Rare Book & Manuscript Library

Tony Kushner papers, 1983-2011

List of Box Contents

Most of the files are housed in manilla envelopes, with identifying information by Tony Kushner.

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Box 1 A Bright Room Called Day [2 Notebooks]

Box 1 Pushcart Wars Screeplay [1 Notebook] (for Jonathan Demme)

Box 1 St. Cecilia, or the Power of Music [2 Notebooks]

Box 1 The Illusion (FILM TREATMENT) [1 Notebook]

Box 1 Windows [1 Notebook] (with Ariel Dorfman, based on his novel for the Mark Taper Forum)

Box 1 The Heavenly Theater [1 Notebook] (NYU Grad School, 1983-?)

Box 1 Incidents and Occurences in the Life of the Tailor Max [1 Notebook] (play for the GPGC)

Box 1 Friends in Need (?) [1 Prop Notebook] (benefit performance for Friends in Need)

Box 1 Umbrella God Dance Piece [1 Notebook] (for the Yard on Martha's Vineyard)

Box 1 In Great Eliza's Golden Time and The Protozoa Revue [1 Notebook] (two children's plays for the Rep. Theater of St. Louis)

Box 1 Homebody/Kabul [2 Notebooks]

Box 1 Slavs! [1 Notebook]

Box 1 Caroline, or Change [4 Notebook]

Box 1 La Fin de la Baleine [1 Notebook] (dance piece at NYU/Ohio Theater)

Box 1 Last Gasp at the Cataract or Denile of Death! [1 Notebook] (dance piece at the Yard)

Box 1 Euripides' Heracles [1 Notebook] (for 2nd year NYU grad school production)

Box 1 Book of Birds [1 Notebook] (dance piece)

Box 2 Caroline, or Change [Original Manuscript]

Box 2 Homebody/Kabul [Original Manuscript]

Box 2 The Book of Tobit [2 Notebook and Manuscript] (Kids' Play - never completed)

Box 2 But the Giraffe! And Brundibar [Original Manuscript]

Box 2 Comedy on the Bridge [2 Notebooks]

Box 2 Hydriotaphia [2 Notebooks]

Box 2 St. Cecilia or the Power of Music [Original Manuscript Libretto]

Box 2 Mother Courage [Production Notes]. University of New Hampshire, 1987 or 1988 (?) (Mannheim/Willet trans.)

Box 2 Heavenly Theater [1 Typescript]

Box 2 A Bright Room Called Day [Revision Manuscript Pages]

Box 2 Songs for a Louisiana Basement [Manuscript] (for a performance at Home Theater in 1988)

Box 2 In That Day [Typescript] (project with NYU grad students)

Box 2 Last Gasp at the Cataract [Manuscript]

Box 2 Johnny Johnson concert [Script]

Box 2 Silences [Notes] (1st year directing project - NYU Grad School)

Box 2 Happy End [Poster] (poster, my design, for Happy End at NYU Grad School - 1984)

Box 2 Heracles [Notes and Poster] (Poster is my design, NYU Grad School, second year project)

Box 2 La Fin de la Baleine [Typescript]

Box 3 Lincoln [Research Folder] (Including notes from Lincolnist Meeting at the Ritz Carlton Hotel (2006?))

Box 3 Angels in America [7 Original Research Notebooks]

Box 3 Angels in America (HBO) [3 manuscripts]

Box 3 Hydriotaphia [Original Typescript]

Box 4 Baden Baden Play for Learning [Manuscript] (1st Production, GPGC - Louisiana 1980?)

Box 4 Poems by Naomi Wallace [Signed Manuscript]

Box 4 A Bright Room Called Day [Original Manuscript]

Box 4 Grim(m) [Teleplay] (for Maurice Sendak project w/ HBO (I think)

Box 4 Angels [Manuscript/Notes] (3 folders of early rewrites and production notes)

Box 4 Angels in America (HBO) [Teleplay] (1st Draft of TV Script 2001)

Box 4 La Fin de la Baleine [Original Manuscript]

Box 4 East Coast Ode to Howard Jarvis [Original Typescript/Manuscript]

Box 4 Trojan Women [Manuscript, Ellen McLachlan]

Box 4 Lincoln [Final Shooting Script]

Box 4 Questions for Liza Minelli interview [Notes,1994 interview of Liza Minelli]

Box 4 Assorted Faxes and Letters [Correspondences, Early 1990s]

Box 4 Munich [Munich DVD Research]

Box 4 Angels in America [Angels Research Material c1995]

Box 4 The White Hotel [White Hotel Cassette (?)]

Box 4 Bill for Duncan Broadhurst [Bill for Duncan Broadhurst's My Mother Would be a Falconress]

Box 4 And the Torso Even More So [Manuscript] (T-shirt Play for the Actors Theater Louisville 199?)

Box 4 Corpus Cristi [Flyers/Notes] (Demonstration materials 1995)

Box 5 Angels in America, Part 1 [Original Manuscript]

Box 5 Angels in America, Part 1 [Manuscript] (4th Draft Millennium Approaches 05/90)

Box 5 Angels in America, Part 2 [Perestroika Original Manuscript]

Box 5 The Age of Assassins [Original Manuscript]

Box 5 Incidents and Occurances in the Travels of the Tailor Max [Script and Score, GPGC - 81?]

Box 5 The Heavenly Theater: Hymns for Martyred Actors [Original Manuscript] (NYU Grad Thesis Directing Project 1983-1984)

Box 6 Angels in America (HBO) [31 VHS Tapes] (Daily footage from the filming of Angels for HBO)

Box 7 Angels in America (HBO) [33 VHS Tapes] (Daily footage from the filming of Angels for HBO)

Box 8 Angels in America (HBO) [33 VHS Tapes] (Daily footage from the filming of Angels for HBO)

Box 9 Angels in America (HBO) [33 VHS Tapes] (Daily footage from the filming of Angels for HBO)

Box 10 Angels in America (HBO) [33 VHS Tapes] (Daily footage from the filming of Angels for HBO)

Box 11 Caps and Hoods [14 Caps and Hoods from honorary doctorates]

Box 12 Homebody/Kabul [10 Hats] (Prop hats from original production of H/K)

Box 12 Intelligent Homosexual… [Suicide Kit] (White bag, bowl, pills, turkey bags and rubber band from the Public Theater production of iHo)

Box 13 Lamda Literary Award (Lesbian and Gay Drama 1995 - Thinking about the Problems…/Slavs!)

Box 13 Lamda Literary Award (Lesbian and Gay Drama 1994- Perestroika)

Box 13 LA Drama Critics Circle Award (Ted Schmitt Award - Angels in America - 1992)

Box 13 Drama Desk Award (1993-4 Perestroika)

Box 13 LA Drama Critics Circle Award (2004 Musical Score - Caroline)

Box 13 Lamda Literary Award (Lesbian and Gay Drama 1993 - Millennium Approaches)

Box 13 Angels in America (Ticket to the opening night of Angels on Broadway)

Box 13 Tony Award [Announcement Book] (Millennium - 1993 - Best Play)

Box 13 Tony Award [Announcement Book] (Perestroika - 1994 - Best Play)

Box 13 LA Drama Critics Circle Award (Writing - 1992 - Angels in America at Mark Taper)

Box 13 Chicago Tribune Award (Chicago Tribune Literary Prize)

Box 13 Pulitzer Prize Award (Pulitzer Prize for Millennium Approaches)

Box 13 Drama Desk Award (Outstanding New Play - 1992-3 - Millennium)

Box 13 Humanitas Award (Angels in America - 2004)

Box 13 Liberty Award, 2005

Box 14 Dyson College Award, 2001

Box 14 Israel Cancer Research Fund Award, 2004

Box 14 Lucille Lortel Award, 2004 (Outstanding Musical - Caroline)

Box 14 Pace University Award

Box 14 American Foundation for AIDS Research, 2004 (Award of Courage)

Box 14 Trevor Hero Award, 2005

Box 14 Northwestern University Medals (Award)

Box 14 Lotus Club Award, 1994

Box 14 Callen Lorde Community Health Center Award (Community Health Visionary Award - Nov 15, 2010)

Box 14 GLAD/LA Media Award (Angels Outstanding Theater Production 1993)

Box 14 GLAD/LA Media Award (Angels Outstanding Achievement in Theater 1994)

Box 14 NYCLU Award, 2004

Box 15 Edward Albee Last Frontier Playwright Award, Valdez, Alaska, June 26 2004

Box 15 Louisiana Legend Award, 2008

Box 15 Anti Violence Project Award (Courage Awards - Nov 9 2009)

Box 16 St. Louis Literary Award, 2012

Box 16 BFCA Critics Choice Award

Box 16 Wand and Tiara Gift (Wand and Tiara from Signature Theater on the occasion of Tony's season in 2011)

Box 16 The Illusion [Film Treament] (Illusion Film Work, three parts of treatment)

Box 16 The Illusion [Typescript] (Work on the Illusion from the NY Theater Workshop)

Box 16 The Illusion [Draft] (Work on the Illusion from the NY Theater Workshop)

Box 16 The Illusion [Notebook] (Work on the Illusion from the NY Theater Workshop)

Box 17 Emerson College (Honorary Doctorate from Emerson on May 12, 2012)

Box 17 The Illusion [Notes, clippings, letters from LATC and other Illusion Productions]

Box 17 The Illusion [Drafts and Manuscripts] (Four folders of drafts and manuscripts from Hartford production of the Illusion)

Box 17 Angels in America [Museum Materials] (Five folders of photocopied manuscripts, labels and research materials from the San Francisco Museum of Performance and Design exhibit on Angels in 2011)

Box 17 Maurice Sendak [Packets] (Planning for the Maurice Sendak 80th Birthday Celebration at the 92nd St Y)

Box 17 Signature Theater (Planning for the Signature Theater Season in 2010)

Box 17 Various Programs (9 Various Programs and Paraphernelia related to productions of various plays - including AGE OF ASSASSINS flyer)

Box 18 Hoods/Robes (3 Graduation Hoods/Robes from various honorary doctorates)

Box 18 Envelope of letters (Letters from various people to TK 1992 to ?)

Box 18 Envelope of letters (Largely unsolicited letters to TK 1993 to ?)

Box 18 Kimberly Flynn Envelope (Collection of notebooks, letters, research related to Kimberly Flynn)

Box 19 Lincoln Award (NY Film Critics Circle Award for Lincoln)

Box 19 Intelligent Homosexual Program (program from the Guthrie)

Box 19 Slavs! Ticket/Program (3 ticket and 2 programs)

Box 19 Homebody/Kabul Program (2 Cheek By Jowel and Madrid productions of H/K)

Box 19 Yes Yes No No [Program] (Children's Theatre of Maine program)

Box 19 Only We Who Guard the Mystery…[Magazine]

Box 19 The Nation with "Only We" published, March 24, 2003

Box 19 University of Iowa Award (Iowa Distinguished Lecture Medalion, Feb 2, 2010)

Box 19 Lincoln Rat (Rat made by the electricians for TK on the set of Lincoln)

Box 19 Lincoln Award (Boston Society of Film Critics award to Lincoln for Best Screenplay)

Box 19 Lincoln Award (Nomination certificate for Academy Award from Lincoln)

Box 19 Maurice Sendak Calendar (Wild Things at 50 Calendar)

Box 19 Lincoln Lookbook (Japanese lookbook)

Box 19 Lincoln Award (National Society of Film Critics Award for Lincoln)

Box 19 Maurice Sendak CDs (10 CDs of slideshow of Book covers for Maurice Sendak memorial service)

Box 19 Maurice Sendak Notes (Notes for Maurice Sendak Memorial Service)

Box 19 SVA Booklets (10 Booklets containing Tony's graduation speech at the School for Visual Arts)

Box 19 Kimberly Flynn Envelope (Collection of notebooks, letters, research, plays by and related to Kimberly Flynn)

Box 19 NYPL Photos/Program (NYPL Library Lions 2011)

Box 19 Maurice Sendak Envelope (DVDs, planning material and research for the Maurice Sendak 80th Birthday celebration at the 92nd St Y)

Box 19 Lincoln Manuscript/CD (Lincoln Reading at Cooper Union Great Hall - 4/28/09 - including a recording of the reading (with Liam Neeson as Lincoln)

Box 20 Lincoln Notes (Draft 60 timeline, outline, etc 7/28/10)

Box 20 Angels in America Magazine (OUT magazine piece on Angels at 20)

Box 20 Art of Maurice Sendak [Corrected Manuscript] (2 Corrected Manuscript for the Art of Maurice Sendak)

Box 44 Drafts of Lincoln screenplay (including ring binder; 1st print out of complete first draft; storyboard; index cards for Lincoln script development)

Box 30 Daily News Strike (Transcripts, clippings, Director's notes and scripts, 1976)

Box 57 Folder A Miscellany

Box 57 Folder B Lincoln materials

Box 57 Folder C Plays for the Yard (Marther's Vineyard, 1984/1985)

Box 57 Folder D Homeboy/Kabul (concerts, pamphlets, articles)

Box 57 Folder E, F Daily News Strike (research)

Box 27 Folder A Correspondence; Contracts; Class Notes; 3P Production Papers

Box 27 Folder B Angels in Translation (Czech; German; Hungarian)

Box 60 Folder A Palestinian Thretare trip 2002

Box 60 Folder B Articles; Introductions; Letters

Box 60 Folder C Howard Cruse/Stuck Rubber Baby introduction

Box 60 Folder D Early Homeboy/Kabul ms. (first draft)

Box 60 Folder E,F Miscellaneous

Box 62 Folder A Stpeeches

Box 62 Folder A Margaret introduction

Box 62 Folder B Lincoln production materials

Box 62 Folder B Cards/Letters

Box 62 Folder B Index Cards - outline

Box 62 Folder C Wrestling with Zion

Box 62 Folder D Miscellaneous post 2010

Box 62 Folder E Magazines

Box 62 Folder E German Angels

Box 62 Folder E VF - Gopad

Box 41 Munich (scripts, nots, Academy Awards, sketch by Spielbarg)

Box 58 Folder A Contracts/Leases/Flor Plans/Heartlights Logo

Box 58 Folder B HBO Angels drafts

Box 58 Folder C Miscellany

Box 58 Folder D Wandering Stars inroduction

Box 58 Folder E The Pushcart Wars

Box 58 Folder F HBO Angels drafts

Box 58 Folder G HBO Angels (screenplays, publicity)

Box 53 Folder A Letters/Contracts/Articles, etc.

Box 53 Folder B,C Letters

Box 53 Folder D,E Homeboy Scripts

Box 42 Munich drafts

Box 42 Eric Roth drafts

Box 42 Procuction Materials

Box 61 Folder A Angels (foreign productions)

Box 61 Folder A Broadway Financial Statements, 1993-95

Box 61 Folder A Eureeka Theater legal correspondnce

Box 61 Folder A Early Program

Box 61 Folder B Angels: Broadway, Foreign Productions

Box 61 Folder C,D Angels

Box 61 Folder E Angels, 1993-1996

Box 61 Folder E Nation Tour Press

Box 55 Folder A Speeches, letters, etc.

Box 55 Folder B Early EMK prize materials

Box 55 Folder C Lincoln research production materials

Box 55 Folder D Homeboy cover design, scripts

Box 55 Folder E Slavs! - Icelandic

Box 55 Folder F Lincoln research production materials

Box 56 Folder A Letters, Cards, miscellaneous

Box 56 Folder B-D Daily News Strick research

Box 35 Folder A Miscellaneous Personal stuff - 40th Birthday etc

Box 35 Folder B UNH Mother Courage and Brecht notes and Lecture

Box 35 Folder C Correspondence

Box 35 Folder D Assorted Correspondence

Box 35 Folder E Wrestling with Angels Promo Material, Wrestling with Zion contract

Box 35 Folder F Angels Signature Notes

Box 50 Folder A Martha's illness, Real estate stuff, American Academy induction

Box 50 Folder B Angels-related material, foreign productions

Box 50 Folder C Early Munich material including Eric Roth's screenplay

Box 50 Folder D State of the Union Address signed by Bill Clinton

Box 50 Folder E Miscellaneous

Box 50 Folder F Craig Lucas emails

Box 50 Folder G Craig Lucas emails - ("Craig printed these out and gave me a copy")

Box 52 Folder A Munich production materials, research, Oscars

Box 52 Folder B Magazines with articles about me

Box 52 Folder C Daily News strike research

Box 49 Folder A Letters, A wedding toast (from our wedding), other stuff

Box 49 Folder B Stella early drafts

Box 49 Folder C Good Person La Jolla early draft

Box 49 Folder D Good Person of Szechuan La Jolla Playhouse

Box 49 Folder E Letters

Box 34 Folder A Hydriotaphia Production materials: Programs, 1st Production, Home Theater

Box 34 Folder B Kimberley Flynn Stuff

Box 34 Folder C Original drawings for Theater Comic Book for GPGC kids 1977 or 78? Or 1980?

Box 34 Folder D Last Gasp at the Cataracts, dance/theater piece- The Yard, Martha's Vineyard 1984

Box 34 Folder E Jews for Racial and Economic Justice

Box 34 Folder F Widows: Script/Production

Box 34 Folder G G. David Schine in Hell

Box 34 Folder H CUNY Tuition Fight 1990's, Eric's writing about Bosnia

Box 34 Folder I Correspondents

Box 34 Folder J Art Miscellaneous

Box 34 Folder K French Translation Bright Room Called Day, Heavenly Theater Typescript

Box 36 Folder A Munich: Drafts, Shooting scripts, notes

Box 36 Folder B Protozoa Review, Historio Matrix, Great Eliza's Golden Time, Yes Yes No No, St. Louis Rep's Children's Plays, Slavs! In Barcelona

Box 36 Folder C Naomi Wallace, In the Heart of America, Long Wharf

Box 36 Folder D Thinking About the Long Standing Problems of Virtue and Happiness TCG Publication Notes, galleys

Box 36 Folder E Bright Room notes, Greg Bordowitz Screen Adaptation!

Box 36 Folder F Mother Courage and Homebody/Kabul Miscellaneous - programs, clippings, letters

Box 36 Folder G Guthrie iHo programs

Box 36 Folder H Stella- 2nd draft, Pushcart War - Manuscript outlines typescript, On|y We Who Guard the Mystery in the Nation

Box 48 Folder A Good Person of Szechuan La Jolla Playhouse

Box 48 Folder B Letters 1990s -

Box 48 Folder C Letters

Box 48 Folder D Caroline or Change Material, Age of Assassins proposal

Box 48 Folder E Mother Courage typescript

Box 48 Folder F Mother Courage National/Public

Box 40 Folder A Sketchbook Golden Boy blocking

Box 40 Folder B Miscellaneous clippings, letters, etc.

Box 40 Folder C Cards and Letters 2001-2012?

Box 40 Folder D Letters and Cards

Box 51 Folder A-D Craig Lucas emails

Box 51 Folder E Emails to and from Craig Lucas

Box 51 Folder F CUNY Tuition hike protest, 1GLHRC documents, mise, letters

Box 39 No Envelopes: T Shirts:

Box 37 Guthrie iHo

Box 37 Guthrie Caroline or Change

Box 37 The Illusion Signature Play at Peter Norton Space (Long Sleeve)

Box 37 iHo Act Two Scene Five text

Box 37 Angels in America at Twenty Museum of Performance and Design SF

Box 37 iHo Berkeley Rep 2014

Box 37 Courage in Concert Brecht poem

Box 37 Millenium Approaches Taper Too 1990

Box 37 Actor's Theatre of Louisville And the Torso Even More So T-shirt Play

Box 37 Broadway Show League Angels in America Jersey

Box 37 Angels Milton Glaser A (Blue Wing)

Box 37 iHo Tote

Box 39 Folder A Naomi Wallace materials, Homebody/Kabul Spanish Translation

Box 39 Folder B Munich Rough DVDS, Discovery Documentary, Steven S. Interview (TV), Notes

Box 39 Folder C HBO Angels Production Memos, DVD of Chicago Opera Theater Brundibar Bridge

Box 39 Folder D Angels Cameri Theater Tel Aviv

Box 39 Folder E Emmy Speech, Miscellaneous things

Box 39 Folder F Only We Who Guard the Mystery

Box 39 Folder G Miscellaneous articles

Box 39 Folder H Mother Courage @ The Delacorte Sound Board Recording

Box 39 Folder I Lincoln Group of New York 2012 Award of Achievement

Box 66.1 Folder J Miscellaneous (including a caricature drawing by Roy Cohn)

Box 66.1 Folder I Mother Courage: Courage in Concert

Box 66.1 Folder H Cards, letters (Murice Sendak Memorial Program)

Box 66.1 Folder G Sondheim/Merrily/Noise/ Funk Study Guide/Venice Biennal

Box 66.1 Folder F Hobeboy/Kabul (letters, script materials, programs)

Box 66.2 Folder E Caroline or Change @ The Public, August 2001 (score, libretto, etc.)

Box 66.2 Folder C Columbia College Papers

Box 66.2 Folder D Earlt writing - very early, 1969-1977

Box 66.2 Folder B Heat and Light newsletter, early 1980s

Box 66.2 Folder A Laura Bush/Bush research

Box 29 Angels articles, programs, contracts (mostly from the 1990s; some correspondence incl. Catholic University production controversy)

Box 32 Lincoln research

Box 59 Folder A "A Bright Room Called Day" early materials, including working draft typescript

Box 59 Folder B Interview DVDs/CDs (Beyond the Pale, Rachel Maddow, etc.)

Box 59 Folder C The Heavenly Theater [Typescript]

Box 59 Folder D Lincoln scripts; wrap-gifts

Box 59 Folder E "A Bright Room Called Day" update materials

Box 59 Folder F-H Lincoln script research, production

Box 54 Folder A Drawings; Poster for NYTW ("designed by me")

Box 54 Folder B "The Age of Assassins" script/production materials

Box 54 Folder C Wrestling with Zion preliminary materials

Box 54 Folder D Lincoln (casting/slides/rewrites/earlt drafts, some in mss./outlines)

Box 54 Folder E iHo rewrites

Box 31 Lecture notes; speeches; correspondence; articles; personal artifacts

Box 45.2 Folder A Heavenly Theater 1983- photos, notes, progams; NYU Master's thesis production

Box 45.2 Folder B Hydriotaphia original production photos 1987(?)

Box 45.2 Folder C Mr. Harrison Dance Piece with Clarice Marshall and Tom Caylor-1988 (?)

Box 45.2 Folder D Angels Casting Notes- signature 2009-2010, iHo - early reading cast, Glass Menagerie intro proofs, Gershwin - notes for Spielberg, War Horse - uncredited rewrites, A Bright Room Called Day NY Shakespeare Festival draft 1990

Box 45.2 Folder E Early Angels drafts

Box 45.2 Folder F Early Angels draft with cuts marked

Box 45.2 Folder G Very Early computer printout of 1st draft of Perestroika, Perestroika early draft with edits by Oskar Eustis

Box 45.1 Folder H Mark Taper Forum Millennium rehearsal draft 1992

Box 45.1 Folder I Early Versions of Angels

Box 45.2 Folder J First Draft Angels Part One Screenplay for Robert Altman 1994

Box 45.2 Folder K First Drafts Episodes 1-3 Angels Screenplay for Mike Nichols

Box 45.1 Folder L Italian Location Shoot Angels in America Info Packet

Box 45.2 Folder M First Typescript (computer printout) of Millennium Approaches 1989

Box 45.1 Folder N First Typescript (computer printout) of Perestroika 1990 (?)

Box 45.1 Folder O Mark Taper Forum Angels rehearsal scripts 1992 (only cover for Millennium)

Box 45.1 Folder P TCG 2nd edition Angels Typescripts 1995 after National Tour rewrites

Box 45.1 Folder Q Late 80's early 90's clippings, essays, research, some correspondence

Box 47 Folder A Roy Cohn NYT Obituary, Esquire Roy Cover, Original (?) Eureka Angels contract, John Farrell/Abbey Theater transcript

Box 47 Folder B Mother Courage - galleys, notes, contract w/ Stefan Brecht, Courage in Concert, Good Person of Sezuan Galleys

Box 47 Folder C Two Angels posters, Am theater issues w/ first publications of Millennium, Perestroika, Illusion, other magazines

Box 47 Folder D Angels translations, notes from German Angels translator, Possible lat draft ms of Anti-Migratory epistle and very early scenes for Perestroika

Box 47 Folder E Early Angels Productions 1990

Box 47 Folder F Angels productions 1990's

Box 47 Folder G Angels Early research LGBT materials

Box 47 Folder H Angels programs early 1990s

Box 33 Folder A Dybbuk: Scripts, Productions

Box 33 Folder B Baden Baden Play for Learning - NYU 1991 (?)

Box 33 Folder C Afghanistan Research Homebody/Kabul

Box 33 Folder D Golden Boy St Louis Rye 1985

Box 33 Folder E Ethel Rosenberg a few research items

Box 33 Folder F Theater Times Gulf War Essay

Box 33 Folder G Medugorje Stuff

Box 33 Folder H Columbia and NYU Transcripts

Box 26 Folder A Bright Room @ the Bush Theater, London

Box 26 Folder A NYU Dance Piece on Leonce Und Lena

Box 26 Folder A Angels Film Notes

Box 26 Folder A Wrestling With Angels Score

Box 26 Folder B Speeches/Published Articles

Box 26 Folder C Angels Productions Bway/Foreign

Box 43.1; 43.2; 43,3 Awards; Honorary Doc. Hoods; props from shows; Childhood memorabilia; Opening Night gifts

Box 43.3 Srephen Marcus Honorary Doctorate (text and CD)

Box 68.2 Folder C Homebody/Kabul research

Box 68.2 Folder B Letters/Cards

Box 68.2 Folder A Family stuff (Kim, Medugorje)

Box 68.2 Folder 70 Daily News Strike research (2 envelopes)

Box 68.1 Folder F SLAVS! Productions, German translations, Lesbian Avengers Benefit

Box 68.1 Folder E SLAVS! Productions, Lesbian Avengers Benefit

Box 68.1 Folder D Homeboady/Kabul productions

Box 64.2 Folder G Speeches, Honorary Doctorates

Box 64.2 Folder F Speeches, Honorary Doctorates

Box 64.2 Recors Albums:

Box 64.2 Nichols/May

Box 64.2 Morat/Sade

Box 64.2 Beyond the Fringe

Box 64.2 Noel Coward

Box 65.1 Folder I Letters

Box 65.1 Folder G Miscellaneous (speeches, letters, etc.)

Box 65.1 Folder F Miscellaneous (commencement speeches and programs)

Box 65.1 Folder E Lincoln production materials

Box 65.1 Folder D Miscellaneous: Perestroika 'diary' (not mine) NYU/TSOA

Box 65.2 Folder B HBO Angels (drafts)

Box 65.2 Folder B HBO Angels (press)

Box 65.2 Folder C Caroline at the National in London (prpgram and contracts)

Box 65.2 Folder A Don Juan - 1st collaboration with De Marco

Box 64.1 Folder J Marc Blitzstein's Mother Courage translation

Box 64.1 Folder I Lincoln Orcars stuff (notes from Warren Beatty and Daniel Day Lewis)

Box 64.1 Folder K ACLU Benefit play research (Gruter v. Graz)

Box 64.1 Folder H Letters, Conferences, Ms. for "3 Seconds from Key West"

Box 69 Album: "Moms the Word"

Box 69 Folder E "Only We Who Guard the Mystery" research

Box 69 Folder D Photographs: Headshots

Box 69 Folder C Milton Glasen Perestroika cover

Box 69 Folder C Larry Kramer file

Box 69 Folder C Letters, awards, benefits

Box 69 Folder B St. Cecilia research

Box 69 Folder A SLAVS! Production (including Humana Festival 1st production)

Box 67.1 Folder H Awards

Box 67.1 Folder G Letters

Box 67.1 Folder F Magazine articles

Box 67.1 Folder E Sendak fellowship

Box 67.1 Folder E Various contracts

Box 67.1 Folder E Jules Kroll research

Box 67.1 Folder D Miscellaneous (writing fragments, speeches, family stuff, etc.)

Box 67.2 Folder C Wandering Stars DVD

Box 67.2 Folder C Doris Goodwin's Lincoln notes

Box 67.2 Folder C Hal Prince's Buddenbrooks script

Box 67.2 Folder C Paul Farmer on Mother Courage

Box 67.2 Folder B Letters (including a printout of an email from Morton Sobell)

Box 67.2 Folder A "The first dialogue I ever wrote" "Wallace Craig's playwriting class, 1975 or 76"

Box 63.1 Folder B Miscellaneous things (research, letters)

Box 63.1 Folder B 1993-1994 letters (including from Frank Rich and John Simon regarding Angels reviews)

Box 63.1 Folder B Angels translations, programs

Box 63.1 Folder B Articles

Box 63.1 Folder A Angels - foreign productions

Box 63.1 Folder C Suger - de Consecratione

Box 63.1 Folder E Sendak My Brother's Keeper book correspondence

Box 63.1 Folder F 1993-1994 letters/articles mailny about Angels

Box 63.2 Folder G Caroline Public/Braodway/Research/Publicity

Box 63.2 Folder H Caroline iHo casting (at the Guthrie Season 2009, production photos)

Box 63.2 Folder D Cards and letters, 1993-94

Box 28 Folder A Angels in Translation: French, Italian, Brazil/Portuguese, Hebrew, Argentinian/Spanish, Finnish, Polish

Box 28 Folder B Hyriotaphia: 1st draft and rehearsal draft

Box 28 Folder C Clippings, Art, Cards & Fabric Banner from my NYU Directing program audition piece, later used in Age of Assasins

Box 28 Folder D Correspondence, Postcards

Box 28 Folder E Incidents & Occurrences During the Travels of the Tailor Max: Early play written for the GPGC kids in Louisiana

Box 46.2 Folder A 1st draft of Angels episode 6 screenplay, color coded shooting script Perestroika

Box 46.1 Folder B Lincoln screenplay drafts/notes

Box 46.1 Folder C Lincoln screenplay drafts

Box 46.1 Folder D Lincoln screenplay 1st or 2nd draft (?)

Box 46.2 Folder E Early Angels workshops/productions/research 1989-1991

Box 46.2 Folder F Fences screenplay drafts- work w/ Denzel Washington

Box 46.2 Folder G Lincoln screenplay Draft and notes

Box 46.2 Folder H Lincoln Drafts

Box 46.1 Folder I Lincoln drafts

Box 46.2 Folder J Don Juan DeMarco Draft, 7 Jewish Children Article, Signed mg of Declan Donellan's Actor and the Target

Box 46.2 Folder K Miscellaneous items Archive speeches, programs, mostly 2017

Box 38.1 Folder A Mother Courage Notes

Box 38.1 Folder B O'Neill Review Essay

Box 38.1 Folder C In That Day NYU Grad Acting Program 1989?

Box 38.1 Folder D Reverse Transcription

Box 38.1 Folder E Blizzard Glimmerglass

Box 38.2 Folder F Alpert Awards, David Wojnarowicz book intro

Box 38.2 Folder G Court papers from arrest @ St Patrick's Parade

Box 38.2 Folder H German Translation of The Illusion

Box 38.1 Folder I Early Angels Material

Box 38.2 Folder J Angels articles and interviews 1994-5, Sermon at St John the Divine, Tolerance as an art form, Miscellaneous

Box 38.2 Folder K Assorted Personal Letters

Box 38.2 Folder L Assorted Correspondence

Box 38.2 Folder M Bright Room Called Da @ The Public - clippings, notes

Box 38.2 Folder N 1991 Angels Pt 1 Rehearsal Script

Box 38.2 Folder O Holiday Cards

Box 70-74 Refractions Manuscript drafts and background research/essays