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Michael Reynard collection, 1769-1975

Series III: Documents

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Sir James Jay:

Box 1 Original holograph Last Will and Testament from Sir James Jay (1732-1815), brother of John Jay. Three-page legal-sized Last Will, July 10, 1811

Item originates from the estate of Admiral T. Mahan, a direct descendant of John Jay. Included is letterhead envelope of Admiral Mahan with his newspaper clipping regarding James Jay and the use of invisible ink during colonial America.

Western MS 113:

Box 1 Western MS 113: Lease from the brother Ramon At and Guilhem At, nobels, of Caylus in the diocese of Cahors, of a house and meadow to Guilhem Marti, aliter Jognet, and his sons, Barnat and Marti aliter Jognet (Dated as under the reign of Edward III, king of England with his son, Edward of Woodstock, prince of Aquitaine so styled from 1362 until his death in 1376 1368 March 25., 1362, 1376, 1368


Mapcase 15-B-1 Indenture, January 10, 1804 between James J. Roosevelt and Samuel Broadhurst relating to certain parcels of land in New York. (2 pages, fragile), January 10, 1804

John Bard:

Box 1 John Bard (1716-1799). PDS (1 page) black diploma of the New York Medical Society, signed by Bard as President)

Cargo Manifest:

Box 1 Dabney Smith Carr (1802-1854) MsDS (2 pages) (cargo manifest of the Sloop Cuttes, signed by Carr as Naval Offices of the port, J.H. McCulloh as Collector of Customs, Capt. William Emmerton, & others)

John Jay:

Box 1 John Jay. Appointment of Phillip J. Schuyler Inspector of the Dutchess County Militia, March 17, 1796. Printed broadside

Alexander Hamilton:

Box 1 New York State Supreme Court. Alexander Hamilton Plea on behalf of defendants Isaac Meyers, Samuel Meyers, and Moses Meyers in a lawsuit involving Samuel Broome. [1788] (2 pages)


Box 1 Manuscript document dated February 6, 1789 regarding a judgment entered in favor of William Samuel Johnson against Edward Allen pertaining to property in Litchfield County, CT.

15.1 X 12.75 inches. Restored with tape.

Box 1 James Hoban (1762-1831) Washington 10-14 August 1822. MsDS (2 pages) (land deed for 10 lots sold by the city of Washington to William Brent for $10, signed twice by Thomas Carbery, May or, by William Hewitt, Register of the City, by Brent as Clerk of the Circular Court, and by Hoban as a Commissioner for the Sale of Public Lots). SEE OVERSIZE

John Wakefield Francis:

Box 1 John Wakefield Francis (1789-1861). New York, 26 July 1840. PDS (1 page) (Certifying that Benjamin Brown French was appointed Honorary Secretary of "The Apollo Association for the Promotion of the Fine Arts in the United Sates"; also signed by James Herring and bearing the embossed seal of the association)

Peter Augustus Jay:

Box 1 Peter Augustus Jay. ADS, May 2, 1709 (1 page). Discharge of Amos Morgan in the case of John & Benjamin Tallmadge vs. Morgan in the Mayor's Court, addressed to James Morris, Shefiff, May 2, 1709

Bill of Lading:

Box 1 Nicholas Philip Trist Havana, January 19, 1838 MsDS 2 pages) (Bill of Lading for textiles shipped to the Brig Otis), January 19, 1838

Box 1 George Latimer (1750-1825) Philadelphia, March 1, 1802 MsDS (1 page) (Bill of Lading for freight sent by Claud Primat to Joseph Thibaud in New York, signed by Latimer as Collector of Customs, also signed by Primat & Stephen Dutilh), March 1, 1802

Legal Discharge:

Box 1 Peter Jay Munro, May 17, 1800 ADS (1 page) (Discharge of John Mayor in the case of Isaac Titford vs. May or in the [NY] Supreme Court, addressed to James Morris, Sheriff), May 17, 1800

Box 1 Peter Jay Munro 19 November 1800 MsDS (1 page) (Discharge for bankruptcy of Hugh Pollock in the case of George Barnwall vs. Pollock and Thomas Cranberry vs. Pollock in the [NY] Supreme Court, addressed to James Morris, Sheriff, November 1800

Royal Document:

Item Framed Isabella and Ferdinand. Document, signed by the queen and king.