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Historical Maps Collection, 1500-1900

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Mapcase 14-A-1 Celestial

Mapcase 14-A-1 The World

Mapcase 14-A-1 Cassini Planisphere

Mapcase 14-A-2 Hemispheres, Polar Regions, Oceans

Mapcase 14-A-3 Africa

Mapcase 14-A-4 Mapcase 14-A-5 America - Central and Caribbean

Mapcase 14-A-6 America - North

Mapcase 14-A-7 America - North - Bermuda

Mapcase 14-A-7 America - North - Canada

Mapcase 14-A-7 America - North- Mexico

Mapcase 14-A-9 Mapcase 14-A-10 America - North - U.S.

Mapcase 14-B-1 America - North - U.S. (by sections)

Mapcase 14-B-2 America - North - U.S. (AL - CO)

Mapcase 14-B-3 America - North - U.S. (CT - FL)

Mapcase 14-B-4 America - North - U.S. (GA - KS)

Mapcase 14-B-5 America - North - U.S. (KY - MA)

Mapcase 14-B-6 America - North - U.S. (MI -MT)

Mapcase 14-B-7 America - North - U.S. (NE - NM)

Mapcase 14-B-8 Mapcase 14-B-9 America - North - U.S. (NYC)

Mapcase 14-B-9 America - North - U.S. (NY State)

Mapcase 14-B-9 P - America - North - U.S. (NYC) 1776-1777

Mapcase 14-B-10 America - North - U.S. (NY State)

Mapcase 14-C-1 America - North - U.S. (NC - OR)

Mapcase 14-C-2 America - North - U.S. (PA - TN)

Mapcase 14-C-3 America - North - U.S. (TX - WA)

Mapcase 14-C-4 America - North - U.S. (WVA - WY)

Mapcase 14-C-5 America - South

Mapcase 14-C-6 Near East, Asia (Asia Minor - China)

Mapcase 14-C-7 Asia (Holy Land - Turkey), Australia

Mapcase 14-C-8 Europe, Europe (Aegean -Dalmatia)

Mapcase 14-C-9 Europe (Finland - France)

Mapcase 14-C-10 Europe (Germany - Great Britain)

Mapcase 14-C-11 Europe (Great Britain - Holland)

Mapcase 14-C-12 Europe (Hungary - Italy)

Mapcase 14-C-13 Europe (Luxemburg - Scandinavia)

Mapcase 14-C-14 Europe (Spain - Turkey)

Currently the materials from this drawer are housed in 14-C-13

Mapcase 14-C-15 U.S. History (Wars: to Revolution)

Mapcase 14-D-1 U.S. History (Wars: Rev- War of 1812)

Mapcase 14-D-2 U.S. History (Mexican War - Civil War 1862)

Mapcase 14-D-3 U.S. History (Civil War 1863-1867)

Mapcase 14-D-4 U.S. History (Indian Wars, WWI, WWII)

Mapcase 14-D-4 U.S. History Topographical

Mapcase 14-D-5 Halsband Collection

Mapcase 14-Q-4 Jefferys & Faden, Plan of the City of New York in North America, Surveyed in the Years 1766 & 1767 [by Bernard Ratzer], London , 1776, 1 item; matted map, 51X39