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Librarians' Portraits collection, bulk 1880s-1950s

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Title Librarians' Portraits collection, bulk 1880s-1950s
Physical Description 6.72 Linear Feet (16 document boxes)
Language(s) English .
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A large collection of portraits of librarians, consisting mainly of photographs, newspaper clippings, and magazine articles.

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You will need to make an appointment in advance to use this collection material in the Rare Book and Manuscript Library reading room. You can schedule an appointment once you've submitted your request through your Special Collections Research Account.

This collection is located on-site

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Identification of specific item; Date (if known); Librarians' Portraits Collection; Box and Folder; Rare Book and Manuscript Library, Columbia University Library.

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New York State Library School Records.Series III. Columbia University Libraries.

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Immediate Source of Acquisition

Transferred to RBML when the School of Library Service was closed in 1992

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Columbia University Libraries, Rare Book and Manuscript Library

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History / Biographical Note

Biographical / Historical

This collection of photographs of librarians was transferred to RBML when the School of Library Service was closed in 1992. A good bit of the collection appears to have been assembled at the New York State Library School, Albany and presumably was part of the collection brought to Columbia in 1926, when the Albany school was merged into the new School of Library Service.

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Alphabetical List


Box 1 Adams, Edward B.

Box 1 Adams, Ellen Francis

Box 1 Adams, Leta Emma

Box 1 Adsit, Rachel Lionne

Box 1 Ahern, Mary Eileen

Box 1 Alexander, Elenora

Box 1 Alexander, Mary Louise

Box 1 Allen, Amy

Box 1 Allen, Kenneth S.

Box 1 Amundsen, M.S.

Box 1 Anderson, E.H.

Box 1 Andrews, Clement W.

Box 1 Annan, Gertrude L.

Box 1 Ansteinsson, John

Box 1 Arctowski, Henry K.

Box 1 Askew, Sarah B.

Box 1 Ayer, Thomas P.


Box 1 Bacon, William

Box 1 Bailey, A.L.

Box 1 Bailey, Beulah

Box 1 Bailey, Louis Jonathan

Box 1 Bain, James

Box 1 Baker, Charles M.

Box 1 Baldwin, E.G.

Box 1 Ballard, Harlan H.

Box 1 Ballard, Robert M.

Box 1 Baloh, Ruth

Box 1 Bascom, E.L.

Box 1 Bates, Helen

Box 1 Baumer, Bertha

Box 1 Baxter, Harriett Warner

Box 1 Bent, M.L.

Box 1 Betts, Rev. Beverly R.

Box 1 Betz, E.

Box 1 Bey, Ahmed Lufti

Box 1 Biagi, Guido

Box 1 Billings, John Shaw

Box 1 Bisbee, Marvin Davis

Box 1 Biscoe, Walter Stanley

Box 2 Bishop, William Warner

Box 2 Black, Mary J.L.

Box 2 Blair, I.E.

Box 2 Blakely, Bertha Elra

Box 2 Bleecker, Harmanus

Box 2 Blessing, A.R.

Box 2 Bliss, Leslie E.

Box 2 Bliss, Richard

Box 2 Bogle, Sarah

Box 2 Bolton, Charles Knowles

Box 2 Bostwick, Arthur Elmore

Box 2 Bowerman, George F.

Box 2 Boyd, Allen R.

Box 2 Boyd, Julian P.

Box 2 Bray, Thomas

Box 2 Brett, William Howard

Box 2 Brewer, C.A.

Box 2 Brewster, M.B.

Box 2 Brigham, H.F.

Box 2 Broomell, Ellyn C.

Box 2 Brouwer, Petrus Van Limburg

Box 2 Brown, Bertha Mower

Box 2 Brown, D.

Box 2 Brown, Edna Adelaide

Box 2 Brown, John Nicholas

Box 2 Brown, Karl

Box 2 Brown, Marjorie

Box 2 Brown, R.L.

Box 2 Brown, Ruth

Box 2 Brown, Walter Lewis

Box 2 Browning, Earl W.

Box 2 Brubeck, Viarda Clark

Box 2 Bruner, Vesta W.

Box 2 Brut, A.A.

Box 2 Buck, Edith Margaret

Box 2 Bullock, Waller I.

Box 2 Bunnell, Ada

Box 2 Burdick, Esther Elizabeth

Box 2 Burns, W.S.

Box 2 Burpee, Lawrence J.

Box 2 Bushnell, Asa S.


Box 3 Caille, Alberta

Box 3 Caldwell, John D.

Box 3 Callender, Eugene S.

Box 3 Cameron, A.W.

Box 3 Canfield, James Hulme

Box 3 Cannon, Carl Leslie

Box 3 Carlton, William N.C.

Box 3 Carnovsky, Leon

Box 3 Carpenter, Harland A.

Box 3 Carpenter, William Henry

Box 3 Carr, Henry J.

Box 3 Carson, W.O.

Box 3 Case, Leonard Jr.

Box 3 Case, Leonard Sr.

Box 3 Case, William

Box 3 Castagna, Ed

Box 3 Chamberlain, Mary C.

Box 3 Chamberlayne, E.F.

Box 3 Chamberlin, Abba Doton

Box 3 Chamberlin, Edith J.

Box 3 Charles, Dorothy

Box 3 Charteris, C.R.

Box 3 Cheney, Winthrop Holt

Box 3 Clanton, Cleora

Box 3 Clapp, Verner W.

Box 3 Clarke, Edith E.

Box 3 Clarke, Oscar D.

Box 3 Clary, L.V.

Box 3 Clement, Caroline B.

Box 3 Clift, David H.

Box 3 Cobb, Mary Elizabeth

Box 3 Coffin, Helen

Box 3 Cole, G.W.

Box 3 Cole, Irving S.

Box 3 Colegrove, Mable E.

Box 3 Colquhoun, A.H.U.

Box 3 Colson, Frederick D.

Box 3 Compton, C.H.

Box 3 Cone, Jessica G.

Box 3 Conrad, Freda A.

Box 3 Coolidge, Archibald C.

Box 3 Corwin, Euphemia K.

Box 3 Coster, Hendrick

Box 3 Countryman, Garcia A.

Box 3 Crawford, Clara M.

Box 3 Creighton, A. Blanche

Box 3 Creighton, J.B.

Box 4 Crunden, Frederick Morgan

Box 4 Cundiff, R.E.

Box 4 Cunningham, Jesse

Box 4 Cushing, H.G.

Box 4 Cutler, Louisa S.


Box 4 Dame, Katharine

Box 4 Damon, Jean R.

Box 4 Dana, John Cotton

Box 4 Dart, Izella Mable

Box 4 David, Charles W.

Box 4 Davis, E.H.

Box 4 Davis, Mary L.

Box 4 Davis, Mildred

Box 4 Davis, Raymond Cazallis

Box 4 Daws, S.O.

Box 4 Deichman, Carl

Box 4 Delisle, Leopold Victor

Box 4 Deproix, Lydic

Box 4 Dewey, Melvil

Box 4 Dexter, L.A.

Box 4 Dice, J.H.

Box 4 Dick, C.R.

Box 4 Dick, G.

Box 4 Dickey, Helene L.

Box 4 Dickey, Philena A.

Box 4 Dickinson, Charles W.

Box 4 Doane, G.H.

Box 4 Doe, Janet

Box 4 Dommas, O.

Box 4 Donnelly, June Richardson

Box 4 Dorrance, Frances

Box 4 Dougan, G.A.

Box 4 Downey, Mary E.

Box 4 Draper, Miriam S.

Box 4 Drury, F.K.W.

Box 4 Dudley, Charles R.

Box 4 Duncan, Eleanor

Box 4 Dunn, R.L.

Box 4 Dunnack, Henry E.

Box 4 Dyer, John N.


Box 5 Eames, Wilberforce

Box 5 Earl, Elizabeth Claypool

Box 5 Eastlick, John T.

Box 5 Eastman, L.A.

Box 5 Eastwood, Mary Edna

Box 5 Eaton, A.T.

Box 5 Eaton, Alice R.

Box 5 Edmands, John

Box 5 Edmunds, Henry R.

Box 5 Edwards, Elizabeth

Box 5 Eldridge, B.L.

Box 5 Eliot, Mignon H.

Box 5 Elliott, Frances

Box 5 Ellsworth, Ralph E.

Box 5 Elmendorf, Theresa West

Box 5 Elwood, A.L.

Box 5 Emerson, Mabel E.

Box 5 Emerson, Ralf P.

Box 5 Emerson, Sarah

Box 5 English, Stephanie

Box 5 Enschede, Willem Adriann

Box 5 Etzkorn, Leo

Box 5 Evans, Charles

Box 5 Evans, Luther

Box 5 Evans, Magdalen


Box 5 Fairchild, Salome Cutler

Box 5 Fargo, Lucile F.

Box 5 Farr, Helen E.

Box 5 Farrand, Max

Box 5 Faxon, F.W.

Box 5 Fay, L.E.

Box 5 Fellows, Jennie Dorcas

Box 5 Ferguson, Milton James

Box 5 Ferguson, P.

Box 5 Findley, (Sarah) E.

Box 5 Firkins, Ina

Box 5 Fites, Gilbert

Box 5 Fitzpatrick, John T.

Box 5 Fletcher, William Isaac

Box 5 Flexner, Jennie

Box 5 Foote, Elizabeth L.

Box 5 Forward, M.R.

Box 6 Foss, Sam W.

Box 6 Foster, William E.

Box 6 Foucher, Laure

Box 6 Freeman, E.A.

Box 6 Freeman, Lewis

Box 6 Frisbee, Rev. Edward Selah

Box 6 Fuller, Edith Davenport

Box 6 Furbeck, M.E.


Box 6 Gaillard, Edwin W.

Box 6 Galbreath, Charles B.

Box 6 Galvin, Hoyt R.

Box 6 Garland, Caroline H.

Box 6 Garnett, Richard

Box 6 Gaselee, Stephen

Box 6 Gates, Edith M.

Box 6 Gates, Marguerite L.

Box 6 Gay, Frank B.

Box 6 George, Helen R.

Box 6 George, Lillian Mabelle

Box 6 Gilbert, Frank B.

Box 6 Gilchrist, D.B.

Box 6 Gilfillan, E.M.

Box 6 Gillis, James L.

Box 6 Gilman, Daniel C.

Box 6 Gilson, M.L.

Box 6 Ginsberg, Sophie M.

Box 6 Ginsburg, Sonia

Box 6 Gitelson, M. Leo

Box 6 Godard, George Seymour

Box 6 Goodrich, Dorothy A.

Box 6 Goodrich, F.L.D.

Box 6 Gosse, Edmund

Box 6 Gould, Charles Henry

Box 6 Gourley, James E.

Box 6 Grannis, Helen

Box 6 Grant, Thirza Eunice

Box 6 Green, Bernard M.

Box 6 Green, Charles R.

Box 6 Green, Samuel Swett

Box 6 Greenaway, Emerson

Box 6 Greenaway, Minnie E.

Box 6 Greene, S.S.

Box 6 Gregory, Elinor

Box 6 Gregory, James J.H.

Box 6 Griffin, Jeanne

Box 6 Griswold, Stephen B.

Box 6 Groves, Charlotte E.

Box 6 Guild, Reuben A.

Box 6 Gurd, Norman S.


Box 7 Hadley, Chalmers

Box 7 Hall, A.G.

Box 7 Hall, Drew B.

Box 7 Hamburger, L.H.

Box 7 Hamill, Harold L.

Box 7 Hamilton, William J.

Box 7 Hannan, William E.

Box 7 Hanson, J.C.M.

Box 7 Hardy, A.D.

Box 7 Harrington, M.A.

Box 7 Harris, G.W.

Box 7 Harrison, Joseph LeRoy

Box 7 Harvey, Elizabeth

Box 7 Harvey, Mrs.

Box 7 Haseltine, Elizabeth

Box 7 Hasse, Adelaide

Box 7 Hassey, Adelaide R.

Box 7 Hawes, Clara S.

Box 7 Hawkins, D.L.

Box 7 Hawkins, Jean

Box 7 Hawley, M.E.

Box 7 Hayes, Robert M.

Box 7 Hazeltine, Mary Emogene

Box 7 Herbert, Clara W.

Box 7 Hewins, Caroline M.

Box 7 Hicks, Frederick C.

Box 7 Hill, Frank Pierce

Box 7 Hill, Galen W.

Box 7 Hill, Grace

Box 7 Hinsdale, G.H.

Box 7 Hirshberg, H.S.

Box 7 Hiss, M.

Box 7 Hitchler, Theresa

Box 7 Hodges, Nathaniel D.C.

Box 7 Hodgson, J.

Box 7 Hoit, Doris

Box 7 Holding, A.L.

Box 7 Horrocks, Norman

Box 7 Horton, M.L.

Box 7 Hosmer, James Kendall

Box 7 Houghton, Arthur A. (Jr.)

Box 7 Houghton, Celia Mabelle

Box 7 Howell, George R.

Box 7 Hughes, Howard L.

Box 7 Hull, Carl William

Box 7 Hull, Edna Morris

Box 7 Hung, Yu-feng (Hong, Youfeng; 洪有丰; 洪有豐; 1892-1963)

Box 7 Hunt, Clara Whitehill

Box 7 Hutchins, Frank A.

Box 7 Hutchinson, Helen D.

Box 7 Hvistendahl, Hans Georg

Box 7 Hyatt, B.E.


Box 7 Ideson, Julia

Box 7 Imhoff, Ono M.

Box 7 Ingalls, Florence Lillian

Box 7 Isom, Mary Frances


Box 8 Jacobs, John Hall

Box 8 James, Hannah Packard

Box 8 James, Miss M.S.R.

Box 8 Janvrin, C.E.

Box 8 Jastrow, Morris Jr.

Box 8 Jennings, Judson Toll

Box 8 Jesse, William H.

Box 8 Jewett, A.L.

Box 8 Jewett, Charles Coffin

Box 8 Jillson, Anna Clark

Box 8 Joeckel, Carleton Bruns

Box 8 Johansen, H.

Box 8 John, Edith Heywood

Box 8 Johnson, Mary A.

Box 8 Johnston, D.V.R.

Box 8 Johnston, W. Dawson

Box 8 Jones, Ada Alice

Box 8 Jones, L.M.

Box 8 Jones, Nellie R.

Box 8 Jones, Olive

Box 8 Josephson, A.G.S.

Box 8 Josselyn, Lloyd


Box 8 Keator, Alfred Decker

Box 8 Kelley, John D.

Box 8 Kemmerev, L

Box 8 Keogh, Andrew

Box 8 Kerns, Blanch C.

Box 8 Kerr, W.H.

Box 8 Kingley, James M. (Jr.)

Box 8 Knapp, Alice L.

Box 8 Knight, Eily May

Box 8 Knight, Jennie L.

Box 8 Knollenberg, Berhard

Box 8 Knox, Claire K.

Box 8 Koch, Theodore W.

Box 8 Kohlstedt, Donald W.

Box 8 Koller, Herbert R.

Box 8 Koopman, Harry Lyman

Box 8 Kramer, Sidney

Box 8 Krausnick, Gertrude

Box 8 Kristoffersen, Magnus K,

Box 8 Kroeger, A.B.

Box 8 Krug, Richard E.


Box 9 Lage, Louise C.

Box 9 Lane, William Coolidge

Box 9 Langton, H.H.

Box 9 Larned, Josephus Nelson

Box 9 Lassen, Harald Hvenegaard

Box 9 Lawson, Mildred H.

Box 9 Lean, Thomas Jean

Box 9 Leavitt, Maria V.

Box 9 Ledbetter, Eleanor S.

Box 9 LeFevre, Helena S.

Box 9 Legler, Henry Eduard

Box 9 Lejeune, Eugenia D.

Box 9 Levin, Nathan R.

Box 9 Lewis, Lucy

Box 9 Lewis, W.P.

Box 9 Leypoldt, Frederick

Box 9 Li Siao-yuen (Li, Xiaoyuan; 李小緣; 1897-1959)

Box 9 Lindquist, Raymond C.

Box 9 Lindsay, Mary B.

Box 9 Little, Goerge T. (Dr.)

Box 9 Little, Leslie T.

Box 9 Lloyd, Gladys Viola

Box 9 Locke, George H. (Dr.)

Box 9 Locke, William N.

Box 9 Logsdon, Richard H. (Dr.)

Box 9 Long, H.C.

Box 9 Long, Harriett C.

Box 9 Loomis, M.L. (W)

Box 9 Lord, Isabel Ely

Box 9 Lord, Milton E.

Box 9 Love, Cornelia S.

Box 9 Low, Edmon

Box 9 Lowe, John A.

Box 9 Lucero, Isaac v.

Box 9 Lundy, Frank A.

Box 9 Lydenberg, Harry Miller

Box 9 Lyon, Frances Dimmick


Box 10 MacDonald, John

Box 10 Mackey, Bessie R.

Box 10 MacLeish, Archibald

Box 10 Madan, Falconer

Box 10 Magliabecchi, Antonio

Box 10 Magna, Mrs. Russell William

Box 10 Many, Katharine I.

Box 10 Mariotti, Guido

Box 10 Marron, Joseph

Box 10 Marsee, I.R.

Box 10 Martin, Helen H.

Box 10 Martin, M.E.

Box 10 Martin, Winona C.

Box 10 Marx, Alexander (Dr.)

Box 10 Mason, John R.

Box 10 Masterson, F. Adele

Box 10 McCarthy, Dr. Stephen A.

Box 10 McCauley, P.

Box 10 McClaskey, Harris

Box 10 McClelland, Mary Ann

Box 10 McCollough, Ethel F.

Box 10 McColvin, Lionel R.

Box 10 McCombs, Charles F.

Box 10 McGaw, Howard F.

Box 10 McGowan, John P.

Box 10 McGuffey, Margaret D.

Box 10 McGuire, Alice B.

Box 10 McKay, Mildred P.

Box 10 McMillen, J.A.

Box 10 McPherson, Oscar

Box 10 Mead, Corrine

Box 10 Medlicott, Mary

Box 10 Meirose, Leo

Box 10 Meisel, M.

Box 10 Merrill, Chester W.

Box 10 Metcalf, Anna

Box 10 Metcalf, Clarence S.

Box 10 Meyer, H.H.B.

Box 10 Milam, Carl Hastings

Box 10 Miller, Edmund W.

Box 10 Miller, Eugene

Box 10 Miller, Eulora

Box 10 Miller, H.H.

Box 10 Molz, Kathleen

Box 11 Montgomery, Ruth

Box 11 Montgomery, Thomas Lynch

Box 11 Moore, E.G.

Box 11 Moore, Jennie C.

Box 11 Moore, W.F.

Box 11 Morgan, Anne

Box 11 Morgan, Charles L.

Box 11 Morgan, J.E.

Box 11 Moriarty, John H.

Box 11 Morin, Richard W.

Box 11 Morrow, Hugh

Box 11 Morton, Arthur S.

Box 11 Moses, Horace s.

Box 11 Moulton, John Grant

Box 11 Mulerius, Nicolaus

Box 11 Mulheron, A.M.

Box 11 Mundy, Ezekiel, W.

Box 11 Munn, R. Russell

Box 11 Munn, Ralph


Box 11 Nash, William V.

Box 11 Nelson, Muriel W.

Box 11 Nemeyer, Carol A.

Box 11 Nervey, May Childs

Box 11 Neumann, Karen

Box 11 Nolan, Edward J.

Box 11 Noon, Paul A.T.

Box 11 Norton, Ruth

Box 11 Nourse, Louis M.

Box 11 Noyes, R.W.

Box 11 Nursey, Walter R.


Box 11 O' Rourke, William T.

Box 11 O'Sullivan, Mary Isabelle

Box 11 Oberholtzer, K.A.

Box 11 Oliver, Rosa V.

Box 11 Osborn, George A.

Box 11 Otterhaus, Leonardus

Box 11 Overton, Florence


Box 11 Paltsits, Victor H.

Box 11 Pangburn, Howard S.

Box 11 Panizzi, Anthony (Sir)

Box 11 Parkinson, Herman O.

Box 11 Parsons, Arthur H.

Box 11 Patten, Frank Chauncy

Box 11 Pearson, E.L.

Box 11 Peck, Adolph L.

Box 11 Peoples, William T.

Box 11 Peters, Orpha Maud

Box 11 Petit, Louis D.

Box 11 Phelps, Anna R.

Box Unknown Phelps, Louis D.

Box 11 Phelps, W.L.M.

Box 11 Phinney, Herman K.

Box 11 Pidgeon, M.K.

Box 11 Pierson, H.W.

Box 11 Pinto, Olga (Prof.)

Box 11 Plummer, Mary Wright

Box 12 Pond, Nancy May

Box 12 Poole, Franklin O.

Box 12 Potterf, Rex M.

Box 12 Powell, Lawrence C.

Box 12 Power, Effie L.

Box 12 Prentiss, S. Gilbert

Box 12 Prescott, Harriett B.

Box 12 Pulver, Clara E.

Box 12 Putnam, Herbert

Box 12 Putnam, Marguerite E.

Box 12 Pyne, R.A.


Box 12 Quigley, Margery

Box 12 Quirini, Ange Marie


Box 12 Randall, Elinor Edna

Box 12 Ranganathan, S.R. (Dr.)

Box 12 Rankin, Rebecca B.

Box 12 Ranlett, L. Felix

Box 12 Rathbone, Josephine

Box Unknown Ratti, B.

Box 12 Reardon, C.C.

Box 12 Reed, L.R.

Box 12 Reed, M.M.

Box 12 Retvedt, Ragnhild

Box 12 Rice, O.S.

Box 12 Rich, Obadiah

Box 12 Richards, John S.

Box 12 Richardson, Ernest Cushing

Box 12 Richardson, M.C.

Box 12 Richie, Alice M.

Box 12 Rico, Paul North

Box 12 Rider, A. Fremont

Box 12 Robertson, W.J.

Box 12 Rockwell, Bertha L.

Box 12 Rockwell, W.W.

Box 12 Roden, Carl B.

Box 12 Rogge, Hendrick C.

Box 12 Roland-Marcel, Rene

Box 12 Rood, Helen M.

Box 12 Root, Azariah S.

Box 12 Root, Elizabeth de Welden

Box 12 Rosengarten, Joseph George

Box 12 Rosenthal, Herman

Box 12 Roth, Harold L.

Box 12 Rowell, J.C.

Box 12 Rowley, Edith

Box 12 Rowse, Edward Francis

Box 12 Rummelhoff, Julie

Box 12 Rush, Charles E.

Box 12 Russell, Harold G.

Box 12 Ryberg, Theodore


Box 13 Sanborn, Henry Nichole

Box 13 Sanders, Minerva A.

Box 13 Sanderson, Charles R.

Box 13 Sanford, Becky

Box 13 Saniel, Isidoro

Box 13 Santes, Marie M.

Box 13 Sayer, John

Box 13 Schaanning, Maja

Box 13 Schanning, Hedrig

Box 13 Schnacke, Mahlon Karl A.

Box 13 Schroeder, D. Heinrich (Rev.)

Box 13 Schuette, Sybil C.

Box 13 Schunk, Russell J.

Box 13 Schwab, John Christopher

Box 13 Scott, Edna L.

Box 13 Sears, M.E.

Box 13 Sewall, W.F.

Box 13 Seymour, Elizabeth Putnam

Box 13 Seymour, May

Box 13 Sharify, Nasser

Box 13 Sharp, Robert F.

Box 13 Shaver, Mary (Prof.)

Box 13 Shaw, Robert Kendall

Box 13 Shearer, Augustus H. (Dr.)

Box 13 Sheldon, Helen G.

Box 13 Shenitz, Helen A. (Private)

Box 13 Shepard, Marietta D.

Box 13 Shera, Jesse Hauk

Box 13 Sherman, Clarence E.

Box 13 Sherrard, M.C.

Box 13 Sherwood, Grace M.

Box 13 Skinner, Charles R.

Box 13 Smith, Bessie Sargeant

Box 13 Smith, Catherine

Box 13 Smith, Elizabeth Manley

Box 13 Smith, Faith E.

Box 13 Smith, George D.

Box 13 Smith, Irene

Box 13 Smith, J.I.

Box 13 Smith, Ruth E.

Box 13 Smith, Stewart W.

Box 13 Snook, Vera J.

Box 13 Sohon, Julian A.

Box 13 Solis-Cohen, Leon M.

Box 13 Sonderson, M.

Box 13 Spalding, Forest B.

Box 13 Spector, Herman K.

Box 13 Spencer, Mary C.

Box 13 Sperry, Hellen

Box 13 St.John, Francis R.

Box 13 Stanley, H.H.

Box 13 Stanton, Irving Gardiner

Box 13 Stearns, Foster W.

Box 13 Stearns, L.E.

Box 13 Stefansson, Steingrimur

Box 13 Stephen, Fred M.

Box 14 Stevens, Edward F.

Box 14 Stevens, Sara Ethel

Box 14 Stevenson, Burton E. (Dr.)

Box 14 Stewart, Frederic W.

Box 14 Stewart, Helen

Box 14 Strange, Joanna G.

Box 14 Street, Alfred Billings

Box 14 Strieby, Irene

Box 14 Strohm, A.

Box 14 Strong, George F.

Box 14 Stummvall, Josef (Dr.)

Box 14 Stutz, Laura C.

Box 14 Suter, Martha W.

Box 14 Swan, Olive M.

Box 14 Swank, Raynard C.

Box 14 Sweet, Martha L.


Box 14 Tai, T.C. (Tai, Tse-Chien; Dai, Zhiqian; 戴志騫; 戴志骞; 1888-?) , circa 1918-1919

Box 14 Tannel

Box 14 Taube, Mortimer

Box 14 Tawney, M.A.

Box 14 Taylor, Alexander S.

Box 14 Taylor, Robert S.

Box 14 Terry, Altha

Head of Cataloging, Columbia University Libraries. Wrote a masters thesis on the RBML Joan of Arc collection

Box 14 Thompson, James Westfall

Box 14 Thompson, Lawrence S.

Box 14 Thomson, John

Box 14 Thorne, Elizabeth G.

Box 14 Thurston, Ada

Box 14 Thwaites, Reuben Gold

Box 14 Tolman, Frank L.

Box 14 Torrey, Jesse

Box 14 Trappan, Grace

Box 14 Trautman, Ray L.

Box 14 Tyler, A.S.

Box 14 Tytler, William


Box 15 Ulveling, Ralph A.

Box 15 Underhill, A.

Box 15 Underhill, Caroline M.

Box 15 Unger, Nell Avery

Box 15 Usher, Robert James

Box 15 Utley, George B.

Box 15 Utley, Henry Munson


Box 15 Vail, Robert W.G.

Box 15 Vaile, Lucretia

Box 15 Valencik, May V. Kunz

Box 15 Van Name, Addison

Box 15 Van Peyma, Charlotte

Box 15 Van Sant, Clara

Box 15 Van Valkenburg, Agnes

Box Unknown Vance, John T.

Box 15 Vasbinder, Lida C.

Box 15 Ver Nooy, Winifred

Box 15 Vickers, Thomas

Box 15 Virgin, Edward H.

Box 15 Vitz, Carl

Box 15 Voegelein, L.B.

Box 15 Von Ende, Eunice A.

Box 15 Vosper, Zaidee B.

Box 15 Vought, S.W.


Box 15 Wadlin, Horace Greelley

Box 15 Wait, Marie Fox

Box 15 Walker, F.G.

Box 15 Walkley, Raymond Lowrey

Box 15 Wallace, Anne

Box 15 Walter, F.K.

Box 15 Warren, Althea H.

Box 15 Wasserman, Paul

Box 15 Watson, Mrs. Bessie

Box 15 Watson, W.R.

Box 15 Weaver, Elsie (Adams)

Box 15 Webb, I.W.

Box 15 Webb, William

Box 15 Webster, Caroline F.

Box 15 Weeks, Elizabeth

Box 15 Wefel, Emelia E.

Box 15 Weitenkampf, Frank

Box 15 Wellman, Hiller Crowell

Box 15 Wellman, Ruth

Box 15 Wells, Doris M.

Box 15 Welsford, P.S.J.

Box 15 Wennerstrum, Winnifred

Box 15 Wheeler, Harold Leslie

Box 15 Wheeler, Joseph L.

Box 15 Wheeler, M.T.

Box 15 Wheelock, Webster

Box 16 Whelpley, Albert W.

Box 16 White, Carl M.

Box 16 Whitehill, Walter Muir

Box 16 Whitmore, F.H.

Box 16 Whittemore, Caroline

Box 16 Whittier, Florence

Box 16 Whittlesey, J.M.

Box 16 Wiggin, Pauline G.

Box 16 Wigginton, M.W.

Box 16 Wilcox, Ruth

Box 16 Williams, Alice

Box 16 Williams, M.S.

Box 16 Williams, Sherman

Box 16 Williamson, Charles C.

Box 16 Williamson, Nicholas M.

Box 16 Wilson, Eugene

Box 16 Wilson, Louis Round

Box 16 Windeyer, Margaret

Box 16 Windsor, P.L.

Box 16 Winser, Beatrice

Box 16 Winship, George Parker

Box 16 Winsor, Justin

Box 16 Winsor, Mulford

Box 16 Winters, William H.

Box 16 Wolf, Friedrich

Box 16 Wood, Gertrude P.

Box 16 Wood, Harriet A.

Box 16 Wood, Mary E.

Box 16 Woodworth, Florence

Box 16 Wright, Rebecca Whitney

Box 16 Wright, W.H.K.

Box 16 Wyer, James Ingersoll, jr.

Box 16 Wyeth, Ola M.

X, Y, Z:

Box 16 Yarmolinsky, Avrahm

Box 16 Yohannessen, A.

Box 16 Young, Malcolm O.

Box 16 Yuan, T.L. (Yuan Tongli, 袁同禮, 袁同礼, 1895-1965)

Box 16 Yust, William F.

Box 16 Zachert, A.B.