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Louis Nizer Papers, 1940-1994

Series II: Publications, 1940-1994

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Box 2 Offprint, Recent Radio Law in Review, 1940

Box 2 "The Right of Privacy: A Half Century's Developments --Reprinted from the Michigan Law Review,, February1941

Box 2 German Justice, How the Nazi Courts Work, April 1942

Box 2 "Duty to Bargain in the Motion Picture Industry" --A Study of Compulsory Contracts in Action,, July 1943

Box 2 Reprinted from The Record, "the Nuremberg Verdict" An Apraisal, Vol. III, No. 7,, October 1946

Box 2 Dramatic Sketch, The New Voice, Nov 15, 1948

Box 2 "The Suicidal Bird," (Published in The Daily Compass), December 21, 1949

Box 2 Horizontal Religion, April 27, 1954

Box 2 Reprint from Motion Picture Herald., "Martin Quigley," (An Evaluation), 1960

Box 2 Chicago Daily News, What is Truth's Potent Weapon, May 18, 1963

Box 2 "The Lawyer in Television," (TV Guide), June 22, 1963

Box 2 "The Day that Will Not End" --Analysis & Commentary on the Warren Commission Report on the Assassination of Kennedy,, 1964

Box 2 When Did You Serve on a Jury?, March1964

Box 2 "The Safety of Our Future Residents," (Published in Herald Tribune), May 10, 1964

Box 2 "When Silence is a Crime," (Published in McCall's), October 1964

Box 2 McCall's Magazine, Can We Have a Fair Trial and a Free Press at the Same Time,, February1964

Box 2 "When Silence is a Crime," (Published in McCall's), October 1964

Box 2 Headlines vs, Justice, October 1968

Box 2 "Order in the Court," (Reader's Digest Reprint of the NY Times Magazine),, 1970

Box 2 NY Times Magazine, "What to Do When the Judge is Put Up Against the Wall,", April 1970

Box 2 NY Times, "What to Do When the Judge is Put Up Against the Wall,", April 5, 1970

Box 3 "Goodbye Harry," Cartoonist Profiles, Issue 26, June 1975

Box 3 Family Weekly, Ask Them Yourself, May 1978

Box 3 Article on Televising of Oral Argument in Court of Appeals --Published in New York Magazine,, 09/10/79

Box 3 "He Who Steals My Name (To Sue or Not to Sue)," (The Saturday Evening Post), August &, September 1980

Box 3 "Israeli Attack Within the Law" --Chicago Tribune, 1981

Box 3 Jewish Press, "Blame the Policeman. Ignore the Murderer,", 1982

Box 3 Is Israel's Conduct Against American Interests?, 1982

Box 3 NYT, Understanding Libel, August 11, 1983

Box 3 NY County Lawyers' Association, "Don't Give the First Amendment a Bad Name,", October 6, 1983

Box 3 Article on Mr. Bishop-"A Celebration of Teachers," (Diamond Jubilee of the National Council of Teachers of English),, 1985

Box 3 Chicago Tribune, "Tax Law as Social Engineer,", June 8, 1985

Box 3 Manuscript, Introduction to Clarence Darrow

Box 3 New York Times -- "How About Low-Cost Drugs for Addicts?" 18986

Box 3 Federal Litigation Guide, Article for Matthew Bender, October 1994

Box 3 Undated Publications, Undated

Box 3 Article on Russia (Later published in Reflections without Mirrors)

Box 3 "The Return of the Trojan Horse"

Box 3 The Strange Silence (A Reasoned Appeal to the Majority of Students)

Box 3 "What to Do With Germany"