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Louis Nizer Papers, 1940-1994

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Manuscripts and correspondence of attorney Louis Nizer.

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Creator(s) Nizer, Louis, 1902-1994
Title Louis Nizer Papers, 1940-1994
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This collection is arranged in 8 series.



Collection contains material related primarily to Nizer's literary activities, including research material and manuscripts for his books, article drafts, and drafts of speeches and addresses. There are also scrapbooks and press clippings related to Nizer which document his public life.

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History / Biographical Note

Biographical Note

Louis Nizer was a trial lawyer and author of books including My Life in Court, Catspaw, and Implosion Conspiracy.

Nizer was born in 1902 in London, though his parents moved to Brooklyn, New York when Nizer was a young child and he spent most of his youth in the United States. Nizer attended Columbia College and earned his BA from the institution in 1922 before continuing on to earn his law degree from the Columbia University Law School in 1924.

Nizer, along with fellow attorney Louis Phillips, established a law practice in 1926, the foundations of the firm that would become Phillips, Nizer, Benjamin, Krim, and Ballon.

Much of Nizer's legal career focused on entertainment law, and in particular the film industry. In addition to representing individuals and companies involved in the film industry, he served as the lawyer for the New York Film Board of Trade. He, along with Jack Valenti, was instrumental in creating the motion picture ratings system still in use by the Motion Picture Association of America.

In addition to his trial work, Nizer was a writer who wrote popular books related to the law. His best known work is his 1962 memoir, My Life in Court which documented his experiences in the courtroom; other of his books, such as Catspaw, also documented cases that he worked on over the course of his career. He also penned a book about the Rosenberg case, Implosion Conspiracy, which resulted in its own legal action when Nizer was sued by the Rosenberg family. In addition to his books, Nizer also wrote a column for the Chicago Tribune.

Nizer died in 1994 of kidney failure at the age of 92.

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Series I: Correspondence

Box 1 Letters of condolence-letters to sick friends

Box 1 Letters of condolence-letters to sick friends

Box 1 Congratulating letters

Box 1 Letters responding to invitations

Box 1 Letters responding to invitations-2

Box 1 Letters forwarding reprinting of his writing

Box 1 Letters to Judges

Box 1 Letters to U.S. Political Figures, entertainment execs, Journalists, etc

Box 1 Letters to Artists-Actors

Box 1 Letters of Appreciation

Box 1 Letters of Introduction-Recommendation

Box 1 Letters of Introduction-Recommendation

Box 1 Letters to Publishers, Agents, etc.

Box 1 Letters to Authors

Box 1 Thank you letters

Box 1 Letters Re: What to do with Germany

Box 1 Society for prevention of WWIII

Box 1 Letters Re: Thinking on Your Feet & the Jury Returns

Box 1 Suggested Strategy for General Eisenhower

Box 1 Letters to various editors on various subjects

Box 1 Letters of invitation

Box 1 Perspective from the moon

Series II: Publications, 1940-1994

Box 2 Offprint, Recent Radio Law in Review, 1940

Box 2 "The Right of Privacy: A Half Century's Developments --Reprinted from the Michigan Law Review,, February1941

Box 2 German Justice, How the Nazi Courts Work, April 1942

Box 2 "Duty to Bargain in the Motion Picture Industry" --A Study of Compulsory Contracts in Action,, July 1943

Box 2 Reprinted from The Record, "the Nuremberg Verdict" An Apraisal, Vol. III, No. 7,, October 1946

Box 2 Dramatic Sketch, The New Voice, Nov 15, 1948

Box 2 "The Suicidal Bird," (Published in The Daily Compass), December 21, 1949

Box 2 Horizontal Religion, April 27, 1954

Box 2 Reprint from Motion Picture Herald., "Martin Quigley," (An Evaluation), 1960

Box 2 Chicago Daily News, What is Truth's Potent Weapon, May 18, 1963

Box 2 "The Lawyer in Television," (TV Guide), June 22, 1963

Box 2 "The Day that Will Not End" --Analysis & Commentary on the Warren Commission Report on the Assassination of Kennedy,, 1964

Box 2 When Did You Serve on a Jury?, March1964

Box 2 "The Safety of Our Future Residents," (Published in Herald Tribune), May 10, 1964

Box 2 "When Silence is a Crime," (Published in McCall's), October 1964

Box 2 McCall's Magazine, Can We Have a Fair Trial and a Free Press at the Same Time,, February1964

Box 2 "When Silence is a Crime," (Published in McCall's), October 1964

Box 2 Headlines vs, Justice, October 1968

Box 2 "Order in the Court," (Reader's Digest Reprint of the NY Times Magazine),, 1970

Box 2 NY Times Magazine, "What to Do When the Judge is Put Up Against the Wall,", April 1970

Box 2 NY Times, "What to Do When the Judge is Put Up Against the Wall,", April 5, 1970

Box 3 "Goodbye Harry," Cartoonist Profiles, Issue 26, June 1975

Box 3 Family Weekly, Ask Them Yourself, May 1978

Box 3 Article on Televising of Oral Argument in Court of Appeals --Published in New York Magazine,, 09/10/79

Box 3 "He Who Steals My Name (To Sue or Not to Sue)," (The Saturday Evening Post), August &, September 1980

Box 3 "Israeli Attack Within the Law" --Chicago Tribune, 1981

Box 3 Jewish Press, "Blame the Policeman. Ignore the Murderer,", 1982

Box 3 Is Israel's Conduct Against American Interests?, 1982

Box 3 NYT, Understanding Libel, August 11, 1983

Box 3 NY County Lawyers' Association, "Don't Give the First Amendment a Bad Name,", October 6, 1983

Box 3 Article on Mr. Bishop-"A Celebration of Teachers," (Diamond Jubilee of the National Council of Teachers of English),, 1985

Box 3 Chicago Tribune, "Tax Law as Social Engineer,", June 8, 1985

Box 3 Manuscript, Introduction to Clarence Darrow

Box 3 New York Times -- "How About Low-Cost Drugs for Addicts?" 18986

Box 3 Federal Litigation Guide, Article for Matthew Bender, October 1994

Box 3 Undated Publications, Undated

Box 3 Article on Russia (Later published in Reflections without Mirrors)

Box 3 "The Return of the Trojan Horse"

Box 3 The Strange Silence (A Reasoned Appeal to the Majority of Students)

Box 3 "What to Do With Germany"

Series III: Writings

Box 4 Biographical Materials & My Life in Court

Box 4 Reviews & Quotatons From "My Life in Court"

Box 4 Mss, My Life in Court --Introduction

Box 4 "His Life is Still in Court," Columbia College Today, Spring/Summer, 1991

Box 5 Catspaw

Box 5 Catspaw: Court Documents

Box 5 Catspaw: Louis Nizer Manuscripts

Box 5 Ctaspaw: Revision Draft, June 1990

Box 5 Catspaw, Correspondence with S. S. Vaughn

Box 5 Catspaw: Revision Draft, June 1990

Box 5 Catspaw, Correspondence with S. S. Vaughn

Box 5 Catspaw, Correspondence with S. S. Vaughn

Box 5 Catspaw, Correspondence with S. S. Vaughn

Box 6 Chicago Tribune Columns

Box 6 Column I, On Polution

Box 6 Column 2, Reflections Without Mirrors, 08/08/71

Box 6 Column IV, On Arab-Israel Conflict, March4, 1971

Box 6 Column V, On My Lai and Punishment of War Criminals, 3-10-71

Box 6 Column VI, on Khruschev's Secret Speech and His Memoirs, 3-16-71

Box 6 Column VII, on the Subject of Press Conferences, March31, 1971

Box 6 Column VIII, on Language, March1971

Box 6 Column IX, on Drugs, August 22, 1971

Box 6 Column XI, Our Boycott of the Film Festival in Moscow, 5/8/71

Box 6 Thought Drops: 1-12, August 29, 1971

Box 6 Column XV, Nixon's Visit to China

Box 6 Column XVI, Thought Drops 13-18, 09/12/71

Box 6 Column XVI, "A Different View of the Middle East,", 09/05/71

Box 6 Column XVIII, "The Miracle of Castle Hill,", 10/03/71

Box 6 Column XIX, Confrontation at Suez, October 17, 1971

Box 6 Column XX, Thoughts Drops 19-21, September 1971

Box 6 Column XXI, Some Judges Swell -- Others grow, October 10, 1971

Box 6 Column XXII, How to Unite the UN, 10-12-71

Box 6 Column XXIII, Mysteries of Money

Box 6 Column XXIV, Turning Defeat into Victory

Box 6 Column XXV, Nixon's Visit to Moscow

Box 6 Column XXVI, Thought Drops 22-26

Box 6 Thought Drops-Numbers 27-

Box 6 Column XXVII An Insurance Pact Among Dictators

Box 6 Column XXVIII, Will Cairo Be Underwater?

Box 6 Column XX_ _, Trial by Headline, 12-7-71

Box 6 Column XXX, Thought Drops-27-29

Box 6 Column XXXI, Rating Motion, January 16, 1972

Box 6 Column XXXIII, New Evidence in Kennedy Assassination

Box 6 Column XXXIV Coincidence and Negligence, January 14, 1972

Box 6 Column XXXV, Hughes and Hoaxes, 1-27-72

Box 6 Column XXXVI, Thought Drops --(30-33), February3, 1972

Box 6 Column XXXVII, No-Fault Divorce, 2-7-71

Box 6 Column XXXVIII, Alimony and Property Settlement, 2-7-72

Box 6 Column XXXIX, New Approach to Divorce and Property Division, February7, 1972

Box 6 Column XL, California Abolishes the Gas Chamber, 2-22-72

Box 6 Column XLI, Thought Drops -- 34-36, February22, 1972

Box 6 Column 42, The Communiqué that Wasn't, March13, 1972

Box 6 Column 43, How to Pick a Jury, 3-23-72

Box 6 Column 44, Tell me no Fortunes, 3-28-72

Box 6 Column 45, At Last -- A Cancer Cure

Box 6 Column 46, Our Future is in the Stars, 4-11-72

Box 6 Column 47, Smart They Are Not, 4-18-72

Box 6 Column 48, Thought Drops -- 37 & 38, April 25, 1972

Box 6 Column 49, Economics in a Thimble, 5-2-72

Box 6 Column 50, An Experiment on an Island, 5-9-72

Box 6 Column 51, An Experiment on an island: Part II

Box 6 Column 52, An Experiment on an island: Part III, 5-23-72

Box 6 Column 53, An Experiment on an island: Part 4

Box 6 Comments by Louis Nizer

Box 6 Columns with no #'s (Alphabetical order)

Box 6 Israel, December 19, 1971

Box 6 Mid-East Crisis, 12/05/71

Box 6 A Nation Can Be Libelled, Too, 07/11/71

Box 6 A Perspective from the Moon, Semptember 19, 1971

Box 6 Political Trials Are Not Political

Box 6 The Right to Breed Must Be Limited -- How?, July 20, 1971

Box 6 The Sexual Approach to Prison Reform

Box 6 Three Approaches to Obscenity, Jul;y 4, 1971

Box 6 Two Chinas, November 21, 1971

Box 7 Unpublished Articles

Box 7 Capital Punishment

Box 7 Confusion in the Goetz Case

Box 7 Freeing the Judge: How to Treat Treason in the Courtroom

Box 7 The Great Gap (Between Humanism and Science)

Box 7 The Great Theft

Box 7 How to Be a Good Witness

Box 7 How do you tell a liar?

Box 7 "Ideas For a Real Price"

Box 7 Unpublished, Iran: Rule of Probability

Box 7 Unpublished, Israel's Obstinancy, 1979

Box 7 "Let My People Go,", 1954

Box 7 "The New Invasion," (Unknown Whether Published), 1947

Box 7 "Peace"

Box 7 Pictorial History of the World's Great Trials From Socrates to Eichmann (Review by Louis Nizer)

Box 7 "President Waldeheim-A Legal Postscript,", 1986

Box 7 "Ransom" (Review by Louis Nizer)

Box 7 Unpublished, Settlements Are Legal, 1980

Box 7 "The Strange Silence,", 1969

Box 7 (Unpublished) There Is No Mystery-Psychological Study of the Kennedy Assassination,, December 19, 1973

Box 7 Unpublished, Impeachment or Censure, August 1974

Box 7 Women on Juries

Box 8 Short Stories

Box 8 Short Stories, "Be Judge For the Day,", 1963

Box 8 (June 1955 Issue-Esquire), "The Cutlass"

Box 8 October 1956 "My Father", October 1956

Box 8 "The Masseur"

Box 8 "Professor Terry and the Lady in Brown"

Box 8 "The Zipper"

Series IV: Addresses and Introductions, 1942-1980

Box 9 Address-Dinner to Pierre Van Paassen, "Pierre Van Paassen and Realistic Mysticism,", May 3, 1942

Box 9 Address: Jewish Army Dinner Honoring Robert Nathan, "The Right to Fight,", September 29, 1942

Box 9 Address-NY Country Lawyers Association, "The Jury Trial" 1945 ?, 1945

Box 9 "The Art of the Jury Trial,", September 1946

Box 9 Childcare, Godmothers League, March25, 1947

Box 9 Address: Address made at Hadassah, December 9, 1947

Box 9 Address-Annual Award of the Interfaith in Action Medal to Governor Herbert Lehman,, November 17, 1948

Box 9 Address-McCosker-Hershfield Dinner, December 4, 1948

Box 9 Address-National Conference of Christians and Jews, February4, 1949

Box 9 Address-Tendered to Milton Berle (Interfaith-in-Action Dinner), "Voting for God,", May 12, 1949

Box 9 Address-National Conference of Christians and Jews, "The Young Man and the Psychiatrist,", December 6, 1949

Box 9 Address -- Luncheon Meeting of the Theater Arts Group, Women's Division (Federation of Jewish Philanthropies of NY),, November 29, 1949

Box 9 Freeing the Judge, Address delivered before the Judicial Council of NY Bar Association,, January 28, 1950

Box 9 Address -- First Annual Awards Dinner of the Academy of Radio & TV, Best Arts & Sciences, Inc.,, March21, 1950

Box 9 Address -- Honor of Eddie Cantor & George Jessel (Jewish Theatrical Guild Dinner),, May 5, 1951

Box 9 Address -- Barney Balaban Testimonial Dinner (Westchesterb Jewish Center at the Commodore Hotel),, May 26, 1951

Box 9 Address -- Honoring Eric Johnson (National Conference of Christians and Jews), "The Sacrifice of the Ash Tree,", June 19, 1951

Box 9 Address -- Honor of Milton Berele By the Jewish theatrical Guild, May 3, 1952

Box 9 Address -- Awarding 50 Year Medal to Adolph Zukor (Masonic Foundation), October 14, 1952

Box 9 Address -- Brotherhood Awards Presented to Honorable Robert Murphy & General Carlos Romulo (Amusement Division Dinner: National Conference of Christians and Jews),, February4, 1954

Box 9 Address -- Independent order of Odd Fellows of the State of New York, "Paternity and Fraternity,", November 24, 1954

Box 9 Address: National Conference of Christians & Jews, January 13, 1955

Box 9 Address Honoring Harry Hershfield, "Man of the Mountain", May 17, 1955

Box 9 One World…Or None: We Have No Alternative, 1956

Box 9 "We Have No Alternative" (Correspondence), 1956

Box 9 Address -- Brotherhood Awards Presented to Robert Dowling, Thomas O'Neil & Samuel Rinzler, (Amusement Division Dinner: National Conference of Christians & Jews),, January 31, 1956

Box 9 Address -- Amateur Athletic Union Dinner (Honoring Mr. James Farley), April 24, 1956

Box 9 Address -- Honoring Goernor Adlai Stevenson at Hotel Waldorf-Astoria, August 1, 1956

Box 9 Address -- Stevenson-Kefauver Rally, September 12, 1956

Box 9 Lawyers of Greater New York, Dinner Honoring Judge Joseph A. Cox, October 23, 1956

Box 10 Address Presenting Harlan fiske Stone Award to Mr. Justice William O. Douglas, "Man and Judge", 1957

Box 10 Address -- Motion Picture Pioneer 19th Annual Dinner, (Honoring Joseph R. Vogel),, November 25, 1957

Box 10 Address: Speech made by Louis Nizer at the Harvard Club, October 13, 1956

Box 10 Address -- Association of Trial Lawyers, "A Lawyer's Prayer", May 5, 1960

Box 10 United Nations Address, June 12

Box 10 Address -- 11th Annual Forum of the New York Section National Council of Jewish Women, "Man and Morals.", January 26, 1960

Box 10 Address -- health for Peace Award Honoring Louis Nizer, "A Pebble in the Ocean," December 14., 1960

Box 10 Humanitarian Award to Eddie Cantor, February27, 1962

Box 10 Address -- The Circus, Saints & Sinners, October 23, 1962

Box 10 Address Before the 82nd Annual convention of the Tennessee Bar Association, "Ministers of Justice" Volum 31, Number 1, Fall, 1963

Box 10 Panel Discussion: Arbitration, February9, 1965

Box 10 Address: In Honor of Louis Nizer (The Beth Jacobs School for Girls), December 18, 1966

Box 10 American jewish Committee's Human Relations Award to Jack L.Warner, October 30, 1967

Box 10 Address at the national Mental Health Association, "Back to Mental health in the Twentieth Century", November 17, 1967

Box 10 Except From Address by Louis Nizer at the Ohio Bar Association, Peace Marches Addressed to Ho hi Minh, (1968 ?), Undated

Box 10 Public Hearing: WCBS TV, "Johnson vs. McCarthy.", March17, 1968

Box 10 Address -- national Conference of Christians and Jews (Honoring Leo Jaffe),, November 19, 1969

Box 10 Address Honoring General Omar Bradley, "Crystal Award,", April 1, 1970

Box 10 National Conference of Christians & Jews, "Brotherhood Must be the Answer,", December 3, 1970

Box 10 Undated Speech, 1970 ?, Undated, 1970

Box 10 Address at the 34th Annual Dinner of the Massachusetts

Box 10 Address at the 34th Annual Dinner of the Massachusetts Committee, May 20, 1971

Box 10 Address Before the Appellate Division Second Department, April 26, 1972

Box 10 Address -- Dean's Day Program at NY Law School, December 1, 1973

Box 10 Address -- Honoring Eric Sloane, January 25, 1974

Box 10 Address Made for United Jewish Appeal (Great Neck Temple), May 9, 1974

Box 10 "Literary Father of the Year" Address, May 22, 1974

Box 10 Address -- 36th Annual Maccabean Award Dinner Honoring Louis Nizer, February19, 1975

Box 10 "Looking into the Future", March1975

Box 10 Aliya (Organization which rehabilitates children in Israel), Honoring Otto Preminger,, June 8, 1978

Box 10 Pepperdine University School of Law Commencement Address, "Life University,", May 17, 1980

Box 10 Address -- Louis Nizer and Jack Valenti: Prime Minister's Medal of Israel,, October 28, 1980

Box 11 Interview Transcripts

Box 11 Church Affiliation Louis Nizer, 1955

Box 11 Esquire Interview of Louis izer by Allan Churchill, January 1955

Box 11 Replies to letter sent byb Mr. Gingrich on Churchill article on Louis Nizer,, 1954-1955

Box 11 Louis Nizer -- Interview Program Transcript (WCBS NEWS), May 3, 1964 "Newsmakers", May 3, 1964

Box 11 WNBC-TV, "Do Our Courts produce Justuce?", September 23, 1962

Box 11 WABC-TV, Conversation with Louis Nizer, February25, 1968

Box 11 Why Marriages Fail, January 23, 1969

Box 11 LHJ, Diana Lurie Interview with Louis Nizer, June 1969

Box 11 Medical Economics, See yourself as VIPs See You, February3, 1975

Box 11 NYCLA, Not Fit to Print, February1977

Box 11 Interview, Canadian Lawyer, September 1978

Box 11 Trial Diplomacy Journal, Volume 2, Number 1, Spring, 1979

Box 11 Trial Diplomacy Journal, Volume 3, Number 3, Fall, 1980

Box 11 Interview with Bottom Line, December 2, 1982

Box 11 Interview, Litigation, December 6, 1984

Box 11 Interview, Litigation, Spring & Summer, 1985

Box 12 Eulogies by Louis Nizer

Box 12 Eulogy -- Arde Bulova, Bulova --, March24, 1958

Box 12 Eulogy -- Ira Guilden, Guilden --, November 12, 1984

Box 12 Eulogy for Dr. Armand Hammer, Hammer -- Jan 4, 1991

Box 12 Eulogy for Stanley Niss, Niss --, July 24, 1969

Box 12 Eulogy for Louis Phillips, Phillips --, 1959

Box 12 Eulogy for Joseph Schenck, J. Schenck, October 26, 1961

Box 12 Eulogy for Nicholas Schenck, N. Schenck --, March7, 1969

Box 12 Eulogy for Sidney Schreiber, Schreiber --, June 8, 1979

Box 12 Eulogy for Cora J. Segal, Segal, July 7, 1970

Series V: Research Material

Box 13 Research Material, Education

Box 13 Research Material, John-Henry Faulk

Box 13 Research Material, Epigrams

Box 13 Research Materials, Federation of Jewish Philanthropies

Box 13 Research Material, Free Press

Box 13 Research Material, Paul A. Freund

Box 13 Research Material, Human Rights

Box 13 Research Material, Impeachment

Box 13 Research Material, Inflation

Box 13 Research Material, Israel #1

Box 13 Research Material, Israel #2

Box 13 Research Material, Israel #3

Box 13 Research Material, Israel #4

Box 14 Research Material, Jerusalem

Box 14 Research Material, Lynden Johnson

Box 14 Research Material, Justice

Box 14 Research Material, Keating

Box 14 Research Material, Lawyers

Box 14 Mental Health

Box 14 Movie Censorship

Box 14 Research Material, Music

Box 14 Research Material, Peace

Box 14 Research Material, Populism

Box 14 Research Material, Privacy

Box 15 Research Material, Abzug, Bella

Box 15 Research Material, Anti-Semitism

Box 15 Research Material, Authors

Box 15 Bigotry

Box 15 Research Material, Broadway

Box 15 Research Material, Benjamin N. Cardozo

Box 15 Research Material, Capital Punishment

Box 15 Research Material, Capital Punishment

Box 15 Research Material, Censorship

Box 15 Research Material, Chanukkah

Box 15 Research Material, Civil Liberties

Box 15 Research Material, Communism

Box 15 Research Material, Computers

Box 15 Research Material, Court of Special Sessions New York

Box 15 Research Material, Crime

Box 15 Research Material, Cuba Missile Crisis

Box 15 Research Material, Divorce

Box 15 Research Material, Judge William O. Douglas

Box 15 Research Material, Drugs

Box 16 Research Material, Religion & Law

Box 16 Research Material, Self Determination

Box 16 Research Material, Spyros Y. Skouras

Box 16 Research Material, Testimonials

Box 16 Research Material, Vietnam

Box 16 Research Material, Warren Communion

Box 16 Research Material, Jack L. Warner

Series VI: Rosenberg Trial Material

Box 17 Rosenberg -- TV Script

Box 17 "Implosion," Volume I

Box 17 "Implosion," Volume II

Box 17 "Implosion," Volume III

Box 17 Rosenberg Trials, Book Review

Box 17 Rosenberg Trial, National Committee to Reopen the Rosenberg Case

Box 17 Rosenberg Trial, Photographs in "the Implosion Conspiracy"

Box 17 Quotes from "Implosion Conspiacy"

Series VII: Messages and Papers of the Presidents

Box 18 Volumes I-XIV

Box 19 Volumes XV-XX

Series VIII: Scrapbooks and Press Clippings

Box 20 Scrapbooks and Press Clippings

Box 21 Scrapbooks and Press Clippings

Box 22 Scrapbooks and Press Clippings

Box 23 Scrapbooks and Press Clippings