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Michèle C. Cone collection of Artists under Vichy, 1920s-1990s

Series I: Research Files

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Bronze Statues Melted Down:

(Henri Bouchard, French sculptor, head of the committee in charge of selection; plus bio, writings, and a collection of booklets on his work)

Box 1 Folder 1 Photographic Illustrations Le Gazette des Beaux Arts, 1974

Box 1 Folder 1 Bizardel memoirs (excerpts)

Box 1 Folder 1 Debuissm list

Box 1 Folder 2 List des Monuments et des Fontaines Appartenant a la Ville de Paris, 1983

Box 1 Folder 3 Photocopy of article on the removal and melting down of bronze statuary, as well as notepad

Box 1 Folder 4 Campagne de Mobilisation. Statues; a complete archive from the Archives Nationales de france documenting the removal of bronze statues and official list of saved ones

Box 1 Folder 5 Henri Bouchard bio and other documents

Box 1 Folder 5 Henri Bouchard's Victor Hugo project

Box 1 Folder 6 Copy of articles re. Valery, Bergson, Artistes Francaise

The Nazi Sculptor Arno Breker:

(Visit by the author to Breker, includes correspondence, postcard gifts from Breker, a booklet on technique, slides, interview (all interviews have been filed together separately) and photocopy of his request to use the apartment of Helena Rubenstein in Paris.)

Box 1 Folder 7 Postcard gifts from Breker, a booklet on technique, photograph

Box 1 Folder 8 Breker letter and clippings referring to his workshop

Box 1 Folder 9 Material re. Brecker's request for Helena Rubenstein's apartment in Paril

Box 1 Folder 10 Original letter from Arno Breker requesting interview tapes, 1984

Box 1 Folder 11 Correspondence re. interview, 1984

Box 1 Folder 12 M. Cone's notes on Breker

Box 1 Folder 13 Clippings re. Breker

Box 1 Arno Breker 60 ans de sculpture (Printed)

Box 1 Arno Breker et L'Art Officiel by Bernard Noel (Printed)

Box 1 Breker in Dusseldorf (slides)

Decorative Arts:

(Images of Pétain propaganda objects, catalogues of ceramicist Robert Lallemant, artistic advisor to Pétain; Galerie Cristofle exhibition catalogues 1941-1945 Trade publication Art Artisanat; info on French furniture from the 40s for article in Art in America), 1941-1945

Box 1 Folder 14-16 Info on French furniture from the 40s for article in Art in America.

Box 1 Folder 17 Trade publication Art Artisanat 38 --

Box 1 Folder 18 Salon de l'imagerie

Box 1 Folder 19 Images of Pétain propaganda objects

Box 1 Folder 20 Newel Art Galleries

Box 1 Folder 21 Catalogues of ceramicist Robert Lallemant, artistic advisor to Pétain;

Box 1 Folder 22 Elilo Terry

Box 1 Folder 23 Notes

Box 1 Folder 24 Photocopies of articles on St. Antoine/Tapisserie

Box 1 Folder 25 Sevres le Monde

Box 1 Folder 26 Photocopies re. art research

Box 1 Folder 27 Decrets

Nazi Art:

Box 2 Folder 1-2 Nazi Art/Hitler's Rooms/Lehman Haupt

Aristide Maillol and Charles Despiau:

(Tramontane, "La Vie Miserable et Glorieuse d'Aristide Maillol" and other magazine and journal articles pertaining to Maillol 1940-44; interview with Maillol's nephew Yvon Berta, 1985. Despiau Impressions d'Allemagne printed in Comoedia, November 29, 1941Journal Officiel listing of sanctions against collaborating artists including Despiau)

Box 2 Folder 3 Maillol . Barcelona, 1979

Box 2 Folder 4-5 Maillol. Articles, notes, research

Box 2 Folder 6 Aristide Maillol: 1861-1944

Box 2 Folder 7 l'Oeil: Charles Despaiu

Box 2 Folder 8 Charles Despaiu. Notes and articles

Anti-Semitic Materials:

Exhibition catalogue Le Juif et la France; reviews; articles in Je Suis Partout by Lucien Rebatet and other collabo writers.

Box 2 Folder 9 Albert Bouquillon (slides of visit)

Box 2 Folder 10 Albert Bouquillon. Catalog and photograph of his art

Box 2 Folder 11 Albert Bouquillon/. Letters, notes, articles

Box 2 Folder 12-13 Exposition "Le Juif et la France" au Palais Berlitz a Paris

Box 2 Folder 14 L'Art in Au Pilori, Note and photocopies

Box 2 Folder 15-16 Articles in Je Suis Partout by Lucien Rebatet and other collabo writers

Post-War Documents on Collaborators and Art Thieves:

Looted Art:

(Post-war testimonies of art dealers including P. Petrides accused of dealing in stolen art; excerpt of Memoir by Petrides; J.O. punishments; Kummel Report with list of artworks to be confiscated in European and American museums for the Third Reich.

Box 2 Folder 17 "Nazi Looted Art" The Holocaust Educational Trust, 1998

Box 2 Folder 18 ARTnews , December 1984

Box 2 Folder 19 Vanity Fair , March1998

Box 2 Folder 20 Web print outs re. looted art

Box 2 Folder 21 Leo Beck Institute. Correspondence and state of discussions E. Simpson

Box 2 Folder 22 Rorimer, etc.

Box 2 Folder 23 Vallant Le Front De L'Art

Box 2 Folder 24 French Museums re. collections

Box 2 Folder 25 French Museums, Robert von Hirsh sale

Box 3 Folder 1 Prosecution of Collabo in Artistic Milieu

Box 3 Folder 2 German Lists of looted art

Box 3 Folder 3 Report: Western Occupied Territories and the Netherlands

Box 3 Folder 4 Cassou Pillage and documents

Box 3 Folder 5 Clippings re. recovered stolen art from Jewish collections

Box 3 Folder 6 Sénat -- Séance du 11 Juin, 1990

Box 3 Folder 7 The Spoils of War. Edited by Elizabeth Simpson

Artist Refugees in Marseilles, Grasse, Oppede, etc:

(Materials on Arp, Sonia Delaunay, Taueber Arp, Brauner, Bellmer, Breton, Ernst, Masson, Chagall, Herold., Lam, Consuelo St. Exupery, Hans Namuth (interview) Ferdinand Springer's letters to the author on his internment with Ernst. interview with surrealist J. Herold Varian Fry and his Committee to save endangered intellectuals and artists, Letters to the author from members of the committee, original photos of Air Bel; excerpts from memoirs of refugees, Info on an exquisite corpse, and remake of Le Jeu de cartes surrealiste)

Box 3 Folder 8 Six Artistes a Grasse, 1940-1943

Box 3 Folder 9 Correspondence with Ferdinand Springer and article on "Le camp des Milles"

Box 3 Folder 10 Lam, Arp. Herold, etc.

Box 3 Folder 11 Wifredo Lam

Box 3 Folder 12 Oscar Domíngez

Box 3 Folder 13 Jacques Herold, Alberto Magnelli, Marc Chagall

Box 3 Folder 14 Jean Arp

Box 3 Folder 15 Andre Masson

Box 3 Folder 16 Max Ernst

Box 3 Folder 17 Hans Bellmer

Box 3 Folder 18 Victor Brauner

Box 3 Folder 19 David Wyman "Paper Walls"

Box 3 Folder 20-21 Copies and notes on various people: Ernst, Gold, Fry, Masson, etc.

Box 3 Folder 22 Personal notes on reading

Box 3 Folder 23 Le Jeu de Marseille: Victor Brauner; Andre Breton; Oscar Dominguez; Max Ernst; Janques Herold; Wilfredo Lam; Jacqueline Lamba; André Masson (Playing Cards)

Box 3 Folder 24 Varian Fry from Columbia (photocopies from his papers)

Box 3 Folder 25 Letters concerning refugee artists and architects in various places, especially Oppède

Box 3 Folder 26 Margaret Scolari Barr on MOMA invitations to artists, 1940-41

Resistance and Art -- Jean Moulin, and Noel Arnaud:

(Original catalogue on Jean Moulin, his art gallery in Nice, his cartooning before the war, his exchanges of mail with P.Petrides. Author correspondance with Noel Arnaud, editor of Main a Plume; postwar catalogues on art and resistance at various venues (suspect). Interviews with Noel Arnaud, with communist artists Fougeron and Taslitsky)

Box 3 Folder 27 Jean Moulin's Gallery Romanin

Box 4 Folder 1 L'Art Francais, November 1943 (copy), November 1943

Box 4 Folder 2 La Main a Plume (copy)

Box 4 Folder 3-4 La Resistance Litteraire (copy) with notes

Box 4 Folder 5 UBAC, Labisse, Gromaire, Laurens

Box 4 Folder 6 Correspondence and notes re the book Marseilles-New York, 1940-41, edited by Andre Dimanche

Box 4 Folder 6 Notes by M. Cone

Box 4 Folder 7 Photographs of artists (copy) from Smithsonian Institution

Box 4 Folder 8 Correspondence re. photographic services

Box 4 Folder 9 Picture research for book Marseilles-New York, 1940-41, edited by Andre Dimanche

Box 4 Folder 10 Decadence et Renaissance (copy) with notes

Gaston Diehl and Louis Hautecoeur:

(Gaston DiehlLes Etapes de la Peinture Contemporaine, 1941-42;Les Problemes de la Peinture; 1945 Le Nouvel Art Contemporain 1925-42 complete xeroxes given to the author Louis Hautecoeur excerpts from memoir, and copy of speech celebrating Franco Spanish exchanges of art involving a piece wanted by Nazi Germany), 1945

Box 4 Folder 11 Gaston Diehl Les Etapes de la Peinture Contemporaine, 1941-42

Box 4 Folder 12 Gaston Diehl Le Nouvel Art Contemporain 1925-42

Box 4 Folder 13 Note cards

Box 4 Folder 14 Gaston Diehl Les Problemes de la Peinture;, 1945

Box 4 Folder 15 Louis Hautecoeur excerpts from memoir, and copy of speech celebrating Franco Spanish exchanges of art involving a piece wanted by Nazi Germany

Catalogues and Press Clippings on Exhibitions of Modern Art:

(Some original catalogues and some xeroxes from Galerie de France, Galerie Friedland, Galerie Charpentier, Musee des arts modernes, Salon d'automne( including 1943 with Braque, 1944 with Picasso works. Vichy State Acquistions. Rare info on Jeune France, Témoignage, Le Rouge et le Bleu, La Peinture Bleu Blanc Rouge and artists Jean Bazaine, Alfred Manessier, Esteve, Jacques Villon, Bissiere German reports of spying on French art worlds 1941 --June 1944), 1943, 1944, 1941

Box 4 Folder 16 Les Achats et les Commandes de L'Etat and other Vichy sponsored projects

Box 4 Folder 17 German reports of spying on French art worlds 1941 --June 1944, 1941

Box 4 Folder 18 Artistas Franceses Contemporaneos, Madrid, 1943

Box 4 Folder 18 Catalog (copy) of Jeunes Peintres Francais, 1942/43

Box 4 Folder 19 Salon d'automne, 1941 42, 43 and correspondence in German and French, 1941

Box 4 Folder 20 Galerie de France, 1942

Box 5 Folder 1 Gallery Charpentier (various), with correspondence

Box 5 Folder 2 Témoignage

Box 5 Folder 3 Galerie Friedland

Box 5 Folder 4 Jeune France. (add Winnoch)

Box 5 Folder 5 Interviews and Bios.

Box 5 Folder 6 Notes on five painters

Box 5 Folder 7 Musee National des Arts Modernes


(See Noel Arnaud, letter on Picasso, discussing authenticity of a Picasso drawing given to a German officer Excerpts from Memoirs on Picasso during the war by André Dubois, Melle Roland, Sabartes. Several interviews with Francoise Gilot, author's notes, Gilot's notes Photos of Picasso works known and not known, mostly from war years MOMA Bulletin Jan 1945 and correspondence Barr/ Zervos, and others re Picasso's behavior during the war), 1945

Box 5 Folder 8 Texts on Picasso

Box 5 Folder 9 Picasso articles, notes, art (copy)

Box 5 Folder 10 Picasso drawing given to a German officer discussed by Nöel Arnaud and M. Cone, 1988

Box 5 Folder 11 Stein on Picasso

Box 5 Folder 12 Nöel Arnaud letters to M. Cone about surrealism day WWII

Box 5 Folder 13 Francoise Gilot interviews

Box 5 Folder 14 Salon d'Autome Picasso and American Press, 1944-1946

Box 5 Folder 15 Post war American reports re. French artists

Box 5 Folder 16 Picasso by Zervos: Post war reaction

Box 5 Folder 17 UBU Repertory Theater and News: Catch Desire By The Tail by Picasso

Box 5 Folder 18 "Picasso" Robert Desnos


(Several texts by Gaston Diehl inComoedia; book with Matisse correspondence with Bonnard; with Camoin in Revue de l'art no.12, 1971 photocopy of Pierre Courthion, "le visage de Matisse" 1942), 1971

Box 5 Folder 19 Matisse. Note cards

Box 5 Folder 20 dessins par Henri-Matisse (copy)

Box 5 Folder 21 Comoedia

Box 5 Folder 22 Matisse catalogs

Box 5 Folder 23-24 Matisse article, reviews, lists, etc.

Box 5 Folder 25-27 Chatting with Henri Matisse: The Lost 1941 Interview (copy)

J. M. Campagne and Alfred Courmes:

(Clippings on "la peinture objective"in Les nouveaux Temps 1941-44 Book on Alfred Courmes by Campagne, and other Courmes catalogues. Interview with Courmes, with Campagne, Info on Forces Nouvelles painter Georges Rohner and interview)

Box 6 Folder 1-4 Clippings, notes, articles

Various Artists:

Box 6 Folder 5-6 Hubert Yencesse, Roland Oudol, Maurice Brianchon, Raymond Legueult, and Alfred Janniot . Interview of the sculptor H. Yencesse, friend of Arno Breker.

French Art in Nazi Berlin:

Box 6 Folder 7 Catalog (copy) of exhibition in Berlin, 1937

Box 6 Folder 8 Correspondence about this exhibition

Box 6 Folder 9-10 "Entartete Kunst" research

Otto Freundlich:

(Special file on a Jewish artist whose work was on the cover of the original Entartete Kunst catalogue, who lived in various hiding places in France during World War II, was in touch with the Fry committee, with relatives in America. Arrested, he perished in the Holocaust. Catalogues, Schriffen, interviews with Mrs. Guttman who helped him during the war, with Edda Maillet from the Fondation Otto Freundlich in the musée de Pontoise)

Box 6 Folder 11 "Freundlich papers used so far". Notes, correspondence, documents, etc.

Box 6 Folder 12 Four printed catalogs of works of Otto Freundlich

Box 6 Otto Freundlich Schriften. Kölm: DuMont, 1982

Ph. D Thesis:

Art and Politics in France during the German Occupation:

Box 6 Folder 13-14 Reproduction Rights

Box 6 Folder 15 Illustrations/Plates

Box 6 Folder 16 "Art and Politics in France during the German Occupation, 1940-1944" (Ph.D. dissertation, 1988), 1940-1944

Box 7 Folder 1 Illustrations/Plates (Originals)