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Michael Reynard collection, 1769-1975

Series I: Letters

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Box 1 Virginia Apgar to Robert F. Allen, Jr. ALS, February 15, 1974 (1 page), February 15, 1974


Box 1 Samuel Bard (1742-1821) to [Peter] Van Schaack, 27 June 1769. ALS (1 page)

Box 1 Samuel Bard to Dr. Wright. ANS [1812] (inscription on his: A Discourse on the Importance of Medical Education . . . New York: C.S. Van Winkle, 1812. 22 pages)

Box 1 Frederick Augustus Porter Barnard (1809-1889) to Lorettus Sutton Metcalf. ALS, December 12, 1884. (1 page), December 12, 1884

Box 1 Josiah Bartlett (1729-1795) to Nathaniel Peabody. No Date. ALS (1 page) Includes an Rx. For liniment.

Box 1 Ralph J. Bunche to Vanessa Idu Reis (widow of Irving Reis). TLS (1 page), 1953 July 11

Box 1 Nicholas Murray Butler to Leighton Rollins. TLS, August 31, 1938


Box 1 Catherine II, Empress of Russia (1729-1796) to Peter Alexandrovich, MsLS (1 page), September 9, 1782


Box 1 Varina Davis to Unknown ALS, ca. 1902 (4 pages), ca. 1902

Box 1 Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (1859-1930) to Sir Joseph Dalton Hooker. ALS, July 19, 1889. (1 page), July 19, 1889


Box 1 Alexander Hamilton ((1 page)1757-1804) PLS (1 page) (circular letter asking for abstracts of licenses)

Box 1 "Alexander Hamilton" to an unidentified correspondent. ALS. 2pp, August 18, 1833. New York.

The son of the famous financier, Hamilton graduated Columbia in 1804, studied law, and was admitted to practice. He went abroad, and was with the Duke of Wellington's army in Portugal in 1811, but returned on hearing rumors of impending war with Great Britain. He was appointed captain of United States infantry in August 1813, and acted as aide-de-camp to General Morgan Lewis in 1814. In 1822, he was appointed United States district attorney in Florida, and in 1823 one of the three Florida land-commissioners. His last years were passed in New Jersey, and in New York City, where he engaged in real estate speculations.

An interesting letter regarding the earliest days of railroading.

Box 1 Harpur, Robert to John Taylor. ALS. 1p, May 15, 1765. New York.

Harpur was one of the earliest instructors of mathematics at Kings College. He also served as one of the early trustees of Columbia College.

Harpur has a significant influence on a number of students, including Alexander Hamilton.

In 1762 Harpur was appointed the first Librarian of King's College.

Box 1 Sir George Henschel to Taylor Benson. ALS, May 7, 1790 (2 pages), May 7, 1790

Box 1 Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton to Nicholas Lowe, February 28, 1892

Mrs. Hamilton requests Mr. Golden to acquaint Mr. Lowe that she should not ascertain the value of the box of goods


Box 1 John Jay to Peter Augustus Jay. ALS, July 31, 1820 (1 page), July 31, 1820

Box 1 John Jay to Peter Augustus Jay. ALS, June 24, 1822 (1 page), June 24, 1822

Box 1 Peter Augustus Jay to J.C. Roosevelt, February 28, 1827

Box 1 Autograph Note Signed from Peter Augustus Jay (son of John Jay) to James Roosevelt, dated February 28, 1827

Box 1 John Jay to Phillip Schuyler, 26, February1778

Box 1 John Jay to Sarah Van Brugh Livingston Jay, October 25, 1791 SEE OVERSIZE, October 25, 1791

Framed for archival display.

Medical content.

Makes reference to Dr. Samuel Bard.

Box 1 Autographed letter dated October 28, 1932 to Mr. Wilson from William Wymark Jacobs (1863-1943)

Box 1 Autographed letter dated August 16, 1933 to Mr. Partridge from William Wymark Jacobs (1863-1943)

Box 1 William Samuel Johnson to Joseph Talcott, February 1766 ALS 1 page, February 1766


Box 1 Seth Low to Ashley William Cole, June 13, 1896 TLS (1 page), June 13, 1896

Box 1 Seth Low to Otto Tremont Bannard, November 24, 1911 TLS (1 page), November 24, 1911


Box 1 Furst von Metternich to "Mon cher Comte". 11 July 1837 ALS (1 page), July 1837


Box 1 Mary Okill (1785-1859) to Theodore Frelinghuysen. AL, January 23, 1835

Regarding disposition of business affairs of the Jay family. Mary Okill was the daughter of James Jay and a favorite niece of John Jay.

Item originates from the estate of Admiral T. Mahan, a direct descendant of John Jay.


Box 1 Sir James Paget to Nicholl Evans, ALS (1 page), May 19, 1868

Box 1 Thomas Pownall to Joseph Sharpe, September 3, 1784 ALS ( 1 page), September 3, 1784

Box 1 Joseph Pulitzer to George Augustus Marden, 19 May 1888. MsLS (2 pages)


Box 1 Bram Stoker to Messrs Cassell & Co., March 4, 1889 ALS (1 page), March 4, 1889

Box 1 Jonathan Sturges to Joseph Talcott, February 22, 1766. ALS (1 page), February 22, 1766