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Douglas Putnam Haskell papers, 1866-1979-(bulk 1949-1964).

Series II: Personal Correspondence

The personal correspondence series contains material related to Douglas Haskell's personal friends and interests, as well as correspondence related to Architectural Forum. The dates span 1922-1979. It is more subject-oriented than the pending correspondence (Series I), but also includes correspondence with a number of specific people. The folders in Box 24-42 are arranged in alphabetical order by name of correspondent or subject, and thereunder in reverse chronological order. Boxes 43-46 of this series contain general correspondence and are arranged in reverse chronological order, beginning in 1964 and continuing to 1957. This group of correspondence documents the demise of FORUM. These boxes also contain material related to various editorial topics.

Correspondents' names, unless otherwise noted, are transcribed exactly as they appear in the original letter. Only the year has been included in the descriptions of the correspondence.

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Box 25 Folder 1 A

DH to Ruth Abrams. 1970; Re death of Charley [Abrams]. Mentions Catherine Bauer.

U.S. Housing: A New Program. By Charles Abrams, Tamiment Institute Public Service Pamphlet. undated.; Pamphlet. 17 pp.

DH to The Advocates. 1970; Votes in favor of the proposal for a fixed income contribution for the poor that was debated by the Advocates. Denounces the manner in which the debate was conducted. Mentions Governor Reagan as hogging the show.

Alexander, Robert E. to Dean George Hasslein, California Polytechnic State University. 1974; Suggests that the faculty committee on visiting critics and lecturers should invite DH to San Luis Obispo.


Allen, W. 1961; Gives directions to DH on how to get from Victoria via the Watford Way to the Building Research Station.

DH to Professor Donald Appleyard, College of Environmental Design, Berkeley, California. 1968; Pleased that Appleyard would like to include his article on popular taste ["The Drive for Beauty and the Popular Taste," Landscape, Vo. 15, No. 1 (Autumn 1965), pp. 3-5.] in a projected book. Asks Appleyard further questions about the book.

Meyer, Betty H. ARC Society for the Arts, Religion and Contemporary Culture, Inc. 1974; Inquires if DH has interest in joining ARC. Barbara Morgan told her that DH's father was a minister. Realizes they have mutual friends in the Bliss Family.

DH to Betty H. Meyer, ARC Society for the Arts, Religion and Contemporary Culture, Inc. 1974; Politely declines invitation to join ARC. Mentions Bob Bliss who has been swimming counselor for four decades at Camp Treetops, which the Haskells took over in 1929. DH explains how his father assisted in starting the American Agricultural School at Thessaloniki.

DH to Walter Wagner, Jr., Editor, Architectural Record. 1978; Re Grand Central.

DH to [Nikolaus?] Pevsner, [Architectural Review.] 1954; Appointed editor of FORUM. Hopes to begin fruitful and steady correspondence with Pevsner behind the scenes. Explains what FORUM's assignment as the US building industry's architectural magazine means. Mentions threat of the railroads to raze the Grand Central Station.

Ascher, Charles S. 1975; Re Samuel Ruggles' connection to Union Place.

DH to [William Wilson Atkin, Silvermine Press.] 1964; Efforts to get [FORUM] going again are underway. Glad to see that Atkin's firm is getting launched. Cannot invest in his firm at this time because he has retired from FORUM.

A Representative List of Contemporary Connecticut Architecture, prepared by the Connecticut Chapter of the American Institute of Architects, 1965.; Brochure. [3 pp.]

DH to Harris and Louise Armstrong. 1970; Thanks them for one of the finest times they ever had together. Mentions dinner party at Walton Chubb's and other people and events.

Aydelott, A. L. Undated.; Has terrible guilt about what happened long ago at Cleveland. Discusses his frail state of health.

Box 25 Folder 2 Aesthetics

Economic Opportunities for the Architect, American Institute of Architects Annual Convention. Dallas, Texas. May 9, 1962. By Karl L. Falk. (p. 1); Typescript of lecture. 10 pp.

Aesthetics of 20th Century Architecture, by Russell L. Ackoff, Ph.D. General Lecture delivered June 22, 1948. Convention Seminars. The American Institute of Architects. Salt Lake City. For Release to Morning Papers, June 23rd, 1948. (Title Page.); Typescript of lecture. 9 pp.

Aesthetics of 20th Century Architecture, by Edgar I. Williams, F.A.I.A. General Lecture delivered June 22, 1948. Convention Seminars. The American Institute of Architects. Salt Lake City. For Release to Morning Papers, June 23rd, 1948. (Title Page.); Typescript of lecture. 5 pp.

Various handwritten notes by [Douglas Haskell] on aesthetic topics.; 22 pp.

Box 25 Folder 3 AIA Architectural Competitions Data

Newsletter of The American Institute of Architects, #444, February 21, 1972.; Newsletter. 20 pp. Includes 1972 AIA Convention registration form for Houston, May 7-10.


THE AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF ARCHITECTS: Final Legislative Box Score: 92nd Congress. 1972; 6 pp.

Congressional Record: Proceedings and Debates of the 92nd Congress, Second Session. Volume 118. Washington, Saturday, October 14, 1972. No. 166. Senate.; Photocopy. 10 pp.

NATIONAL SOCIAL WELFARE ASSEMBLY: NATIONAL COMMITTEE ON THE AGING...REPORT OF MEETING ON ARCHITECTURAL COMPETITION. Held at Headquarters, American Institute of Architects, Washington, D.C. Friday, April 9, 1954.; Report. 5 pp.

Austin, John C. to Philip L. Crittenden, Hotpoint Company. 1954; T.l. (Carbon copy.) Re Hotpoint design competition.

Hazen, Joseph C., Jr. to Mrs. Geneva Mathiasen, National Committee on Aging. 1954; T.l. (Draft.) Informs Mathiasen FORUM no longer desires to participate in competition. Explains why.

BUILDINGS FOR THE HANDICAPPED AND/OR AGED, Bulletin of the American Institute of Architects. November 1951 and January 1952.; Reprint. 32 pp. This reprint contains several articles by various people.

Hazen, Joe to Jack Beard. 1953; Memo. Re Ferro Enamel design competition. Hazen considers several basic questions about design competitions.

FORUM-Conducted Competitions Follow This Procedure. undated.; List of 12 procedures. (Carbon copy.)

TENTATIVE PROGRAM OUTLINE: PROPOSED SCHOOL DESIGN COMPETITION. To be sponsored by U.S. Steel corporation. undated.; Outline. (Carbon copy.) (Related correspondence attached.)

COMPETITIONS—Miscellaneous Information. 1950; List of FORUM and other publications competitions from 1934-1945. (Carbon copy.)

House Design Competition. Conducted by Architectural Forum, The Magazine of Building. Sponsors: National Association of Home Builders, Architectural Forum, The Magazine of Building. (Title page.) undated.; Program for competition. 10 pp. (Related material attached.)

Architectural Competitions: These documents are issued by The American Institute of Architects for use of the Owner, the Competitors, and the Jury. AIA Document No. 213 (1951 Printing.); Printed document. 22 pp.

MAJOR ARCHITECTURAL COMPETITIONS 1935-1950, The Architectural Forum. 1950; Mimeographed typescript list. 5 pp.

Box 25 Folder 4 to 5 AIA Chapter and National (2 folders)

Meier, Richard to Douglas Haskell, Chairman, Special Meetings Committee, Ada Louise Huxtable, Susanne Stephens, Anna Halpin, George Lewis, Herbert Oppenheimer, James I Freed, Chairman, Committee on Design, A.I.A.; Memo. 2 pp. Re Bicentennial Papers Committee of NYC/AIA: Ideas in American Architecture.

The American Institute of Architects Memorandum. Bennett, Tom, Director of Congressional Relations, to All Legislative Minutemen. 1972; Memo. Re Success in Halting Extension of the West Front. (Copy of Congressional Record attached.)

Javits, Jacob K. to DH. 1972; Re extension of the West Front of the Capitol.

DH to [William L. Slayton, AIA.] 1972; Thanks Slayton for letter specifying what 1958 remarks of his are being quoted for support of extending the National Capitol's West Front. DH explains that in fact he is "dead set" against it. He is being misquoted.


DH to William L. Slayton, AIA. 1972; Re Capitol West Front.


MINUTES OF AWARDS COMMITTEE MEETING, Chapter Headquarters. Monday, April 5, 1971—12:30 P.M. New York Chapter. The American Institute of Architects.; Minutes. (Photocopy.) 1 p.

RECIPIENTS OF AIA MEDALS AND AWARDS. undated.; List. 10 pp. [1921-1970.]

Oculus. New York Chapter/The American Institute of Architects. Volume 44, no. 1. September, 1970.; Newsletter. 4 pp.

The American Institute of Architects: AIA Governmental Affairs Review, January 1970, issue 70-1.

Muskie Asks Commitment to Restore Urban Environment, F. W. Dodge Construction News. 1970; Clipping.

DH to Board of Directors, AIA. 1970; Re new membership conditions. Discusses the fact the he is not an architect but "an architectural editor."

DH to John F. Gane, AIA. 1970; Includes biographical information.

1970 AIA ANNUAL REPORT OF THE BOARD, for the year ended Dec. 31, 1970.; Report. 38 pp.

DH to Nesbitt A. Garmendia, AIA. 1969; Re recent AIA [notice from the New York Chapter concerning the Vietnam Moratorium.]

Henkel, Margot A., Director, Administration and Finance. New York Chapter, AIA. 1969; Paul Rudolph recommended for Medal of Honor. William J. Paley recommended for Award of Merit. Other special citations mentioned.

Spreiregen, Paul D., Program Director for Architecture, Planning & Design, NEA, National Council on the Arts. 1969; Inquires if DH is interested in helping him with a program on architectural competitions. Plans to commission an in-depth study of competitions.

The AIA Headquarters Project: A Special Report of The Board of The American Institute of Architects. Jan. 1969; Report. [10 pp.] Re designing a new national Headquarters Building.

Gane, John F., Editor, American Architects Directory. undated.; Re the Third Edition of the American Architects Directory.

PAUL RUDOLPH, F.A.I.A.-Gold Medal... undated.; Typescript. 4 pp. (Carbon copy.) Announcement of award. Also attached is announcement of William S. Paley's award, and Special Merit Award to the Regional Plan Association, Inc.

Bolton, Preston M., Secretary, AIA. 1968; Informs DH he has been elected a Member Emeritus of The Institute.


Ginsburg, Nathan R. to Max O. Urbahn, President, The New York Chapter, AIA. 1967; (Copy of letter.) Urgently asks Chapter to support his plan for the New York Civic Center. SPECIAL MEETINGS. Douglas Haskell, Chairman. undated.; Typescript. 2 pp.

Kilham, Walter H., Jr. to Don Hatch. 1967; (Copy of letter.) Re Supports effort to award Raymond Hood the Gold Medal.

THE HAVEN, by Edmund R. Purves To THE LITERARY SOCIETY, April 8, 1961."; Typescript of speech. (Carbon copy.) 13 pp.

CHAPTER MEMBERSHIP. December, 1967; Chart. 4 pp. (Folded.)

Box 25 Folder 6 AIA Committee Fellow and Speakers


DH to George E. Kassabaum, Chairman, Jury on Fellows, AIA. 1973; Re nomination of Howard Fisher to Fellowship.

[DH?] to George E. Kassabaum, Chairman, Jury on Fellows, AIA. 1973; Re nomination of John Woodbridge to Fellowship.


Pokorny, Jan Hird. 1973; Dick Stein, Jim Polshek and himself have nominated Jimmy Fitch for the 1974 AIA Architecture Critic's Medal.

DH to Edward A. Killingsworth, Chairman, 1974 Jury on Institute Honors, AIA. 1973; Re nomination of Robert L. Davison for the 1974 AIA Medal for Research.

DH to Gerald M. McCue, Chairman, Jury of Fellows, AIA. 1972; Re nomination of Joseph M Neufeld to Fellow.

DH to AIA, Jury of Fellows. 1970; Re nomination of Arch B. Swank to Fellow.

VISITOR'S COMMITTEE 1967-1968, Commission on Chapter Organization. (William D. Wilson, Commission Chairman.); Typed list. 2 pp.

Henkel, Margot A., Executive Secretary, New York Chapter, The American Institute of Architects. 1967; Re [Walter] McQuade's nomination for Fellowship.

DH to William R. Tabler. 1967; Re Paul Grotz's eligibility for Fellowship in the AIA.

LIST OF MEMBERS WHO WILL ACHIEVE TENURE IN 1966. undated.; List. (Carbon copy.) 3 pp.

New York Chapter AIA: List of Corporate Members With Ten-Year Tenure as of 1966. undated.; List. (Photocopy.) 7 pp.

New York Chapter, AIA, Speakers Committee 1966-67. 1966; Program. (Photocopy.) 2 pp.

Prince, Harry M., Chairman, to the Members of the Fellowship Committee. 1964; Re Philip Johnson's elevation to Fellowship in the AIA.

Box 25 Folder 7 to 8 AIA Education (2 folders)

Oculus Annual Review, NYC/AIA, Aug/74.; Newsletter. 24 pp.



THE COMPUTER—ITS CURRENT ROLE IN ARCHITECTURAL EDUCATION: findings of a questionnaire survey conducted in Spring 1967 by the ACSA Committee on Research and Graduate Studies, Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture. 1967; 40 pp.


Lendrum, James T., Head, Dept. of Architecture, University of Florida to DH [and others.] 1963; Re ACSA Committee—Expansion of Schools to Serve the Building Industry.

1963 Report -- ACSA Committee Report: Expansion of Schools to Serve the Building Industry.; Report. 1 p. (Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture.)

Black, Misha, "THE ARCHITECT'S ANGUISH," Leicester University Press, 1962.; Lecture. 18 pp. Harry Hardy Peach Memorial Lecture delivered on 15 February 1962.

School of Architecture and Planning: Education of architects and city planners, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA. [1947?]; School catalog. 39 pp.

STATEMENT OF SERVICES AND CHARGES OF THE ARCHITECT. New York Chapter: The American Institute of Architects. 1966; Brochure. 14 pp. (Not including chart at end.)

Box 25 Folder 9 to 10 AIA Fellows (2 folders)

SPECIAL COMMITTEE OF SCEF'S BOARD AND STAFF: A STATEMENT OF FINDINGS. undated.; Report. 36 pp. This report seems to have no relation to material in this collection. The report was put together by Walter Colins. "...a Special Committee of the Board and Staff of SCEF was formed...to inquire into the events that culminated in the kidnapping of SCEF's Executive Director...and her husband...." (This issue seems to involve intense discord between the Black Panther movement and the SCEF.)

Numerous letters re various nominees seeking Fellowship in the AIA. 1966-1973 (with gaps.)

Smart, George M. North Carolina Chapter, AIA. 1968; Honored DH has agreed to serve as juror for their 1969 Honor Awards Program.

DH to Robert L. Durham. 1967; Re the redwood forest crisis.

Principles Underlying the Bestowal of Fellowships, AIA Document No. H510/With form of Nomination. undated.; [6 pp.] (Related forms attached.)

Ruff, Carl. 1962; Congratulates DH on being made a Fellow of the AIA.

David, Arthur Q. 1962; Congratulates DH on being made a Fellow of the AIA.

Oculus, New York Chapter American Institute of Architects, April 1962; Newsletter. 4 pp. Includes news of Colbert and Haskell being elected Fellows of AIA.

Letters of congratulation from various people to DH on his advancement to Fellowship in the AIA. March—April 1962.

AIA Centennial Convention Program, Washington DC, May 13-17, 1957.; Program. 24 pp.

DH to Ned Purvis. 1954; T.l. DH tells Purvis he has been appointed editor of FORUM. (In a note at the top of the letter DH has written a note to [himself?] saying that he has now been offered editorship with all the major architecture magazines in the US. Apparently this letter was written in response to Purvis having offered DH editorship of the AIA Journal.)

DH to Edmund Purves, Executive Director, AIA. undated.; Re DH's application for corporate membership in the AIA. Explains his special circumstances.

Sleeper, Harold R., President, New York Chapter, AIA. undated.; Welcomes DH to Associate Membership in the AIA.

Box 26 Folder 1 AIA Kansas City 1979

Samton, Peter. New York Chapter, AIA. 1978; Informs DH he will be given a citation.

Botsai, Elmer E. President, AIA. 1978; Informs DH he has been selected to receive an AIA Medal. Award to be presented at AIA convention in Kansas City, June 4, 1979.

1979 AIA National Convention: Kansas City, Missouri: June 3 thru 7 : A Celebration of Architecture.; Program. 16 pp. Includes registration information, schedule of events, etc. (DH has written on program, indicating which events were of interest to him.)

Box 26 Folder 2 AIA Meeting Committees

SPECIAL MEETINGS COMMITTEE, 1974-75, New York Chapter, AIA. Douglas Haskell, Chairman.; Typed list. 1 p.

DH to Ann [Wilson?] 1975; DH heard at an AIA meeting that PLUS is on the rocks. Asks Ann if she has any plans. Mentions his father.

Davern, Jeanne M. 1974; Mentions the lecture series DH is putting together for NYC/AIA. Also mentions Paul Rudolph and Paul Goldberger.

Calendar, NYC/AIA, December 1974.; Calendar of events. 3 pp.

DH to Anna Halpin. 1974; Thinks Herb Oppenheimer's idea of a special meetings committee of NYC/AIA is an appealing one.


Box 26 Folder 3 AIA Public Relations Committee

DH to Editor, Christian Science Monitor. 1969; Re article on the new Julliard School building at Lincoln Center. The magazine failed to mention the architect of the building, Pietro Belluschi.

You Need An Architect, prepared by the Connecticut Chapter of the AIA.; Booklet. 10 pp.

PUBLIC RELATIONS for the architect, The American Institute of Architects, The Octagon, Washington, D.C. undated.; Handbook, (loose-leaf.) Approx. 46 pp.

Box 26 Folder 4 Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning, notes taken by [DH] from an article in the Encyclopedia Americana. 1941[?]; Notes. 4 pp.

Box 26 Folder 5 Architects

A Second Report on Your Profession, prepared by the AIA Committee on the Profession, April 1962.; Report. [18 pp.]

HALF A REVOLUTION, speech by Douglas Haskell,...introducing the panel on New Dimensions of Architectural Knowledge," at the Dallas convention of the AIA, May 9, 1962. (p. 1) ; Typescript of speech. 6 pp.

Taylor, Walter A., Director, School of Architecture, Ohio University, to Douglas Haskell, [and others.] 1962; (Copy of letter.) Re ACSA Committee—Expansion of Schools.

SPEECH BY DOUGLAS HASKELL, EDITOR OF ARCHITECTURAL FORUM to the Business Session of the Michigan Society of Architects at the Society's 47th annual convention, April 5-7, 1961. ; Typescript of speech. 9 pp. Autograph note by DH at the top of the first page reads: "One of my clearer statements on professional methods & ethics. It had influence."

1984 THE SCHOOL OF ARCHITECTURE, by Walter A. Taylor. AIA Journal, May 1960.; Clipping. pp. 43-50. "By looking back from the Orwellian year 1984, the author presents his views on architectural education as practiced during the 1950s and 60s."

DH to [Staff]. 1959; Memo. Re evaluating architectural schools.

Florida Chapter. undated.; 8 x 10, B&W photographic print. Group portrait of the [Florida Chapter of the AIA.]

Where does architecture go from here? I. The Architect, more Needed than Pitied. By John E. Burchard and Albert Bush-Brown. [1957]; Advance proof Harper's Magazine. pp. 36-43.

A REPORT ON REGISTERED ARCHITECTS IN THE U.S. 1955, Co-sponsored by Columbia University, School of Architecture, and Architectural Forum division of Time, Inc.; Report. 63 pp.

How Representative Architects Answered FIVE QUESTIONS ON PROFESSION'S FUTURE, by Arthur B. Holmes. Reprinted from Architectural Record, May 1940.; Reprint. [8 pp.]

Box 26 Folder 6 Architectural Historians

DH to Professor Morris Smith, Washington University, St. Louis, Mo. 1967; Criticizes Smith's account of Frank Lloyd Wright's proposed state capitol for Arizona in the latest Journal of The Society of Architectural Historians.

Box 26 Folder 7 Architectural History

BE IT EVER SO HUMBLE, by Harry Shapiro, Natural History, December 1944.; Clipping. pp. 460-473. Primitive dwellings with stress on American Indians.

THERE'S NO PLACE LIKE HOME, by Harry Shapiro, Natural History, January 1945.; Clipping. pp. 24-38. Second installment of the above item.

Autograph notes on Utah architecture by [DH?]; 2 pp.

Box 26 Folder 8 Architectural League Gold Medal

Events, The Architectural League of New York, undated.; Schedule of exhibitions. 3 pp.

THE ARCHITECTURAL LEAGUE OF NEW YORK presents the 1960 NATIONAL GOLD MEDAL EXHIBITION OF THE BUILDING ARTS in collaboration with THE AMERICAN CRAFTMEN'S COUNCIL circulated by THE AMERICAN FEDERATION OF ARTS, September 10, 1959 to May 15, 1960.; Program of exhibitors. 13 pp.

1960 National Gold Medal Exhibition of the Building Arts, sponsored by the Architectural League of New York. 1960; Exhibition catalog. 93 pp. (Includes photographs.)

The Architectural League of New York 1958-1959.; Pamphlet. [20 pp.] List of members.

Box 26 Folder 9 Architectural Record

[DH] to Judd [Payne]. 1949; Thanks Payne for sending him a nice memo regarding parting [for FORUM?]

Payne, Judd to DH. 1949; Memo. Re DH's resignation.

THIS IS MY OPINION OF ARCHITECTURAL RECORD. 1946, 1948.; Questionnaire. 2 pp. Includes statistical information.

Payne, Judd. Vice President, Magazine Division, F-W Dodge Corporation. 1943; Re hiring DH as an editor.

Kocher, Lawrence. 1936; Re a writing assignment for DH.

DH to [Lawrence] Kocher. 1929; Inquires about a position on the Architectural Record.

Box 26 Folder 10 Architecture Plus and other architecture magazines

Book review of The Spaces In Between—An Architect's Journey, by Nathaniel Alexander Owings. 1973; Tearsheet. p. 14. By Douglas Haskell.

Review of Kilham on Hood, by Douglas Haskell, undated.; Typescript. 4 pp.

FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT, the Chicago 1933 World's Fair, and Raymond Hood, by Douglas Haskell. 1974; Typescript. 2 pp.

Southern Architect, December 1963; Periodical. 27 pp. Includes photo of DH as juror for Tenth Annual North Carolina Honor Awards.

Box 26 Folder 11 Arrangements for DH Talks

Spiegelberg, Gwen. 1966; DH's niece writes to him as a member of the Oberlin College Forum Board, and a senior at the college, to request DH as a speaker. (Correspondence consists of 7 other letters on the same topic.)

Barnhart, R. B. Head, Special Projects Office, Carnegie Institute of Technology. undated.; Enclosing agenda for the Architecture Visiting Committee meeting. Looks forward to seeing DH at this meeting.

Chase, David B. Smithsonian Institution. 1966; Re a series of international symposia

Karousatos, Fotis N. Florida Association of the American Institute of Architects. 1966; Re their annual convention.

Reps, John W., Cornell University, College of Architecture, to Nathaniel A. Owings, Skidmore, Owings & Merrill. 1966; Expresses his hope that the papers of the Pennsylvania Avenue Council would be turned over to the appropriate agency for preservation, such as the National Archives of Library of Congress.

Jones, Barclay G. Cornell University, College of Architecture. 1966; Inquires if DH would like to conduct a seminar on the American tradition in environmental planning.

Gruson, Edward S. Chairman, Urban Design Conference, Harvard University, Graduate School of Design. 1966; Re the Urban Design Conference. Expresses his gratitude for DH's participation.

Nielsen, Carl E. Iktinos Building Association of the Alpha Rho Chi Fraternity. 1964; Pleased DH will be speaker for the Golden Jubilee Banquet commemorating the founding of Alpha Rho Chi Fraternity.

Paul, Wilson B. Michigan State University. 1965; Thanks DH for confirming arrangements for him to speak on their Fine Arts Festival Program.

Bates, Thomas E. 1965; Expresses gratitude of the Connecticut Chapter of the AIA for DH's excellent talk.

von Moltke, Wilhelm V. Harvard University. 1965; Would like DH to participate in an Urban Design Conference at Harvard.

Locke, John P. Iowa Chapter, AIA. 1965; Note of appreciation for DH's contribution to their recent convention.

Vivrett, Walter K. University of Minnesota. 1965; Thanks DH for recent seminar. The Minnesota Society of Architects also very pleased.

Horn, Michael. University of Pennsylvania. 1964; Re DH's participation in their lecture series.

Box 26 Folder 12 Art

Architects Discuss Future of the Art, The New York Times. 1978; Clipping. Re AIA convention at Dallas. Mention of Peter Eisenman, Frank Gehry, Charles Gwathmey, Charles Moore, Cesar Pelli, Robert A. M. Stern, and Stanley Tigerman. Discussion led by Philip Johnson.

The Newspaper PM, Inc. 1946; Clippings. Re Ad Reinhardt, graduate of Columbia University.

Statement, by James Prestini, undated.; Typescript. 1 p. Re the art of the future.

Art as an Architectural Element, by Paul Damaz, AIA Journal, undated.; Clipping. pp. 54-58.

Autograph notes by DH pertaining to art. undated.; Approximately 43 pp. Topics include: Eakin; El Greco; Flemish painting; Dutch art; Realism; and other topics.

Box 26 Folder 13 ASPA (American Society of Planners and Architects)

Hudnut, Joseph. President, ASPA, to The Honorable Trygve Lie, Secretary General of the United Nations. 1946; T.l. Re recommendations for a building program of the United Nations on its permanent site. Recommendations prepared by ASPA and CIAM.

Members of the AMERICAN SOCIETY OF PLANNERS AND ARCHITECTS, April 1945; Typed list. 1 p.

AGENDA FOR ANNUAL CONFERENCE OF ASPA, Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, January 19, 26, or February 2, 1946.; Agenda. (Carbon copy.) 1 p.

ARCHITECTURE'S PLACE IN CITY PLANNING, by Joseph Hudnut, reprinted from Architectural Record, undated.; Reprint. 4 pp.

Resolution of the ASPA to support the General Housing Act of 1945.

DH to Joseph Hudnut, Graduate School of Design, Harvard University. 1945; Declines invitation to serve on a committee on by-laws for ASPA.


Hudnut, Joseph. Graduate School of Design, Harvard University. 1944; Pleased DH will accept membership in the new American Society of Architects and Planners.

Harrison, Wallace K. 1944; Re meeting of the American Society of Architects and Planners, at the Architectural League.

Hudnut, Joseph. Graduate School of Design, Harvard University. 1944; Re a new society for architects and planners.

Box 26 Folder 14 Automobile Design

A new kind of motor-car beauty, Ford Motor Company- Detroit, Michigan, 1927.; Catalog. 20 pp.

Various automobile brochures and flyers including: SAAB; BMW Isetta; Peugeot; Vauxhall; Rambler American; Borgward; Citroen; Mercedes-Benz.;

Box 26 Folder 15 Avery, Stanton

DH to Stan and Ernestine [Avery]. 1968; Talks about Lake Placid and what his wife is doing.

DH to Stanton Avery. 1967; Will try to visit Avery. Planning to visit Claremont College with Andy Bongiorno.

DH to Stan[ton] [Avery]. 1964; Condolences for [his wife Dorothy.]

Avery, Stanton. 1957; Had dinner with Francis Howe in Cleveland. Comments on iron grille work in architecture. Encloses slides of Sydney, Australia with some interesting cast-iron railing grilles.

Box 27 Folder 1 B

Baer, Morley. 1953; Re the new Spindrift Restaurant designed and contracted by the owners, Virginia Hill and Carolyn Vogel.

Barthelme, Donald. 1953; Re his opposing opinion on the economy of using lift-slab. Knows DH is going to publish something on its use in a school issue.

Barthelme, Donald. 1953; Critical remarks on trying to make a business out of a profession. Says DH is "preoccupied with a few shooting stars when the important thing is to keep the whole profession on the tracks."

Barthelme, Donald. 1953; Re the Bucks County "embroglio" and the future of the profession.

A SCHOOL PLANNING APPROACH, by Donald Barthelme. 1953; Typescript. (Copy.) [10 pp.] Includes diagrams.

Bassetti, Fred. 1954; Re the Dearborn-Massar and the Forrest House.

DH to Fred Bassetti. 1953; Re FORUM editorial series dealing with the ideas of architects younger than Wright, Mies and Gropius.

Reisner, Jedd S. Department of Architecture, Beaux-Arts Institute of Design. [1947?]; Invites DH to be a member of a Jury to judge the solutions for various programs. (Related material attached.)

TO HAVE OR NOT TO HAVE, by Earl S. Bellman. 1936; Typescript. (Carbon copy.) [4 pp.] Re population rate.

Bendiner, Alfred. undated.; Tells DH it's nice Tom Creighton got a Fellowship.

Bek-Gran. [1926]; Postcard. B&W photo [of Bek-Gran?] With letter written in German by Frau Mauthner.

Betts, Benjamin Franklin. 1952; Re articles he is writing and ideas he would like to present to Perry Prentice and/or Joe Hazen.

Biddle, Francis. Franklin Delano Roosevelt Commission. 1962; Gives DH list of members of the Commission.

Blake, Peter. Editor-in-Chief, Plus, Architecture International. 1972; Re his new architectural magazine.

Bliven, Bruce. The New Republic. 1930; Will not use articles DH wrote. Suggests DH rewrite Davison's article.

Bouverie, David. 1951; Takes issue with DH on claiming the gridiron as indigenous to America.

Boyne, Colin. The Architects' Journal. 1964; Hopes FORUM can be started before DH's staff are irretrievably dispersed.

DH to Colin Boy[ne?] 1961; Final draft of letter. (Carbon copy.) Re controversy over the Architectural Review of London and its issue on [American architecture.]

Breuer, Marcel. 1946; Would like to meet DH at the Harvard Club.

de Carvalho e Silva, Jorge. Brazilian Embassy. 1954; Re DH's diploma of the National Order of the Southern Cross.

DH to Francis Brennan. 1952; Memo. (Carbon copy with autograph note by [DH?]) "This was the report that got Saarinen the job and started a friendship between him and Luce that lasted." DH presents material on architects the Corporation might consider for Rye: Eero Saarinen; Ed Stone; Wally Harrison; Pietro Belluschi; Morris Ketchum; and others.

Burchard, John E. Chairman, Department of Design, University of California, Berkeley. 1965; Writes to DH for help in finding a long-run chairman for the department.

The Arts in a World of Science, by John Ely Burchard, from Annals of the Japan Association for Philosophy of Science Volume 2, no. 1 1961. (Front cover.) undated.; Pamphlet. pp. 22-31.

Burchard, John E. School of Humanities and Social Studies, MIT. 1955; Requests help from DH in preparing centennial history of American architecture for the AIA.

Burnett, Hal. 1970; News about what he is doing currently.

DH to Senator Byrd. 1943; Re white pin trees and blister rust.

Box 27 Folder 2 Bacon, Edmund

Urban Renewal: Remaking the American City: Philadelphia's Edmund Bacon, Time. 1964; Periodical. [13 pp.]

ARCHITECTURE AND PLANNING: A Talk Given at the Annual Meeting of The American Institute of Architects, by Edmund Bacon, Philadelphia, Pa. April 27, 1961.; Typescript of talk. 37 pp.

REDESIGNING DOWNTOWN PHILADELPHIA: A Presentation Given at the Annual Meeting of The American Institute of Architects, Philadelphia, Pa. April 27, 1961; Typescript of presentation. 25 pp.

DOWNTOWN PHILADELPHIA: A LESSON IN DESIGN FOR URBAN GROWTH, by Edmund Bacon, preprinted from Architectural Record, May 1961.; Preprint. pp 131-146.

Box 27 Folder 3 Baltimore Jury 1965

Cochran, Alexander S. 1965; Happy DH will be Chairman of the Baltimore Chamber of Commerce, Baltimore Chapter, AIA Architectural Competition Jury.

JURY REPORT, 1965 COMPETITION.; Report. (Carbon copy.) 2 pp. List of First Honor Awards.


Box 27 Folder 4 Banham, Reyner "Prairie-ville"

Banham, Reyner. The Architectural Review. 1962; Thinks DH is making more out of the English attitude towards grid planning than is justified. Encloses offprint of article to prove his point.

URBANISM: USA, by Reyner Banham, The Architectural Review, November 1961.; Offprint. pp. 303-305. Re the grid-iron plans on the American prairie.

Box 27 Folder 5 Barns In America

This May Day Rain Squall Sprinkles the Garden of a Texas Gulf Coast Farmer Near Victoria, National Geographic, February 1945.; Clipping. p. 172. (Photograph of farm.)

OLD SILOS IN VERMONT, no author. undated.; Clipping. pp. 97-104. This clipping contains only photographs with an introductory paragraph.

Box 27 Folder 6 Barth, Max

DH to Max [Barth]. 1947; T.l. (Copy.) Good to hear from Barth. Barth does not owe him any [money]. Talks about the war.

[Barth], Max to DH. 1947; Wants to pay his debts. Talks about Howard [Becker]. Discusses the war. Wonders why DH does not get a job in Germany in the educational department.

Barth, Max to "folks". 1947; In a few months will return to Europe. Mentions his work as a correspondent. Discusses difficulties in returning to Germany, and various people who are trying to help him. He will return home a "traitor". Mentions Shepard Stone from the New York Times; Hearst; Howard Becker; and others.

Barth, Max to DH. 1943; Tells DH FBI may inquire about him but not to get alarmed. Hopes to get out of "Hearst's Old Issues Stockroom" and function again, financially and intellectually.

Barth, Max to DH. 1943; (In German.) Dreams of a day when he is able to return to Europe to work and write, despite financial situation.

Barth, Max to DH. 1942; (In German.) Now working for Hearst company but only as a blue-collar worker. Work is very exhausting and gives no intellectual satisfaction.

Barth, Max to DH. 1941; (In German.) Close to despair because he cannot find work in New York.

Barth, Max to DH. 1941; Four more letters in German discussing Barth's arrival in New York; his desire to publish in American magazines; borrowing money from DH; how he plans to get from Stockholm to the US West Coast; his yearning for a German girl he left behind in Sweden; his current work situation; and other topics.

Barth, Max to "friends". 1936; Writes from Prague where he is an emigré. Mentions Haskell's apparent willingness to sign an affidavit for Barth to come to the US. Also discusses Nazi pressure on Czechoslovakia; the Nazi's sentencing him to death in his absence; where he might work as a journalist in the US; and mentions several other published refugees from Germany whom Haskell knows.

Barth, Max to Doug [and] Helen. 1932.; Mentions Haskell's trip to Europe, especially Germany; his sister who is currently living in the US [?]; the publication situation in Germany; the rise of fascism; refers to a conference near Dresden, Germany [where Haskell and Barth might of met when Haskell was on tour in 1923?] Encloses an article titled "Bruening's Suppression of the Freethinkers' International." (Attached.)

Box 27 Folder 7 Bauer, Catherine

PROGRAMS FOR ACTION IN THE SIXTIES: Goals for Americans: comprising The Report of the President's Commission on National Goals and Chapters Submitted for the Consideration of the Commission, by The American Assembly, Columbia University, 1960.; Book. 372 pp. Includes a chapter by Catherine Bauer Wurster, (Chapter 10, p. 225: "Framework for an Urban Society.")

Gutheim, Frederick. 1968; Re portrait figure of the late Catherine Bauer Wurster to be installed in the Department of Housing and Urban Development. The figure is in bronze by the sculptor and architect Oskar Stonorov.

Mayer, Albert. 1965; Re DH's contribution to the Equal Opportunities Committee of the New York Chapter AIA.

Wurster, William W. 1965; Pleased that DH would do the article on Catherine in the new FORUM.

Wheaton, William L.C. Director, Institute of Urban and Regional Development, University of California, Berkeley. 1965; Comments and thoughts on Catherine Bauer Wurster.

Sparkman, John. United States Senate. 1965; Comments and thoughts on Catherine Bauer Wurster.

CATHERINE BAUER WURSTER, by Douglas Haskell, [1964]; Typed draft of article. 7 pp.

UC Woman Found Dead On Mt. Tam. no source. [1964]; Clipping. (Photocopy.) [1 p.]

Catherine Bauer Wurster, 1905-1964, by Douglas Haskell, The Architectural Forum, April 1965.; Clipping. pp. 78-79.

[Wurster], Catherine Bauer to Charlie [Abrams?] 1960, 1962-3.; 7 letters. (Thermofax copies.) Re politics concerning California; her job at the University; regional planning. Discusses [?] Kaplan; demonstration project in India; among other subjects.

[Wurster], Catherine Bauer. 1944; Re dinner invitation.

Box 27 Folder 8 Bibliography Medieval Life

This folder contains a 3-page typed outline on life in the Middle Ages.

Box 27 Folder 9 Born, Ernest and Esther

Born, Ernest. 1964; Re the dissolution of FORUM.

Born, Esther. 1951; Re Chinese back rest for DH.

Born, Ernest. 1949; Thanks DH and wife, Helen, for two gallons of maple syrup.

Box 27 Folder 10 Boston Public Library

Burchard, John E. School of Humanities and Social Science, MIT. 1963; Re selection of Philip Johnson to do addition of the Boston Public Library.

The Trustees of the Boston Public Library. [1963]; News release. 4 pp Re Philip Johnson chosen to do the designs for the addition to the Central Library in Copley Square.

Burchard, John E. School of Humanities and Social Science, MIT. 1963; Re five nominees [for addition to library.]

Murray, Edward G. President, The Boston Library of the City of Boston. 1963; Re DH on advisory panel [for addition to library.]

Burchard, John E. School of Humanities and Social Science, MIT. 1963; Re procedure for selecting architect for addition to library.

Box 27 Folder 11 Brasília

Brasília Comes of Age, by Gladys Delmas, [The New Yorker?] 1967; Clipping. pp. 25-33.

Holiday Greetings from Helen & Douglas Haskell. undated.; Photographs. (4) 5x7, B&W photographic prints. Three photographs of people, and one of Palácio da Alvorada in Brasília.

POINTERS FROM SOUTH AMERICA: Brasília: New Town with Bravura, by Juscelino Kubitschek, AIA Journal, August 1969.; Clipping. pp. 43-50.

Brasília. Revista da Companhia Urbanizadora da Nova Capital do Brasil. Mar 1959, No. 27.; Periodical. 24 pp.

Brasília. Revista da Companhia Urbanizadora da Nova Capital do Brasil. Feb 1959, No. 26.; Periodical. 24 pp.

Box 27 Folder 12 Britannica Book of the Year

Goetz, Philip W. Editor, Britannica Book of the Year. 1963; Glad to receive DH's manuscript for his article for the 1964 Britannica Book of the Year.

Singh, Patwant. Editor, Design. 1963; Answers DH's inquiry regarding recent buildings in [India] that could be considered important.

Tashev, Petar. Sofia's Chief Architect. 1963; Answers DH's inquiry regarding recent buildings in [Bulgaria] that could be considered important.

Zevi, Bruno. L'Architettura. 1963; Answers DH's inquiry regarding recent buildings in [Europe] that could be considered important.

Boyne, Colin. Executive Editor, The Architects' Journal. 1963; Answers DH's inquiry regarding recent buildings on the [Continent] that could be considered important.

ARCHITECTURE, [by Douglas Haskell,] [1962.]; Typed draft. 6 pp. [For Britannica Year Book.]

Murphy, Robert W. Managing Editor, Britannica Book of the Year. 1961; Glad to receive DH's manuscript for his article that he prepared for the 1962 Britannica Book of the Year.

Saito, Torao. This is Japan. 1961; Answers DH's inquiry regarding recent buildings in [Japan] that could be considered important.

Yust, Walter. Editor, Encyclopedia Britannica. 1959; Would like DH to write another article on architecture for the 1959 edition of Britannica Book of the Year, covering the important events and developments during 1958.

ARCHITECTURE, [by Douglas Haskell,] [1958.]; Typed draft of article. 7 pp.

Box 27 Folder 13 Building Corruption

[Haskell, Douglas.] undated.; Autograph notes. 1 p. Re architects and examiners.

Box 27 Folder 14 Building Research Institute

Sins & Builders: a research report on how many there are...and what kinds, Research Department, House & Home, September 1961.; Report. 24 pp. Includes unbound map at end.

Scheick, William H. Building Research Institute. 1954; Thanks DH for his fine talk at the Hershey meeting.

Scheick, William H. Building Research Institute. 1954; Re Conference on "Plastics in Building" to be held at the National Academy of Science. Copy of program attached.

Building Research Institute and The Society of the Plastics Industry. 1954; News release. 5 pp. Re "Plastics in Building" Conference in Washington.

Box 28 Folder 1 C

Can Architects Live Without Computers? by James Britton, Vital Questions, The American Institute of Architects. [1968?]; Questionnaire. [8 pp.]

The Catholic Church and Democracy, by Paul Blanshard, The Nation, May 29, 1948; Clipping. pp. 601-606.

FULL TRANSCRIPT OF INTERVIEW WITH CHAIRMAN KHRUSHCHEV AND AMERICAN BUSINESSMEN IN THE KREMLIN, NOVEMBER 6, 1963. Prepared and released by the staff of the Time-Life News Service.; Transcript. 15 pp.

Deakins, Katrine. Secretary, Amon G. Carter Foundation. 1961; Delighted DH will attend preview of the Amon Carter Museum of Western art.

Chapman, Grosvenor. 1953; Comments on article that appeared in House & Home. Discusses problem of standardizing millwork, involving many different types of prefabricated window units. (Detail section attached—millwork details for window-walls.)

Franklin, Zilpha Carruthers. Managing Editor, Child Study. 1932; Lewis Mumford suggested she write to DH requesting he write an article for the magazine.

DH to Reverand Barnabas Harrington, Saint Meinrad Archabbey, Indiana. 1965; Recommends Victor Christ-Janer as architect for the master plan for their institution.

Christ-Janer, Victor. 1971; Re editing the book Eliel Saarinen [for new edition.]

Preface, by Albert Christ-Janer. [1972?]; Typescript of preface. 8 pp. Re book on Eliel Saarinen.

Clay, Grady. Editor, Landscape Architecture. 1964; Thinking of publishing a piece by Robert Moses, along with an article by Peter Blake. Would like DH's confidential assistance for an editorial introduction.

Clerehan, Neil. 1953; Enclosing newsfolds prepared by his associate Robin Boyd, [published in Australia.]

Cockran, Alexander S. 1966; Re FORUM to publish Mt. Royal Station.

DH to Miles H. Colean. 1939; Thanks Colean for list of architecturally outstanding FHA projects.

Colescott, Robert H. Department of Art and Architecture, Portland State College. 1966; Re New Gourna in Egypt.

ASSOCIATION OF COLLEGIATE SCHOOLS OF ARCHITECTURE: A Faculty List of Member and Associate Member Schools. January 1966.; Typed list. 66 pp.

Architecture Dean Resigns from Post: Faculty Protests May Have Led Colbert to Quit Position, Columbia Spectator, April 9, 1963.; Clipping. p.1, 6.

The School of Architecture: Columbia University: Report for the year 1961-1962. 1963; Report. 8 pp. Includes "The Architect-Planner," by Charles R. Colbert.

Avery, Robert S. Assistant Vice President, The University of Tennessee. 1965; Re reference for Charles Colbert as head of new undergraduate program in architecture.

Columbus, Indiana: Architecture and Quality of Life, by Elmer H. Johnson, Cultures, Volume 1, no. 2.; Pamphlet. pp. 147-155.

Box 28 Folder 2 Cadbury-Brown, Jim and Betty

DH to Jim & Betty Cadbury-Brown. undated.; Mentions Grand Central Terminal; Lake Placid; Near-Eastern job.

DH to Jim & Betty Cadbury-Brown. 1963; Re his trip to [England] and visit with Cadbury-Brown. Mentions derogatory remarks the Architectural Review made about Americans in their latest issue.

Cadbury-Brown, Jim. 1965; Has heard from the University of Virginia and has accepted [invitation to lecture?]

Box 28 Folder 3 Carnegie Mellon

Stever, H. Guyford. Carnegie-Mellon University. 1971; Re certificate for DH which officially recognizes his contributions to the University.

DH to Robert Hastings. 197[0?]; Re episode of disruption and the professor from Carnegie Tech who had been reported to be behind it.

Marcus, Edward N. to Dr. Edward R. Schatz. Carnegie-Mellon University. 1969; Memo. Re formation of an "Institute of Physical Planning." Department of Architecture not informed by the School of Urban and Public Affairs decision to initiate such a program.

Highlands, Delbert, Charles M. Eastman, Terry J. Gebhard. Carnegie-Mellon University. 1969; Re possibility of establishing a program of research in the Department of Architecture. Requests DH's opinion.

ENVIRONMENTAL ARCHITECTURE: BIG HOPES AND MAJOR FOLLIES, by Douglas Haskell, 1968.; Typed speech. 12 pp. Material for speech at Carnegie Tech.

Goldberg, Arthur J. Paul, Weiss, Goldberg, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison. 1968; Would not be appropriate for him to intervene with DH's concern about Charles Dial.

DH to Paul Schweikher. Dean, Department of Architecture, Carnegie-Mellon University. 1968; Re Percival Johnson-Marshall.

DH to Paul Schweikher. Director, Department of Architecture, Carnegie-Mellon University. 1968; Re summary of DH's remarks on the visiting committee. Gives definition of architecture.

1968 Student-Faculty Symposium of the Department of Architecture. [1968?]; Report. 3 pp.


Box 28 Folder 4 Carnegie Tech Visitor's Committee

BOARD OF TRUSTEES: Carnegie Institute of Technology as of April 13, 1964.; Brochure. List of Trustees.

Carnegie Tech News Digest. Spring 1964; Newsletter. [4 pp.]

Warner, J.C. President, Benjamin F. Fairless Memorial Lectures. 1964; Re guest lecturer Theodore O. Yntema.

Bovard, James M. Carnegie Institute of Technology. 1964; Tells DH it is with pleasure that he appoints him to serve as a member of the Board's Visiting Committee.

GSIA. Carnegie Tech Quarterly ll/1963.; Journal. [18 pp.]


Box 28 Folder 5 Cast Iron Building

A Cast-Iron Leftover Being Converted To Apartments, by Janet Spencer, The New York Times, 1973.; Clipping. (Photocopy.) [2 pp.] Re cast-iron building on the corner of 11th street and Broadway.

Friends of Cast Iron Architecture. 1973; Newsletter. [1 p.] Re Landmark protection given to the entire SoHo area.

THE FRIENDS OF CAST IRON ARCHITECTURE with the Victorian Society present the Third Annual Cast Iron Lecture ORNAMENTATION OF IRON STRUCTURE: A CHARACTERISTIC EXPRESSION OF THE VICTORIAN AGE. 1974; Flyer. [1 p.] Lecture to be given by Henry Russell Hitchcock.

Box 28 Folder 6 Caudill, Bill

Planning Schools. undated.; Layout. [5 pp.] Layout suggestions by Caudill [for Haskell-Caudill book?]

Caudill, Rowlett Scott. 1967; List of projects and references. 5 pp.

DH to Bill [Caudill]. 1971; Re DH's book.

DH to Bill Caudill. 1967; Re a committee DH was on that didn't give the job to Caudill.

Caudill, William W. 1964; Re a job for Ann Wilson.

Caudill, Bill to DH. 1962; Memo. Re Haskell-Caudill book.

A BIBLIOGRAPHY ON SCHOOL ARCHITECTURE, by W.W. Caudill, The Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas, Research Report no. 1. July 1948.; Bound report. 20 pp.

DH to Bill Caudill. 1948; Re their book on school planning.

Caudill, William W. 1948; Re the film "Building for Learning," produced by the Department of Architecture of the A&M College of Texas.

Box 28 Folder 7 Chicago First National Bank

Manny, Carter H., Jr. C. F. Murphy Associates. 1965; Re two-tone exterior vs. one material and one color [for the First National Bank Building, Chicago.] Describes the meeting that determined they would use one material. Explains how DH influenced this decision.

DH to Carter H. Manny, Jr. 1965; Gives his opinion regarding homogeneous vs. differentiated materials for Bank.

First National's Big Plan, Chicago Daily News, 1964.; Clipping. (Photocopy.)

[The First National Bank Building, Chicago.]; Photographs. (3) B&W, 8 x 10. Models of the Bank and surrounding buildings. One showing contrasting materials, the other two homogeneous materials and color.

A COLLOQUY about a new building for the First National Bank of Chicago, Chicago, June 25-28, 1964.; 18 pp.

Box 28 Folder 8 Churchill, Henry

DESIGNING FOR THE AUTOMOBILE, by Henry S. Churchill, talk for luncheon meeting, Florida Association of Architects. Miami, November 9, 1956.; Typed speech. (Copy.) 11 pp.

BUILDING FOR SCHOOL AND COMMUNITY NEEDS, by Henry S. Churchill. Reprinted from The American School and University, 1948-49 edition.; Reprint. [4 pp.]

Churchill, Henry S. 1955; Re DH's note [that apparently displayed annoyance at him.]

DH to Henry [S. Churchill]. 1945; Re visit to Lake Placid, (Camp Treetops.)

Churchill, Henry S. June-August, 1938; 20 letters regarding [the remodeling of DH's farmhouse in Lake Placid?]

DH to Henry [S. Churchill]. 1934; Re remodeling DH's old farmhouse.

Box 28 Folder 9 Cities

1976, Victor Gruen [architectural consultant.] 1955; Outline for TV show. 16 pp.

Survey Graphic. Volume XXl, no. 7. October 1932.; Periodical. pp. 434-496. This issue discusses "obsolete cities."

Saturday Review. January 23, 1965.; Periodical. 66 pp. "The new architecture of U.S. cities." Articles by Peter Blake, Allan Temko, Wolf Von Eckardt, Katherine Kuh, Margaret R. Weiss.

Box 28 Folder 10 Citizens Union—Sidewalk Cafe

Meeting of CURF Committee on City Planning and Budget, May 30, 1978.; Minutes. 1 p.

Department of Licenses. Regulations Relating to Sidewalk Cafes. Filed with the City Clerk on January 4, 1968.; Regulations. (Photcopy.) 3 pages taped together to make one.

DH to Commissioner of Licenses Joel Tyler. 1968; Unconvinced by Tyler's dedication to enclosed sidewalk cafes.

Citizens Union Statement. Hearing: February 5, 1968 regarding the Bill INT No. 558: Sidewalk Cafes.; Typed draft. 3 pp.

Cutler, Robert W. to Philip C. Johnson. 1968; Re sidewalk cafe bill, Intro. #558 and establishing a Task Force.

[DH?] to Philip [Johnson]. [1968]; Draft of letter. States his objections to sidewalk cafe bill, Intro. #558.

DH to John E. Booth. 1968; Re Mayor Lindsay and the new proposed law for sidewalk cafes.

Grosso, Michael B. to Hon. Edward I. Koch. 1968; Copy of letter. Civic groups opposed to bill on sidewalk cafes. Talks specifically about sidewalk canopies.

The Proposed "World Trade Center": Vision or Delusion? An Appraisal. Citizens' Inquiry On The World Trade Center, Inc. undated.; Pamphlet. 18 pp.

Box 28 Folder 11 City Planning

City Planning Course with Clarence Stein. 1937; Notebook. 52 pp., of which 7 are not attached to notebook but stapled together. (DH's class notes?)

Box 28 Folder 12 Cleveland Urban Renewal Conference '61


[List of participants of conference with biographical inforamtion.] [1961]; 4 pp. Participants include: James M. Lister, William Larew Slayton, Douglas Haskell, Henry S. Churchill, Gladden W. Baker, Knox Banner, Robert N. Yoder.

Box 28 Folder 13 Columbia University Architectural Economics Course

AFTERTHOUGHTS OF DOUGLAS HASKELL. COOPERATING COMMITTEE. Syracuse University School of Architecture. December 6-7, 1968; Informal report. 3 pp. DH gives his thoughts on various aspects of their architecture program.

Examination A4037x, January 1963.; 3 pp. (Answers attached.)

Examination A4037x, January 1962.; 2 pp. (Answers attached.)

Semester Examination, Architecture 137, January 30, 1961; 2 pp. (Answers attached.)

Box 28 Folder 14 Conservation

Wittenberg, Ruth E. Chairman, Greenwich Village Historic District Council. [1967]; Re The decision of the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission to designate a single Greenwich Village Historic District.

Hudson River Valley Commission. "The Hudson: Summary Report of the Hudson River Valley Commission," to Governor Nelson A. Rockefeller and the Legislature of the State of New York. February 1, 1966.; Report. 20 pp. Includes photographs.

Hudson River Valley Commission. "What is The Hudson River Valley Commission." undated.; Pamphlet. [2 pp. unfolded.]

Hudson River Valley Commission of New York. "Rules and Regulations for Project Review." July 1967; Brochure. 16 pp.

HRVC Newsletter. Hudson River Valley Commission. Volume 1, no. 8, September 1967.; Newsletter. 4 pp.

Hudson River Valley Commission. "Hudson River Valley Commission Act (Chapter 345, Laws of 1966 as amended.)" ; Act. [6 pp.]


The Darwin D. Martin House, 1904, 125 Jewett Parkway, Buffalo, N.Y. Frank Lloyd Wright, Architect. Adapted from Frank Lloyd Wright, to 1910, The First Golden Age by Grant Carpenter Manson, 1958. Printed for the State University of New York by permission of Reinhold Publishing Corp. New York. undated. (Front cover.); [?] 10 pp. Includes photographs.

Eliot, Charles W. to The President [of the United States.] 1966; Enclosing petition regarding opposition to the construction of two dams in the Grand Canyon. Signatures are by people who attended the 10th Urban Design Conference at Harvard University on June 18, 1966. (Copies of signatures attached.) (This issue involves the Sierra Club and the IRS, related material attached.)

Box 29 Folder 1 Constable, Rosalind [1 of 3]

Constable, Rosalind to DH. 1964; Memo. 10 pp. Discusses Jean-Paul Sartre; Brigid Brophy; Twenty (a new French magazine.); and other current topics and people in the arts.

Constable, Rosalind to DH. 1964; Memo. 10 pp. Re new American writing.

Constable, Rosalind to DH. 1964; Memo. 9 pp. Re assessing the year's French novels. Comments on the Prix Goncourt.

Constable, Rosalind to DH. 1964; Memo. 8 pp. Re Ved Mehta. Also discusses the literary scene; Richard Hogart.

Constable, Rosalind to DH. 1964; Memo. 7 pp. Re Brigid Brophy.

Constable, Rosalind to DH. 1964; Memo. 5 pp. Re "the great Bronte controversy."

Constable, Rosalind to DH. 1963; Memo. 9 pp. Re postwar British dramatists.

Constable, Rosalind to DH. 1963; Memo. 9 pp. Re the present state of "English little magazines." Also contains remarks regarding the American painter R.B. Kitaj.

Constable, Rosalind to DH. 1962; Memo. 16 pp. Re reviews of A History of Garden Design by Derek Clifford.

Box 29 Folder 2 Constable, Rosalind [2 of 3]

Constable, Rosalind to DH. 1962; Memo. 14 pp. Re New York Writers Conference.

Constable, Rosalind to DH. 1962; Memo. 8 pp. Re A Mirror for Anglo-Saxons by Martin Green.

Constable, Rosalind to DH. 1962; Memo. Re the book Burning Conscience: the Case of the Hiroshima Pilot Claude Eatherly, Told in his Letters to Gunther Anders.

Constable, Rosalind to DH. 1962; Memo. 8 pp. Re Jean Dubuffet exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art.

Constable, Rosalind to DH. 1961; Memo. [11 pp.] Re Figurative Art in New York.

Constable, Rosalind to DH. 1961; Memo. 7 pp. Re the English literary quarterlies Essays in Criticism; Critical Quarterly; Review of English Literature; X. Discusses Australian Expressionists; and BBC performance of Mahler's Tenth Symphony for a centenary celebration. Mahler's widow ready to sue. Also remarks regarding the New English Bible.

Constable, Rosalind to DH. 1961; Memo. 8 pp. Re Tristes Tropiques by Claude Levi-Strauss; and the American literary quarterly Contact.

Constable, Rosalind to DH. 1961; Memo. 10 pp. Re a new kind of travel book. Discusses Lawrence Durrell and others.

Constable, Rosalind to DH. 1961; Memo. 8 pp. Re New Wave film directors.

10.Constable, Rosalind to DH. 1961; Memo. 11 pp. Re the poetry of C. P. Cavafy.

Box 29 Folder 3 Constable, Rosalind [3 of 3]

Constable, Rosalind to DH. 1960; Memo. 12 pp. Re trends in American art.

Constable, Rosalind to DH. 1960; Memo. 8 pp. Re Pop culture.

Constable, Rosalind to DH. 1959; Memo. 11 pp. Re Kenneth Rexroth; the Chicago Review attacked by the Chicago Daily News; Journal of Analytical Psychology's discussion of Carl Jung's recent writings.

Box 29 Folder 4 Creative Art magazine

DH to Helenko [Helen Haskell]. undated.; Re terminating his employment at Creative Art magazine.

Philips, Duncan. 1929; Re DH's promotion to editorship.

Box 29 Folder 5 Tom Creighton's Editorial

Progressive Architecture. "P.S." By Thomas H. Creighton. September 1960; Clipping of editorial column. p. 242. Re the defense of Grand Central Terminal. (With critical remarks by DH in margins.)

Progressive Architecture. "The New Sensualism." By Thomas H. Creighton. September 1959; Clipping. pp. 180-188.

Progressive Architecture. "P.S." By Thomas Creighton. 1951-53.; Clippings of (5) editorials. (With critical remarks by DH in the margins.)

Progressive Architecture. "PEARL HARBOR TO NAGASAKI: A Review Of Architectural Progress During The War Years." By Thomas H. Creighton. January 1946.; Clipping. pp. 42-81. (With critical remark by DH on top of cover page.)

Box 29 Folder 6 Currier, Stephen R.

DH to Stephen R. Currier. 1965; Re Raymond Rubinow of the J. M. Kaplan Foundation and "helping Nathan Ginsburg find a constructive occupation."

Box 29 Folder 7 D

Names, by Anne Le Crenier, Architectural & Engineering News. undated.; Clipping of column. p. 100. Re Paul Damaz.

Delano, Annita. 1940; Re exhibit and meeting on Modern Architecture in Southern California. Would like DH to be a speaker.

DEVON DENNETT MODELMAKERS, LTD. undated.; Brochure. [4 pp.]

Dennett, Marie. 1969; Thanks DH for a fine trip. Discusses the etymology of Welsh Rabbit.

DeMars, Vernon. 1953; Re possible articles for FORUM.

DeMars, Vernon. 1953; Reacts to DH's recent FORUM editorial. Discusses esthetics.

The Problem of `The Tower'. Architecture 101B. Spring Semester 1953. Problem 1. (By Vernon DeMars.); Class assignment. 2 pp.

Cruise Party Ponders the Menace of the City: Sailing the Aegean, A Group of Eggheads Decides That Greatest Danger Facing Man Is His Failure to Adapt Urban Environment To Inevitable Change, The Washington Post. 1963.; Clipping. P. E5. Re conference-cruise that included Barbara Ward, Margaret Mead, Bucky Fuller, Constantinos Doxiadis, and others. (Related material attached on the Delos Symposium.)

Domoto, Kaneji. 1956; Will meet DH at Siegel House. Encloses hand drawn map.

Dudok, W.M. to Mrs. Haskell. 1954; Thanks her for booklet with pictures. Gives best wishes for a happy New Year.

Das Neue Franfurt, COMPARABLE EXAMINATION FOR THE ORIENTATION OF DWELLINGS, by Walter Schwagenscheidt, Beilage zu Heft 4/5 (April—May 1930) der Zeitfschrift.; Chart. Re insulation of rooms. (In German, English and French.)

Box 29 Folder 8 Davison, Bob

DH to Bob and Connie [Davison]. 1977; Re trip to California with his wife. Mentions his enterprise with Stein.

Davison, Robert L. to Arthur Goldberger, New York Times. 1977; Feels the government is not doing enough to reduce the use of energy.

Fisher, Howard T. to Robert L. Davison. 1974.; Re Davison [not winning the AIA Gold Medal for Research.]

Burchard, John Ely to Howard T. Fisher. 1973; Explains why he decided not to write a letter supporting the candidacy of Davison for the AIA Gold Medal for Research. Defines what he believes research is.

DH to Edward A. Killingsworth, Chairman 1974 Jury on Institute Honors, AIA, Washington.; Joins Howard Fisher in nominating Robert L. Davison for the 1974 AIA Gold Medal for Research.

Davison, Robert L., Inter-American Housing Center, Columbia, to DH. 1955; Congratulates DH on his editorial regarding the need for integration and education in the building field. Davison discusses his work in Bogotá.

[DH] to Bob [Davison]. undated.; pp. 2-3 of a carbon copy of a letter. Discusses the period when they were both employed at the Architectural Record. DH mentions Lonberg Holm; his lack of architectural education and why he wanted to resign from the Architectural Record. DH tells Davison how much he admires him and that he will miss him greatly at the office.

Box 29 Folder 9 Design "Modernistic" 1928

THE MODERN NOTE IN DECORATIVE ARTS, part one, by C. Adolph Glassgold, source unknown, undated.; Clipping. pp. 153-167.

THE MODERN NOTE IN DECORATIVE ARTS, part two, by C. Adolph Glassgold, magazine unknown, undated.; Clipping. pp. 221-235.

THE MACY EXPOSITION OF ART IN INDUSTRY, author unknown, The Architectural Record, August 1928.; Clipping. pp. 137-143.

CONTEMPORARY INTERIOR DESIGN ADVANCES, by Shepard Vogelgesang, Good Furniture Design, May 1929.; Clipping. pp. 229-234.

CONTEMPORARY ART IN CURRENT EXHIBITIONS, author unkown, Good Furniture Design, May 1929.; Clipping. pp.241-248.

Box 29 Folder 10 Doxiadis

Athens Technological Institute: Athens Center of Ekistics: Graduate School of Ekistics.; Bulletin 1964-1965. 25 pp.

D. A. Doxiadis Associates, Athens, Greece. 1959-1964; 38 bulletins, approximately 2-12 pages long. Topics include projects in such places as Africa, Pakistan, Greece, Asia, U.S.A., Spain, India, Libya, etc.

Box 29 Folder 11 E

Egbert, Donald D., School of Architecture, Princeton University. 1965; Re his biography of John H. Edelmann, Louis Sullivan's early mentor.

The Training and Education of Architects, by William Allen, AA Journal, April 1962.; Reprint. [8 pp.]

O. R. Eggers. October 1957; Exhibition booklet. [10 pp.] "Printed on the occasion of an exhibition of the works of Otto R. Eggers, F.A.I.A., N.A. in celebration of his fifty-eighth year in architecture."

Eldridge, John. 1965; Re Franconia College dormitories.

Emmons, Don and Nancy. 1954; New Years card. (Made by hand with photos of everyone in the family.)

Box 29 Folder 12 Environmental Design

Simmons, Langdon S., Jr. 1967; Re their meeting together in New York. Thanks DH for his interest and comments regarding [his new publication.]

Simmons, Langdon S., Jr. 1966; Re the Foundation for Environmental Design's acquisition of the magazine Arts & Architecture.

Box 29 Folder 13 Expo `67

DH to Patricia Ezell, United States Pavilion. 1967; Thanks her for courtesies that were shown him in Montreal. Mentions Jeffrey Aronin.

Correspondence and receipts relating to DH's hotel bill.

Box 29 Folder 14 F

Fagin, Henry. 1964; Re a project toward the improvement of visual America.

Feiss, Carl. 1965; Re revised outline of The Historic Preservation Job. (Outline attached.)

Fitch, Jim. undated.; A.l.s. Just returned from a trip to Greece, Asia Minor and Africa. Mentions events at Columbia [University] regarding Chuck [Colbert?] Also mentions Michelucci church of the autostrada for which he was chosen to do the story.

Fitchen, John F., III, Colgate University. 1964; Re the Van Nice situation.

DH to Justin Foley. 1957; Discusses architectural education for the younger grades.

The Ford Foundation in Humanities and the Arts. The Ford Foundation. New York, 1957; Pamphlet. 20 pp.

Ford, Katherine. 1949; Sends confidential information regarding photography of the Smith house in Essex, CT, and Philip Johnson's house in New Canaan, CT.

Ford, Katherine. undated.; A.l.s Re the Harvard Graduate Buildings and Gropius.

Ford, Katherine Morrow. 1951; (Carbon copy.) Resignation from House & Garden.

DH to Walter Guzzardi, Fortune Magazine. 1966; Re ["Ten Buildings That Climax an Era," in Fortune?]

DH to FORUM reader. 1960; (Carbon copy.) FORUM and the Architectural League to sponsor Vincent Scully's first appearance in New York. He will take part in a six part series, at The Rockefeller Institute, on "The New Forces in Architecture." Lecturers include Jane Jacobs, Edmund Bacon, José Luis Sert, Louis I. Kahn, Ada Louis Huxtable, William Jordy, Serge Chermayeff, Walter Gropius, Peter Blake, Philip Johnson, Aline B. Saarinen, Margaret Mead, Paul Rudolph, Douglas Haskell, and others. (Related material attached, i.e. information on the creation of this lecture series.)

Shreds and Patches, by Kemper Fullerton, Oberlin College, Oberlin, Ohio, June 1931; Commencement speech. [6 pp.]

Box 29 Folder 15 Field, Hermann

DH to Jon Morris Dixon, Editor, Progressive Architecture. 1978; Re P/A's story on Boston's Josiah Quincy School and not giving a proper credit line to Hermann Field.

Field, Hermann. 1960; Re plans to stop writing and return to his professional work. Mentions Bob Kennedy. Enclosing a background summary of his training and experience. (Attached, see item 3 below.)

Hermann H. Field. undated.; Background summary. (Carbon copy.) 2 pp.

Urban University Plant Planning Conference Series. "Report of Proceedings: Conference I: Research in Plant Planning. Sponsored by Western Reserve University and The American Council on Education. Held at Cleveland College, December 1-2, 1948."; Report. [Approx. 40 pp.]

Box 29 Folder 16 Fisher, Howard

Technical Information Needs of the Building Design Profession, by Howard T. Fisher, source unknown. undated.; Clipping. pp. 29-41.

Fisher, Howard T. 1952; Ty Rogers to talk before the Producer's Council.

Fisher, Howard T. Vice President, General Houses, Inc. 1933; Answers DH's letter regarding free-standing house vs. the row house vs. the apartment house.

[Pre-fab house,] n.p.. undated.; Photographs. (4) 8 x 10, B&W. (2) exterior views, (1) interior view, (1) under construction.

Weinberg, R. C. Architectural Division, General Houses, Inc. 1933; Re using General Houses' diagrams to illustrate an article on the prefabricated panel system of house construction.

The Ultimate Home Corporation is dealer for General Homes. Our organization is at your service for building better homes through prefabrication.... (p. 1). undated.; Typed [draft?] [4 pp.] Promotion for prefabrication.

Box 29 Folder 17 Florida Association-AIA

Karousatos, Fotis N. Florida Association of the American Institute of Architects. 1966; Invites DH to serve on the Jury of Architectural Exhibits.

Deen, James. President, Florida Association of the American Institute of Architects. 1966; Thanks DH for accepting invitation to speak at their convention. The convention theme is "Focus: Community."

Box 29 Folder 18 Ford, O'Neil

Doing What Comes Naturally, by Michael Ennis, Texas Monthly. 1978; Clipping. pp. 118-202. Re O'Neil Ford.

Ford, John Douglas. undated.; A.l.s. [The son of O'Neil Ford] thanks DH for the stationary he gave him as a gift.

[DH] to [The Ford Family]. 1954; (Carbon copy.) Re his visit with them in Texas. Discusses Ralph Walker.

Ford, O'Neil, Mrs., San Antonio Conservation Society. 1954; Re saving the Ursuline Convent in San Antonio.

Ford, O'Neil. 1953; A.l.s. Thanks DH and his wife for the party they gave him. Comments on the Mexican Consulate buildings.

Ford, O'Neil. undated.; Enclosing article on Harvard's Design School. (See item 7 below.) Discusses his thoughts about it.

Decadent Design, no author, The Harvard Crimson. 1952; Clipping. Re selection of new dean for Harvard's Design School. Discusses the Design School's lost prominence. Mention of Hudnut and Gropius.

Ford, O'Neil to Hugh Stubbins. 1952; Re working with students and faculty at Harvard University.

Approx. 10 letters from O'Neil Ford (including those listed above) on various personal and work related subjects. 1951-1968, (with gaps.);

Box 29 Folder 19 Foundations

The Rockefeller Foundation: How It Operates, by Greer Williams, Atlantic Monthly, April 1964.; Reprint. pp. 106-118.

Box 29 Folder 20 FSA (Farm Security Administration)

FSA Fights For Its Life, by Oren Stephens, Harper's Magazine, undated.; Clipping. pp. 479-487.

Box 29 Folder 21 Fuller, [R.] Buckminster

R. Buckminster Fuller: Itinerary, 1967. February 16, 1967; Itinerary. 10 pp.

Luce, Henry R. to Richard Buckminster Fuller. 1963; Typed draft of letter. Re Richard Buckminster Fuller recognition day, arranged by the University of Colorado.

Fuller, Buckminster. 1938; Asks DH to review his book.

Universal Architecture, by Buckminster Fuller, T-Square, February 1932; Reprint. 16 pp. (Inscribed to DH by author on cover.)

The Dymaxion House, conceived by R. Buckminster Fuller, Architecture, June, 1929.; Clipping. pp. 335-340.

Box 29 Folder 22 Furniture

20th Century Design: U.S.A.: a survey exhibition during 1959-1960 co-sponsored by eight museums, edited by William Friedman. Buffalo Fine Arts Academy, Albright Gallery.; Exhibition catalog. 95 pp. Illustrated.

Box 30 Folder 1 G

Geierhaas, Franz G. Trenton State College. 1968; Re a German, Martin Gaupp, who is interested in coming to America for a year to work with an architectural firm as an intern.

Nelson, Lyda M. Executive Secretary, Architect's Emergency Committee. 1968; [Gaupp] cannot work in the US without permission of the Government.

DH to Franz [G. Geierhaas]. 1972; Returning material on Lazaridis. Comments on FORUM losing all its previous identity.

DH to Mrs. [Florence C.] Geiser. 1951; Re the death of Professor [Karl?] Geiser, [at Oberlin College.]

Gibson, Charles. 1948; Re his return home [from the hospital.] Discusses Boulder City, Nevada, job.

DH to Arthur J. Goldberg. Paul, Weiss, Goldberg, Rifkind, Wharton and Garrison. 1968; Remarks on Goldberg's ideas for Pennsylvania Avenue's redesign. Seeks Goldberg's help in a matter concerning Charles Dial. Dial is the director of an architectural project being carried out by Black Power Negroes and is facing a narcotics charge. DH does not want him to go to jail.

DH to The Honorable Charles E. Goodell. 1970; DH makes campaign contribution.

Why A Modern House, by Charles M. Goodman. Preliminary address given at the Baltimore Museum Symposium. May 6-7, 1949.; Speech. (Carbon copy.) 14 pp.

Prefabricated Panel Discussion, Charles M. Goodman, moderator. National Association Home Builders Convention. Chicago, Il. January 20, 1954.; Speech. 8 pp. (Carbon copy.) Introductory address to panel.

The Prevalence of Paul Goodman, by Richard Kostelanetz, The New York Times Magazine, April 3, 1966; Clipping. pp. 70-98.

Does Design Have Social Significance? by Elizabeth Gordon, House Beautiful, October 1953.; Clipping. pp. 230, 312-317. This article was written in response to criticism of a previous article, "The Threat to the Next America," which described the Bauhaus-International Style as leading to a cultural dictatorship. Included is a joint letter from 30 architects to Elizabeth Gordon, stating that the work of architects is not in any way intended to undermine American freedom. The last article is by Frank Lloyd Wright, written in response to the joint letter from the architects. (Related correspondence can be found in the Pending Series of this collection by performing a keyword search using the term "Gordon.")

Gropius, Walter. 1949; Enclosing highlights from his files that show how he has influenced the trend in this country, [for tentative article?] (Not attached.)

Gropius, Walter. 1939; Enclosing pictures of a scheme he made in Germany for apartment blocks on the edge of a river or lake. (Not attached.)

The Victor Gruen Foundation For Environmental Planning. undated.; Pamphlet. 20 pp.

DH to [?] undated.; Carbon copy of letter stating Hans Groenhoff is a loyal citizen. [Re Germans in American aviation science.]

DH to B. Sumner Gruzen. 1969; Re re-election of Mayor Lindsay.

DH to the Honorable Carl Hayden. 1968; Re gun laws.

Box 30 Folder 2 Gayle, Margot

DH to William Caudill. 1972; Re Manhattan Community College and the future of the Bogardus Building, i.e. the Laing Stores. DH states that this building is a major contribution to cast-iron fronts and prefabrication in America.

The Talk of the Town, The New Yorker, 1971.; Clipping. (Photocopy.) 1 p. Re Margot Gayle. Mentions the founding of the Friends of Cast-Iron, (of which there is related material in this folder.)

Box 30 Folder 3 German Cartoons

Source unknown. undated.; German cartoons. pp. 17-99. (Apparently, all from the same source.)

Box 30 Folder 4 Ginsberg, Nathan R.

Ginsberg, Nathan R. Chairman, Civic Center Committee, Architects Council of New York City. 1967; Re New York Civic Center.

Auchincloss, Louis S., Mrs. Park Association of New York City, Inc. 1967; Re Manhattan Civic Center. (Related material attached.)

Architects Council of New York City. Statement to City Planning Commission on Calendar No. 73 (CP-19830)—July 19, 1967.; Typed statement. 4 pp. Expresses opposition to closing portions of New Street and Park Row for an addition to the new Police Headquarters.

Box 30 Folder 5 Glass-research

Glass, by K. Lonberg-Holm, The Architectural Record, October 1930.; Clipping. pp. 327-358.

Box 30 Folder 6 Golding—The Spire, book reviews

The Agony of Golding's New Hero, by Douglas Haskell, Life, undated.; Clipping. pp. 12-15. Book review of The Spire, by William Golding. The story is drawn from the building of Salisbury cathedral's spire.

The Case for William Golding, by Frank Kermode, The New York Review of Books, April 30, 1964.; Clipping. pp. 3-4. Book review of The Spire by William Golding.

The Art of Darkness, no author, Time, April 24, 1964.; Clipping. pp. 104-?. (3 pp.) Book review of The Spire by William Golding.

3 typed drafts of DH's book review of The Spire.

Box 30 Folder 7 Grimm, Marjorie

DH to Marjorie [Grimm]. 1978; Re Grimm's job search and apartment plans. DH to receive an [AIA] citation.

DH to Marjorie [Grimm]. 1978; Re the hearing on Radio City Music Hall.

DH to Marjorie [Grimm]. 1976; Re the show on Clarence S. Stein at the AIA Headquarters in Washington.

DH to Marjorie [Grimm]. 1975; Re his Grand Central story.

Grimm, Marjorie. 1975; Enjoyed DH's Grand Central story in Architectural Review.

DH to Marjorie Grimm. 1975; Comments regarding Architecture Plus going bankrupt. Mentions Peter Blake and Ann Wilson.

DH to Marjorie Grimm. 1975; Re the situation among architectural magazines and in particular, his relationship with Peter Blake.

Box 30 Folder 8 Grotz, Paul

Henkel, Margot A. Executive Secretary, New York Chapter, AIA. 1967; Re waiver of the 10-year corporate membership requirement for Paul Grotz.

Rankin, J.W., Department of Institute Services, AIA-Washington to Margot A. Henkel, NY Chapter, AIA. 1967; (Copy of letter.) Re possible corporate membership of Paul Grotz, Managing Editor, Architectural Forum.

Ketchum, Morris to Board of Directors, AIA, Washington. 1967; Re Paul Grotz becoming a corporate member of the Institute.

DH to Board of Directors, AIA, Washington. 1967; Re Paul Grotz becoming a corporate member of the Institute.

Box 30 Folder 9 H

DH to Mrs. Hall. 1970; Reference to Frank Lloyd Wright.

Berenson, Bertram. Hampton Institute. 1968; Invites DH to be a visiting lecturer.

Hastings, Robert F. Smith, Hinchman & Grylls Associates, Inc. 1967; Re the first Architect's Prayer Breakfast.

Hauf, Harold D. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. 1955; Re DH's FORUM editorial "For All Concerned." Thinks DH has given an excellent picture of went on in Minneapolis concerning the question of architectural schools assuming responsibility for training in other areas of the building industry.

DH to the Herald Tribune. 1959; Re a political advertisement in their Sunday issue on the Adirondack Northway amendment in which a "flagrant misrepresentation" occurs.

Rudolph, J. Allan. 1964; Philip [H.] Hiss not chosen as architect by the First Presbyterian Church of St. Petersburg, [Florida.] (Related material attached.)

Hiss, Philip H. 1962; Re Hiss's book on school architecture.

Hodges, Gwen. 1966; A.l.s. Writes from London about her trip and a job to do an exhibition on the subject of housing for the elderly.

Holden, Arthur C. 1943; Re illustrations for prefabrication.

Local Irresponsibility and the Decay of the Urban Neighborhood by Arthur C. Holden, New York: January 1969; Pamphlet. 4 pp.

Howard, Fran. 1976; Christmas greeting, (printed and reproduced to be mass mailed.) Discusses her family. Includes handwritten note on the back.

Hudnut, Joseph. 1959; Compliments DH on FORUM's journalism.

DH to B.W. Huebsch, The Viking Press. 1927; Re a summary DH wrote in The New Student for a book by Dr. Theodor Lessing. Also mentions a piece he translated by Jean Paul Richter.

DH to Dudley Hunt Jr. 1978; Answers Hunt's inquiry regarding the history of architectural magazines.

Victoria Hutson Huntley, 1900-1971, by Douglas Haskell, undated.; Typescript. 6 pp.

Victoria Huntley. undated.; Photograph. (1) 5x4, B&W.

Box 30 Folder 10 Hamlin, Talbot

Hamlin, Talbot. Columbia University, School of Architecture. 1946; Columbia University is planning to publish a book on "Forms and Functions of Twentieth Century Architecture." Would like DH to write about "Boarding Schools."

DH to Talbot [Hamlin]. 1945; Mentions the "Russian show" and his life at Lake Placid.

Box 30 Folder 11 Harris, Harwell H.

DH to Harwell and Jean Harris. 1967; Re dedication of building at North Country School.

Kamphoefner, Henry L. 1964; Re Harwell Harris's AIA Fellowship.

Harris, Harwell Hamilton. 1959; Re his proposal for the addition to the Glass House, [North Country School, Lake Placid, New York.] (Related plans attached.)

North Country House For Many Children, no author, Architectural Record, February 1948.; Clipping. pp.105-111. (Illustrated.)

Box 30 Folder 12 Harvard

Bogen, Herbert L. Harvard University, Graduate School of Design. 1974; Re Harvard's course on environmental impact. Encloses information on classes. (Attached.)

Loeb, John L. 1966; Invites DH to luncheon at the Harvard Club to discuss the declining physical quality of the urban environment.

Box 30 Folder 13 Harvard-Urban Design Conference

1965 Urban Design Conference: Harvard Graduate School of Design, April 30, 1965.; Manual of conference papers? 114 pp.

Box 30 Folder 14 Heating—Notes For Ann Arbor 1949

DH's handwritten notes on heating. 1949 (date taken from original folder.) Approx. 57 pp.

Box 30 Folder 15 Heckscher, August

DH to [August Heckscher]. 1967; Re Heckscher taking on the Parks assignment.

Heckscher, August. The Twentieth Century Fund. 1964; Appreciates DH having backed [Allan?] Temko.

Office of the White House Press Secretary. 1963; News Release. 4 pp. Re August Heckscher, the President's Special Consultant on the Arts, report to President Kennedy on "The Arts and the National Government." Heckscher resigns.

The Arts and the National Government. A Report to the President Submitted by August Heckscher, Special Consultant on the Arts. May 28, 1963.; Report. 80 pp.

DH to August Heckscher. 1962; DH describes the book he wants to do on Democracy and Architecture.

Box 30 Folder 16 Highways

Highways and People: The Housing Impact of the Highway Program. By James H. Scheuer, Chairman Executive Committee City and Suburban Homes Company/"The New Highways: Challenge to the Metropolitan Region." Panel III, The Highway's Impact on Living and Shelter, September 9-12, 1957.; Symposium. 10 pp.

Impact of the Federal Highway Program on the Nation and the Eighth District, Monthly Review, Volume XXXIX, no. 3, March 1957.; Newsletter. pp. 34-47.

Box 30 Folder 17 Historic Buildings

Clippings. 19 pp. Re historic buildings. Most clippings taken from The Architectural Forum Master Detail series.

Box 31 Folder 1 Hitchcock, [Henry] Russell

Hitchcock, Henry-Russell. 1958; Accepts invitation to dinner at DH's apartment. Glad DH was able to appear at the hearing on the Capitol.

Modern Architecture [Part I], by Henry-Russell Hitchcock, Jr., The Architectural Record, April 1928.; Clipping. pp. 337-349. (Part II of the article also in folder.)

Box 31 Folder 2 Holden, Arthur C.

Holden, Arthur C. to Norman J. Schlossman and C. E. Silling. 1974; (Photocopy of letter.) Re the AIA Development Team Conference in New Orleans. Discusses at length the details of this meeting. Includes recommendations for alternative methods for the financing of construction.

Box 31 Folder 3 Holm, K. Lonberg—

Building Production and Standards, by K. Lonberg-Holm, Real Estate Record.; Clipping. pp. 19-24.

Box 31 Folder 4 Hood, Raymond

DH to Don Hatch. 1967; Re the AIA giving Raymond Hood a special medal posthumously.

Hatch, Don. 1967; Re Raymond Hood receiving the AIA Gold Medal. [Letter written before Hood died.] Enclosing [photocopies of] clippings on Hood. (Attached.)

Box 31 Folder 5 House, The

The Standardized House, no author, The Architectural Forum, September 1938.; Clipping. pp. 187-196.

America's First Glass House, House of Tomorrow, 1933.; Pamphlet. 13 pp. Re the "House of Tomorrow" built at "A Century of Progress" exposition in Chicago, 1933.

Box 31 Folder 6 House Beautiful

Magazine Article Stirs Controversy: House Beautiful Editor Raps `Rotten State of Design'—Scores `Less Is More' Attitude—Critics Reply to April Issue, by Louis Goodenough and Lazette Van Houten, Retailing Daily, 1953; Clipping. Re Elizabeth Gordon article, "The Threat to the Next America." (Related material in both the Pending and Personal Series. To obtain all related material perform a keyword search using the term "Gordon.")

Box 31 Folder 7 to 8 Houses—Early Modern (2 folders)

Clippings from various architectural magazines on the topic of modern houses.

Box 31 Folder 9 to 11 Housing (3 folders)

Housing and Home Finance Agency. Office of the Administrator. Washington, D.C. September 1961; Fact Sheets. Re housing the elderly, college housing loans, public works planning, and other topics.

The Buhl Foundation: Report for the Period Ended June 30, 1955. Pittsburgh.; Report. pp. 103-145. (Includes chapter on Chatham Village.)

Better Housing for the Future: A Report to the Panel on Civilian Technology: Office of Science and Technology Executive Office of the President from its Sub-Panel on Housing, April 1963.; Report. 15 pp.

Hillside Homes, by Clarence S. Stein, American Architect, February 1936.; Reprint. 17 pp.

National Public Housing Conference. A Housing Program for now and later, Washington: February 1948.; Pamphlet. 60 pp.

National Resources Planning Board. The Role of The Housing Industry: Building America, [Washington:] July 1942; Pamphlet. 29 pp.

Housing for Defense, by R.J. Thomas, President, International UAW-CIO, Chairman, CIO Housing Committee, January 1942.; Pamphlet. 47 pp.

Housing—Where, When, and How? by Henry Wright, Architecture, Volume LXVIII, no. 1, July 1922.; Periodical. 32 pp.

Box 31 Folder 12 Housing Frankfurt

Approx. 5 printed items in German relating to housing in Frankfurt.

Box 31 Folder 13 Housing Insurance Companies

National Association of Housing Officials. "Demolition of Unsafe and Insanitary Housing: An outline of Procedure for a Comprehensive Program." Chicago: undated.; Pamphlet. 35 pp.

National Public Housing Conference. "The First Washington Conference on Public Housing." Washington D.C., 1934.; Speeches. 61 pp.

Box 31 Folder 14 to 15 Housing Public (2 folders)

(7) 5 x 7, B&W photographs. (2) of the Capitol Building in Washington?; (2) of a group of people in an apartment or house; (3) of a man in a beret, inside an apartment of house.;

Wurster, William W., Chairman, to members of the Architect's Advisory Committee, Public Housing Administration. 1951; Re resignation of members of this committee.

DH to Commissioner John Taylor Egan, Housing and Home Finance Agency, Public Housing Administration. 1951; DH reports that a subcommittee of Egan's Architect's Advisory Committee finds the present standards for housing intolerably low. Discusses resignation of consultants because they do not want to support a program that actively builds slums. Elaborates on other critical observations.

[Meeting on Public Housing]. Attended by Commissioner Marie C. McGuire, Thomas B. Thompson, at the residence of Oskar Stonorov, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, January 13-14, 1962. Others in attendance at the meetings were Henry D. Whitney, O'Neil Ford, Douglas Haskell. (p.1); Transcript. Tapes #1-8, (stapled in 8 sections.) Approx. 130 pp.

Summary: Discussion of a New Role for Public Housing. Held, January 13 and 14, 1962, at house of Oscar Stonorov outside Philadelphia. Attended by Commissioner Marie McGuire, Mr. Thomas B. Thompson, and Messrs. Oscar Stonorov, Henry D. Whitney, O'Neil Ford, and Douglas Haskell.; Summary of transcript. (Carbon copy.) 7 pp.

Housing for the Elderly: Architect's Check List. Public Housing Administration: February 1962; Manual. 15 pp.

Public Housing and Mrs. McGee. By Elizabeth Wood. Citizen's Housing and Planning Council of New York: 1956; Pamphlet. 15 pp. Reprint of an address by Elizabeth Wood, Consultant to the Citizen's Housing and Planning Council, at the Annual Meeting of the National Association of Housing Redevelopment Officials, in New York City on October 24th, 1956. (Verso of cover page.)

Selecting an Architect: For a Low-Rent Public Housing Project. Public Housing Administration, Housing and Home Finance Agency, Washington, D.C.: 1950.; Pamphlet. 7 pp.

Yamasaki, Minoru, Leinweber, Yamasaki & Hellmuth, to William W. Wurster. undated.; T.l. (Carbon copy.) Re project to built in Benton Harbor, Michigan, to be stopped because the design is too modern.

DH to John Taylor Egan, Commissioner, Public Housing Administration. 1950; Re New Orleans Housing Authority not [treating] local architects [fairly].

Clippings. Approximately 55 pp. from FORUM on the topic of housing. Dates vary.;

Box 31 Folder 16 Housing Study Guild

Housing Study Bulletin. A Technical Review Published by the Housing Study Guild, New York: March 1935.; Bulletin. 12 pp.

Ratensky, Samuel. Housing Study Guild. 1934; Re financial problems at the Housing Study Guild.

Low-Cost Housing. I: Inquiry Luncheon. May 3, 1932.; Typed summary. 4 pp.

Connecting Bridge—North Country School, by DH. 1947; Blueprint. 58.5 x 74.5 cm

Box 31 Folder 17 Huxtable, Ada Louise

Mrs. Huxtable Gets City Medal at Fete For Custom House, The New York Times, 1973.; Clipping.

[Huxtable], Ada Louise. 1967; Re her trip to the Soviet Union.

Box 32 Folder 1 I

How to Cope with Information, by Francis Bello. Fortune, September 1960.; Clipping. p. 162-192. Re information retrieval.

[DH] to [Robert Imandt]. undated.; El Monte school photographed by someone else. Mix-up due to current situation at the Architectural Record. DH explains why Imandt was not recommended to Powell.

Imandt, Robert. 1939; Thanks DH for sending letters of introduction to his friends in Los Angeles. (Copies of letters attached.) Discusses his divorce.

Gleaves, Suzanne. Associate Editor, Interiors. 1943; Re publishing Treetops buildings (and North Country School.)

Carter, Edward C. The Inquiry. 1932; Re discussion with DH and others regarding making a scientific study of all the factors necessary in economic housing for the low-income family.

Box 32 Folder 2 Industrial Districts

The Development of Industrial Districts: A Panel Report. Society of Industrial Realtors. Washington, 1949; Report. 45 pp.

Clearing Industrial District. Clearing Industrial District, Inc. Chicago, Il. undated.; Manual. [18] pp.

Box 32 Folder 3 to 4 Industry (2 folders)

Clippings from various architectural magazines on the topic of industrial buildings.

Box 32 Folder 5 Italian Architects (Milan 1959)

Il Villaggio La Martella a Matera. Mutual Security Agency Special Mission to Italy—Roma. 1953; Pamphlet. [22 pp.] (In Italian.) Re a project about an extremely poor village in Southern Italy that was transplanted to another location with better designed housing.

De Poli, Paolo. 1959; Thanks DH for his [hospitality] while in New York.

Box 32 Folder 6 Italian Paintings, 14th- and 15th-century

Typed notes. Approx. 70 pp. Outline of Italian 14th and 15th-century painting, with illustrations pasted onto pages.;

Handwritten notes. Approximately 30 pp. Re Italian 14th and 15th century painting.;

Box 32 Folder 7 J

Jacobsohn, Peter. 1952; Inquires if DH would be willing to write a book about Buckminster Fuller.

DH to Senator Javits. 1970; Re opposition to Judge Carswell for the Supreme Court.

Javits, Jacob K. U.S.S. 1968; Re his stand on the Ervin Amendment to the recently enacted education bill.

Thomas Jefferson's Architectural Drawings: With Commentary and a Check List. By Frederick Doveton Nichols. 1961; Catalog. 48 pp.

Journal of Architectural Education. Cambridge Sessions. Published by the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture. Panel Discussions of the Annual Convention, June 1954. No. 10, Part I, Spring 1955.; Journal. 47 pp. Includes comments by DH on pp. 29, 39.

Box 32 Folder 8 Jackson, J.B. "Brink" (Editor, Landscape Magazine)

Jackson, J.B. "Harvard Talk." May 1, 1965; Speech. 14 pp. The editor of Landscape magazine discusses whether the natural environment can be saved.

Box 32 Folder 9 Jacobs, Bob and Jane

[Jacobs], Jane to Douglas and Helen Haskell. 1969; News about her family, book, and life in Toronto.

DH to Bob and Jane [Jacobs]. 1964; Thanks them for the party at their house. DH remarks on his future and what he told students at Howard University.

The New York Times. "Crusader on Housing: Jane Butzner Jacobs." No author. 1963; Clipping. Re Jane Jacobs.

Mademoiselle. "Disturber of the Peace: Jane Jacobs." By Eve Auchincloss and Nancy Lynch. 1962; Clipping. pp. 142, 164-167.

Box 32 Folder 10 Johnson, Philip

Johnson, Philip C. Director, Department of Architecture and Design, The Museum of Modern Art. 1952; Asks DH to become a member of an advisory board for a book to accompany the exhibit "Built in U.S.A., II."

Johnson, Philip C. undated.; Appreciates DH's excellent review of "small" houses.

Johnson, Philip C. 1932[?]; Has enjoyed DH's articles in The Nation and in Creative Art. Invites DH to the opening of the "rejected architects" exhibition. Their work was refused by the League Show and so a secession show is being put together.

Johnson, Philip C. 1932; Enjoyed DH's review in The Nation. Sending him a copy of Shelter so he can see what the magazine is like and would like DH to contribute to their next issue.

Box 32 Folder 11 Johnson-Marshall, Percy (Edinburgh)

Johnson-Marshall, Percy. 1971; Re his visit to New York. Mentions Stockholm Conference on the Human Environment.

Johnson-Marshall, Percy. 1971; Invited by the U.N. to join a panel on Human Settlements.

[Johnson-Marshall], Percy. undated.; Re his stay with DH in New York.

Johnson-Marshall, Percy. 1968; Tells DH he has been invited to read a paper at the Congress of the International Federation of Housing and Planning, to be held in Philadelphia.

Handwritten notes by [DH?]. undated.; 3 pp. Re the Atlantic Cooperation Project, a joint Anglo-American planning research project.

Professor P. Johnson--Programme April 1966. ; (Copy.) 2 pp. Schedule of his program at Yale University's School of Art and Architecture.

The Architectural Review. "The University of Edinburgh." By Percy Johnson-Marshall. July 1964; Reprint. pp.45-51.

Box 32 Folder 12 K

DH to [?]. undated.; (Photocopy.) Re experiences with Henry L. Kamphoefner as architectural educator.

DH] to [R. Keith] Kane. 1942; Re Hans Groenhoff's case regarding a flying license.

Kaplan, Jack M. 1978; A.l.s. Inquires about Barbara Morgan's family.

Keck, George Fred. 1953; Enclosing [11] photographs of the Chicago Housing Authority buildings. (Attached.)

Kelly, Burnham. MIT. 1954; Comments on prefabricators.

DH to Ralph Kempton. 1968; Re Pennsylvania Avenue Plan.

Kennedy, Robert Woods. 1958; Re his visit to New York.

Ketchum, Morris. 1966; Invites DH to luncheon in honor of Kenzo Tange of Japan.

Partisan Review. "Pseudo-Functionalism in Modern Architecture." By Frederick Kiesler. 1949; Clipping. pp. 733-742.

King, L.W. Department of State. 1953; Tells DH it was a pleasure to read his comments in FORUM on the "shake-up" of FBO [Foreign Buildings Operation].

DH to Sue Kohler. 197?; Re DH's article on Grand Central.

Koyle, George S. University of Pennsylvania. 1955; R.R. Bowker Company to publish a biographical directory of architects to be called the American Architects Directory.

Playboy. "Robert Shelton: a candid conversation with the Klan's notorious imperial wizard." No author. April 1965; Clipping. pp. 45-54, 141-144. Re Ku-Klux-Klan.

Box 32 Folder 13 Kidder-Smith, George [E.]

DH to [George?] and Dot [Kidder Smith?].; Re Venturi's extension to the Oberlin College Art Building.

DH to [George Kidder Smith]. 1965; Re the book The New Churches of Europe.

The Future of Third Avenue and the Slum City with the Pearl Necklace. By G. E. Kidder Smith. undated.; Typed speech. (Carbon copy.) 19 pp.

Box 32 Folder 14 Kocher, Lawrence

Kocher, A. Lawrence. 1942; Invites DH to Black Mountain College to teach writing.

Kocher, A. Lawrence. 1940; Re the building of a student study building at Black Mountain College.

Kocher, A. Lawrence. The Architectural Record. 1929; Re a position at the Architectural Record.

Box 33 Folder 1 L

Ladd, Henry A. [1936?]; Inquires if DH is interested in teaching history of art in Sarah Lawrence College.

Lawrie, Lee. "Atlas"; Photograph of sculpture. B&W, approx. 4 x 2. (Matted on paper.)

Leich, Jean F. 1975; Re advice in connection with a book he is writing on his late father, Hugh Ferris.

Levinson, Maxwell. Shelter Magazine of Modern Architecture. 1933; Re the Philadelphia Award.

The Most Perfectly Planned Community in America! Levittown Pennsylvania. Levitt & Sons, Inc. January 1952; Pamphlet. [9 pp.]

Loeb, G. M. E. F. Hutton & Company. 1950; Tells DH it was a pleasure to attend his cocktail party.

Loeb, James I. Adirondack Publishing Co., Inc. 1967; Re finding an architect for the North Country Community College at Saranac Lake, New York.

Lonberg-Holm, [K.] 1964; Re DH's retirement. Comments on DH's contribution to architectural development.

Metz, F. Eugene. Chairman, Visiting Lecturers Committee. Louisiana State University. 1965; Inquires if DH is interested in participating in their visiting lecturers program.

DH to Mr. Luce. 1961; Memo. Re DH to receive honorary Doctor of Fine Arts degree from Oberlin College.

DH to Harry Luce. 1964; DH discusses management and financial problems regarding Architectural Forum.

The Humanation of Cities. An Address by Charles Luckman...Before the Public Affairs Reporting Conference, University of Texas, Austin, Texas. March 28, 1960.; Speech. 12 pp.

Box 33 Folder 2 Laboratory of Lighting Design Progress Report #2

"Laboratory of Lighting Design: Progress Report #2." MIT, Department of Architecture. 1954.; Report. 24 pp. (Carbon Copy.)

Box 33 Folder 3 Land Economics

Approx. 17 pp. of various handwritten notes and clippings regarding land economics during the 1930s.;

Technological Unemployment of Land Areas." Remarks by Frederick L. Ackerman. City Planning Conference. Pittsburgh, [PA]. November 14, 1932.; Speech. 4 pp.

Box 33 Folder 4 to 5 Landmarks Actions (2 folders)

DH to The Honorable Donald H. Elliott, Commissioner of City Planning. 1971; Re hearing on Capital Budget, Landmarks Preservation Commission.

Goldstone, Harmon H. Chairman, Landmarks Preservation Commission. 1970; Thanks DH for his plea for a limited heights district around Gramercy Park.

Landmarks Preservation Commission, Parks, Recreation & Cultural Affairs Administration. "Additional Hearing on Grand Central Proposal; Amended Plan to be Discussed on August 5." 1969; News release. 2 pp. Re reopening public hearing on the proposal to build an office building on the Grand Central Terminal.

Digest of remarks by Douglas Haskell before Landmarks Preservation Commission, April 10, 1969, on two Breuer proposals for office tower at Grand Central Station... (p.1) ; Final draft (typed). 3 pp. (Complete statement also included in folder, 17 pp.)

DH to Geoffrey Platt, Chairman, Landmarks Preservation Commission of New York. 1966; Re treating Greenwich Village as a single historic district.

University of Wisconsin, Department of Urban and Regional Planning. Urban America Project Conference. Henry Fagin, Editor. December 3-4, 1965.; Conference Proceedings. [16 pp.]

DH to [The] Honorable Hamon Goldstone, Chairman, Landmarks Preservation Commission. 1970; Re a two-story building at 121 East 17th Street. DH endorses the proposal that this building be made a landmark in New York.

The Villager. "Village to be Series of Districts: Boundaries will appear in City Record December 7." No author. 1966; Clipping.

Grote Van Derpool, James. Executive Director, Office of the Mayor. 1965; Thanks DH for his statement, regarding Friends Meeting House, at the Landmarks hearing.

Herald Tribune. "A Lesson for the Young." By Earl G. Talbot. 1965; Clipping. Re destruction of the Friends Meeting House on Gramercy Park.

Box 33 Folder 6 Le Corbusier

The Architectural Record. "The Minimal House: A Solution." By Le Corbusier and P. Jeanneret, Architects. August 1930.; Clipping. pp. 133-138.

Le Corbusier. April 10, 1961; Thanks DH for the issue of FORUM devoted to his work.

Paris Bureau to DH. 1953; Dispatch. 3 pp. Re Le Corbusier's Nantes Project.

Box 33 Folder 7 Lessing, Theodore (1931)

Young, Donald. Associate Editor, The Annals. 1931; Inquires if DH is interested in writing a book note on Theodore Lessing's Europa und Asien for their book department.

Box 33 Folder 8 Lift-Slab Bldg. Method

Architectural Forum. "Youtz-Slick Lift Slab Building Method." June 1950.; Reprint. [7 pp.]

Box 33 Folder 9 Lighting

Contemporary Lamps and Fixtures. Koch & Lowry Inc. New York: 1961.; Catalog. 44 pp.

How to Work Wonders with Light. Lightolier, New Jersey. undated.; Catalog. 39 pp.

Discussion of the Evolution of Lighting Practice. By George Ainsworth. New York: 1941.; Pamphlet. pp. 1048-1056. Paper presented at the Thirty-fifth Annual Convention of the Illuminating Engineering Society at Atlanta, Georgia, September 23, 1941.

A Simple Criterion for Quality in Lighting. By Parry Moon and Domina Eberle Spencer. 1946; Pamphlet. 32 pp. (Part of a series?) Paper presented at the Annual Conference of the Illuminating Engineering Society, Quebec. September 18-20, 1946.

Box 33 Folder 10 Loos, Adolph

Ornament and Crime. By Adolph Loos. (1908); 19 typed copies, each 10 pp.

Box 33 Folder 11 Luce, Henry R.

Luce, H[enry] R. to all Architectural Forum editors. 1964; Memo. Re [last issue of FORUM?]

Jones, Dick to Bill Furth. 1962; Memo. (Thermofax.) Re a memo Luce wrote to Howard Myers circa 1937 regarding the type of architectural magazine he thinks is needed and why. (Copy of Luce memo attached.)

Address by Henry R. Luce. TIME Inc. Executives Dinner. New York, New York. May 15, 1961."; Speech. 13 pp.

Address at the Hundredth Anniversary of The American Institute of Architects. By August Heckscher. April 25, 1957.; Speech. 16 pp. (Copy.) Re the present position of the architect.

Box 33 Folder 12 M

DH to [Margaret] Marshall. 1951; Re Manny Faber.

Marshall, Robert F. 1952; Re [a dispute between the Architectural Record and FORUM.]

[Marshall, Robert F.] [1949?]; Sorry to hear about DH's decision [to leave Architectural Record.]

Drought, A. Bernard. Dean, College of Engineering, Marquette University. 1962; Re panel discussion with DH.

DH to Albert Mayer. 1972; Re the death of Mayer's wife.

Mayer, Albert. 1965; Mayer writing on the subject of "extra dimensions." Explains what he means by this and requests DH's opinions.

Miller, Herbert Adolphus. Department of Sociology, Oberlin College. 1924; Miller gives what he calls a "fatherly suggestion" regarding DH's criticism.

DH to Daniel P. Moynihan. 1969; Re Pennsylvania Avenue Plan.

Architecture In a Time of Trouble. By Daniel P. Moynihan to the American Institute of Architects/Royal Architectural Institute of Canada Convention. Chicago, Il. June 23, 1969.; Speech. 18 pp.

Murphy, P.W. 1961; Irate comments regarding DH's use of his confidential letter.

Muschenheim, William. College of Architecture and Design, University of Michigan. 1956; Inquires if DH can suggest names of possible candidates for a new dean of the College of Architecture and Design.

Noyes, Eliot F. The Museum of Modern Art. 1941; Re DH's review of organic design in The Nation.

Manny, Carter H. Jr. C. F. Murphy Associates. 1968; Remembers the help DH gave them in 1965 regarding the [Chicago First National Bank]. (Encloses photo of building under construction.)

Box 33 Folder 13 Mac & Mc

McCarthy, Francis Joseph. 1940; Re an article he is writing on his projects. Includes thoughts concerning engineers on the projects and various other aspects of the projects.

DH to [Rev. Lewis L. McKibben, First Presbyterian Church.] 1945; Reply [to an old friend from Oberlin College.]

McQuade, Walter to Haskell, Hazen, Grotz, Bear. 1954; Memo. Re his ideas on the organization, definition, and separation of editorial material in FORUM.

Box 33 Folder 14 Memphis, Tenn.—Overton Park

Stoner, Anona (Mrs.) Secretary, Citizens to Preserve Overton Park. 1968; Re conservation and preservation organizations getting Secretary Boyd to withhold approval of purchase of the Overton Park land.

Clippings. 8 articles from various Memphis newspapers. Re Interstate 40 going through Overton Park and Federal Highway Administrator Lowell K. Bridwell's position.;

Box 34 Folder 1 Mendelsohn, Eric

Mendelsohn, Eric. 1952; Re FORUM's story about San Francisco's Maimonides Health Center for the Chronic Sick "does not tell the true facts."

DH to Eric Mendelsohn. 1951; Re errors made in FORUM's story about Maimonides Hospital. Believes it is not entirely FORUM's fault.

Box 34 Folder 2 Mies van der Rohe, [Ludwig]

Mies Van Der Rohe, Ludwig. 1961; Thanks DH for champagne.

Greeting cards. 4 signed Christmas cards.

Box 34 Folder 3 Migration

California Housing and Planning Association. 1942; News release. 6 pp. Re War Workers Housing Conference.

Tennessee Valley Authority. "Phosphorus: Key to Life--Weapon of Death." 1942; News release. 20 pp. Re "a discussion of the TVA's program of phosphorus development for land enrichment, soil and water control, and munitions."

United States Department of Agriculture. "Department of Agriculture Makes Progress with Defense Housing." 1941; News release. 4 pp.

Source unknown. "Negro Migration to Harlem Heavy: Starvation Conditions in Some Sections of Deep South Cited as Reason: National Problem Seen: Urban League Official Asserts Not Only City but U.S. Must Help Relieve Needy." 1941; Clipping.

Fischer, John. Chief, Information Division, United States Department of Agriculture. 1941; Enclosing information on the housing activities of the Farm Security Administration. (Attached.)

Box 34 Folder 4 Milgram, Morris

(5) envelopes. 3.6 x 6.5, with uncancelled stamps: (2) Eleanor Roosevelt; (1) Battle of New Orleans (1) Shakespeare (1) Audubon. ;

Milgram, Morris. (Addressed "Dear Friend"). 1965; Enclosing prospectus of the Mutual Real Estate investment Trust, "which plans to buy apartment houses and open them to all without regard to race, creed or religion." (Prospectus attached.)

Box 34 Folder 5 MIT

Anderson, Lawrence B. MIT. (Addressed to Hugh A. Stubbins, Jr. and DH.) 1968; Enclosing a draft of the Jury Report on the North Carolina Awards for their perusal and comment. (Attached.)

Report of the Visiting Committee to the School of Architecture and Planning, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, April 7, 1952.; Report. 2 pp. Re the establishment of a Center for Urban and Regional Studies.

Killian, J. R., Jr. President, MIT. 1949; Re Dean Wurster's resignation.

Wurster, William W. Dean, School of Architecture and Planning, MIT, to P. I. Prentice, The Architectural Forum. 1950; Criticizes FORUM.

Box 34 Folder 6 Moholy-Nagy, Sibyl

Moholy-Nagy, Sibyl to Walter McQuade. 1961; Thanks him for his reply to her article on the Gratiot-Lafayette Project in The Canadian Architect. Defends herself against his criticism.

James, Cary. 1963; Criticizes FORUM at length.

Moholy-Nagy, Sibyl to Ogden Tanner. 1962; Re her effort in trying to comply with FORUM's changes and cuts in her article, "Architecture and the Moon Age."

Architecture and the Moon Age. By Sibyl Moholy-Nagy. undated.; Typscript. 11 pp. Condensation of a lecture given at the Chicago Chapter of the AIA and the Yale University Department of Architecture.

Box 34 Folder 7 Morgan, Willard D.

Cody, George. 1976; Inquires if DH will help him to persuade Barbara Morgan to print and identify her pictures so that they will not be lost.

Morgan, Willard D. 1941; Gives a trailer as a present to Camp Treetops.

Box 34 Folder 8 Mormon Building

Markham, Fred L. 1937; Re publishing his material on Mormon architecture.

Box 34 Folder 9 Moses, Robert

The Expanding New York Waterfront. By Robert Moses. August 1964.; Pamphlet. 28 pp.

[Prentice], P[erry?] 1961; Memo. Re Mose's objection to FORUM's World's Fair story.

Triborough Bridge and Tunnel Authority. 1954; News release. 5 pp. Re the New York Coliseum.

The Public Improvement Outlook. By Robert Moses. 1954; Speech. 12 pp. Talk given at the New York Building Congress, Hotel Astor.

Thompson, Stephen G., Associate News Editor, Architectural Forum, to Robert Moses, Chairman, New York City Committee on Slum Clearance Plans. 1954; Re the Coliseum redevelopment plan and why the Coliseum needs to be replaced rather than changed.

Moses, Robert to Allen Grover. 1953; T.l. Re the New York Coliseum controversy.

DH to Mr. Grover. 1953; Memo. Re FORUM vs. Moses.

Thompson, Steve to DH. 1953; Memo. Re Moses's complaint about the Coliseum article.

Moses, Robert, Chairman, City of New York, Office of Committee on Slum Clearance Plans, to Henry R. Luce, Editor-in-Chief, Time Inc. 1953; (Carbon copy of letter.) Re FORUM's "misrepresentation" of the Slum Clearance Plan of which he is chairman. Makes particular reference to the Coliseum.

Transatlantic. April 1944.; Periodical. Contains an article on Robert Moses by DH.

Moses, Robert, to Dorothy Pratt, The Nation. 1933; (Copy of letter.) Re the Knickerbocker Village.

Box 34 Folder 10 Mumford, Lewis

Mumford, Lewis. 1957; Explains why DH should choose someone else to write an article on Patrick Geddes.

[Mumford], Lewis. 1953; Re the Liz Gordon article. Gordon published part of a personal note without his permission.

Mumford, Lewis. 1938; A.l.s. Re sponsoring [the North Country School.]

Mumford, Lewis. 1933; Re their difference of opinion regarding the "manufactured house."

Mumford, Lewis. 1931; Comments regarding Louis Henry Sullivan.

Mumford, Lewis. 1928; Comments regarding Wright.

Box 34 Folder 11 Mumford, Lewis 1933-Housing

The New Republic. 1933; (4) clippings. Re housing. All articles by Lewis Mumford.

Box 34 Folder 12 Municipal Art Society

Municipal Art Society 1977 Awards. New York: 1977.; Pamphlet. [8 pp.]

Box 35 Folder 1 N

Froemke, Susan. National Educational Television. 1970; Re DH's response to their interview with Malcolm Muggeridge.

DH to Nicholas Negroponte, Associate Professor of Architecture, MIT. 1976; Re the scientific and art side of architecture.

DH to Lyda Nelson, The Architects' Emergency Committee. 1965; Apologizes for missing party.

Everett, John R. President, New School for Social Research. 1968; Invites DH to luncheon for the appointment of Henry Cohen.

Box 35 Folder 2 National Council of the Churches of Christ

Flemming, Arthur S. to "Friends". Chairman, National Council of the Churches of Christ in the United States of America. 1954; Welcomes participation as a consultant.

Minutes of a Meeting of the Commission on Architecture. Department of Worship and the Arts. May 27, 1954.; Minutes. 3 pp.

Taylor, Walter A. Chairman, Commission on Architecture, The American Institute of Architects, Department of Education and Research to Members of the Commission on Architecture, Department of Worship and the Arts, National Council of Churches. 1954; Memo. Pleased they have accepted appointment to the Commission.

Architecture and the Arts in Relation to Worship. By Walter A. Taylor. January 5, 1954; Speech, (reprint.) Originally given before the joint meeting of the National Council of Churches, Department of Church Building and Architecture, and the Church Architectural Guild, Knoxville, Tenn.

Box 35 Folder 3 Neutra, Richard

A message from Dione Neutra to all the friends who mourn the passing of Richard Neutra. 1970; T.l. 2 pp.

DH to Dione [Neutra]. 1970; Re the death of her husband.

[Neutra], Richard and Dione to Doug and Helen [Haskell]. 1969; Will be in New York. Mentions Survival through Design, Smithsonian exhibit, and appointment at California State Polytechnik College in Pomona.

[Neutra], Dione to "Friends". 1969; Gives update from Germany. Mentions the documentary film The Ideas of Richard Neutra.

Los Angeles Times. "Neutra: The Architect, His Work & His Influence." By Esther McCoy. 1968; Clipping. pp. 14-28.

Neutra, Dione to "Friends". 1959; T.l. Re Richard Neutra's health and what they are doing in East Berlin.

Neutra, Dione to Doug and Helen [Haskell]. 1963; Re a [fire in their house?] Encloses a copy of a letter from [their son] Raymond.

Neutra, Dione to Douglas and Helen [Haskell]. 1956; Enclosing 2 photographs of his father. (Attached.)

Neutra, Richard and Dione to Doug and Helen [Haskell]. 1956; A 12-page annual Christmas letter containing family news from the past year. (Also attached annual letters from 1954 and 1955.)

Neutra, Richard. 1954; Thanks DH for cover story.

Neutra, Dione. 1952; Discusses Richard's life.

Neutra, Richard J. 1949; Discusses school architecture politics.

Italy's University Sanatorium: Report of Motivations, Description, and Project Drawings. By Richard J. Neutra. undated.; Report. 7 pp.

Oxford University Press. "How Can the Human Race Survive if Man Keeps Tinkering with His Habitat?" 1954; News release. [3 pp.] Re Richard Neutra's book Survival Through Design.

Box 35 Folder 4 New York Architecture

Clippings from various sources. Re New York architecture, including Park Avenue, Washington Square, and other areas.

Box 35 Folder 5 New York City

New York Herald Tribune. "Who Owns New York?" By Daniel M. Friedenberg. 1964; Clipping. (3 part series.)

Community Administration Within New York City: Home Town in the Big City. New York: Citizens Union Research Foundation, Inc. 1962.; Pamphlet. 18 pp.

On One-Waying Third, Lexington, Madison and Fifth Avenues: Summary and Analysis of Public Hearing before the Board of Estimate at City Hall, New York, May 21, 1959. Compiled by Fifth Avenue Coach Lines, Inc.; Report. 31 pp.

The City of New York: Board of Education: Organization and Management of School Planning and Construction: Report of the City Administrator. February 1959.; Report, (bound.) 65 pp.

Box 35 Folder 6 Newark Architecture

A Study and Analysis of the Lock Street Warehouse. Prepared by the Housing Redevelopment & Housing Authority in cooperation with the School of Architecture, New Jersey Institute of Technology. January 1976.; Report, (photocopy.) [18 pp.]

Renovation of the Lock Street Warehouse. undated.; Architectural drawings, (photocopies.) [8 pp.]

West, Troy. 1976; Re Lock Street Warehouse project.

Box 35 Folder 7 North Country School

[North Country School]. undated.; Photographs. (11) B&W, approx. 8x10. Interior and exterior views.

[North Country School]. undated.; Color transparency, 4x5. Interior view, with children.

Box 35 Folder 8 Northway Project

The Adirondack Northway: a study in depth with special emphasis on Glens Falls—Keeseville segment. State of New York Department of Public Works. 1959; Study. 26 pp. Includes maps.

McMorran, J. Burch. State of New York, Department of Public Works. undated.; Re Constitutional Amendment regarding Adirondack Northway.

Box 35 Folder 9 Nowicki, Matthew

Remarks on the Problem of Composition in Modern Architecture. By M[atthew] Nowicki. May 26, 1948.; Lecture. [10 pp.] Given at Pratt Institute.

Information Pertaining to the Design of a Chapel. No author. undated.; Typescript. 2 pp.

Box 35 Folder 10 O

Oud, J.J.P. [1946?]; A.l.s. Appreciates DH's wife's help. Remarks on what it is like after spending five years in prison.

DH to Gwen [Owtram]. 1965; Comments on his retirement and the new office that FORUM has opened.

Box 35 Folder 11 Oberlin College Architecture (architectural issues)

Brown, John R., Jr. Vice President, Colgate-Palmolive Company. 1970; Re making a contribution to Oberlin College.

DH to Robert K. Carr, President, Oberlin College. 1965; Re consulting with DH regarding architects for Oberlin's forthcoming buildings.

Parkhurst, Charles. Head, Department of Fine Arts, Oberlin College. 1962; Thanks DH for his expressions of regret about his leaving Oberlin.

DH to Andy [?] 1962; Oberlin's building program is going very badly.

DH to Robert K. Carr, President, Oberlin College. 1962; Re Oberlin's building program.

Notes on the building situation at Oberlin College. [By DH] 1962; Notes (typed). 2 pp. Includes comments regarding Oberlin's use of package builders.

DH to [Robert K.] Carr, President, [Oberlin College]. 1962; Re Yamasaki and the news regarding the prices obtained in the Conservatory Building bids.

Whiteside, Forbes. Department of Fine Arts, Oberlin College. undated.; Against objections, Oberlin has hired Moore and Hutchins to design new faculty housing, language houses and student dormitories.

Arnold, Paul B. Department of Fine Arts, Oberlin College. 1961; Interested in DH's reactions to the new Science Building at Oberlin.

Carr, Robert K. President, Oberlin College. 1961; Re DH's suggestions regarding the dormitory construction program at Oberlin.

DH to [The President of Oberlin College]. 1946; Re the architectural policy put forward for Oberlin by the trustees.

Box 35 Folder 12 Oberlin College Architecture- (photos/prints)

The Austin Company's new Cleveland District Headquarters on the Severance Estate in Cleveland. undated.; Photographs. (4) B&W, 8x10s, and 4 B&W, 5x8s. News release also attached regarding the completion and occupancy of the new building.

Oberlin Review. 1961; Newspaper. (2 copies in folder.) Includes article on DH: "Architect Declares Designs Below Par." The article is about Oberlin College.

Architects Drawing of New Men's Dormitory, Oberlin College (North Professor Street). undated.; Photograph. (1) 4x10, B&W.

Photographs and other images from various sources, (i.e. calendars, etc.,) of Oberlin College. Various sizes. Approximately 38 images. Color and B&W.;

Oberlin Alumni Magazine. March 1959.; Periodical. Conatains article by DH "Oberlin's Continuing Architecture."

Box 35 Folder 13 Oberlin College Correspondence

Metcalf, John E. President, Oberlin Alumni Club of N.Y. 1969; Re the Club's Fall program.

Carr, Robert K. President, Oberlin College. 1965; Telegram. Inquires if DH would be delagate to the inaugeration of Samuel Brookner Gould as President of the State University of New York.

Carr, Robert K. President, Oberlin College. 1963; Oberlin College receives Ford Foundation grant.

Oberlin Today. Oberlin College: 1961. Volume 19, no. 2.; Pamphlet. 11 pp.

Brown, John R., Jr. Colgate-Palmolive Company. 1960; Re Oberlin's plans to build a new Science Building and Conservatory of Music.

[?] to DH. 1934; Sending back copies of Progress to DH, would like DH's reactions.

Box 35 Folder 14 Oberlin Commencement 1961- Doctor of Fine Arts

Oberlin College...Commencement Exercises... June 12, 1961.; Program. 20 pp. (2 copies.) Contains biographical notes on honorary degree recipients, including DH.

[?], Alan to Aunt Helen and Uncle Doug. 1961; Thanks them for his graduation present. Congratulates DH on his honorary degree.

Oberlin College. 1961; News release. 3 pp. Re honorary degrees to be given.

Carr, Robert K. President, Oberlin College. 1960; Invites DH to receive his honorary degree.

Box 35 Folder 15 Oberlin Commencement Trip 1968

Oberlin College Commencement Weekend 1968.; Program. 8 pp. (2 copies.)

Box 36 Folder 1 Open Space

Source unkown. "Growth of Cities Perils Resources: Planners Sound the Alarm at Failure to Conserve Recreational Areas." By Bill Becker. undated.; Clipping.

Regional Plan Association. 1960; News release. 8 pp. Re the Park, Recreation and Open Space Project.

Box 36 Folder 2 Ornament

Autograph notes by [DH]. undated. 19 pp. Re ornament.

Pencil drawings by [DH?] 1 p. On tracing paper: 11 urns with ornament.

Box 36 Folder 3 Overview Educational Executives Conference

Proceedings of the Architect-Educator Conference. January 5-7, 1962, Cincinnati, Ohio. Sponsored by the Buttenheim Publishing Corporation, Publishers of Educational Executives Overview and American School and University.; Proceedings. 61 pp., not including appendix.

Box 36 Folder 4 Owings, Nathaniel

[Nathaniel Owings and wife?]; Photographs. (2) 8x10, B&W.

Owings, Nat[haniel]. 1973; A.l.s. Compliments DH on his review of [his book.]

DH to Nat[haniel Owings]. 1972; Re Pennsylvania Avenue.

Owings, Nathaniel. 1969; Re writing a book on SOM.

DH to Nathaniel Owings. 1968; Allan Temko to write the Lewis Mumford column in The New Yorker.

Blake, Peter to Nathaniel Owings. 1966; (Photocopy of letter.) Re Pennsylvania Avenue.

Box 36 Folder 5 P

DH to Rita and Kasha Parker. 1970; Thanks them for their hospitality in Miami. Mentions Archie Manley.

Limerick, Jeffrey W. Managing Editor, Perspecta. 1975; Explains the confusion concerning the Perspecta article on the work of Harwell Harris.

DH to Monica Pidgeon. 1970; Discusses [Camp Treetops].

Temlin, Evelyn E. 1977; Requests DH to give Grand Central lecture at Pratt Institute.

Pusey, Nathan M. President, Harvard University. 1969; Re his reply to Mr. Smith's letter. (See item 6 below.)

New York Post. "A Cold Reply." By James A. Wechsler. 1969; Clipping, (photocopy.) Re the reply Pusey gave to the father of Mark Smith who was clubbed in Harvard Yard.

Box 36 Folder 6 Pan Am Building

Pan Am Building. Photographed by J. Alex Langley. undated.; Photograph. 8x10, B&W.

Architectural Forum. "The Lost New York of the Pan American Airways Building." By Douglas Haskell. undated.; Galley proof. [12 pp.] Re Grand Central Station and the Pan American Building.

Pan-Am: Death of Great Ideas or Pan-Am: Loss of a City. By Douglas Haskell. undated.; Typescript with corrections. 12 pp.

Box 36 Folder 7 Part, Sir Anthony

Part, Anthony. 1967; A.l.s. Will visit the United States again. Chuck Colbert has invited him to speak at an AIA conference in New Orleans. Mentions Jane Jacobs.

Part, Anthony to Doug and Helen [Haskell]. undated.; Thanks them for a delightful evening.

Box 36 Folder 8 People-Contacts

Various lists of people. Approx. 28 pp. in total.

Box 36 Folder 9 to 10 Philadelphia Planning (2 folders)

Geddes, Robert L. 1964; Tells DH he thinks his critique on the Pan Am Building in New York was the best in an American magazine in years.

City of Philadelphia Urban Traffic and Transportation Board. "Confidential draft for review by participants. Transcript—Round Table Discussion, May 20, 1960, at Bellevue-Stratford Hotel, Philadelphia."; Transcript. 98 pp. Re "effect of transportation facilities on future shape of urban development with emphasis on downtown values."

The Journal of American Institute of Planners. Volume XXVI, no. 3, August 1960. "Renaissancemanship." By David A. Wallace.; Reprint. pp. 157-176.

Report to the Redevelopment Authority by the City Planning Commission on the Selection of Developer(s), Washington Square East—Unit I. November 18, 1958.; Report. 21 pp.

Society Hill, Philadelphia: A Plan for Redevelopment/Section A—Washington Square East Urban Renewal Area, Unit Number One. I. M. Pei & Associates, Architects and Planners. undated.; Pamphlet. 21 pp.

Market East Plaza: A New Center for Transportation and Commerce. Philadelphia City Planning Commission. May 1958.; Report. 14 pp. Illustrated with fold out plan at end.

Annual Report 1957. Philadelphia City Planning Commission.; Report. 32 pp.

Mill Creek Redevelopment Area Plan. Philadelphia City Planning Commission. September 1954.; Pamphlet. 32 pp. Illustrated with fold out plan at end.

Box 36 Folder 11 Philadelphia Transportation Round Table- May 20, 1960

City of Philadelphia Urban Traffic and Transportation Board. "Confidential draft for review by participants. Transcript—Round Table Discussion, May 20, 1960, at Bellevue-Stratford Hotel, Philadelphia."; Transcript. 98 pp. Re "effect of transportation facilities on future shape of urban development with emphasis on downtown values."

Box 36 Folder 12 Pierce Foundation

No title. No author. undated.; Typescript. Approximately 90 pp. Discusses house engineering and modern architecture.

Box 37 Folder 1 Planning—Broadacre City (FLW)

The Architectural Record. "Broadacre City: A New Community Plan." By Frank Lloyd Wright. April 1935.; Reprint. pp. 243-[254]. [Plans] to be shown for the first time at the Industrial Arts Exposition in Rockefeller Center, NYC, under the auspices of the National Alliance of Art and Industry.

Box 37 Folder 2 Planning—Development Rights

Development Rights: A report on a tool for the conservation of open spaces; key legal, economic, and legislative considerations. By Willaim H. Whyte, Jr.[?] undated.; Report. 57 pp. Appendix separate [13 pp.]

Box 37 Folder 3 Planning—Urban Rehabilitation Greer '41

A Report on Methods of Reducing the Cost of Construction in Large-Scale Housing Projects. Citizen's Housing Council of New York. February 1941.; Report. 7 pp.

Proposed Federal Program for Urban Redevelopment and Housing. No author. undated.; Report. Approximately 83 pp.

Blighted Areas: Preliminary Notes on Genetic Account. Frederick L. Ackerman. June 6, 1933; Typescript. 6 pp.

Box 37 Folder 4 Plywood Techniques

The Architectural Forum. "Products and Practice: Plywood." No author. March 1941; Clipping. pp. 197-206.

Box 37 Folder 5 Politics [1 of 2]

Playboy. "All The President's Men." By Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward. undated.; Clipping. pp. 86-92, 100, 214-228.

DH to President Gerald Ford, The White House. undated.; Re funds for historic preservation.

Elliot, Roland L. Director of Correspondence, The White House. 1975; Re Alexander Solzhenitsyn.

Shea, Jack. County Supervisor, Lake Placid. 1975; Re planning of the Olympic Village.

DH to President Gerald Ford, The White House. 1974; Re Watergate.

DH to President Gerald Ford, The White House. 1974; Re DH's disappointment regarding Ford's pardon of Richard Nixon.

Bush, George, Chairman, Republican National Committee to "All Key Republicans." [1974]; Re support for the Republican Party.

DH to Vice President Gerald Ford. 1974; Re the Nixon tapes.

Penthouse. "The CIA's Secret War." By Joseph B. Treaster. undated.; Clipping. pp. 46-47, 134-143.

Holley, Edward G. President-Elect, American Library Association. 1973; Re censorship.

Helms, Jesse. United States Senator. 1973; Re financial support for the Young Republicans Emergency Fund.

Congressional Punch List: AIA Voting Analysis of the 93rd Congress. undated.; Pamphlet. 7 pp. folded.

DH to The Honorable James L. Buckley. 1973; Urges Buckley to vote against the proposal to extend the West Front of the United States Capitol.

DH to The Mudd Show on Nixon's Watergate Speech, CBS. 1973; Re President Nixon's Watergate speech.

[DH] to James Reston, [The] New York Times Bureau. 1973; Re Reston's recent Watergate writings.

Koch, Edward I. House of Representatives. 1973; Re the running in the New York mayoral race.

DH to The Honorable Andrew Stein, Assembly Chamber. 1973; Re the Adirondack Land Use & Development Plan.

Kennedy, Edward M. United States Senate. undated.; Re the George McGovern presidential campaign.

Muskie, Edmund S. United States Senate. 1972; Re the nomination of Mr. Kleindienst as Attorney General.

Box 37 Folder 6 Politics [2 of 2]

Fisher, John M. President, American Security Council. 1971; Re "Washington Report" radio program has lost its sponsor.

DH to Senator Jacob Javits. 1971; Re backing in Senate-House Conference for Section 9 in Senate version of Economic Opportunity Act (S. 2007.)

DH to Councilman Harvey Gitler, Oberlin, Ohio. 1971; Re non-returnable bottles and beverage cans.

DH to Ed Koch. 1971; Re "Nixonomics."

Bergen, John J. Rear Admiral, USNR. 1970; Re Navy League of the United States, New York Council, to hold Navy Day dinner. The Honorable Spiro T. Agnew will be Guest of Honor and principal speaker.

A proposal for a Passenger Ship Terminal Center prepared for the San Francisco Port Commission on behalf of USS Realty Development Division of United States Steel Corporation. [1969-1970].; Proposal. Approx. 27 pp. Includes photographs of plans for the proposed Passenger Ship Terminal Center. Designed by Skidmore, Owings & Merrill.

DH to Congressman Edward I. Koch. 1970; Re the National Timber Supply Act.

DH to [The] Honorable Jacob Javits. 1968; Thanks Javits for his work in behalf of an adequate gun bill.

Frain, George. Legislative Aide, Congress of the United States, House of Representatives. 1961; Encouraged by DH's speech to the National Trust for Historic Preservation, also by Jane Jacobs article in the Saturday Evening Post of October 14, 1961.

Box 37 Folder 7 Population

World Housing Conditions and Estimated Housing Requirements. United Nations. New York, 1965.; Report. 58 pp.

Box 37 Folder 8 Powers, H.H., Lectures on Way Power

Handwritten lecture notes taken by [DH]. 21 pp. undated. Lecture given by H. H. Powers on war.

Box 37 Folder 9 to 10 Practice/Architectural Education Folder (2 folders)

The Role of the Building and Construction Industry in Urban Renewal. Panel Discussion at the 24th Annual Convention of The National Association of Architectural Metal Manufacturers. Statement of Victor Gruen on "The Part of the Architect." Castle Harbour Hotel, Bermuda. May 2, 1962. (Title page); Typescript. 7 pp.

A Second Report on Your Profession. Prepared by the AIA Committee on the Profession. April 1962.; Report. [20 pp.]

Kling, Vincent G. 1962; Replies to DH's inquiry re a course devoted to training architects in building investment.

Henry J. Kaufman & Associates. Denney, Bob to Matthew Rockwell. 1961; Memo. Re 1962 Convention Program titled New Dimensions of Architectural Practice.

The Louisiana Architect. December 1961; Clipping. pp. 8-14. "The Future of the Architectural Profession." An address by Philip Will, Jr.

Columbia University, News Office. 1961; News release. 3 pp. Dean Charles R. Colbert announces two new postgraduate programs at the School of Architecture.

Annual Report of the Office Practice Committee, 1960-1961. New York Chapter, American Institute of Architects.; Report. 26 pp.

The American Insitute of Architects. "The General Conditions of the Contract for the Construction of Buildings." AIA Document No. A-201. 1961 edition.; Document. 10 pp.

Concerning Some Legal Responsibilities in the Practice of Architecture and Engineering and Some Recent Changes in The Contract Documents. By John R. Clark partner of Barnes, Dechert, Price, Meyers & Rhoads. 1961; Report. 24 pp.

Williamson, Merritt A. Dean, The Pennsylvania State University. 1961; Re the College of Engineering and Architecture is planning a major revision of its five-year curriculum.

Spring Garden Institute. 1961; News release. 3 pp. Re establishment of a Associate of Science Degree curriculum in building construction.

DH to FORUM Edit Staff. 1961; Memo. Re changing architectural practice.

DH to [?] 1959; Memo. Re Philip Youtz.

Bush-Brown, Harold, Chairman, The Joint ACSA-AIA Committee—R-17 on the Teaching of Architecture to Presidents and Secretaries of contributing AIA chapters, State Assocations, [etc...] who gave financial support to the R-17 project. 1959; Memo. Re report on Grindstone Lake Seminar.

Fisher, Raymond A. Professor of Architecture, Carnegie Institute of Technology. 1958; Paper on architectural education presented to the A.C.S. annual meeting in Cleveland, Ohio. 12 pp. Title: "An Adequate Architectural Curriculum in our Collegiate Schools of Architecture."

World Construction Program. "World Construction Year—1960, World Construction Congress—1961." ; Address by Dean Harold B. Gotaas, Northwestern University Technological Institute, Evanston, Illinois, at a luncheon of September 19, 1957, sponsored by the Chicago Building Congress. 5 pp.

A Proposal of a College of Building Arts and Sciences. By H. B. McEldowney, Head, Department of Architecture, University of Illinois. undated.; Proposal. 4 pp.

Iowa State College. "Department of Industrial Administration in cooperation with Department of Architecture and Architectural Engineering presents Business and Management for the Building Industry." undated.; Curriculum outline. 3 pp.

Columbia University. "Announcement of a Program of Studies in Construction Management, Leading to the Degree of Bachelor of Science, Given in the Late Afternoon and Evening by the School of General Studies in cooperation with the School of Architecture. 1954-1955."; Brochure. 5 pp.

Division of Responsibility Among the Design Professions. A Guide for Collaboration prepared by the Executive Committee of the Joint Committee of the Design Professions. Washington D.C.: 1953; Report. 11 pp.

Box 37 Folder 11 Pratt Institute Housing Advisory Board

Grossi, Olindo. Dean, School of Architecture, Pratt Institute. 1964; Thanks DH for accepting their invitation to serve on their Advisory Board in connection with the proposed Ford Foundation grant to assist their research in housing.

Box 37 Folder 12 Prefabrication

Problems Fabrication Raises for the Planner. Handwritten notes by [DH]. Circa 1930-1933. 4 pp.;

The Prefabricated House, The Architectural Forum, December 1942.; Clipping. pp. 49-60.

Box 37 Folder 13 Public Housing Policy

Journal of Housing. "Better Public Housing Design." No. 3. 1963.; Reprint from the Journal of Housing, Volume 19, Oct. 15, 1962. pp. 446-142. "Public Housing Architecture: evaluated from PWA days up to 1962." By Albert Mayer.

Notes on the Selection of Architects for Low Rent Public Housing Projects. Final draft by Robert Wood Kennedy. April 2, 1950.; Final draft. (Copy.) 5 pp.

Source unknown. 1950; Clipping. "The Need for Co-operative Housing: Catherine Bauer Analyzes Title in Bill Now Under Debate in Congress."

March 14, 1950 Draft of Report and Recommendations to P.H.A. concerning the meetings of the Architects Advisory Committee held on February 3 & 4, 1950. No author.; Typed draft. 7 pp.

National Public Housing Conference. "Short Summary of S. 1070, the Housing Bill Sponsored By 22 Senators (11 Democrats and 11 Republican Members.)" [1949?]; Typed summary. 4 pp.

Housing Policy in the Expanding Region: A Return to Neighborhood Living. An Address by Herman T. Stichman Commissioner of Housing, State of New York, at the Third Regional Plan Conference of The Regional Plan Association. New York City, Nov. 16, 1948.; Pamphlet. 18 pp. (With 5 page insert.)

The Bulletin of the Museum of Modern Art. 4 Volume IX, May 1942.; Bulletin. [23 pp.] "Wartime Housing."

Box 38 Folder 1 R

DH to Mrs. Brockman. 1978; Re party given to those who testified at the Radio City Music Hall preservation hearing.

Testimony of Douglas Haskell at Landmarks Hearing on 1978 Project 1. Re Landmarks designation of Radio City Music Hall. March 14, 1978. In favor.; Edited copy. 3 pp. (Photocopy of an article by DH on Radio City Music Hall attached, from 1933.)

DH to John Rannells, Columbia University, Institute for Urban Land Use and Housing Studies. 1954; Responds to Rannells' memo on the architectural press.

Raymond, Antonin. 1974; Re DH's name appearing in Architecture Plus and DH's review of his autobiography.

Reid, John Lyon. 1969; Re nominating Robert L. Van Nice for the Allied Professions' medal of the AIA.

[Van Nice, Robert L.] to John [Lyon Reid]. 1969; Sends biographical information Reid requested.

Rich, Lorimer. 1975.; Wishes DH and Helen [Mrs. Haskell] a happy new year.

[DH] to L[o]rimar Rich. 1967; Lists the subcommittee heads on the Pennsylvania Avenue Temporary Commission.

Pinckney, Marie-Louise. Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. 1965; Requests DH's advice regarding a good design for the City Hall of Richmond. (Photograph of model for city hall attached.)

DH to David Riesman. 1954; Re doing an independent study on the subject of the architect's position today. Mentions Burdell's "The Architect at Mid-century."

DH to George Rickey. 1972; Re DH's book.

Luce, Henry R. to Fairfax M. Cone. 1963; (Carbon copy of letter.) Re preservation of the Robie House.

Robbins, Ira S. State of New York Division of Housing. 1954; Re the panel discussion at the meeting of the National Commmittee Against Discrimination in Housing. Tells DH he was an excellent moderator.

DH to Nelson Rockefeller. 1967; Re the separation of church and state and the provisions of the proposed new State Constitution.

[DH] to Schotzie [Agnes Rohrbach]. 1970; Re Thanksgiving dinner and his nomination for membership on the Fine Arts Commission of New York.

Biddle, Francis. Chairman, Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial Commission. 1962; Re the design for the [FDR Memorial?]

Rudolph, Paul. 1965; Thanks DH for bringing him up to date on the Federal Building in New York. Invites DH to the party he is giving to the graduating class at Yale.

Box 38 Folder 2 Redevelopment

"City Planning Commission of The City of New York: Report on The Preliminary Plan for the West Side Urban Renewal Project, Pursuant to Section 72-M of the General Municipal Law, in the Area Bounded by West 97th Street and Amsterdam Avenue, Borough of Manhattan." Cal. No. 3. July 15, 1959; Report in the form of a Pamphlet. 10 pp.

Proposals Regarding the West Side Renewal Project. Prepared by Clarence S. Stein in consultation with Albert Mayer and Mrs. Chloethiel Woodard Smith. undated.; Typescript. 12 pp.

Box 38 Folder 3 Research-Architecture and Building

Survey of the Current Status of Architectural Research at U.S. Universities. By Ezra D. Ehrenkrantz. Prepared for Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture. July 1961.; Survey in booklet form. 33 pp.

Research for Architecture. Proceedings of the AIA-NSF Conference. Ann Arbor, Michigan, March 10-12, 1959.; Proceedings, (bound.) 127 pp.

Box 38 Folder 4 Revere Copper and Brass

10 pamphlets published by Revere Copper and Brass Incorporated. New York: undated.; All 10 pp. Titles include: "Better Homes For Lower Incomes, by Buckminster Fuller; "A Higher Living Standard at Lower Cost," by Cass Gilbert, Jr.; among others.

Box 38 Folder 5 Roosevelt Memorial Testimony

Handwritten notes by [DH]. Torn half of page. undated.; Notes for testimony at FDR Memorial.

Box 38 Folder 6 Russian-Architecture & Planning

4 booklets of handwritten notes by [DH] on the planning and architecture of Moscow and Leningrad.

Box 38 Folder 7 S

Salmon, Christine F. 1948; Mention of women in architecture and her current work for the [handicapped].

[Sanderson, George]. undated.; Re his decision regarding the Architectural Record offer.

Schindler, R. M. 1940; Re the F.H.A. turns down a house saying it did not fit the neighborhood.

Schlefer, Jono. 1978; Was glad to see [DH and his wife.] Discusses their camping trip.

Dashiell, Alfred. Managing Editor, Charles Scribner's Sons. 1930; Inquires if DH would review Cheney's book The New World Architecture.

DH to Roderick Seidenberg. 1936.; Tells Seidenberg that he ran into Mumford and that he would like to set up a lunch date.

Sherman, Roger W. Managing Editor, Architectural Record. 1940; Asks DH about his reaction to his World's Fair story in the August issue. Tells DH he cannot go to Lake Placid this year.

The Columbia Forum. Winter 1971.; Clipping. pp. 46-50. "The Playboy Contagion in American Building." By Nathan Silver.

Shepley, Henry. 1958; Thanks DH for his apology.

Simon, Walter A. State of New Jersey, State Teachers College at Paterson. 1954.; Re the College's interest in sponsoring a conference on Shcool Planning. Would like suggestions from DH on how to make the conference meaningful.

Simons, Albert. 1958; Thanks DH for maple syrup.

Skinner, John. 1972; Thanks DH for the computer.

Slayton, William L. "Design Considerations in Urban Renewal." July 9, 1962.; Speech. 15 pp. Remarks made at the Annual Conference on Urban Renewal, University of Oregon, School of Architecture and Allied Arts, Eugene, Oregon.

Smith, Linn. 1947.; Re her Booth Traveling Fellow in Architecture grant. Would like suggestions from DH regarding what to visit.

Smith, Moreland Griffith. 1965; Re the position of Commissioner of Public Building Service; he has also been approached by the Southern Regional Council of Atlanta to do a research project on urban planning.

The Observer. 1959; Clipping. "The Observer Profile: Basil Spence."

[DH] to Pete Stone. undated.; Likes Stone's summary "Tooling Up" but feels he wasn't fair to Bob Davison.

Stonorov, Oskar to Helen and Douglas [Haskell]. 1957; A.l.s. Re party for Doxiadis.

Stonorov, Oskar. 1949; Re DH's acceptance of editorship at FORUM.

[DH] to Kenneth Stowell. 1947; Re the death of Helen [Haskell's] mother. Discusses what's going on at work and the architectural press.

Summerson, John. Sir John Soane's Museum. 1954.; A.l.s. Thanks DH for his letter.

[Swank], Arch. 1969; A.l.s. Re the death of Sam [Zisman]. Discusses his family.

Allen, Fern L. Architecture Librarian, Syracuse University. 1964.; Thanks DH for donating Bemis's The Evolving House.

Box 38 Folder 8 Saarinen, Eero

Saarinen, Loja. 1962; A.l.s. Thanks Mr. and Mrs. Haskell for including her in their cocktail party. Was touched by the great tribute to Eero.

Saarinen, Aline B. to Philip Will, Jr. President, AIA, Washington. 1962; T.l. (Carbon copy) Re the presentation of the Gold Medal in Dallas, to be given posthumously to Eero.

Saarinen, Aline B. 1961; A.l.s. Discusses what the Gold Medal would have meant to Eero; also comments on his life and work in general.

Saarinen, Eero to Mr. and Mrs. Walter Clark, North Country School. 1959; T.l. (Carbon copy signed for him by proxy.) Re [his daughter?] Susie.

Louchheim, Aline B. 1954; Cannot undertake the FORUM art series because she needs time for her new marriage.

Saarinen, Eero. 1953; Telegram. (Carbon copy) Re preservation of Grand Central Terminal.

Box 38 Folder 9 San Francisco - Bay Region Domestic Architecture

Domestic Architecture of the San Francisco Bay Region. San Francisco Museum of Art, 1949.; Catalog. [42 pp.]

Box 38 Folder 10 School Costs

The Past and Future of the School Construction Systems Development Concept. By Charles D. Gibson, Chief, Bureau of School Planning, California State Department of Education. Stanford University, July 16, 1964.; Speech. 13 pp.

Elementary School Costs. By John M. Ruddy, P.E., Consulting Engineer. undated.; Typescript. 2 pp. with 6 pp. of tabulations.

DH to Chape Lawson. 1952; Memo. Re St. Louis School Convention.

School Building Questionnaire for Panel Discussion. Architects Conference, Buffalo, N.Y. October 17, 1946.; 4 pp.

Box 38 Folder 11 School, Kitimat

Whittlesey, Julian. Mayer and Whittlesey. 1954; Re the Kitimat FORUM article.

Whittlesey, Julian. Mauer and Whittlesey. 1954; Enclosing his partner's draft of [article on Kitimat for FORUM.] (Attached. Other drafts for article also in folder.)

FORUM--Rough Idea For Kitimat Piece. No author. December 29, 1953.; Typed outline. 7 pp.

DH to Mr. Prentice. 1953; Memo. Re Clarence Stein, Albert Mayer and Kitimat. Mentions Jane Jacobs.

DH to Mr. Prentice. 1953; Memo. Re Mayer, Stein and Kitimat.

Mayer, Albert to Julian Whittlesey. 1954; Has met with DH and Stein regarding the Kitimat story.

Gutheim, Frederick. 1953; Enclosing his profile of Stein that will accompany a review of "Toward New Towns for America." (See item 8 below.)

Clarence S. Stein: The Garden City and the Metropolitan Region. By Frederick Gutheim. April 2, 1953.; Typescript. 9 pp.

Box 38 Folder 12 Schram, Donald F.

[DH] to Don[ald F. Schram]. 1966; Re FORUM [ceasing publication.] Discusses mutual friends, including one from school.

Schram, Donald F. 1966; Re their respective retirements.

Other letters to and from DH and Donald F. Schram. [1941-1942.]; Re the war; their work and family; Oberlin.

Box 39 Folder 1 Shopping Centers

2 clippings re shopping centers. 1953, 1954.; One clipping is about William Zeckendorf, the other is about "new ideas in shopping centers."

Box 39 Folder 2 Sierra Club

DH to William Scheick, Executive Director, AIA, Washington. 1968; Re redwoods.

Brower, David. Executive Director, Sierra Club, San Francisco. 1968; Thanks DH for urging AIA members to stop specifying redwood in their plans until the Redwood National Park issue is resolved.

Box 39 Folder 3 Skyscraper Evolution

Handwritten notes by [DH]. undated.; 6 pp. Re the development and evolution of skyscrapers.

Building Investment. April 1930.; Clipping. pp. 11-18. "The Skyscraper Investment: Why Is It Profitable?" By W.C. Clark and J.L. Kingston.

Box 39 Folder 4 Skyways-Egmont Arens

Schematic Model of Skyloop Roadway-Housing Plan. Designed by Egmont Arens. undated.; Photograph. 8x10, B&W.

Tentative Route of Proposed Manhattan Inner Loop Skyway. Photographed by Fairchild Aerial surveys, Inc. undated.; Photograph. 8x10, B&W.

[Arens], Egmont. 1945; A.l.s. Re his Skyways project. Inquires if DH can help him find material for his preliminary study of the economics of it.

Box 39 Folder 5 Slum Clearance

2 clippings from Architectural Record and Architectural Forum re slum clearance.

Box 39 Folder 6 Solar Energy

Solar Energy—Today and Tomorrow. Prepared for presentation before The New York Society of Security Analysts on August 1, 1957. By John I. Yellot, Executive Director, Association for Applied Solar Energy. Phoenix, Arizona. (Cover page.); 11 pp.

Living With The Sun. Program for an international architectural competition to design a solar-heated residence, to be built near Phoenix, Arizona. Sponsored by The Association for Applied Solar Energy. (Cover page.) [1957]; 16 pp.

Box 39 Folder 7 South Street Seaport

Davidson, Joan K. South Street Seaport Museum. 1968; Invites DH to join an Ad Hoc Committee to Save South Street.

Box 39 Folder 8 St. Louis

Preliminary list of Round table participants. Sheraton Jefferson Hotel, St. Louis. May 15 and 16, 1962.; [1 p.]

Tucker, Raymond R. Mayor, City of Saint Louis, Missouri. 1960; Re the redevelopment of St. Louis.

Box 39 Folder 9 St. Louis-Washington University – School of Architecture

Smith, Norris K. Department of Art and Archeology, Washington University. 1967; Answers DH's letter regarding his article on Frank Lloyd Wright. Defends and discusses his article.

[DH] to [Norris K.] Smith. 1967; States his disagreement with Norris's article on Frank Lloyd Wright's Arizona State Capitol. Discusses architectural journalism; art history; Frank Lloyd Wright.

Box 39 Folder 10 to 11 Stein, Clarence S. (2 folders)

Haskell, Mrs. Douglas to Mr. Wilson. 1980; Tells Wilson DH died August 11, 1979. Encloses article DH wrote about Clarence Stein.

Ellison, James E., Department of Education & Professional Development, AIA, Washington, to Mrs. Aline MacMahon Stein. 1979; Re the Clarence S. Stein Memorial Exhibition.

DH to Frederick Gutheim. 1978; Re the the Stein [exhibit].

DH to Frederick H. Gutheim. 1978; Congratulates Gutheim for his Gold Medal honor.

Smith, Chloethiel Woodard to Bill N. Lacy, Director of Architecture and Environmental Arts, Washington. 1976.; (Copy of letter.) Enthusiastically supports the proposal by the AIA for "An Educational Program to disseminate Clarence S. Stein's ideas in environmental design." (Copy of proposal attached.)

DH to James Ellison, AIA, Washington. 1977; Re the Stein Committee.

Alexander, Robert E. 1977; [Enclosing biographical history on Baldwin Hills Village? Attached.]

Sobel, Walter H. 1977; Enjoyed DH's article in the AIA Journal on Clarence Stein's work.

Mumord, Lewis. 1977; A.l.s. Re [DH's Stein article in the AIA Journal.]

The New York Times. 1977; Clipping. "Clarence Stein—The Champion of The Neighborhood." By Ada Louise Huxtable. Re the Stein exhibit at the Washington headquarters of the AIA.

McGinty, John M. President, AIA, Washington. 1976; Enclosing resolution approved by the AIA following the opening of the Clarence S. Stein Commemorative Exhibition. (Attached.)

DH to Vernon de Mars. 1976; Re the Clarence Stein project.

Alexander, Robert E. 1976; Re [DH's article in the AIA Journal on Clarence Stein.]

Rubinow, Raymond S. Trustee and Secretary, The J.M. Kaplan Fund, Inc. 1976; Re the Fund's pledge for the Clarence Stein Commemorative Exhibition.

Clarence Stein. By Lewis Mumford. August 25, 1975.; Typescript. (Photocopy) 37 pp.

DH to Bob Alexander. 1976; Re the formation of the Clarence Stein committee.

DH to Irwin Miller. 1976; Re giving money to the Clarence Stein [memorial campaign.]

Glover, Ruth M. Executive Director, Lavanburg Foundation. 1976; The Board has agreed to give money to the Clarence Stein Memorial project.

Smith, Chloethiel Woodard to Carter H. Manny, Jr., Director, Graham Foundation. 1976; (Photocopy of letter.) Thanks Manny for the grant for the Clarence Stein Commemorative Committee of the AIA.

Johnson, Philip. 1976; Re the Stein project and forwarding his endorsement to the Lavanburg Foundation.

Grotz, Paul. 1976; A.l.s. Discusses what he is working on and says that he might help in the design of the Stein exhibit.

DH to Ruth Glover, Secretary, The Lavanburg Foundation. 1976; Application for a grant for an educational memorial to the late New York planner-architect Clarence S. Stein.

Filler, Martin. Editor, Architectural Record Books. 1976; Has looked over letters Stein had written while attending the Ecole des Beaux-Arts. Suggests it might be better to wait for a more full-scale treatment of Stein's significance rather than publishing a book now.

Notes on some foundations approachable for St[ein] project at A.I.A. [DH?] undated.; Typed notes. 1 p.

[Mumford?], Lewis. 1975; Comments on the renewal of their friendship. Discusses an article he has written, making reference to Wright and Stein.

Smith, Cloethiel Woodard to William Marshall, Jr., President, AIA, Washington. 1975; (Photocopy) Accepts request to serve as Chairman of a committee to recommend a concept for a Clarence Stein memorial to the AIA Board of Directors.

[Mumford?], Lewis. 1975; A.l.s. Re his article on Stein.

Report of the Clarence S. Stein Commemorative Committee. December 3, 1975 to the Washington Meeting of the AIA Board.; Copy of typed draft with handwritten corrections. 3 pp.

Smith, Chloethiel Woodard. 1975; A.l.s. Re the death of Clarence Stein and organizing a program in his memory.

DH to C[h]loethiel Woodard Smith. 1975; Re the death of Clarence Stein and the question of a memorial.

Mayer, Albert. 1975; Re Stein [memorial].

Coit, Elizabeth. 1975; Re Stein [memorial].

Feiss, Carl. 1975; Re lecturing on Stein and what to do for a memorial.

[Stein], Aline [MacMahon]. 1975; A.l.s. Thanks DH for his understanding.

DH to Ada Louise [Huxtable].; Re the Times obit for Stein.

The New York Times. 1975; Clipping. "Clarence S. Stein, Planner of Garden Cities, 92, Dies." By Paul Goldberger. (2 copies of clipping.)

Aline [MacMahon Stein] to Helen [Haskell]. 1964; A.l.s. Reacts to [the death of Catherine Bauer?]

Stein, Clarence. 1962; Congratulates DH on his recognition from the AIA.

Stein, Clarence S. 1940; Invites DH to attend a meeting on problems connected with housing in New York.

Box 39 Folder 12 Stockholm

Stockholm—Today and Tomorrow. By Per Holmgren.; Typescript. (Photocopy) 7 pp.

Byggmastaren. A3, 1956.; Periodical. 76 pp.

Box 39 Folder 13 Stubbins, Hugh

Stubbins, Hugh. 1954; Re the combination Junior High-High School project and Santa Monica City College.

Box 39 Folder 14 Sturtevant, Roger

Sturtevant, Roger. 1951; Re finding someone from the West Coast for an editorial position at FORUM.

DH to Roger Sturtevant.; (Copy of telegram?) Re new writers for FORUM to represent West Coast attitudes. Asks for suggestions.

Sturtevant, Roger. 1949; Comments on DH's new job [at FORUM?]

Box 39 Folder 15 Suburbs – Flight to

7 clippings from the New York Herald Tribune. 1955; Re the flight to the suburbs.

Box 39 Folder 16 Syracuse University – 4/7/1964, AIA 4/9/1964

DH to Doc [D. Kenneth] Sargent, Dean of Architecture, Syracuse [University]. undated.; Memo. Re teaching economics in architectural school.

Syracuse University Graduate School of Architecture. Syracuse University Bulletin. Volume XCVI, no. 6. undated. [1967?]; Bulletin. 71 pp.

DH to Doc [D. Kenneth Sargent, Dean of Architecture, Syracuse University.] 1968; Explains a "flare-up" on the [Cooperating] [C]ommittee involving himself and Henry Churchill.

Sargent, D. Kenneth. (Signed "Doc") Dean, School of Architecture, Syracuse University. 1968; States appreciation for DH's advice with respect to curriculum and related educational subjects.

Syracuse University School of Architecture. Cooperating Committee Meeting Dec. 6 and 7, 1968.; Agenda. 1 p. (With handwritten notes on verso by [DH?])

Sargent, D. Kenneth. Dean, School of Architecture, Syracuse University. 1965; Inquires if DH would be willing to serve on their Cooperating Committee. Explains purpose of this committee.

Sargent, D. Kenneth. Dean, School of Architecture, Syracuse University. 1964; Delighted DH can talk to the students at their Annual Awards Dinner on April 7th. Has also learned DH will speak at the [Syracuse Society of Architects AIA] Community Development Luncheon on April 9th.

Box 40 Folder 1 T

The New York Times. 1968; Clipping. "Stanley B. Tankel of Regional Plan: Director, Vice Chairman of Landmarks Panel, Dies."

DH to Duncan (Thomson or Thompson). 1971; Writes to Duncan who he last saw in Sofia in 1931. Discusses his personal life and mutual acquaintances.

DH to Tiffany & Co. 1970; Adds a salad fork to a previous order.

DH to Editor, Time. 1973; Re the editor's story on Boston's John Hancock Building and its loss of thousands of glass panes. Recalls a statement by Pier Luigi Nervi.

Truman, Harry S. Federal Reserve Bank Building. Missouri, 1956.; Thanks DH for his letter. Cannot accept the Reynolds Metals Company's invitation.

Box 40 Folder 2 Taconic Foundation

DH to Jane Lee Eddy. The Taconic Foundation. 1967; Mrs. Beatrice Saunders would like to make an appointment to see someone at the Taconic Foundation regarding publishing a modern version of Survey Graphic magazine.

Economou, Bessie C. Urban America Inc. 1966; Inquires about the progress of DH's book Architecture for Beginners.

Hayes, Bartlett H. Director, Addison Gallery of American Art, Phillips Academy. 1965; Re DH's interest in introducing urban studies into the school and college curricula.

DH to Dean Theodore R. Sizer. Graduate School of Education, Harvard University. 1965; Re DH's book.

DH to Jane Lee [Eddy]. 1965; Re suggestions for Urban America. Discusses Catherine Bauer and public housing.

DH to Mr. [Stephen R.] Currier. 1965; Re the "Old Merchant's House" on 4th Street.

DH to Mayor Richard C. Lee. New Haven, Connecticut. 1965; The new backer of FORUM, Stephen Currier, will tour New Haven. Would like the Mayor to receive him.

DH to Jane Lee Eddy. 1965; Re the cost of completing the "Visual Primer in Architecture."

Crane, David A. Director, Boston Redevelopment Authority. 1962; In conjunction with the Harvard Urban Design Conference, they would like assemble a small group to discuss the potential role to be played by the Design Advisory Committee in the Boston situation. Invites DH to participate.

Box 40 Folder 3 Technocracy

Continental Committee on Technocracy, Harold Loeb, Executive Director to the Members of the Continental Committee and others interested. undated.; Re the "Plan of Plenty."

The Plan of Plenty.; Flyer. Black & white.

The Plan of Plenty. The Continental Committee, New York: 1933.; Pamphlet. 16 pp. Re problems of production and economy "based on the assumption of scarcity, must be replaced by a new economy founded on the fact of plenty."

Economic Significance of Technological Progress: Report of The Committee on The Significance of Technocracy. Society of Industrial Engineers, New York: 1933.; Report in pamphlet form. 32 pp.

Box 40 Folder 4 Temko, Allan

DH to Allan Temko. 1968; Comments re Landmarks Commission; preservation of Grand Central Terminal.

Temko, Allan. 1965; Has agreed to become a consultant to the Pennsylvania Avenue Commission..

Temko, Allan. 1963; Writes from London regarding his relations with FORUM; the architectural press; his role in the contemporary movement.

Temko, Allan. 1963; Mentions his Rockefeller project and his premise regarding technological architecture. States his opinions regarding Paul Rudolph; Mumford; Alcoa.

Temko, Allan to DH. 1962; Memo. Mentions Pat Moynihan and Gilpatric in relation to his project. Mentions Jane Jacobs.

Box 40 Folder 5 Thompson, Benjamin

Seattle Speech. By Benjamin Thompson. Presented to a Joint Meeting of the Seattle and Southwest Washington Chapters of the AIA. February 16, 1967.; Speech. (Photocopy.) 7 pp. Speech Presented to the University Resources Committee, Harvard Univesity, Graduate School of Design. By Benjamin Thompson. January 27, 1967.; Speech, (photocopy.) [4 pp.] Towards an Architecture of Joy and Human Sensibility. By Benjamin Thompson. Presented at the International Design Con[f]erence in Aspen. "Sources and Resources of Twentieth Century Design." June 22, 1966 Aspen, Colorado.; Speech. (Corrected copy.) 10 pp. Progressive Architecture Awards Dinner. Remarks by Benjamin Thompson. January 15, 1965.; Speech, (photocopy.) 3 pp. Can We Teach Creativity. The Fourth Annual Gropius Lecture. Presented at the Eighth Annual Urban design Conference by Benjamin Thompson, Chairman, Department of Architecture, Harvard Graduate School of Design. May 1, 1964.; Speech. 19 pp.

Speech Presented to the University Resources Committee, Harvard Univesity, Graduate School of Design. By Benjamin Thompson. January 27, 1967.; Speech, (photocopy.) [4 pp.]

Towards an Architecture of Joy and Human Sensibility. By Benjamin Thompson. Presented at the International Design Con[f]erence in Aspen. "Sources and Resources of Twentieth Century Design." June 22, 1966 Aspen, Colorado.; Speech. (Corrected copy.) 10 pp.

Progressive Architecture Awards Dinner. Remarks by Benjamin Thompson. January 15, 1965.; Speech, (photocopy.) 3 pp.

Can We Teach Creativity. The Fourth Annual Gropius Lecture. Presented at the Eighth Annual Urban design Conference by Benjamin Thompson, Chairman, Department of Architecture, Harvard Graduate School of Design. May 1, 1964.; Speech. 19 pp.

Box 40 Folder 6 Thompson, Betty

Thompson, Elisabeth Kendall. Western Editor, Architectural Record. 1949; Wishes DH success in New York.

DH to Betty [Kendall Thompson]. 1949; Tells her he is going to FORUM as architectural editor.

Thompson, Elisabeth Kendall. 1949; Re San Francisco Museum of Art exhibit on Bay Area domestic architecture.

Thompson, Elisabeth Kendall to Virginia C. Stoddard. 1949; Re running a story [on Stoddard transportable schools.]

DH to Betty [Kendall] Thompson. 1949; Re Bill Wurster.

Harris, Jean to Elisbeth Kendall Thompson. 1949; Telegram. Re Maybeck photos.

[DH] to Betty [Kendall Thompson]. 1949; Re what's going on at various architectural magazines including FORUM.

[DH] to Betty [Kendall Thompson].; Re George Sanderson rejoining the Architectural Record on the West Coast.

Thompson, Elisabeth Kendall. Western Editor, Architectural Record. 1948; Re [Bill] Wurster and the Bay Area article.

Wagner, Walter to Elisabeth Kendall Thompson. 1948; (Copy) Re the John Burroughs Elementary School.

Box 40 Folder 7 Trailers

Suggested Ordinance for the Regulation of Trailer Coach Parking and Trailer Parks. Issued by Consumer Division, Office of Price Administration and Civilian Supply. July, 1941; 12 pp.

4 clippings from various magazines re trailers.

Box 40 Folder 8 to 9 Transportation (2 folders)

Rail Rapid Transit for the Nation's Capital. Transit Development Program 1965. National Capital Transportation Agency. Washington: January 1965.; Transit Development Program. 39 pp.

Transport Research Program. The Brookings Institution, Washington. June 12, 1967.; Final report. 18 pp. (Handwritten note: "International" before title of report.)

Approx. 16 articles on the subject of transportation, from various magazines.;

Box 40 Folder 10 Transportation and Cities

Baily, John A., Executive Director, Urban Traffic and Transportation Board to Editor, Fortune Magazine. 1957; (Copy.) Comments on the article "The City and the Car" by Francis Bello in Fortune's October issue.

Fortune. "The City and the Car." By Francis Bello. October 1957.; Reprint. 8 pp.

Highways and the City. By Joe [?]. 43rd Annual Road School. Purdue University. April 24, 1957.; Speech. (Carbon copy.) 10 pp.

The New Yorker. 1955; Clippings. (Copies.) Series of articles about traffic.

Box 40 Folder 11 Treetops

[DH] to [Miriam] Flick, [L.F. White Company, Inc.] 1940; Confirms order of the North Country School for 1000 booklets.

White, Lewis F. L.F. White Company, Inc. 1936; White informs DH that the Treetops catalog which he designed and printed has received an Award of Merit from the American Institute of Graphic Arts. (DH has written at bottom of letter: "...The funny thing about this is that typographically, I did the whole layout...")

Box 40 Folder 12 Trips-Detroit, Hartford

Johe, Herbert W. Assistant Dean, College of Architecture and Design, The University of Michigan. 1964; Delighted DH will be the principle speaker at the Detroit-Huron Valley AIA (Student Awards) Meeting on April 20.

The Community Renewal Program—An Action Plan for Community-Wide Improvement. Remarks by William L. Slayton, Commissioner, Urban Renewal Administration, Housing and Home Finance Agency at the 1962 Spring Conference on Urban Renewal. Hartford, Connecticut, May 2, 1962; Speech. 14 pp.

Box 40 Folder 13 Tuskegee Institute

Foster, L.H. President, Tuskegee Institute. 1972; Thanks DH for contribution.

Foster, L.H. President, Tuskegee Institute. 1967; Thanks DH for contribution.

Foster, L.H. President, Tuskegee Institute. 1961; Thanks DH for contribution.

Box 40 Folder 14 Typographical Notesfor Architectural Record

Notes on Architectural Record Format—1946. No author.; Typed notes. (Carbon copy) 5 pp.

Approx. 20 items consisting of notes and clippings regarding layout and format. The clippings are all from The Architectural Forum, 1944-45.;

Box 41 Folder 1 U

Who Is Responsible For Ugliness? First Conference on Aesthetic Responsibility. April 3, 1962, Hotel Plaza, New York.; Broadside, 53.5 x 42 cm. Includes list of AIA Design Committee members: Richard W. Snibbe, Emanuel N. Turano, Edgar Tafel, William W. Atkin, Marcel Breuer, Walker O. Cain, John M. Johansen, Philip C. Johnson, Rolf Myller, Ladislav L. Rado, George Cooper Rudolph.

UNIS: Physical Planning Committee. No author. undated.; List of committee members. 1 p. [United Nations International School.]

The Unitarian Church of Evanston, [Ill], to DH. 1958; Re the architect-client relationship. Mention of Paul Schweikher and Frank Lloyd Wright.

The Architectural Forum. November, 1942.; Clipping. pp. 49-58. "The Uthwatt Report."

Box 41 Folder 2 UIA (L'Union Internationale des Architectes)

UIA. October 1961.; Periodical. 34 pp. Includes articles in various languages on The 6th International Congress of Architects, which took place in London on July 3-7, 1961, organized by RIBA.

DH to FORUM Edit Staff. 1961; Memo. Re UIA Congress in London.

Questions to be answered by the `Experts' on Queensgate. No author. undated.; 21 typed questions. 2 pp. (Carbon copy.)

Queensgate Conference Air Tour. No author. June 5, 1961.; Guest list and fact sheet. 3 pp.

International Union of Architects Headquarters Building. undated.; 3 photographs. 8x10, B&W. Credit given to DH on 2 photographs. 1 photograph has no photographer identification.

UIA Londres. Papers 1-3. Published by the Sixth Congress of the International Union of Architects. London, undated.; 3 separate papers. 1) "A General Survey of Architectural Change Caused by the Emergence of New Techniques and Materials." By Henry Russell Hitchcock. 21 pp. 2) "The Influence of Reinforced Concrete and Technical and Scientific Progress on the Architecture of Today and Tomorrow." By Pier Luigi Nervi. 22 pp. 3) "The Effect of Industrialization on Architecture." By Jerzy Hryniewiecki. [20 pp.]

22 business cards. [Collected by DH at the conference? Some have handwritten notes on them.];

Box 41 Folder 3 University Club

Re DH's endorsements for various people to be elected to membership in The University Club, including: Chauncey Belknap, James Albert Van Sant, Stanton Avery, Tom Griffith, Francis Keally, William B. Remington, Morris Ketchum, Jr., Newell O. Mason, John Jansson, Jan C. Rowan, Luther Gulick.

DH to Elliot V. Bell, Treasurer, The University Club. 1958; Thanks Bell for notification of his admission to the Club.

Box 41 Folder 4 University Club-Donald Morgan

DH to Committee on Admissions, [The] University Club. 1968; Seconds the proposal that Donald P. Morgan be made a resident member of the club.

Morgan, Donald. 1967; Re DH recommending him for nomination to the University Club.

Box 41 Folder 5 University Club-Bill Remington

DH to William B. Remington. 1968; Welcomes Remington to club.

Better Selling to Architects. By William B. Remington, Western Manager, The Architectural Forum. Prepared for delivery to the Architectural Aluminum Manufacturer's Association. Spring meeting in Miami, Florida. April 29, 1968.; Speech. 7 pp.

Committee on Admissions. The University Club. No author. 1968; List of committee members. 1p.

Approx. 38 pieces of correspondence regarding Remington's nomination to membership in the University Club.

Box 41 Folder 6 Urban Conference NYC 1964

The Ill-Housed. A compendium of recent writings and reports on national housing policy. Prepared by Urban American Inc. undated.; Pamphlet. 62 pp.

Chase, Edward T., Secretary, The City of New York, City Planning Commission, Department of City Planning, to the members of the Advisory Committee. 1964; Re the tentative program for the Fall symposium, ["The Future of Design: a symposium on the considerations underlying comprehensive planning for New York City."] (Revised program attached.)

Box 41 Folder 7 US Housing Administration

Wurster, William W. Chairman, Architect's Committee to Raymond M. Foley, Administrator, Housing and Home Finance Agency. 1950; (Carbon copy.) Re the Achitect's Advisory Committee and the qualitative side of housing.

Box 41 Folder 8 V

Hale, William Harlan. Associate Editor, Vanity Fair. 1932.; Inquires if DH would be interested in writing something for Vanity Fair.

Van Kleeck, Mary. Vice President, International Industrial Relations Association. 1931.; Read DH's criticism of the the New School in the Nation. Invites DH to meet president of her Association, C. H. Van Der Leeuw.

[DH] to Bob Van Pelt. 1976; Discusses recent trip somewhere south of Gainesville; Winter Park.

The Venereal Diseases: Plain Facts Everyone Must Know. By Winfield Scott Pugh. undated.; Pamphlet. 23 pp.

Krughoff, Merrill F. Director, Voluntarism and Urban Life Project. 1968.; Invites DH to serve as a member of the Panel of Consultants for the Voluntarism and Urban Life Project.

[DH] to Admissions Committee, Cosmos Club. 1965.; Supports nomination of membership for Wolf Von Eckard.

Box 41 Folder 9 Van Nice, Robert—Hagia Sofia

Van Nice, Robert L., Dumbarton Oaks, Trustees for Harvard University. 1970; Re his album of plates that has been published of [the Hagia Sofia?] The first issue contains plans and the second issue will contain detailed sections, elevations, and isometrics.

Van Nice, Robert L. to Ann Wilson, Assistant to the Managing Editor, Architectural Forum. 1963; (Thermofax copy.) Re Dr. Fitchen's remarks on his Hagia Sofia article in FORUM. Would like FORUM to wait before they publish Fitchen's letter. He believes if Fitchen knew all the facts he would think differently.

Not title. undated.; Typed draft of Hagia Sofia article by [Robert L. Van Nice.] 9 pp.

DH to Mr. Luce. 1962; Memo. Re Robert Van Nice who has spent 25 years studying the Hagia Sofia. Tells Luce why they should give Dumbarton Oaks cash and publish Van Nice in their magazine.

Thacher, John S. to Allen Grover, Time and Life Building. 1962; (Signed carbon copy.) Re Robert Van Nice's survey of the Hagia Sophia. At DH's suggestion he writes about the history of the project and its financing. Discusses the album of plates to be published.

DH to John S. Thacher, Director, Dunbarton Oaks. 1962; Has been talking to Van Nice about doing a story in FORUM before the Harvard book comes out, on his study of the Hagia Sofia.

DH to John Entenza, Graham Foundation. 1962; Re obtaining money for Van Nice's publication. Harvard is doing some underwriting, but not nearly enough.

Reid, John Lyon, Reid Rockwell Banwell & Tarics, to Robert L. Van Nice. 1961; Has talked to DH about what Van Nice has been doing with St. Sophia. FORUM interested in inviting Van Nice to write an article for publication.

Turkey, Istanbul. Archt. Anthemius & Isidorus. St. Sophia. Property of Architectural Forum, 1963.; Photographs. (1) 6x9, (3) approx. 7 ½ x9½, B&W photographic prints.

Turkey, Istanbul. Archt. Anthemius & Isidorus. St. Sophia. Property of Architectural Forum, 1963.; 8 drawings. (Photocopies.)

Box 41 Folder 10 Van Pelt, Robert

On Giant Shoulders. Dedication of the Benedict Laboratory. Michigan Technological University, Houghton, Michigan. April 17, 1964.; Pamphlet. [9 pp.] An address by Dr. J.R. Van Pelt, President, Michigan Technological University.

The Happy Partnership—Michigan Tech and Michigan's Progress. By Dr. John R. Van Pelt. The Michigan College of Mining and Technology. 1963.; Pamphlet. (Preprint of Newcomen Address.) 19 pp.

Lantern Slides and Such. By J. R. Van Pelt. Battelle Memorial Institute, Columbus, Ohio. undated.; Pamphlet. (Reprint from American Scientist, Volume 38, no. 3, July 1950.). pp [450]-455.

Box 41 Folder 11 Vienna-Karl Marz Houses

Der Karl Marx-Hof: Die Wohnhausanlage der Gemeinde Wien auf der Hagenwiese in Heiligenstadt. undated.; Pamphlet. 20 pp. Illustrated. (In German.) Das Neue Wien / Vienna of To-Day. 1931; Map. Color, 49.5 x 66 cm.

Das Neue Wien / Vienna of To-Day. 1931; Map. Color, 49.5 x 66 cm.

Box 41 Folder 12 W

Wakefield, George P. Development Engineer, The Wakefield Brass Company, Ohio. 1954; Re FORUM article on the advantages of bilateral lighting.

Wakefield, T.D. Vice President, The F.W. Wakefield Brass Company, Ohio. 1954; Re opening in London [of new assembly plant, Wakefield Lighting Ltd.] Designed and built by the McKay-Crocker Construction Company, London, Ontario.

An Engineering Report on The Use of Acoustical Baffles As Air Diffusion Outlets for Heating as Supplied on Sigma-Plex and Theta-Plex Wakefield Geometrics. The F. W. Wakefield Brass Company. Vermillion, Ohio, 1954.; Report. 7 pp.

The New York Times. undated.; Clipping. "City Vote Backs A Ban On Traffic In Washington Sq.: Buses Will Be Rerouted and Only Emergency Vehicles Permitted in Park..."

Watts, George J. Vice President, Republic National Bank of Dallas. 1954; Re publishing a story in FORUM on the new Republic National Bank in Dallas, Texas.

Wegg, Talbot. Victor Jones & Associates. 1953; A.l.s. Re the possibility of writing for FORUM. Expresses an interest in Northwest representation.

Robbins, Guy F., M.D. President, The Citizen's Planning Association of Westport, Inc. to "Member." 1956; (Photocopy, not signed.) Re the current activities and policies at CPA of Westport.

DH to Donna Whiteman. 1970; Thanks her for book.

Whyte, William H. 1960; Postcard, handwritten. Re Stanford's exploitation of Palo Alto's foothill reserves.

Will, Philip, Jr. 1953; Re aesthetic appreciation. Is currently interested in the profession as it relates to ethics, business practices and general economic climate.

Weren[?], Ted. undated.; A.l.s. Spurred by a caption in the latest issue of [FORUM], remarks on Tunisian architecture and the possibility of doing an article for [FORUM]. Mentions Chicago Plan Competition.

Wilson, Ann. 1966; Thanks the Haskells for Russian gifts.

DH to Ann [Wilson]. 1974; Re DH's manuscript.

Wlach, Klari and Oskar. 1961; Thank you letter.

DH to John M. Woodbridge, Director, Pennsylvania Avenue Development Corporation. 1974; Expresses sorrow about Woodbridge's father.

Box 41 Folder 13 Waddell, Theodore

Waddell, Theodore. 1978; Tells DH he has been issued a New Mexico registration to practice architecture, based on a Senior Oral Examination.

Waddell, Theodore. 1978; Thanks DH for recommendation.

House Beautiful. June 1969; Clipping. "From an ancient Florentine farm a young American builds a contemporary pavilion." By Epsie Kinard.

Waddell, Theodore. 1968; Re a prospectus (not attached) about the School they talked about at Jim Fitch's.

Waddley, Eleanor. undated.; A.l.s. Settling down in Florence. Remarks regarding Leo Ricci and "T"'s projects.

Waddell, Theodore H. 1962; Writes from Rome requesting DH's advice regarding who to work for. Dean Perkin's has given Waddell permission to study in Europe for a year. Discusses Bruno Zevi, Leonardo Ricci, Michelucci, Nervi.

Box 41 Folder 14 Walker, Ralph

DH to Ralph [Walker]. 1967; Responds to Walker's letter (see item #2 below.) DH mentions his father; education at Oberlin.

Walker, Ralph. Smith Haines Lundberg & Waehler. 1967; Remarks regarding an incident at the Salmagundi Club [where DH apparently used the term Birchism in response to a statement made by Walker.] Talks at length about slums. Mention of Eliel Saarinen, Isabel Bishop, Lavanburg Foundation, Robert Kennedy, and others. (Attached is an article by Elmo Roper, "Beyond Riots.")

Dear Delegate to the AIA national convention: The attached statement is being put in your hands by three members of the AIA in support of their conviction that the AIA's traditional opposition to the extension of the Capitol East Front should be continued. New York, July 3, 1958.; Galley proof. 11 pp. Signed Ralph Walker, Lorimer Rich, Douglas Haskell.

DH to Miriam Nolan, Vorhees, Walker, Foley and Smith. 1948.; Re translation for Professor Dunkel.

Box 41 Folder 15 Washington D.C.

See items in Pennsylvania Avenue Files. This folder is empty.

Box 41 Folder 16 Weaver, Robert C.

The President's startling appointment. By Douglas Haskell. January 4, 1961; First draft. 4 pp. February editorial. Re President Kennedy's appointment of Robert Clinton Weaver, "a veteran Negro crusader for civil rights," as the head of the Federal Housing and Home Finance Agency.

Class, Race and Urban Renewal. By Robert C. Weaver. August 1960.; Reprint from Land Economics. pp. [235]-251.

Box 41 Folder 17 Weerasinghe, Oliver

[Weerasinghe], Oliver. 1972; Thanks DH for enjoyable evening. Hopes to lunch with DH at the UN.

Remarks by His Excellency O. Weerasinghe, Ambassador of Ceylon, at the Opening Session of the United Nations Symposium on the `Impact of Urbanization on the Human Environment,' Onoway, Michigan, 15 June 1970.; Speech, (photocopy.) 3 pp.

[DH] to [No name]. 1966; Letter of recommendation for Weerasinghe's son Rohan.

Box 41 Folder 18 Weinberg, Robert C.

[?] 1974; Thanks DH for his letter (attached) of support regarding Robert Weinberg, who was posthumously found not guilty of unprofessional conduct.

Weinberg, Robert C. to Professor Bayrd Still, Professor James Fitch, Mrs. Ada Louise Huxtable, Mr. Douglas Haskell. 1972.; (Carbon copy, signed.) Re reconstruction of stoop at 21 Washington Sqaure and question of color of it and surrounding elements.

DH to Bob [Weinberg]. 1971; Re Weinberg's broadcast on Stanford White.

Our growing museums: should they be enlarged or dispersed? By Robert C. Weinberg. WNYC comment #223. On air: 1/29/70.; Reprint. 1 p. Re Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Weinberg, Robert C. to Peter Blake and Paul Grotz, Architectural Forum. 1965; Happy about the revival of FORUM but goes on to criticize July-August issue.

Weinberg, Robert C. 1947; Mention of Cleveland Planning Commission. Comments on the Architectural Record's publication of the Madigan-Hyland design for the St. George Ferry Terminal.

Weinberg, Robert C. 1945; Re R[obert] Moses.

Box 41 Folder 19 Welch, Kenneth C.

[DH] to Lila Welch. 1974; Re Kenneth Welch's death.

[DH] to Kenneth C. Welch. 1970; Asks for consultation regarding a parking lot for camp [Treetops]. Camp now being passed on to two young couples.

Welch, Kenneth C. 1964; Re the planned destruction of the Court House and the location of the oldest house in Grand Rapids, [Michigan].

Welch, Kenneth C. 1963; Re Washington, [D.C.] and his experience with the Zoning Board of Appeals.

Box 42 Folder 1 West, Troy

West, Troy. New Jersey School of Architecture. 1975.; Thanks DH for his talk to the students. Mentions grant money DH has administered to him.

DH to Troy West, Carnegie Mellon Insititute, Architectural School. 1970; Tells West he was present at Boston "during the unfortunate disturbances."

[West], Troy to Ellen Perry Berkeley, Senior Editor, The Architectural Forum. 1970; Re Community Design Associates, Pittsburgh, PA.

Proposal for a Graduate Program in Community Architecture. No author. July 1968.; Proposal. (Photocopy.) 14 pp. (Handwritten note on top of page reads "Carnegie Mellon 2001 Program."

Box 42 Folder 2 West Village NYC

Isaacs, Stanley M. Office of the Minority Leader, The Council of The City of New York, City Hall. 1962; Re redevelopment in the West Village. Mentions Mayor Wagner and Clarence Davies.

Felt, James. City Planning Commission, Department of City Planning, The City of New York. 1961; Re the controversy surrounding the West Village.

Citizens Union head deplores riot tactics of West Villagers. Citizens Union. 1961; News release. 2 pp.

The Committee to Save the West Village to Mr. and Mrs. Haskell. 1961; Re the threat they see posed by Dr. Maxwell Powers' letter regarding the West Village.

Box 42 Folder 3 Williamsburg

Approx. 23 items from a trip made to Colonial Williamsburg by Mr. and Mrs. Haskell in February 1959.;

Box 42 Folder 4 Willson, Corwin

[Wilson], Ann to Mr. and Mrs. Haskell. 1964; Re keeping FORUM alive.

[Seated woman. Ann Wilson?]; Photograph. B&W, 7¼ x 5¼.

Wilson, Ann C. undated.; A.l.s. Thanks Haskells for gift.

DH to "Whom it may concern." 1964; Letter of recommendation for Ann Wilson.

[DH] to Bill Caudill. 1964; Recommends Ann Wilson.

Box 42 Folder 5 Wilson, Ann

Willson, Corwin. 1939; Thanks DH and his wife for their hospitality. Mentions talk in New Haven. Thanks DH for being the first to discuss his work in The Nation.

Willson, Corwin. 1938; Mentions Mumford. Remarks on our industrial nation.

Willson, Corwin. 1938; Re Mumford.

Box 42 Folder 6 Women in Architecture

Design and Environment. Spring 1974, Volume 5, no. 1.; Periodical. 45 pp. This issue titled "Women in Design."

Box 42 Folder 7 World's Fair Chicago [aka Century of Progress Internationa Exposition, 1933-1934]

General Information About Building on Fair Grounds. No author. Circa 1933-1934.; General specifications. [15 pp.]

Color Inside the Buildings of A Century of Progress. By Shepard Vogelgesang. A Century of Progress, Chicago, Publication Division. Circa 1933-1934.; Typescript. 6 pp.

Architecture. No author. From A Century of Progress, Chicago, Press Division. 1933; Press release, typescript. [12 pp.]

Box 42 Folder 8 World's Fair NY 1939 and San Francisco 1939

New York World's Fair 1939. `The Fairs of the Past and the Fair of Tomorrow.' Part I—Fairs of the Past. Part II—The New York World's Fair of 1939. By Frank Monoghan, Department of History, Yale University. Published by Encyclopaedia Britannica, Inc.; Pamphlet. 48 pp.

San Francisco 1939. Californians, Inc. 1939.; Program. [50 pp.]

Box 42 Folder 9 WPA-Federal Writer's Project-1936

Shaw, Harry L., Jr. Director, Federal Writers' Project in New York City. 1938.; Re the material DH is preparing on the World's Fair.

Seidenberg, Roderick, Editor, Art and Architecture, Federal Writers' Project to Morris Cleavenger, State Director, Federal Writers' Administration, Works Progress Administration. 1936; Letter of introduction for DH, Editor of the New York City Guide Project.

Johns, Orrick, Director, Federal Writers' Projects in New York City. 1936; Re DH's timesheet.

Box 42 Folder 10 WPA-Federal Writer's Project

Box 42 Folder 11 WPA-Wall Street Section

Box 42 Folder 12 Wright, Henry

Wright, Henry. School of Architecture, Columbia University. 1964.; Thanks DH for kudos.

DH to Henry Wright, Architectural Forum. 1948.; Turns down offer made by Wright. A handwritten note at the bottom of the page states that Wright offered DH a position at FORUM as technical editor but after consulting with Bill Wurster DH decided to wait until they offered him something better.

[DH] to Henry Wright. 1933?; Letter to Wright in Germany regarding book.

Approx. 130 pp. of various manuscript and typescript material by Henry Wright regarding housing urban America.;

Box 42 Folder 13 Wurster, Bill and Catherine B.

Biographical Data: William Wilson Wurster. 1968.; C.V. [1 p.] (Related biographical material also in folder.)

[DH] to William W. Wurster. [1964]; Re the death of Catherine [Wurster].

Tributes for Catherine B. Wurster. Wurster Hall Court University of California. Berkeley. December 6, 1964.; Program. [22 pp.]

The New York Times. 1964; Clipping. "Woman Hiker Dead: Aided 3 Presidents on City Planning." Re death of Catherine Bauer Wurster.

Can the dreary deadlock be broken? Public Housing 1937-1957: What Now? A critical reassessment of the great and necessary reform effort that somehow never outgrew its administrative, architectural and social weaknesses. By Catherine Bauer. undated.; Typescript. (Photocopy.) 18 pp.

DH to Catherine Wurster. 1959; Re housing in Asia.

Warm regards to Doug and Helen from Catherine, Bill and Sadie. Dec. 1960.; Photograph. B&W photographic print, 5½ x4½ inches. Photo shows all three family members standing in front of a tree.

[DH] to Bill and Catherine [Wurster]. 1954; Re DH officially becoming editor at FORUM.

[Haskell, Helen?] to Catherine and Bill [Wurster]. 1954; Re DH's position at FORUM.

[Wurster], Catherine to "Haskells". 1954; Sadie will enroll in camp [Treetops]. Comments on FORUM editorial policy. Criticizes FORUM's Lumsden article regarding city planning in Caracas.

Wurster, William, W., Dean, College of Architecture, University of California, Berkeley to Clair W. Ditchy. 1954; (Blind copy to DH.) Wurster is deeply disturbed with the state of the AIA Journal. Confidentially suggests that DH be put in charge of all the AIA publications.

Wurster, William Wilson, Dean, College of Architecture, University of California, Berkeley. 1954.; Re leadership in architecture.

[Wurster], Catherine. Department of City and Regional Planning, University of California. 1952; Angry at DH for publishing a letter from her on the Caracas story.

Wurster, William W. Dean, School of Architecture, University of California, Berkeley. 1951; Criticizes Luce publications, among other things.

[Haskell], Helen to Catherine and Bill [Wurster]. 1951; Includes remarks regarding opening of the Wright show at Gimbel Brothers.

[Wurtser], Catherine. 1949; Re public housing vs. VA housing.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology School of Architecture & Planning. Notes by William W. Wurster, Dean. 15 November 1949.; Typed notes. 14 pp.

Wurster], Catherine. 1949; Re leads for FORUM in the housing-planning field.

DH to Bill [Wurster]. undated.; Suggests that Wurster not join the Chrysler party. Has decided to leave FORUM.

Box 42 Folder 14 X, Y, and Z

Yerkes, Roberta. Yale University Press. 1942; Re possible book by DH.

Box 42 Folder 15 Yale Conference 1939

Meeks, Everett Victor. Dean, School of the Fine Arts, Department of Architecture, Yale University. 1939.; Invites DH to attend Conference on the physical status of the low cost house and the possibilities of its further development.

Shelter and Mobility. A paper presented at the Yale—Life Conference on House Building Technics on February 1, 1939 by Corwin Willson.; Lecture. 10 pp.

Box 42 Folder 16 Yamasaki, Minoru

Yamasaki, Minoru. 1961; Congratulates DH on his degree. Comments on King Building.

Yamasaki, Carol. 1953; A.l.s. Thanks DH for sending Monkey through the mail.

Yamasaki, Minoru. 1952; Mention of Record Center for the Armed Forces; Youtz Slick; O'Neil Ford.

Box 43 Folder 1 to 2 General, including FORUM demise (2 folders)

This folder contains FORUM-related correspondence for the dates listed above. It is arranged in reverse chronological order. Much of the correspondence in this folder pertains to the demise of FORUM, and is written by architects, subscribers, friends, and others.

Box 43 Folder 3 General

This folder contains FORUM-related correspondence for the dates listed above. It is arranged in reverse chronological order. The correspondence is of a general nature and consists mainly of copies of DH's out-going letters.

Box 43 Folder 4 to 5 General (2 folders)

This folder contains FORUM-related correspondence for the dates listed above. It is arranged in reverse chronological order. The correspondence is of a general nature and consists mainly of copies of DH's out-going letters.

Box 43 Folder 6 to 7 General (2 folders)

This folder contains FORUM-related correspondence for the dates listed above. It is arranged in reverse chronological order. The correspondence is of a general nature and consists mainly of copies of DH's out-going letters.

Box 43 Folder 8 General

This folder contains FORUM-related correspondence for the dates listed above. It is arranged in reverse chronological order. The correspondence is of a general nature and consists mainly of copies of DH's out-going letters.

Box 44 Folder 1 General

This folder contains FORUM-related correspondence for the dates listed above. It is arranged in reverse chronological order. The correspondence is of a general nature and consists mainly of copies of DH's out-going letters.

Box 44 Folder 2 General

This folder contains FORUM-related correspondence for the dates listed above. It is arranged in reverse chronological order. The correspondence is of a general nature and consists mainly of copies of DH's out-going letters.

Box 44 Folder 3 General

This folder contains FORUM-related correspondence for the dates listed above. It is arranged in reverse chronological order. The correspondence is of a general nature and consists mainly of copies of DH's out-going letters.

Box 44 Folder 4 General, architectural profession

This folder contains material regarding various aspects of the architectural profession such as "expanded services" and architectural education; Correspondence, memos, pamphlets, telegrams, business card, speech, news release, clipping, newsletter.

Box 44 Folder 5 General, FORUM awards (folder 1 of 3)

This folder contains material regarding awards given to FORUM, and awards granted by FORUM.

Box 44 Folder 6 General, FORUM awards (folder 2 of 3)

This folder contains material regarding awards given to FORUM, and awards granted by FORUM.

Box 44 Folder 7 General, FORUM awards (folder 3 of 3)

This folder contains material regarding awards given to FORUM, and awards granted by FORUM.

Box 44 Folder 8 General, cultivation letters

This folder mainly contains correspondence regarding FORUM's shifting editorial policy in order to cultivate a wider audience; Correspondence, memos, reprints

Box 44 Folder 9 General, editor's notes

This folder contains material regarding the "editor's note" column in FORUM written by DH; Clippings, memos, pamphlet.

Box 45 Folder 1 General, English file

This folder contains material regarding the proper use of English. DH wrote memos to staff writers, as well as to himself, to improve their writing.

Box 45 Folder 2 General, narrative writing

This folder contains material regarding how to write narrative stories, including writing exercises and examples for FORUM staff.

Box 45 Folder 3 General, notes and comments (folder 1 of 5)

This folder contains material regarding notes and comments from DH to FORUM staff on a wide array of topics. DH makes numerous editorial observations about specific issues of FORUM and gives the staff direction in refining and sharpening the "editorial formula."

Box 45 Folder 4 General, notes and comments (folder 2 of 5)

This folder contains material regarding notes and comments from DH to FORUM staff on a wide array of topics. DH makes numerous editorial observations about specific issues of FORUM and gives the staff direction in refining and sharpening the "editorial formula."

Box 45 Folder 5 General, notes and comments (folder 3 of 5)

This folder contains material regarding notes and comments from DH to FORUM staff on a wide array of topics. DH makes numerous editorial observations about specific issues of FORUM and gives the staff direction in refining and sharpening the "editorial formula."

Box 45 Folder 6 General, notes and comments (folder 4 of 5)

This folder contains material regarding notes and comments from DH to FORUM staff on a wide array of topics. DH makes numerous editorial observations about specific issues of FORUM and gives the staff direction in refining and sharpening the "editorial formula."

Box 45 Folder 7 General, notes and comments (folder 5 of 5)

This folder contains material regarding notes and comments from DH to FORUM staff on a wide array of topics. DH makes numerous editorial observations about specific issues of FORUM and gives the staff direction in refining and sharpening the "editorial formula."

Box 45 Folder 8 General, FORUM program notes (folder 1 of 2)

This folder contains material regarding FORUM's editorial position and editorial projections.

Box 45 Folder 9 General, FORUM program notes (folder 2 of 2)

This folder contains material regarding FORUM's editorial position and editorial projections.

Box 45 Folder 10 General, staff notes on future issue outlines (folder 1 of 2)

This folder contains material regarding preliminary outlines for the monthly issues of FORUM.

Box 45 Folder 11 General, staff notes on future issue outlines (folder 2 of 2)

This folder contains material regarding preliminary outlines for the monthly issues of FORUM.

Box 46 Folder 1 General, miscellaneous

This folder contains miscellaneous material regarding editorial matters.

Box 46 Folder 2 General, miscellaneous

This folder contains a scheduling book for future issues of FORUM. The book contains subjects to be covered by month and year; edits; criticism; galleries; technology; business; etc.

Box 46 Folder 3 General, miscellaneous

This folder contains material regarding a proposed book for architects and business clients of architects. The folder mainly contains FORUM clippings.

Box 46 Folder 4 General, miscellaneous (photographs)

This folder contains (54) 8x10, (3) 5x8, (2) 4½ x5½ , B&W photographic prints. Contained in the folder is a note stating that these photographs are duplicates. The subject of the photographs include foreign buildings; New York City buildings; Garden City parking; junk piles; highway housing; North Country School; and others; most photographs are not dated

Box 46 Folder 5 General, miscellaneous (photographs)

This folder contains (14) 8x10, B&W photographs. No dates and no descriptions. The photographs include outdoor scenes of a garden; buildings; details of buildings; and other miscellaneous matter.