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Douglas Putnam Haskell papers, 1866-1979-(bulk 1949-1964).

Series XIV: Bridges

This series contains material relating to Douglas Haskell's study of bridge design and design technology. Most of the material is undated, however the material that is dated is mainly from the 1920s-1930s.

The folders in this series are arranged in alphabetical order by subject, and thereunder in no particular order. The photographs are arranged by subject, and therein alphabetically by location.

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Box 109 Folder 1 Bridges

Bridges Bibliography (1) AIA Journal.

3 pgs. Manuscript for Architectural Forum [?] Re correction of article on past 200 years. By DH[?].

Holograph note by DH. 1 page, in graphite. Re the U.S. since 1865, and the history of science.

(20) Notecards, 3½ x5. (17) with writing; (3) blank. Re titles, authors, subjects, pages of books for research.

(30) Notecards, 5x8. Re bibliographic sources of quotes, list of file headings.

(13) Slips of 2½x4 paper. Re checking out books, New York Public Library.

(1) Handwritten note by DH. Re Roebling, Roman and Greek engineering.

(1) Publications of interest to suburbanites and home-builders. (Washington D.C.: Nov. 1931) 10th Edition. Pamphlet, 17 pp.

(6) Slips of 2½x4 paper. Re checking out books, (3) New York Public Library, (3) Engineering Societies Library.

Design in Industry Pamphlet, (Newark, NJ: Oct. 1930). Volume 1, no. 5, 8 pages. By the Newark Public Library, The Newark Museum.

(2) pages. John A. Roebling. Typescript.

(3) pages. Handwritten notes by DH[?]. On John Roebling. Re Roebling's death.

(1) page. Handwritten notes by DH[?]. On Ferdinand W. Roebling.

Bibliography, (3) pages, handwritten and typed by DH[?].

(2) 2¼x4 Slips of paper. Re checking out books, Engineering Societies Library.

Thermo-Vs. Theo. Dynamics, The New Republic,April 13, 1932, p. 247.

(2) pages handwritten notes by DH. Re Roebling, "Transportation."

Box 109 Folder 2 Caissons

(3) pages. Handwritten notes. By. DH, on Pneumatic Caissons. Pen.

(4) pages. Handwritten notes. By DH, on Brooklyn Bridge. Pen.

Box 109 Folder 3 Canals

(14) pages. Handwritten Notes, 5x7, by DH. Re structure (arches, walls esp. church architecture), Renaissance architecture.

(7) pages. Handwritten Notes. By DH. Re Renaissance architecture and architects, esp. Leon Battista Alberti; also geography and science in Italy.

Box 109 Folder 4 City picture, NY

(11) pages. Handwritten Notes. By DH. New York 1868-1894. Re Battery, Lower Broadway, buses and cars, East River, Trinity Church, tall buildings, the "Loew Bridge," Roebling's Gothic, subway, Printing House Square, East Side tenements, County Court House, machinery, Hudson, NY Hospitals, fashionable residences, etc.

Box 109 Folder 5 Foundation achievement on land

"The New General Motors Building, NYC," The American Architect, Engineering & Construction Section. Shreve & Lamb Architects. Sept. 4, 1928, p. 133-40.

Box 109 Folder 6 to 7 Labor and engineering

(3) pages. Handwritten and typed by DH. (1) 5x8; (2) 8½ x11. Re labor.

(5) pages, 5x8 handwritten notes by DH. Re engineering, Roman, U.S. steamboat, airplanes.

(2) pages, 8½x11 handwritten and typed notes by DH. Re airplanes.

(13) pages 5x8 handwritten notes by DH. Re Roman construction, scientific archaeology, engineering, Brooklyn Bridge engineering, Perronet.

(7) pages handwritten notes by DH. Re engineering.

Box 109 Folder 8 to 9 Suspension theory

(1) page handwritten notes by DH. Re history of suspension bridges.

"Suspension Bridge Saved," Construction Methods, July 1929, pp. 46-50.

(1) Pamphlet. Building of the Cables of the Hudson River Bridge, By Ammann, O.H. (The port of New York Authority: June 1929). 10 pages.

(3) pages handwritten notes by DH. 5x8.

Box 109 Folder 10 to 11 Style and method

Article. "The Architecture of Steel," by Christian Barman; from The Architects' Journal. Jan. 14, 1931. pp. 82-88.

25 pages of notes, typed and handwritten. Re science in architecture from ancient times. Undated. However, p. 14. is dated Dec. 25, and p. 18 is dated June 3.

8 pages of handwritten notes.

2 pages of typed correspondence: (1) to DH from Alfred Dashiell, Managing Editor ofCharles Scribner's Sons; (2) to DH from Clifton P. Fadiman of Simon and Schuster, Inc.

2 pages of handwritten notes by DH concerningmovement in architecture.

1 typed page of notes concerning drafting board vs. sketching.

2 pages of handwritten notes by DH concerning "Paper Architecture" and "Resignation."

2 typed pages of notes by DH concerning the Brooklyn Bridge and its architectural design.

1 handwritten page by DH "Criticism in AmericanJournals." Notes taken from Architectural Record. May 1905, p. 423, article "Rationalizing the Skyscraper."

1 handwritten page by DH. Notes from Architectural Record, July 1915.

1 article from Architectural Record, August 1930, Volume 68, no. 2; "Terminals?—Transfer!" by Richard J. Neutra.

4 handwritten pages DH. "Preliminary Agitation," and "Real Estate."

1 handwritten page by DH. Report of John A. Roebling, C.E. to the President and Director of the NY Bridge Co. on the proposed East River Bridge, Daily Eagle plant, 1870, Sept. 1, 1867.

3 typed pages by DH. From Acts of the State of NY and the U.S. in relation to the NY and Brooklyn Bridge; PL Tecn, Vek, Pv 1.

3 handwritten pages by DH—"Preliminary Agitation for a Bridge." From Brooklyn Eagle, Jan. 20, 1866.

Article from The New Republic. April 27, 1932."The Collapse of a Romance," by John Dewey. p. 292-94.

1 handwritten page by DH, "Entities vs. Qualities."

1 printed page "Modern Concepts Concerning Organic Architecture."

4 typed pages, "Organization," by Frank Lloyd Wright, Architectural Record; "Organization," by Paul Cret in Architectural Forum, July 1928, Volume 49; "Architectural Organization," by Otto Wagner: "Architectural Organization," by Hendrick Berlage.

Article from The New Republic, June 18, 1930,"Government by Technologists," by Charles A. Beard, p. 115-120.

6 pages typed article concerning the Brooklyn Bridge, author unknown, probably DH.

1 typed page notes (Table of Contents, for book or article?) concerning the Brooklyn Bridge.

8 handwritten pages, notes by DH; "The Caissons."

1 page. Bridge Types, handwritten notes.

2 pages.Bridge statistics, handwritten notes.

1 page. "Pope's Bridge for the Hudson, Thomas Pope, Treatise on Bridge Architecture," 1811. Typed.

1 page. "The Curious Wabasn River Bridge." Handwritten notes.

1 newspaper article "Die Neue Koln— Mulheimer Rhein—Brucke; Architect; Adolf Abel, Munchen," Wasmuth, Dec. 1930, pp. 566-573. In German.

1 pamphlet. The Hudson River Bridge, between Fort Lee, New Jersey and Manhattan, New York, The Port of New York Authority, 75 West Street, New York City.

16 pages notes. Bridges (current American, The Americana, 1930, p. 125, 16 pages), handwritten.

1 newspaper article, "Ranging over the Flowery Jungles of the Eprin." The New York Times Book Review, June 22, 1930, p. 5.

10 pages notes. "Impermanence of Bridges," from Encyclopedia Britannica 14-4, p. 126.Handwritten.

1 page. "London Bridge," by W. R. Lethaby, Sondirium, Architecture & Crafts, London, 1923, p. 80. Handwritten.

4 pages notes. Re bridges: Ohio Bridge (Covington, Cincinnati, opened Jan. 1 1867), Allegeney Bridge, completed 1860), Niagara Bridge (opened Mar. 16, 1855).

1 book. First Progress Report on Kill Van Kull Bridge Between Bayonne, N.J. and Port Richmond,Staten Island, N.Y. April, 1930, 75 West Street,New York City. 45 pages with maps. 2 copies.

1 book. Ninth Annual Report of the Port of New York Authority. Dec. 31, 1929, 77 pages.

2 magazine articles ("Beauty Marks G.G. BridgeDesign," some notes on Architecture of Structure by Irving F Morrow; "Golden Gate Bridge EngineeringTriumph, Span and Pier Design Without Precedent," by James Adam). pp. 21-30.

1 magazine article; "Mare Nostrum" (the Atlantic as Our Ocean), from The New Republic. 1 Oct. 1930, by Francis Miller and Helen Hill, pp. 168-170.

3 pages notes, precedence of water transport, Encyclopedia Britannica, Volume 22, 1930, p. 414. Handwritten.

1 page notes. Topography of NYC by Gen. Egbert L.Viele from Memorial History of the City of NY, edited by James Grant Wilson, 1893. P.L., Rm. 328 Reserve. Handwritten.

Box 109 Folder 12 Transport history

5 pages notes. "Transport History" from Encyclopedia Britannica. Handwritten.

4 pages notes. Engineering, Stevenson.

1 newspaper article, "To Raze Cathedral and use a Trailer," Columbus, Ohio, 6th April.

2 pages handwritten notes. Railroad Transportation, Its History and Its Laws. T.S.Hadley, 1885.

1 newspaper article, "Land Yachts Tour South," Lakeland, Fla.

Box 109 Folder 13 Photographs, Airplanes

Box 109 Folder 14 to 15 Photographs, Bridges

Box 109 Folder 16 Photographs, Electrical Stations

Box 109 Folder 17 Photographs, Grain Elevators

Box 109 Folder 18 Photographs, Industrial and Institutional Buildings