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Michèle C. Cone collection of Artists under Vichy, 1920s-1990s

Series II: Audio Visual

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Box 7 Folder 2-9 Photographs of artists, artwork, architectural plans, etc

Audio Cassettes:

Cassette tape of interviews with WWII artists, dealers, etc (30 tapes):

Box 7 Noel Arnaud I and II

Box 7 Margaret Scolari Barr

Box 7 Jacques Bazaine (dealer)

Box 7 Jean Bazine (artist)

Box 7 M. Bouchard

Box 7 Bouquillon

Box 7 Alain Brieux

Box 7 Arno Breker

Box 7 Champagne

Box 7 Caputo

Box 7 Michele Cone on BBC

Box 7 Courmes

Box 7 Albert Feraud

Box 7 Fougeron

Box 7 Otto Frundlich/Charles Gutmann

Box 7 Otto Frundlich/Jean Sacon

Box 7 Meillet on Frundlich

Box 7 Hedwig Muschg on Otto Frundlich

Box 7 F. Gilot

Box 7 Jacques Herold

Box 7 Mme.Hugnet

Tapes of Conversations with Personalities active during WWI (17 cassettes):

Box 7 Conference on Vichy

Box 7 Germaine Richier

Box 7 Pierre Levy

Box 7 Louis Leygue

Box 7 L. Wolf

Box 7 S. Magnelli

Box 7 Maillol's Cousin

Box 7 Masclari

Box 7 Hans Namuth

Box 7 R. Paxton

Box 7 G. Rohner

Box 7 Boris Taslitzky

Box 7 H. Yencesse

Floppy Disks:

Box 7 Backup I and Backup II (9 Maxell Mini Floppy Disks)


Box 7 Folder 10 Resisting Paradise: a film by Barbara Hammer (DVD)


Box 8 149 slides


Box 9 Two posters: Comoedia, 1943