Rare Book & Manuscript Library

Emily Gresser Papers, 1880s-2004, bulk 1910-1919

Series III: Music, 1880s-1950s

Please handle with care. Much of the music is fragile and in poor condition.

Primarily sheet music, with a small amount of manuscript material. Most of the items appear to have been used quite heavily, and are accordingly fragile.

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Subseries III.1: Sam Franko, 1894-1944

Printed and manuscript music, by or associated with composer and violinist Sam Franko (1857-1937), who was Gresser's teacher and friend.

Box 2 Folder 9-10 Music, 1894-1944

"Cradle Song for the Piano"; ""Violin Transcriptions with Piano Accompaniment"; "Kenilworth" by Bruno Oscar Klein (inscribed to Franko)

Box 5 Folder 1 Music, 1899-1929

"Transcriptions for Violin and Piano"; Vivaldi "Concerto in G minor" (arrangements for organ, piano, and orchestra; and piano and orchestra); J. S. Bach "Arioso"; "16 Standard Works for the Violin" by Joseph Joachim; Mendelssohn "Song Without Words" (manuscript arrangement); Faure "Sonata for Piano and Violin"; "Werke alter Miester in neuer Bearbeitung fuer Violine mit Klavierbegleitung"

Subseries III.2: Yvette Guilbert, 1911-1927

Printd music by Yvette Guilbert.

Box 2 Folder 8-9 Music, 1911-1927

Chansons de tous les Temps; "Le Fiacre"; "10 Chansons de Paul de Kock"; "Pastourelles of the XV Century"; "Chanson et Cantilenes"; "Bergers et Musettes" (2 copies); "Chanteries du Moyen Age" (3 copies); "Dix Chansons du VXIII Siecle"

Subseries III.3: Other Music, 1880s-1950s

Much of the music was heavily used and is quite fragile. Please handle with care.

This subseries consists primarily of violin and piano music. Some of the violin parts are heavily marked, and many of the pieces have her name written on the cover. Most of the music is undated, but was printed in the late 19th and early 20th century.

Box 2 "Les Plus Jolies Chanson du Pays de France", 1888

Bound volume

Box 3 Folder 1 Music

Joseph Achron transcription of Mendelssohn Op.34.No.2 "On Wings of Song", "Hebrew Lullaby"; Leopold Auer "Concert Transcriptions" for Violin and Piano; F. v. Blon "Whispering Flowers"; Overtures pour piano à Deux Mains" by Cherubini; Elgar "Salut d'Amour"; Bouree and Gigue from Much ado about Nothing Pianoforte Solo by Edward German; Stephen Heller "Oeuvres Choisies pour Piano"; "Autumn Leaves" by Kosma/Mercer; Charles Lecocq's Miettes Musicales Vingt-Quatre Esquisses de Style pour le Piano; Mascitti, Michele "Prelude and Allegro" for Violin and Piano

Box 3 Folder 2 Music

Mendelssohn "Concerto for Violin"; Mozart "Concerto for Violin in A Major"; Mozart "Concerto in D Major"

Box 3 Folder 3 Music

Mendelssohn "Song Without Words"

Box 3 Folder 4 Music

Lawrence "The Poor People fo Paris", Edith Piaf et les chanson de Henri Contet; Pinsuti "The Land Beyond"; "Chansons enfantines de notre pays"; Overtures for 2-handed piano (3 volumes); "Weitere Musil aus den Werken beruehmter Meister"

Box 5 Folder 2 Music

Bach, JS. Sonata in E Major; Concerto for Two Violins in D minor; Three Sonatas for Piano and Violin.

Box 5 Folder 3 Music

Becker, Mazurka; Beethoven, 11 trios; Bohm, Lizzie; Brahms, Quartet (violin 1 part, heavily marked); Chopin, Second Concert for Piano; DeBussy, Quartet for 1 Violins, Viola, Cello; Dvorak, Quartet in F Major; Duhamel, La Mie Du Soldat; Emer, L'Accordeoniste

Box 5 Folder 4 Music

German, Harvest Dance; Godard, La Vivandiere; Godard, Scene du Bal Jocelyn; Godard, Au matin; Gouvy, Schwedischer Tanz; Haynes, Westwood Gavotte; Lanner, Ungarischer Nationaltanz; Mendelssohn, Lorely; Mendelssohn, Song without words; Mozart, Menueet und Marcia alla Francese; Moszkowski, Der Schaefer putzte sich zum Tanz; Moszkowski, Sechs Stuecke; Moszkowski, Laurin; Paderewski, Selections; Pitt, Air De Ballet; Purcell; Saint-Saens, Gavotte; Saint-Saens, Recital Music

Box 5 Folder 5 Music

Scharwenka, Huldigungs Marsch; Schumann, Fantasiestuecke; Schytte, Forest Elves; Seiss, Intermezzo and Even Song; Staccati, Iris; Stiehl, Schneewittchen's Geburtstagfeier; Strauss, Wiegenlieder; Strauss, Taenze; Tschaikovsky, Marche Militaire; Tschaikovsky, Slavisher Marsch; Vivaldi, Concerto in a minor; Vogrich, Passepied; Vogrish, Album of ancient and modern dances; Wagner, Meistersanger; Wagner, Parsifal; Westerbout, Works for Pianoforte; various compilations.