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James Grote Van Derpool papers, 1944-1974, bulk 1962-1966

Series II: Preservation of Historic and Architecturally Notable Buildings

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Subseries 1: Landmarks Preservation Commission

Box 4 Folder 2 Clearance - City Sites, 1962 Jun 26

IncludesMemo 1962 June 26from Mayor Robert F. Wagner on appointment of 12 members of the Landmark Preservation Commission of the City of New York; a draft; a zoning map; and a preliminary count.

Box 4 Folder 3 LPC - Designations. Submissions for Hearing Calendar, 1965 Sep - Oct

Includes a proposal and approval ofLists of Buildings;Calendar

Box 4 Folder 4 Designation List No. 3, 1962 - 1965

Includes lists of nominations decisions voted and designations made

Box 4 Folder 5 Finalized Designations, 1962 - 1963

Includes lists of buildings presented for nomination, proposed and votes; inscribed: "incomplete copy only."

Box 4 Folder 6 Miscellaneous, 1965 Oct - Nov

Includes calendar of Landmarks Preservation Commission; lists of buildings compiled by borough; a map: proposed boundary ofBrooklyn Heights.

Box 4 Folder 7 Greenwich Village Historic District, 1969

Includes correspondence; press releases; invitations and a magazine

Subseries 2: Preservation

Box 4 Folder 8 Correspondence, 1962 - 1966

Arranged alphabetically by topics and thereunder chronologically.

Subjects includeScotia Branch Library, Scotia, New York;Astor Library Building, New York City; Architect Alexander Seltzer.

Also included are letters (August 1965 - January 1966) regarding the arrangements for JGV's talk "The Landmarks of New York" at the Antique Forum (January 30 - February 4, 1966), Williamsburg, Virginia.

Box 5 Folder 1 Office Files, 1964 Dec 3

Includes copies of the statements at the hearing a bill before the Committee of the City Council by Geoffrey Platt, Chairman LPC; James G. Van Derpool, Executive Director; Harmon Goldstone, City Planning Commission

Box 5 Folder 2 Walking Tour - NYC, 1952 - 1962

Includes miscellaneous records:Programs for SAH Annual Meeting January 25-27 1952with attached preliminary catalogs of exhibitions (1952) of drawings inAvery LibraryColumbia University;Metropolitan Museum of Art;New York Historical Society.

Also included are offprints, postcards, magazines. Subjects traced are "landmarks" and "New Landmarks Commission."

Box 5 Folder 3 Miscellaneous, 1963 -1965

Subjects included are local laws of establishment of landmarks; "American Landmarks Week";Fraunces Tavern, New York City; andKingsland Preservation Committee.

Box 5 Folder 6 The Edward Mooney House, New York City, 1969 - 1971

Includes miscellaneous documentation on restoration of the house

Box 6 Folder 4 New Paltz - Walloon Church and Pell St. NYC, 1971 - 1974

This group consists of correspondence; printed material; photographs; blueprints; and handwritten drafts by JGV of a speech on a proposed project of restoration of theWalloon Church.

In addition to documentation on restoration ofNew Paltz French Church, includes material on theHugenot Churches in the U.S.A;South Street;Schermerhorn Row, New York City.

There is a photograph of Professor James G. Van Derpool in a wheelchair in New Paltz, dated July 21, 1971

Box 5 Folder 4 Miscellaneous Printed Material, undated

Some of the traced subjects are: Historic Preservation; conference; winner award dinners

Box 5 Folder 5 Clippings

Some of the traced subjects are: Landmarks of New York City; preservation policies; a few articles on JGV's work on the Landmark Commission

Subseries 3: New York's History and Landmarks

Box 6 Folder 1 New York Landmarks - An index of architecturally notable structures in New York City. Fourth Edition - The Municipal Arts Society of New York, 1962 Mar

Included are two copies: working and office copies. According to Platt the handbook was a valuable source and was frequently used by the Landmarks Commission in their work

Box 6 Folder 2 Giovanni da Verrazano, the Discoverer of New York Bay - A graphic documentation of the discoveries by the great Florentine explorer and humanist of the Renaissance / Lino S. Lipinsky de Orlov - New York, 1958

Box 6 Folder 3 The Grange. Relocation & Restoration - Two hundred anniversary of Alexander Hamilton 1757 - 1957 - American Scenic & Historic Preservation Society : New York City, 1957

Box 5 Folder 8 Typescript - Furniture plan for Hamilton Grange - New York City National Park Service Group : New York City, 1964 Aug

Box 5 Folder 7 Typescript - The Stadhuist : First City Hall of New Amsterdam, Later New York. Report for the downtown museum, City of New York / Kellerman, Regina - New York, 1968

Includes correspondence (April - August 1968), 4 letters regarding proposals for publications

Subseries 4: Maine, Maryland, Virginia

Box 6 Folder 6 William Sheppherd Gray House, Salem, Maine, undated

Box 6 Folder 7 James Brice House, Annapolis, Maryland, 1959 - 1964

Includes miscellaneous records on History and restoration of the house

Box 6 Folder 5 St. Luke's Church, Smithfield, Virginia, 1955 - 1969

Arranged chronologically

Includes correspondence with John Forbes, editor; magazine, brochures with JGV's articles on the restoration ofSt. Luke's Church; typescript of the article for the Journal Society of Architectural Historians (September 1957);Historical St. Luke's - its History and Restoration.

Included are drafts of the speeches: "The restoration of Historic St. Luke's Church, Smithfield, Virginia", delivered on May 8, 1957 at Church ceremonies and a lecture at Williamsburg, Virginia for A.I.A. Centennial meeting.

Subseries 5: Manuscripts and Speeches

Box 6 Folder 8 JGV - Historic Buildings on Manhattan Island, 1952 - 1962

Consists of typescripts, handwritten drafts, photos, correspondence

Includes typescripts of lectures:Historic Architecture on the Island of Manhattan, several versions which were delivered on different occasions;A Cavalcade of Architecture on the Island of Manhattan (17th century - 1860)

Also included typescripts of speeches:Informal Discussion of the L.P.C.andLandmarks in New York City.

In addition there are, in this group, several handwritten drafts of unidentified speeches.

Box 6 Folder 9 Van Derpool - M.S.S., 1957 - 1968

Consists of typescripts of two lectures and five manuscripts of the articles; and photos ofFraunces Tavern; includes letters written to the editors.

Included are lectures:The Restoration of Historic St. Luke's Church, Smithfield, Virginia, 2 versions;Historic Preservation

There are typescripts for the following articles:Preliminary proposal for the development of the Fraunces Tavern Block as a historic district;[The Fraunces Tavern Block Project in Old New York,A Historic Enclave in Old New York;An Interim Landmark Report;Attrition of Early Landmark in Manhattan.

Box 6 Folder 10 Greenwich Village, 1964 - 1966

Includes notes for JGV's talk at Greenwich Village Symposium at new York University, in connection with American Landmarks Celebration Week in New York City.

Also includes a draft from Regina Kellerman:Human Interest in Village.

Box 7 Folder 1 The Percy Pyne Project, undated

Includes a handwritten draft of a speech

Box 7 Folder 2 Miscellaneous, 1952 - 1965 ?

Includes a photocopy of a typescript of the following lectures:"A Cavalcade of Architecture on the Island of Manhattan (17th Century - 1860)"and a lecture delivered at the Metropolitan Museum as part of Columbia's Bicentennial Program"Architecture and the Arts - Conflicts and Alliance"

Also included are handwritten drafts of the speeches:"Brief Report of Efficiency of Landmark Preservation Commission. Case History."; and"New York Landmarks - Aspects of a Special Problem in Stemming the Tide of Destruction of the Visual record of a City's Historical Continuity."

Includes photos of views of New York (From New York Historical Archives).

Also included a speech by Robert William G. Vail onSeventeenth Century New York Architecture, delivered on January 25, 1952.

Box 7 Folder 3 Photographs

Box 7 Folder 4 Phases of Development in English Domestic Architecture to 1830