Rare Book & Manuscript Library

Emily Gresser Papers, 1880s-2004, bulk 1910-1919

Series II: Printed Material, 1902-2004

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Subseries II.1: Books by and about Yvonne Guilbert, 1902-1964

Box 1 Guilbert, Yvette, "L'Art de Chanter une Chanson", 1928

2 books

Box 1 Guilbert, Yvette, "La Chanson de Ma Vie (mes mémoires)", 1927

4 books. Includes one copy of English translation "The Song of My Life"

Box 1 Guilbert, Yvette, "Les Demi-Vielles", 1902

2 books

Box 1 Guilbert, Yvette, "How to Sing a Song", 1918

Box 1 Guilbert, Yvette, "La Vedette", 1902

2 books

Box 1 Guilbert, Yvette, "La Passante Émerveillée (mes voyages)", 1929

Box 1 Knapp, Bettina and Myra Chipman, "That was Yvette: the Biography of the Great Disseuse", 1964

Box 1 Laffont, Robert, "Autre Temps, Autre Chants" (avec une préface du Dussane), 1945

Subseries II.2: Books by and about Liebowitz/Gresser Family, 1946-2004

Box 1 Gresser, Fania Pallant "Memoirs of Fania Pallant Gresser", 2004

Box 1 Knapp, Bettina Liebowitz, "The Lewis Mumford/David Liebowitz Letters", 1983

Box 1 Liebowitz, David, "The Canvas Sky", 1946

Box 1 Liebowitz, David, "Yeah, I'm Jonesy"

Subseries II.3: Other, 1902-1938

Box 2 Folder 1 "Arithmétique Illustrée" Bibliothéque Enfantine Series C, 1930s

Box 2 Colette, "L'Envers du Music Hall"

Box 2 Franko, Sam, "Chords and Dischords", 1938

Box 2 Folder 2 "Les Filles de Ginette"

Box 2 Folder 3 "Les Idylles de Gessner: Orneées de Planches Gravées sur Bois" de P.E. Vibert, 1922, September 30

Box 2 "L'iIlustration Theatre 1902-1903", 1902-1903

Box 2 "L'Illustration Theatre 1919", 1932

Box 2 "L'Illustration Theatre 1920", 1920

Box 2 Folder 4 "Potpourri! Livre d'Images", 1930s

Box 2 Folder 5 "The Story of Wagner's Lohengrin", 1932

Box 2 Folder 6 Les Trois Mousquetaires d'Alexandre Dumas. Le Film d'Art, 1912

Box 2 Folder 7 "Zig et Puce Millionaires"