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Malcolm X Project Records, 1960-2008, bulk 2001-2008

Series IX: Biography Research Files

Series IX consists of research compiled in the preparation and writing of Malcolm X: A Life of Reinvention. It includes biographical files on individuals related to Malcolm X, as well as a detailed and richely researched chronology of major events in Malcolm's life.

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Subseries IX.1: Files of Key Persons

Box 39 Bios of Key People

Box 27 Abner, Willoughby

Box 27 Ali, John

Box 27 Ali, Muhammad/Cassius Clay

Box 27 Ameer, Leon 4X

Box 27 Anderson, James X (Shabazz)

Box 27 Angelou, Maya

Box 39 Angelou, Maya

Box 27 Bailey, A. Peter

Box 27 Baldwin, James

Box 39 Baldwin, James

Box 27 Baraka, Amiri

Box 27 Belafonte, Harry

Box 27 Bey, Abraham

Box 27 Blackwell, Charles 27X

Box 27 Boggs, James

Box 27 Bradley, William (William X)

Box 39 Bradley, William (William X)

Box 27 Breitman, George

Box 27 Brown, William N.

Box 27 Bunche, Ralph

Box 27 Butler, Norman 3X

Box 27 Butler, Norman 3X, Talmadge Hayer, and Thomas 15X Johnson

Box 27 Cambridge, Godfrey

Box 27 Caragulian, Bea

Box 27 Carmichael, Stokely

Box 27 Castro, Fidel

Box 27 Cathcart, Linwood X

Box 27 Clark, Kenneth

Box 27 Clarke, John Henrik

Box 27 Collins, Ella

Box 27 Core Individuals List

Box 27 Crawford, Marc

Box 27 Cross, Lonnie X

Box 27 Dallos, Robert E.

Box 28 Davis, Angela

Box 28 Davis, Jasper

Box 28 Davis, John DX

Box 28 Davis, Leon X

Box 28 Davis, Ossie

Box 28 DeCaro, Louis

Box 28 Dynear, Tynetta

Box 28 Farmer, James

Box 28 Farrakhan, Louis

Box 58 Farrakhan, Louis--Notes, 2007

Box 28 Feelings, Muriel

Box 28 Ferguson, Benjamin and Luqman, Charles 37X

Herman Ferguson, Benjamin Karim, Anas Luqman, and Charles 37X Kenyatta.

Box 28 Ferguson, Herman

Box 28 Foster Families

Box 28 Francis, Reuben

Box 39 Francis, Reuben

Box 28 George, William H.

Box 28 Goldman, Peter

Box 28 Grant, Earl

Box 28 Gravitt, Joseph

Box 28 Green, Edith

Box 28 Gregory, Dick

Box 39 Gregory, Dick

Box 28 Guide to Malcolm X Project Discs of Critical People

Box 28 Haley, Alex

Box 40 Haley, Alex

Box 58 Haley, Alex

Box 58 Haley, Alex--Interview with Betty Shabazz about Alex Haley, 1989

Box 29 Handler, M.S.

Box 29 Hansberry, Lorraine

Box 29 Hassan, Lemuel (Anderson)

Box 29 Hassoun, Sheik

Box 40 Hayer, Talmadge

Box 29 Henry, Milton

Box 29 Hicks, James

Box 29 Hinton, Johnson X

Box 29 Hughes, Langston

Box 29 Hustler Friends

Box 29 Islam, Khalil (Thomas 15x Johnson)

Box 29 James 3X (minister Newark Mosque)

Box 29 Jarvis, Malcolm

Box 58 Jarvis, Malcolm "Shorty"

Box 29 Jeremiah X

Box 29 Johnson, Christine

Box 29 Johnson, Thomas 15X

Box 29 Joseph, Captain

Box 29 Karim, Imam Benjamin (Benjamin 2X)

Box 29 Kennedy, John F.

Box 29 Kenyatta, Charles (Charles 37X)

Box 29 Killens, John Oliver

Box 29 King, Martin Luther, Jr.

Box 29 Kinley, Wilbur

Box 29 Kochiyama, Yuri

Box 29 Leaks, Sylvester

Box 29 Lennon, William Paul

Box 29 Lewis, John

Box 29 Lincoln, C. Eric

Box 40 Lincoln, C. Eric

Box 29 Little, Earl

Box 29 Little, Earl, Jr.

Box 29 Little, Hilda

Box 29 Little, Louise

Box 29 Little, Philbert (Philbert X)

Box 29 Little, Reginald

Box 29 Little, Robert

Box 29 Little, Wesley

Box 29 Little, Wilfred (Wilfred X)

Box 40 Little, Wilfred (Wilfred X)

Box 29 Little, Yvonne

Box 30 Lomax, Louis

Box 30 Luqman, Langston Savage Anas M.

Box 40 Luqman, Langston Savage Anas M.

Box 30 Mayfield, Julian

Box 53 McCormick, Ken

Box 30 McGee, Ernst 2X

Box 30 Michaux, Elder Solomon Lightfoot

Box 40 Mohammed, Imam W. Deen

Box 30 Muhammad, Akbar

Box 30 Muhammad, Clara

Box 30 Muhammad, Elijah

Box 40 Muhammad, Elijah

Box 30 Muhammad, Elijah, Jr.

Box 30 Muhammad, Herbert

Box 30 Muhammad, Wallace

Box 30 Naeem, Abdul Basit

Box 40 Nkrumah, Kwame

Box 30 Parks, Gordon

Box 30 Perry, Bruce

Box 30 Plimpton, George

Box 30 Poole, Sharon X

Box 30 Powell, Adam Clayton, Jr.

Box 30 Ramadan, Said

Box 30 Randolph, A. Philip

Box 30 Abdur-Razzaq, Abdullah (James 67X Warden)

Box 30 Reed, Greg

Box 30 Reynolds, Jean

Box 30 Richardson, Gloria

Box 30 Roberts, Gene

Box 30 Robinson, Jackie

Box 30 Rockwell, George Lincoln

Box 30 Rustin, Bayard

Box 31 Sanchez, Sonia

Box 31 Sandifer, Jawn and Edward Jacko

Box 31 Shabazz Daughters

Box 31 Shabazz Family

Box 31 Shabazz, Betty

Box 31 Sharieff, Ethel

Box 31 Sharieff, Raymond

Box 31 Shawarbi, Mahmood Youssef

Box 31 Shifflett, Lynn

Box 31 Smith, Robert 35X

Box 31 Socialists

Box 31 Stanford, Max

Box 31 Stokes, Ronald

Box 31 Thomas, Benjamin X

Box 31 Thomas, Cary 2X

Box 31 Timberlake, Ronald

Box 31 Tynes, Morris

Box 31 Ulysses X

Box 31 Wallace, Mike

Box 31 Whitney, George 28X

Box 31 Wilkins, Roy

Box 31 Young, Whitney

Box 31 Zuber, Paul

Subseries IX.2: Chronology

Box 32 Chronology Documentation

Box 33 Chronology Documentation

Box 34 Chronology Documentation

Box 35 Chronology Documentation

Box 58 Chronology, 1964 May-July

Box 55 Chronologies, 2004

Subseries IX.3: Research Files

Box 41 Early Subject Files on Malcolm X Biography, 1990-1993

Consists of newspaper clippings, indices and abtracts to articles, photocopies of FBI documents, photocopies of speeches, and chronologies on the life of Malcolm X done while Dr. Marable was at the University of Colorado.

Box 40 Assassination Research

Box 54 Assassination Research, 1965

Box 48 Research--Copy of Assassination Packet

Box 40 Chapter 1

Contains material on Malcolm X's mother and background research on Michigan and Detroit.

Box 58 Chapter 1, Primary Sources

Box 40 Chapter 2

Box 40 Chapter 3

Box 40 Chapter 4

Box 53 Chapter 9

Box 53 Chapter 10

Box 53 Chapter 11

Box 53 Chapter 13

Box 58 Chapter 16

Box 40 Africa, Islam, American Jewish Committee

Box 40 Charlestown Prison

Box 40 Malcolm X Essential File

Box 40 Malcolm X Eviction Trial

Box 40 Malcolm X and Gender

Box 58 Russell Rickford / MX Bios, Chapters XI-XV

Box 40 Rochdale Movement

Box 58 Research Materials--Miscellaneous