Ks. and A. Denikin

Series VII: Subject Files

Civil War

Box 20 General (folders 1-6)

Box 21 General (folders 7-12)

Box 22 General (folders 13-17)

Box 23 Diary of Col. Nezhentsev

Box 23 General Wrangel (folders 1-2)

Box 23 List of Commanding Officers, 10, April 1917

Box 23 Maps of Czech Legion Movements

Box 23 Maps of Military Battles

Box 23 Minutes of Meetings of the Kadet Central Committee, 1919

Box 24 Osobaia Komissiia po rassledovaniiu zlodeianii Bel'shevikov

Box 24 Phone Conversations, August -September 1917 (Alekseev, Kerensky,, August -September 1917

Box 24 KorniLov, et al)

Box 24 Police and Counter Intelligence

Box 24 Ranking Officers of White Armies (ca. 1921)

Box 24 Relations between the White Southern Government and England and France

Box 24 Reports by N.I. Astrov

Box 24 Reports by White Military Agent in Denmark

Box 24 Report, "Russkii bol'shevizm i Germanskii General!nyi Shtab"

Box 24 S.R. Trials, 1922

Box 24 West Ukrainian Government

Box 24 Women's Defense Brigade of Petrograd

Box 25 Emigration

Box 25 General, (7 folders)

Box 26 General, (3 folders)

Box 27 Delo o Brussel'skom khrame

Box 27 Deportees from Prague to the USSR 19^5

Box 27 General Bronch-Bruevich

Box 27 General A. Denikiris Travels Abroad-related materials

Box 27 Maklakov, V.A.

Box 27 Miliukov, P.N.

Box 27 Miscellaneous

Box 27 Mladorossy

Box 27 Natsionalfnyi Soiuz Novogo Pokoleniia

Box 28 Open Letters, Fliers, etc., (7 folders)

Box 29 Orthodox Church

Box 29 Otchety israskhodovanii summ pomoshchi (folders 1-2)

Box 29 Pervopokhodniki

Box 30 Rossiiskii Porevoliutsionno-patrioticheskii Front

Box 30 Russian Institutes Alumni Association (folders 1-2)

Box 30 Russkii Kul'turno-Istoricheskii Muzei, Prague

Box 30 Russkii Natsional'nyi Komitet

Box 30 Russkii Zagranichnyi Istoricheskii Arkhiv

Box 30 Soiuz Tsarskikh Partizan

Box 30 Turkestanskii Povstanicheskii Komitet

Box 30 World War II-Zheleznaia Diviziia

Series VIII: Printed Material

Box 31 Invitations, Announcements, Tickets

Box 31 Miscellaneous

Box 31 Relating to General Denikin

Box 31 Visiting Cards

Box 32 Clippings

Box 33 Clippings

Box 34 Clippings

Box 35 Clippings

Box 36 Clippings

Box 37 Clippings

Box 38 Clippings

Box 39 Clippings

Box 40 Clippings

Box 41 Clippings

Box 42 Clippings

Box 43 Clippings

Box 44 Clippings

Box 45 Clippings

Box 46 Newspapers

Box 46 Pamphlets

Box 47 Books

Box 48 Books

Box 49 Books

Box 50 Books

Box 51 Books

Box 52 Books

Box 53 Books

Box 54 Books

Box 55 Books

Box 56 Books

Box 57 Books

Box 58 Books

Box 59 Books

Box 60 Books

Box 61 Books

Box 62 Books

Box 63 Books

Box 64 Books

Box 65 Books

Box 66 Books

Box 67 Books

Box 68 Books

Box 69 Books

Box 70 Books

Box 71 Books

Box 72 Books

Box 73 Books

Box 74 Periodicals

Box 75 Periodicals

Box 76 Periodicals

Box 77 Periodicals

Box 78 Periodicals

Box 79 Periodicals

Box 80 Periodicals

Box 81 Periodicals

Box 82 Periodicals

Box 83 Periodicals

Box 84 Periodicals

Box 85 Periodicals

Box 86 Periodicals

Box 87 Periodicals

Box 88 Periodicals

Box 89 Periodicals

Box 90 Periodicals