Percy and Harold D. Uris papers, 1901-2003

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Series 9. Uris Corporations (Private), 1930-1976

About 5,100 items (7.35 linear feet)

Comprised of the documents generated by corporations not specifically related to a single Uris building. These corporation records include correspondence, financial documents, certificates, legal papers, and other materials regarding business operations. It also contains the construction records, including photographs, for various building projects completed by the Uris Brothers from 1920s into the 1960s.

Arrangement is arranged alphabeticaly by company name

Subseries 9.1. Bittersweet Equities Inc., 1973-1976, About 100 items (0.20 linear feet)

Contains corporate records, correspondence, and financial documents for Bittersweet Equities, Inc. The corporate records consist of minutes and by laws, certificate of incorporation, tax forms, shareholders information, corporate resolutions, stock certificates, and the corporate seal. The correspondence documents the corporation's merger, legal issues, accounting practices, meetings, taxes, mortgage, banking, and transfer of assets from Toms River Properties, Inc. Within the financial records, there are records of securities transactions, interim financial statements, bank account statements, loan payments, and other disbursements. Also included are New York City corporation tax reports, New York State corporation franchise tax reports, and federal income tax payments.

Arrangement is alphabetical, then chronological

Bittersweet Equities, Inc. was incorporated in March 1974 and merged with 380 Madison Corporation on February 3, 1976. The New York corporation's function was to hold certain investment interests and it was never in any operating business. It appears to have held the assets of the dissolved Toms River Properties, Inc., a planned adult retirement community.

Box 228 Folder 33 Balance Sheets, 1975

Box 228 Folder 34 Completed Securities, 1974-1976

Box 228 Folder 35 Corporate Records: Certificate Book and Transfer Ledger, 1974

Box 228 Folder 36 Corporate Records: Corporate Seal, undated

Box 228 Folder 37 Corporate Records: Minutes and By Laws, 1974-1976

Box 228 Folder 38-39 Correspondence, 1973-1976

Separated to Roll UB_009: one photostat of Land Map of Toms River - Lakehurst, Toms River, N.J., Percy Brower, Newman and Frayne, Inc., Real Estate, corrected to 1964 April 7.

Box 228 Folder 40 Interim Financial Statements, 1974-1975

Box 228 Folder 41-44 Irving Trust Company Account: Bank Statements, 1974-1976

Box 228 Folder 45 Irving Trust Company: Investment Correspondence, 1973-1976

Box 228 Folder 46-48 New York City Corporation Taxes, 1974-1976

Box 228 Folder 49-51 New York State Corporation Franchise Taxes, 1974-1976

Box 228 Folder 52 Outstanding Certificate of Stock, 1974 Apr 02

Box 228 Folder 53-54 Paid Bills A to Z, 1974-1976

Subseries 9.2. Bofree Realty Corporation, 1954, 4 items (1 folder)

Four paid bills for rental of safe, Irving Trust Company service fees for trust, New York City Occupancy tax, and a ledger.

Bofree Realty Corporation owned the fee at 575 Madison Avenue while Madison Avenue Properties, Inc. owned and operated the office building.

Box 228 Folder 55 Bofree Realty Corporation: Paid Bills, 1954

Subseries 9.3. C. B. Ross Company, Inc., 1940s, 3 items (3 folders)

Consists of a report on C. B. Ross Company, Inc., statement of the corporation's construction costs, and one loose photograph. The 1942 report provides a business history, profiles of the company officers, financial statement, and detailed accounts of their building projects. The accounts of the building projects constructed prior to the corporation's formation in 1936 appear to have been built by previous Uris organizations. Each building project account includes a black and white photograph, property description, name of the architect, name of the engineers, construction specifications, and completion dates. The properties profiled include: 355 Riverside Drive (1922); 1133 Park Ave. (1923); Hotel Buckingham, 101 West 57th St. (1924); 79 Madison Ave. (1926); Court Square Building, 2 Lafayette St. (1927); 271 Madison Ave. (1927); 60 Broad St. (1927); Hudson Terminal Garage, 66 Dey St. (1927); Hotel Monclair, Lexington & 49th St. (1928); Hotel Dixie, 241 West 42nd St. (1930); Hotel St. Moritz, 50 Central Park South (1930); 1 University Place (1930); 255 Greene St. (1937); 2 Sutton Place South (1938); 930 Fifth Ave. (1940); Officers' Quarters, Fort Belvoir, Virginia (1941); Cabin John Gardens, Maryland (1942); Hillwood Square Village, Falls Church, Virginia (1942); and James Creek Housing Project, Washington, D.C. (1942). Within the construction costs statement are figures for the Buckingham Hotel, Court Square Building, Fifth Avenue Apartments, Montclair Hotel, St. Moritz Hotel, 2 Sutton Place South, and 1 University Place. The loose photograph is a black and white picture of the Hillwood Square Village in Falls Church, Virginia dated January 20, 1942.

Arrangement is alphabetical

C. B. Ross Company, Inc. was an investment building and general contracting business formed in 1936. Percy Uris served as the corporation's President and Treasurer while Harold Uris was Vice-President. The business's first project was the apartment building constructed at 2 Sutton Place between 1937 and 1938. In the 1940s, it went on to build more residential buildings and public housing, primarily for defense workers during World War II.

Box 228 Folder 56 C. B. Ross Company, Inc., 1942

Contains nineteen black and white photographs.

Box 228 Folder 57 C. B. Ross Company, Inc.: Construction Costs, undated

Box 228 Folder 58 C. B. Ross Company, Inc.: Photographs, 1942 Jan 22

Contains one black and white photograph.

Subseries 9.4. Park Avenue Properties, Inc., 1947-1967, About 400 items (0.65 linear feet)

Comprised of correspondence, legal documents, and financial records of Park Avenue Properties, Inc. Correspondence with lawyers, accountants, financial institutions, office personnel, the rental agency, shareholders, tenants, and insurance companies discusses the development, renting, repair, and disposal of properties 505 Park Avenue and 108 East 60th Street. Within the correspondence there are contracts, agreements, leases, and other legal documents that often refer to the 505 Park Avenue property. The financial records contain bank statements, paid invoices for various operating expenses, and balance sheets detailing profits, losses, corporate finances, construction expenditures, insurance costs, and tax computations. Also included are federal corporate income tax returns, New York State franchise tax forms, tax payment receipts, and correspondence with the IRS and New York Department of Taxation and Finance regarding the firm's taxes.

Arrangement is alphabetical, then chronologica

Park Avenue Properties, Inc. was involved with the buildings at 505 Park Avenue and 108 East 60th Street. The corporation acquired the land for the building at 380 Madison Avenue from City Bank Farmers Trust Company in 1952. Properties at 370-392 Madison Avenue, Nos. 11-29 East 46th Street, and Nos. 16-28 East 47th Street were exchanged for the premises at 505 Park Avenue and 108 East 60th Street.

Box 228 Folder 59-61 Agreements, 1947-1953

Box 228 Folder 62-63 Balance Sheets, 1949-1953

Box 229 Folder 1 Bond Purchase Agreement with The Equitable Life Assurance Society of the United States, 1952 Sep 17

Box 229 Folder 2 Bonds, 1947-1951

Box 229 Folder 3 Building Loan Agreement, 1948-1951

Box 229 Folder 4 Certified Directors' Resolution, 1952 Sep 19

Box 229 Folder 5-6 Correspondence, 1947-1952

Box 229 Folder 7-9 Irving Trust Company: Bank Statements, 1953

Box 229 Folder 10-11 Leases, 1949-1953

Box 229 Folder 12-13 Mortgages, 1947-1953

Box 229 Folder 14 Paid Invoices: A, 1952

Box 229 Folder 15 Paid Invoices: B, 1952

Box 229 Folder 16 Paid Invoices: C, 1953

Box 229 Folder 17 Paid Invoices: F, 1953

Box 229 Folder 18 Paid Invoices: I, 1953

Box 229 Folder 19 Paid Invoices: L, 1953

Box 229 Folder 20 Paid Invoices: N, 1953

Box 229 Folder 21 Paid Invoices: Petty Cash, 1953

Box 229 Folder 22 Paid Invoices: S, 1953

Box 229 Folder 23 Paid Invoices: T, 1953

Box 229 Folder 24 Paid Invoices: U, 1953

Box 229 Folder 25 Paid Invoices: W, 1953

Box 229 Folder 26-28 Taxes and Income, 1947-1959

Box 229 Folder 29 Title Insurance, 1947-1952

Subseries 9.5. Uris Brothers, Inc., 1930-1973, About 4,200 items (5.9 linear feet)

Contains financial statements, ledgers, contractor information, paid invoices, bank statements, and other records of the Uris Brothers, Inc. operations. These records describe the construction of buildings on numerous properties owned by the Uris Brothers and the modifications of commercial space for various tenants. The financial statements consist of property valuations, application of funds for construction jobs, and contractor commitments. There are general ledgers detailing the assets, liabilities, capital, expenses, income, and operating expenses for several of the Uris properties as well as construction ledgers for the buildings at 485 Lexington Avenue and 45 East 49th Street. The contractor information includes paid invoices, correspondence, and records of taxable purchases. Paid invoices from 1953 to 1962 also document expenses for supplies, insurance, equipment rental, and other professional services. Also included are correspondence, invoices, and other materials related to construction issues at Columbia University's Graduate School of Business.

Arrangement is alphabetical, then chronological

Uris Brothers, Inc. engaged in the construction work on buildings for the various Uris corporations. The firm appears to have been involved in most of the commercial and hotel sites built by the Uris brothers in post-World War II New York City.

Box 229 Folder 30 Accounts Payable Ledger: 45 East 49th Street, 1956-1957

Box 229 Folder 31 Addo Machine Company, Inc., 1955-1957

Box 229 Folder 32 Addo Machine Company, Inc.: Account Receivable, 1956-1957

Box 229 Folder 33 Aetna Steel Products Corporation: Requisitions, 1955-1956

Box 229 Folder 34 Columbia University Graduate School of Business, 1955-1956

Box 229 Folder 35 Columbia University Graduate School of Business: Lighting Fixtures, 1955

Box 229 Folder 36 Columbia University Graduate School of Business: Marine Brothers, 1955-1956

Box 229 Folder 37-41 Confidential Statements, 1930, undated

Box 229 Folder 42 Construction Ledger: 45 East 49th Street, 1956-1957

Box 229 Folder 43 Construction Ledger: 485 Lexington Avenue, 1955-1956

Box 229 Folder 44 Construction Ledger: 485 Lexington Avenue, 1956-1957

Box 229 Folder 45-47 Contractors: Taxable Purchases, 1955-1957

Box 229 Folder 48 Duplicate Copy Power of Attorney: Lester R. Bachner to Frank F. Firestone, 1957 Apr 16

Box 229 Folder 49 General Ledger, 1947 Mar 01-1950 Dec 31

Box 230 Folder 1 General Ledger, 1951 Jan 06-1951 Dec 31

Box 230 Folder 2 General Ledger, 1956 Nov 01-1957 Oct 31

Box 230 Folder 3 General Ledger, 1958 Nov 01-1959 Oct 31

Box 230 Folder 4 General Ledger, 1959 Nov 01-1960 Oct 31

Box 230 Folder 5-16 Irving Trust Company Checking Account: Bank Statements, 1966-1968

Box 231 Folder 1-15 Irving Trust Company Checking Account: Bank Statements, 1969-1973

Box 231 Folder 16 Irving Trust Company Checking Account: Checkbook Stubs #1538 to 1786, 1965 Jun 06-1966 Jan 01

Box 231 Folder 17 Irving Trust Company Checking Account: Checkbook Stubs #253 to 368, 1967 May 04-1974 Feb 13

Box 231 Folder 18-21 Paid Invoices: A, 1953-1955

Box 231 Folder 22-24 Paid Invoices: Arc Electrical Construction Co., Inc., 1954 Dec-1955 May

Box 232 Folder 1-7 Paid Invoices: Arc Electrical Construction Co., Inc., 1955 Jun-1956 Dec

Box 232 Folder 8-18 Paid Invoices: B, 1953-1958

Box 232 Folder 19-31 Paid Invoices: C, 1953-1962

Box 232 Folder 32-35 Paid Invoices: D, 1953-1957

Box 232 Folder 36-45 Paid Invoices: E, 1952-1958

Box 232 Folder 46-47 Paid Invoices: F, 1953-1954

Box 233 Folder 1-6 Paid Invoices: F, 1955-1957

Box 233 Folder 7-13 Paid Invoices: G, 1953-1958

Box 233 Folder 14-24 Paid Invoices: H, 1952-1958

Box 233 Folder 25-28 Paid Invoices: I, 1953-1958

Box 233 Folder 29-31 Paid Invoices: J, 1953-1955

Box 233 Folder 32-35 Paid Invoices: K, 1953-1957

Box 233 Folder 36-37 Paid Invoices: L, 1953-1954

Box 234 Folder 1-3 Paid Invoices: L, 1955-1956

Box 234 Folder 4-9 Paid Invoices: Lightolier, 1953-1956

Box 234 Folder 10-16 Paid Invoices: M, 1953-1957

Box 234 Folder 17-19 Paid Invoices: Mc, 1953-1956

Box 234 Folder 20 Paid Invoices: Miscellaneous, 1954

Box 234 Folder 21-24 Paid Invoices: N, 1953-1955

Box 234 Folder 25-27 Paid Invoices: O, 1953-1955

Box 234 Folder 28-35 Paid Invoices: P, 1952-1955

Box 234 Folder 36-37 Paid Invoices: Plane Tickets, 1954-1957

Box 234 Folder 38-40 Paid Invoices: R, 1951-1954

Box 235 Folder 1 Paid Invoices: R, 1955

Box 235 Folder 2-4 Paid Invoices: S, 1953-1955

Box 235 Folder 5 Paid Invoices: T, 1954-1955

Box 235 Folder 6-7 Paid Invoices: U, 1953-1955

Box 235 Folder 8 Paid Invoices: Uris Properties, Inc., 1954

Box 235 Folder 9 Paid Invoices: Uris, Harold D., 1962

Box 235 Folder 10 Paid Invoices: Uris, Percy, 1961-1962

Box 235 Folder 11-12 Paid Invoices: V, 1953-1955

Box 235 Folder 13-15 Paid Invoices: W, 1953-1955

Box 235 Folder 16 Paid Invoices: XYZ, 1954

Box 235 Folder 17 Statements of Application of Funds, 1955 Jun-1955 Dec

Box 235 Folder 18 Statements of Contractors, 1955 Jun-1955 Dec

Subseries 9.6. Uris Properties Inc., 1948-1967, About 400 items (0.6 linear feet)

Consists of general ledgers, paid invoices, and tax records for Uris Properties, Inc. The general ledgers from 1948 to 1954 list the assets, liabilities, capital, expenses, and income for the corporation. They include information about 880 Fifth Avenue, 930 Fifth Ave, 2 Sutton Place, and 1 University Place. Paid invoices, 1953-1955, document the operating expenses incurred by the corporation. The expenditures include office supplies, equipment costs, professional services, payroll, insurance premiums, petty cash receipts, and tax payments. Besides the tax payment receipts, there are accounting work sheets, correspondence with IRS and New York Department of Taxation and Finance, and copies of tax returns for federal corporate taxes, New York State franchise taxes and New York City income taxes.

Arrangement is alphabetical, then chronological

Uris Properties, Inc. was a management company that operated certain properties in return for management fees. The corporation appears to have operated the residential properties at 1 University Place, 2 Sutton Place South, 880 Fifth Avenue, and 930 Fifth Avenue.

Box 235 Folder 19 General Ledger, 1948 Oct 01-1950 Sep 31

Box 235 Folder 20 General Ledger, 1950 Oct 01-1951 Sep 31

Box 235 Folder 21 General Ledger, 1951 Nov 01-1952 Sep 31

Box 235 Folder 22 General Ledger, 1953 Oct 01-1954 Sep 30

Box 235 Folder 23-28 Paid Invoices: A to Z, 1954-1955

Box 235 Folder 29-33 Taxes, 1962-1967

Box 235 Folder 34 Taxes: Correspondence, 1949-1961

Box 235 Folder 35-36 Taxes: Federal Income Taxes, 1948-1968

Box 235 Folder 37 Taxes: New York City Income Tax, 1967

Box 235 Folder 38-39 Taxes: New York State Franchise Taxes, 1948-1968