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James Grote Van Derpool papers, 1944-1974, bulk 1962-1966

Series III: The Architecture of Italian Renaissance

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Box 7 Folder 5a-c The Architecture of L.B. Alberti, undated

Includes original typescript of the work and a photocopy; two sets of:Introduction. Life of Leon Battista Alberti.

Included are photographs of plates of Leon Battista Alberti.

Box 8 Folder 2 Research Material, Alberti

Contains typescript and handwritten translation (transcribed) of works on Leon Battista Alberti.

Among authors included: Corrado Ricci; Julius Schlosser and Paul-Henri Michel.

Also included are JGV's typescript"Re: Proposed Publication on Leon Battista Alberti as Architect";

Handwritten notes, possibly translations of L.B.A.'s correspondence (Photostats of original letters in Italian Enclosed).

Box 7 Folder 6 Research Material, Alberti

This group contains typescripts and printed published works on Alberti in English and Italian by the following authors: Captain John A. Cade (in collaboration with Niccolo Rucellai); Julius Schlosses; Theuer; John M. Kelly; Francesco Milizia; and Derek Mackan.

Some of the works included are translations by Aldof K. Placzek and Mrs. Edward Cresy; and two papers written by students on Alberti

Box 7 Folder 8 Research Material, Alberti

Handwritten notes on Alberti. Possibly a synopsis of a book on Alberti written in Italian.

Box 8 Folder 1 Research Material, San Sebastino

The group consists of a typescript,"The Church of San Sebastian."4 drawings; a booklet,"La Rotonda di S.Lorenzo in Mantova"; photographs and negatives ofSan Sebastiano; and a set of index cards with notes.

Also included is a photocopy of the work in Italian by Ing. Andrea Schiavi"Il Restauro Della Chiesa di S. Sebastiano"with a set of translation in English.

Box 9 Folder 1a-d Photographs on Italian Renaissance, 1928-1961

Arranged alphabetically by city, and thereunder the name of the architectural monument. Besides photographs there are few postcards, handwritten notes, a letter, Photostats, drawings, all originally found with photographs.

Most of represented monuments are works by Leon Battista Alberti.

There is a printed monographsLe Cappelle Rucellai(1916) and there are Photostats from the plans of this Chapel drawn from memory by Nicollo Rusellaw in 1948.

It appears that the photographs were sent to JGV from Italy in the period of 1953-61, however most photographs besides the names of the photographers bear earlier dates, presumably the dates of the negatives. There are two photographs ofTempia Malatestiana, Rimini shot in January 1944 after 3 bombs bombed Tempia Malatestiana at the same time.

There are few unidentified photographs.

Box 7 Folder 7 Alberti Lectures, 1955-1958

Contains typescript of the lectures on L.B.A.; the time and occasions of delivery the speeches are not always identified:"Alberti-background and some of the problems";"Introduction";"…on 500th anniversary of the completion of the first architectural treastise of the Renaissance..."

Included are typescripts and handwritten drafts ofAlberti Chronology; Lists of slides for Alberti talks.

Also includes handwritten notes on Italian Renaissance.

Box 8 Folder 3a-b Miscellaneous, 1954

Includes the following: Guide book on Mantova; Catalog "The complete Library of World Art"; clippings.

Includes brochure onBasilica St. Andrea, Mantova; Photostats; photo; a note book and diary with notes on Alberti, addresses, schedules.

Also included are letters from JGV to different addresses in Italy where he expresses appreciation for the assistance in research during his trip to Italy.