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Douglas Putnam Haskell papers, 1866-1979-(bulk 1949-1964).

Series I: Pending Correspondence

The pending correspondence series contains Architectural Forum-related correspondence between Douglas Haskell and hundreds of architects. The dates span 1949-1964. Haskell also corresponded with numerous people in fields related to architecture, as well as those in the architectural press, politicians, and many others. The bulk of the correspondence revolves around Douglas Haskell's position as Editor of Architectural Forum.

The folders in this series are arranged in alphabetical order by name of correspondent, and thereunder in reverse chronological order.

The materials listed in each of the folders are selected items. Not all items are described. The items listed represent an overview of what is in a particular folder and may describe subject matter found throughout the entire collection. For example,a correspondent may have multiple letters in a single folder, but his or her name may only appear once in the item listing. Many of the correspondents are not listed at all. For correspondence and subject matter not represented in the finding aid, you must search the appropriate series and folder.

Correspondents' names, unless otherwise noted, are transcribed exactly as they appear in the original letter. Only the year has been included in the descriptions of the correspondence.

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Box 1 Folder 1 to 3 A to 1960, 1950-1962

Abrahams, David J. 1955; Criticizes article that appeared in The New Yorker about Wallace K. Harrison. (Article attached.)

Abrams, Charles. 1959; Sending copy of tree-planting bill. (Attached.)

Memorandum In Support Of A Bill To Amend The City Charter To Authorize The Planting Of Trees, By Borough Presidents, undated.; Typescript. 4 pp.

Mr. Prentice to [Staff]. 1953; Memo. Re [Charles] Abrams and problem of minority housing.

Abrams, Charles, "Israel Grapples With Its Housing Crisis: The New State's Number One problem," undated.; Reprint[?], pp. 347-354.

Abrams, Charles. "Bias In The Use Of Governmental Regulatory Powers".

Reprinted for private circulation from The University of Chicago Law Review, Volume 20, no. 3, Spring 1953.

Enloe, Hansell P. Aeck Associates. 1960; Re enjoying DH's "Jazz in Architecture" article. Comments on points he felt did not receive enough emphasis.

Brean, Herbert to DH. 1956; Memo. Re Laszlo Acsay's plan for redeveloping 42nd Street.

Albert, Franz. 1960; Re renewal of San Francisco Telegraph Hill.

DH to Franco Albini. 1956; Re Treasury of S. Lorenzo in Genoa.

DH to Robert Alexander. 1961; Thanks Alexander for gathering support for his nomination to Fellow in the AIA.

Lightbown, Mary Jane to DH. 1959; Memo. Re [Robert] Alexander's split from Neutra.

Allen, Rex Whitaker. 1955; Disappointed and shocked by omission of his name in the "Flattened-Out Hospital" article in FORUM.

Allen, Roger. 1957; Allen's thoughts on the subject of writing.

Allen, William. 1960; Replies to request from Haskell to join Forum as technical editor and to work at Columbia [University].

Allison, Frank E. 1958; Re Beaumont, Texas' "Committee of 100" project.

Alpern, Robert. 1958; Looking for a job in city planning.

Fleming, John L. ALCOA (Aluminum Company of America). 1956; Request for Walter McQuade to edit publication on inadequate school buildings in New York.

From Pittsburgh to Mr. Hazen. Aluminum Company of America. 1950; Copy of [letter or telegram?]. Criticizes FORUM article on curtain walls. [Original letter signed by F.J. Close].

DH to R.E. Powell. President, Aluminum Company of Canada. 1954; Re Kitimat story. Inquires if any business resulted from FORUM 's story.

Ambrose, William Clement. 1951; Feels reference to the California Board of Architectural Examiners in a FORUM article was unjust. The reference was made in relation to Harwell Hamilton Harris.

Powell, Douglas S. American City Magazine. 1955; The SNAG club, an informal group of New Yorkers interested in city planning, will hear lecture by Major General Frederick Irving. Irving will discuss his national anti-blight organization ACTION.

Cumming, Burton. Director, American Federation of Arts. 1951; Exhibition of Industrial and Commercial architecture to be held in late 1952-1953.

Ames, Edmund. 1959; Proposes follow-up story on Kitimat.

Haible, William S. Anderson Beckwith and Haible. 1960; Blue Cross—Blue Shield building in Boston will be available for publication.

Anderson, Lawrence B. Anderson Beckwith and Haible. 1958; Office recently involved with the City Planning firm of Adams, Howard, and Greeley, in a study for a section of Cleveland called University Circle.

Anderson, Lawrence B. Anderson Beckwith and Haible. 1956; Re publication of the entry from his office in the competition for the London Chancery.

Anderson, Lawrence B. MIT. 1956; Wellesley College trustees approve Art-Music-Drama building. MIT has Rockefeller grant for study of "The Perceptual Form of the City". In charge are Gyorgy Kepes and Kevin Lynch.

Temko, [Allan]. 1959-60; Reports. Re Anshen & Allen projects including: International Building; DeYoung Building; Unitarian Church for Fairfax, Va.; Lucky Lager Brewery for Houston; Gallo Wine Company Headquarters; American Food Machinery Company Research Facilities.

Allen, Wm. Stephen. Anshen & Allen. 1960; Enclosing brochure which describes solution for the Residential Area of the Golden Gateway Redevelopment Project.

Anshen, Robert. Anshen & Allen. 1959; Thanks DH for excellent views with respect to schools, problem of segregation, and the human concept of design for public housing.

Anshen, Allen. Anshen & Allen. 1959; Expresses his current disenchantment with FORUM because of their list of the "100 biggest contractors".

DH to Royal Riley. Department of Public Works. 1958; Inquires if he has material for release on proposed Bellevue Hospital rebuilding plan. Asks if Architects Associated are the architects for the scheme.

Katz, Sidney L. Architects Associated. 1957; Enclosing news release of their success in winning First Prize in the Urban Redevelopment Competition for the redesign of the center of Manhattan Island.

Pidgeon, Monica, Mrs. Editor, Architectural Design. 1956; Re the exchange of ideas and opinions.

Bell, Ervin J. Architectural Index. 1959; Enclosing copy of information sheet about the Index. (Attached).

Aronin, Jeffrey Ellis. 1958; Thanks DH for greetings on the opening of his new office. Congratulates DH and his staff on good issues of FORUM in recent months.

Arup, Ove. 1954; Tearsheets from Architectural Association Journal[?] pp. 253-260. "Structural Honesty. A lecture given at the A.A. on March 25th".

[Arup, Ove?] undated.; Typed draft. 6 pp. "The Integration of Structure and Architecture".

Paine, Ralph D., Jr. to Associated Business Publications. 1960; FORUM's submission in the Sixth Annual Jesse H. Heal Awards Contest for Editorial Achievement.

DH to Giovanni Astengo. 1956; Inquires if Astengo is still interested in exchanging list of subscribers to Urbanistica with those of FORUM.

Arnold, Paul. 1961; Remarks on new Science Building at Oberlin College.

Eden, Paul L. 1954; Inquires if FORUM is interested in story on The Austin Company's work for NBC's new color television studios in Burbank.

Power, J.J., Jr. Automatic Sprinkler Corporation of America. 1959; Comments on installation of sprinklers as practical way to remedy safety deficiencies in older school buildings.

Box 1 Folder 4 A 1960—, 1960-1964

Abrams, Charles. 1962; Re articles about public housing and Gaynor's bills.

DH to Gregory Ain. 1963; Congratulatory letter on Penn State appointment.

Albrook, Robert C. 1961\; Re transfer to San Francisco and FORUM staff.

Alex, William. 1964; A.l.s. Requests letter of recommendation [for Fulbright Scholarship].

Allen, William. Building Research Station, England. 1962; Thanks DH for the note about the [Architectural Association School of Architecture] project.

DH to W.G. Frank. President, American Air Filter. 1962; Re status of architectural journals and their different markets.

DH to Finis E. Engleman. American Association of School Administrators. 1962; Would be happy to chair TV program on "Modular Construction".

Prior, Harris K. Director, The American Federation of Arts. 1961; Mentions idea for joint exhibit on contemporary school architecture.

Prior, Harris K. Director, The American Federation of Arts. 1961; Discusses cost figures for sponsoring panel shows on architecture.

Hazen, Joe to [Staff]. 1962; Memo. Re American Registered Architect.

Wilson, Ann to Bruce Elliott. 1961; Memo. Re American Steel and Wire pre-stressing devices.

Office of Lt. Governor Glenn M. Anderson. 1963; News release. Re the San Francisco toll bridge.

DH to Lawrence Anderson. School of Architecture and Planning, MIT. 1960; FORUM hiring Bernard Spring.

Blake, Peter to [Staff]. 1961; Memo. Re Anshen & Allen.

DH to Colin Boyne. The Architects' Journal. 1961; Requests Boyne's impression of important buildings in his country, and on the Continent.

Needs this information for a Britannica Book of the Year article. DH comments on top American buildings of the year.

Crosby, Theo. Architectural Design. 1961; Answers DH's request about a technical editor for FORUM.

DH to Alexandre Persitz. L'architecture d'aujourd'hui. 1961; Requests Persitz's impression of important buildings in his country, and on the Continent. Needs this information for a Britannica Book of the Year article. DH comments on top American buildings of the year.

Elmore, James W. Director, School of Architecture, Arizona State University, 1961; Writes re Paolo Soleri and his study of a "City on Mesa".

Aronin, Jeffrey Ellis to The Honorable Peter J. Reidy, P.E. Commissioner of Buildings, New York. 1961; Re reforms in Building Department procedures.

DH to D.W. Neill. N.W. Ayer & Son. 1962; Answers question concerning foremost US buildings under construction by listing them.

Box 1 Folder 5 Aalto, Alvar, 1950-1963

Mattson, Helga. 1963; Informs Haskell that Aalto office mailed photos of Wolfsburg Cultural Center, the Seinajoki and Town Hall.

DH to Helga Mattson. 1963; Re material for prospective article on Wolfsburg Cultural Center; 1960 Church; Brenen apartments; and theater in the Ruhr that won a competition. Mentions Marshall Burchard and his father John Burchard.

DH to Helga Mattson. 1962; States John Burchard and he would like material for use in FORUM.

DH to John E. Burchard. 1962; Refers to Sigfried Giedion's introduction for Space, Time & Architecture.

Mattson, Helga to John E. Burchard. 1961; Re photographs and other material needed by DH. Mentions the new center of Helsinki.

DH to John E. Burchard. 1961; Makes references to Aalto.

DH to Scott Hamilton. 1961; Re Hamilton's move from Helsinki to either Colorado or New York. DH desires plans of Helsinki. Refers to Wright, Peter Blake, and Andrew J. Lazarus.

Draft of FORUM article on Alvar Aalto. 1958; 21 pp. Reviews Aalto's most impressive works. Discusses Finland's relationship with USSR and its effects on architecture. Includes biographical information.

DH to [Staff]. 1954; Memo. DH refers to Aalto's second wife. Remarks on Aalto's material for articles on town hall; technical university. Describes Aalto's summerhouse. DH quotes Aalto.

News release. undated.; "Copy for Mr.Blessing, Detroit Plan Commission". Municipality of Vienna announced Alvar Aalto as first-prize winner for erection of an indoor sports arena. Outlines competition and awards. Reference made to Le Corbusier. Aalto shares first place with Roland Rainer.

Aalto, Alvar. 1952; Re photographs and other material for FORUM article. Now building New Technical University of Finland.

Karlstrom, K. 1952.; Aalto in Lugano because of inflammation of lungs.

DH to Alvar Aalto. 1952; Re Olympic Village design.

Aalto, Alvar. 1951; Not back at MIT.

Bay State Architect. Volume IV, no. 4, October 1947; "Dormitory Design 1947: One Act Play, Dramatis Personae". pp. 2-4. Photostat of issue containing "slash" at Aalto's MIT dormitory.

Box 1 Folder 6 ACTION, 1956-1960, 1962

Lash, James. 1962; Re project to persuade private companies to establish fellowships for training people in city planning and urban renewal fields.

DH to Mr. Pain. 1960; Memo. Re ACTION exhibit at '64 World's Fair. Ford Motors Company rejects proposal.

DH to Mr. Pain. 1960; Memo. Re proposals from ACTION that Ford center its exhibit at the World's Fair on highways and cities.

DH to Allan Temko. 1960; Re attending ACTION meeting.

The New York Times. 1959; Clipping. "Urban Renewal Put Up To Public: Need of Citizen Support for Projects Is Stressed as Newark Session Ends". Need of citizen support for projects is stressed at ACTION meeting in Newark. President James W. Rouse quoted.

The New York Times. 1960; Clipping. "Leaders Prodded On Urban Housing: Wide Participation Needed to Improve Slum areas, ACTION Parley Told". ACTION urges industrial, business, and civic leaders to lend support to urban renewal.

DH to [Staff]. 1960; Memo. Re ACTION meeting in Pittsburgh. Criticizes east Hill project. Buhl Foundation wants to give up Chatham Village project. Figures by Burnham Kelly on rental housing. Remarks regarding Ernie Bohn, the domed auditorium and Paul Schweikher.

National Federation of Settlements and Neighborhood Centers. Neighborhood Goals In A Rapidly Changing World. ACTION—Research Workshop. Arden House, Harriman, New York. February 13-15, 1958; List of participants. 4 pp.

ACTION, Inc. A Program Aid. Organizations in Renewal. November, 1959; 32 pp. Publication includes statements prepared by national organizations actively interested in urban renewal.

Policy Background Paper. The Newark Conference on the ACTION Program for the American City. May 4-6, 1959; Pamphlets. Series issued in five parts. 1) The Investor 2) The Producer 3) The Consumer 4) The Government 5) The Community. The papers are based on the investigations for the ACTION series in Housing and Community Development.

DH to DH. 1959; Memo. Re conversation with Jim Lash.

Thompson, Steve to Edgar Smith. 1958; Memo. Report on the prospective article "What is ACTION?"

DH to DH. 1957; Memo. Re lunch with ACTION members. Remarks on race problem.

DH to Jim Lash. 1958; Memo. Arranges payment for information on how European cities are managing their redevelopment.

DH to [Staff]. 1957; Memo. Re keeping in close touch with ACTION.

DH to Wilbur Cross. 1958; Suggests joining the monthly FORUM-ACTION lunch meetings.

DH to Ed Smith. 1957; Memo. Re excerpts from Committee for Economic Development papers.

DH to DH. 1957; Memo. Re Molinero's mention of an Employer Relations Information Committee.

DH to [Staff]. 1957; Memo. Re Reginald Isaacs of Harvard's Planning Department.

Molinaro, Leo. 1956; Re programs aimed to educate corporations as to why it is in their interest to participate in local urban renewal programs. Includes agenda and report with G.E. and Sears.

Hazen, Joe to DH. 1957; Memo. Re research being conducted at ACTION.

DH to Richard C. Lee. 1956; Accepts invitation to premiere of "Our Living Future".

DH to James E. Lash. 1956; Re FORUM issue devoted to a panoramic view of city patterns up to the year 1976.

Lash, James E. 1956; Re April 1956 FORUM Round Table Report. "How to Make Urban Renewal Work."

DH to [Staff]. 1956; Memo. Re thoughts after having lunch with ACTION's Research Director, Martin Meyerson. How to get useful information on effective urban renewal.

News From Action: ACTION Announces Traveling show on Community Improvement. May 14, 1956 ; News release. 2 pp. Life magazine is sponsor.

Box 2 Folder 1 The Architects Collaborative (including Walter Gropius), 1949-1964

Gropius, Walter. 1962; Thanks DH and Peter Blake for congratulating him on his birthday.

Gropius, Walter. 1962; Considerate of DH to send congratulations on his admission into the National Institute of Arts and Letters.

Gropius, Walter. 1961; Thanks DH for publication on the Athens Embassy.

Thompson, Benjamin. 1961; Re HHFA situation at Brandeis.

Gropius, Walter. 1961; Returned from Europe and will be in New York. Would like to have lunch with DH and then go through illustrations for the Athens Embassy.

Time. July 14, 1961; Clipping. p. 66. Re Gropius' Athen's Embassy building.

Gropius, Walter. 1961; Re Allan Chapman.

DH to Walter Gropius. 1961; Re the team concept; publishing programs.

Harkness, John C. 1960; Re Wayland School.

Gropius, Walter. 1960; Has given photos of Baghdad University to Architectural Record.

McDonnell, Lloyd. 1960; Re Boylston Hall and Wayland High projects.

DH to Libby Conrad. 1960; Re Boylston Hall and Wayland High stories.

Breckenfeld, Gurney to Bernard Loshbough. 1960; Re East Hills Project.

DH to Norman Fletcher. 1960; Re Pittsburgh East Hills project.

Gropius, Walter. 1960; Will be in Cambridge and will be glad to receive Jimmy Fitch. Will leave for Baghdad to present University project.

DH to James Marston Fitch. 1960; Re meeting with Gropius and material for book.

DH to Walter Gropius. 1960; Re Jimmy Fitch and a prospective piece to be written about Gropius' architectural philosophy.

DH to Walter Gropius. 1959; Controversy about racketeers in Title I operations in New York; discusses Robert Moses.

Gropius, Walter. 1958; Returned from Cuba. Will not be able to write anything before DH's deadline.

Gropius, Walter. 1958; Did not know Alumni organization has sent out his speech. Tells DH to publish what he likes of it.

Gropius, Walter. 1958; Thanks FORUM for birthday greetings. DH might be interested in publishing speech he gave at his birthday dinner in the Harvard Club.

[Gropius, Walter]. undated.; Typed speech. 7 pp. Copy of speech given at the Harvard Club at his birthday dinner[?]

Gropius, Walter. 1958; Re Baghdad's Arab University.

DH to Walter Gropius. 1957; Re the priority system in regard to publishing articles. Discusses Architectural Record's non-adherence.

DH to Walter Gropius. 1957; Re Embassy article. Will obtain information from State Department if Gropius does not provide it.

DH to [Staff]. 1957; Memo. Re Reginald Isaacs.

DH to Reginald Isaacs. Chairman, Department of City Planning, Harvard University. 1957; Re Gropius' birthday celebration.

Gropius, Walter. 1956; Comments on acoustics [for auditorium in Tallahassee.] Hopes story can come out in March. Enjoyed talking to DH in New York.

Appreciates DH keeping "high level" at FORUM.

Gropius, Walter. 1956; Sending article of the Zurich Zeitung.

DH to Walter Gropius. 1956; Re Tallahassee project material for FORUM.

Gropius, Walter. 1956; Re Tallahassee Civic Center.

Gropius, Walter. 1956; Thanks DH and Mr. Tanner for the way they have handled TAC publication on schools.

Tanner, Og to DH 1956; Memo. Re three projects by TAC. 1.)West Bridewater Elementary School 2.) Tallahassee Civic Center 3.) Athens Embassy.

Gropius, Walter. 1956; Endorses FORUM. Going to Europe. In England will receive RIBA Gold Medal.

Gropius, Walter. 1956; Dissatisfied with FORUM's announcement about his Gold Medal award. Encloses previous FORUM article about Wrights award for comparison.

DH to Jane Jacobs. 1955; Memo. Re TAC Schools.

Gropius, Walter. 1955; Requests that DH let him know which of his buildings FORUM is interested in publishing.

Gropius, Walter. 1955; Ben Thompson told him that FORUM will [publish] Springfield College Campus.

Gropius, Walter. 1955; Re publication of Taunton story. Inquires if DH is interested in four unpublished schools.

McMillan, Robert S. 1955.; Re plexiglas bubbles. Mentions William Caudill's book.

Gropius, Walter. 1955; Re publication of Taunton Elementary School.

DH to Walter Gropius. 1954; Re Gropius' Japanese trip.

Thompson, Benjamin. 1953; Re TAC school projects. Lists TAC projects since 1946.

Gropius, Walter. 1953; Re problems of modern architecture.

Thompson, Benjamin. 1952; Re TAC school projects.

DH to Walter Gropius. 1953; Mentions doing something on Gordon in FORUM. Lost exclusive publication arrangement with Wright. Says Wright has deluded himself into thinking Gordon is fighting for the same cause he is.

DH to Walter Gropius. 1953; Re Boston Center project.

Welles, Sam to [FORUM]. 1953; Wire. 3 pp. Re 70th birthday luncheon for Gropius in Chicago. Quotes Mies van der Rohe and Isaacs at length.

DH to William Hartman. 1953; Telegram. Message to be read on behalf of FORUM and House and Home to Gropius in Chicago.

DH to Joe Hazen.1953; Memo. Re Isaacs Harvard faculty appointment.

Gropius, Walter. 1953; Re his office building projects.

DH to Walter Gropius. 1953; Re office building projects.

McQuade, Walter to [Staff]. 1953; Memo. Re possible office building for Chicago by Gropius.

Gropius, Walter. 1952; Re UNESCO project.

Fletcher, Norman C. 1952; Re Five Fields project

Gropius, Walter. 1952; Re Resignation from Harvard.

Gropius, Walter. 1952; Has read reactions to his article in FORUM. Some points have been misunderstood and would like to write a short clarification.

Brennan, John J. President, AIA Student Chapter. 1952; Letter to Gropius commending his FORUM article.

[Virginia Polytechnic Institute]. 1952; Telegram. Remarks on FORUM not publishing their commentary [on the Gropius article?]

Wylie, Jeff to Terry Colman. 1952; Telegram. 3pp. Re staff cuts at Harvard and controversy surrounding Gropius.

Gropius, Walter. 1952; Pleased FORUM has [published] his appraisal of the architect's status. Hopes a lively argument will come out of it.

Gropius, Walter. 1952; Re Le Corbusier's Marseilles building.

Thompson, Benjamin. 1952; Re Gropius show at Institute of Contemporary Art.

Harkness, John C. 1952; Re Attleboro Junior High School project.

DH to John C. Harkness. 1952; Re Attleboro and Worcester School projects.

Mr. Prentice to DH. 1951; Memo. Re luncheon with [Wallace K.] Harrison.

Thompson, Benjamin C. 1951; Re art work in the Harvard Graduate Center. Remarks on houses: Six Moon Hill; Five Fields; and a TAC Point IV project in Costa Rica.

DH to Walter Gropius. 1950; Re publication of Harvard's Graduate School.

Gropius, Walter. 1949; Re Howlett House in Belmont and the Six Moon Hill Houses. Paul Rudolph will stay with him to work on an issue of L'architecture d'aujourd'hui.

DH to Walter Gropius. 1949; Re Six Moon Hill project.

Harkness, John C. 1949; Congratulates DH on FORUM appointment. TAC wins Attleboro competition.

Box 2 Folder 2 Architectural Record, 1951-1964

DH to Jeanne Davern. 1964; Re Pennsylvania Avenue story.

DH to Jeanne Davern. 1964; Re Pennsylvania Avenue report.

DH to [Staff]. 1961; Memo. John Burchard, Dean of Humanities at MIT, dropped by Architectural Record as consultant.

DH to Nick Benton. 1960; Memo. Re phony AIA building-award claims by Architectural Record.

DH to [Staff]. 1961; Memo. Re Architectural Record at McGraw Hill.

DH to [Staff]. 1959; Memo. Re MIT professors [Albert Bush-Brown, John Burchard] and the possibility of a conflict of interest by contributing to Architectural Record.

DH to John Burchard. 1958; Re Smith Bill.

DH to John Burchard. 1958; Re the Capitol East front extension. This project raises issues of architecture for the general public. Critical battle to win. Public Law 242. Architectural Record must make a stand alongside FORUM.

Payne, Judd. F-W-Dodge-Corporation. 1958; Re John Shear's death.

No author. undated.; Typewritten details of Shear's death.

DH to Charley Bear. 1958; Memo. Re Architectural Record's editor.

DH to [Staff]. 1958; Memo. Re Architectural Record redesign looks like FORUM.

Payne, Judd. F-W-Dodge-Corporation. 1957; Re Warnecke incident. [Photographs of the model for the proposed Bangkok Embassy by John C. Warnecke and the possibility that Architectural Record might use these photos thus going against the profession's established "priority system."]

DH to Mr. Prentice. 1957; Memo. Re Warnecke incident.

DH to Judd Payne. 1957; Re Warnecke incident.

Shear, John Knox. 1957; Re Warnecke incident.

DH to [Staff]. 1956; Memo. Re keeping out of competitive editing.

DH to [Staff]. 1956; Memo. Re Architectural Record's editorial ethics.

Beard, Jack to Herb Bippart. 1955; Memo. Re Architectural Record's controversial extra 13th edition.

DH to [Staff]. 1954; Memo. Architectural Record follows FORUM. Architectural Record completely "parasitic" on FORUM.

DH to Jack Beard. 1954; Memo. Re Joe Mason's retirement from Architectural Record.

Box 2 Folder 3 Architectural Review & Journal—London, 1951-1962

DH to Ian Nairn. The Architectural Review. 1962; Asks Niarn for list of four most important buildings in his country for Britannica Book of the Year article. Tells Nairn about important buildings in US.

Hazen, Joe to DH. 1961; Memo. Re The Architectural Review's circulation statistics.

Architectural League of New York. 1961; News release. 2 pp. Reyner Banham to meet Philip Johnson for debate at Metropolitan Museum.

No author. undated.; Memo[?] Biographical information re Reyner Banham.

McQuade, Walter to J.M. Richards. 1960; Re Saarinen Embassy.

DH to Ian Nairn. The Architectural Review. 1960; Re top buildings in Europe and US for Britannica Yearbook article.

DH to Colin Boyne. The Architects' Journal. 1960; Re top buildings in Europe and US for Britannica Yearbook article.

McQuade, Walter to Reyner Banham. 1960; Re Saarinen Embassy.

Boyne, Colin. The Architects' Journal. 1959; Re FORUM's article criticizing the Senate Office Building.

DH to Ian Nairn. The Architectural Review. 1958; Thoughts on "city-scape."

D.A.C.A. Boyne. The Architects' Journal. 1956; Re visit from Frank Lloyd Wright.

D.A.C.A. Boyne. The Architects' Journal. 1956; Re Subscription lists and enrolling subscribers.

McCallum, Ian. The Architectural Review. 1957; Declines invitation as visiting editor for FORUM.

McCallum, Ian. The Architectural Review. 1957; Re Bruce Goff project.

Richards, J.M. The Architectural Review. 1956; Re battle for Washington Capitol. Remarks re Eero Saarinen.

DH to D.A.C.A. Boyne. The Architects' Journal. 1956; Re campaign against Capitol East front Extension in Washington. Smithsonian Institute and I. M. Pei's Washington Southwest Redevelopment project.

Richards, J.M. The Architectural Review. 1956; Re Saarinen's MIT buildings.

Pevsner, N. The Architectural Review. 1953; Re [Buckminster] Fuller story.

DH to David Bouverie. 1952; Re publication of Lever House.

[DH?] to David [Bouverie]. 1951; Enclosing tearsheets of reply to his associates on the Review. Remarks on why the issue was offensive to Americans.

Walker, Ralph. Voorhees Walker Foley & Smith. 1951; Interested in DH's reply to The Architectural Review. Comments on the Review and British architects.

Neutra, Richard J. 1951; Comments re The Architectural Review and their interpretation of [America's] troubles.

Hamlin, Talbot F. School of Architecture, Columbia University. 1951; Responds to the January issue of The Architectural Review, which he says was perhaps illjudged.

Blake, Peter to DH. 1951; Memo. Re reply to The Architectural Review diatribe against the US.

Constable, Rosalind to DH. 1951; Memo. Re the issue of The Architectural Review devoted to calling US architecture a mess.

Box 2 Folder 4 Armstrong, Harris—St. Louis, Mo., 1950-1962

DH to Harris Armstrong. 1962; Supports nomination of Wurster, Bernardi and Emmons for Architectural Firm Award.

DH to Harris Armstrong. 1962; Re Round Table meeting on the subject of the New St. Louis Downtown.

Peyton, Anne to DH. 1961; Memo. Re Federal Office Building in Kansas City and part played by Harris Armstrong.

DH to Harris Armstrong. 1962; Re Mill Valley.

Armstrong, Harris. 1961; Re Stadium project in St. Louis. Remarks on St. Louis Art Museum and tentative Nervi exhibit.

DH to Harris Armstrong. 1961; Kansas city project requests opinion regarding outstanding engineers for various upcoming projects.

Hazen, Joe to Charles Bear. 1959.; Memo. Discusses FORUM's image.

DH to Harris Armstrong. 1959; Re FORUM's editorial about Congressman Wayne L. Hays and his attacks on the Foreign Building Operation of State. Would like information about income of participants in the program.

DH to Harris Armstrong. 1959; Re Chicago Honor Awards Program.

DH to Harris Armstrong. 1958; Responds to Armstrong's letter on how architecture should tell its own story without words.

DH to Harris Armstrong. 1958; Re McDonnell Aircraft story.

[DH?] to [Staff]. 1957; Memo. Re projects at McDonnell Aircraft, Kansas City, Memphis.

DH to [Staff]. 1956; Memo. Re Harris Armstrong and Bob Anshen.

DH to Peter Blake. 1954; Memo. Re Harris Armstrong house.

DH to Harris Armstrong. 1953; Re the dry G.I. market and possibly lucrative idea of remodeling older houses.

DH to [Staff]. 1950; Memo. Re St. Louis residential sector and YWCA project.

Box 2 Folder 5 Atom Story (FORUM 9-1954), 1954-09

Architectural Forum. August 1954.; Proof[?] "Has Atomic Radiation Started a Building Revolution?" pp.128-131D.

Cotton, Joseph to [FORUM]. 1955; Wire. Re Monsanto Chemical Company's plastic engineering group.

Newspaper clippings. 1954; Articles re "new super-strength plastics" through the use of atomic radiation.

Architectural Forum. 1954; News release. 7 pp. Re construction revolution foreseen as result of new super-strength, irradiated building materials--producing plastics stronger than steel.

Gomberg, Henry J., University of Michigan to T.D. Wakefield, The F.W. Wakefield Brass Company. 1955; Radiation processing of vinyl plastics to raise melting point does not look promising.

DH to [Staff]. 1954; Memo. Chemical companies not agreeing publicly on effects of atomic irradiation. DH makes statements in light of FORUM's atomic radiation story and how staff should handle the response to the article.

Burt, John. Associated Universities, Inc., Brookhaven National Laboratory. 1954; Dr. David Gurinsky puzzled about his name being connected to the FORUM article on plastics.

Henley, Ernest J. Department of Chemical Engineering, Columbia University. 1954; Comments about poor proofreading of article. Says scientists quoted in article not well qualified in radiation chemistry.

Henley, Ernest J. Department of Chemical Engineering, Columbia University. 1954; Disagrees with [premise of] article. Article is embarrassing to scientists who helped with story.

DH to Mr. Prentice. 1954; Memo. Re taking risk of running atomic story.

DH to Mr. Prentice. 1954; Memo. Re Weidlinger and the idea of increasing both strength and elasticity simultaneously.

DH to Dave Burt. 1954; Memo. Re substantiating claims in the atom story. Story may have to be revised.

DH to [Staff]. 1954; Memo. Re conversation with Robinson Newcomb about meeting that was held at the Metropolitan Club in New York. Meeting mainly consisted of investment consultants. Lists people who attended. Newcombe reaffirmed that a piece of irradiated polyethylene was shown.

Mr. Prentice to [Staff]. 1954; Memo. Re Manowitz being dubious about Weidlinger copy.

DH to Mr. Prentice. 1954; Memo. Re progress report on atom story.

Davison, R.L. to [Staff]. 1954; Memo. Re the atom story and how it developed through talks with Dal Hitchcock and Bernard Manowitz.

Mr. Prentice to [Staff?]. 1954; Memo[?] Transcript of telephone conversation with Admiral Straws of the Atomic Energy Commission.

Stroock, Mark to [Staff]. 1954; Memo. Re talk with Dal Hitchcock of Clark, Hitchcock and Associates of Washington about multiple purpose reactor and its impact on technology.

Typescripts for atom story by DH, Mark Strook, Paul Weidlinger, and others. undated.

Box 2 Folder 6 Aydelott, Alfred—Memphis, Tenn., 1950-1957, 1962-1964

Haskell, Douglas to Alfred Aydelott. 1963; Re unsuccessful attempt at making Aydelott an AIA Fellow.

Aydelott, Alfred to DH. 1963; Responds to not being made Fellow of AIA.

AIA related papers for nomination of Alfred Aydelott. 9/25/62-11/15/62. ; Letters of recommendation, AIA forms, recommendations from Arthur T. Brown, Thomas J. Creighton, Walter Gropius, Morris Ketchum, Percival Goodman, and many others. Also includes letters from architects who did not provide recommendations; AIA instructions to nominators, etc.

DH to [Staff]. 1957; Memo. Re project in Kansas City and Aydelott jobs.

DH to Alfred Aydelott. 1956; Refers to Foreign Buildings Operation Proram and Catholic College.

Aydelott, Alfred. 1955; Re Charles Jen and allowing him permanent status in US.

Aydelott, Alfred. 1954; Re Daniel House article.

Author unknown. 1954; Typescript. FORUM [article?] re Aydelott's plan to add a Fazzini sculptor to project.

Aydelott, Alfred. 1954; Re Bristol Hospital.

Aydelott, Alfred. 1953; Re exhibit of his work done over the past three years.

Aydelott, Alfred 1953; Re Bristol Hospital article and quality of FORUM.

DH to Mary Jane Lightbown. 1952; Memo. Re Tom Bagley house; Bristol Hospital; Daniel house; Nurses School; housing project; Ackerman hospital; apartment buildings; and Lima hospital.

DH to Afred Aydelott. 1952; Re Bristol Hospital and [Bagley] house in Memphis.

Box 3 Folder 1 to 2 B to 1960, 1950-1960

Baily, Van Evera. 1952; Re Mittelstadt house.

Park, Leslie C. Baker Properties. 1956; Re Nicolett Plaza Project.

DH to Benjamin Baldwin. 1953; Re Danziger Store and other jobs.

Baldwin, Benjamin. 1950; Has idea for furniture "column" in FORUM.

DH to William F.R. Ballard. 1957; Re Jack Kaplan.

Ballard, William F.R. 1955; Re city planners.

Gander, J.B. President, Bank Building Corporation. 1958; Disturbed about April 1958 issue of FORUM and its critical remarks regarding package dealers and the Bank Building Corporation architects.

DH to [?]. 1960; Memo. Re Fresh Air Camp by Ed Barnes.

DH to [Staff]. 1958; Memo. Re Ed Barnes' Strauss house.

Lightbown, Mary Jane to DH. 1957; Memo. Re Ed Barnes: Fresh Air Camp story; Straus[s] house; Miller house; new look for Pan American.

Tanner, Og to DH. 1956; Memo. Re Ed Barnes: Great Lodge; Boathouse; Counselors' Lounge; and other works.

Barron, C. Errol. Barron, Heinberg and Brocato. 1954; Re publication of some of their work: Louisiana State School for Spastic Children; Mental Tuberculosis Hospital for the Central Louisiana State Hospital; and others.

DH to Frank Fogarty. 1957; Memo. Re Harland Bartholomew article in FORUM.

Bassetti, Fred to Pietro Belluschi. 1957; Suggests Bellluschi runs for AIA presidency.

DH to William S. Becket. 1954; Telegram. 2 pp. Re Southern Californian architecture.

Becket, William S. 1954; Southern California Chapter of the AIA will celebrate sixtieth anniversary at Los Angeles Municipal Arts Center, where there will be a concurrent Frank Lloyd Wright exhibition.

Becket, William [S.] 1952; Re Plaza Bank of Commerce and other projects.

Belisle, Eugene L. 1958; Re Fall River.

Bendiner, Alred. undated.; Re AIA Convention at New Orleans.

DH to Leonard Bernstein. 1960; Re "Jazz in Architecture" article that appeared in FORUM.

Bertoia, Harry. 1954; Re screen for the Manufacturer's Trust Co.

DH to Mr. and Mrs. Darby Betts. The Deanery, Cathedral of St. John. 1959; Re trip to Providence. Thoughts on Church building.

DH to DH. 1959; Memo. Re Judge Francis Biddle and the proposed Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial.

Mr. Prentice to DH. 1954; Memo. Re remodeling exterior of Madison Avenue building between 58th and 59th Streets and significance of curtain wall.

Alex, William. Peter Blake and Julian Neski. 1959; Re American National Exhibit in Moscow. Requests FORUM to send list of 25 most creative architects in U.S.

Blatner, Henry. 1951; Re Grandview School and Irving School additions in Catskill, New York.

DH to [Staff]. 1959; Memo. Re Charles A. Blessing on Detroit and City Planning.

Box 3 Folder 3 to 4 B to 1960, 1950-1960

DH to Carl Boester. 1954; Re sewerless toilet.

Bogner, Walter F. Graduate School of Design, Harvard University. 1960; The School of Design will hold a conference to discuss solutions to the building of schools.

Bogner, Walter F. Boston Center Architects. 1953; T.l. Re story on Back Bay Center.

DH to [Staff]. 1952; Memo. Re conversation with Walter Bogner on ECA Competition in Germany

Bolles, John. 1960; Re Sacramento project for Crocker Bank and their interest in redevelopment and its future in Sacramento.

Temko, Allan. 1959-60; Reports. Re John Bolles projects.

Bolles, John. 1959; Enclosing clipping on Nikita Khrushchev's visit to the IBM plant at San Jose, California. (Attached.)

DH to Robert Newman. Bolt, Beranek & Newman. 1955; Re publication of the MIT dome. Would like story on the experience gained in handling this kind of problem in acoustics.

Lightbown, Mary Jane to DH. 1959; Memo. Re Preston Bolton houses: Cook Residence; Owsley House.

Lightbown, Mary Jane to [DH?]. 1957; Memo. Re additional work of Bolston & Barnstone including: University of St. Thomas in Houston; houses in Trinidad and South America; Frinzwood Project; office building for Carrier; House in New Canaan.

Lightbown, Mary Jane to [DH?]. 1957; Memo. Re houses of Bolton and Barnstone including: A.J. Farfel House; Dr. Hosen residence.

Barstone, Howard. 1956; Chosen local architects by Philip Johnson for St. Thomas University job.

Born, Ernest. 1959; San Francisco Port Authority unveiling project to convert area east of Embarcadero and north of the Ferry Building.

Born, Ernest. 1958; Applying for Guggenheim Fellowship to complete joint project with Dr. Walter Horn. They have been working on a book titled "The Three-Aisled Mediaeval Timber Hall, A Study of its Origin, Development, and Survival".

Journal of The Society of Architectural Historians. Summer 1958. Volume XVII, No. 2.; Contains article "On the Origins of the Medieval Bay System" by Walter Horn.

Bogen, Herbert L. Chief Planner, Boston Housing Authority. 1957; Re Prudential Center and other Boston projects.

Keeney, George. Bozell & Jacobs, Inc. 1958; Re design for the lobby of the Logan Building. Requests DH to sit in panel of judges.

DH to Ernst V. Johnson. Brock & Johnson. 1950.; Re New Art Building, the University of Kentucky.

DH to [Staff]. 1961; Memo. Re story on the new status of the architect in relation to package dealers. Mentions embarrassments concerning AIA rulings: eviction of [Charles?] Burchard in Ohio; eviction of Kline Fulmer; Belluschi at MIT and their use of a package dealer.

[Wilson?], Ann to DH. 1960; Memo. Re revoking of the architectural license of Charles Burchard.

DH to [Staff]. 1961; Memo. Re [John E.?] Burchard and Bush-Brown book.

Burchard, John E. Dean, School of Humanities and Social Studies, MIT. 1960; Pleased by FORUM's treatment of Brasília. Mentions Niemeyer; Breuer; Zehrfuss; and Mumford's New Yorker piece.

Burchard, John E. Dean, School of Humanities and Social Studies, MIT. 1958; Inquires if DH would give him the names of three or four Manhattan architects for a house job.

DH to John Burchard. Dean, School of Humanities and Social Studies, MIT. 1958; Re Capitol East Front extension.

Burchard, John E. Dean, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, MIT. 1954; Re Georgia Tech library.

Burnett, Hal. Burnett and Logan. 1956; Re advertising, public relations, and sales promotion.

Burnett, Leo. Leo Burnett Company, Inc. 1960; Re advertising.

Bush-Brown, Albert. School of Architecture and Planning, MIT. 1960; Re [Architectural] Record using his article without permission.

Bush-Brown, Albert. School of Architecture and Planning, MIT. 1959; Inquires if DH is interested in sending staff to participate in a Summer School Seminar on Criticism that they might organize for July 1960.

Box 3 Folder 5 to 6 B 1960—(Baa—Bk), 1960-1964

Barnstone, Howard. 1962; Criticizes FORUM article on renovation.

Barzun, Jacques. Provost of Columbia University. 1961; Re misunderstanding about remarks made by Barzun [at a dinner in honor of Walter Gropius, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Le Corbusier, and Frank Lloyd Wright]. (See item # 3 below.)

Barzun, Jacques. "The Architect and the Intellectual Aspirations of His Day,"text of remarks by Dr. Jacques Barzun, Dean of Faculties and Provost of Columbia University, at a dinner in honor of the "Four Great Makers" of contemporary architecture -- Walter Gropius, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Le Corbusier, and the late Frank Lloyd Wright....(p.1) May 1, [1961?]; News release. 11 pp. Speech given in the Rotunda of Columbia's Low Memorial Library.

Beer, Abraham. 1962; Thoughts on the architectural profession, education, and the US as the birthplace of a new architecture.

Bernardes, Sergio W. 1961; Re coverage of the Brasília International Airport project.

Biddle, Frances, Judge. 1962; Re Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial.

Lightbown, Mary Jane to DH. 1961; Memo. Re publication of Brown and Daltas projects including: Coca Cola plant in Mashas; King's sister's house in Tehran; Istanbul Office Tower and Arcade; Iran-America Society Building, Tehran; American Embassy Commissary Building, Tehran; and many others.

Daltas, Spero P. to William P. Hughes, Director of Office of Foreign Buildings, Department of State, Washington D.C. 1960; Writing to remind him of [Brown Daltas and Associates'] interest in projects in the area of Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan or the Near East countries. Lists F.B.O. related projects.

[Brown, Norbert?] undated.; "A Building Code Procedure For The Federal Government." Typescript. 5 pp.

Burchard, John E. School of Humanities and Social Science, MIT. 1961; Mentions Aalto. Has been getting fan mail as result of his Saturday Evening Post article.

Suggests subject for further study and possible story for FORUM, [on city planning in relation to the aesthetic effects produced].

Burchard, John E. to Joseph Watterson, Journal of the AIA. 1961; Re article on "The Piccadilly Affair". Mentions the Grand Central bowling alley project and the Pan American disaster.

Burchard, John E. School of Humanities and Social Science, MIT. 1961; Re Scott Hamilton and his material on Aalto's work.

Burchard, John E. School of Humanities and Social Science, MIT. 1961; Will no longer be consulting editor of The Record.

Box 4 Folder 1 Bacon, Edmond N.—Philadelphia, Penn., 1950-1962

U.S. Government Printing Office. 1960; Brochure. Announcement for the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial Competition.

DH to DH. 1959; Memo. Re Judge Francis Biddle and the proposed FDR Memorial Competition data.

DH to [Staff]. 1954; Memo. Re his attendence at a Philadelphia City Council meeting on row house costs related to frontage; zoning.

Bacon, Edmund N. 1953; Re FORUM article on Penn Center Plan.

DH to Mr. Prentice. 1950; Memo. Re Philadelphia Triangle Project.

Box 4 Folder 2 Barthelme, Don—Houston, Texas, 1950-1961

Barthelme, Donald. 1961; Re story behind leaving the Department of Architecture at Rice University.

Barthelme, Donald. 1960; Re Highland Heights Elementary School.

Gallagher, Jim to DH. undated.; Memo. Re the Adams Petroleum Center done by Don Barthelme.

Barthelme, Donald. 1953; Re architecture magazines and the status of the profession.

DH to Donald Barthelme. 1953; Thoughts regarding relationship of the architect and builder. FORUM magazine must deal with that relationship.

Barthelme, Donald. 1952; Re Sweeney jobs.

DH to T.M. Wennergren. Plastics Department, American Cyanamid Company. 1951; Re publishing West Columbia School in Texas by Donald Barthelme.

Barthelme, Donald. 1950; Re statue of St. Rose lying down. To be placed in St. Rose di Lima Church.

[Statue of St. Rose lying down / Joseph Bulone]. undated.; Photograph. 8x10. Black & white.

Box 4 Folder 3 Becket, Welton & Associates—Los Angeles, Calif., 1949, 1951-1953, 1955-1964

Jackson, Ralph. Welton Becket and Associates. 1963; Re FORUM article on Tennessee Gas building in Houston.

Jackson, Ralph. Welton Becket and Associates. 1962; Typed list. 3 pp. Re major projects under construction.

Jackson, Ralph. Welton Becket and Associates. 1961; Re prospective article on the Humble Oil Building in Housten, Texas.

Jackson, Ralph. Welton Becket and Associates. 1960; Re Gateway project and Kaiser Center.

Temko, [Allan]. 1959-1960; Reports. Re Welton Becket's Bethlehem Steel building and the Kaiser Center.

DH to [Staff]. 1960; Memo. Re Welton Becket's Kaiser Center.

Architectural Forum. "Beverly Hilton Hotel". 1953; Typescript. (Carbon copy). 13 pp.

Lightbown, Mary Jane to DH. 1955; Memo. Re trip to LA and visit with Welton Becket.

DH to [Staff]. 1955; Memo. Re status of various Becket projects including Hallmark; Mt. Sinai Hospital; UCLA medical center; Beverly Hilton; Cairo Statin Plaza; Food Division Headquarters; Southland Center.

Box 4 Folder 4 Belgiojoso, Peressutti & Rogers—Italy, 1953-1960

Haskell, Douglas. undated.; Typed draft. 5 pp. "Where is Italian architecture going?"

Rogers, Ernesto W. 1960; Requests DH to participate in survey on Italian architecture. Encloses questionnaire. (Attached.)

DH to Ernesto Rogers. 1960; Re Britannica Yearbook article. Requests Rogers to give impression of 3-4 most important buildings in Italy and on the continent.

Peressutti, Enrico. 1957; Re the Milan skyscraper.

Banfi, Julia. 1956; Casabella offers assistance on the question of the US Capitol.

DH to Ernest N. Rogers. 1956; Re the plan to change over the US Capitol and extend the historic East Front. Mentions buildings by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and Skidmore, Owings & Merrill. Discusses concern about the future of cities.

Peressutti, Enrico. 1956; Re opening of the restored Sforza Gallery.

DH to Ernesto Rogers. 1955; Requests opinion on Eero Saarinen's MIT group.

Blake, Peter to [Staff]. 1953; Memo. Re the Olivetti Store on Fifth Avenue and the Milan Skyscraper.

DH to Mary Jane Lightbown. 1953; Memo. Re Peressutti's car wash.

Box 4 Folder 5 Belluschi, Pietro, 1949-1963

Lightbown, Mary Jane to [Staff]. 1962; Re Belluschi Churches.

DH to Pietro Belluschi. Dean, School of Architecture and Planning, MIT. 1961; Requests remarks about his feelings on FDR award. Mentions Ieoh Ming and Pei.

DH to [Staff]. 1961; Memo. Re changing architectural practice. Comments on Kline Fulmer's resignation for violating AIA rule against having an interest in the financing, construction, [etc.] of a building of his [own] design. Discusses Belluschi and MIT's partnership with Cabot, Cabot & Forbes for "Technology Square" and how this is causing a problem for him with the Boston AIA.

DH to [Staff]. 1961; Memo. Re the new status of the architect in relation to package dealers.

DH to [Staff]. 1961; Pietro Belluschi updater: projects; consulting work; FDR Memorial.

Belluschi, Pietro. 1961.; Re Rhode Island Priory Story.

DH to Pietro Belluschi. 1956; Re tape-recorded interview with Fred Robie, Frank Lloyd Wright's client for the Robie house.

DH to Pietro Belluschi. 1956; Re FORUM article on Mondawmin project at Baltimore.

Belluschi, Pietro. 1956; Lists new embassy buildings he thinks are worth editorial comment.

Belluschi, Pietro. 1955; Re Mondawmin project.

Belluschi, Pietro. to C. Dale Badgeley, The Architectural League of New York. undated.; T.l. Outline of his speech to be given at Gold Medal Dinner. Uses proposed alterations to St. John the Divine as example of a challenge of particular historical importance.

DH to Pietro Belluschi. 1954; Re FORUM article on St. John the Divine and the subject of having the Cathedral completed in contemporary architecture.

Belluschi, Pietro. 1953; Re FORUM article on Back Bay project. Boston Center Architects grant priority to FORUM on story.

Belluschi, Pietro. 1953; States article in LIFE magazine on King's foreign building operations is unfair.

Belluschi, Pietro. 1953; Criticizes FORUM's style.

Belluschi, Pietro. 1952; Belluschi offers his thoughts on the problem of decentralization.

Burnett, Hal. 1951; Re Belluschi's discussion at MIT on the changing nature of the architectural profession.

DH to Mr. Prentice. 1950; Memo. Re Belluschi's Federal Reserve Bank Project.

Box 4 Folder 6 Breuer, Marcel—NYC, 1949, 1951-1957, 1959-1962

Breuer, Marcel. 1961; Criticizes FORUM article on IBM Nice Laboratory Building.

Breuer, Marcel. 1956; Re the Starkey-Alworth house in Duluth. Gives information for prospective FORUM article.

DH to Mr. Prentice. 1954; Memo. Re doing a story on Breuer's St. John's Abbey, a Benedictine monastery for Collegeville, Minnesota.

Blake, Peter to DH. 1954; Memo. Re Breuer's St. John's Abbey and the Harnischmachers house in Wiesbaden, Germany.

No author. undated.; List of Breuer projects.

Blake, Peter to DH. 1951; Memo. Re a study Breuer has done on the comparison between large structures with lots of rooms and smaller structures with a smaller but more efficient number of rooms.

DH to Mr. Prentice. 1952; Memo. Re story on Breuer. Requests that story be given shorter treatment.

Prentice, P.I. to Peter Blake. 1952; Memo. Re story on Breuer. Suggests angle of story. Alludes to Botticelli.

Prentice, [P.I.] to [Staff]. 1952; Memo. Re treatment of Breuer story.

Blake, Peter to DH. 1951; Memo. Re Breuer portfolio. States reasons for a Breuer article as well as which houses to include in article.

Blake, Peter to DH. 1951; Memo. Re Breuer's new house in New Canaan, Conn.

Blake, Peter to DH. 1951; Memo. Re Breuer's Sarah Lawrence College Arts Building.

Box 4 Folder 7 C to 1960 (C—Chi), 1950-1960

Young, Mary Lib to [Staff]. 1960; Memo. Re story suggestion for MIT and Cabot, Cabot & Forbes' recent announcement to form a corporation to build and own a $15 million industrial research center in Cambridge.

Kriebel, R.R. to Robert J. Cummins. 1957; T.l. Re a building on Route 128 with "weather-ports". (This letter is an enclosure from Cabot, Cabot & Forbes.)

DH to H.T. Cadbury-Brown. 1959; DH writes about his visit to London.

DH to Howard B. Cain. 1959.; Thoughts on architectural criticism. Mentions Lewis Mumford. Reminds Cain that FORUM has published some very favorable criticism.

Cain, Walker O. 1950; Re proposed building for the piazza in front of the Cathedral in Milan. Enclosed photostat shows its resemblance to at least one building now going up. (Photostat attached.)

DH to Walker O. Cain. 1956; Re Smithsonian Air Museum and Bolling Field.

Cain, Walker O. 1952; A.l.s Re his subscription to FORUM.

DH to Walker O. Cain. 1952; Re misunderstanding concerning Cain and FORUM and cancellation of Cain's subscription.

Cain, Walker O. 1952; A.l.s. Extremely discouraged over the manner in which [DH's] magazines handled material he placed in their hands. Enumerates reasons why.

Rob[ran?], A.H.. Michigan Bell Telephone Company. undated.; Re the Caldwell air control systems installed in their buildings.

Canty, Donald. California Council, A.I.A. 1957; Admires [FORUM's] increasing use of photos that show architecture not just as a passive setting for people, but as an active part of their environment.

Temko, Allan. 1960; Reports. 3 pp. Re Campbell & Wong projects including Galleon Restaurant; Mokelumne Hill, NY; and others.

Campbell, John Carden. Campbell & Wong. 1958; Congratulates DH on use of architectural criticism in FORUM.

DH to Mr. Prentice. 1953; Memo. Nominates the Green house by Campbell & Wong for a house that will meet the subject of the Seattle architects convention.

Enumerates reasons why. Comments on the Northwest; Oriental influence and wood.

DH to Félix Candela. 1958; Re publishing Xochimilco restaurant.

Candela, Félix. 1955; Re publication of various projects. Enclosing his opinion on the question of the Cathedral of St. John the Divine. (Not attached.)

DH to John D. Caproni. 1959; Remarks on the Medical Dental Center in New Haven and possibility of a future story in FORUM.

Tanner, Og to DH. 1958; Memo. Re Deering-Milliken Office Building in New York City designed by Carson and Lundin. Interior by Knoll Planning Unit.

Lightbown, Mary Jane to DH. 1953; Memo. Re Self-Service Schraffts at Grand Central Terminal and Torrington Manufacturing Plant in Connecticut, by Carson and Lundin.

Catalano, Eduardo F. to DH. 1955; Criticizes article "A New Way to Span Space" in which he was involved.

Chase, Edward T. 1960; Re writing an article on the Port Authority.

[Chase, Edward T.] undated.; "Piece for FORUM on New Era in Medical Practice and its Meaning for Planning Architecture, Building:..." Typescript (draft). 3 pp.

Chase, Edward T. 1959; Re outline for medical facilities planning piece. Mentions Frank Lloyd Wright.

Chase, Edward T. Cunningham & Walsh Inc. 1958; Appreciated DH's critical comments on the architectural piece he sent him. Inquired at The New Yorker about correct spelling of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe's name.

Chase, Edward T. "Perspective On The Saint Lawrence Seaway." undated.; Typescript. 15 pp.

DH to [Staff]. 1958; Memo. Re Seaway story by Edward T. Chase.

Chase, Edward [T.] 1958; Frank Lloyd Wright will speak on the future of New York City at the Great Hall of the New York Chamber of Commerce. Mentions Lewis Mumford.

Chase, Edward T. Cunningham & Walsh Inc. 1957; Met with Lewis Mumford and Rotival on an urban panel in Boston.

Cheek, Leslie Jr. Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. 1959; Thoughtful of DH to write him concerning his recent appointment to the US National Commission for UNESCO.

Currie, Leonard J., Virginia Polytechnic Institute, Department of Architecture to Leslie Cheek, Jr. 1958; Re dedication of the new Reynolds Metals Building and the concurrent show of SOM work by the Virginia Museum.

Chermayeff, Serge. Graduate School of Design, Harvard University. 1953; Requests DH to recommend him to International Institute of Education for trip to Poland. (CV attached.)

Box 4 Folder 8 C to 1960 (Cho—Cn), 1950-1961

Christ-Janer, Albert. Pratt Institute. 1958; Re photographs for the Modern Christian Churches book.

Christ-Janer, Albert. School of the Arts, Pennsylvania State University. 1957; Re opposition to the Bunshaft chapel.

Christ-Janer, Albert. School of the Arts, Pennsylvania State University. 1957; Thanks DH for the generous treatment he gave his brother. Mentions [his?] book on church architecture.

Christ-Janer, Albert to President Dwight D. Eisenhower. 1957; T.l. (Carbon copy) Thoughts concerning the design of the State Department headquarters to be erected in Washington.

[?] to [?]. 1955; [Memo?] Telephone call from Albert Christ-Janer re Stevens & Sonnenberg; church round table.

Christ-Janer, Albert. 1955; Will try to arrange meeting of church architecture specialists and another meeting with DH about architects. Mentions the new Arts Center at Washington Square.

Christ-Janer, Victor. 1957; Reports on the following projects: New Canaan Market; Lake Erie College; Vista New York—Shopping Village.

DH to Henry Churchill. 1961; Re their panel appearance at the Coulumbia "Four Great Makers" show.

DH to John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation. undated. ; Recommends Henry Churchill as candidate for fellowship.

Churchill, Henry to DH. 1958.; A.l.s. Discusses North County School Project.

Churchill, Henry to DH. 1955; Asks DH to react to his enclosed memo on problems in housing, urban renewal and planning. (Memo attached.)

DH to Henry Churchill. 1954; Responds to Churchill's criticism on a FORUM house article. (Article attached with Churchill's criticism written in hand on actual article.)

Temko, Allan. 1959-60. ; Reports. Approximately 4 pp. Re Mario Ciampi projects including: Daly City; University of Alaska; Newman Hall; Fernando Rivera Elementary School; Palermo Consulate; and others.

Ciampi, Mario to DH. 1960; Selected to chair the architectural evaluation jury for the Golden Gateway competition.

Clark, Hervey, Clark and Beuttler to DH. 1953; Critical remarks concerning June 1953 issue of FORUM.

Clark, Hervey, Clark and Beuttler to Mr. Prentice. 1951; Inquires if FORUM is interested in publicizing an AIA exhibition in San Francisco planned in conjunction with the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency.

DH to Mr. Prentice. 1950; Memo. Re Alfred Clauss' house in Philadelphia.

Clay, Grady. "The Planner And His Critics: Remarks by Grady Clay to American Society of Planning Officials Bar Harbor, Miami Beach, Florida, May 25, 1960."; Lecture. 13 pp.

Clay, Grady. 1959; Delighted with the treatment DH has given his Tivoli article.

Haskell, Douglas. "Architectural Forum's Adventure In Architectural Criticism: A Letter to Grady Clay of the Urban Design Criticism Conference." undated.; T.l. 6 pp.

Ellner, Anthony, Jr. Department of Architecture, Clemson College. 1955; Criticizes the viewpoint in modern architecture that "the revolution is over."

Box 5 Folder 1 C to 1960 (Co—Cz), 1950-1961

DH to AIA. 1960; DH supports Alex Cochran's AIA nomination for advancement to Fellowship in the Institute for Design and Service to the Institute.

DH to Alexander S. Cochran. 1959; FORUM has written editorial about Congressman Wayne L. Hays and his attacks on the Foreign Building Operation of State.

Would like information about income for architects who participated in the program.

Coghlan, Ralph. Office of Defense Mobilization, Washington D.C. 1951; Re the St. Louis arch, plagiarism, and use of the parabolic arch in architecture.

Hazen, Joe to Miles L. Colean. 1960; Memo. Re building volume statistics in FORUM.

Colley, Richard S. 1956; Re design of Texas Instruments buildings.

Pokorny, Jan Hird. School of Architecture, Columbia University. 1959; Re new course in Advanced Structures.

DH to James Martin Fitch, School of Architecture, Columbia University. 1958; Inquires if Columbia is interested in obtaining a copy of the Robie tape.

DH to [Staff]. 1956; Memo. Re Columbia University's building program.

Committee for Economic Development. "Summary For The Press of a Supplementary Paper prepared for the Area Development Committee of the Committee for Economic Development (CED) by Donald R. Gilmore, Regional Economist of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston: Developing The "Little Economies"". [1960]; News release. 6 pp. Re area development programs in the United States.

Morris, Gitta. Contemporary Arts Museum of Houston. 1960; Re the first extensive exhibit of architectural graphics in the country. (Includes News release.)

DH to Louise Cooper. 1955; Re prospective FORUM article on the architect of America. DH remarks on the architectural profession.

Office of Public Information Cornell University. 1957; News release. 3 pp. Re student design for the world's largest uranium center in the Blind River Area, Canada.

Atwood, Sanford S. Cornell University. 1959; College of Architecture seeks new Dean.

Lightbown, Mary Jane to DH. 1957; Memo. Re Cox, Hagman and Meyer projects.

Zeidler, Eberhard H. Craig and Zeidler. 1960; Re West Ellesmere United Church project. Outlines evolution of modern architecture.

Box 5 Folder 2 to 3 C 1960—(Ca—Cz), 1960-1964

Cain, Walker O. [1964]; A.l.s. Re Ada Louise Huxtable's New York Times article that criticizes the new Museum of History and Technology in Washington. Makes sarcastic inquiry into the field of architectural criticism. (Article attached).

Cain, Walker O. 1962; Heard DH on WOR. Sending excerpt from The Times on the demolition of Pennsylvania Station. (Article enclosed.)

Candeub, Isadore. 1961; Re Schenectedy newspaper article in which DH comments on Cincinnati industrial park. (Article not attached.)

Catalone, Eduardo. 1961; Re FORUM's interest in doing an article on University of Buenos Aires project and Dining Hall at MIT.

Hash, J.A. Advertising Manager, Celotex Corporation. 1961; Points out that the FORUM article on the Chase Manhattan Bank fails to mention the building is sound conditioned.

Christ-Janer, Albert. 1961; Expresses satisfaction for DH's constant faith in his brother Victor.

Christ-Janer, Victor. 1963; Re United Church of West Norwalk.

[Christ-Janer, Victor?] undated.; Typescript, (carbon copy). 12 pp. Re the United Church of West Norwalk. (Includes diagrams.)

DH to DH. 1962; Memo. Re Mario J. Ciampi.

Collins, Peter. McGill University. 1959; Comments on the character of FORUM magazine.

Stanton, Frank. Columbia Broadcasting System. 1962; Re his photograph of a garage on the way to Oslo airport. (Photograph enclosed.)

Whiteside, W.J. Director, Department of Buildings and Grounds, Columbia University. 1964; Re FORUM's article on the renovation of Lewisohn Hall.

Smith, Kenneth A. Acting Dean, School of Architecture, Columbia University. 1963; Regrets the decision that the course "Architecture and the Entrepreneur" will not be given next year.

DH to [Staff]. 1961; Memo. Re Connecticut General Life Insurance Company's symposium on Air Transportation.

Costen, Truett H. 1961; Re LeHigh University project.

Cox, Leonard. 1961; Inquires if DH is interested in article on mediaeval geometry of Chartres.

Currie, Leonard J. 1962; Re permission to reprint FORUM editorials.

Box 5 Folder 4 Caudill, Rowlett & Scott—Byran, TX, 1953-1964

Caudill, William W. to Roy E. Larsen, President, Time Inc. 1964; Re Roy Larsen Hall at Harvard University.

DH to William W. Caudill. 1963; Response to Caudill's remarks re the influence of architectural magazines.

Caudill, William W. to DH. 1962; Rice University celebrates 50th anniversary. Medal of Honor given to John Lyon Reid. News release enclosed.

Caudill, William W. to Tom Bullock. 1962; Memo. Re Symphony Hall of Lincoln Center.

DH to William Caudill. 1962; Questions about the architect and estimating production costs.

Caudill, William W. to DH. 1962; Re Rice University's 50th anniversary and new idea of selecting a peoples' architect to honor rather than an architects' architect.

DH to AIA, Jury of Fellows. 1961; Supports nomination of Caudill for advancement to Fellowship.

DH to William W. Caudill. 1961; Re conference on stock school plans to be held in New York.

Caudill, William W. 1961; Remarks concerning his return to teaching at Rice University.

Caudill, William W. 1961; Re FORUM articles on Dome School and "Jazz in Architecture".

Pena, William M. 1960; Re Port Arthur High School.

DH to William Pena. 1960; Requests information on how Port Arthur High School could be adapted to Trump Report educational methods.

Pena, William M. 1959; Re Laredo Schools.

DH to William W. Caudill. 1959; Remarks re Dr. Trump and John Lyon Reid editorial.

Caudill, William W. to design staff. 1957; Memo. Re programming Corning secondary schools.

DH to [Staff]. 1957; Memo. Re Corning school story.

DH to William W. Caudill. 1956; Re doing a story on Caudill and partners.

DH to CBS. 1955; Requests film of Edward R. Murrow's television program on education, featuring William Caudill.

DH to [Staff]. 1953; Memo. Re Caudill school projects: Laredo Junior High, The Port Arthur Sam Houston Elementary School, and The Port Arthur El Vista School.

Box 6 Folder 1 Colbert, Charles—New Orleans, LA, 1952-1955, 1957, 1959-1963

DH to Morris Ketchum. 1963; Re Colbert resignation.

DH to Charles Colbert. 1961; Requests remarks re the FDR Memorial competition.

DH to Charles Colbert. 1960; Re Columbia course titled "The Architect and the Entrepreneur."

DH to Charles Colbert. 1959; Re Ann Arbor Trump Report.

Colbert, Charles. 1959; Re decision to move to New York.

Colbert, Charles. 1957; Re the "School Oasis" concept.

Colbert, Charles. 1955; Re Wheatley School and Philadelphia Mall Building projects.

Colbert, Charles. 1955; Remarks on Clarence Scheps and Tulane University plan.

The Times-Picayune. April 26, 1955; Clipping. Front page article on Scheps' opposal to radical school building plans in New Orleans.

The Times-Picayune. July 29-30, 1953; Clippings re school village project. Colbert defends project.

Colbert, Charles. 1953; School Board awards high school to Curtis and Davis and the junior high school to Freret and Wolf. This is first part of School Village program.

Box 6 Folder 2 Curtis & Davis—New Orleans, LA, 1950-1952, 1954-1960

The New York Times. September 30, 1960; Clipping. Re hotel by Curtis & Davis in Hartford's Constitution Plaza.

Davis, Arthur Q. 1960; Re return of George Washington Carver School material.

DH to [Staff]. 1959; Memo. Re Curtis & Davis Berlin hospital project.

Blake, Peter to [Staff]. undated.; Memo. Re Curtis & Davis Berlin hospital.

McQuade, Walter to [Staff]. 1956; Memo. Re Curtis & Davis pending projects: four small hospitals; Maryland Casualty Company Building; Saigon Embassy; George Washington Carver Junior High School; New Orleans Library; vertical motel, and Davis' own house.

Davis, Arthur Q. 1956; Remarks on Saigon Embassy Apartment Building and Marine Quarters.

DH to Edmund Purves. 1955; DH remarks to the Washington AIA re Curtis & Davis violations of ethical practice.

DH to Arthur Q. Davis. 1954; Comments re material for FORUM article on Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola.

Davis Arthur Q. 1950; Thanks DH for FORUM article on his multi-story housing project in New Orleans.

Box 6 Folder 3 to 5 D to 1960 (D—Del), 1950-1961

Daffin, C. Ernest. 1955; Letter pertaining to contemplated Civic Center for Tallahassee, Florida.

DH to Gardener Daily. 1953; Requests help for the California Council's convention.

Dalzell, K. Whitney. 1957; Criticizes FORUM editorial written in response to Reader's Digest article.

DH to [Staff]. 1955; Memo. Re phone conversation with Arthur Dana, a kitchen consultant. Comments on FORUM article that will deal with hotel and restaurant kitchen planning.

Danes, Gibson A. 1959; Thanks DH for Robie tape. Gropius coming to visit Yale.

Davison, Robert L. 1951; Comments on the proposed State Building Construction Code applicable to 1 and 2 Family Dwellings.

De Gaetani, Thomas. undated.; Proposal for study on the planning and construction of theater buildings throughout the United States, submitted to the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation.

DH to William H. Deitrick. 1958; Suggestion regarding the Chapel Hill dormitory project.

Deitrick, William Henley. 1954; Remarks concerning Paul Rudolph and the Livestock Judging Pavilion at Raleigh.

DH to Matthew W. Del Gaudio. 1957; States reasons why Del Gaudio should subscribe to FORUM. Lists FORUM's defense of architects against the Reader's Digest article as reason number one.

DH to Matthew W. Del Gaudio. 1956; FORUM changes mind and agrees to stay within the AIA's "attitude" of not using architects portraits in promotional matters.

Demars, Vernon. 1954; Comments on prospective Easter Hill story for FORUM or House & Home. Remarks concerning Diamond Heights.

Detroit Plan Commission. 1953; Thanks DH for information on the Vienna competition.

Sias, Thomas C., Douglas Fir Plywood Association. 1959; Would like DH to suggest architects for rebuilding project in Roseburg, Oregon.

Douglas, Lathrop. 1957; Re Luz Electra Building in Caracas and building for Esso Columbiana in Bogotá.

Jacobs, Jane to DH. 1954; Memo. Re Douglas' Cross County Shopping Center.

Dow, Alden B. 1961; Discusses recent trip to Puerto Rico. Impressed with Chuck Colbert at Columbia University. Will support Columbia show of "The Four Greats" by contributing money.

Dow, Alden B. 1955; Asks if DH is interested in publishing story on Midland Public Library project.

Dow, Alden B. 1951; Mentions Saxon House in Flint, Michigan and Defoe house.

Dow Chemical Company. 1960; Invites DH to meeting on thin-shell construction techniques.

DH to Robert Dowling. 1960; Thanks Dowling for lecture at Columbia. Would like more information on Russian technological advances.

DH to Robert Dowling. 1960; Gives details on Columbia architectural class. States course objective is to understand not only building costs but the dynamics of building investment.

Doxiadis, C.A. 1960; Glad to see Mr. Luce in Athens. Ezra Ehrenkrantz to write FORUM article on his operations.

DH to [Staff]. 1957; Memo. Re the Greek Architect-Planner Constantinos Doxiadis. Left favorable impression at MIT. His theory is named "Ekistics", compounds ecology, economics, and logistics.

Drew, Jane. MIT. 1961; Comments on natural and artificial light.

Drummond, George F. Canadian National Railways. 1952; Glad to get DH letter re Montreal Terminal Development.

DH to Talbot Hamlin. 1954; Remarks on contribution made to architecture by Dudok.

Duncan, Robert C. 1951; Response to FORUM's "Young Men's Issue".

Box 6 Folder 6 D 1960 -, 1954-1955, 1959-1964

Daly, William T. 1961; Inquiry re possible FORUM article on the Pius XII Memorial Library in St. Louis.

The New York Times. 1962; Clipping. Re resignation of J. Clarence Davies Jr., chairman of the Housing and Redevelopment Board.

DH to [Staff]. 1959; Memo. Re Richard Llewelyn Davies. Book to be published with psychiatrists on revised attitude toward mental care. Village for Lord Rothschild and a new building for the London Times.

DH to Robert C. Weaver, Housing and Home Finance Agency. 1963; Need for go-ahead on Robert L. Davison experimental program for a codeless apartment house in Bayonne, New Jersey.

DH to Vernon de Mars. 1961; Allan Temko to do critical article on California Student Center, Berkeley campus, University California.

Di Gaudio, Frank. 1962; Compliments FORUM magazine on its new format.

Searles, John R., Jr. District of Columbia Redevelopment Land Agency. 1961; Requests advice selecting urban renewal proposals submitted by redevelopers. Encloses instructions for filing proposals.

DH to Senator Paul Douglas. 1962; Re the Capitol dome and extension of the East Front of the Capitol.

Dow Corning. 1962; Requests information on building sealants.

Wright, Arthur E., Jr. Downtown St.Louis, Inc. 1961; Reaction to FORUM's St. Louis post office follow-up article.

Doxiadis, C.A. 1961; Thanks DH for FORUM article on him. (Article attached.)

Drew, Jane. 1961; Visiting New York, would like to meet with DH.

Dreyfuss, Henry. 1961; States appreciation for FORUM article on Eero Saarinen.

Dubin, Fred S. 1962; News Release. Dubin guest speaker at NJ Society of Architects. Dubin cites the Jonas Salk Biology Research Center in LaJolla, California, to illustrate effects of mechanical systems on architectural planning.

DH to [Staff]. 1962; Re George Dudley. Discusses Albany plan, New York State University, and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Gropius, Walter. 1961; Writes to DH re Emilio Duhart.

DH to Dunbarton Oaks Research and Library Collection. 1962; Re prospective FORUM story on Robert Van Nice's study of Hagia Sophia.

DH to Og Tanner. 1961; Memo. Re Fred Dunn. Rebuilding St. Louis Episcopal Cathedral.

Box 6 Folder 7 to 8 E, 1951-1964

Temko, Allan to [DH]. 1959.; Report. Re Charles Eames' thoughts on Russian architecture and ideas for a possible story.

Eames, Charles. 1952; Re Charles and Albyn Mackintosh.

Eaton, Leonard K. 1956; Sending photographs of the Fischer Marble Co. factory in New York. Inquires if DH has interest in story on this building.

Dean, Francis. 1961; Criticism re architects designing fall-out shelters.

Eden, Paul L. 1963; Re the Nelson Stud Wedling Division of Gregory industries, Inc.

DH to Educational Facilities Laboratories. 1962; States he has scheme for educating high school students about architecture.

DH to Educational Facilities Laboratories, Inc. 1961; Thanks Harold Gores for proposal regarding meeting on school rationalization.

DH to Ezra Ehrenkrantz. 1961; Comments on meeting of experts to be held in the school-building field.

DH to [Staff]. 1961; Memo. Re story idea on a better answer to school stock plans. Remarks on ideas by Ezra Ehrenkrantz.

Ehrenkrantz, Ezra D. 1961; Saw Doxiadis in Chicago, he has Ekistics school in Karachi.

Ehrenkrantz, Ezra D. 1960; Comments on articles he is writing for FORUM.

DH to [Staff]. 1960; Memo. Re prefab schools and the "number system" of Ezra Ehrenkranzt.

Elliot, George. School of Design, N.C. State College. 1951; Criticizes FORUM's writing style.

DH to Edward P. Elliot. 1951; Would like to do story on Fortuna house.

DH to Craig Ellwood. 1961; Mentions story about Carson/Roberts Building. Remarks on collaboration between architect and client.

DH to Craig Ellwood. 1961; Re the Acme Building.

Elsasser, Frederick A. 1959; Regrets FORUM will not publish his article "Was Criticism by Comparison Fair?" without abbreviating it. Decides to close matter.

DH to Frederick A. Elsasser. 1959; Because of delayed response cannot give full page to reply to the article "What Makes One School Better?"

Elsasser, Frederick A. 1958; Criticism re FORUM's article which used Collins School in comparison to the Homestead School. Insists on retraction of article.

Elting, Winston. 1958; Mentions Park Forest (Ill.) Church matter.

Elting, Winston. 1958; Clarifies his statements made to FORUM, and subsequently published, about the conflict of ideas in present day architecture.

Elting, Winston. 1956; Sending plans of house in Benton Harbor, Michigan.

DH to William A. Hatch, Emery Advertising Corporation. 1954; Comments re advertising copy and layout.

DH to Encyclopedia Britannica. 1962; Re illustrating the article on architecture for the next Britannica Book of the Year.

Engelhardt, Engelhardt, Leggett and Cornell. 1960; Re study of the cost of schools. Encloses article on planning schools.

[Lopez, Frank.] Engelhardt, Engelhardt, Leggett and Cornell. 1957; Re Nick Engelhardt Jr.'s Comparison Formula. Asks questions about publishing the "Formula" and copyright laws.

Engelhardt, N.L. undated.; Typescript. 15 pp. "Probing for More Economy in School Construction."

DH to John Entenza. 1962; Re Robert Van Nice and the Hagia Sophia.

Epstein, Jorge. 1959; Dismantling the last foundry for architectural ornaments in Boston. Would like to discuss preservation of the collection.

Erhart, Eichenbaum and Rauch. 1959; Protests FORUM letter sent to subscribers in which the firm does not get proper credit for hospital project.

Spencer, Herbert R., Jr. The Erie Enameling Company. 1959; T.l. (Carbon copy.) Re curtain walls.

Bourne, Russell to DH. 1960; Memo re Ralph Erskine and his prospective article "Frontier Architecture."

Temko, Allan. 1960; Report. Re Joseph Esherick and The Child Study Center at Berkeley.

Ewing Gerald B. 1958; Thanks DH for coverage in FORUM. Mentions paper he presented on the lighting design of Williamsburg Information Center.

Box 7 Folder 1 to 3 F to 1960 (F—Fz), 1949-1961

Faires, Thomas F. 1960; Thanks DH for letter regarding Civic Center plan. Will keep advised on progress.

DH to Family Weekly. 1956; Background information regarding opposition to the Capitol extension of the East Front.

DH to [Staff]. 1956; Memo. Re Abe Feder and his lighting projects.

Thompson-Haskell to [Staff]. 1960; Memo. Re criticizing Federal Housing Administration.

Stephen G. Thompson to Joseph Nardone, District Director, Federal Housing Administration. 1960; Confirms arrangements for Nardone lecture at Columbia University. Gives details on subject of FHA operations and the architect, and the course "The Architect and the Entrepreneur."

DH to Arthur Fehr. 1957; Thanks him for copy of Attorney General Wilson's speech given at the 100th anniversary dinner of the AIA in Texas.

Fehr, Arthur. 1953; Writes about his trip through Germany and the German rebuilding program.

DH to Gurney Breckenfeld. 1953; Memo. Re US architects visit to Germany led by Arthur Fehr.

DH to [Staff]. 1953; Memo. Re Fehr and Granger projects including first National Bank in Bastrop, Texas.

DH to Charles Granger. 1953; Letter written to Charles Granger of Fehr & Granger. Defends FORUM magazine for helping architects not deserting them.

Fehr, Arthur. 1949; Describes five school projects, four of which are complete: Becker Elementary School; Mary B. Erskine School, Seguin; Ball High (New High School for Negros), Seguin; Addition to Pleasant Hill School; Elementary School, Seguin.

DH to James Felt, Chairman, City Planning Commission, NYC. 1961; Refers to West Village episode.

The New York Herald Tribune. March 28, 1956.; Clipping. Re return of architect Hermann H. Field, who was imprisoned five years in Communist Poland.

Fisher, Howard T. 1956; Learned FORUM might do article on increasing use of full-scale mock-ups as a basic element in architectural practice.

Fisher, Howard T. undated.; Paper. 10 pp. "Technical Information Needs of the Building Design Professions."

Fitch, James Marston. undated.; Dictation. Re thoughts on the design of fall out shelters.

DH to James Marston Fitch. 1960; Defends Gropius and the team idea.

DH to James Marston Fitch. 1958; Remarks re John Kelly and his recollections of the Wright family.

DH to [Staff]. 1960; Memo. Re Seymour Fogel, art vice president of the Architectural League, and his complaint about painting for architecture.

Fonell, J. Vincent. 1954; Discusses idea for "Heliport--Motel" which he developed while in the School of Architecture at Columbia University.

Foote, Cone & Belding. 1953; Discusses idea for Minneapolis-Honeywell to conduct an advertising campaign for architects.

DH to Edward D'Arms, The Ford Foundation. 1959; Inquires if Foundation has interest in helping to build auditorium for Tuskegee Institute.

Lowry, W. McNeil. The Ford Foundation. 1959; Invites nominations for Program in Theater Design.

DH to [Staff]. 1959; Memo. FORUM story suggestion re Rudolph Frankel of Miami University, at Oxford, Ohio, and the redevelopment of smaller towns.

Frantz, Alfred A. 1960; Zoning release about Morris Ketchum.

New York Herald Tribune. March 7, 1960; Clipping. "Zoning Code Objectors Hit by Architect."

DH to Frantz and Spence. 1958; Capitol battle lost.

DH to Frantz and Spence. 1957; Discusses [Homman Harvey's] article in Reader's Digest.

Franzen, Ulrich. 1959; Remarks on FORUM's architectural criticism.

DH to Achim Fiedrich. Harvard School of Government. 1954; Discusses proposal for a technique of school building which raises issues in the theory of government.

DH to R.C. Daly. George A. Fuller Company. 1957; Enclosing reworking of proposed Newcomen[?] Society speech.

California State Polytechnic College. 1958; News release. Re public lecture by R. Buckminster Fuller on "Architecture for the Space Age."

Fuller, R. Buckminster. 1955; Telegram. States alleged patent infringements by Jeffrey Lindsay.

DH to [Staff]. 1961; Memo. Re resignation of O. Kline Fulmer from the AIA for supposed ethics violation. Discusses MIT's partnership with Cabot, Cabot & Forbes.

Carrol, J. Roy Jr., Secretary, AIA (Washington) to O. Kline Fulmer. 1961; Requests Fulmer to reconsider resignation. Urges Fulmer to attend meeting where the matter of the package dealer can be discussed.

Fulmer, O. Kline. 1961; Letter of resignation from AIA. Mentions Nervi and Candela as honorable examples of people who are both architects and builders. Paraphrases Gropius in relation to same issue.

Eggers, David L., Chairman, Professional Practice Committee, AIA (New York) to O. Kline Fulmer. 1961; Writes that Fulmer is in violation of AIA standards. Suggests he resign to avoid embarrassment of formal charges.

Box 7 Folder 4 F 1960—(F—Fi), 1961-1963

Falick, James. 1961; Just returned from Rome and Athens. Was welcomed by Doxiades Associates. Discusses the planning and building that he saw.

Statement of C.L. Farris Regarding Steingruby Matter. 1962.; Typed draft. Re the publicity about former Housing Authority manager, Bert Steingruby.

Gordon, R.L. Farson, Huff & Northlich, Inc. 1961; Re Queensgate Conference.

Granger, Charles. Fehr and Granger. 1961; Re photos of the State Insurance Company.

Felt, James. Department of City Planning, City Planning Commission, City of New York. 1962.; Re Felt's resignation.

Fey, Earl A. 1962; Re [FORUM and the St. Louis arch.]

Pulgram, William L. Finch Alexander Barnes Rothschild & Paschal. 1961; Pleased with [FORUM's] coverage of the 270 Peachtree Building.

DH to Peter Blake. 1962; Memo. Re Ernest Fisher.

DH to James M. Fitch. 1963; DH writes to Fitch in England. Mentions "Colbert episode"; Rich Miller; Ernest Fisher; Zevi; Michelucci.

Fitchen, John F. Chairman, Department of Fine Arts, Colgate University. 1964; Re Van Nice's article on the Hagia Sofia. Discusses his challenge to the article and publication of his letter in FORUM.

Box 7 Folder 5 F 1960—(Fl—Fz), 1961-1964

Englesmith, George. Marion A. Floyd & Associates, Architects. 1964; Re Houston Baptist College Auditorium project.

Foley, Mary Mix. 1953; Discusses her articles on the Southwest for FORUM.

D'Arms, Edward F. The Ford Foundation. 1959; Re the project in theater design under the Ford Foundation Program in Humanities. Hopes they can call on DH for further advice. Mentions the Juilliard School of Music and Thomas De Gaetani.

Secretary to DH to Tom Bross, Publicity Manager, Formica Company. 1962; Thanks Bross for writing about [FORUM's] Chicago issue.

Fourcroy, Louis J. Planning Department, City of Palo Alto. 1963; Tells DH that a recent issue of FORUM made a mistake in reference to a picture of outdoor advertising in Palo Alto. The picture of advertisements were actually outside the Palo Alto area.

France, Robert R. 1963; Thermofax copy of letter. Thanks DH for his help in selecting an architect (Mr. Kahn) for the First Unitarian Church [in Rochester?]

Fahrney, D.S. The Franklin Institute. 1963; Pleased DH will suggest candidates for consideration for the Frank P. Brown Medal Committee.

Lightbown, Mary Jane to Messrs. Blake, Haskell, Tanner. 1962; Memo. Re Ulrich Franzen.

Fraser, George. 1962; Requests information regarding "Multiple Complex Housing," on college campuses.

Frei, Emil. 1962; Would like reprints of the St. Louis Priory.

Freitag, Joseph V., Jr. 1961; Remarks on "non-professional" remarks made in FORUM. Comments on relationship of architect and interior designer.

Lightbown, Mary Jane to Blake and Haskell. 1962; Memo. Re Gordon Friesen.

Design Department, Southern Illinois University. 1961; Letter of introduction to a project of the senior design class, under the instruction of R. Buckminster Fuller.

Fulmer, O. Kline. 1961; Re Kline's resignation to J. Roy Carroll, AIA.

Box 7 Folder 6 Feiss, Carl, 1954-1963

Gaynor, James Wm. Commissioner, Division of Housing and Community Renewa[l], State of New York, to Carl Feiss. 1962; (Copy of letter.) States that Feiss's proposals that helped shape the FORUM article, "The Dreary Deadlock of Public Housing", were of assitance to them in developing a plan to subsidize low-income families.

DH to Jury of Fellows, AIA. 1960; Re nomination of Feiss for fellowship.

Feiss, Carl. 1959; Re his services to Architectural Forum. His name remains on the masthead.

Feiss, Carl. 1955; Re Western Addition Redevelopment Project in San Francisco and Diamond Heights.

Feiss, Carl. 1957; Draft of letter. Comments on why the Time, Inc. film on architects is "distressing and embarrassing."

Feiss, Carl. 1956; Re death of Talbot Hamlin.

Feiss, Carl. 1956; Re misunderstanding about his services on more than one architectural magazine.

Hazen, Joe to DH. 1955; Memo. Re Carl Feiss. (Attached: memos re reports from Feiss.)

Feiss, Carl. 1955; Re battle between the Planning Commission and Mr. Zeckendorf over the location of the Mall in the Southwest Redevelopment Area.

Feiss, Carl. 1955; Brings DH up to date on urban renewal matters in Los Angeles; Puerto Rico; Minneapolis.

Feiss, Carl. 1954; Re redevelopment projects in Diamond Heights, San Francisco; Harrisburg, Pennsylvania; Middletown, Connecticut.

Feiss, Carl. 1954; Accepts consulting relationship, [with FORUM], on urban redevelopment and urban rehabilitation problems.

Feiss, Carl. 1954; Re St. Louis Renewal Program.

Box 7 Folder 7 Ford, Perkins O'Neil, 1950-1963

O'Neil Ford. 1961; Answers DH's inquiry re St. Mark's Math & Science building at Dallas.

DH to AIA. 1959; Supports Fellowship nomination of O'Neil Ford.

O'Neil Ford. 1958; Pleased with essay on Haggerty and Graf. Expresses thoughts on lighting fixtures.

DH to O'Neil Ford. 1956; Requests material on Texas Instrument job for FORUM article. Discusses life at the magazine and at home.

O'Neil Ford. undated.; Comments on and encloses Houston Post article titled "Claytons Buy Slum For City."

Box 8 Folder 1 to 3 G to 1960 (G—Gz), 1953-1960

Galland, Thoams V. 1960; Comments on the state of modern architecture. Would like to see FORUM do article on Le Corbusier with his help.

DH to Clinton Gamble. 1959; Discusses AIA politics.

Gans, Herbert. Institute for Urban Studies, University of Pennsylvania. 1955; Re systematic study of the decision making process in architecture.

Garber, John M. 1956; Describes proposed redevelopment plans for the Central Business District of Cincinnati.

DH to Joe Hazen. 1957; Memo. Re Geddes, Brecher and Qualls, and the Philadelphia zoning story.

DH to Ralph E. Crockett. Supervisory Engineer, General Electric. 1960; Re information sent by FORUM's public relations office on DH. Does not want certain things put into print.

DH to [Staff]. 1956; Memo. Re General Electric and plan to evade desegregation requirement.

DH to [Staff]. 1954; Memo. Re General Motors stories.

Edwards, David J. Jr., Director of Exhibitions, Georgia Institute of Technology. 1956; Re planned exhibition "Half A Century of Architectural Education."

DH to Geren, Pelich and Clarkson. 1953; Would like to see plans, photos, of Fort Worth Airport for prospective article.

DH to Charles Gibson. State Department of Education. 1954; Seeks opinions about technique of school building which raises serious issues in the theory of government.

Giedion, Sigfried. 1957; Sending pages on the problem of space conception. (Pages attached.)

Giedion, Sigfried. 1956; Re tenth CIAM (International Congress for Modern Architecture) meeting.

DH to Gurney Breckenfeld. 1953; Memo. Re Sigfried Giedion. Reports Giedion's remarks made at AIA lunch.

Giedion, Sigfried. 1957; Encloses paper on beginning of architecture originally given as Mellon Lecture.

Giedion, Sigfried. 1957; Encloses article on "Space Conceptions of Architecture."

Gilbert, Edwin. 1956; Re his book Native Stone.

Gill, Harrison. 1953; Mentions his article in Harper's (attached) and would like to know if FORUM is interested in article about analysis of "tension" in various contemporary design trends.

Gilson, Frank C. The University of the State of New York. 1956; Enjoyed FORUM articles on schools.

Wilson, Ann to DH. 1960; Memo. Re Nathan Ginsberg and NY Civic Center.

Goldsmith, Myron. 1953; Re possibility of submitting material while on European trip. Will study with Nervi in Italy on Fulbright Scholarship.

Goodman, Percival. 1960; Re New School dinner.

Gores, Landis. 1958; Pleased by battle to save the East Front [of Capitol building.]

Gores, Landis. 1955; Re his illness and work. Encloses clipping about him from The Boston Post.

DH to [Staff]. 1959; Memo. Re Jean Gottman and his research. Articles by Gottman attached: "Locale and Architecture" and "Megalopolis or the Urbanization of the Northeastern Seaboard."

Graham, John. 1952; Working on ten regional centers. Information for project in St. Louis may be released within a month.

Grebler, Leo. 1950; Sending attached outline of possible article on Brazilian building boom.

DH to [Staff]. 1953; Memo. Re conversation with school architect Robert Green.

Green, Thomas. Instructor in Political Science, M.I.T. 1960.; Inquiry about possible publication of his work on postwar German city planning and reconstruction.

Greenfield, Albert M. 1956; Thoughtful of DH to send note about FORUM article on the Philadelphia Planning Panorama, which failed to mention his sponsorship.

Lightbown, Mary Jane to [Staff]. 1956; Memo. Re Wilfred J. Gregson and his plan to organize the American Registered Architects.

Grossi, Olindo. Dean of Architecture, Pratt Institute. 1958; Impressed with publication of James Lamantia's paintings and architecture. Liked educational aspects of article.

Grounds, Romberg and Boyd. 1958; Robin Boyd inquires if FORUM is interested in an article by him: "Success Spoiled Modern Architecture." (Article attached.)

DH to Luther Gulick. Institute of Public Administration. 1959; Requests help on issue of "gray areas" of the city.

Box 8 Folder 4 G 1960 -, 1957-1958, 1960-1964

Gamble, Clinton. 1961; Questions who dictates editorial selection.

DH to Gedded, Robert. 1964; Response to complaint that architectural magazines show buildings without [people.]

Geddes, Brecher, Qualls, Cunningham. 1961; George W. Qualls sending photographs of Police Administration Building in Philadelphia.

DH to [Staff]. 1961; Memo. Re Schenectady trip and General Electric.

DH to Karel H. Yasko. General Services Administration. 1963; Asks him to address Architectural League on the subject of "plans for better architecture in federal buildings."

Gibson, Charles D. Department of Education, State of California. 1962; Sends materials regarding study on problem of designing schools to serve as both educational space and fall-out shelters.

DH to Gibson, Charles D. 1961; Asks Gibson to join meeting on stock school plans.

Giedion, Sigfried. 1961; Remarks about his writings Eternal Present and Architecture Around 1960. Hopes and Fears. Asks DH if interested in doing article.

Ginsburg, Nathan R. Architects Council of New York City. 1963; Responds to letter from DH re problem of General Services Administration's pressure to construct Federal Office Building in Foley Square. (Attached are news release and clippings on this controversial issue.)

DH to [Staff]. 1956; Memo. Re Sandro Girard's house and house he's working on with Eero Saarinen.

Golden, Robert J. Contract Manager, Limbach Company. 1963; Declines offer to advertise in FORUM and to participate in merchandising a reference reprint regarding general contractors. Prefers idea that FORUM runs article or series on various bidding methods used. Discusses role of subcontractors.

John Graham and Company Architects-Engineers. 1962; J.L. Follet congratulates DH on Fellowship in AIA.

DH to [Staff]. 1961; Memo. Re John Graham projects.

Ruff, Carl. 1961; Enclosing background information on John Graham and his retirement apartments in Seattle.

Blake, Peter to James D. Landauer. President, Grand Central Building, Inc. 1962; Responds to Landauer's letter regarding Erwin S. Wolfson, the Pan American Building, and Architectural Record's article "Defense of the Pan Am Building: Pan Am Makes a Point" by Emerson Goble. (Article attached.)

Grand Central Building, Inc. 1962; James D. Landauer writes regarding Erwin S. Wolfson and the Pan Am Building. Reacts to editorial comments in FORUM.

Box 8 Folder 5 Goodman, Charles—Washington, D.C., 1952-1954, 1956-1957, 1959-1960

DH to AIA. 1957; Endorses nomination of Charles Goodman for Fellowship.

DH to [?]. undated.; Re Charles Goodman's mastery of product design as applied to homes.

DH to Charles Goodman. 1952; Re showing Goodman's own house in FORUM and doing several other stories on him.

DH to Mr. Prentice. 1952; Memo. Re Charles Goodman and mortgage bankers.

Goodman, Charles. 1951; Paper. Criticizes builders and their houses.

Box 8 Folder 6 to 7 Gruen, Victor—LA, NY, Detroit (2 folders), 1950-1963

Turqman, Thomas T. Program Officer, Department of State. 1963; Requests DH's opinion of Victor D. Gruen for file of possible American Specialists for use in Department's Educational and Cultural Exchange Program.

Gruen, Victor D. 1961; Re publication of his Midtown Plaza and Randhurst projects. Mentions redevelopment in Stamford, CT.

The New York Times. 1961; Clipping. "Welfare Island Awaits Its Fate." Victor Gruen draws plans.

The New York Times. 1961; Clipping. "Park Plan Opposed: Misuse Feared of Valuable Land on Welfare Island." Letter to the editor.

The New York Times. 1960; Clipping. "120-Room Hotel Slated At Albuquerque Center." Victor Gruen is architect.

The New York Times. 1960; Clipping. "Hotel Planned Atop Rochester Building." Victor Gruen Associates and Finn & Jenter architects.

Gruen, Victor D. 1960; Confirms FORUM's interest in publishing following projects: Randhurst Shopping Center, near Chicago; Midtown Plaza, Rochester; Stamford Urban Renewal; Cherry Hill Shopping Center, near Philadelphia; Charles River Park; Fresno Urban Redevelopment; Halsey Mall, Newark; Secret Project in New York City.

Gruen, Victor. 1960; Comments and notes in connection with meeting by Architectural League and FORUM. Speakers included Catherine Bauer Wurster; Ernst van den Haag; José Luis Sert; Louis I. Kahn. The theme: "The New Art of Urban Design—Are we Equipped?"

DH to Victor Gruen. 1960; Confirms Gruen lecture at Columbia University School of Architecture to be given in the class "Architecture and the Entrepreneur."

Gruen, Victor D. 1960; Re Civic Center project called The Community Plaza in Syracuse, New York.

Gruen, Victor D. 1960; Re publication of the Golden Gate project done in association with Warnecke.

Tanner, Og to [Staff]. 1960; Memo. Re Gruen's horizontal apartment house on Whitney Estate, Long Island.

DH to [Staff]. 1959; Memo. Re Gruen and World's Fair.

Gruen, Victor D. 1959; Inquires if FORUM is interested in publishing article on Citizen's National Bank in Palm Springs.

DH to [Staff]. 1959; Memo. Re Gruen book on shopping towns.

Gruen, Victor D. 1958; Criticizes Time article about Tishman Realty & Construction Company.

The New York Times. 1958; Clipping. "Center Outlined in New Rochelle: `Terminal Plaza,' Planned as Nation's Largest, Will be Started in 1959." Victor Gruen designing structure.

Gruen, Victor D. 1957; Complaints regarding Joseph Magnin article.

Shulman, Julius to Victor Gruen. 1957; Expresses thoughts on FORUM's editorial presentation and architectural photography, particularly in connection with the Joseph Magnin article.

Gruen, Victor D. 1957; Has corresponded with AIA secretary in Texas about reprints and their possible violation of ethical codes. Asks DH to help defend his position in favor of reprints.

Gruen, Victor D. 1956; Re Jane Jacobs and her wonderful talk at Urban Design Conference in Cambridge.

Gruen, Victor D. 1955; Acted as architectural consultant for show called "1976", produced by NBC.

McQuade, Walter to [Staff]. 1954; Memo. Re Gruen's exhibit at Museum of Natural History.

DH to [Staff]. 1954; Memo. Re Greun's Rochester store and the first public elevators in a department store.

Box 8 Folder 8 Gutheim, Frederick, 1949-1963

Gutheim, Frederick. 1963; Requests photographs of Stalin-Alee in East Berlin.

Gutheim, Frederick. 1960; Asks DH to reconsider abandoning Aalto article he is writing. Explains Aalto's position regarding article. Responds to DH's proposal to write different kind of article than originally planned.

Gutheim, Frederick. undated.; Thinking of going to Finland and looking at Aalto's work.

Gutheim, Frederick to Eric Larrabee, Harper's Magazine. 1956; Re article on Penn Center.

Gutheim, Frederick. 1956; Sends resume. (Attached.)

DH to Frederick Gutheim. 1955; Requests information for Washington story.

DH to Frederick Gutheim. 1955; Suggestions for Gutheim's story on the Corporate Client.

DH to Frederick Gutheim. 1955; Negotiates payments for articles Gutheim contributes to FORUM.

DH to Frederick Gutheim. 1953; Re Liz Gordon piece.

The New York Herald Tribune. [1953]; Clipping. "The Grand Strategy of Urbanism: Prospects for Redevelopment in Our Great Metropolitan Areas," by Frederick Gutheim.

Gutheim, Frederick. 1953; Re A-bomb test in Nevada and the effect of blast upon structures. AIA to observe.

DH to Mr. Prentice. 1953; Memo. Re keeping Frederick Gutheim on a retainer.

Gutheim, Frederick. 1953; Re University of Michigan research project; Oberlin's Harrison and Wright structures; John Richards fire station; payment for Wright article.

DH to Frederick Gutheim. 1953; Re Frank Lloyd Wright article.

Box 8 Folder 9 H to 1960 (Ha—Har), 1951-1963

Halprin, Lawrence. 1958; Designing landscape for Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Discusses ideas for article on civic landscaping.

DH to [Staff]. 1952; Memo. Re visiting editor Ryuichi Hamaguchi and a roundup on Japanese building.

Hammel, Richard. 1953; Re electric lighting versus daylight.

Hammon, Stratton. 1959; Re proposed Kentucky School for the Blind.

DH to John Harbeson. Harbeson, Hough, Livingston & Larson. 1959; Re plans of New House of Representatives Office Building.

Larson, Roy F. Harbeson, Hough, Livingston & Larson. 1958; Disputes FORUM's survey of top architectural firms in the United States.

Hardwick, Taylor. 1960; Selected for Library project in Jacksonville, Florida.

DH to Michael Hare. 1959; Re the Foreign Building Operation of State.

Hare, Michael. 1957; Enclosing material for FORUM's appraisal. The material mixes theology and physics.

Hargrave, Glenn M. 1959; Re understanding the role of the interior designer.

DH to Harper's Magazine. 1953; Writes to Mr. Harper about House Beautiful's editor Elizabeth Gordon and her opinions of architecture. Defends architectural press and in particular FORUM.

Box 9 Folder 1 to 4 H to 1960 (Har—Hz), 1951-1963

DH to George Harrell. 1959; Re Dr. Gevinson.

Harrell, George F. 1959; Re Tulsa Apartment Building and Temco project.

DH to [Staff]. 1954; Memo. Re Alonzo Harriman and Salem, Massachusetts.

Fenton, Robert. Harvard University. 1957; Re School of Design proposal to publish new magazine called Synthesis.

Wylie, Jeff to Terry Coleman, Time. 1953; Telegram. Re appointments to Harvard University's Architectural Faculty.

Heine, Keith Sellers. 1957; Re FORUM's rebuttal to Reader's Digest article on school costs and The Hartford Courant's editorial on it.

Heiser, Bruce E. 1953; Enclosing clipping from the San Francisco Examiner, "One of My Favorite Houses," by Bruce E. Heisser. (Attached.)

Heitschmidt, Earl. 1951; Expresses concern about FORUM article on Harwell H. Harris.

DH to Henningson, Durham & Richardson. 1958; Letter to Durham in response to his criticism of FORUM article.

Hillmer, Jack. 1951; Thanks DH for recommendation for church job.

DH to [Staff]. 1958; Memo. Re future stories: why Hilton can't build a hotel in New York; Hilton's motel plans.

DH to Cranston Jones. 1958; Memo. Re Philip Hiss of the Sarasota School Board building an entire program using architects Paul Rudolph, Mark Hampton, Victor Lundy, and others.

Hitchcock, Henry Russell. 1958; Sent review copy of his book Architecture: 19th and 20th Centuries to FORUM. Discusses Los Angeles County Museum's exhibition of Irving Gill.

DH to Ralph R. Hohlt. 1953; Response to Hohlt's letter about Elizabeth Gordon's article "The Threat to the Next America."

Hoke, Joel. 1960; Letter written on the back of photograph of Y.C. Wong and Hoke. Delighted that FORUM published his buildings.

Holden, Arthur C. to The New York Times. undated.; Re First National City Bank and its new banking quarters.

DH to Arthur C. Holden. 1956; Re apathetic response to the [Capitol's] East Front extension.

Holden Arthur C. to Henry R. Luce. 1956; Admires constructive architectural criticism in FORUM's latest issue about the place of art in American life and the lead article on Washington.

DH to William Holford. 1960; Would like opinion on Brasília for FORUM report.

Lonberg-Holm, K. Sweet's Catalog Service. 1951; Re Eric Mendelsohn's book, America: Picture Book of An Architect, and his negligence about crediting contributions.

DH to [Staff]. 1951; Memo. Re Clause Hooton and an American Cyanamid plant project near New Orleans.

Raeburn, Ben. Horizon Press, Inc. 1957; Re Sibyl Moholy-Nagy's book Native Genius in Anonymous Architecture. Mentions Sullivan's opus and Frank Lloyd Wright book.

Horwitt, Nathan George. 1960; Re his wristwatch face design promoted by Neiman-Marcus.

Horwitt, Nathan George. 1959; Re zoning laws in Stockbridge, Mass.

Hudnut, Joseph. 1959; Completed article on Romance, ["The Romantic Necessity"]. (Attached.)

DH to Joseph Hudnut. 1959; Re deadline for new romanticism in architecture article.

Hudnut, Joseph. 1958; Re possible article for FORUM on the problem of church design.

Hudnut, Joseph. 1957; Thoughts on line of development in modern architecture.

Hudnut, Joseph. 1956; Interested in doing critical essays on contemporary work.

DH to Joseph Hudnut. 1955; Will bring subject of Potomac bridge to attention of Time. Started campaign for preservation of Grand Central Terminal. City ready for another major civic movement.

DH to Everett Hughes, University of Chicago. 1954; Would like to do magazine study about the architect and building team. The subject is the shift in the building team and its effects on architectural design.

DH to John Fister. 1956; Memo. Re Carleton Hunneman and Boston Chamber of Commerece special plane flight to see urban renewal.

DH to James M. Hunter. 1959; Encloses data from FORUM questionnaire sent to architects regarding package builders.

Box 9 Folder 5 to 6 H 1960—(Ha—Haz), 1960-1964

DH to Reverand Arthur R. Hall. 1964; Thanks Hall for note regretting the "passing" of FORUM.

Hamilton, Scott D. 1961; Re the Aalto situation and Keskus photographs.

DH to Talbot Hamlin. 1961; Re his job as Adjunct Professor at Columbia University. Would like to change Hamlin's status at FORUM to "architectural consultant."

DH to John Haro. Chairman, Civic Design Committee, Detroit Chapter, AIA. 1962; Distressful situation re the old City Hall site in Detroit. The Mayor and City Planning Commission accepting low standards of design.

Haro, John. Civic Design Committee of the Detroit Chapter of the AIA. 1962; Enclosing plans, descriptions, and newspaper clippings of the Detroit Old City Hall controversy.

DH to John Fisher. Harper's Magazine. 1964; Re writing an article on the life and death of Architectural Forum.

DH to Alonzo J. Harriman. 1962; Re school costs and how FORUM reports them.

Lymann, William to Alonzo J. Harriman. 1961; Re the lack of standardized reporting of school costs in architectural and educational journals.

DH to William H. Harrison. Vice President, First National Bank. 1962; Asks Harrison to attend Round Table meeting on the subject of The New St. Louis Downtown.

[Wilson, Ann] to Julian Hartt. 1961; Sending material on churches to appear in FORUM: Victor Lundy's Unitarian church; Hammarstrom's Episcopal church; Paul Schweikher's Presbyterian church; Frank Lloyd Wright's Greek Orthodox church.

Smith, Warren. Harvard University Press. 1962; Re Sigfried Giedion's new introduction to Space, Time & Architecture. Would like to know if FORUM is interested in making independent use of it.

Hauf, Harold D. Dean, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. 1961; Enclosing release on Minoru Yamasaki.

Heckscher, August. 1961; Pleased with FORUM article on the [Twentieth Century] Fund Office.

Heitschmidt, Earl T. 1962; Criticizes FORUM editorial on Charles Luckman, the New York Fair and the U.S. Pavilion.

Hiss, Philip H. 1963; Re Columbia University, School of Architecture.

Hiss, Philip H. 1962; Re big city schools.

DH to Howard H. Mackey, Howard University. 1964; Re transferring his honorarium for talk at the university to supporting book on architecture in Africa.

Box 9 Folder 7 Harris, Harwell—Austin, Texas, 1949-1964

DH to Oliver Weerasinghe, Chief, Planning and Urbanization Section, United Nations. 1962; Thanks Weerasinge for coming to his house; suggests Harwell Harris as good architect for an architectural school.

DH to Harwell Harris. 1961; Requests Harris's remarks on FDR Memorial competition.

Harris, Harwell. 1960; Requests opinion of speakers for meeting on zoning in Dallas.

Harris, Harwell. 1960; Would like DH to see apartments in Austin when he is there. Counting on seeing at least a glimpse of him at airport.

No author. 1960; [Memo?] (Thermofax copy.) 5 pp. "From The Dallas Market Center." Re Trade Mart Grand Courtyard, designed by Harwell Harris. (Copy of image included.)

Harris, Jean. 1955; Re the American Client project.

DH to Jean Harris. 1955; Re her contribution to the "Architecture in America" series for FORUM.

Harris, Jean. 1956; Sends introduction for Architecture in America, "The Misunderstood Client." (Attached.)

DH to [Staff]. 1958; Memo. Re Owatonna Bank.

Harris, Harwell. 1958; Asks DH if FORUM is interested in [J. Lee] Johnson house.

Harris, Jean. 1956; Article was good; FORUM doing a fine job; Harwell has broken through small house barrier and is writing a book.

DH to Harwell Harris. 1956; Mentions Orange Show. Comments on fashion photography and architectural photography. Discusses trip to Europe.

DH to Jean Harris. 1955; Discusses arrangements for "Architecture in America" series.

DH to Jean Harris. 1955; Re American client story. Negotiating with photographer Clarence Laughlin. Discusses photography for article.

Harris, Harwell. 1954; Writes from the University of Texas regarding vacancies on the faculty.

DH to Jean and Harwell Harris. 1952; Re the Ojai house story.

Heitschmidt, Earl. 1951; Remonstrates FORUM article on Harwell Harris. Declares information in article incorrect. California State Board of Architectural Examiners is owed public apology.

DH to Gurney Breckenfeld. 1951; Memo. Re Harris appointment as head of the Department of Architecture at The University of Texas.

Harris, Harwell. 1949; Designing house for John Nesbitt of M.G.M.

Box 9 Folder 8 Harrison & Abramovitz—NYC, 1952-1962

DH to Wallace K. Harrison. 1961; Appreciated help in securing attendence of Warren Schmidt from the New York State of Education Department. Progress being made in prefab effort.

DH to Wallace K. Harrison. 1961; Re stock school plans.

The New York Times. 1961; Clipping. Re Twin Towers just north of the United Nations. Plans drawn by firm of Harrison & Abramovitz.

Architectural Forum. 1961; Clipping. Re revised Lincoln Center plans.

Abramovitz, Max. 1960; Reaction to recent FORUM issue on Pittsburgh and theaters.

DH to Wallace K. Harrison. 1959; Thoughts on the design of a lobby for a building Harrison is working on. Discusses curved display wall in the rear of the room and lighting.

DH to [Staff]. 1958; Memo. Re Stamford First Presbyterian Church.

McQuade, Walter to [Staff]. 1956; Memo. Re Harrison & Abramovitz projects: CIT building; Wachovia Bank; information center, motel, etc..., to service Colonial Williamsburg; Stamford church.

Prentice, Mr. to DH. 1955; Memo. Re Wallace K Harrison's trip to Persia.

DH to George J. Watts, Vice President, Republic National Banks. 1954; Re story on Republic Building and priority system among magazines. Copy of letter sent to Harrison.

McQuade, Walter to DH. 1953; Memo. Re Harrison Church in Stamford.

DH to Harrison & Abramovitz. 1953; Confirming story on Potomac development. Attaching copies of letter to John W. Harris and others.

DH to William McCagne, Aluminum Company of America. 1953; Re presentation of ALCOA building in September issue of FORUM.

DH to Mr. Prentice. 1953; Memo. Re Harrison & Abramovitz Dallas Building.

DH to Mr. Prentice. 1953; Memo. Re Abramovitz's air force story.

DH to Wallace K. Harrison. 1952; Re Eero Saarinen and the revived Time & Life project for Rye.

DH to Wallace K. Harrison. 1952; Confirms conversation about Alcoa building. FORUM will do first-rate job on story.

Box 9 Folder 9 Hellmuth, Obata & Kassabaum – after Hellmuth's split with Yamasaki, 1956-1963

DH to Peter Blake. 1962; Memo. Re St. Louis projects. Comments on Priory Church and Obata's synagogue.

DH to [Staff]. 1961; Memo. Re Plaza Apartment development in St. Louis by Hellmuth firm.

Obata, Gyo. 1961; Describes seven residence hall projects: University of Missouri Men's Group #1; University of Missouri Women's Dormitories; University of Missouri Group III; University of Missouri East Group; Christian College; Washington University; Washington University Men's Suite Plan. Encloses lecture on "Factors in Planning New Halls."

DH to Mary Jane Lightbown. 1960; Memo. Re competition between H.O.K. and Lewis Kitchen for redevelopment of the riverfront area behind Saarinen's new park in St. Louis.

DH to [Staff]. 1960; Memo. Re George Hellmuth and the unhappiness of architects with conditions of practice.

DH to George Hellmuth. 1960; Sending tearsheet on forthcoming article on St. Louis. Congratulates Hellmuth on his approach to the project, although FORUM does not take sides.

Lincoln, Ranlet. Lemoine Skinner, Jr., Public Relations. 1957; Congratulates FORUM on presentation of St. Louis Priory and School.

DH to Ranlet Lincoln. 1957; Clarifies their relationship regarding publishing procedure for stories at FORUM.

DH to Mary Jane Lightbown; Memo. Re George Hellmuth projects: Belleville Hospital; Thompson Products; Vicars; government job; St. Thomas Aquinas High School; Parkway; University of Missouri dorms.

Hellmuth, Obata, & Kassabaum, Inc. 1955; List of projects completed, under construction, and plans in progress.

Box 10 Folder 1 Hill, Henry—San Francisco, Calif., 1949-1962

Hill Henry. 1955; Thanks DH for report "How to Design a Good Architect." Thoughts on vocational vs. professional training and the "team" office.

Hill, Henry. 1955; Re getting the Vienna job.

Hill, Henry. 1955; Congratulates DH on his position as editor of FORUM and makes personal remarks regarding family.

Hill, Henry. 1954; Mentions Hoberg business; gamma-ray treatment of materials; letter from Manfredi Nicoletti.

Hill, Henry. 1953; Re client in Vancouver and Canadian restrictions on foreign architects.

DH to Henry Hill. 1953; Supplements what Arthur Stires wrote on schools. Discusses various school designs.

Hill, Henry. 1953; Re U.N. Assembly discussion and Harrison.

DH to Mary Jane Lightbown. 1952; Memo. Re Henry Hill projects including Gunnison house; Hill's own house additions; Reisner-Johnson Apartment; Von Hacht house; W.W. Wilson house; John Clyde, contractor, own house remodeling; Rizzo house.

Hill, Henry. 1952; Passed examinations and now must take orals. Appreciates DH's interest.

Hill, Henry. 1952; Writes confidential letter about Maimonides affair.

Hill, Henry. 1952; Thoughts on the architect.

Hill, Henry. 1952; Writes about Gunnison house plans.

DH to Henry Hill. 1952; Re Henry Hill "signatures" or characteristics carried over to the Gunnison house.

Hill, Henry. 1951; Writes confidential letter about plan for Stanford by Punnet-Parez and Hutchison.

Hill, Henry. 1950; States his opinions about FORUM magazine and how it compares to others.

Hill, Henry. 1949; Quotes bid for a San Rafael house and a job at Orinda. Sent bids out for an apartment on Telegraph Hill.

Box 10 Folder 2 Holabird & Root & Burgee—Chicago, Ill., 1949-1962

DH to Willam Holabird. 1962; FORUM to publish its list of 100 biggest architectural firms. Sending letter and questionnaire to fill out.

DH to John Wellborn Root. 1958; Congratulatory note for being Gold Medalist in AIA.

DH to Steve Thompson. 1955; Memo. Re Carson, Pirie & Scott's downtown store in Chicago.

DH to Mr. Prentice. 1954; Memo. Re editorial proposed by John Root. As a theme complimentary to Rebuilding America, suggests doing story on the building industry as a whole, carrying American standards around the world.

Atkin, Bill to Joe Hazen. 1949; Memo. Re Holabird & Root & Burgee projects including: No 2. toll of telephone company; Chandler Shoe Store; Veteran's Hospital; rental row housing; RR Station.

DH to [Staff]. 1954; Memo. Re Holabird & Root & Burgee Armour Lab project.

Root, John Wellborn. 1954; Comments on the influence of the architectural profession.

DH to John Root. 1954; Remarks on the question of a building industry research center.

Austin, Jack to DH. 1954; Memo. Re John Root's comments on the attitude of architectural magazines with respect to publicity activities of architects. Remarks regarding FORUM's stand on Pittsburgh's Golden Triangle.

DH to Paul Boden. 1953; Memo. Re complaints by John Root about Statler Hotel in Hartford and the feud between Root and [Willliam B.] Tabler.

Prentice, Perry to John Root. 1951; Interested in his plans for a new Ritz-Carlton in New York.

DH to Mr. Prentice. 1951; Memo. Re Los Angeles Statler.

Prentice, Perry to DH. 1950; Memo. Re John Root and the Statler people.

Bittermann, Eleanor to Joe Hazen. 1950; Memo. Re Brooks Brothers opening Chicago store, remodeling being done by Holabird & Root & Burges.

Sherrick, J.C. to DH. 1949; Mentions Men's Commons Building at Northwestern University; hotel school—Statler Hall, at Cornell University; Hamline University in St. Paul.

Prentice, Perry to DH. 1950; Memo. Re Root & Burgee apartments on the Midway in Chicago for "Negroes", bank building for First National Bank in Minneapolis, and the Ravinia bandstand.

Wall Street Journal. 1950; Clipping. "Find Shopping Tiring? Baffling? New Illinois Store Offers Solutions: Chutes and Conveyors, Phones, 'Perimeter' Stock Rooms Ease Strain, Cut Costs."

Root, John. 1950; Planning a stainless steel or aluminum curtain wall in Los Angeles Statler.

Box 10 Folder 3 I, 1954-1964

DH to W.D. Bradford, Ibec. 1961; Re inverted umbrella columns.

Howe, Stewert S., Vice President, Illinois Institute of Technology. 1954; Re FORUM issue about Wachsmann's hanger. IIT sponsoring product designer exhibit.

Rettaliata, J.T., President, Illinois Institute of Technology. 1954; Requests help in search of director for IIT's Institute of Design. (Fact sheet on Institute of Design attached.)

Quackenbush, Glenn. Indiana Limestone Company, Inc. 1954; Requests DH to recommend architects for assignments thatshow various uses of stone.

Anderson, Leo. Industrial Marketing. 1962; (Termofax copy.) Congratulatory letter for winning their certificate of merit for outstanding improvement in design.

Industrial Marketing. 1960; FORUM wins certificate of merit for outstanding design appearance.

Institute of Public Administration, New York. 1960; New York motorists to participate in study for eliminating traffic jams.

Gray, Charles M., Manager, Insulation Board Institute. 1955; Re interest in FORUM's article "Fire and Building Design." Supports contentions in article.

DH to IBM (International Business Machines, Inc.) 1964; FORUM would like to do story on IBM's building projects.

The New York Times. 1960; Clipping. "`Honors' Racket Duping Scholars: European `Institutes' Prey on Vanity in the U.S. With Offers of `Fellowships'". Cites International Institute of Arts and Sciences as one such institution.

DiCrocco, Virginia. Library of Congress. 1962; Re International Institute of Arts and Sciences, Geneva, Switzerland. Unable to secure information in Library about such an institution. Encloses New York Times article about worthless academic honors bestowed by such institutions. (Attached, item #10 above.)

DH to Jane Adams, International Institute of Education. 1958; Re proposed trip to Poland by Serge Chermayeff.

DH to [Staff]. 1957; Memo. Re Reginald Isaacs', of Harvard's Planning Department, research for ACTION on urban renewal. Refers to New Haven and Boston.

Lessing, Larry to DH. 1960; Memo. Re George Izenhour at Yale and Harvard's Loeb Theater.

Box 10 Folder 4 to 5 J, 1951-1964

Jacobs, Robert Hyde, Jr., Office of the Hospital Research, New York Chapter of the American Institute of Architects. 1961; Inquires if FORUM is interested in story on research being done involving Operations Research and Systems Engineering and how their differing approaches can influence architectural design.

Jacobson, Leonard. 1952; Expresses regret over direction in which FORUM is going.

DH to Cary James. 1963; Writes to set record straight regarding debate with Sibyl Moholy-Nagy on the subject of the "ugly confusion of our environment."

DH to Cary James. 1962; Replies to critical letter by James. Defends editorial principles of FORUM.

James, Cary. 1961; Discusses FORUM as a critical magazine.

Prentice, Perry to Edward D. James. 1958; Responds to James' letter criticizing House & Home for being styled for the speculative homebuilder.

James, Edward D. to Joseph Watterson, Editor, AIA Journal. 1958; Letter criticizing House and Home for being styled for the speculative homebuilder.

DH to Edward D. James. 1958; Responds to James' critical letter.

DH to Martin E. Janis & Company. 1960; Writes to Louis R. Silverman about Arthur Rubloff's paper entitled "Let's Tax the Slums to Death." (Attached.)

DH to A. Jennings. 1961; Outlines benefits and policies for employment at FORUM.

DH to Paul Frank Jernegan, Indiana Society of Architects. 1958; Accepts invitation to exhibit at the Great Lakes Regional Conference on the subject of urban design and planning. Asks if there would be any interest in a film prepared by FORUM titled The New Age of Architecture.

Joedicke, Jurgen. 1960; Expresses thanks for FORUM's excellent critique of his book A History of Modern Architecture.

Johansen, John M. 1963; Thanks DH for copy of his article "A Guide to Games." Gives thoughts on architectural criticism. Mentions the book The Theory of Games by Von Newmann. States philosophy he uses when teaching.

The New York Times. 1961; Clipping. "U.S. Embassy Presses." Johansen related article on U.S. embassy in Dublin.

Irish Independent. 1961; Clipping. "Mr. Kennedy To Visit Ireland." President Kennedy to dedicate embassy in Dublin.

DH to Gerald Loeb, E.P. Hutton and Company. 1958; Re his suggestion to John Johansen to contact him about a problem with obtaining a loan for building a house.

Blake, Peter to [Staff]. 1958; Memo. Re story suggestions on Johansen. Proposes embassy and house he will build for himself.

Blake, Peter to [Staff]. 1956; Memo. Re John Johansen's warped thin shell concrete structure.

DH to Mary Jane Lightbown. 1956; Memo. Re Johansen prefab structure for Trade Fair of the Department of Commerce.

Blake, Peter to [Staff]. 1954; Memo. Re Johansen's Goodyear house in Darien.

Temko, Allan to [Staff]. 1960; Memo. Re San Carlos High School by Delp W. Johnson, Poole & Storm.

Johnson, O. Reuben. Assistant Professor of Architecture, School of Engineering, North Dakota Agricultural College. 1952; Writes in regard to his master's thesis "A Study of Some Visual Considerations of the Gridiron for Residential Sub-division," completed at MIT. Suggests FORUM may want to use thesis as basis for article.

Johnson-Marshall, Percy, Department of Architecture, The University of Edinburgh. 1960; A.l.s. Thanks DH for all he did while on tour in America. Will try to write article about his trip.

Prentice, Perry to [Staff]. 1951; Memo. Re A. Quincy Jones and how FORUM is to present his house in an upcoming issue. Recommends that it is published as an architect's house not builder's house.

DH to William Jordy, Department of Art, Brown University. 1964; Explains mistake made in interpretation of message about Corbu. Explains esoteric information about PSFS.

Jordy, William. 1916; Inquiries about people who were employed on Raymond Hood projects.

Jordy, William. 1959; Discusses Johnson article he helped worked on for FORUM. Interested in doing a piece on the pavilion form. Going to see Kahn building at University of Pennsylvania and Yama's [i.e. Yamasaki's] work in Detroit. Asks questions regarding what architecture to see on trip and names of German designers imported by Raymond Hood. Congratulates DH on the Senate Building story.

Jordy, William. 1959; Re his "New Formalism" piece. Mentions Johnson article and Guggenheim assignment.

Jordy, William. 1959; Thanks DH for hospitality. Encloses copy of letter to [Thomas] Creighton who wrote a critique of his critique of the Seagram Building for Architectural Review. (Attached.)

DH to Robert V. Cox, Vice President, Junior Chamber of Commerce. 1958; Re nomination for the Young Men of 1958 award.

Box 10 Folder 6 Johnson, Philip, 1949-1964

DH to Philip Johnson. 1964; Re Civic Center committee.

DH to Philip Johnson. 1963; Re Chloethiel and Pershing Square.

DH to Philip Johnson. 1963; Editing book on contemporary houses, architect-designed, wants Johnson to be well represented.

DH to Philip Johnson. 1961; Re Grand Central Terminal

DH to Mary Jane Lightbown. 1960; Memo. Re Johnson's Utica Museum.

Time. 1960; Clipping. Article on architecture that includes a section on Johnson.

Blake, Peter to [Staff]. 1959; Memo. Re Philip Johnson portfolio. Includes The Four Ceasars Restaurant in the Seagram Building; The Shrine at New Harmony; The Utica Museum; two houses.

DH to [Staff]. 1958; Memo. Re Department of Labor practices; Frank Lloyd Wright and Zeckendorf; the new basroque architecture; Johansen's Irish embassy; notes on city squares. Passes on comments made by Ieoh Ming Pei.

Johnson, Philip. 1957; Thank-you letter.

DH to Futures Committee. 1956; Memo. Re Philip Johnson and his Canadian Town.

Johnson, Philip. 1956; States error in FORUM's Technical Notes. FORUM named the architects for the Seagram Building incorrectly.

Johnson, Philip. 1956; Going to Paris. Mentions Canadian town.

DH to Philip Johnson. 1956; Thanks Johnson for lending him the synagogue key. Recounts visit to synagogue. Mentions Canadian town and anti-Saarinen concept of town squares and traffic.

DH to [Staff]. 1956; Memo. Re Johnson's Cuba hotel.

Blake, Peter to DH. 1953; Memo. Re Johnson's projects in Connecticut that are ready for publication: conversion of the Tremaiane barn; Schlumberger office building; and in New York, garden layout for Museum of Modern Art.

Johnson, Philip. 1952; Congratulates DH on layout for Olivetti. Mentions Schlumberger and Hitchcock.

Johnson, Philip. 1952; Cannot break Museum rule about deadlines. Congratulates FORUM on current issue.

Johnson, Philip. 1952; Remarks on FORUM covers, two of which had houses by employees of his.

Johnson, Philip. 1952; Thanks DH for conversation about "Built in U.S.A." Mentions news regarding Russell Hitchcock.

DH to Philip Johnson. 1952; Preliminary on the choice of buildings for the museum book. Including thoughts on schools, churches and houses.

DH to Philip Johnson. 1951; Comments on the Onita [i.e. Oneto] house, Museum addition and remodeling jobs.

Box 10 Folder 7 to 8 K to 1960 (Ka—Ki), 1949-1961

Kahn, Albert. 1960; Gratified by FORUM's presentation of the National Bank of Detroit.

Lightbown, Mary Jane to DH. 1959; Memo. Re American Airlines Terminal at Idlewild by Kahn & Jacobs.

Lightbown, Mary Jane to DH. 1958; Memo. Re Kahn & Jacobs' Shelter for Delinquent Boys, N.Y.C.

DH to [Staff]. 1953; Memo. Re Kahn & Jacobs projects: Douglas houses; Remington Rand; Fairchild Camera Plant.

Kahn, Louis I. undated.; Autograph note signed. Asks DH to send ticket to Harriett Pattison for Johnson-Bauhaus fight. Going to England for five days.

News release. undated.; Photostat of release from The National Institute of Arts and Letters, "Louis Kahn to Receive Institute's Brunner Award."

Time. 1960; Clipping. "Form Evokes Function." Re Kahn and his Pennsylvania Medical Research Building.

DH to Walter McQuade. 1957; Memo. Re Kahn quotes.

Jacobs, Jane to [Staff]. 1955; Memo. Re Kahn projects: outdoor swimming pool in Trenton; health center for the AFL in Philadelphia; synagogue; Yale Art Gallery.

Kahn, Louis I. undated.; A.l.s. Struck with editorial commentary in FORUM.

McQuade, Walter to [Staff]. 1952; Memo. Re conversation with Kahn about two subjects: the peculiar back alley layout in Philadelphia and Kahn's technique for bringing the sculptor into architecture.

Kahn, Louis I. 1951; T.l.s. with autograph note at bottom. Requests DH to correct credit line for the Coatsville Housing.

Kallmann, Gerhart M. 1959; A.l.s. Asks DH to sponsor his application for a state license.

Kallmann, Gerhart M. 1959; Thanks DH for article but raises some points about the article with which he was not pleased.

Kallmann, Gerhart M. 1958; Comments on FORUM presentation of the Saarinen-Girard house.

Kallmann, Gerhart M. 1958; Will work on draft of article for FORUM. Sending review he wrote for [Progressive Architecture]. (Attached.)

Book Review.; Kallmann review of Adventure in Architecture by Whitney Stoddard. (Attached to above item.)

No author. undated.; [Transcript?] 2 pp. "Conversation with Gerald Kallmann."

Kallmann, Gerhart M. 1958; Interested in writing an article for FORUM on the International Building Exhibition in Berlin.

Kamphoefner, Henry L., North Carolina State College, School of Design. 1959; Mentions television station. Discusses position at Columbia University that may or may not interest him. Mentions possibility of employment at Cornell.

Kamphoefner, Henry L. 1959; Responds to DH inquiry regarding his opinion of the television station.

DH to AIA, Jury of Fellows. 1956; Recommends Kamphoefner be admitted to the Jury of Fellows.

Kane, Michael M. 1960; French government interested in Kane's work. Case Institute of Technology has taken steps for Fulbright scholarship for him. Encloses reference forms for DH to complete.

Lightbown, Mary Jane to DH. 1953; Memo. Re Kenneth Kassler and the Christian Science Hospital in New Jersey.

Kassler, Kenneth. 1952; A.l.s. Inquires if DH can recommend architect for position in his office.

Simendinger, Ken. Henry J. Kaufman & Associates. 1959; Re the terrazzo maintenance data. Encloses report by Clayford T. Grimm "The Ultimate Cost of Three Finishes in Tax Exempt Schools." (Attached.)

Miller, David S. President, Kawneer Comapny. 1961; Re Metal Curtain Wall clinic to be held in New York City.

The Niles Daily Star. 1956; Clipping. Front page article. "'Official' Families' of City, Area Given Planning Report." Includes comments by Area Planning Commission chairman, David S. Miller.

Kelly, Burnham. MIT. 1960; Thanks DH for note of congratulations.

DH to [Staff]. 1954; Memo. Re synagogue addition by Bob Greenstein, who is connected with Kelly & Gruzen.

DH to [Staff]. 1953; Memo. Re Kelley & Gruzen. Discusses high school at Newport, Rhode Island, and printing trades high school for New York.

DH to Jane Jacobs. 1952; Memo. Re New York City school system and plan for high school in Brooklyn by Kelly & Gruzen.

[?] to [?] 1951; Memo. Re Kelly & Gruzen model for a Signal Corps school in New Jersey.

Lightbown, Mary Jane to DH. 1954; Memo. Re work of Kemp, Bunch & Jackson including Prudential Life Building, Peninsula Life office, Independent Life office, all in Jacksonville, and the Occidental Insurance Company in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Reprint from Personnel Administration. Volume 21 no. 4, July-August 1958. p. 28-34.; Reprint. Article by Howard Ketcham titled "The Influence of Color on the Work Environment."

News Release. undated.; Release re Ketcham's new merchandising technique using color planning and design to increase sales.

DH to Walter Magonigle. Ketchum, Inc. 1955; Re FORUM's public relations for architects and architecture.

Smith, Chloethiel Woodard. Keyes, Smith & Satterlee. 1954; Re Zeckendorf model for Southwest project in Washington.

Smith, Chloethiel Woodard. Keyes, Smith & Satterlee. 1951; Re [Washington] Redevelopment project.

Kidder, G.E. 1956; Suggests that FORUM publish a special year-end issue devoted to all significant factors which entered into building over the previous year.

Kiley, Dan. 1957; Inquires if DH is interested in publishing Bridgman house, (description attached), in Stowe Vermont.

DH to Kimble Glass Company. 1952; Explains his attitude toward glass block.

Kirby, Donald Beach. 1958; Asks DH if interested in publishing Noe Valley Community Center.

DH to Henry L. Wright. Kistner, Wright and Wright. 1954; Re FORUM's school issue. Inquires about school equipment and school costs.

Kitchen, Lewis. 1955; Re Quality Hill Development feature story. Mentions he knew DH's uncle very well.

Lightbown, Mary Jane to DH. 1955; Memo. Re Kivett & Myers projects including: Doctor's Motel in St. Petersburg; city hall group; Rubon Manufacturing factory; Katz drug store, St. Louis; school for Staff Command in Leavenworth, Kansas.

DH to Lewis Kitchen. 1955; Spoke with Ralph Myers about the Kansas city Quality Hill story. FORUM deeply interested in story. Explains why FORUM would like to do feature article. DH mentions his uncle who was editor of the Star in Kansas city.

No author. undated.; Fact sheet about the movie made by Ralph E. Myers titled Architecture—U.S.A.

Kivette, Clarence. 1953; Mentions projects: Quality Hill, Shopping Center in Northeast Johnson County, and Omaha Synagogue.

Myers, Ralph E. 1952; Discusses difficulty with Shopping Center. Describes Douglas School design.

DH to [Staff]. 1951; Memo. Re two economy warehouses in Kansas City by Kivett & Myers.

Box 11 Folder 1 K to 1960 (Kl- Kz), 1949-1961

Lightbown, Mary Jane to DH. 1954; Memo. Re Irving Klein projects including: Office and Warehouse for Readers Wholesale Distributor; addition to the Finger Furniture Company building; concession building for the Houston Zoo; and others.

Report. (No author). 1952; Part of a report on architecture in Florida and Puerto Rico which includes thoughts on and about Henry Klumb and his projects.

Knoll Associates. 1960; Helen Oak, Publicity Director, writes re Los Angeles showroom building.

Parry, David. undated.; News release for Knoll Associates new showroom.

DH to Futures Committee. 1956; Memo. Re conversation with Florence Knoll regarding modules based on space requirements; top businessmen read FORUM; idea of solid wall exterior of buildings; complaint about architects of today not finishing their buildings.

DH to Perry Prentice. 1954; Memo. Re CBS offices in New York by the Knolls.

DH to Mary Jane Lightbown. 1954; Memo. Re conversation with Hans Knoll and his thoughts on work abroad.

Temko, Allan. 1960; Report. Re Knorr-Elliot projects.

DH to A. Lawrence Kocher. 1959; Recounts a story about his wife Helen Lacy. Talks about a book he edited.

Kocher, A. Lawrence. 1959; Thanks DH for visit. Talks about DH's book production.

DH to John F. Morton. 1958; Describes the history of his relationship with Kocher for a biography by Morton. Talks about his own work as well as Kocher's.

Kuehne, Brooks & Barr. 1954; Requests suggestions in seeking architectural designer.

Kusmierski, Thad. E. 1957; Performing research on Antonio Gaudí in Spain.

Box 11 Folder 2 to 3 K 1960, 1960-1964

DH to Robert Allan Jacobs, Kahn & Jacobs. 1963; Does not know if FORUM will do story on [Connecticut Light and Power] plant in Norwalk.

DH to Donnelly P. McDonald, President, The Peoples Trust and Savings Company. 1964; Recommends Louis I. Kahn strongly for project in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

France, Mrs. Robert R. 1963; Discusses Kahn and First Unitarian Church in Rochester. Asks DH to recommend architect for proposed Xerox Corporation building in downtown Rochester.

DH to G.M. Kallmann. 1962; Confirms Kallmann will come for Architectural League event on the subject of New Brutalism in Boston.

Kamphoefner, Henry L., North Carolina State College, School of Design. 1961; Institute of Religion to give lecture series. Subject of lectures often controversial. Asks if Jane Jacobs would be good lecturer on the topic of urban renewal problems.

DH to J.M. Kaplan. 1963; Gives pointers on how to organize the competition for the New York Civic center. Mentions his work on the President's Council for Pennsylvania Avenue.

Kassler, Elizabeth. 1961; Comments on Eero's dorms at Vassar College and the University of Pennsylvania; also IBM Research Center. Museum of Modern Art has asked her to do book on landscape design.

Kassler, Kenneth. 1961; Eugenio Batista, in voluntary exile from Cuba, looking for position. Can DH make suggestions?

DH to Aloys Kaufmann. President, Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan St. Louis. 1962; Asks Kaufman to attend round table meeting on the subject of The New St. Louis Downtown.

DH to Burnham Kelly, Dean School of Architecture, Cornell University. 1961; Asks Kelly to come to NY for meeting on school stock plans.

Kent, Leticia. 1962; A.l.s. Thoughts about Palm Beach; Addison Mizner. Encloses local editorial mentioning Jane Jacobs and FORUM. (Attached.) Article comments on the idea of decentralization of urban cities. Mentions Robert Moses and his opposing opinion.

The New York Times. 1961; Clipping. "Jerusalem Sanctuary Planned For Housing Dead Sea Scrolls." Architects are Frederick J. Kiesler and Armand Bartos. Killian, Thomas. 1962; Responds to FORUM's issues on Saarinen's college at Yale.

DH to DH. 1962; Memo. Re Thomas Killian. Working with Bunshaft and Harrison on Trade Center for the Port Authority. Comments on paper Killian wrote while in graduate school that went through ten years of FORUM and charted its critical outlook.

King, Margaret J. (Mrs. Elbert E.) 1962; Discusses idea for the creation of office center in Madison, New Jersey. Encloses speech, "Development Idea For Main Street, Madison, N.J." Presented to Rotary International July 12, 1962, by Margaret J. King. (Attached.)

Kness, Francis J. 1962; Explains interest in air transportation and his idea for a "System of Air Terminal Control and Traffic." People interested in idea include Sergio Bernardes, architect for air terminal in Brasília. Would like FORUM to publish series of articles on his System.

Peake, Charles H. Dean of the College, Knox College. 1954; Skidmore, Owings & Merrill did design of campus but College is willing to consider other architects.

Kocher, A. Lawrence. Editor, Architectural Records, Colonial Williamsburg. 1950; Enclosing notes on early American barns. (Attached.)

(Enclosure to the above item.); Typescript of extracts. 5 pp. Writings by early settlers in America of their first hand view of the American barn.

Morganstern, Carol. Victor Kramer Co., Inc. 1961; Re designing institutional laundry. Encloses piece on planning hospital laundry. (Attached.)

Kulski, Julian. Urban Planning & Architecture, University of Notre Dame. 1964; Submitting comments on the Bay of Pigs Memorial Competition.

Box 11 Folder 4 Kennedy, Robert Woods—Cambridge, Mass., 1950-1963

Kennedy, Robert Woods. 1960; Thanks DH for letter regarding writing for FORUM.

Kennedy, Robert Woods. 1960; Re Cape Cod Junior Museum.

DH to Ford Foundation. 1959; T.l. Re Kennedy's architectural career.

Kennedy, Robert Woods. 1957; Will be in New York. Would like to see DH.

Kennedy, Robert Woods. 1956; Discusses house plans he is working on for Henry Stokes and others.

Kennedy, Robert Woods. 1954; Describes his various projects including house for elderly in Somerville; chamber-music room; writing several articles.

New Republic. 1955; Clipping. "Architecture and the New Package Style," by Robert Woods Kennedy.

Kennedy, Robert Woods. 1954; Explains position and sentiments towards FORUM and DH.

Kennedy, Robert Woods. 1953; Inquires about payment policy at FORUM for articles.

Kennedy, Robert Woods. 1953; Inquires if [FORUM] will run story on "Cave versus Bower."

Kennedy, Robert Woods. undated.; Thoughts about doing "think piece" on the relationship between architects and clients. Comments on trouble getting such topics published.

Magazine of Art. 1953; Clipping. "The Style of Life," by Robert Woods Kennedy.

Kennedy, Robert Woods. undated.; A.l.s. Suggests [architectural historians] for DH's project.

Lightbown, Mary Jane to DH. 1953; Memo. Re Kennedy's projects including: Rooke houses in Greenwood, New Jersey; Bland's remodeling.

Kennedy, Robert Woods. 1952; Typescript. 2 pp. Boston: "`Politely educated builders' discuss the Future of Design." Institute of Contemporary Art held symposium in honor of Walter Gropius. Participants included Pietro Beluschi, Serge Chermayeff, Gyorgy Kepes, and Charles Burchard, among others.

DH to Pietro Belluschi. MIT. 1952; Re MIT's and FORUM's interest in Kennedy. Would like to work out solution that serves best interests of MIT, Kennedy and FORUM.

DH to Robert Woods Kennendy. 1951; Re the possibility of Kennedy working on the staff at FORUM.

Kennedy, Robert Woods. 1950; Re his idea of FORUM publishing a study of Brattle Street, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Box 11 Folder 5 Ketchum, Gina & Sharp—NYC, 1951, 1953-1964

DH to Morris Ketchum. 1963; Telegram. Re resignation of Dean Colbert.

Lightbown, Mary Jane to [Staff]. 1962; Memo. Re Ketchum's work: remodeled theater in the Bronx into a YWCA; Queens College Dining Hall; Jacksonville office building and other buildings in project.

Lightbown, Mary Jane to [Staff]. 1961; Memo. Re Ketchum projects including Jacksonville business center; Alexander's, Paramus, New Jersey; Rutgers Men's Dormitories; Treemont Avenue Bronx Theater remodeling.

Ketchum, Morris. 1960; Describes latest project in Jacksonville, Florida.

DH to Miss Nollen. 1959; Memo. Re Morris Ketchum of Architectural League. His office best know for stores. Mentions Morocco embassy at Rabat. Comments on Ketchum as president of League.

Lightbown, Mary Jane to [Staff]. 1957; Memo. Re Ketchum's Zenith Showroom.

Ketchum, Morris, Jr., 1958; Comments on the Torre Velasca.

Ketchum, Isabelle. undated.; A.l.s. Encloses letter and Yale Daily News clippingfrom Godson about architecture and undergraduates at Yale. Clipping specifically discusses Douglas Orr. (Attached.)

DH to Joe Hazen. 1956; Memo. Re Ketchum, Gina & Sharp's Albany office group.

DH to [Staff]. 1956; Memo. Re Ketchum projects including: Morocco embassy; shopping center outside Seattle; department store connected with Ieoh Ming Pei's Denver Court House Square; shoe store at Roosevelt Field; office buildings at Albany.

McQuade, Walter to [Staff]. 1956; Memo. Re Ketchum, Gina & Sharp school in Northport. DH to Joe Hazen. 1955; Memo. Re Ketchum, Gina & Sharp projects including: geriatrics hospital; single-family recreation center.

DH to [Staff]. 1955; Memo. Re Ketchum department store for Hutzler's downtown store in Baltimore. Comments on remarkable new type of food conveyor.

Box 11 Folder 6 Kling, Vincent—Philadelphia, Penn., 1952-1962

DH to Vincent Kling. 1962; Requests thoughts on training the architect in building investment. Asks if course on this would be useful.

Kling, Vincent. 1960; Mentions office building in Philadelphia and plans for the entire City Hall area.

Lightbown, Mary Jane to DH. 1950; Memo. Re Kling projects including: Glen Head Sr. High School; Harriton High School; New Medical Science Bldg at Lankenau; Kling's own offices; Christ Chapel, Episcopal Academy; Government Employees Insurance Co. Bldg; Bachelor Officers Club; Norfolk Civic Center.

Kling, Vincent. 1959; Commends DH on December 1958 issue of FORUM.

Kling, Vincent. 1958; Sorry he missed DH in Cleveland. Comments on great pleasure meeting DH's wife.

DH to [Staff]. 1957; Memo. Includes field notes on Monsanto Chemical by Kling.

Kling, Vincent. 1956; Confirms meeting.

Kling, Vincent. 1956; Will be out of town, postpones luncheon.

Kling, Vincent. 1956; Would like to meet with DH.

[Lightbown], Mary Jane to DH. 1955; Memo. Re RCA Experimental Laboratories and Office Building.

DH to Jane Jacobs. 1954; Memo. Re Jefferson Hospital by Kling.

Kling, Vincent. 1953; Thanks DH for letter regarding Hunterdon [Hospital].

Egan, Florence to Mary Jane Lightbown. 1952; Memo. Re Vincent Kling's house, school, and hospital projects.

Kling, Vincent. 1952; Thanks DH for handsome presentation of Hunterdon Medical Center designs in his January book.

Box 11 Folder 7 Koch, Carl—Cambridge, Mass., 1951-1954, 1956-1958, 1960, 1962-1963

Koch, Carl. 1963; Comments on FORUM article by Sibyl Moholy-Nagy and DH's reply. Discusses story he had written on product design and the Middletown Armco Apartments. Suggests exposition on industrialization and good architecture. Invites DH to informal meeting with students. Encloses a course outline, ["The Industrialized House."] (Attached.)

Koch, Carl. 1956; Grateful for comments on the book draft.

DH to Carl Koch. 1957; Discusses projects FORUM is interested in publishing including: library at Wellesley; Howard Johnson motels; prefab school; Acorn project; Granite Street; Belgrade staff housing; churches and synagogue.

Koch, Carl. 1957; Waiting for answer to his letter.

Koch, Carl. 1957; Waiting for answer to his letter.

Koch, Carl. 1957; Looking forward to comments by DH on his various projects and hopes to have them published all together.

Koch, Carl. 1957; Now has good business manager for Techbuilt. Free to get back to architecture. Mentions projects he would like to have published including: elementary school in Cambridge; Tufts Branch Library; Regal Shoe Store in Hartford; Temple Israel in Swampscott; Howard Johnson Motor Lodges; and others.

Koch, Carl. 1956; Answers query regarding recent houses. Mentions "Techbuilt" house and residence for the Director of Perkins Institution for the Blind.

DH to Carl Koch. 1956; DH thoughts and comments on Koch's book. Encloses remarks by Brooke Alexander as well. (Attached.)

Koch, Carl. 1956; Thanks DH for advice regarding book. Sending first two chapter drafts, table of contents and photos. Would like book to appeal to the layman and woman.

Koch, Carl to Perry Prentice. 1954; Re Techbuilders. FORTUNE wants S & S builders to be used as a builder laboratory. Koch suggests comparing S & S to other types of Techbuilders.

Koch, Carl. 1953; Discusses Excursion house program.

Koch, Carl. 1953; Discusses his role on various committees of the AIA. Encloses letter written to [Edmund R.] Purves. (Attached.) Mentions his interest in low cost housing.

Koch, Carl. 1953; Planning to be in Washington and would like to stop in New York. Enjoyed Og Tanner's stay. Would like to talk over philosophical content of article before it's published. Concerned about presentation of O'Brien house as descriptive of the work in his office.

Koch, Carl. 1952; Read DH's condensed editorial addressed to the young architect. Would like to distribute it to his class.

DH to Staff[?] 1952; Memo. Re conversation with Mr. Lipshutz, Carl Koch's associate. Discussion of projects to be published.

Koch, Carl. 1951; Has at least five houses not committed to magazines. DH can give him an idea of what type of house he wants. Discusses several jobs photographed by Ezra Stoller.

DH to Carl Koch. 1951; Thanks Koch for letter about Fitchburg Library. Explains direction of story and why they emphasized design and plan features. Will run Koch's letter in FORUM. Discusses choice of color illustrations for story.

Koch, Carl. 1951; Answers DH's letter on the subject of "co-adventuring" [and AIA ethics.] Nice of DH to ask [Fritz Gutheim about infringement of AIA ethics.] Mentions William Stanley Parker.

Koch, Carl. 1951; Liked Eastgate story and would like reprints. Inquires about publication of Library story.

Box 11 Folder 8 Koyl, George (and Architects' Directory), 1955, 1957-1960

Koyl, George S. 1959; Brings DH up to date on proposals to finance the [American Architects] Directory.

Bear, Charles B. to George Simpson Koyl. 1956; FORUM interested in Directory project. Wishes them greatest success. Explains why FORUM's list of registered architects will not obviate the desirability of his Directory.

Koyl, George S. 1956; Gives background information on American Architects Directory. Expresses concern about FORUM's existing list of Registered Architects and the possibility that it may preclude the publication of a Directory.

Melcher, Frederic G. President, R.R. Bowker Co. [1955]; American Architects Directory will be published by Bowker and sponsored by AIA. George S. Koyl will serve as editor. Would like DH to send biographical information for his entry.

Koyl, George S. 1959; Attempt to finance Directory through advertising has failed. AIA will have to consider supporting its own list.

Koyl, George S. 1959; Discusses Directory's publication cost; number of copies; sales potential and other such matters.

Koyl, George S. 1959; Discusses FORUM's co-sponsorship of Directory and its decision to withdraw if advertising is used.

Koyl, George S. to L. Baldwin Passano, The First Pennsylvania Banking & Trust Company. 1959; Presents possibility of his company acting as Escrow Agent for the Consulting Engineers Index Fund of the American Architects Directory.

Richards, Noble. AIA. 1958; George Koyl informed AIA of FORUM's offer of editorial advice and assistance with Directory.

Koyl, George S. 1958; Enclosing copy of letter stating approval of co-sponsorship of Directory by FORUM and method of financing through cards of Consulting Engineers. (Attached.)

Bear, Charley to DH. 1958; Memo. Re making it clear to Koyl that FORUM's co-sponsorship of Directory would not be for profit and would not involve any financial obligation.

Box 11 Folder 9 Kump, Ernest J.—San Francisco, Calif., 1949-1953, 1955-1963

Kump, Ernest J. 1962; Thinks an excellent job was done on the Environmental Control Grid article. Looking forward to completion of first installation in lecture room at Stanford University. Invited to serve on panel at A.A.S.A. convention at Atlantic City.

Kump, Ernest J. 1962; Appreciated meeting with DH in New York. Mentions preparation of article on the Environmental Grid.

Kump, Ernest J. 1961; Refers to modular story and Foothill article. Material not to be released to Educational Facilities Labs until publication by FORUM.

Kump, Ernest J. 1961; Enclosing booklet on his concept of Space Modular Design. Important in its application to Foothill College. Would like to discuss the "energized space grid."

Temko, Allan to DH. 1960; Memo. Re Kump's Pioneer High School.

DH to Peter Blake. 1959; Memo. Re Kump's Foothill College.

Kump, Ernest J. 1957; Invitation to preview of Multistory Hotel Addition to Rickey's Studio Inn Hotel.

Kump, Ernest J. 1955; Comments on DH's brochure entitled "Win with the Team."

DH to Staff[?] 1953; Memo. Re Kump schools (conversation with [James D.] Fessenden.)

Kump, Ernest J. 1952; Apologizes for not answering inquiry concerning standard classroom building.

Box 12 Folder 1 to 4 L to 1960, 1949-1961

Ladd, Thornton. 1957; A.l.s. A pleasure to see DH in New York. Refers to Lyman Bryson's "Invitation to Learning." Would love to meet Bryson, can DH arrange meeting?

Prentice, [Perry] to [Staff]. 1952; Memo. Re Thornton Ladd's house for his mother.

DH to Morris Lapidus. 1961; Writes to Lapidus about what is currently happening in the Columbia School of Architecture. Remarks on Avery Hall refurbishments. School has organized series of symposia to be published and would like support through contribution.

DH to [Staff]. 1958; Memo. Re Morris Lapidus. Discusses Lapidus' experience with the British quantity surveyor system on a hotel in the Dutch West Indies being built by a British contracting firm.

DH to [Staff]. 1958; Memo. Re Lapidus and Lincoln Road, Miami Beach.

New York Times Magazine. January 6, 1957; Clipping. pp. 26-28, 36, 38, 42."Architect De Luxe of Miami Beach: Morris Lapidus designer of this season's, last season's and the season before's hotels, builds in a riotously contemporary manner."

DH to Theodore Larson, School of Architecture, University of Michigan. 1959; Re the Unistrut building.

Lee, James E. Planning Director, City of Champaign. 1958; Clarifies the nature of article he would like to do for FORUM on "Urban Land Use."

Lee, James E. Planning Director, City of Champaign. 1958; Critical comments on recent issue of FORUM containing quote by P.J. Grillo. States thoughts about architects and planners.

Leipziger, Hugo. 1961; Thanks DH for possible use of Trinity River project for publication. Looking forward to Irving story.

DH to [Staff]. 1954; Memo. Re Eleanor LeMaire jobs including New York Savings Bank in the RKO Building.

Leonhard, Jacqueline T. Orleans Parish School Board, Office of the President. 1951; Thanks DH for coverage in FORUM of the fight in [New Orleans] for contemporary schools.

Lescaze, William. 1956; Sending reprint from Harper's Magazine, (attached), so that DH can understand why he was disappointed in [FORUM's] article on the same building, [711 Third Avenue].

MacDonald, D.C. Industrial News Service. 1952; Re William Lescaze's design of a modern metal curtain wall.

DH to Peter Blake. 1952; Memo. Re Lescaze's Calcutta office building.

DH to William Levitt. 1953; Would like information for committee of the AIA regarding rate of turnover of owners and renters in some of his towns.

Lin, T.Y. undated.; Photostat of typescript. 10 pp. "Prestressing—Architectural Revolution in Concrete."

Lin, T.Y., University of California, College of Engineering, to David Allison. 1960; Working on series of articles on prestressed concrete for FORUM.

DH to [Staff]. 1960; Memo. Re Lincoln Center and Reginald Allen.

Russ Bourne to [Staff]. 1959; Memo. Re Lincoln Center unpublishable news.

DH to C.G. Herbruck. The Lincoln Electric Company. 1952; Re reporting the Mexico City auditorium which is said to have the largest welded trusses in the world.

Lippmann, Herbert. 1954; Remarks on a conference he and DH attended.

Lipchitz, Jacques. 1959; A.l.s. Thanks DH for letter. Mentions trip to Treetops; conversation about Corbusier; sculpture he made for building in Brazil. Thanks DH for hospitality.

DH to [Staff]. 1957; Memo. Re [Robert A.] Little and Cleveland scheme.

Little, Robert A. 1957; Comments regarding FORUM article on Cleveland's Downtown Redevelopment Progress.

Little, Robert A. 1957; Copy of letter clarifying his position on the Convention Hall and Cleveland's City Design. (8 x 10 photo of the design attached.)

DH to Robert M. Little. 1952; Refers to Merrick Building [Miami University] and Nick Carter House.

Loeb, Gerald M. E.F. Hutton & Company. 1955; Enclosing snapshots of medical building by Bruce Heiser in San Raphael, [California].

[Medical-dental building in San Rafael, California].; 7 black & white photographs. 2.5 x 3.5 inches.

Independent Journal. 1955; Clipping. "Medical-Dental Building Features Oriental Decor."

Loeb, Gerald M. 1955; Enclosing four snapshots of infrared heater designed by Harwell Harris. The heater is used to keep snow off balcony in winter and allows you to sit outdoors regardless of temperature. Believes these heaters will soon be found in homes, outdoor cafes, and under hotel marquees.

Infrared heater designed by Harwell Harris mounted onto balcony of Gerald M. Loeb's country house.; 4 black & white photographs. 3 x 3 inches.

Loeb, Gerald M. 1951; Typescript. 7 pp. "Architects Aim."

DH to Richard M. Bennett. Loebl, Schlossman & Bennett. 1960; Writes to Bennett regarding material for his jazz in architecture article.

Lightbown, Mary Jane to DH. 1960; Memo. Re Bennett's story idea on new ways of caring for the deceased. Wants to abolish graveyards and advocatecremation. Idea contains design for placement of ashes.

Schlossman, Norman J. 1959; Thanks DH for draft of first Prairie Shores Building.

DH to Richard [M.] Bennett. Loebl, Schlossman & Bennett. 1953; Re Jerry Loebl's complaints about Park Forest shopping center story. Attempts to straighten things out.

Lopez, Frank G. 1960; Thanks DH for note. Discusses hospitalization and his current work in architectural criticism.

Jacobs, Jane to [Staff]. 1954; Memo. Re City College Library by Lorimer & Rose.

Loring, William C., Jr. 1959; Enclosing paper on sociological considerations for architects and site planners in designing housing for the elderly. (Not attached.) Mentions he and Bob Kennedy wrote the "Massachusetts Standards of Design, Housing for the Elderly."

DH to [Staff]. 1958; Memo. Re Charles Luckman.

Lumsden, May. (Mrs. E.W.H. Lumsden) 1954; Re her article on the expansion of Caracas and Mr. Violich's reproach about not being given proper credit for his contribution to the project.

DH to Robert V. Cox. President, Junior Chamber of Commerce. 1958; Nominates Victor Lundy for the Young Men of 1958 award.

Lundy, Victor. 1958; Thanks DH for thorough job on motel story.

DH to Steve Thompson. 1955; Memo. Re Alvin Lustig's obituary.

Blake, Peter to DH. 1953; Memo. Re Alvin Lustig's interest in tetrahedral space frames.

Lynch, Kevin. Center for Urban and Regional Studies, MIT. 1959; Has material for two articles on urban highways if FORUM is interested.

Lynch, Kevin. Urban and Regional Studies Section, MIT. 1957; Interested in new kinds of presentation techniques to demonstrate to students. Inquires if DH can send examples of presentation techniques he thinks are especially effective.

[Lynch, Kevin]. undated.; Typescript. 8 pp. "The Image of a City."

Box 12 Folder 5 to 6 L 1960—(La), 1961-1964

Lamantia, J.R. 1964; Requests letter of recommendation for the Wheelwright Fellowship, [Harvard University.]

Guldberg, Carl E. Guldberg Advertising. 1962; Enclosing brochures (attached) for Charles Lane and Associates. Projects include Waverly Junior High School and Lincoln High School, Michigan.

Time. August 4, 1961; Clipping. p. 49. Article on Manhattan's new Summit hotel by architect Morris Lapidus.

DH to Denys Lasdun. 1961; Would like to get information on his flats in St. Jame's Place.

Dykes, E.W. Lawrence, Dykes and Associates. 1962; Finds faulty economic reasoning in recent FORUM editorial on Urban Renewal. Enclosing an essay he wrote (attached) entitled "Worse Than Chain Letters." This essay covers the point he is trying to make.

DH to James Lawrence, Jr. 1964; Thanks Lawrence for letter regarding [FORUM's dissolution]. Mentions AIA's enthusiasm about Pennsylvania Avenue; Francis Keally wrote note to The Herald Tribune.

Lee, James E. Planning Department, City of Quincy Massachusetts. 1961; Keeping DH posted on his reactions to [Jane] Jacobs. Enclosing copy of letter that serves that end, (attached.)

Leipziger, Hugo. 1961; Writes about complex controversy surrounding Philip Creer and Ralph Walker. Would like DH's opinion.

Le Maire, Eleanor. 1962; Stimulating to have DH's advice regarding proposed architect for Neiman Marcus store in North Park, Preston Center, as well as Neiman Marcus proposed shopping center in Houston, Texas.

Lemmon, Mark. 1962; Remarks on International Institute of Arts and Letters [fraud]. Read FORUM's news item about Gruen being elected Fellow by this Institute.

DH to James T. Lendrum. Department of Architecture, University of Florida. 1963; Discusses concerns he has regarding ACSA Committee on Expansion of Schools to Serve the Building Industry.

Levi, Julian [Clarence]. 1961; A.l.s. Thanks DH for note about publication of the photos of his apartment.

Levitin, Sergei. 1961; Sending outline (attached) for article on "Housing U.S.S.R." which may be used in FORUM series on Soviet architecture.

DH to [Staff]. 1962; Memo. Re Lincoln Center. FORUM clipping attached on Lincoln Center design.

The New York Times. August 18, 1961; Clipping. "Art: Lipchitz Wills Works to Israel."

Logue, Edward J. undated.; Copy of typescript. 5 pp. "The view from the "Village" is not enough". Attack on the philosophy of Jane Jacobs' book, [The Death and Life of Great Amercian Cities].

Loshbough, Bernard E. ACTION—Housing, Inc. 1962; Enclosing article ["Jane Jacobs Visits Pittsburgh,"] (attached). Article written by James V. Cunningham, Associate Director of ACTION—Housing, Inc.

Box 12 Folder 7 Le Corbusier, 1951-1953, 1957-1963

Boston Herald. January 30, 1963; Clipping. "Unmistakably Corbusier: Harvard Design Students Moving to New Workshop."

DH to Le Corbusier. 1962; Received his letter inquiring about photographs of his Assembly Building at Chandigarh. Tells Le Corbusier pictures were obtained from Rondal Partridge. Gives photographer's address.

Le Corbusier. 1962; Copy of t.l. In French. Inquiry regarding FORUM photographs of l'Assembly de Chandigarh.

Tanner, Og to DH. 1961; Memo. Re Le Corbusier's Visual Arts Center for Harvard.

Doxiades, Constantine. 1961; Copy of telex. 4 pp. Athens stringer sends Doxiades' comments on Le Corbusier's impact on architecture.

DH to Le Corbusier. 1961; Forwarding copy of FORUM with cover devoted to Ronchamp. Issue includes discussion of his work.

Architectural Forum. April 1961; Clipping. pp. 81-104. "Le Corbusier."

DH to Le Corbusier. undated.; Letter written in French. Introduces the new dean of Columbia's Graduate School of Architecture, invites Le Corbusier to the annual AIA convention with FORUM's support, expresses interest in publishing Le Corbusier's work in FORUM.

Paul Rudolf Tape On Le Corbusier. undated.; Copy of typescript. 2 pp. Discusses Chandigarh.

Blake, Peter to Le Corbusier. 1959; Sorry to hear FORUM proposals for publication of his work not satisfactory. Explains practice of American magazines concerning publication of architect's work. Discusses future issues of possible interest to him.

Blake, Peter to Lucien Herve. 1959; FORUM hopes to publish major story on Le Corbusier's recent work in India, the Middle East and Europe. Inquires if FORUM may select photographs from the ones he has taken.

Blake, Peter to Le Corbusier. 1961; Grateful for his letter. Hope he made clear [in his book] the importance of Le Corbusier's work. FORUM planning to do extensive story on him.

DH to José Luis Sert. 1961; Sorry he missed him in Cambridge. Hoped to see Corbu model. FORUM putting together Corbu issue for April. Harvard job is key item. Hopes material will be sent by Harvard before AIA convention in April.

DH to Lucien Herve. [1961]; Draft of letter. Discusses FORUM's issue on Le Corbusier. Inquires if Herve has prints FORUM can use. Also, helpful if Le Corbusier could write something on American architecture for FORUM. Realizes Le Corbusier will make speeches at Columbia and Philadelphia.

Herve, Lucien. 1961; Writes asking for clarifications on what FORUM is planning regarding special issue on Le Corbusier.

Susie Marquis to Jackson for DH. 1960; Memo. Re Le Corbusier special issue. Herve recommends two recent works: The Brazil Pavillion at Paris' Cité Universitaire and the La Tourette Convent near Lyons. Le Corbusier not sure he wants Boston Museum [sic] put in. Mentions other projects. Le Corbusier inflexible about using Hervé's pictures.

Observer. December 11, 1960; Clipping. "Questions of Shape." Article reviews book An Outline of European Architecture, by Nikolaus Pevsner.

Blake, Peter to [Staff]. 1960; Memo. Re special issue. Suggests FORUM prepare special issue on work of Le Corbusier. Lists reasons including: about to build first US building at Harvard; will receive AIA Gold medal; influence upon US architecture increasing. Aware of difficulties such as Corbu's insistence on complete control of publication and being paid for publication of his work.

DH to Andre Malraux. Cultural Affairs, Paris. 1959; Copy of cable. Greatly concerned that Le Corbusier's Villa Savoye has been marked for demolition.

Giedion, S. to Arthur Drexler, Museum of Modern Art. 1959; Copy of letter regarding demolition of Villa Savoye. Suggests sending cable against such action, Harvard will do same.

Trudy Feliu to Gruin for Haskell. 1953; Parish dispatch. 2 pp. Remarks regarding interview with Le Corbusier on Nantes project. Includes his sentiments about US and UN Building Commission. Discusses future plans.

Ringaswami, A. to Time, Inc. 1953; Copy of dispatch. 7 pp. Dispatch From New Delhi regarding Le Corbusier. Discusses Chandigarh.

Box 13 Folder 1 to 4 M to 1960, 1949-1961

MacDonald, William. Department of the History of Art, Yale University. 1959; Paul Rudolf told him DH may be interested in his work. Inquires if DH would like to see him and/or his manuscript.

MacKaye, Benton. 1955; Thanks DH for sending editorial referring to lecture he gave in the 30s conducted by Clarence Stein. Comments on "dry reservoirs" and "federal redevelopment aid," among other things.

MacKinnon, Donald W. Institute of Personality Assessment and Research, University of California. 1960; Responds to DH's interest in publishing remarks on a study he is performing. Would be happy to once all the data is collected.

Manley, Marion. 1953; Wonderful to see DH and wife in Seattle. In favor of continued discussions on modern architecture.

DH to Manca & Moore. 1959; FORUM has written editorial about Congressman Wayne L. Hays and his attacks on the Foreign Building Operation of State. Would like to know income of architects who participated in the program.

DH to Grant Manson, School of Architecture, University of Southern California. 1961; Discusses arrangements for their appearance at the Columbia "Four Great Makers" show.

DH to Grant Manson, School of Architecture, University of Southern California. 1958; Thanks Manson for note on Robie piece. Talks about his early days as a critic.

Marshall, John E. Educational Consultant. 1956; Questions if there is anything wrong about an educational consultant working for an architect.

DH to John E. Marshall. School Building Assistance Commission, Boston. 1954; Discusses proposal for a technique of school building, which raises serious issues in the theory of government. Asks for qualified opinion or expert to turn to on subject.

Gropius, Walter. 1951; Cannot take Brooks Martin into his class because it is fully booked.

Vincent, Claude. 1954; Discusses work that Roberto Burle Marx is doing, and which will be shown in the Smithsonian Institution Exhibition in May, [1954].

Wylie, Francis E. Office of Public Relations. MIT. 1961; Sends information on MIT's Centennial.

DH to I.M. Pei. 1960; Sorry FORUM's publication on his Earth Science Building got him into confusion with MIT. Explains FORUM was not at fault.

Rivkin, Malcolm D. Planning Officer, MIT. 1960; Discusses development plans for MIT.

Matsumoto, George. 1957; Remarks on changes that the Gregory Poole house has undergone.

DH to [Perry] Prentice. 1954; Memo. Re Cliff May and copyrighting designs.

Curlett, William. President, Federated Construction Co. 1954; Re pending suit by Cliff May & Chris Choate against Bristol Development Co. and Federated Construction Co. Curlett states he has not reproduced in any manner May's ranch house homes.

Mayne, Calvin. Rochester Times-Union. 1959; Compliments FORUM on superb job on Rochester. Gives architectural information on Caen and Church of Saint Anne, in St. Nazaire, gathered while in France.

McCarthy, Francis Joseph. 1954; Answers inquiry about his leaving the AIA Pubic Relations Committee.

DH to Joseph [Francis] McCarthy. 1954; Arranging photography of the new carwash.

Kenyon, Robet S. McClure and Wilder, Inc. 1951; Planning an advertising program for client who is a producer of stainless steel. Would like DH's reaction to his idea.

Everly, Robert E. McFadzean, Everly & Associates. 1956; Gives status of the Montreal and Omaha Zoos.

DH to Walter McQuade. 1956; Memo. Re New Haven Railroad Station with mention of [Patrick] McGinnis.

Yamasaki, Minoru to Patrick McGinnis, The New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad Company. 1955; Thoughts on Grand Central.

DH to Staff[?]. 1954; Memo. Re conversation with Pei on Grand Central Station.

DH to Staff[?] 1954; Memo. Re conversation with McGinnis of New Haven RR on Grand Central.

McHarg, Ian L. University of Pennsylvania, Department of Landscape Architecture. 1959; Enclosing information on his department and 8 x 10 black & white photograph of some foreign students, (both items attached.)

Washington Star. February 27, 1958; Copy of article. "Capitol Project Action Delayed By Senate Unit." Article discusses extension of the East front of the Capitol and a Smithsonian Instituion Air Museum.

Smithsonian Institution. 1958; News Release. 2 pp. "Plans Announced for Smithsonian's New Museum of History and Technology Building."

Cain, Walker O. 1956; Encloses information on selection of McKim, Mead and White to design Smithsonian's New Museum of History and Technology.

Kessler, William H. Meathe, Kessler and Associates, Inc. 1960; Gratifying to read response to article written on their Mount Clemens Public Housing.

Meeks, Carroll L.V., Yale University, Department of Architecture. 1956; Inquiry regarding lecturers for Yale.

DH to Richard Doecker, Germany. 1959; Copy of cable deploring demolition of Mendelsohn's Schocken Store Building in Stuggart.

Mendelsohn, Louise. 1955; Thanks DH for tearsheets. Satisfied with publication of Eric's last works. Happy DH likes her idea for a Museum of Architecture.

Mendelsohn, Louise. 1955; Outlines her idea for a museum of architecture. Encloses brochure, "A Museum of Architecture." (Attached.)

Mengeringhausen, Max. 1960; Letter in German with translation attached. Happy about article published on him. Mentions METRO-Construction.

Mercer, Max G. 1960; Believes FORUM may be interested in a commission his office just completed, the reconstruction of Antioch College's Main Administration Building.

Mesagna, Emanuel. 1957; Student at Pratt Institute responds to FORUM article regarding thermal economics of curtain walls.

Ecker, Fredercick, H. Metropolitan Life Insurance Company. 1960; Tells DH he is misinformed concerning the modernization of the exterior of the Metropolitan Tower.

Levinson, Benjamin. Michigan Mortgage Corporation. 1957; Re mortgage clinics.

Miller, J. Marshall. 1960; Enclosing his essay on the design of high-density residential complexes. (Attached.)

DH to Richard Miller. 1956; Glad he can make it to Denver. Panel will include Gordon Bunshaft and I.M. Pei. Explains his assignment.

DH to Henrique E. Mindlin. 1959; Thanks Mindlin for entertaining him in Rio. Mentions government's exclusive concentration on Brasília.

Mindlin, Henrique E. 1951; Paul Lynch going to US for information on housing set-up.

Sweeney, John D. President, Missouri Association of Registered Architects. 1959; Planning to reprint AIA Journal article by William Lyman titled "Day of the Stunt". (AIA article attached).

Lightbown, Mary Jane to DH. 1957; Memo. Re split of Mitchell and Ritchey.

Mochon, Clinton. 1954; Enclosing a draft of "The Architect and Industry." (Attached.)

Mock, Rudolf. 1950; Re the Jolly house.

Thomson, Sandy to Herb Bippart. 1955; Memo. Re Monsanto Chemical Company's inorganic division laboratory in St. Louis.

DH to Robert Hutchins. Moore and Hutchins. 1958; Inquires if Hutchins knows of any architect who has done a remarkable school job on an economy basis.

DH to Luigi Moretti. 1961; FORUM would like to do story on his ideas of parametric architecture, simultaneously with exhibit at Columbia University.

Mumford, Lewis. 1958; Remarks regarding FORUM's proposed series on architectural criticism.

Mumford, Lewis. 1958; A.l.s. Remarks regarding DH's work on the Capitol Extension. Comments on revision of The Culture of Cities.

Mumford, Lewis. 1957; A.l.s. Re his summary of the [Connecticut General Conference on new highways] and its publication in FORUM.

Mumford, Lewis. 1954; A.l.s. Pleased to learn good news in note, [DH now editor of FORUM?]. Lets DH know when he might be able to meet with him.

The New Yorker. April 2, 1955; Clipping. pp. 97-104. "The Roaring Traffic's Boom--II," by Lewis Mumford.

Mumford, Lewis. 1953; A.l.s. Says yes to being quoted in FORUM [re Elizabeth Gordon matter.]

Mumford, Lewis. 1953; A.l.s. Discusses his feelings about recent circumstances surrounding [Elizabeth] Gordon and "McCarthyism."

DH to Lewis Mumford. 1953; Inquires if Mumford would qualify his letter to House Beautiful praising Gordon's attack on the International Style. Quotes Bill Wurster's letter to Progressive Architecture that calls Liz Gordon's article "McCarthyism Invades Architecture."

Mumford, Lewis. 1953; A.l.s. Cannot make advance date with [Alfred] Levitt because of dental problems.

Mumford, Lewis. 1953; A.l.s. Would be fun to meet with DH and [Alfred] Levitt but has infected tooth that needs to be taken care of. Remarks that architecture is subject on which it is still permissible to differ in this country.

DH to Mary Jane Lightbown. 1960; Memo. Re Joseph Murphy and his St. Louis Cathedral and Museum of Washington University additions.

DH to Staff[?]. 1951; Memo. Re Murphy and Mackey's Catholic High School.

The Museum of Modern Art. 1959; News release. 2 pp. Museum embarking on campaign to raise money for a new wing on 54th Street.

Box 13 Folder 5 to 7 M 1960, 1955, 1957-1958, 1960-1964

Mackinnon, Donald W. [University of California, Institute of Personality Assessment and Research]. 1960; Copy of t.l. Nothing ready for publication on their study of architects. Study has been extended. Enclosing definition of creativity and would like DH to rate architects according to that definition. (Attached.)

DH to O.O. McCracken, President, Civic Center Redevelopment Corp., St. Louis. 1962; Invitation to attend Round Table on The New St. Louis Downtown, to be held in St. Louis in May.

DH to George R. McCue, St. Louis Post-Dispatch. 1962; Invitation to attend Round Table on The New St. Louis Downtown, to be held in St. Louis in May.

DH to Donnelly P. McDonald, President, The Peoples Trust and Savings Company. 1964; Responds to inquiry regarding his opinion of Louis I. Kahn and his design for the bank.

McHarg, Ian L. University of Pennsylvania, Department of Landscape Architecture. 1962; Thanks DH for clippings on French parks. Working on "Man and Environment" article. Mentions his television programs on "Man and Environment" titled "The House We Live In."

DH to Burgess Meredith. 1960; FORUM to do special theater issue. Inquires if he knows any theater buildings that have good ideas in them. Meredith's hand-written reply is in lower right corner of letter. Mentions Frank Lloyd Wright Theater in Dallas, Texas.

DH to Samuel Michaelson. 1962; Invitation to attend Round Table on The New St. Louis Downtown, to be held in St. Louis in May.

DH to Chet LaMore, Chairman, Committee of the Deanship, College of Architecture, The University of Michigan. 1963; Responds to LaMore's inquiry regarding Richard A. Miller and his ability to fill position of Dean of the College.

DH to Irwin Miller. Irwin Union Bank & Trust Company. 1963; Lists architects that might be considered [for Library project?]: Louis I. Kahn; Kevin Roche; SOM; I.M. Pei; Paul Rudolph; Ernest Kump.

Harrison, [?] to Mary Jane Lightbown. 1957; Copy of wire. Re Irwin Miller and his school architecture proposal in Columbus, Indiana. Mentions Miller's relationship with DH and his new home in Columbus built by Eero Saarinen.

DH to I.E. Millstone. Millstone Construction Co. 1962; Invitation to attend Round Table on The New St. Louis Downtown, to be held in St. Louis in May

Montgomery, Roger. Washington University, School of Architecture. 1964; Asks DH where he can find quoted his remarks to the New Haven AIA regarding [Douglas] Orr's New England Telephone Company Building in the Oak Street Project.

Mosher, Robert. 1961; San Diego City Council passed gallery design for Balboa Park.

Mosher, Robert. 1961; Comments on design problems in Balboa Park.

DH to Lewis Mumford. 1962; Inquires if he would be willing to address a meeting at the New School For Social Research on the New York World's Fair.

Mackey, Eugene J. 1962; Enclosing sketches he made in France. Comments and inquiry about convention in St.Louis in '64.

DH to [Priscilla] W. Murphy. 1961; Re additions to her museum in San Diego.

DH to Arthur Drexler. The Museum of Modern Art. 1964; Architectural League would like to have meeting in museum's auditorium while Pennsylvania Avenue show is still on.

Box 14 Folder 1 Mackie & Kamrath—Houston, Texas, 1949-1954, 1956-1957, 1959-1960

DH to The Writer. 1954; Memo. Re Anderson Hospital by MacKie & Kamrath.

Kamrath, Karl. 1953; Re Church of St. John The Divine, Houston, and the Schlumberger Administration Building.

Kamrath, Karl. 1952; Comments on Guggenheim Museum.

Blake, Peter to DH. 1952; Memo. Re MacKie & Kamrath projects: The Schlumberger Office Building in Houston; Dow Laboratory Building in Freeport; Dow Administration Building in Freeport; Humble Oil Laboratory in Houston; and others.

Kamrath, Karl. 1950; Re FORUM publication of Emanu El Synagogue.

Kamrath, Karl. 1950; Re FORUM publication of Contemporary Arts Association, the temple and the medical jobs.

Box 14 Folder 2 Mayer & Whittlesey—NYC, 1949-1962, 1964

Mayer, Albert. 1962; Enclosing copy of memo to John Searles in Syracuse titled: "The New Syracuse Dynamism: And How To Realistically Make The Most Of It. New Land Uses Needed For The C.B.D."

Mayer, Albert. 1960; Re Delhi plan.

Mayer, Albert. 1959; Re his proposed article on the New School for Social Research.

Albert Mayer to John Noble Richards, President, AIA. 1959; Copy of letter sent to Richards regarding segregation and the AIA's stand.

Mayer, Albert. 1960; Re East Harlem Plaza.

Tanner, Og to DH. 1960; Memo. Re Mayer, Whittlesey & Glass projects including: outdoor community center; double theater; shopping center, Utica, N.Y.

DH to Joe Hazen. 1960; Memo. Re New School of Social Research.

The New School For Social Research. 1959; News release. 2 pp. Re ceremony for the naming of the School's three buildings.

New York Herald Tribune. March 31, 1955; Clipping. "World's Newest City—India's Chandigarh."

DH to [Staff]. 1954; Memo. Re Kitimat story.

Manchester Guardian Weekly. May 27, 1954; Copy of clipping. "India's Most Modern City: Chandigarh."

New York Herald Tribune. January 25, 1950; Clipping. "New Yorker to Design India City Of 500,000 on a Barren Plain: Architect Tells of Commission for New Capital of East Punjab; to Make It `Functionally Modern'".

DH to Albert Mayer. 1953; Explains why Mayer's name is not mentioned in FORUM's story on Chandigarh.

Mayer, Albert. [1953]; Remonstrates FORUM about his firm not being mentioned as Master Planners in their article on Chandigarh.

McQuade, Walter to Joe Hazen. 1953; Memo. Re Mayer and Whittlesey and the Chandigarh story.

DH to [Staff]. 1953; Memo. Re conversation with Stein and Mayer re Kitimat.

Whittlesey, Julian. 1952; Criticizes FORUM's "Manhattan House" article.

Box 14 Folder 3 Mies van der Rohe—Chicago, Ill., 1950-1952, 1954-1960, 1963

Mies van der Rohe, Ludwig. 1960; Thanks DH for telegram.

Mies van der Rohe, Ludwig. 1958; Proposes cover and layout for FORUM story on Bacardi Building.

Miller, Rich to DH. 1958; Memo. Re Mies van der Rohe's projects including: Pratt Institute-Brooklyn renewal site; Greenwald project in Newark; Bacardi Building in Cuba.

New York Herald Tribune. February 8, 1956; Clipping. "Detroit Plan to Test New City Pattern: Seek Integration For Public Suites."

Atwater, [?] to [Staff]. 1956; Copy of wire. 5 pp. Re Gratiot redevelopment program.

Mies van der Rohe, Ludwig to Ralph Paine. 1954; Thanks FORUM for party.

Blake, Peter to DH. 1952; Memo. Re the Mies-Farnsworth case.

Chicago Daily Tribune. June 9, 1953; Clipping. "Award $14,467 To Architect Of Glass House." Article on lawsuit between Mies van der Rohe and Edith B. Farnsworth.

DH to Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. 1952; FORUM scheduling Mies van der Rohe feature. Would like to check information on 860 Lake Shore Drive; McCormick house; models of the square house--40', 50', and 60' square; IIT campus; Detroit apartments; Trenton and Atlanta apartments; The Arts Club.

Illinois Institute of Technology. 1952; News release. 2 pp. IIT announces construction of laboratory for use by Association of American Railroads Central Research Laboratory.

DH to [Staff]. 1961; Memo. Re conversation with Herbert Greenwald.

Christian Science Monitor. July 11, 1951; Clipping. "Chicago Arts Club."

Jones, Dick to Jack Beard. 1951; Memo. Re Mies van der Rohe's reported statements on the Delaware Apartments.

No author. 1950; Report. 2 pp. Re Mies van der Rohe's Lake Shore Apartments; row apartments; 50 x 50 ft. house; Farnsworth house; IIT.

Indianapolis News. May 23, 1950; Clipping. "Glass-Walled Building Will Be First Here."

Box 14 Folder 4 Moholy-Nagy, Sibyl, 1952, 1956-1957, 1961-1963

Moholy-Nagy, Sibyl. 1963; Hopes DH will print reader's replies to her recent article in FORUM. Remarks about on-going difference of opinions between her and DH.

Moholy-Nagy, Sibyl. 1963; Thanks DH for copy of FORUM in which her article appeared. Remarks on her differences with DH.

Blake, Peter to Sibyl Moholy-Nagy. 1962; Wants to publish her AIA talk in FORUM, provided they can also do a rebuttal of her points.

DH to Sibyl Moholy-Nagy. 1961; Remarks on her trenchant Washington story.

Moholy-Nagy, Sibyl to Jane Jacobs. 1961; Sending manuscript "Washington—Stagnation or Survival, a Critique of the Plan for the Year 2000."

Moholy-Nagy, Sibyl. 1961; Discusses honorarium for Washington spread. Remarks re Mumford's new book, The City in History.

Moholy-Nagy, Sibyl to Matthew L. Rockwell, AIA, Washington. 1961; Thoughts on the lack of any focal institution for research for architecture and planning.

Moholy-Nagy, Sibyl. 1961; Re their possible collaboration on a Washington critique.

Mohly-Nagy, Sibyl. 1961; Finished piece on "Of Planners, Packages and Primadonnas." Also remarks on Washington spread.

Oculus. March 1961; Contains articles "Unisphere," by E.O. Tanner, and "The Roosevelt Memorial Competition," by Sibyl Moholy-Nagy.

Moholy-Nagy, Sibyl. 1956; Inquires if FORUM is interested in her covering Berlin's International Building Exhibition 1957.

Box 14 Folder 5 Moses, Robert—NYC, 1952-1955, 1957, 1959, 1961-1962

The New York Times. June 22, 1962; Clipping. "Moses Opposed on Highway: Fire Island's Communities Declared not in Need of Road."

The New York Times. July 6, 1962; Clipping. "Moses and Carlino Agree To Amend Fire Island Plan."

The New York Times. May 10, 1962; Clipping. "Moses Belittles Rail `Hysteria': As `a Highway Builder,' He Lays Plight to Ineptness."

The New York Times. June 27, 1962; Clipping. "Moses' Fire Island Plan."

The New York Times. October 24, 1961; Clipping. "Moses Attacks Air-Rights Plan: Says idea for Housing Over Roads is `Distasteful'".

The New York Times. August 3, 1962; Clipping. "Suffolk Planners Support Moses on Fire Island Road."

The New York Times. January 25, 1961; Clipping. "Moses Denies City Is Obsolete; Sees Residential Site at Battery."

DH to [Staff]. 1959; Memo. Re Robert Moses and Shakespeare in the Park.

DH to Robert Moses. 1959; Comments on Moses' reluctance to answer FORUM's oral and written inquiries.

Moses, Robert to Anne Peyton. 1959; Remarks on his reluctance to respond orally and in writing.

The New York Times. 1959; Clipping. "Moses Asks $250,000 of City For Park Shakespeare Theatre."

The Architectural Forum. July 1942; Photostat of article. pp. 57-66. "What happened to Haussmann," by Robert Moses.

Thompson, Stepehn G. to Robert Moses. 1957; Inquiry re the Kennedy Building property within the Performing Arts site. Referes to the Slum Committee's Lincoln Square plan in the office of City Planning Commission.

Robert Moses to C.D. Jackson, Vice President, Time, Inc. 1957; Carbon copy. Tells Jackson FORUM is misrepresenting the Slum Clearance Program.

Thompson, Steve to DH. 1957; Memo. Re Mumford vs. Moses on Lincoln Square location.

The New York Times. July 29, 1957; Clipping. "The 'Unique' Bob Moses."

Thompson, Steve to DH. 1952; Memo. "Has Robert Moses Killed New York Re-Zoning?"

Saunders, R.E. to Gurney Breckenfeld. 1954; Copy of wire. 6 pp. Statement about the attack on the Columbus Circle Project and the Philips rider by Stephen G. Thompson at FORUM.

Thompson, Steve to [Staff]. 1953; Memo. Re a conversation with Robert C. Weinberg on Robert Moses, Title I studies, and New York University.

DH to Mr. Grover. 1953; Memo. Re Steve Thompson's questions to Mr. Moses.

DH to Mr. Grover. 1953; Memo. Re FORUM vs Moses.

Thompson, Steve to DH. 1953; Memo. Re Moses' complaint about FORUM's Coliseum article.

Box 14 Folder 6 to 8 N, 1949-1964

DH to [Staff]. 1955; Memo. Re Naess & Murphy projects including: publishing plant for Sun-Times; addition for Chicago Federal Reserve System; Marshall Field shopping center; Sidney Morris' 1000 Lakeshore Drive.

Murphy, Charles to Hugh A. Stubbins. 1954; Murphy, of Naess & Murphy, inquires if Stubbins is interested in heading a school established under the will of Ernest R. Graham. The school will be known as the American Academy of Fine Arts.

Nagel, Chester. 1951; Sending illustrated outline of the topic "Economy of Means in Design." (Attached.)

Nakashima, George. 1957; A.l.s. Thanks DH for invitation to AIA centennial supper but cannot attend. Architectural Record interested in his new building.

McQuade, Walter to [Staff]. 1953; Memo. Re new building by George Nakashima.

Udall, James M. President, National Association of Real Estate Boards. 1959; Comments on FORUM editorial regarding the role of federal and city government participation in solutions to urban problems. Remarks on taxes; 1954 Housing Act.

Ritenhour, S.T. National Council of the Churches of Christ. 1963; Invites DH to participate in the Consultation on Building for the Church's Teaching Ministry, at Purdue.

Wilson, Roy K. National School Public Relations Association. 1962; Invites FORUM to submit entry for the 1962 National School Bell Award.

[Jacobs, Jane] to DH. 1955; Memo. Re National Homes [Corporation] prefab school.

Johnson, Lee F. National Housing Conference, Inc. 1958; Answers DH's letter regarding housing and FORUM's recommendations for legislative action.

Rath, Frederick L, Jr. National Trust for Historic Preservation. 1955; Enclosing brochures on course titled "Historic House Keeping" and a talk delivered by Carl Feiss titled "Historic Town Keeping."

Neegaard, Charles F. 1953; Requests material from DH for Yale, where he hopes to start movement for better hospitals. Mentions Groff Conklin and article on hospital air conditioning.

DH to Otto L. Nelson, Jr. Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, Inc. 1960; Relates to Nelson what he said at Snag Club Lecture. Discussion mainly on public housing and immigration. Remarks on population densities.

DH to [Staff]. 1953; Memo. Re George Nemeny house.

DH to Joseph F. Thomas. Neptune & Thomas. 1957; Replies at length to Thomas' letter criticizing FORUM for not crediting his firm for the ceremic veneer panels at the Methodist Hospital at Arcadia. FORUM at fault and will publish another piece giving full credit to firm. Explains FORUM's concern over getting justice for the architect.

The New York Times. March 18, 1960; Clipping. "Bus Depot To Get A Roof Of `Wings': Plans for New Terminal at George Washington Span Call for Soaring Top." First work of Pier Luigi Nervi in US.

The New York Times. August 4, 1960; Clipping. "Hadassah Medical Center Dedicated in Israel." Design by Joseph M. Neufeld.

McConville, R.H. New Castle Products, Inc. 1958; Thanks DH for his article ["Architects Must Have A Real Story,"] to be placed in their Working With Space publication.

Newcomb, Robinson. 1959; Re his thesis about forecasts of urban growth.

Urban Land. News and Trends in City Development. October 1959.; Newsletter. Contains article "Changing Forces Which Affect City Growth," by Robinson Newcombe.

DH to William M. Birenbaum. The New School for Social Research. 1962; Architectural League would like to put on show for the World's Fair in October.

Cahill, J.J. Premier of New South Wales. 1959; Thanks DH for message in connection with the ceremony held to commemorate the commencement of the building of the Sydney Opera House.

New York Herald Tribune. October 31, 1955 or November 1, 1955.; Clipping. "Central Paints Stations, Gay Hues Replace Drab." New York Central Railroad embarks on programs to repaint stations.

Reid, William. Chairman, New York City Housing Authority. 1959; Criticizes FORUM's article "Public Housing--For People."

DH to Wallace K. Harrison. 1955; Re night lighting for Idlewild.

DH to John Oaks. The New York Times. 1958; Re Capitol extension project in Washington. Discusses AIA's position on issue.

Nez, George. Director, Inter-County Regional Planning Commission. 1961; Responds to FORUM article regarding metropolitan planning. Suggests numerous related themes for FORUM to consider.

Butterfield, Richard D. Nichols & Butterfield. 1957; Congradulates FORUM on article answering the Reader's Digest article [on school costs.] Remarks on two groups in Connecticut who agree with Reader's Digest.

Nicoletti, Manfredi. 1960; Thanks DH for remembering his St. John the Divine design. Building High Court Palaces of Rome. When completed would like FORUM's criticism.

Nicoletti, Manfredi. 1954; Thanks DH for advice regarding material available for publication in Italian architectural magazines.

Niemeyer, Oscar. 1959; Will send drawings of the opera and theater [for Brasília] when finished.

Lightbown, Mary Jane to DH. 1952; Memo. Re Rufus Nims' projects including work he is doing for Howard Johnson.

DH to [Perry] Prentice. 1952; Memo. Re Rufus Nims' projects including the Roman house and the Williams house.

DH to Peter Blake. 1962; Memo. Re Constantino Nivola and sign towers.

Bourne, Russ to [Staff]. 1960; Memo. Re [Isamu] Noguchi's stone screen in Texas and sculpture garden in Jerusalem.

Noguchi, Isamu. [1952?]; Re two bridges he did for Hiroshima; garden and sculptres done for Keiyo University in memory of his father; Memorial to the Atomic dead.

Swinburne, Herbert H. Nolen & Swinburne. 1957; Re book on professional practice written for their clients.

DH to [Staff]. 1956; Memo. Re Nolen & Swinburne project for Temple University.

DH to Joe Hazen. 1951; Memo. Re Nolen & Swinburne's Presidents Hall for Temple University.

DH to Henry L. Kamphoefner, Dean, School of Design, North Carolina State College. 1961; Confidential letter regarding Bruno Zevi in response to Kamphoefner's inquiry about Zevi's fascist politics. Discusses Zevi's opposition to Brasília.

DH to Eliot Noyes. 1964; Re Aspen job.

DH to AIA. 1960; Letter supporting recommendation for Fellowship for Eliot Noyes.

DH to Eliot Noyes. 1959; Discusses story on IBM Education Building and remodeling story in relation to the [priority] system for architectural magazines.

DH to [Staff]. 1959; Memo. Re Eliot Noyes, the IBM Educational Building, Architectural Record, and the priority system.

McQuade, Walter to DH. 1955; Memo. Re IBM showroom.

DH to Mary Jane Lightbown. 1953; Memo. Re Eliot Noyes' concrete bubble construction.

Blake, Peter to DH. 1952; Memo. Re Eliot Noyes' Ault, Bremer, and Hersey houses.

Box 14 Folder 9 Nelson, Paul, 1951, 1954, 1957, 1959

DH to [Staff?]. 1959; Memo. Re Paul Nelson's "hanging house."

Drexler, Arthur to Paul Nelson. 1959; Re possibility of constructing Nelson's Suspended House project in the Museum of Modern Art's garden. Mentions Buckminster Fuller and Frederick Kiesler.

Nelson, Paul. 1959; Re "maison de verre" of Pierre Chareau; suspended house; Franco-American Memorial Hospital of St. Lô.

Bourne, Russel to DH. 1957; Memo. Re interview with in Paul Nelson in L'architecture d'aujourd'hui. Quotes article extensively.

Box 15 Folder 1 to 2 Neutra & Alexander—Los Angeles, Calif. (2 folders), 1949-1964

Neutra, Richard J. 1959; Received interesting book about office furniture.

Neutra, Richard J. 1959; Received message about [Frank Lloyd] Wright's death.

Neutra, Richard J. 1958; T.l. Thanks DH for remembering his birthday. Will see him in Sarasota.

Neutra, Richard J. 1958; Remarks on controversy about photography of Alamitos Intermediate School.

Neutra, Richard J. 1956; Remarks on trying evaporation cooling on a roof; and interiors expanding into sheltered outer space.

Neutra, Richard J. 1958; Enclosing a piece he has written titled "The Lessons of the Primeval Organic Scene." (Attached.)

DH to Richard Neutra. 1958; Copy of telegram. 3 pp. States his opions about photographing the Alamitos School.

The New York Times. August 26, 1956; Clipping. "College Announces Plans For Building." Plans completed for Francis Scott Key Memorial Hall and new laboratory building at St. John's College, designed by Neutra & Alexander.

Neutra, Richard J. 1955; Remarks regarding San Pedro; Eagle Rock Playground Clubhouse.

Neutra, Dione. 1955; Remarks regarding Amalgamated Clothing Workers' building; Pakistan Embassy; Eagle Rock Clubhouse.

DH to AIA. 1955; Supports nomination of Bob Alexander to Fellowship.

Tanner, Ogden to [Perry] Prentice. [1953?]; Memo. Re proposed Spiral Department Store project.

DH to Robert E. Alexander. 1951; Re UCLA Experimental School; Sacramento and Elysian Park.

Haskell, Douglas . 1953; Typescript. 4 pp. DH book review for Saturday Review of Survival Through Design, by Richard Neutra.

Neutra, Richard J. 1953; Comments on DH's "Criticism vs. Statesmanship."

Prentice, [Perry I.] to [Staff]. 1952; Memo. Re Sacramento redevelopment story.

New York Herald Tribune. April 14, 1952; Clipping. "Gaum Governor's 10-Year Plan Is Called Wasteful and Corrupt."

Drawing of Asian women from side, shows head and upper body. undated.; Photograph. Black & white, 8 x 10.

Alexander, Robert E. 1951; Re Indian project.

DH to [Staff?] 1952; Memo. Re Richard Neutra's long distance control houses.

Neutra, Dione. 1952; Comments on trip to Far East.

Prentice, [Perry I.] to [Staff]. 1952; Memo. Re Neutra houses including Ojai house.

Neutra, Richard J. 1952; A.l.s. Comments on various projects including the O'Brien house.

Alexander, Robert E. 1952; Letter includes comments re [Los Angeles?] City Council [vote to cancel public housing deal.]

Richard Neutra. [1952?]; Typescript. 6 pp. "Urban Rehabilitation, Suggested draft by Richard Neutra."

Thorston, Mrs. Richard J. 1952; Enclosing photostat of article on Neutra & Alexander's visit to Manila. (Attached.)

DH to Richard Neutra. 1952; Includes comments on the Los Angeles Council story.

Neutra, Richard J. 1952; Re housing in Los Angeles; Channel eights; Chavez Ravine.

Coe, Clarence S. to [Perry] I. Prenctice. 1951; Asks for opinion about his house near Los Angeles designed by Neutra. Local architectural committee wants changes made to house.

Box 15 Folder 3 to 4 O, 1949-1964

Carr, Robert K. President, Oberlin College. 1963; Ready for dormitory construction at Oberlin. Invites DH to give counsel. Enclosing letter sent to possible architectural firms for project. (Attached.)

Carr, Robert K. President, Oberlin College. 1961; Acknowledges DH's note requesting private talk. Comments on some of Oberlin's difficulties in the past with various architects, presumably the kind of architects DH would favor.

News release. Oberlin, Ohio. 1961; Thermofax. 3 pp. Oberlin College will award seven honorary degrees. DH to receive honory Doctor of Fine Arts Degree.

DH to Paul Arnold. 1961; Asks questions regarding new Science Building at Oberlin.

Knapp, John E. 1961; Enclosing [1] clipping and [five copies of] sketches on the Second Methodist Church by Obryon & Knapp. Comments on urban development program and other activities in Grand Rapids.

DH to A.G. Odell, Jr. 1957; Invites Odell to meet with FORUM staff for a day of conversing.

DH to AIA. 1957; Supports nomination of A.G. Odell for Fellowship.

DH to A.G. Odell, Jr. 1956; Comments on Charlotte Civic Center story.

Odell, A.G., Jr. 1956; Regrets misunderstanding regarding Charlotte Auditorium and Coliseum. Explains why.

DH to [Staff]. 1954; Memo. Re Odell's library in Charlotte, N.C.

DH to Owen A. Luckenbach. O'Dell, Hewlett & Luckenbach. 1949; Re prospective story on Northville Hospital and other projects.

Oelsner, Waldemar. 1961; Requests reply from DH on publishing his material on the Oelsner Building Technique. Describes projects that successfully use his technique. Mentions Lawrence Lessing and Frei Otto.

DH to Enslie O. Oglesby, Jr. 1956; Answers Oglesby's letter requesting his suggestions of buildings for material for the Dallas Museum of Fine Arts exhibition of religoius art and architecture.

Olgyay, Victor. School of Architecture, Princeton University. 1953; Thanks DH for interest in climatology project for possible publication.

Olivetti, [Adriano]. 1954; Thanks DH for FORUM's Olivetti stories. Mentions architect Giorgio Cavaglieri as deserving credit for San Francisco store and Olivetti's store in Chicago.

Onckelinx, R. 1959; Association for the Cultural Center of the Belgian Congo will hold international competition. Plans are being made to erect a group of buildings south of the government palace of Leopoldville. Richard J. Neutra to act as chairman.

Osborn, Stephen W. 1961; Students from the [University of Michigan] write about their thoughts and concerns regarding the prospects ahead for them in their profession.

DH to [Staff]. 1954; Memo. Re Sam Oshiver project.

Prentice, [Perry I.] to [Staff]. 1952; Memo. Points of differences between [Vladimir] Ossipoff's house and Breuer's Robinson house in Williamstown.

Lessing, [Larry] to Joe Hazen. 1957; Memo. Re Wilfred Owen's report on the "Metropolitan Transportation Problem."

Owens-Corning Fiberglas Corporation. undated.; News release. 2 pp. International architectural symposium to be held over the first intercontinental radio-telephone hookup. Discussion will center on similarities, differences and trends in architecture of the Americas. Marcel Breuer, Alvaro Ortega, Pablo Lanzetta, are among the architects to participate.

Rogers, Tyler S. Owens-Corning Fiberglas Corporation. 1956; Answers DH's lengthly inquiry into reasons for not advertising in FORUM.

Herb Bippart to DH. 1955; Memo. Re Owens-Illinois Glass Company and their new glass blocks.

Reuter, Jane Hone. Oxford University Press. 1961; Sending galleys of Carl Condit's American Building Art: The 20th Century.

Box 15 Folder 5 to 8 P (P—Poz), 1949-1964

DH to Charles Genther. PACE Associates. 1961; Letter re details of panel at the Columbia "Four Great Makers" show.

DH to Mary Jane Lightbown. 1959; Memo. Re PACE Associates and Illinois State Tollway job.

[?] to [?]. 1955; Report on PACE Associate projects for publication including: University of Illinois Hospital; Vandela Hospital; General Telephone Company's building in San Angelo, Texas.

DH to [Staff]. 1954; Memo. Re PACE Associates and their White Pines and University of Illinois Hospital project.

Blake, Peter to [Staff]. 1952; Memo. Re PACE Associates and their three mining town projects in Minnesota; Fayette County Hospital; IIT Faculty Apartments; L-shaped apartment building.

The Atlanta Journal and Constitution. August 5, 1956; Clipping. "Gigantic City Traffic Jam Seen Without Action Today." Re the traffic problem facing the city of Atlanta. Elfred S. Papy, member of several committees of the Metropolitan Planning Commission, comments on problems.

Lightbown, Mary Jane to DH. 1951; Memo. Re [Alfred B.] Parker projects including a house for Jan Streate in Maimi.

Parkin, John B. 1954; Copy of t.l. Inquires if DH is interested in publication of their engineering building for Imperial Oil Limited.

DH to John B. Parkin. 1954; Thanks Parkin for letter on the Ontario Association headquarters building. Discusses history of the priority system that was started in 1929.

DH to [Staff]. 1961; Memo. Re C. Northcote Parkinson manuscript [titled "Accident or Design"]. (Thermofax of pages 1-5 attached.)

Parry, David. 1959; Enclosing reprint which describes the [J. Edward] Martin plan for network of transportation centers to solve population problems in Southern California. (Attached.)

[Part], Antony [A.]. Ministry of Education, London. 1962; Coming to US with committee that is studying problems of higher education in Britain. Enclosing itinerary. (Attached.)

Part, Antony A. 1961; He and his wife plan to visit US. (Itinerary attached.) Just published a Ministry of Education Building Bulletin on schools in the U.S.A.

Partridge, Rondal. 1962; Re Le Corbusier's flattering letter about his photography. Would like to exchange the thermofax copy of letter for the original so that he can frame it.

DH to Joseph R. Passoneau. School of Architecture, Washington University. 1962; Invites Passoneau to join Round Table meeting on the subject of "The New St. Louis Downtown."

Pearson, Clyde C. 1955; Has problem with his design of Court House for Montgomery, [Alabama]. Court House being criticized for being too modern. Requests DH to send list of recent contemporary Court Houses.

Pei, I.M. 1964; Thanks DH for note.

Lightbown, Mary Jane to [Peter] Blake. 1961; Memo. Re I.M. Pei's Villa Marie office tower in Montreal.

DH to [Staff]. 1961; Memo. Re Pei's Idlewild building.

The New York Times. July 27, 1961; Clipping. "New Realty Venture: Webb & Knapp (Canada) and British Group Cite Plans." Venture in Canadian shopping centers.

Pei, I.M. 1960; Re the publication of the Port Authority-Union Terminal Competition.

Time. August 22, 1960; Clipping. "Flagpole in the Square." Article re Pei's MIT Earth Sciences Center.

The New York Times. August 19, 1960; Clipping. "Simplicity Picked For Air Terminal: Chinese-Born Architect Wins Over 4 Others in Design for Idlewild Building." Article re Pei.

DH to Steve Thompson. 1960; Memo. Re Pei's terminal building at Idlewild.

Pei, I.M. 1960; Thanks DH for attention to publicity matter [re confusion with MIT over publishing Earth Science Building] and for calling Dr. Killian.

Hazen, Joe to DH. 1960; Memo. Re Pei's Denver Hilton.

Pei, I.M. 1960; Delighted both FORUM and the Record interested in Denver Hilton story. Kips Bay construction moving slowly.

Pei, I.M. 1958; Enclosing photographs of Franklin National Bank.

Pei, I.M. 1957; Enclosing material at request of Jim Pratt in Dallas.

Pei, I.M. 1957; Re Astor Plaza job.

DH to [Staff]. 1957; Memo. Re conversation with Pei about urban renewal projects.

Pei, I.M. 1956; Enjoyed visit with DH and Helen. Sorry didn't discuss "Cities." Catherine Bauer wrote excellent article.

DH to [Staff]. 1957; Memo. Re Pennsylvania Station.

DH to Kurt K. Perlsee. 1960; Re St. Louis downtown.

Parlsee, Kurt K. 1958; Re Werner M. Moser architect in Zurich.

Perlsee, Kurt K. 1954; Would like to send DH his article "Civilizing of Space."

McQuade, Walter to DH. 1954; Memo. Re Perlsee's ["Civilizing of Space"] manuscript.

DH to DH. 1954; Memo. Re John Peter and the possibility of him doing a series of articles for FORUM.

DH to John B. Peterkin. 1951; Interested in new Airlines Terminal building he is doing for [Robert] Moses.

New York Herald Tribune. July 7, 1951; Clipping. "East Side Air Terminal's Plans Completed After 5 Years' Work: $5,500,000 Project to Open in '53, Have Auto parking on Roof; 21 lines to Use Building." Designed by John B. Peterkin.

DH to [Staff]. 1962; Memo. Re Charles Peterson and the Historic Preservation group in Philadelphia attempt to forestall tearing down of 250 old houses.

Pfizer News. [1963]; News Release. 3 pp. "At the fabulous New York Hilton and throughout the construction market...The Trend in Plastering is to Snowite Finishing Lime."

DH to Buford L. Pickens. School of Architecture, Washington University. 1960; Thoughts on how FORUM magazine decides which buildings to publish and philosophy about publishing new architects.

DH to Buford [L.] Pickens. School of Architecture, Washington University. 1955; Suggest students work on problem of a downtown shopping center for St. Louis.

DH to Buford L. Pickens. School of Architecture, Tulane University. 1952; Would like to carry through proposed joint project on Louisiana houses.

Pickens, Buford L. School of Architecture, Tulane University. 1951; Remonstrates FORUM's story on New Orleans schools, for not giving more credit to [Tulane] and its students.

DH to Carl Norcross. 1950; Memo. Re Pittsburgh Corning.

Author unknown. 1952; Typescript. 3 pp. "Notes On DH and MJL Interview with Warren Platner. Subject: Cooper house (lift-slab)."

Polevitzky, Igor B. 1958; Re DH's interest in the Riviera Hotel in Havana.

Lightbown, Mary Jane to DH. 1957; Memo. Re Polevitzky's luxary co-op apartments in Fort Lauderdale including the Sea Tower and Springtide apartments.

DH to AIA. 1954; Supports nomination of Igor Polevitzky for Fellowship.

No author. 1952; Notes on Florida trip regarding Polevitzky's projects including: a church; the Koming house. Speculative projects include: 38-house project at Lantana, Florida; Avondale Gardens, West Memphis, Tennessee.

Polivka, J.J. 1951; Mentions several projects including: Hexagonal Harschel's House; Gregoire House, Berkeley; oil plant in Fresno; and others.

Polivka, J.J. 1951; Glad to see Midglen House published. Constructing 6-story spiral concrete ramp in San Francisco garage.

Breines, Simon. Pomerance & Breines. 1959; Nassau Street [closes for pedestrians during afternoon.] Mentions proposal for creating shopping and strolling area between Fifth and Sixth Avenues.

Lightbown, Mary Jane to DH. 1951; Memo. Re Pomerance & Breines skip-corridor scheme.

Price, Boyce to DH. 1951; Memo. Re Pomerance & Breines's Bronx Medical Center.

Lightbown, Mary Jane to DH. 1951; Memo. Re Sheffield Houses by Pomerance & Breines.

DH to [Staff]. 1960; Memo. Re Ponti and Nervi.

Ponti, Gio. 1959; Coming to New York with members of the Collegio Architetti.

Rospigliosi, William to [Steve Thompson]. 1957; Copy of wire [?] report. 9 pp. Rome correspondent reports on Gio Ponti. Includes description of his daily activities and family life. Discusses his projects and philosophy of architecture and art. Quotes Ponti extensively.

Ponti, Gio. [1954]; A.l.s. Letter from Caracas inquiring what has been decided in Washington. Refers to Stone. Thanks DH for cocktail party. Will write an article about "the light as element of architecture."

Powell, Philip. 1956; Would be happy to let DH have informtion on Mayfield School, Putney.

Pratt, James Reece. 1958; Enjoyed FORUM's critical essay for Bartholomew Planning. Dallas has a Bartholomew Plan and has problems because of this approach.

Pratt, William David. 1959; Re the Frank Lloyd Wright drawings for their new church at Redding, California.

Prestini, James. 1957; Inquires if interested in publishing two articles on architectural education and architectural research.

Knight, Reginald C. School of Architecture, Princeton University. 1959; Students beginning the design of the Sound-Sculpture.

Reginald C. Knight. School of Architecture, Princeton University. 1959; Copy of typed program. 3 pp. "The Relationship Between Sound and Form."

DH to [?]. 1953; Memo. Re conversation with Bob McLaughlin, Princeton [University's] Dean.

Box 16 Folder 1 P, 1949-1964

Coleman, Terry to [Steve] Thompson. 1956; Copy of wire. 3 pp. Report on Project Architects.

Howell, Valentine. The Prudential Insurance Company. 1956; Would like to discuss the employment of architects for the Prudential's contemplated regional home office in Boston.

DH to Charles O. Puffer. 1958; Explains why FORUM's text and advertising assumes their audience has great degree of understanding in the technical field. Specifically discusses this in respect to the client and their prerogative of making final choices.

Purcell, William Gray. 1957; Thoughts regarding [Louis H.] Sullivan.

Purcell, William G. 1950; Thoughts regarding U.N. Secretariat debate.

Purcell, William Gray. 1950; Thoughts regarding Erven Jourdan's architecural film based on Harwell Harris' "Sky House."

Box 16 Folder 2 Pereira & Luckman—Los Angeles, Calif., 1947, 1949-1963

Parry, David. 1960; Pereira and Luckman to receive merit award from Southern California Chapter of AIA.

Lightbown, Mary Jane to [?]. 1959; Copy of summary of memo re Pereira's projects.

Pereira, William L. 1959; Re dissolution of Pereira & Luckman.

Lightbown, Mary Jane to DH. 1958; Memo. Re Pereira & Luckman's New York Office. Mentions Prudential Complex; Avco project in Massachusetts; Washington Cultural Center.

Nesbit, Violet B. 1955; Re Palmdale Testing and Production Center project.

Lightbown, Mary Jane to DH. 1955; Memo. Re Pereira & Luckman's Santa Barbara College.

DH to DH. 1954; Memo. Re CBS office remodeling.

DH to William Pereira. 1953; Re California Council's convention and panel discussion on architect-client relationship.

Prentice, P.I. to [Staff]. 1953; Memo. Re talk with Pereira about [Los Angeles] airport plans.

Prentice, [P.I.] to [Staff]. 1952; Memo. Re Pereira and Luckman projects including the Robinson store.

Jacobs, Jane to [Staff]. 1952; Memo. Re Pereira & Luckman hospitals and hospital ideas.

Prentice, [P.I.] to [Staff]. 1952; Memo. Re Pereira & Luckman's Los Angeles airport.

Armstrong, Dale. 1952; Give status of Pereira & Luckman projects including: Bureau of Standards Lab at Boulder; Hollywood Medical Group Building; Zeckendorf Heliodon Project; Los Angeles Airport.

Prentice, [P.I.] to [Staff]. 1952; Memo. Re Pereira & Luckman's idea on how to make Zeckendorf's mountain tract in Los Angeles usable.

Box 16 Folder 3 to 4 Perkins & Will (2 folders), 1949-1964

DH to Philip Will. undated.; Re Bill Scheick and the Ned Purves article.

Perkins, Lawrence B. 1961; Re Chicago Teachers College story.

The New York Times. November 21, 1960; Clipping. "9-Million School Holds Open House: 9,000 Tour 70-Acre Modern Complex in White Plains."

DH to Philip Will. [1959]; Answers Will's inquiry. Comments on Time Inc.'s avid architectural interest and who deserves the credit.

Will, Philip, Jr. The American Institute of Architects, Washington. 1959; AIA would like to recognize individual who is responsible for Time and Life's considerable coverage of architecture and the fine arts.

Perkins, Lawrence B. 1959; Re school architects; educators; Crow Island School; future of the design of schools.

DH to [Staff]. 1957; Memo. Re Perkins & Will and possbile combination with the John Lyon Reid firm. Remarks on several school projects.

Burnett, Hal. 1956; Discusses the planned release of the Lutheran Brotherhood Building.

DH to [Staff]. 1955; Memo. Re Crow Island School story.

Burnett, Hal. 1955; Re Crow Island story idea to review building after it has been lived in, and in light of a later development.

Will, Philip, Jr. 1954; Remarks on the Keokuk Senior High School story; John Lyon Reid.

DH to Mort Reed, Jr. 1954; Comments on publication of Keokuk School.

Burnett, Hal. 1954; Re story on Norman High School, Oklahoma.

Philip Will, Jr. to Chicago Chapter, AIA. undated.; Defensive comments regarding Roy T. Christiansen, Commissioner of the Chicago Building Department.

DH to Philip Will, Jr. 1953; Thanks Will for Brickbuilder quotation. Mentions Liz Gordon's followers.

The Brickbuilder. August 1907; Typed copy of quote from magazine regarding schools in city parks.

Perkins, Lawrence B. 1953; Re difficulties with Heathcote [school?]

DH to Joe Hazen. 1952; Memo. Re "Pa" Perkins. Comments on the Chicago School; Elmslie and Purcell; Talbot Hamlin.

Will, Philip, Jr. 1952; Remarks on the Scarsdale plan.

DH to [Staff]. 1950; Memo. Re Perkins & Will's projects including: Keokuk, Iowa, Central High School; Bedford Park Community Center Building; Cameron School.

Perkins, Lawrence B. 1950; Re Schenectday jobs.

Burnett, Hal. 1949; Re Blythe Park; Keokuk school.

Burnett, Hal. 1949; Re Perkins & Will school jobs in Gary, Indiana.

Perkins & Will to Paul W. Seagers. 1949; T.l. Re research on US school building costs.

Box 16 Folder 5 to 6 Photographers (A-Z misc. correspondence), 1949-1963

Andrews, Wayne to Del Paine. 1955; Harper's publishing his book The Taste of the Times. Fortune may be interested in serial rights.

Baer, Morley. 1960; Re his [Guggenheim grant to photograph Spanish project].

Baer, Morley. 1958; Discusses possibility for jobs on Washington Power Company's buildings in Spokane and Air Force Academy in [Colorado?]

Baer, Morley. 1956; Replies to request regarding special luxary houses with descriptions, including: residence by Miller & Steiner; John Funk house; town house by Campbell & Wong; lagoon property by Campbell & Wong; house by Clarence Mayhew.

Braun, Ernest. 1957; Thoughts on architectural photography with real people using the structures.

DH to George Howe, Chairman, Department of Architecture, Yale University. 1951; Re [Robert] Damora's qualifications and reputation as one of the top architectural photographers.

DH to Robert Harvey. 1955; Instructions for photographing the models for Saint John the Divine at MIT.

DH to Kenneth Hedrich. 1956; Covers a number of topics including: story on architects being employed as consultants with angle on photography; the priority system among architectural magazines and one magazines consistent failure to follow system.

Lange, Dorothea. 1958; Gives ideas regarding photography for DH's department "Gallery."

Laughlin, Clarence John. 1956; Mentions his show of sculpture photographs in the Detroit Institute of Arts, January 1957. Discusses tentative schedule and jobs for FORUM.

Shulman, Julius. 1961; Re project studying architecture of university campuses in the east.

DH to Board of Directors, AIA. 1958; Learned of Roger Sturtevant's name being submitted for AIA Fine Arts Medal and submits Ezra Stoller's name as well.

Box 16 Folder 7 Photographer Roger Sturtevant—San Francisco, Calif., 1949-1956, 1958-1960

DH to AIA, Washington. 1959; Re endsorment of Sturtevant and Stoller for Fine Arts Medal at 1960 convention in San Francisco.

Sturtevant, Roger. 1958; Sending transparencies of Linda Vista School by Falk & Booth in Fremont.

Sturtevant, Roger. 1958; Talks about catching up on correspondence at his ranch. Discusses Fremont and Pacifica stories. Has photos of the Mint in [San Francisco.]

Sturtevant, Roger. 1956; Re photographing of the Anshen & Allen Chapel. Mentions Julius Shulman being there as well. Thoughts about himself as an architectural photographer and the comptetiveness on both DH's and his side. Comments on his relationship with DH.

Sturtevant, Roger. 1953; Re AIA public relations and the role of photography in architects' publicity.

Sturtevant, Roger. 1953; Re AIA public relations program.

Sturtevant, Roger to P.I. Prentice. 1953; Remarks re AIA meeting and speech made by DH.

Sturtevant, Roger to K.E. Richardson. 1951; Remarks on Pietro [Belluschi's] attitude about photographs. Discusses his ideas about educating architects and students about photography, public relations, and publication protocol.

DH to Roger Sturtevant. 1950; Discusses, at length, arrangement between FORUM and Sturtevant for photographs.

Sturtevant, Roger. 1940; Discusses how he will arrange his future commitments for photographs with architects and magazines.

Box 17 Folder 1 Progressive Architecture, 1952-1957, 1959-1960, 1962

DH to [Staff]. 1960; Memo. Re editors watching FORUM for leads. Comments on proposal for bowling alleys in Grand Central Terminal.

DH to Thomas Creighton. Editor, Progressive Architecture. 1957; Re the [priority system] and publication of photographs of the Bangkok Embassy by John C. Warnecke.

DH to Chape Lawson. 1957; Memo. Re the rush for architectural magazines to publish stories first and the effect this has on architectural journalism. Remarks on FORUM's stance on this subject.

DH to [Staff]. 1956; Memo. Re Progressive Architecture's series on historical buildings. Comments on FORUM's lead in publishing stories with historical discussion. Mentions following examples: preservation of Grand Central Concourse; Brooklyn Bridge; St. John the Divine; US Capitol.

DH to [Staff]. 1955; Memo. Re Progressive Architecture's Design Awards.

DH to Herbert Bippart. 1954; Memo. Re Progressive Architecture following FORUM's lead.

DH to Harold Sleeper. 1954; Re Progressive Architecture vs. FORUM in several areas including circulation.

DH to Thomas H. Creighton and Harmon Goldstone. 1954; Thoughts about AIA members using the AIA committee for self-promotion.

Breckenfeld, Gurney to [P.I.] Prentice. 1954; Memo. Re using design contests for promotional activities.

DH to Thomas Creighton. 1952; Thoughts about not publicizing certain differences of opinion between magazines for the good of architectural journalism.

Box 17 Folder 2 Purves, Ned, 1962-1963

Purves, Edmund R. 1965; A.l.s. Thanks DH for letter re ["The Position and Effects of Trade Assoications of the Construction Industry."] Has discussed possiblity of article on the subject.

Purves, Edumund R. 1962; A.l.s. Received Rose's[?] letter regarding Round Table discussion. Will be in Washington for summer.

Purves, Edmund R. 1962; A.l.s. Appreciates "Letters" in FORUM. Decided to skip Dallas Convention. Received letter from Nat Owings's wife.

[Purves, Edmund R.] 1962; A.l.s. Wrote article for Dick Howland who is compiling material for White House Archives.

Purves, Edmund R. 1962; A.l.s. Received nice comments about article. On the whole, reaction favorable.

Purves, Edmund R. 1962; Re prospective article on Construction Industry's Trade Associations and National Professional Associations.

Purves, Edmund R. 1962; Thanks DH for letter. Remarks on FORUM's fees.

Purves, Edmund R. 1962; A.l.s. Happy with piece DH edited. Gives two corrections.

Purves, Edmund R. 1962; A.l.s. Forgot to send corrections for page 8, (attached.) (See item number 10 below.)

Purves, Edmund R. 1962; Rewrote sections of his article "A Superman Fantasy." Will be glad to make further changes. (Two typewritten copies of page 3 attached.)

Purves, Edmund R. 1961; Enclosing two copies of article.

Purves, Edmund R. 1961; Article is in draft form. Tentative title is "The Superman Fantasy."

Purves, Edmund R. 1961; Excitment of becoming grandfather caused gap in seeing DH. Has started working on article.

Edmund R. Purves. 1961; Typed draft. 15 pp. "The Superman Fantasy."

Stanton, Glenn. 1962; Remarks on Ned Purves article ["The Architect and the Superman Myth"] published in FORUM. Comments on Mazatec mushrooms.

Amisano, Joseph. 1962; Re Purves article.

Daniel, [Phillip J.] [1962]; Copy of wire. 3 pp. Criticism regarding Purves article [that analysizes the architect's position on the buidling team.]

Box 17 Folder 3 to 7 R to 1960 (R—Rz), 1949-1961

The New York Times. December 5, 1960; Clipping. "School With Office Tower Planned." Designed by Michael L. Radoslovitch.

Sweeney, Bob to DH. [1958]; Memo. Re Viggo Rambusch and deal with Kahn & Jacobs for largest stain glass window in the world, to be installed at Idlewild.

DH to John Erwin Ramsay. 1959; Re the earning power of plazas.

Rannells, John. 1954; A.l.s. Criticizes current FORUM series and its lack of "serious" and organized discourse for the profession.

DH to John Rannells. 1954; Remonstrates Rannells' memo on the architectural press.

Creighton, Thomas H. to John Rannells. 1954; Copy of letter. Thoughts regarding transcript of discussion at Columbia [University] on the architectural press.

Rannells, John. 1953; A.l.s. Expresses opinion of Kennedy and Saarinen pieces published in FORUM.

Rannells, John. 1953; A.l.s. Criticizes Kennedy article published in FORUM and FORUM as well.

[Jerome Lyle Rappaport.] [1958]; Typescript. 12 pp. "Incorporating the Architectural Firm."

DH to Jane Jacobs. 1954; Memo. Re Gene Raskin piece. Remarks on the bus terminal, air terminal and coliseum.

DH to L. Rado. 1959; Inquires about the Foreign Building Operation of State. Mentions FORUM editorial about Congressman Wayne L. Hays.

DH to [Staff]. 1954; Memo. Re jobs in Japan by Antonin Raymond including: houses; business buildings; Japanese Pentagon.

DH to DH. 1951; Memo. Re Raymond & Rado's restaurant on Second Avenue.

Blake, Peter to DH. 1950; Memo. Re Raymond & Rado's church in the Philippines.

Munck, Carl B., President, National School Boards Association to DeWitt Wallace, Editor, Reader's Digest. 1958; Copy of letter protesting Reader's Digest articles about school "palaces."

Reed, Charles C., Jr. 1959; Re Bruce Goff.

Reed, Henry Hope. 1957; Sorry DH will not permit debate [on modern architecture and a return to the Renaissance?] in FORUM. Lists themes that he can write about, including Viollet-le-Duc and modern architecture.

The New York Times. May 29, 1957; Clipping. "Topics of The Times." Article includes remarks regarding Henry Hope Reed and his thoughts on modern architecture.

Reed, Henry Hope, Jr. 1957; Enclosing outline (attached) of the new classical terms.

The New York Times. undated.; Clipping. "About New York: Architect's Exhibit Shows Beauty of Classic Style Now on the Wane in the City." Article re Henry Hope Reed, Jr.

Reid, Kenneth. 1959; Mentions book he was working on for Reinhold. Regrets FORUM will not be able to use him for West Coast material.

Reid, Kenneth. 1959; Re break with Ernie Kump. Inquires about contributing to FORUM from West Coast.

DH to William Atkin, Reinhold Publishing Company. 1959; Re George Koyl's directory of architects.

Atkin, William W., Editor, Reinhold Book Division. 1957; Re the book Reinforced Concrete and its Architecture by a student from Columbia University named Aly Ahmed Raafat.

H.A. Reinhold. undated.; Thermofax of typescript. 14 pp. "Liturgy, Architecture, and the Arts."

DH to [P.I.] Prentice. 1951; Memo. Re Long Beach School by Reisner & Urbahn.

DH to John Rex. 1950; Re curtain wall story and development of material called Crete-Glass.

DH to [Staff]. 1961; Memo. Re Reynolds Metals Company. Discusses situation of aluminum curtain wall in comparison with concrete.

The New York Times. September 19, 1960; Clipping. "Reynolds Begins Housing Project: Cincinnati Development 1st for Metal Company-Others Contemplated Elsewhere."

Cole, Albert M. to George W. Callahan. 1961; Gives information on Reynolds Metals Company's Richmond urban project experiment with the condominium principle.

DH to [Staff]. 1960; Memo. Re Reynolds Metals and redevelopment.

Rugile, Paul. 1960; Re Milwaukee Municipal Building which has a Reynolds aluminum curtain wall.

Haskell, Douglas. undated.; Typed draft. 1 p. "Aluminum Art and Architecture." [Statement by DH for Reynolds catalogue on "Aluminum Art and Architecture" show.]

Woods, R.M. Reynolds Metals Company. 1957; Enclosing draft (attached) describing aims of proposed school research laboratory.

Author unknown. undated.; Typescript. 23 pp. "By-Laws of Educational Facilities Laboratories: A Delaware Non-Profit Corporation."

DH to Lorimer Rich. 1960; Re Grange Building in Washington D.C.

Richards, John B. 1958; Enclosing photographs of architecture in Iceland. Lists subject matter of photos.

Richards, Sim Bruce. President, San Diego Chapter, AIA. 1957; Inquires if DH would be willing to write a statement protesting proposed ordinance for "Architectural Control" for San Diego.

Richmond, Isidor. 1958; Re remodeling The School of Public Relations and Communications of Boston University.

The Boston Sunday Herald. January 26, 1958; Clipping. "At Half the Cost of a New Building: Problem Property Becomes As up to Date as Tomorrow". Article re Transformation of Jones McDuffee & Stratton building to a new school of communications for Boston University. Design by Isidor Richmond and Carney Goldberg.

DH to [P.I.] Prentice. 1954; Memo. Re Chauncey Riley. Primarily works for oil companies.

Lightbown, Mary Jane to DH. 1956; Memo. Re William Riseman. Remarks on the Peter Pan Snack Shop project.

Manfort/Ellington Public Relations. undated.; News release. 2 pp. "Maganavox To Build Major Research Center." Designed by Risley and Gould.

Rittenberry, Emmett F. 1960; Tells DH about his firm; competition with large firms; benefits of using FORUM's reprints; architect-Client relationship; "Mecca '69, Inc."—committee intersted in redevelopment in downtown Amarillo, Texas. Mentions FORUM's booklet entitled "Planning With You."

Lightbown, Mary Jane to DH. 1951; Memo. Re Hilyard R. Robinson's remodeled First Calvary Baptist Church of Norfolk.

DH to Nelson Rockefeller. 1961; (Copy of letter that may be sent.) Inquires if Rockefeller can help stop the proposed bowling alley scheme in Grand Central Station.

Rockstrom, Eric A. 1951; Describes his design called the Rotundiplan.

Circular apartment house designed by Eric A. Rockstrom. undated.; Photograph. Black & white, 5 x 7.

Rockstrom, Eric A. 1951; Would like to submit his design to DH. Explains that he is inmate at Attica State Prison and is self-taught.

DH to Joe Hazen. 1961; Memo. Re Tyler Rogers and idea of testing manufacturer's product in actual use. Remarks on Fiberglas.

Rogers, Tyler. 1960; Thoughts on communication within the [building] industry.

Tyler S. Rogers. 1960; Typescript. 1 p. "Evaluation of Sales Promotional Material."

Tyler Stewart Rogers. 1959; Typescript of lecture. 9 pp. "Quality In Building Products." Prepared for Architectural Sales School, University of Florida.

Tyler Stewart Rogers. 1959; Typed draft of lecture. 9 pp. "What is Good Technical Sales Literature, and Why." Prepared for Architectural Sales School, University of Florida.

Rogers, Tyler S. Technical Consultant, Owens-Corning Fiberglas Corporation. 1959; Comments on FORUM's January 1957 issue featuring "Technology, 1977." Attaching presentation made to management on anticipating design changes with new product developments.

DH to Tyler Rogers. 1958; Harvard to celebrate 75th birthday of Walter Gropius. Would like statement on Gropius' pioneering effort in reconciling art and industry so they could work together on design.

Tyler Stewart Rogers. 1956; Typed lecture, final draft. 13 pp. "Education For The Construction Industry." For presentation to American Society for Engineering Education Ames, Iowa.

DH to [Staff]. 1960; Memo. Re Isadore Rosenfield and possible story on organic modernizing of hospitals.

Jacobs, Jane to [Staff]. 1954; Memo. Re Isadore and Zachery Rosenfield's hospital projects including: Belleville, Illinois, community hospital.

Roth, Alfred. 1951; Thanks DH for FORUM review of his book [The New School].

McQuade, Walter to [Staff]. 1952; Memo. Re design story on Emery Roth's aparment house, no. 2 Fifth Avenue.

The New York Times. March 4, 1951; Clipping. "New 19-Story Village Apartment To Have Old-Style Front on Square." Re apartment building on Washington Square by Emery Roth & Sons.

Rouse, James W. to Archibald C. Rogers. 1960; Thoughts on the architect-client relationship.

Royston, Robert. 1959; Describes current projects including: roof playground atMoffit Hospital, University of California, San Francisco; Mitchell Park.

DH to Mary Jane Lightbown. 1960; Memo. Re George Vernon Russell. Lists photographic material to be sent on various projects including: Lockheed International, Inc.; Marquard Aircraft headquarters at Van Nuys, California.

Russell, George Vernon. 1958; Comments include mention of Lockheed Missile Systems Division project.

DH to AIA. 1958; Supports nomination of George Vernon Russel for Fellowship in AIA.

DH to DH. 1958; Memo. Re the Russell, Mullgardt and Schwartz firm in St. Louis.

Box 18 Folder 1 to 2 R 1960—(Ra—Rz), 1956, 1960-1964

DH to Barney Rabinow. City Planning Commission. 1962; Organizing tour of visiting newspapermen, who will be attending the Columbia University Journalism School and Architectural School's conference on "The Press and the Building of Cities.

DH to Michael L. Radoslovich. 1961; Regrets Radoslovich's being inlvolved in school board operations that have put all connected with them under suspicion of irregularities.

DH to John Rannells. National Capital Transportation Agency. 1961; Mrs. Moholy-Nagy's ideas always challenging. Inquires what Rannells thinks about Reuss versus National Capital Planning.

DH to Richard May. Raymond and May. 1962; Thanks May for help at the "Press and the Building of Cities" conference at Columbia University.

Read, Vernon to TIME, Inc. 1961; Memo. Proposal that TIME, Inc. launch a new professional magazine titled Municipal FORUM—The Magazine of Urban Design, Engineering, and Transportation.

Read, Vernon. 1961; Typescript. 9 pp. "Urban Redevelopment, Traffic, And The Public Space Between Buildings.

Monterey Peninsula Herald. March 2, 1961; Clipping. "Monterey Council Likes New Traffic Proposal. Includes sections and site plans for Vernon Read's proposal.

The New York Times. September 4, 1962; Clipping. "Regional Planners Score Trend to a `Spread City': Warn Area Against Growth That Puts Homes Distant From Jobs—Rise of 6 Million in Population Seen." Re study by the Regional Plan Association.

DH to Philip Herrera. 1962; Memo. Re the Regional Plan Association, Inc.

The New York Times. June 30, 1960; Clipping. "Regional Plan Group Urges Area to Save Open Land." Incudes results of a report by the Regional Plan Association to set aside 220 square miles of land in New York.

Reuss, Henry S. Congress of the United States, House of Representatives. 1961; Re his speeches made on the consequences of unrestricted growth in Washington D.C.

Robbins, I.D. 1956; Re city planning.

Gilpatrick, Chadbourne. The Rockefeller Foundation. 1961; Re City Design Through Conservation by Stephen W. Jacobs and Barclay G. Jones.

Rockrise, George T. Rockrise and Watson. 1963; Re report on San Francisco's Market Street.

Roth, Richard. Emery Roth & Sons. 1961; Re the Federation of the Handicapped.

Dave Carson to DH. 1962; Memo. Re Jim Rouse's Cherry Hills conference.

DH to James Rouse. 1962; Invites Rouse to attend Dowtown St. Louis Round Table meeting to be held May 15 and 16.

DH to Raymond Rubinow. The Kaplan Foundation. 1964; Re DH's proposal for an Advisory Commission to make a special study [for the Pennsylvania Avenue project?]

Box 18 Folder 3 Reid, John Lyon—San Francisco, Calif., 1950-1963

DH to [Staff]. 1961; Memo. Re John Lyon Reid projects incuding: Andrews, Texas, school; Diamond Heights; Greek Orthodox #2, San Francisco.

DH to Allan Temko. 1959; Memo. John Lyon Reid sending Trump Report material elsewhere. Alerts Temko to the fact that magazines move in and out of the preference of architects. Discusses this in light of Reid situation.

Reid, John Lyon. 1961; Oakland Board of Education considering architectural services for design of Oakland Junior College. One of his competitors used [FORUM] article against [his firm].

DH to John Lyon Reid. 1961; Re article in FORUM that turned up in connection with the selection of architects for a school, [Oakland Junior College.]

Temko, Allan to John Lyon Reid. 1961; Clarifies his attitude towards the work of Reid's office in light of the current attention his article on Mills High School has received. (See items 3-4 above.)

Temko, [Allan]. 1960; Report. Peace declared with John Lyon Reid. Remarks on precast, prestressed Mango School in Sunnyvale; steel-domed Greek Orthodox Church in Oakland.

Reid, John Lyon. 1959; Northern California Chapter of AIA nominated Roger Sturtevant as candidate for Fine Arts Medal in architectural photography. Requests letter from DH in support of nomination.

[Wilson, Ann] to [Mary Jane Lightbown]. 1958; Memo. Re John Lyon Reid jobs including: Mills High School, San Mateo, Calif.; Greek Orthodox Church, Oakland, Calif.

Reid, John Lyon. 1958; Re various projects including: Brittan Acres School in San Carlos, Calif.; Mills High School in San Mateo, Calif.; Greek Orthodox Church in Oakland, Calif.; Algiers Consulate.

Reid, John Lyon. 1959; Answers letter suggesting he write article on Mills High School. Made committement elsewhere. Decision not based on Temko article.

DH to John Lyon Reid. 1959; Proposes he write article on Mills High School for FORUM [in response] to the commentary by Allan Temko in the November issue of FORUM.

DH to [Staff]. 1957.; Memo. John Lyon Reid suffers from diabetes. Remarks on possible combination with Reid firm.

DH to John Lyon Reid. 1956; Re Hillsdale [High School].

DH to [Staff]. 1955; Memo. John Lyon Reid's Hillsdale School.

Reid, John Lyon. 1955; Re tentative plans for publication of Hillsdale.

Reid, John Lyon. 1955; Plans to attend meeting of Committee on School Buildings of the AIA in New York. Hopes to meet with Walter Cocking and Art Shaw. Would like to meet with DH.

DH to J.L. Ritchey, Jr. 1955; Mentions booklet "So You Want To Build A School" by John Lyon Reid.

DH to AIA. 1954; Supports nomination of John Lyon Reid for Fellowship.

[Reid], John [Lyon]. [1954]; A.l.s. Re attitude of architects toward FORUM.

Reid, John Lyon. 1954; Re interest in Deer Park School in Fairfax.

Reid, John Lyon. 1954; Observations on the panel "Architecture—An Educational Asset." Members: John McLeod, Eric Pawley, Caudill, Cochran, Reid.

Jacobs, Jane to DH. 1952; Memo. Reid's San Mateo School.

Reid, John Lyon. 1952; Remarks on Caudill; roundup on his work.

DH to John Lyon Reid. 1952; Remarks on Caudill; roundup on Reid's work.

Reid, John Lyon. 1951; Re classroom lighting article.

Reid, John Lyon. 1950; Re Yosemite convention of California Council of Architects. Panel discussion on Merchant Builders. Mentions sister school of the Montecito in Martinez; Buri-Buri school in South San Francisco.

Box 18 Folder 4 Rudolph, Paul, 1950-1962

Lightbown, Mary Jane to Peter Blake. 1962; Memo. Re work of Paul Rudolph including: New Haven Garage; Art & Architecture Building at Yale; Boston Government Center.

Rudolph, Paul. April 7, 1961; Thanks DH for letter of April 5. Will hold on to what he has for April 20 talk. Mentions Architectural Record portfolio. Will keep his proposal in mind.

Time. February 1, 1960; Clipping. pp. 60-64. "Bright New Arrival." Article re Paul Rudolph.

Time. December 29, 1958; Clipping. p. 35. "Sarasota Success Story." Re Philip Hanson Hiss. Mentions Riverview Junior High School, by Paul Rudolph.

Time. July 2, 1956; Clipping. pp. 50-57. "The Maturing Modern." Re Eero Saarinen. Mentions Paul Rudolph in list of "20th Century Form Givers".

Time. July 6, 1959; Clipping. pp. 72-75. "New Southern Comfort." Re winners of competition from ten Gulf and Southeast Atlantic states. Among winners: Victor A. Lundy, Arthur Q. Davis, Paul Rudolph.

Saturday Review. October 18, 1958; Clipping. pp. 31-34, 41-42. "The Changing Face Of New York" by Paul Rudolph.

DH to [Staff?]. 1959; Memo. Spent weekend at Tuskegee Institute to back up Paul Rudolph proposal for campus; Yamasaki was another consultant. Discusses Moreland Smith, a trustee of Tuskegee, and integration problems in Montgomery.

Rudolph, Paul. March 3, 1959; Delighted DH has been able to schedule Wellesley and Yale. Mentions Sibyl Moholy-Nagy.

Glasscock, Jean. Wellesley College. 1959; Re premature publication of Jewett Arts Center.

DH to Roger L. Stevens. 1959; Comments on Church Street redevelopment in New Haven, Paul Rudolph consulting architect.

DH to Paul Rudolph. 1958; Remarks on the legal right of architectural criticism.

[Rudolph], Paul. August 22, 1958; Sending photostats of Greeley Memorial Building for Yale University. Would like Ezra Stoller to photograph the schools for Sarasota.

DH to Paul Rudolph. 1958; Thoughts on architectural photography.

Rudolph, Keener, Mrs. 1958; Read "Yale's Paul Rudolph" in FORUM's April issue. Would like extra copies.

Rudolph, Paul. April 8, 1958; Thanks DH for sketch of him. Inquires if he will write on Seagrams. Mentions Deering House.

Rudolph, Paul. March 20, 1958; T.l. King-lui Wu thought [FORUM's] movie was good. Has written to [Gilbert] Waters. Segregation issue will not be important in Sarasota. Disturbed by FORUM's "Profile" article on him.

DH to Paul Rudolph. 1958; Gilbert Waters relying on him for report on FORUM's film, "The New Age of Architecture." Comments on showing film. Remarks on reaction to film at Washington convention. Mentions shot in film at IIT [Illionis Institute of Technology] that contains students of various skin color.

Rudolph, Paul. June 26, 1957; Re Wilshire Boulevard. Thanks DH for his congradulations regarding Yale. Comments on Blue Cross Blue Shield building.

Rudolph, Paul. January 18, 1957; Dr. Nathan Shapira has written to him from Italy. Rudolph remarks on publishing his material only in FORUM.

Rudolph, Paul. November 27, 1956; Sending drawings for proposed US Embassy Building in Jordan. Architectural Record planning a portfolio.

Rudolph, Paul. April 30, 1956; Re house for Homestyle Center Inc., outside of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Comments on its design.

Rudolph, Paul. October 19, 1956; Regrets cannot join DH on Pennsylvania Regional Forum.

DH to Paul Rudolph. 1956; Re doing "preview" publication in FORUM of [Art Center], as he thought they already agreed.

DH to Jean Glasscock. Wellesley College. 1956; Re [priority system] among architectural magazines in relation to publishing the Art Center [by Paul Rudolph.]

Rudolph, Paul. May 21, 1956; DH's letter sounds exciting. Ready to undertake assignment. Will be in New York the 27th and will try to make appointment with him.

Rudolph, Paul. March 9, 1956; In five or six weeks will have presentation material for Wellesley College project.

Rudolph, Paul. December 1, 1955; Hasn't forgotten about Embassy or Wellesley College. Mentions Inner American Center.

Rudolph, Paul. September 19, 1955; Thanks DH for congradulations on Inner American Center in Miami. Preparing drawings of US Embassy for Jordon. Concluding preliminary studies for Wellesley College. In process of getting commission for new music building. Compliments FORUM.

Rudolph, Paul. February 18, 1955; A.l.s. Final presentation drawing of Embassy Office Building not done. Wellesley College announced today his commission to design their new Art Center with Anderson & Beckwith as associates.

Rudolph, Paul. December 8, 1954; Has no doubt that DH is right about St. [John] the Divine. Suggests Ellis Kaplan for report on [Chandigarh]. Will be in New York on January 12th for exhibition he is designing for Museum of Modern Art. Edward Steichen's "The Family of Man" opens on January 25th.

Rudolph, Paul. July 26, 1954; Thanks DH for coverage of his AIA speech.

DH to Paul Rudolph. March 29, 1954; Re proposed revision of Rudolph's article on the cattle judging pavilion. Explains, editorily, how to be fair with criticism. Comments on Deitrick's execution of Nowicki's idea. Mentions [Gordon] Bunshaft's advise to Nowicki.

Rudolph, Paul. October 1, 1953; Thanks DH for letter regarding his paper at Biloxi. Olga Geuft already using it. Would like to write an article on relationship between structure and form for FORUM. Preparing for debut at Harvard. Will be in New York on the weekends.

Rudolph, Paul. April 2, 1953; Thanks DH regarding Institute of Design job. They plan to merge with Mies' school. Will be passing through New York on 24 April.

Rudolph, Paul. August 31, 1952; Thanks DH for interest in plywood vaulted job. Comments on where it will be published. Mentions other projects including: fraternity house for University of Miami campus; cabana club. Will be in New York for "Good Design" exhibit.

Rudolph, Paul. May 24, 1950; Comments on his "millionaire clients". Prefers magazines that publish more text, fewer photographs, and complete plan. Delighted with Deeds coverage. Remarks on publication of Siegrist job.

Rudolph, Paul. May 11, 1950; Pleased with "Small House" issue and Deeds coverage. Unfortunate FORUM thinks they build for "Florida millionaires." Would like FORUM to publish plans in their entirety. Mentions their Gropius issue for L'architecture d'aujourd'hui. Invites DH to Florida.

Box 18 Folder 5 to 7 S (S—Sc), 1949-1964

Blake, Peter to [Perry] Prentice. 1953; Memo. Re [Joseph] Salerno house in Westport, Connecticut.

Saloman, Julian H. to The Editor, The New York Times. 1962; Copy of letter. Opposed to Veterans Memorial Fund to erect an office building in Union Square.

[Lightbown], Mary Jane to Jane Jacobs. 1957; Memo. Re Hein Salomonson projects including Aalsmer home for the aged.

DH to [Staff]. 1960; Memo. Re Harold Sandbank on atomic energy.

DH to Harlan Hatcher. President, University of Michigan. 1956; Suggests Walter Sanders as Dean for their School of Architecture.

Sargent, Cyril G. Graduate School of Education, Harvard University. 1953; Re Boston school study.

Rippeteau, Darrel D. to Russell Bourne. Sargent-Webster-Crenshaw & Folley. 1958; Refers to FORUM's "Architecture at a Profit" story concerning Perkins & Will. Describes aspects of his firm which he thinks might be of interest to FORUM.

Crenshaw, Thomas T. Sargent-Webster-Crenshaw & Folley. 1958; Thinks the Winthrop Rockefeller ranch, "Winrock," on Petitjean Mountain northwest of Little Rock, Arkansas, deserves FORUM's attention.

Hammond, Charles M. 1958; Public relations firm writes regarding Sargent-Webster-Crenshaw & Folley's Master Plan to be submitted to the Massena Area Planning Committee, New York.

DH to Chloethiel Woodard Smith. 1962; Invites Smith to attend Downtown St. Louis Round Table meeting to be held May 15 and 16.

DH to AIA. 1959; Endorses nomination of Chloethiel Woodard Smith for Fellowship.

Saunders, Dick. 1961; Memo. Can get names of Senators who are getting deluxe hideaways [in extension of US Capitol.]

Office of Senator William Proxmire. October 26, 1961; News release. 1 p. United States Capitol extension of the East Front being used to house private hideaway offices for senior Senators.

Blake, Peter to DH. 1960; Memo. Re Roger Schafer.

The New York Times. April 27, 1958; Photostat of clipping. "Sympathetic Approach Speeds Relocation of Families on the Lower East Side: 1,500 Getting Help in Moving From Seward Park Co-op Site."

DH to James M. Scheuer. 1962; Invites Scheuer to Downtown St. Louis Round Table meeting to be held May 15 and 16.

DH to [Staff]. 1957; Memo. Re redevelopment activity by Jim Scheuer with Mayer, Whittlesey & Glass as architectural consultants. Comments on professional ethics among redevelopers.

Schocken, Thomas D. 1958; Copy of letter. Makes observations and suggestions on architectural and planning professions. Discusses this topic in relation to other countries as well.

DH to O.B. Schoepfle. 1956; Discusses recent trip to Elyria, Ohio. Includes biographical information about himself.

Cocking, Walter D. The School Executive. 1958; Will use Dr. Thomas' [of the University of Pittsburgh] article DH sent to him.

DH to Jane Jacobs. 1954; Memo. Off-the-record meeting called by Walter Cocking, editor of [The] School Executive. Re schools.

Schuszler, Aloysius. 1962; Inquiry regarding article in FORUM showing auditorium seating.

DH to Arthur F. Schwarz. 1962; Invites Schwarz to Downtown St. Louis Round Table meeting to be held May 15 and 16.

Scully, Vincent. 1959; Would like to do article on Minoan and Greek use of landscape.

DH to [Staff]. 1957; Memo. [Vincent] Scully on Sullivan.

Scully, Vincent. 1957; Sorry must decline invitation to AIA banquet. The architectural historian on Mohammedan architecture would be Professor Frank E. Brown, at Yale.

DH to [Staff]. 1957; Memo. Re Vincent Scully and his pieces on Sullivan and American architecture as expression of American traits. Incudes remarks made by Scully re Bruno Zevi; Wright; Le Corbusier; Mies.

Scully, Vincent. 1956; Sorry for delay in replying. Cannot think of anyone for position [at FORUM.]

Scully, Vincent. 1955; Enclosing copy of speech.

Vincent Scully. undated.; Typescript of speech. 5 pp. "The Architectural Historian and the Architectural Student."

Box 19 Folder 1 to 2 S (Se—Shz), 1949-1964

Seaver, Joan. 1962; Re an organization called the Architects and Engineers Service. The Service's home office is The Building Exhibition Center in Los Angeles.

DH to Steve Thompson. [19??]; Memo. Seelye, Stevenson, Value & Knecht report on lift-slab failure in Florida.

Sekler, Eduard F. 1956; Happy to learn FORUM plans to include more articles of a critical nature. Discusses possible collaboration with FORUM.

No author. 1950; Typed notes re conversation with Marshall Shaffer and staff on hospitals.

Prentice, P.I. to DH. 1950; Memo. Re [Alfred] Shaw apartments.

Shepley, Henry R. 1961; Remonstrates FORUM's article on the Leverett House Tower Dormitories at Harvard.

DH to Henry R. Shepley. 1957; Apologizes for remarks he made regarding public policy, but dissapointed about Shepley's chosen direction on the Capitol matter.

DH to [?]. 1953; Memo. Re Boston Airport and [Henry R.] Shepley.

Smith, Moreland Griffith. Sherlock, Smith & Adams. 1960; Discusses the kind of story FORUM might do on Tuskegee [Institute] and possible financing for the Cultural Center.

DH to [Staff?]. 1959; Memo. Re Tuskegee Institute.

Smith, Moreland Griffith. Sherlock, Smith & Adams. 1953; Re Hill-Burton Hospital Construction Act, Public Law 725.

Lightbown, Mary Jane to [DH]. 1955; Memo. Re Sherwood, Mills and Smith's Port Chester School and State Penitentiary at Enfield, Connecticut.

DH to [Staff?]. 1953; Memo. Re Sherwood, Mills & Smith School, Stamford, Connecticut.

Lightbown, Mary Jane to DH. 1954; Memo. Shreve, Lamb & Harmon architects for facelift of City Hall.

New York Herald Tribune. May 17, 1954; Clipping. "City Hall To Get New Stone Face."

Box 19 Folder 3 to 9 S (Sia—Sz), 1951-1964

DH to Rev. H. Richard Siciliano. Department of City and Industry, Synod of Pennsylvania. 1958; Glad he liked article by Joseph Hudnut about "The Church in a Modern World."

Interested in proposal for series of criticism of individual examples such as the First Presbyterian Church at Stamford, Connecticut. Discusses difficulties of architectural criticism.

Sifuentos, Luis Carlos. 1959; Comments on DH's upcoming trip to Brasil.

Prentice, [Perry] to [Staff]. 1954; Memo. Remarks on jobs by architect [C.E.] Silling.

Silling, C.E. undated.; Describes various details regarding Medical Center at West Virginia University.

Connor, Charles to [FORUM]. [1956]; [Wire?] 1 p. Reports Silling's remarks on package dealers.

Thompson, [?] to Charles Connor. 1956; Typed inquiry. 1 p. Cyrus Silling appointed chairman of special committee of AIA to study problem of package services. Thompson comments on why architects do not like package dealers. Asks Connor to report Silling's remarks on this subject.

DH to DH. 1960; Memo. Re press interview with Pinheiro da Silva on Brasília.

DH to [Staff?] 1961; Memo. Comments on Lee Simonson.

Simonson, Lee. 1961; A.l.s. Lecturing at UCLA. Discusses Ford grant to study theaters of Europe, principally in Germany.

Siple, Allen G. 1952; Wishes [House & Home?] great success. Makes sarcastic remarks about modern architecture. Mentions Richard Neutra.

DH to Alvin Siteman. 1962; Lists participants who have accepted invitation to Downtown St. Louis Round Table meeting.

DH to Alvin Siteman. 1962; Invites Siteman to Downtown St. Louis Round Table meeting to be held in St. Louis on May 15 and 16. Gives details regarding the importance of the meeting.

Slayton, William L. Urban Renewal Administration, Washington D.C. 1962; Congradulates DH on being elected as Fellow of AIA.

DH to William L. Slayton. 1962; Invites Slayton to Downtown St. Louis Round Table Meeting to be held in St. Louis on May 15 and 16. Gives details regarding the importance of the meeting.

Small, G. Milton. 1953; Nuclear Reactor Building at North Carolina State College not ready for publication.

DH to [Staff]. 1957; Memo. Re [Eberle] Smith schools.

Hastings, Robert F. Vice President. Smith, Hinchman & Grylls, Inc. 1954; Comments on various projects including: General Motors Technical Center; Peoples Community Hospital Authority.

Hastings, Robert F. Smith, Hinchman & Grylls, Inc. 1954; His office has not planned any industrial centers. Suggests contacting Charles Blessing, Dirctor of Detroit City Plan

Commission. Hastings explains their work on the planning of a town controlled by a Dupont Center in 1946.

DH to Kenneth Smith. 1959; Responds to Smith's letter against urban renewal. Explains FORUM's position on urban renewal and the FHA.

Smith, G.E. Kidder. 1963; Re his resurvey of Italian Squares.

Lightbown, Mary Jane to DH. 1956; Memo. Remarks on Inter-American Center by Robert Fitch Smith.

Smith, St. John. 1955; Spoke with Walter Gropius about publishing some schools they did in Taunton, Massachusettes. The Architects Collaborative [TAC] did the "Mulcahey"

School. Smith's office did a school called the "Lowell M. Maxham School." Comments on the use of porcelain enamel and the Bettinger Corp.

Smith, St. John. 1952; Re publication of duplex houses they did in Taunton, Mass.

MacMahon, C.H. Smith, Tarapata, MacMahon, Inc. 1957; Congradulates DH on analysis of the Reader's Digest article. Would like reprints for School Board members and superintendents.

Smith, Linn. Smith, Tarapata, MacMahon, Inc. 1957; Hopes that FORUM will find following projects of interest: Hickory Grove Elementary School; Harlan Elementary School; Nursery, Lapeer State Home and Training School; Northminster Presbytarian Church.

Lightbown, Mary Jane. 1959; Summary of MJL memo. Re Smith & Williams projects including: Recreation buildings; Newport Dunes; Lakewood Park Program; Ventura Harbor; Buena Park Civic Center.

Prentice, P.I. to [Staff]. 1953; Memo. Re houses of Whitney Smith's in Pasadena.

Ooms, [Adam] to [Staff]. undated.; Wire. 1 p. Report on Swanson House by Whitney Smith.

Prentice, [P.I.] to [Staff]. 1952; Memo. FORUM committed to publishing house by Whitney Smith in Pasadena.

[The Observer]. 1961; Clipping. "Piazza in St. James's." Architects Peter and Alison Smithson.

DH to Peter Smithson. 1958; Has written to John R. Fugard and George Culler suggesting that Smithson will be available in September.

Snyder, Wahl. 1959; Re J. Neville McArthur Building, School of Engineering, University of Miami.

DH to [Staff]. 1959; Memo. Remarks on Walter Sobel of Sobel & Stein, Chicago.

Winfield, Armand G. Society of Plastics Engineers, Inc. 1960; Invites DH to serve on Advisory Board of travelling exhibit called "Plastics—a new Dimension in Buildings."

Blake, Peter to DH. 1960; Memo. Discusses Paolo Soleri and some of his structures for possible publication.

Sommer, Clifford C. President, Security Bank and Trust Company. 1963; Various remarks including parking area and motor bank being designed by Harwell Harris.

Soriano, Raphael S. 1951; Re publication of the Schulman House.

DH to Robert Duncan. Southern Illinois University. 1960; Inquires if Duncan would like to view FORUM's film The New Age of Architecture. Film contains interviews with top architects.

Oculus. New York Chapter, American Institute of Architects. Volume XV, no. 3, December 1953; Newsletter. 4 pp. Includes article titled "Coventry Cathedral and Its Architect." Remarks on Basil Spence.

The New York Times. November 12, 1953; Clipping. "Modernism Enters An Old Cathedral: Coventary Church, In England, Is Getting Windows That May Shock Some People." Spitznagle, Harold. 1956; Enclosing several clippings. (See item 42 below.)

Sunday World Herald. Omaha, Nebraska. August 26, 1956; Clipping. "Colonial Style Chosen: Executive Mansion to be `Ageless'." Selmer Solheim architect.

Temko, [Allan]. 1960; Typed report. 1 p. Re Stanford University and its land policy.

Schneider, R.C. Associate Director, School Planning Laboratory, School of Education, Stanford University. 1959; Re the shapes and condition of US schools.

DH to [Staff]. 1958; Memo. Re Stanford University and shopping center.

Stanton, Glenn. 1957; Glenn comments on his involvement in extension of the east front of the capital and his lobbying.

[Stein], Clarence. 1960; A.l.s. Writes from Athens re Doxiadis. Mentions the British New Towns.

Stein, Clarence. 1954; A.l.s. Writes from London re Kitimat story in FORUM. Mentions the British experience in creating new towns and how they can help USA.

DH to [?]. 1952; Memo. Re conversation with Clarence Stein.

DH to [Perry] Prentice. 1951; Memo. Albert Mayer and Clarence Stein have job of planning British Columbia town for the Aluminum Company of Canada.

DH to [Perry] Prentice. 1951; Memo. Re Clarence Stein's book.

Stein, Joseph Allen. 1957; Tells DH about his offices located in New Delhi and Calcutta.

Stem, R.K. to William G. Kelly. 1962; Thermofax of letter. Unfavorable comments on FORUM editorial regarding [California] and non-New Yorkers. (Copy of editorial attached.)

[?] to [Staff]. 1956; Copy of wire. 6 pp. Report on rural architect Eugene Sternberg.

DH to [Staff]. 1960; Memo. Re John Stetson.

Stevens, Herbert W. Director of City Planning, City of Cincinnati. 1959; Gives status of their Kenyon-Barr project.

Steven, Herbert W. Director of City Planning, City of Cincinnati. 1959; Discusses possibility of conference in Cincinnati on "In City Industrial Parks."

Stevens, Roger L. 1960; Remarks on his plan for five new theaters in the Lincoln Square project until site was taken away.

DH to Edit Staff. 1957; Memo. Re Stevens & Wilkinson projects including: Continuing Education Center, University of Georgia; Sears Building; Schools—Wilkinson remarks on desegregation and how building better schools for Negroes would affect their progress.

Stevens & Wilkinson. 1954; Copy of letter regarding new department store in Knoxville, Tennessee.

DH to [Staff]. 1954; Memo. Re Stevens & Wilkinson projects including: Wilby-Kinsey Company in Atlanta; Rich store in Knoxville, Tenn.

Stewart, Earl E. City of Fargo Urban Renewal Agency. 1960; Re North Dakota R-1 Urban Renewal Project.

Lightbown, Mary Jane to [Staff]. 1962; Memo. Re Fred Stickel projects.

Whitlock, Douglas. Structural Clay Products Institute. 1960; Tells DH about new project called "Man and Masonry." Project includes motion picture, book and phonograph record.

[?] to DH. undated.; Wire. 3 pp. Report on 1957 "Plumbob" nuclear test series. Structure designed by Structural Clay Products Research Foundation, withstood effect of an atomic blast.

Hazen, Joe to [Staff]. 1957; Memo. Frank W. Suggit offers to write for proposed automobile-highway issue.

DH to John Summerson. 1957; Discusses Summerson's thoughts on the need for a theory of modern architecture.

Swank, A.B. 1962; Re efforts to save Turtle Creek [in Dallas].

Watkins, Art to [Staff]. 1954; Memo. Dallas Veterans Administration chief wages war on contemporary design by A.B. Swank.

[DH?] to [John D.] Sweeney. President, St. Louis Chapter, AIA. 1960; Comments on article "Day of the Stunt." Remarks on architects criticizing one another's work; publicity seeking; originality; background architecture; words and labels.

The New York Times. January 1, 1961; Clipping. "Sweeney To Head Houston Museum." James John Sweeney appointed director of Museum of Fine Arts in Houston.

DH to [Staff]. 1959; Memo. Includes remarks by Sweeney on the design of the Guggenheim.

Sweeney, James Johnson. 1959; Re FORUM's publication of Guggenheim photos without the Foundation's approval.

Box 20 Folder 1 to 3 Saarinen, Eero & Associates—Bloomfield Hills, Mich. (3 folders), 1949-1963

DH to John Dinkeloo. Eero Saarinen & Associates. 1962; Invites Dinkleloo to Downtown St. Louis Round Table Meeting to be held May 15 and 16.

King, Leland. 1962; Recollections of Eero Saarinen.

Saarinen, Eero to Leland King. 1954; Thermofax copy of letter. Includes his attitude toward US architecture abroad.

Saarinen, Eero to [Leland King]. 1956; Thermofax copy of letter. Makes reference to US Embassy in London.

The New York Times. February 9, 1962; Clipping. "Eero Saarinen Honored For Design Contribution."

DH to [Staff?]. 1962; Memo. Re Aline Saarinen and her thoughts regarding FORUM article to be published on Eero.

Saarinen, Aline B. to [FORUM]. 1962; Copy of letter. Outline for FORUM of a way of covering Eero's architecture and life in architecture. Lists his architectural enthusiasms.

[Saarinen], Aline [B.]. 1961; Thanks DH for contribution towards Eero Saarinen Memorial Fund at Yale University.

The New York Times. September 12, 1961; Clipping. "Saarinen's Office To Be Moved Soon."

The New York Observer. September 3, 1961; Clipping. "Severe loss for art of architecture."

Saarinen, Eero. August 7, 1961; Thanks DH for letter regarding major story on TWA.

DH to Staff. 1961; Memo. Re Saarinen and TWA.

DH to Eero Saarinen. 1961; Would like to explore possibility of special feature on TWA terminal at Idlewild.

Saarinen, Eero. March 27, 1961; Thanks DH for his personal letter. Mentions Sibyl Moholy-Nagy. Remarks on how he sometimes struggles with designs.

DH to Eero Saarinen. 1961; Not comfortable publishing criticism of embassy building. FORUM writers impressed with TWA building. Comments on conversation with Sibyl and some of her negative remarks.

DH to Walter McQuade. 1961; Memo. Re FORUM's story on Saarinen's London embassy.

Saarinen, Eero. December 15, 1960; Inquires if DH would make suggestions for the National Institute of Arts and Letters' Brunner Award. Explains criteria for award.

Bourne, Russ to DH. 1960; Memo. Re Saarinen's new girls' dormitory at Penn.

Saarinen, Eero to Comdr. Peter A. Collins-Cona. United States Embassy, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. September 6, 1960; Enclosing copy of letter DH received. Warns that Oscar [Niemeyer] might think he has been invited and honored by the AIA and instead he will be in the hands of [the Society of American Registered Architects.]

The New York Times. July 26, 1960; Clipping. "C.B.S. to Construct Skyscraper Near R.C.A. Building on 6th Ave."

DH to [Staff?]. 1960; Memo. Re remarkable contracting job at TWA Terminal at Idlewild Airport.

Saarinen, Aline B. 1960; Worried that DH is upset that they publish Eero's buildings in other magazines. Explains why they do this. It is her impression that FORUM does [a more comprehensive story] while other magazines publish a particular job with a limited point of view.

AIA Journal. March 1960; Clipping. "Washington's new jet age international airport." Re Saarinen's Dulles International Airport.

DH to Edit Staff. 1960; Memo. Includes recent interview with Saarinen in Detroit.

Saunders, R.E. to DH. 1960; [Memo?]. Re Federal Aviation Agency conference for the new Dulles International Airport at Chantilly, VA.

Saarinen, Eero. November 6, 1959; Thanks DH for speaking favorably about them to Mr. [Louis Benezet] of Colorado College. Remarks on slides of Brasília.

DH to [Staff?]. 1959; [Memo]. Eero Saarinen comments on Congressman Hays and the [Foreign Buildings Operation.]

Blake, Peter to Larry Lessing. 1958; [Memo]. Includes comments on prospective story on Saarinen's Yale ice hockey rink.

DH to [Staff]. 1958; [Memo]. Re Saarinen at Vassar and Yale.

Saarinen, Eero. March 17, 1958; Tried to see DH in New York. Mentions architectural photographer in New Haven who might interest DH.

Saarinen, Aline B. 1957; Answers "NO" to Astor building problem.

DH to Eero Saarinen. 1957; Inquires what his office might have done with the Astor building in view of the Seagram Plaza next door. Wants to collect solutions for this hot subject. Believes assigning this subject would be patriotic act because principles of civic architecture are involved.

Saarinen, Aline [B.]. 1956; Re the Pevsner [sculpture.]

[Saarinen], Eero and Aline [B.]. [August 1956?]; A.l.s. Answers letter from DH with suggestions for architects.

Saarinen, Eero. July 2, 1956; Thanks DH and associates for telegram congratulating him on the Time story.

The New York Times. April 22, 1956; Clipping. "A Visual Arts Study: Harvard Report Explodes Some Myths, Outlines a Constructive Program." By Aline B. Saarinen.

DH to Aline [B.] Saarinen. [1956?]; Copy of Western Union Day Letter. Concerned that General Motors is upset by FORUM story on Technical Center Building.

DH to [Staff?]. 1956; [Memo]. Re conversation with Bob Newman regarding Kresge Auditorium.

DH to Aline [B.] Saarinen. 1955; Reports on story material including General Motors; MIT chapel.

Saarinen, Eero. February 18, [1955?].; A.l.s. Thanks FORUM staff for telegram congratulating them on winning London competition.

Saarinen, Eero. August 9, 1955; Aline and he are enthusiastic about what DH is doing at FORUM.

DH to Eero Saarinen. 1955; Explains how he will comply with MIT's wishes re publication of MIT dome. States that he was dubious about University's method of handling the story. Implies his way would have been better.

Saarinen, Eero to Leland King. November 11, 1954; Thermofax copy of letter. Enclosing letter to New York Board. Board of Design working fairly well. Has been busy—State Department hasn't called him. Give Norman Belgeddes[?] best regards.

Blake, Peter to [Staff]. 1958; [Memo]. Report on Saarinen's Yale Ice Hockey Rink.

DH to Aline [B.] Saarinen. 1954; Re proposals for Saarinen publication including: General Motors; Lutheran College at Ft. Wayne; Milwaukee War Memorial.

Saarinen, Aline B. to Chadburne Gilpatric. Rockefeller Foundation. 1954; Summarizes suggestion on ways the Rockefeller Foundation could encourage work in the plastic arts.

Saarinen, Eero. June 16, 1954; Typescript of speech. 3 pp. "The Changing Philosophy of Architecture." Copy of speech given at The American Institute of Architects—86th Convention. Boston, Massachusetts, June, 1954.

Saarinen, Eero. February 19, 1954; Discusses publication of the Drake Dormitories.

The Washington Post. July 12, 1953; Copy of clipping. "Need for a New Gallery Here." Smithsonian has placed on view a scale model of the Saarinen design for a new Smithsonian Gallery of Art. Gives history of project.

Saarinen, Eero. August 20, 1953; Gives some criticism re FORUM article [on his work?] Particularly did not like layout. Curious about reactions to the piece. On the whole, pleased with the article. Mentions projects: Milwaukee; bank in Columbus; Drake dormitories; General Motors.

Saarinen, Eero. July 1, 1953; Re [manuscript?]. Tells DH to make corrections he feels will improve it. Prefers picture of Nervi Space frame that is free of the ground. Breuer's name eliminated from text, probably his picture should be out also.

Saarinen, Eero. May 22, 1953; Another publication has requested the north campus (Michigan) plan for publication. Would like to send him the plan but will tell him not to publish it before DH has.

Saarinen, Eero. April 23, 1953; Requests DH to criticize his enclosed speech. Outlines points in speech he is unhappy with. (See item number 54 below.)

[Saarinen, Eero.] April 20, 1953; Typescript of speech. 8 pp. [Speech given in Cleveland?] Discusses architecture of the future; trends in contemporary architecture.

DH to [Staff?]. 1953; [Memo]. Progress report on Eero Saarinen's projects including: Michigan University's new campus; Drake University. Gives Saarinen's reports on work abroad by other architects, including Markelius and Aalto.

Saarinen, Eero. April 2, 1953; Replies to DH's request to use his name as an endorsement for FORUM. Prefers to stay neutral.

Eero Saarinen. undated.; [Typescript] 6 pp. "The Challenge To The Arts Today."

DH to Eero Saarinen. 1952; Pietro Belluschi nauseated by FORUM's story on the UN Assembly. Examines underlying elements of the story. Discusses technique and nature of criticism. States effort to take attitude of Victorian critics.

Saarinen, Eero. October 31, 1952; Enclosing copy of Alabama speech. (Attached. See item 60 below).

Saarinen, Eero. October 24, 1952; Typescript of speech. 6 pp. "Speech Delivered by Eero Saarinen. Third Annual Gulf States Regional Conference, AIA." Subject of convention integration of architecture, engineering, and construction.

Saarinen, Eero. September 30, 1952; Re publication of MIT auditorium.

Saarinen, Eero. December 15, 1951; Thanks DH for telegram on Beaudouin and article in FORUM about Technical Center.

Saarinen, Eero. November 12, 1951; Enclosing signed letter of resignation.

New York Herald Tribune. October 18, 1951; Clipping. "Yale Approves Plan On Physics Building." Architects for the project are Eero Saarinen and Douglas Orr.

DH to AIA. 1951; Endorses nomination of Eero Saarinen for Fellowship in the Institute.

New York Herald Tribune. January 24, 1951; Clipping. "Yale to Speed New Building For Atom Study: Physics Laboratory Costing $5,000,000 Is Viewed as Aid to National Defense."

Saarinen, Eero. undated.; A.l.s. Thanks DH for letter he sent just after his father died. Since then has been to Finland to bring ashes back. Saw Aalto.

Prentice, [Perry] to DH. 1950; Memo. Re details regarding construction of GM Techinical Center.

DH to Eero Saarinen. 1950; Sorry to receive news about his father. Mentions Vi Hudnut.

Saarinen, Eero. January 18, 1950; Re status of projects including: Brandeis; church in Minneapolis; Drake.

Saarinen, Eero. January 6, 1950; Sending brochure on master plan for Brandeis University. Line drawing sketches in the hand of Nowicki.

The Architectural Forum. October 1942; Clipping. pp. 35-44. "Tabernacle Church Of Christ: Eliel and Eero Saarinen, Architects".

Box 20 Folder 4 Schweikher, Paul, 1949-1955, 1958-1962

Schweikher, Paul. 1960; Wishes he could go to San Francisco convention. Bob Schmertz elected Fellow. Comments on Koppers jury.

Schweikher, Paul. 1960; Comments on The Point in Pittsburgh; little evidence of planning.

Schweikher, Paul. 1959; Thanks DH for letter about slides. Remembers Howard Myers. Feels good about DH and FORUM. Currently working on a Presbyterian church for East Liverpool; library at Watertown, Connecticut.

DH to Paul Schweikher. 1959; Thanks him for letter about Evanston [Unitarian] Church. Discusses critical series and how they interpret criticism at FORUM.

Schweikher, Paul. 1959; Re Evanston Unitarian Church.

DH to Paul Schwiekher. 1955; Re St. John the Divine.

Blake, Peter to DH. 1952; Memo. Re Schwiekher and Elting projects including: Beatty house; Parker house; Harring house; Rockwell house; Gray house; and other jobs.

DH to Mrs. James L. Roach. 1949; Replies to Roach's letter requesting his opinion on contemporary architecture. Gives thoughts on contemporary architecture in relation to Roach's church that needs to be rebuilt.

Box 20 Folder 5 Sert, José Luis, 1953-1963

DH to José Luis Sert. 1961; Re [Le Corbusier's] building [at Harvard?] and publication plans for it.

DH to José Luis Sert. 1961; Sorry he missed him in Cambridge. FORUM putting together [Le Corbusier] issue. Harvard job key item.

[Haskell, Douglas?] December 1960; Copy of typescript. 1 p. Biographical information on José Luis Sert for lecture.

DH to [Staff?]. 1960; Memo. Re Boston trip. Sert projects including: embassy in Baghdad; St. Paul Museum; New England Gas and Electric Association building; Harvard. Comments on Stubbins; "jazz theme"; Riverview redevelopment; Blue Cross building.

Sert, José Luis. May 6, 1960; Thanks DH for letter. Could not go to San Francisco convention because he had too much work. Has several projects that may interest FORUM.

Sert, José Luis. January 20, 1959; Would like to hear about DH's plans to publish material on Cambridge and Billerica.

Sert, José Luis. October 17, 1958; Inquiry re publishing study on housing done by Master class in Graduate School of Design.

DH to José Luis Sert. 1958; Inquires if he would like copy of Robie tape.

DH to Ed Smith. 1958; Memo. Re New Haven example of cooperation between highway planners and city planners. Cambridge planning and architecture need to be reconciled.

Sert, José Luis. March 11, 1958; Re invitation conference at Harvard on urban design.

Sert, José Luis. 1956; Re pubication of Baghdad Embassy.

DH to Joe Hazen. 1957; Memo. Re Sert's model of a palace for the president of Cuba. Candela has been consultant. Nivola helped with sculpture.

Sert, José Luis. 1957; Re [Urban Design Conference April 1957]. Ming Pei to give paper on specialized urban centers. Carl Feiss to take part in panel discussion. Leslie Martin may speak on residential areas. Explains Walter Gropius' idea about a field experiment at Harvard.

Sert, José Luis. December 21, 1956; Sorry not to see a FORUM representative at Round Table conference. Will send resumes of discussions. Lists presentation papers.

Sert, José Luis. October 17, 1956; Glad to receive DH's letter of October 10. Sorry DH cannot come to preparation meeting for Urban Design Conference of April 1957. Not as skeptical as DH about finding solutions to large scale urban planning.

Sert, José Luis. November 14, 1956; Sorry DH cannot attend preparatory meeting on November 26-27. Gives schedule of meeting. Others coming to the preliminary meeting in addition to his own faculty include Edmund Bacon, Richard Neutra, Walter Gropius, Maxwell Fry, Minoru Yamasaki, Bob Little, Thomas Creighton, Gyorgy Kepes, and Kevin Lynch.

Sert, José Luis. September 26, 1956; Extremely sorry DH was unable to attend Urban Design conference last spring. Heartening to see FORUM take a stand on problem of urban design. Wants to hold small preparatory meeting to form basis for a general conference in the spring of 1957. Invites DH.

Sert, José Luis?] undated.; Typed outline. 1 p. "Graduate School Of Design Harvard University—Urban Design. Possible Program Of Discussion Topics For November Preperatory Meeting Of Conference In Spring 1957."

Frederick M. Winship. United Press Staff Correspondent. [1955?]; Wire. Re Times Square. Dean José [Luis] Sert of the Harvard University Graduate School of Design has assigned his students to rejuvenation project.

Sert, José Luis. February 28, 1955; Thanks DH for letter of February 17. Students have completed Times Square problem and two models have been placed in Robinson Hall. Inquires if DH is coming to Boston soon.

Wiener, Paul Lester and José Luis Sert. April 16, 1953; List of possible material for publication by FORUM. List includes patio houses, shopping center, apartment houses and school. Material covers several countries including Cuba, Venezuela, Columbia, and others.

Box 20 Folder 6 to 8 Skidmore, Owings & Merrill—NYC, Chicago, San Francisco, etc. (3 folders), 1949-1964

DH to John Woodbridge. Skidmore, Owings & Merrill. 1964; Re Design of Pennsylvania Avenue.

Netsch, Walter A., Jr. Skidmore, Owings & Merrill. 1962; Re publication of Air Force Academy Chapel.

DH to [?] 1961; Memo. Notes on confidential conversation regarding the handling of the Air Academy Protestant Chapel interior.

Dunlap, William E. Skidmore, Owings & Merrill. 1961; Re publication of Upjohn office building in Kalamazoo.

DH to Edit Staff. 1961; Memo. Re Dallas and Chicago trip. DH remarks on judging for a show of the Texas Society of Architects in connection with the State Fair. Describes Upjohn building at Kalamazoo. Gives notes on other projects in these cities including those of SOM in Chicago.

DH to [Staff]. 1961; Memo. Re Chicago SOM office.

DH to Donald Gilmore. The Upjohn Company. 1961; Re publishing the Upjohn building. Comments on the town of Kalamazoo and its progressiveness.

Graham, Bruce J. Skidmore, Owings & Merrill. 1961; Re United Airlines project.

Owings, Nathaniel Alexander. June 5, 1961; Would like his daughter to meet with DH about getting started in research in magazine reporting.

Temko, Allan to [Staff]. 1960; Memo. Re SOM's Portland Coliseum.

Temko, Allan. 1960; Typed report. 1 p. SOM's Houston Tower and the College of Engineering at Berkeley.

Temko, Allan. West Coast Report. 1959; Typed reports nos. 1-5. 6 pp. SOM projects including: Crown Zellerbach and John Hancock buildings, San Francisco; Prudential building; solar observatory in Arizona; College of Engineering at the University of California; Standard Life Building and Hilton Hotel in Portland; and others.

Owings, Nathaniel A. October 19, 1959; Compliments staff on fine art job they are doing on the cover of FORUM.

[Owings, Nathaniel A.] [1960?]; Postcard, signed. Black and white postcard of Notre-Dame, Paris. Congradulates DH on FORUM issue re San Francisco and SOM.

Owings, Nathaniel A. August 20, 1959; Will be in New York on 15 September.

Brown, William S. Skidmore, Owings & Merrill. 1959; Re Science Building at Oberlin.

Hammond, James W. Skidmore, Owings & Merrill. 1957; Re Inland Steel Building publication.

DH to Mary Jane Lightbown. 1956; Memo. Re Connecticut General Building.

Lightbown, Mary Jane to DH. 1958; Memo. Re Reynolds Building in Richmond, Virginia. Includes statements by Gordon Bunshaft.

DH to Louis Skidmore. 1956; Inquires if FORUM may publish his house designed by Pietro Belluschi.

Hartmann, William E. Skidmore, Owings & Merrill. 1956; Re Fellowships in visual arts from the Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts.

Explains formulation of program under the leadership of John Burchard with Pietro Belluschi, Aline and Eero Saarinen, Catherine and William Wurster, Robert Iglehart, Rudolf Arnheim, Jimmy Ernest, John Lyon Reid and himself.

DH to Gordon Bunshaft. Skidmore, Owings & Merrill. 1955; Re misinterpretation of statement published in [FORUM] about how SOM was awarded the Air Force Academy job.

DH to [Staff]. 1955; Memo. Chicago notes including SOM's Great Lakes Training Station story.

Engineering News-Record. July 1, 1954; Clipping. pp. 21-22. "Air Force to rush Academy project." Re Air Force Academy near Colorado Springs, Colo.

Prentice, [Perry] to [Staff]. 1954; Memo. Re United Airlines dock.

Prentice, [Perry] to DH. 1954; Memo. Re SOM projects including: Air Force Academy; Inland Steel Company in Chicago; United Airlines loading [dock]; and others.

DH to [Staff]. 1954; Memo. Re United Biscuit Plant.

DH to Gurney Breckenfeld. 1954; Memo. Re choice of architects for Air Academy.

DH to [Staff]. 1954; Memo. Re top airport engineers.

DH to [Perry] Prentice. 1954; Memo. Re SOM's Connecticut General.

McQuade, Walter to DH. 1952; Memo. Re SOM's schemes for an office building which may built in Philadelphia.

DH to [Staff?]. 1950; Memo. Remarks re SOM projects including: closing of Cottage Grove and the proposed New York Life development; Oak Ridge; Indianapolis Penny Store; Knox College; Sunshine Biscuit Co.; and others.

DH to [Perry] Prentice. 1953; Memo. Re SOM's Manufacturer's Trust, Fifth Avenue & 43rd Street.

Owings, Nathaniel A. December 7, 1951; Answering DH's note of December 3. Will give FORUM first refusal on Aspen job when they have a design.

Owings, Nathaniel A. May 20, 1952; Re Ford job in Dearborn.

Blake, Peter to [Perry] Prentice. 1950; Memo. Re comparitive analysis of Manhattan House and 440 East 56th Street.

Owings, [Nathaniel] A. to Perry I. Prentice. January 14, 1952; Copy of typed letter. Re doing a story on SOM hospitals. Inquires about Prentice's travel plans. Mentions people he would like him to meet.

DH to Walter McQuade. 1951; Memo. Includes comments on UN walls leakage.

DH to [Perry] Prentice. 1951; Memo. Phone conversation with Gordon Bunshaft re Heinz buildings; Istanbul Hilton Hotel; Manhattan House.

DH to [Nathaniel] A. Owings. 1951; Re The United Nations building.

Owings, Nathaniel A. December 8, 1950; DH wrong about building codes having an effect on the shape of the United Nations buildings or Lever House.

Owings, Nathaniel A. May 12, 1950; Thanks DH for note of May 9 in connection with [Army] Prefab Report. Information in report restricted, must obtain permission to use it.

Owings, Nathaniel A. June 3, 1949; Re contracts with University of Illinois and Department of the Army to do studies.

Box 20 Folder 9 Special features (Smithsonian Museum, Washington, D.C.; Carmichael vs. DH), 1955-1956, 1958-1959, 1963-1964

Thompson, Frank, Jr. Congress of the United States, House of Representatives. 1958; Senate Public Buildings Subcommittee reported on two Bills: 1) transfer of historic Patent Office Building to Smithsonian Institution 2) location of Air Museum on the Mall. Would like DH's views as to where the Air Museum should be located. Thompson sponsoring legislation to place Cultural Center on the Mall. [Copies of press releases and reports attached. See items 2-5 below for reports.]

85th Congress, 2d Session. S. 3335. February 24, 1958; Senate report. [12] pp. Re Bill to provide for a National Capital Center of the Performing Arts.

85th Congress, 2d Session. H.R. 9848. January 8, 1958. ; House report. [12] pp. Re Bill to provide for a National Capital Center of the Performing Arts.

85th Congress, 1st Session. H.R. 9145. August 6, 1957; House Report. [4] pp. Re Bill for transfer of Civil Service Commission Building to the Regents of the Smithsonian Institution to house the National Collection of Fine Arts and a National Portrait Gallery.

85th Congress, 1st Session. S. 966. January 29, 1957; Senate report. [16] pp. Re Bill for transfer of Civil Service Commission Building to the Regents of the Smithsonian Institution to house the National Collection of Fine Arts and a National Portrait Gallery, to provide for international interchange of art and craft works and other purposes.

DH to Walker O. Cain. 1956; Congratulates Cain for his appointment to do the Smithsonian Museum of History and Technology. States his thoughts about Bolling field as possible location for the Air Museum.

The Washington Post. December 9, 1955; Clipping. "`Busy' Site Asked For Air Museum: Plans Not Final But Structure Wanted Downtown, Carmichael Says."

The Evening Star. December 8, 1955; Clipping. "Smithsonian Wants Air Museum in City."

The Washington Post. December 1, 1955; Clipping. "Museum Project Called `Whimsy'." Rep. Frank Thompson Jr. agrees with DH that the air museum should not be built in downtown Washington.

Office of Congressman Frank Thompson, Jr. (D. N.J.) November 30, 1955; News release. 1 p. Thompson supports DH's comments on location of Air Museum. Says Dr. Leonard Carmichael, Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution, has taken unusual steps to discredit Haskell.

The Washington Post. November 30, 1955; Clipping. "Air Museum `City Site Hit by Editor." Article quotes DH's remarks regarding site for the Smithsonian's proposed air museum.

The Washington Post. August 28, 1955; Copy of clipping. "Legislation Favoring Arts." Re passage of Bills supporting art, including one introduced by Frank Thompson [Jr.] Article includes explanation of the President's Emergency Fund.

DH to Dr. Leonard Carmichael. Secretary, Smithsonian Institution. 1955; Notices Carmichael is still stuck with his present Air Museum scheme. Says Carmichael could be much happier with a correct solution and so could his architects.

Carmichael, Leonard. Secretary, Smithsonian Institution. 1955; Thanks DH for his visit to his office. Assures DH that all matters referred to in his letter will be studied.

DH to Leonard Carmichael. undated.; Copy of letter. Makes assertive statements re location of the Smithsonian Air Museum. States thoughts on modern architecture and the problem of scale as it relates to this project.

Box 21 Folder 1 State Dept., 1951-1955, 1957-1960

Time. July 11, 1960; Clipping. pp. 23-24, not including 4 pp. of photographs. "New Face For America Abroad." Re US embassies abroad.

Smith, Moreland Griffith. Sherlock, Smith & Adams. 1960; Supplies financial data requested by DH on Foreign Buildings Operation contracts.

DH to [Staff]. 1959; Memo. Re pending crisis over the Foreign Buildings Operation.

Warnecke, John C. 1959; Supplies financial information DH requested concerning work they are doing for the State Department.

Akron Beacon Journal. December 20, 1959; Clipping. "Architects Rap Rep. Hays On Embassy Design Views." Includes comments made by FORUM criticizing his handling of the foreign building program.

DH to Minoru Yamasaki. 1959; Inquires about Yamasaki's Foreign Buildings Operation cost statement.

DH to Mireille Gerould. 1959; Memo. Re how architects have made out on Foreign Buildings Operation jobs.

DH to [Staff?] 1959; Memo. Re Eero Saarinen and the FBO.

Boyle, [John] to DH. undated.; Wire. 2 pp. Report re opinions of leading architectural editors on embassy programs.

The Houston Chronicle. [1958]; Clipping. "Texans Design U.S. Embassy in Mexico." Texas architects design Mexican colonial motif for US Embassy in Mexico.

DH to Henry J. Lawrence. Office of Foreign Buildings. 1958; Regrets magazine had already gone to press when he received his letter. Discusses some of his concerns regarding the final version of the article.

Hughes, William P. Director, Foreign Buildings Operation. 1954; Thanks DH for letter but cannot give him information on the status of the various projects being undertaken by FBO.

Saunders. Richard E. to [Staff]. 1951; Memo. After interviewing Fritz Larkin of the State Department about new the building program, he thinks there is a big story for FORUM. Elaborates on his ideas including how the program is cashing in on debt obligations of other countries to the US. Discusses ramifications.

Box 21 Folder 2 to 3 Stone, Edward D.—NY (2 folders), 1950-1952, 1954-1962

DH to Edward Durell Stone. 1962; Invitation to join Dowtown St. Louis Round Table meeting to be held May 15 and 16.

Stone, Edward Durell. undated.; A.l.s. Thanks DH for portfolio.

The New York Times. June 23, 1961; Clipping. "Symphony Center Planned For U.S.: Orchestra League Is Given Farm Near Washington as Project Site: Four Buildings Slated: Program Will Emphasize Study Sessions and Group Workshops." Preliminary drawings of the buildings designed by Edward D. Stone. Stone, Edward Durell. December 22, 1960; Sorry could not make DH's Christmas party.

DH to [Staff]. 1960; Memo. Re Ed Stone and the World's Fair.

Stone, Edward Durell. January 29, 1960; Cultural Center in a formative stage and would like to defer publication.

Stone, Edward Durell. January 12, 1960; In regard to the Washington planning, unfortunately cannot express his views.

DH to Edward Durell Stone. 1959; Asks Stone to join endeavor against plan for bridge approaches in [Washington.]

Stone, Edward Durell. December 2, 1959; Thinks FORUM's presentation of the Stanford Medical Center is pedestrian.

The New York Times. July 27, 1959; Clipping. "Presbyterians Plan New National Center On Washington Site." Architect of new structure is Edward Durell Stone.

Stone, Edward Durell. July 7, 1959; Delighted DH thinks idea of automobile companies and others paying for their damage is worthwhile. Convinced that with DH's leadership something can be done.

Stone, Edward Durell. June 24, 1959; Delighted that DH is interested in getting motor-companies involved in some planning.

DH to FORUM Edit Staff. 1959; Memo. Re AIA convention. Main topics were competition with package dealers and how the architect can be trained to work on rebuilding cities. Includes Stone's remarks on enlistment of oil companies and motor companies towards esthetically improved highways. Others present were Jim Hunter; Sam Hurst; Yamasaki, among others.

The New York Times. June 3, 1959; Clipping. "Moses Wins Case On Plays In Park: Court `Reluctantly' Rejects Free Shakespeare--New Theatre Is Rising." Re new Central Park amphitheater on site of Wollman Memorial Skating Rink. Edward D. Stone, architect.

The New York Times. April 30, 1959; Clipping. "Leading Architect Warns Of Dangers in Progress." Edward Durell Stone gives talk at Plaza Hotel to American Institute of Decorators. Warns against being modern.

Stone, Edward Durell. August 13, 1959; City of Toledo has roped off area downtown excluding automobiles and creating a pedestrian oasis.

Stone, Edward Durell. January 2, 1959; Thanks DH for clipping from Kansas City Times.

[The Architectural Forum]. undated.; Proof. pp. [84-87]. "A New Public Architecture." Re Edward Stone's U.S. embassy in New Delhi.

Lawrence, Henry J., Office of Foreign Buildings, to Walter McQuade. 1958; Copy of letter. Re article about their New Delhi Embassy titled "A New Public Architecture." Makes suggestions for changes in article.

McQuade, Walter to DH. 1958; Memo. Re Foreign Buildings Office and Henry J. Lawrence's objections to their New Delhi Embassy article.

DH to John Fistere. 1958; Memo. Re criticism by Maria Stone, Edward Stone's wife, directed at FORUM and/or FORUM's editor.

Stone, Edward Durell. December 2, 1958; Re FORUM photographing the New Delhi project before he was ready.

DH to Edward D. Stone. 1958; Re publication of the New Delhi embassy. Publication not controlled by architect and client but by the State Department.

Stone, Edward Durell. August 7, 1958; Editorial on the Brussels Pavilion excellent.

DH to [Staff]. 1958; Memo. Re architect Edward D. Stone's Brussels Pavilion.

Stone, Edward Durell. July 18, 1958; The article on the Huntington Hartford Museum in FORUM's last issue was obsolete.

DH to Edward D. Stone. 1958; Re the Huntington Hartford Museum. Explains how FORUM tried to check the story before it was published. FORUM's efforts did not meet with success.

The New York Times. May 19, 1958; Clipping. "Architect Picked For Art Museum: E.D. Stone, Public Building Designer, to Plan gallery for Columbus Circle."

DH to [Joe] Hazen. 1957; Memo. Re Ed Stone's New York house.

DH to [Staff]. 1957; Memo. Re talk with Ed Stone about doing a story on his repertoire of screens.

Stone, Edward Durell and Maria Stone. 1957; T.l. signed by Maria. Would like to put on record that anytime work of the office is published, credit is to be given only to Edward D. Stone. He has no associates.

DH to [Staff]. 1956; Memo. Report on Ed Stone's projects including Palo Alto Hospital.

DH to Edward D. Stone. 1956; Copy of telegram. Inquires if Stone can influence Senator Fulbright to give time to Lorimer Rich re the Capitol.

Stone, Edward D. February 22, 1956; Maria and he enjoyed evening with DH and Helen. Hughes and he should not have mentioned competition.

Stone, [Edward Durell]. October 5, 1954; Autograph postcard signed. Color postcard of American Airlines plane in the sky. Enjoyed his Chicago safari. Has DH's missing pipe.

[Stone], Maria. undated.; Thanks DH for publicity job on her.

Stone, Maria. (Mrs. Edward Durell). [1955]; Frank Lloyd Wright entertained the Stones in San Francisco. FLW raved about Stone's U.S. Embassy in New Delhi.

DH to News Department. 1954; Memo. Re details about how Ed Stone met his wife. Also remarks on Stone's Beirut, Lebanon, Hotel.

[Stone, Edward Durell]. August 7, [1952]; A.l.s. Re publishing the San Salvador Hotel.

Anderson, John to Edward D. Stone. 1952; Re publishing a lighting article using his hotels as material.

[Stone, Edward Durell]. undated.; A.l.s. Enjoyed seeing DH. Hotel a triumph. Is going to Europe to work on [airports?] Asks for names of architects abroad.

Blake, Peter to [Staff]. 1950; Memo. Re W.T. Grant house by Edward D. Stone.

Stone, Edward Durell. July 28, 1950; The Arkansas hospital was presented beautifully. Has been awarded hospital in Lima, Peru.

The New York Herald Tribune. September 8, 1949; Clipping. "$9,000,000 Television Building Planned for Broadway and 51st." Offices of John Sloan and Edward D. Stone files plans for the structure with the Department of Housing and Building.

Box 21 Folder 4 Stonorov, Oskar—Philadelphia, Penn., 1950-1959, 1961-1962

Stonorov, Oskar. [1959]; A.l.s. Re the [Philadelphia?] competition.

Stonorov, Oskar. 1958; Enjoyed article on the Society Hill Redevelopment. Would like tear sheets.

Stonorov, Oskar. 1958; Re meeting to discuss the Philadelphia Fair. Lists attendees.

DH to Oskar Stonorov. 1957; Re his ideas about the United Auto Workers.

Stonorov, Oskar. 1957; Did not want to imply that Kahn's office "hijacked" his design. Points out that the original thought was his.

Stonorov, Oskar. 1957; Re Albert Kahn and Associates using ideas that he has been developing over the past two years. He as been working on an extension of the [United Auto Workers] building in Detroit. For that project he was developing a new exterior pattern. In 1955 he set the panels on display for everybody to see.

Stonorov, Oskar to Albert M. Greenfield. 1956; Copy of t.l. Re redevelopment in Philadelphia.

Stonorov, Oskar. 1955; Satisfied with piece on Gratiot Redevelopment. Looking forward to seeing DH in St. Louis. Comments on the problems of roads.

Hazen, Joe to DH. 1955; Memo. Re Stonorov and FORUM story on the Detroit Redevelopment.

DH to AIA. 1955; Supports nomination of Stonorov to Fellowship in the AIA.

Prentice, [Perry] to [Staff]. 1954; Memo. Re Stonorov, CIO, Reuther, Ford, and Detroit.

Lightbown, Mary Jane to DH. 1954; Memo. Re Stonorov's Schuykill Falls and Chestnut Hill garden apartments.

DH to [Staff]. 1954; Memo. Re Stonorov's housing.

DH to [Staff]. 1954; Memo. Re the sculpture "The Builder" by sculptor-architect Oskar Stonorov. A gesture tying Italian labor in with US labor and Art.

Prentice, [Perry] to Mrs. Gleaves. 1953; Memo. Re the Quakers' slum remodeling in Philadelphia.

Stonorov, Oskar. "Accidentally Architecture" Address Given at Wayne Universtiy. March 1, 1951; Typescript. 21 pp.

Box 21 Folder 5 Stubbins, Hugh—Lexington, Mass., 1950-1962

DH to [Staff?]. 1960; Memo. Re Boston trip notes including remarks about Stubbins' apartment houses.

DH to Joe Hazen. 1960; Memo. Re Stubbins' Loeb Drama Center.

Stubbins, Hugh. 1959; Re press conference for luxary apartment building on the water-side of Beacon Street in Boston.

DH to [Staff]. 1957; Memo. Re Stubbins' Congress Hall.

DH to Futures Committee. 1957; Memo. Re Berlin Fair article.

Stubbins, Hugh. 1956; Re FORUM publishing the London Embassy Competition. Objects in principle to FORUM having a second judgement.

DH to Hugh Stubbins. 1955; Re publishing the Graphic Arts Cooperative Center.

DH to [Staff]. 1954; Memo. Re Hugh Stubbins' Wellesley row housing.

DH to Hugh Stubbins. 1954; Kindly requests Stubbins to write a letter to Long Island builder Hank York to [smooth relations between him and architects.] Believes this act will help the cause of architecture.

Stubbins, Hugh. 1953; Presented his resignation to Harvard University. Remarks on photographs of the Rheault house.

Stubbins, Hugh. 1952; Re the Kronenberg house.

Box 21 Folder 6 to 10 T (Ta—Tz), 1949-1963

Smith, Benjamin Lane. Voorhees Walker Smith Smith & Haines. 1960; AIA nominated William Benjamin Tabler for Fellowship. Letter includes list of Tabler's achievements in architectural design.

Lightbown, Mary Jane to DH. 1959; Memo. San Francisco Hilton is being shelved. [William Benjamin] Tabler and Hilton disagreed on [various aspects of project.]

DH to [Staff]. 1958; Memo. Re [William Benjamin] Tabler and why the Hilton can't build a hotel in New York.

Tanner, Og to [Joe] Hazen. 1956; Memo. Re upcoming hotels by William [Benjamin] Tabler including: El Salvador Hotel; Hotel Robert Myer in Jacksonville, Florida; Brookwood Inn in Wiston-Salem, N.C.; Idlewild Hotel; Pittsburgh Hilton.

Tafel, Edgar. 1962; At the request of Mr. Wright's sister, invites DH to dinner for Mrs. Wright who will be in New York for opening of museum exhibit.

DH to [Staff]. 1961; Memo. Re Edgar Tafel and the Port Authority.

Tafel, Edgar. 1961; Re [the Protestant Chapel for Idlewild.]

Protestant Church Life. Volume 34, no. 29. April 8, 1961; Newsletter. 4 pp. Includes article titled "Design For Idlewild Chapel Now Awaits Port Authority OK." Architect Edgar Tafel's design emphasizing the shape of The Cross has the approval of The Protestant Council's board of directors.

The New York Times. March 25, 1961; Clipping. "Lag On 2 Chapels Laid To Idlewild: Protestant and Jewish Units Complain of 3—Year Delay by the Port Authority: Its Designs Rejected: Both Groups Insist Theirs Were Approved--Changing of Site Also is Factor."

McQuade, Walter to DH. 1952; Memo. Re Edgar Tafel projects including: The Mudge House; remodeling in Greenwich; Tafel's remodeled apartment on 11th Street.

Tallmer, Jerry. 1955; Re Washington Square and projected highway, etc. through the Square. Mentions [Lewis?] Mumford's New Yorker articles on this subject.

Tatton-Brown, William. 1957; Re proposed articles [on American architecture] for The Sunday Times of London.

DH to Willian Tatton-Brown. 1956; Re Tatton's visit to the US. Thoughts on Chicago's modern schools; Dwight Perkins; the "Chicago School"; Frank Lloyd Wright; and other cities and architects in the US.

Taylor, Harold. Sarah Lawrence College. 1950; Thanks DH for his time in connection with the Sarah Lawrence building. Requests list of architects with whom DH feels they could work profitably.

Tour, B. Harry. Tennessee Valley Authority. 1953; Re comprehensive article on TVA architecture.

Haskell, Douglas. "History's Seduction of Architecture". February 1960.; Typescript of article. 7 pp. Submitted to Joe B. Brooks, Editor, Architecture Plus, Division of Architecture, Texas A&M.

DH to Hugh P. Walker. Executive Vice President, Thermotank Inc. 1957; Re air conditioning that is both progressive and economic for a building of 50 stories.

Ditchy, Clair W. to Paul Thiry. 1963; Re Ralph Walker's withdrawal from the [AIA].

[Author unknown] to [recipient unknown]. 1962; Part of a memo. Includes remarks about Paul Thiry re the National Capital and the Seattle Fair.

DH to [recipient unknown]. 1960; Memo. Re Paul Thiry. Comments on Seattle Fair and Thiry's [Washington State] [L]ibrary.

Thiry, Paul. undated.; Notes on libraries. Now working on the Library for the State Capitol.

Thiry, Paul. 1956; Includes remarks on the Northeast Branch Library.

DH to James R. Mathias. Guggenheim Memorial Foundation. 1954; Supports Paul Thiry's application to the Foundation.

DH to Edit Staff. 1957; Memo. Re movie by J. Walter Thompson on Interurbia, which is the hypothetical conglomeration from Maine to Virginia.

DH to DH. 1954; Memo. Re Stuart Thompson.

Cerny, Robert G. Thorshov & Cerny Inc. 1960; Has mild gripe concerning FORUM article on his firm and criticism they received regarding projects in Minneapolis and Edina.

Cerny, Robert G. Thorshov & Cerny Inc. to Sidney L. James. undated.; Copy of t.l. Re design for baseball stadium.

Cerny, Robert G. Thorshov & Cerny Inc. 1952; Requests names of potential candidates for Head of the School of Architecture.

Musson, Noverre. Tibbals, Crumley, Musson. 1961; Returning Robie tape. Coming to New York for conference on housing for the elderly.

Musson, Noverre. Tibbals, Crumley, Musson. 1960; Re Columbus Urban Renewal Program.

DH to [Edit Staff]. 1957; Memo. Re Lester Tichy's Pennsylvania Station canopy.

DH to Lester Tichy. 1956; FORUM wishes to do story on his ticket selling arrangement in the New York Pennsylvania Station.

DH to [Perry] Prentice. 1951; Memo. Re Kiptopeke Beach story.

McMillan, Al. Tile Council of America. 1957; Wire. 1 p. Requests FORUM's opinion about building prospects for 1958.

DH to Paul Tillich. 1955; Invites Tillich to discussion at Harvard on the subject of building churches suited to Protestantism. Albert Christ-Janer to attend and possibly Dr. Pusey.

DH to Joseph Amisano. Toombs, Amisano & Wells. 1959; Re doing a story on their shopping center. DH explains FORUM's aims and objectives in publication and their journalistic precepts.

McQuade, Walter to P.I. Prentice. 1953; Memo. Re Osvaldo Toro of Toro & Ferrer and the new Supreme Court building in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Tour, Harry B. Head Architect, Tennessee Valley Authority. 1958; Inquires if FORUM is interested in publishing articles on the TVA.

In 1958 the TVA will mark its 25th anniversary. Explains some of their history and accomplishments.

Trabucco, Frank W. 1959; Inquires if FORUM is interested in the San Francisco Airlines Bus Terminal Building.

Travers, David B.V. 1962; States his ideas about a magazine having advertising as its patron. Thoughts about architects and architecture. Mentions Robert Frost; Félix Candela; Buckminster Fuller, Pier Luigi Nervi; Philip Will.

Travers, David B.V. to Representative Wayne L. Hays. undated.; Copy of t.l. Questions Hays' competence to determine the artistic merits of the designs for the State Department.

Trump, J. Lloyd. Director, Commission On The Experimental Study Of The Utilization Of The Staff In The Secondary School. 1959; Thanks DH for tearsheets. Enjoyed getting acquainted in Ann Arbor.

Canute, Gordon W. Tuchman-Canute. 1956; Re material on the West Hill Branch Library.

Silling, C.E. Tucker & Silling. 1951; Does not agree with FORUM's statement about modular coordination.

DH to Mayor Raymond Tucker. 1961; Includes statements on the stadium.

DH to Mayor Raymond Tucker. 1962; Invites Tucker to Downtown St. Louis Round Table meeting to be held May 15 and 16.

Tucker, Raymond, Mayor. 1960; Disturbed by FORUM article on Saint Louis redevelopment in the area adjoining the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial. Relates the history of interrelationships of the City Plan Commission and Eero Saarinen.

Students of Tulane University to FORUM. 1953; Wire. 1 p. Re the Vieux Carre Commission.

DH to Clarence Turley. 1962; Invites Turley to Downtown St. Louis Round Table meeting to be held May 15 and 16.

LeFaucheur, A.R. Turner Construction Company. 1957; Disappointed Turner was not given credit as the builder in the article on Pennsylvania Station.

Tyrwhitt, Jacqueline. Graduate School of Design, Harvard University. 1957; Enclosing extract of letter from the University Architectural Exhibition Committee in England. Would like suggestions from DH [on college architecture.] (Letter attached.)

Box 22 Folder 1 to 5 U, 1951-1963

Kirk, William. Union Settlement. 1954; Re change taking place in East Harlem.

DH to United Airlines. 1961; Would like to do story on office building at O'Hare Field.

DH to Graham S. Morgan. Vice President, United States Gypsum. 1957; Informs Morgan about FORUM editorial on retaining the Robie House in Chicago.

DH to Arthur J. Goldberg. Secretary of Labor, United States Department of Labor. 1962; Re accepting invitation to serve on advisory group to the Chairman of the National Capital Planning Commission on Federal Architecture on Pennsylvania Avenue.

Haussmann, William M. Chief Architect, United States Department of the Interior. 1954; Seeks information on solving problem of constructing retractable roof for amphitheater in Rock Creek Park.

Dineen, John. U.S. Coordinator for Berlin Exposition, United States Information Agency. 1957; Re inauguration of Congress Hall in Berlin.

DH to [Staff]. 1953; Memo. Re telephone conversation with Roy Hamon and Nelson Viles of United States Office of Education. Discussion of elementary school building problems.

Strong, E.W. University California. 1962; Re William Wurster's retirement. Is seeking new candidates.

MacKinnon, Donald W. Director, University of California. Institute of Personality Assessment and Research. 1959; Requests cooperation in study of creative architects. Asks DH to rank architects with respect to their creativity.

de Albuquerque, A.P. Department of Architecture, University of Kansas. 1950; Responds to FORUM article on student protests against design of building at Texas University. Encloses clipping of similar protest at University of Kansas.

McHarg, Ian L. Chairman, The School of Fine Arts, University of Pennsylvania. 1957; Invites DH to exhibition by students of a plaza for Penn Center. Encloses proposal for project.

McCambridge, Robert H. Administrative Secretary to the University, University of Rochester. 1952; Re creation of co-educational College of Arts and Science. Asks DH for information on possible consultants for project.

DH to [Staff]. 1960; Memo. Re Max Urbahn. New York Times article attached, "Stamford Builds `Elastic' School", designed by Urbahn, Brayton & Burrows.

Granger, Lester B. Executive Director, National Urban League. 1960; Writes in response to advance copy of FORUM's article "The New Urbanites." Includes comments on interracial issues.

Urban Vertical Parking. 1960; News release. "New Electronic Garage Company Organized."

Friedman, B.H. Vice President, Uris Brothers. 1959; Criticizes FORUM article on a building designed by Emery Roth & Sons at 2 Broadway. Encloses two calligrams he has written.

Van Traa, C. 1962,; Thanks DH for sending article about the rebuilding of central Rotterdam.

Venturi, Robert. 1959; Re renovation of James B. Duke House.

Castell, L.A. Editorial Department, Vermiculite Institute. 1958; Encloses article on the new Guarantee Mutual Life building in Omaha.

Viano, Robert. 1954; Re Back Bay Center project and proposed tax deferment.

Violich, Francis. Department of City and Regional Planning, University of California. 1954; Criticizes FORUM article on Caracas.

Currie, Leonard J. Head, Department of Architecture, Virginia Polytechnic Institute. 1956; Re their Building Construction curriculum.

Box 22 Folder 6 Van Nice, Robert, 1961-1964

Van Nice, Robert L. 1964; Re retraction of misinformation set forth in his FORUM article on St. Sophia.

Van Nice, Robert L. 1964; Re overstatements in initial article on St. Sophia.

Van Nice, Robert L. 1963; Re Dr. Fitchen's criticism of his St. Sophia article to be published in FORUM and his rebuttal.

Fitchen, John. Chairman, Department of Fine Arts, Colgate University. undated.; Letter to be placed in Letters column of FORUM. Disagrees with Van Nice's pronouncement in his article on the St. Sophia that the half domes do not contribute to stability of central dome.

DH to DH. 1962; Memo. Re Hagia Sophia.

Box 22 Folder 7 to 8 Voorhees, Walker, Smith, & Smith—NYC (2 folders), 1950-1963

Early, Albert D. 1960; Upon reconsideration Walker does not want FORUM to print his letter.

Tanner, Og to [Staff]. 1958; Re Bethlehem Steel Research Center.

DH to Ralph Walker. 1958; Confidential letter written about Landis Gores, his illness, and the possibility of finding work for him.

DH to Ralph Walker. 1958; Remarks re FORUM's catholic attitude toward contemporary architecture. Mentions Betjeman.

DH to G.B. Gusrae. 1950; Returning article "Moving Stairs vs. Elevators in Office Buildings." Article better suited for more technical magazine.

Walker, Ralph. 1958; Re criticism concerning him.

DH to Ralph Walker. 1958; Re criticism about Ralph Walker.

DH to John Dineen, US Coordinator for Berlin Exposition. 1957; Re FORUM article on relationships between German and US architecture.

Walker, Ralph. 1957; Requests names for Arnold W. Brunner Memorial Award.

DH to Ralph Walker. 1956; Answers inquiry about the Capitol.

Walker, Ralph. 1956; Re criticism about him and helping with the east front of the Capitol.

DH to Ralph Walker. 1956; Re architectural criticism directed at Walker. Would like to work together on things concerning Washington. Mentions extension of Capitol building.

Walker, Ralph. 1954; Discusses Eero's wing chair. Mentions Mies and Bunshaft.

DH to Ralph Walker. 1954; Re Eero's chair.

DH to Joe Hazen. 1954; Memo. Re Tallmer and Dupont.

Walker, Ralph. 1954; Criticizes the steel and glass boys. Mentions chair designed by Mies.

DH to Mr. Prentice. 1954; Confidential memo. Re Ralph Walker and the Foreign Building Operation.

DH to Mr. Prentice. 1953; Memo. Re Voorhees, Walker, Foley & Smith and their recent work.

Walker, Ralph. 1950; Re the Argonne National Laboratory.

Norcross, Carl to Mr. Prentice. undated.; Memo. Re proposed article on Columbia University's cyclotron.

DH to Mr. Prentice. 1951; Memo. Re Ralph Walker and his criticism against excess use of glass by other architects.

Box 23 Folder 1 to 4 W to 1960 (Wa—Wz), 1949-1961

DH to Vernon Read. 1954; Memo. Re [K]onrad Wachsmann; Illinois Institute of Technology.

Read, Vernon to [Staff]. 1954; Memo. Re the aircraft hanger designed by Konrad Wachsmann.

Wachter, Walter A. Planning & Zoning Director. City of Stamford, Connecticut. 1958; Re downtown Stamford and possible article in FORUM.

Waechter, H.H. 1960; Re Eugene Art Center. Mentions Bruno Taut.

Wagner, Bernard. 1957; A.l.s. Re his proposed picture book on Turkey.

Martin, Deac. 1956; At annual meeting of The Wakefield Company, Vermilion, Ohio, discussion included the future of luminous panels; lighting products.

Wakefield, T.D. 1954; Re [Harold] Sleeper.

DH to Vernon Read. 1954; Memo. Re MIT's lighting studies. Wakefield Brass paying for research.

Wakefield, T.D. 1953; Sending progress report on status of mockup for the Engine Research Building. Says this justifies DH's plea for mockups.

DH to Futures Committee. 1956; Memo. Re interview with Ralph Walker.

DH to the Editor of the Wall Street Journal. 1958; Copy of letter. Re the debate over extending the Capitol in Washington.

Walton, Sydney. 1960; A.l.s. Re Golden Gateway project, [San Francisco, California.]

DH to [Staff]. 1952; Memo. Re Ward & Conrad Cleveland churches.

[Lightbown, Mary Jane] to DH. 1960; Memo. Re Charles Warner's Cornell Library.

Derrickson, Howard. Washington University. 1958; Re Washington University campus planning.

DH to Frank Watson. Watson & Deutschman. 1953; Re publishing articles on various projects.

DH to FORUM Edit Staff. 1959; Memo. Re "Negro" architects. Includes comments made by Daniel Watts of the Council for the Advancement of the Negro in Architecture.

DH to Robert Law Weed. 1959; Re Foreign Building Operation.

Lightbown, Mary Jane to DH. 1955; Memo. Re [Weed, Russell, & Johnson?] projects including Miami Daily News Building; First National Bank; Miami Civic Center; Inter-American Center; Jordan Marsh Building; Sears Roebuck.

Author unknown. 1952; Florida Report. p. 8. Re [Robert Law] Weed. Discusses segregation problem for Weed's Lagos Oil Co. hospital in Aruba. Other government projects mentioned include Navy Sonar School and Air School at Maxwell Field, Montgomery.

Wehrer, Joseph J. The University of Michigan, College of Architecture and Design. 1960; Pleased to see FORUM's article on the subject of theatre building.

[Author unknown] to Edit Staff. 1957; [Memo?]. Includes remarks on [Paul] Weidlinger.

Walther, Henry Robert. Weidner and Walther. 1960; Re Bexar County Jail.

Weinberg, Robert C. 1960; Remarks on FORUM's article re Bethesda Fountain in Central Park; and Brasília. Thoughts about Dean Colbert's proposal to devote a program to the four architects Wright, Le Corbusier, Gropius, and Mies.

Wendt, Paul F. University of California, School of Business Administration. June 10, 1958. Stockholm.; Typescript. 8 pp. "Lessons From The Old World For America's City Builder's."

Roberts, Edith. The Kettering Family Foundation. 1958; Re the Hinsdale Medical Center in Illinois by Philip Duke West.

DH to Joseph Schlig. Westinghouse Electric Corp. 1958; Re electroluminescent lighting in connection with a night sign for the new Time and Life Building.

Thompson, Steve to [Staff]. 1955; Memo. Re talking over major market analysis with William Wheaton.

Milwaukee Journal. August 10, 1958; Clipping. "Louis Sullivan's Bank at Columbus to Survive: `Jewel Box,' the Last Work of the Father of Modern Architecture, Will Not Be Changed by Expansion." J.R. Wheeler will enlarge bank without destroying original Sullivan work.

Wiener, Samuel G. 1952; Would like to include a sculptural mural by Mrs. Gwen Lux in the Terminal Building of the Shreveport Municipal Airport.

DH to Robert F. Wilcox. 1958; Re the Capitol and popular taste.

DH to [Staff]. 1955; Memo. Re Amancio Williams.

Williams, Edgar I. 1951; Re policy at FORUM and at architectural magazines in general.

Williams, James. 1959; T.l. Re new method for stained glass using a two-part polysulphide polymer known as Thiokol. Eliminates the use of lead, solder and glazing compounds.

DH to DH. 1955; Memo. Notes on color from Lessing Williams.

Lightbown, Mary Jane to DH. 1953; Memo. Re Rollo G. Williams and color in lighting.

Wills, Nicholas. 1960; Criticizes FORUM's article on Pei's Denver Hilton.

Hazen, Joe to DH. 1954; Memo. Re London's Rockefeller Center, architect Felix Wilson.

Wimberly, George J. Wimberly and Cook. 1956; Inquires if FORUM is interested in the new Waikikian Hotel in Honolulu.

Wise, Howard. 1960; Re architectural use of contemporary painting and sculpture.

Wolf, Leonard. Iowa State University, Department of Architecture and Architectural Engineering. 1961; Re class at Columbia University on design and the entrepreneur.

DH to Erwin Wolfson. 1961; Re Grand Central Station.

Thompson, Steve to DH. 1956; Memo. Re Erwin Wolfson luncheon to discuss attacks on Harris Murdock and the New York Board of Standards and Appeals.

DH to [Staff]. 1956; Memo. Re Columbia University's building program. Fritz Woodbridge, coordinator of program.

Woodward, Harold. 1958; Re [Spartanburg's] courthouse and jail.

The New York Times. November 25, 1959; Clipping. "2 Reporters Lose Jobs In `Bribe' Bid: Paper Dismisses Both After One Admits Charge Made on TV Was False." World-Telegram dismisses two staff members for false charge of attempted bribery against unnamed public official. Charges by the reporters were made on the TV program "Open End," moderated by David Susskind. Bribes said to have been made while investigating city's slum-clearance program. Wright, Arthur E. Executive Director, Downtown St. Louis, Inc. 1960; Criticizes FORUM's issues regarding the redevelopment programs for the areas facing the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial area in St. Louis.

DH to [Staff]. 1958; Memo. Re Cliff May house owned by Joe Brown with air conditioning by Henry Wright.

DH to [Saff]. 1958; Memo. Re "Negro" architects.

DH to Herbert Bippart. 1953; Memo. Re Henry Wright's school heating article.

Wright, John Lloyd. 1957; Re Educators Office Building in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Wright, John Lloyd. 1955; Re his redwood umbrella designed for Patio in Del Mar, Calif.

Wright, John Lloyd. 1957; Re Golden West Hotel, San Diego.

Harman, Harry J. Wyeth and Harman. 1957; Complains about too much advertising in FORUM

Wythe, Joseph. 1959; Would like DH to verify report that the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo is marked for demolition.

Wythe, Joseph. 1954; Criticizes FORUM.

Wynkoop, Frank. 1957; Explains his concept of sheltering space in which a school campus including all buildings is covered by a single roof.

Box 23 Folder 5 to 7 W 1960—(W—Wz), 1958, 1961-1964

Wallace, H.O. Wallace and Moody. 1961; Re development of land at Kona, Hawaii.

Watts, Daniel H. Council for the Advancement of the Negro in Architecture. 1959; Re possibility of FORUM doing an article on the Negro in Architecture and African Art Forms.

DH to Dr. Robert C. Weaver. Housing and Home Finance Agency. 1963; Re Robert L. Davison's experimental program for a codeless apartment house. Edgewater, New Jersey unable to meet conditions. Bayonne, New Jersey passed necessary council resolution.

DH to Bernard Spring. 1963; Memo. Re [Paul] Weidlinger on the subject of shells.

McGahey, R.V. Westinghouse Electric Company. 1963; Invites DH to opening of Molecular Electronics Division plant at Elkridge, Maryland. First plant designed and built for the manufacture of integrated circuits.

Westinghouse's Molecular Electronics Division, Elkridge, Maryland. undated.; Photograph. 8 x 10. Black & white. Model of plant.

Stare, F.A. President, Farmers & Merchants Union Bank. 1958; Replies to DH's letter to Mr. & Mrs. J. R. Wheeler. Re [Louis H.] Sullivan's "Jewel Box" bank.

DH to Douglas Whitlock. 1962; Re the Wainwright Building [in St. Louis, designed by Sullivan.] Discusses Sam Michelson's questions about methods of preserving brick and terra cotta.

DH to William J. Conklin. [Whittlesey & Conklin] 1962; Senator Williams staunch supporter of the battle against the Capitol East Front Extension. DH to DH. 1962; Memo. Re the Whittlesey and Conklin Butterfield House.

Williams, Edgar I. 1962; Disagrees with statements made in FORUM's article "Surprise help for Roosevelt Memorial by Congressman Frank Thompson."

The New York Times. March 9, 1962; Clipping. "Williams Is Elected By Design Academy." National Academy of Design announces election of Edgar I. Williams as president.

DH to Leonard Wolf. 1961; Sorry Wolf couldn't be at Harold Hauf's AGSA Committee meeting. Describes course at Columbia University titled "Design and the Entrepreneur."

New York World's Fair 1964-1965 Corporation. April 23, 1964. Information On Press Accreditation At The New York World's Fair 1964-1965.; News release. 8 pp. Gives information on the World's Fair and world press coverage.

DH to Arthur E. Wright, Jr. Executive Secretary, Downtown St. Louis, Inc. 1962; Invites Wright to Downtown St. Louis Round Table meeting to be held May 15 and 16.

Wright, Arthur E., Jr. 1961; Copy of letter. States that FORUM's article on the future of the Old Post Office in St. Louis is full of mistakes and distortions.

Washington University School of Architecture. undated.; Photograph. 8 x 10. Black & white. [Scale model of their plan for future of the Old Post Office site, i.e. Lewis and Clark Square.]

Wright, Henry. Architectural Consultant, Columbia University. 1961; Re series of interviews with architects and educators on the subject of school air conditioning and the desirability of compact school plants versus schools of the campus type.

Box 24 Folder 1 Warnecke, John—San Francisco, Calif., 1951-1954, 1956-1964

Nielsen, Erich. John Carl Warnecke and Associates. 1963; Pleased with FORUM's treatment of their projects. Remarks on Congressinal Committee in Washington.

DH to Leonard Hunter. c/o John Warnecke. 1963; Inquires if Hunter would address the Architectural League in New York on the subject of prospects for better architecture in federal buildings. Has already signed up Fritz Gutheim.

Warnecke, John Carl. 1962; Re research project on decentralization and the profession.

DH to [Staff]. 1960; Memo. Re Warnecke projects including: Del Monte shopping center; junior college in San Mateo; Navajo project.

Prentice, Mr. to [Staff?] 1960; Memo. Re Asilomar housing in Pacific Grove that won an AIA award for Warnecke.

DH to John Warnecke. 1959; FORUM has written editorial about Congressman Wayne L. Hays and his attack on the Foreign Building Operation. Would like information about architects who participated in the program.

Warnecke, John C. 1959; Encloses list of projects including: Federal Office Building, San Francisco; Oakland International Airport; College of San Mateo; Navajo Tribe, Window Rock, Arizona; Eastside Elementary School, Columbus, Indiana; Ladera Shopping Center, Palo Alto, California; and others.

Warnecke, John C. 1956; Re contract with the State Department for the American Embassy Building in Bangkok, Thailand.

DH to John C. Warnecke. 1957; Re using FORUM photographs taken on assignment without the magazine's permission.

DH to Joe Hazen. 1957; Memo. Re Warnecke projects including: Bangkok Embassy; a tree house in Marin County; a school with zigzag roof.

Warnecke, John C. 1957; Re Competition for the Design of the National Cowboy Hall of Fame and Museum at Oklahoma City.

Warnecke, John C. 1954; Re the School Executive competition.

Warnecke, John C. 1953; Re the Baptist Seminary project.

Warnecke, John C. 1953; Re publication of the Burbank Junior High School and White Oaks annex.

Box 24 Folder 2 Webb & Knapp (Zeckendorf & I. M. Pei), 1950-1960

DH to Steve Thompson. 1960; Memo. Re Bob Alexander and a job in Los Angeles with Zeckendorf.

Slayton, William L. to Steve Thompson. 1959; Copy of letter. Would like to discuss the absurdity of applying zoning type controls to redevelopment areas.

DH to I.M. Pei. 1955; Inquires if Pei will make a statement about the new buildings to be put up in the heart of Washington.

DH to [Staff]. 1955; Memo. Re Lester Tichy and the Palace of Progress.

DH to [Staff]. 1955; Memo. Re conversation with Tichy.

Du Bois, Eugene. Publicity Representative, The Pennsylvania Railroad. 1955; Re agreement with Webb & Knapp for new railroad station and world's largest commercial building on present site of Pennsylvania Station.

Bell, John Price. Vice President, Webb & Knapp, Inc. 1955; Attached photograph of bull in the Plaza of Mile High Center, Denver, owned by Webb & Knapp. It[?] will be parceled out among renters of Pei's office tower.

Rydstrom and bull, with two other unidentified gentlemen at Mile High Center, Denver. (Arthur G. Rydstrom, Senior Vice President, Webb & Knapp. undated.); Photograph. 8 x 10. Black & white.

Pei, I.M. 1955; Re Grand Central Station project.

DH to [?]. 1954; Memo. Re conversation with Ieoh Ming Pei. Comments on the role of statesmen of business; Denver Mile High Center; Lever House; Saarinen dome at MIT; Chandigarh.

DH to Mr. Prentice. 1954; Memo. Re Zeckendorf's Washington Southwest proposals.

Lightbown, Mary Jane to DH. 1953; Memo. Re Webb & Knapp's 26 story office building on West 34th Street.

Prentice, Mr. to [Staff]. 1952; Memo. Pei doing a house for Zeckendorf.

DH to Mr. Prentice. 1951; Memo. Re scheduling of Zeckendorf's projects including: San Diego housing; Zeckendorf's throne room; Zeckendorf lobby; Atlanta office building..

Prentice, Mr. to [Staff]. 1950; Memo. Re talk with Bill Zeckendorf about projects in St. Louis.

Box 24 Folder 3 Weese, Harry—Chicago, Ill., 1950-1959, 1961, 1963

DH to Harry Weese. 1963; FORUM would like to include his house for Mr. Tangemann in Candada in a book of all contemporary houses.

DH to Harry Weese. 1959; FORUM has written an editorial about Congressman Wayne L. Hays and the Foreign Building Operation. Would like information about Weese's projects with the State Department.

Weese, Harry. 1957; Re US Embassy Office Building in Accra, Ghana.

Weese, Harry. 1956; Copy of letter. Re statements in a FORUM article about the Chicago Central Area Committee. Mentions centennial of Louis Sullivan.

DH to Harry Weese. 1956; Re Picton Camberwell remarks.

Weese, Harry. "Picton Camberwell" undated.; Typescript. 2 pp. Discusses maisonettes.

DH to Mary Jane Lightbown. 1955; Memo. Re Harry Weese in Columbus, [Indiana?]

DH to Harry Weese. 1955; Congratulates Weese on getting the capital grant for Hyde Park.

Weese, Harry. 1954; Re Hyde Park Project. Says urban renewal is the new frontier.

Blake, Peter to [Staff]. 1952; Memo. Re Harry Weese's houses and P.T.A. building.

DH to Mary Jane Lightbown. 1954; Memo. Re Hans Knoll on Harry Weese's work in Columbus, Indiana.

Weese, Harry. 1953; Re Columbus Housing and Loomis Courts.

Weese, Harry. 1952; Thanks DH for presentation on the Ottawa Bank. Comments on public housing.

Weese, Harry. 1952; Discusses several projects including a little house that is an experiment using Higgins Thermo-Con.

Weese, Harry. 1952; Re the PTA; house for Kirk Bassett; houses in Champaign; Loomis Courts.

Weese, Harry. 1952; Discusses Ottawa Bank project and exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry. Exhibit to address the fact that Chicago is starved for land. Mentions Columbus, Indiana, housing development.

Box 24 Folder 4 Welch, Kenneth C.—Grand Rapids, Mich., 1952-1959, 1963-1964

Ellis, Ralph E. to Member[s] of Kent Country Club. 1963; Copy of letter. Re fire damage to club. Club will be rebuilt.

DH to [Staff]. 1959; Memo. Re Kenneth Welch and shopping centers.

Lightbown, Mary Jane to DH. 1956; Memo. Re [Kenneth] Welch projects including: the center in Omaha; Mondawmin; St. Davis Shopping Center, outside Philadelphia.

Secretary to Mr. Haskell [Ann Wilson] to Kenneth C. Welch. 1955; Mentions Breton Village Center, [Grand Rapids].

Welch, Kenneth C. 1955; Re story Hunter Moss did on downtown Baltimore.

Welch, Kenneth C. 1954; Remarks on what has been written about Shoppers' World. Mentions the Pittsburgh center; Mondawin.

Prentice, Mr. to [Staff]. 1954; Memo. Re Kenneth Welch setting up corporation. Trying to get Neutra, Belluschi and others interested in working with Home Builders on their design and land planning problems.

DH to Mary Jane Lightbown. 1954; Memo. Re Kenneth Welch working on St. Davis shopping center in Philadelphia with Belluschi and Dan Kiley.

Lighbown, Mary Jane to DH. 1953; Memo. Re [Kenneth] Welch and American Food Stores.

Welch, Kenneth C. 1953; Comments on Omaha Center being an iteresting architectural problem. Attended meeting of the AVA and Film Library Association in Chicago. Mentions the Saint Paul Public Schools; Boston Center Architects.

DH to [Staff]. 1953; Memo. Re Ken Welch's supermarket for American Food Stores.

DH to [?]. 1953; Memo. Re conversation with Welch. Discusses Jim Rouse; Pittsburgh area across the river from the Golden Triangle; Pei's Camden Center; Long Island Center; shopping centers at Koming, Canada.

Transcription of Dictaphone memo on additional notes on Traffic Round Table from Mr. Kenneth C. Welch. January 23, 1953.; Typescript. 3 pp.

DH to AIA. 1952; Supports nomination of [Kenneth] Welch to Fellowship.

Hazen, Joe to DH. 1952; Memo. Welch considers Jim Rouse an up-coming figure in the promotion of good shopping centers.

Welch, Kenneth C. 1952; Mentions Jim Rouse; Pietro [Belluschi?]; Pei; Gwen Hodges.

Box 24 Folder 5 to 6 Wurster, Bernardi & Emmons—San Francisco, Calif. (2 folders), 1949-1963

DH to Harris Armstrong, FAIA, Chairman. Committee on Fine Arts Awards. 1962; Writes to support nomination of Wurster, Bernardi and Emmons for the Architectural Firm Award.

[Wurster,] Catherine. 1961; Thanks DH for his note. Refers to her Architectural League talk. Discusses response to her "Goals" piece.

DH to Catherine Wurster. 1961; Saw her cityscape piece. Jane Jacobs' neighborhood and house marked [as slum area.]

DH to William W. Wurster. 1961; Requests remarks on the FDR Memorial Competition.

DH to AIA. 1960; Supports Donn Emmons' nomination to Fellowship.

No author. undated.; Typescript for December 1960 lecture. 1 p. Re Catherine Bauer [Mrs. William Wurster.]

Temko, [Allan]. 1960; Report #5. 1 p. Re Wurster, Bernardi & Emmons projects including: Bank of America building on Market Street; Safeway Stores; garage for downtown Monterey; Unitarian Church near Berkeley.

Temko, [Allan]. 1959; Report #2. 1p. Re Wurster, Bernardi & Emmons' Bank of America Building.

DH to Mrs. Catherine Bauer Wurster. 1960; Explains his suggestion about public housing being abolished that he made at the Physical Environment [of Man] Panel. Comments on Public Housing Authority. Mentions Jane Jacobs; Phil Will; Ira Robbins; Ernie Bohn.

DH to [Willian W. Wurster]. 1960; Telegram. 2 pp. Asks for Wurster's comments on the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial Competition [in St. Louis.]

DH to William W. Wurster. 1959; FORUM has written an editorial about Congressman Wayne L. Hays and his attacks on the Foreign Building Operation of State. Would like information about architects who participated in the program.

DH to Catherine Bauer Wurster. 1959; Thanks her for informative letter. Comments on slums and gray areas. Inquiries about news out of India and Farm Aid for which Yamasaki has made a model.

Wurster, Catherine Bauer. 1959; Inquires if DH has made any viable studies on central cities and what belongs in gray areas from the standpoint of economics and social considerations.

[Wurster], Catherine [Bauer]. 1959; Discusses her research in India and a possible piece for FORUM. Mentions Washington-Ford-Mayer efforts; architectural seminar in Delhi; Diplomatic Enclave; Asian housing; community planning developments in Israel.

[Wurster], Catherine [Bauer]. 1958; Remarks on positive reaction to open space articles. She and Fran Violich have been discussing how to dispense of photos on civic design. Foreign examples include Isfahan, Kathmandu, Rhodes.

[Wurster], Catherine [Bauer]. 1957; Copy of letter. Re national land needs, i.e. metropolitan land requirements and measures to preserve open space.

McQuade, Walter to Catherine Bauer Wurster. 1956; Re material she sent with regard to the problem of housing migrant workers.

DH to Willaim W. Wurster. 1958; Inquires if he would like copy of Robie tape.

[Wurster], Catherine [Bauer]. 1957; Re land purchase program as effective means of saving open space.

DH to Mrs. William W. Wurster. 1956; Re her public housing article for FORUM.

[Wurster], Catherine [Bauer]. 1956; Pleased to hear DH had written to Dorothea Lange. States idea that may interest Lange regarding human side of large-scale housing. Mentions possibility of Mike Colean doing critique of FHA experience.

[Wurster], Catherine [Bauer]. 1956; Comments on FORUM issue that includes section on City Patterns.

Bauer, C[atherine Bauer] to DH. 1956; Memo. Re proposed article on public housing.

Wurster, William W. to The Honorable George Christopher, Mayor, City of San Francisco. 1956; T.l. Open letter. Re the San Francisco Bay Area in regard to the Ferry Building, the Ferry Building Park, and the Freeway.

DH to Mrs. Catherine Bauer Wurster. 1956; Re possible FORUM theme on The Changed Role of Public Housing.

Bauer, Catherine. "Can the dreary deadlock be broken? Public Housing 1937-1957: What Now? A critical reassessment of the great and necessary reform effort that somehow never outgrew its administrative, architectural and social weaknesses." undated.; Typescript. 18 pp.

DH to Mrs. William Wurster. 1956; Re material she sent for article [on urban renewal]. States thoughts on redevelopment and new cities and how his opinion differs with hers.

Jacobs, Jane to DH. 1956; Memo. Re Catherine Bauer article and how it represents a turning point in thinking about cities.

DH to William W. Wurster. 1956; Re showing the London Embassy drawings in FORUM.

Time. April 16, 1956; Clipping. p. 17-18. "Publisher's Letter". James A. Linen writes re Wurster, Bernardi & Emmons. Firm commissioned to do two houses: one on Belvedere Island in San Francisco, and another above Mill Valley, overlooking the Bay.

DH to William W. Wurster. 1956; Inquires about his work with Webb & Knapp on San Francisco redevelopment.

DH to William W. Wurster. Dean, School of Architecture, University of California. 1955; Has not corresponded with Wurster for half a year. Hopes Catherine is over her anger. Trying to get urbanism into the picture. Saw Harlow in England. Would like to organize a discussion of the role of metropolitan centers vs. the role of surrounding small towns. Vernon DeMars has report on their Italian experience.

DH to William W. Wurster. Dean, School of Architecture, University of California. 1954; Clarence Stein enthusiastic about the Palo Alto group. Would like Wurster to write about the high points.

Wurster, William W. 1954; Lists things to discuss: Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences; Synagogue in Dallas; Award jury in Los Angeles; The Architect at Mid-Century.

Wurster, Catherine Bauer. 1954; Excerpt from letter. Tells DH how May Lumden's article in the last FORUM gives an incorrect idea of city planning in Caracas.

DH to [?]. 1954; Memo. Re Wurster, Bernardi & Emmons projects including: Palo Alto Behavioral Sciences School; Hong Kong Embassy; Bernardi's house; house in Atherton; State printing plant; two Antioch schools.

DH to Mrs. Gleaves. 1954; Memo. Re Wurster Heller house.

DH to William W. Wurster. Dean, School of Architecture, MIT. 1954; Re FORUM editorial "Architecture: stepchild or fashioner of cities?" Pleased that Perry Prentice, who is a friends with Andy Eken and Bob Dowling, permitted him to be so outspoken. Thinks this is the first piece of architectural criticism to be so direct since 1928 because of libel suit threats.

Prentice, Mr. to [Staff]. 1953; Memo. Re Wurster's Sperry house.

DH to William W. Wurster. Dean, School of Architecture, University of California. 1953; Re California Council's convention in mid-October. Discusses suggestion that a panel be held on the architect-client [relationship.]

Wurster, William W. 1953; List of things to speak of including: Fritz Gutheim; Bob Alexander; Jury Award; Chapel, Pacific School of Religion; reprints.

No author. undated.; T.l. Re dismissal of Frederick Gutheim from the AIA.

Prentice, Mr. to DH. 1952; Memo. Re the Monterey library.

DH to William W. Wurster. 1952; Tells Wurster that Pietro Belluschi was "nauseated" by FORUM's UN Assembly story. Gives his thoughts on architectural criticism. Would like Wurster to tell him if he is on the wrong track.

DH to William Wurster. 1952; Vernon DeMars told DH that Wurster's forthcoming defense of low-rise public housing will rest largely on findings of an anthropologist on family behavior.

Unna, Warren to DH. 1952; Memo. Re Sunset Community Center; Heller house at Lake Tahoe; Wurster's house on a community lot in Berkeley.

DH to William W. Wurster. School of Architecture, University of California. 1951; Neil Ford called DH from Washington. DH suggested that he watch out for the appointment of AIA committees. Mentions Eric Mendelsohn.

Wurster, William W. Dean, School of Architecture, University of California. 1951; Re Vernon DeMars up for promotion to professor.

DH to Mr. and Mrs. William W. Wurster. 1950; Re the situation relating to Curtis and Davis and their ten story building schemes.

DH to Theodore Bernardi. 1950; Re Smith house photographs; questions progress on Monterey Library; would like first consideration for schools in San Francisco.

Emmons, Donn. 1949; Delighted to hear that DH will publish Nowell house. His own house not ready to photograph. Sending prints of Monterey Library.

DH to William W. Wurster. School of Architecture and Planning, MIT. 1949; Roy Larsen interested in setting up committee to promote more and better school buildings.

Box 24 Folder 7 XY, 1950-1964

McColough, Peter C. Vice President, Xerox Corporation. 1963; Requests DH's assistance in finding an architectural firm for future headquarters building in Rochester, New York.

DH to Mr. Luce. 1960; Memo. Re ranking of architectural schools including Yale and Columbia.

DH to Gibson Danes. Dean, School of Architecture and Design, Yale University. 1958; Inquires if Gibson is interested in copy of Robie tape.

Close II, Edwin G. Editor, Perspecta. [Yale University]. 1957; Re publishing article by Peter Smithson titled "Mies Meets West."

Barthelemes, Edward P. The New Haven Register. 1955; Typescript of report. 1 p. Re rebellion at Yale University over School of Architecture instruction program.

Yang, Hanford. 1958; States his reasons for disassociating himself with Mr. Edward D. Stone.

DH to Larry Lessing. 1957; Memo. Re Dr. John I. Yellot and solar energy.

DH to Mr. Prentice. 1952; Memo. Re John Yeon projects including: Shaw house; Van Buren house; Cottrell house; Swan house.

DH to [?]. 1952; Memo. Re Yorke & Rosenberg projects including: Birchen School; Susan Lawrence School; Bewdley School; technical School at Leeds.

Mueller, K[ip] to DH. 1959; Memo. Re YMCA Building Program.

Richardson, Stephen. Young, Richardson & Carleton. 1963; Critical inquiry re "The vision of Paul thiry's dramatic remedy" contained in FORUM's article "Transportation and the city."

DH to [?]. 1959; Memo. Re Philip Youtz, Dean of the School of Architecture at the University of Michigan. Discusses education and need for architects to branch out. DH comments on architects becoming better businessmen.

DH to Henry L. Kamphoefner. Dean School of Design, North Carolina State College. 1961; Re Bruno Zevi and his politics.

Box 24 Folder 8 to 9 Yamasaki (Leinweber, Yamasaki & Hellmuth—Detroit, Mich.; Hellmuth, Yamasaki & Leinweber—St. Louis) (2 folders), 1950-1963

DH to Minoru Yamasaki. 1963; Heard he had a further operation. Comments on Pennsylvania Avenue Commission.

Blake, Peter to Minoru Yamasaki. 1962; Re publication of Detroit Gas and Electric Company Building.

DH to Peter Blake. 1962; Memo. Re Yamasaki projects including: Gas and Electric Building; hotel in Los Angeles; Wayne University buildings. Yamasaki persuades Phil Will to inquire about segregation in Dallas hotels and gets assurance that there would be none.

DH to Minoru Yamasaki. 1962; Inquires about bids on the Oberlin Conservatory unit.

Yamasaki, Minoru. 1961; Thanks DH for letter. Hopes his aesthetic errors at Oberlin College do not affect their friendship.

DH to Minoru Yamasaki. 1961; Explains how his criticism of the King Building at Oberlin came to be published in the student paper.

Yamasaki, Minoru. 1961; Thanks DH for invitation to comment on the Roosevelt Competition. Has been in Dhahran recently and took some photos.

Yamasaki, Minoru. 1960; Thanks DH for note on the U of W honor.

DH to [Staff]. 1960; Memo. Re Yamasaki projects including: Detroit gas company skyscraper; Glencoe, Illinois, synagogue; apartment house in Honolulu. Yamasaki working to correlate his new structural devices (pre-stressed concrete) with new mechanical and electrical factors. Responds to DH's "Jazz in Architecture" article with examples from his own work. Mentions Iran, Harvard, Hawaii State Capital, Wayne [State University.]

DH to [Staff]. 1960; Memo. Re University of Iran.

DH to Minoru Yamasaki. 1960; Inquires about Chelsea High School and news about other projects. Sorry he could not do anything about exhibition in India. Hated to miss MIT shindig.

DH to Minoru Yamasaki. 1959; Inquires about Yamasaki's Foreign Buildings Operation cost statement.

Wadowski, Cass S. Minoru Yamasaki and Associates. 1959; Statements pertaining to architectural fees on their FBO project in connection with the US consulate building in Kobe, Japan.

Blake, Peter to DH. undated.; Memo. Re US Agricultural Exhibition in New Delhi housed in a building designed by Yamasaki.

The New York Times. November 11, 1959; Clipping. "U.S. Farm Exhibit Due In New Delhi."

DH to Minoru Yamasaki. 1959; FROUM has written an editorial about Congressman Wayne L. Hays and his attacks on the Foreign Building Operation. Would like information about Yamasaki's income for FBO work.

DH to Minoru Yamasaki. 1959; Re Reynolds and Tuskegee.

Yamasaki, Minoru. 1959; Re publication of Oberlin project.

Yamasaki, Minoru. 1958; Mentions trip to Arabia and Europe. The airport he is doing is a very interesting problem. Pleased with FORUM's biographical sketch and the coverage of the McGregor building. Appreciates DH writing him about the ACI building.

DH to Minoru Yamasaki. 1958; Re publication of the Concrete Institute building in Detroit.

Hazen, Joe to DH. 1958; Memo. Re publication of Yamasaki's Wayne State University Conference Hall.

DH to [Staff]. 1957; Memo. Re Yamasaki projects including: Wayne State University; CBS job; Chrysler job; "village school" to go with "Main Street."

DH to [Staff]. 1957; Memo. Re CBS St. Louis building by Yamasaki.

DH to Minoru Yamasaki. 1956; Inquires about Whitman Junior High School in Livonia.

DH to Minoru Yamasaki. 1957; Re publication of Kobe project goes to rival publication.

DH to Mary Jane Lightbown. 1957; Memo. Re publication of Kobe. DH told Shear that he is against behind the scenes agreement for simultaneous publication. Makes statement about unwritten rules.

DH to [Staff]. 1956; Memo. Re St. Louis airport story.

DH to Herb Bippart. 1955; Memo. Re St. Louis Airport.

DH to Minoru Yamasaki. 1955; Re priority system for publication of stories.

DH to Joseph W. Leinweber. Leinweber, Yamasaki & Hellmuth. 1954; Re McGinnis giving them the Greenwich station.

DH to [Staff]. 1954; Memo. Re Yamasaki's projects including: Detroit University School; doctor's clinic; Japanese embassy.

Lightbown, Mary Jane to DH. 1954; Memo. Re Capt. Wendell Oliver Pruitt housing; Joseph Darst houses.

Yamasaki, Minoru. 1953; Re American Airlines; Federal Reserve; Kasle Steel.

Yamasaki, Minoru. 1952; Thanks DH for suggesting him for the panel on Low-rise vs. High-rise Buildings at NAHO in Pittsburgh. His talk takes the form of a rebuttal of [C]atherine Bauer's article in Progressive Architecture.

[Yamasaki, Minoru]. "The Case for the Multi-Story Building in Urban Housing." undated.; Typescript. 4 pp.

Yamasaki, Minoru to William W. Wurster. 1950; Copy of letter. Egan and Sievers reverse their position and accept less conventional design. Mentions he is involved in eight public housing projects. Thanks Wurster for his help.

Wurster, William W. to Minoru Yamasaki. 1950; Telephoned Egan and asked for full committee meeting in Washington. Vernon DeMars has [Yamasaki's] blueprints.

Hellmuth, George F. 1950; Re photos of Mayor Darst's redevelopment housing scheme.

DH to [Staff]. 1950; Memo. Re Harris Armstrong and new residential sector under Title I in St. Louis. Working on YWCA project and Andrews house.

Box 24 Folder 10 Z, 1950-1964

Zevi, Bruno. 1957; Re time spent in Rome with Lewis Mumford and comments made about FORUM.

Zevi, Bruno. 1957; Copy of letter. Re his trouble obtaining a visa to come to the US and possible reasons why.

Zevi, Bruno. 1957; Re Architecture as Space.

DH to S.B. Zisman. 1962; Re Skidmore College.

Zisman, S.B. 1959; Re O'Neil Ford up for Fellow. Requests DH's support.

DH to S.B. Zisman. 1958; Re preservation of the United States Capitol.

Zorach, [William]. 1963; A.l.s. Enclosing two postcards of his sculpture. (Attached.)

DH to Bernard Spring. 1962; Memo. Re [William] Zuk.