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Malcolm X Project Records, 1960-2008, bulk 2001-2008

Series II: Malcolm X Multimedia Study Environment, 1999-2007

This collection compiles material from the three initiatives that resulted in the final Malcolm X Project. The first component, an interactive analysis of the Autobiography, was constituted through the Malcolm X Project Multimedia Study Environment (MSE), a collaboration between Dr. Marable and the Columbia Center for New Media Teaching and Learning (CCNMTL). This digital repository provided space for critical inquiry into the autobiography by offering interpretations through four distinct lenses: culture, globalism, politics, and faith. The multiple lens approach was designed to illuminate both the continuities and contradictions that ran through the memoir, providing further room for contextualization. The MSE launched in 2004 replete with an exhaustive chronology, 275 discrete annotations, course syllabi, videotaped lectures of Marable's courses on Malcolm, oral histories, as well as relevant secondary articles and media coverage. The lectures and course syllabi reveal the evolution of Marable's analysis of the life and assassination of Malcolm X. Marable believed in broad public access to historical knowledge, so a selection of oral histories, secondary sources, and interviews with scholars were extended for public use. Included in the MXP papers are emails detailing the genesis of the MSE, course syllabi, course lecture notes, and asset lists. Among the notable interviews are discussions with several activists and scholars, including Ossie Davis, Robin D.G. Kelley and Farah Jasmine Griffin.

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